OPB News

4.5 (75)
14.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for OPB News

4.51 out of 5
75 Ratings
2 years ago, opbFanBetsy
Good app
The new app that OPB just recently released has lots of good features and was easy to use. Navigating the site was fairly intuitive. Two things I’d like to see though. 1st, the date of the article right up front so you know if you’re tapping on fresh news or something a bit older. The 2nd “want” may not be under OPB’s control: Cross platform synchronization. I’d like my iPad saved stories, for example, to show up in my iPhone OPB app. Otherwise very good app for getting the news.
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2 years ago, harryvarryg
Most relevance and reliable source of news for Oregon!
It's not difficult to get access to news today. The internet and the intermingling of social media with important worldwide events has made it almost impossible to live under a rock. But finding a reliable one-stop shop to engage with your news can be somewhat of a challenge. If you are living in Oregon, i'd recommend that you consider this app your reliable news!
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2 years ago, stu_spencer
Organized + highly useful
I appreciate the clean and generally easy-to-navigate format: scrolling headlines, relevant images/graphics, clear organization, audio links, detailed dropdown menu, separate tabs for categories at the schedule section plus calendar of programs including on-air & upcoming shows. My only issue was finding a search bar - it’s tiny and seems to only exist in one section.
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2 years ago, orj56
Easy way to catch up on the news
Easy to use! This is a very convenient way to catch up in the news and not be dealing with a lot of advertising and promotional material. The news is balanced. There are articles and perspectives that I haven’t seen in other news sources I use. Features and capabilities in the app are easy to navigate and quite intuitive.
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1 year ago, -:-Monifa:-:
App needs work
I am a regular listener of OPB. I rely on the OPB app for most of that listening. However, the app regularly quits playing after two minutes or so. This is not due to a weak Internet connection, other streaming apps have no problem. I also wish there was a way to put it on “sleep mode” so I could have a timer for half an hour. Grateful to have a streaming service for my favorite local radio station, but it could really use some work. I have found I prefer the NPR One app
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2 years ago, bird5446
Easy to use
I liked how this makes it easy to see what’s going on at OPB and find what I’m interested in.
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2 years ago, yagirlriss
Truth at your Fingertips
I’ve been a fan of OPB since I was a kid so it’s Super cool to have an OPB App at age 45!! So refreshing to have News you don’t have to Fact Check. OPB is the Homecooked meal we need with all this processed Fast News going around. Seriously, there’s a great variety of News reported, the Bookmarks are easily accessible, the FONT size feature is thoughtful and needed. I’m in love with this app.
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1 year ago, smithcsa
Great for reading, not for streaming
I am not always able to use the radio and rely often on streaming. The listen live function worked well for a period of time, but now the app regularly stops playing after a few minutes. Today it isn’t working at all. The sponsor message played, but then nothing else. It is frustrating. If all you are using the app for is reading the news, then it works fine.
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2 years ago, melmom46
New and greatly improved
This new OPB app really IS new! It's not just a quick-fix upgrade. Finding my interests and expanding the depth of my understanding finally has me using THIS app as my launchpad. Easy and quick to navigate to exactly where I want to go, the organization is clear, with programs, stories, subjects, background and resources all very accessible.
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2 years ago, Ripshotsokauly
Great App
Pleasantly surprised with how easy this app is to navigate. I appreciate the different categories in news you can select as far as articles of interest that may be filtered for you — can also see them in the “Sections” Pane. The “Listen Live” feature is great too. You can see a full schedule of upcoming streams.
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2 years ago, VestiePDX
Easy to access quality journalism
It’s simple to save your favorite stories and to revisit prior read articles for reference. The topic sections are clearly defined with notifications on/off in customizable settings. You can also stream live and access membership info directly from the app.
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2 years ago, Jetci14
The app looks and works great! Excellent video quality and audio. The simplicity between tapping on each of the categories and it’s organization placement works well. The text size option under settings is a plus. Most importantly, the captions on the video matches the conversations.
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2 years ago, Mercier531
Well done.
The revisions to the OPB website make it easy for me to find the stories I want to read. And, as always, I trust OPB News to give me accurate information. The appearance of the site is visually good as well. Thanks for continuing to find ways to inform and entertain.
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2 years ago, BobJulie
Way to raise the bar!
Much improved interface, smooth navigation, listen to articles or read (or both at the same time!). A definite “recommended” list addition.
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1 year ago, boo2uu
App is great when it works – often shuts down for no reason. Difficult to manage when driving. Prefer to use in car over radio because radio is difficult to tune in certain areas. other NPR radio apps don’t seem to have this issue. Needs bug fixes.
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2 years ago, RufusJay
Love the new app!
The new app is intuitive, attractive, and a pleasure to use. It is simple to access all of OPB’s outstanding content and I love how easy and integrated it is to watch videos. The live listening experience is smooth, too.
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2 years ago, SMB9220
A real upgrade
This app is a great way to experience everything OPB offers. Stream audio from wherever, read news stories and on-demand content, too. Attractive presentation and intuitive design.
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2 years ago, let me buy....
Easy to use and informative
Solid mix of local, regional, national news across the main feed. Really like how you can filter by specific subjects and listen to interviews right in the app!
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2 years ago, Retired Shery
A great update
I love OPB, and their new, latest app is great. It is much more intuitive than the previous app, and is easier to go to Listen Live, as well as track the stories I’ve saved.
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2 years ago, Joeyb97
Listen Live isn’t
I want to be able listen to OPB through my phone. Listen Live appears to start at the beginning of whatever show is playing, putting it many minutes behind the radio stream. Please make Listen Live mean what it says.
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2 years ago, Chiswellian
Glad OPB is back!
After a long hiatus, it’s great to see the OPB News app is back and operating effectively. The stories are easy to open and read and all the links are working.
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2 years ago, shohrehd
OPBnew app
I am very pleased with new app easy to navigate trough . Heading topic also gets you through what interest you most . Lots of option to personalized your interest .
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1 year ago, NuYawkah
Useless. Crashes If it Streams At All
Despite the recent update to improve “reliability,” the app either plays only silence after the initial buffering announcement completes or it crashes altogether after steaming for 30 seconds or a minute. Then you have to restart it to continue listening. I gave up & downloaded the app from an out-of-town station to listen to NPR programs.
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2 years ago, kaveerrai
Not a click bait
Not being a click bait is such a relief. And as always OPB has been providing articles with in dept analysis. Such good story telling even in these challenging times. Kudos to you guys.
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2 years ago, AnonPDX
Nice UI, very glitchy
I appreciate the new user interface, as it is easy to use. The app is very glitchy, though, and I have recently only been able to listen the live stream for 30 seconds before either the app crashes and closes or the audio just stops.
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2 years ago, Rileyman2007
The latest version of the OPB App is great. Faster, clearer and much better organized. I recommend for any listener or member who likes getting news from a trustworthy source.
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2 years ago, Tishie Rie
So Easy To Use
This new version of the app is a great improvement over the last one. So easy to use and it keeps me well informed! Loving it!!!
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2 years ago, DHW0508
Great app to stay up to date and listen to OPB!
The updated app is great! Easy to navigate and find the latest news and stories. Nice job! 👍👍
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2 years ago, VT710
Good job.
I have always been an OPB fan and this application is easy to use and very informative. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, fghj460
OPB news app works
I am not a news junkie, but like to read some slelect stories. I found the app easy to use and the sories intersting along wtih the ususal OPB balanced reporting.
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2 years ago, Satananda
OPB news app is streamlined and easy to navigate. Make “news cruising” simple and less time consuming.
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2 years ago, Eldoubleyew
Brilliant new(s) app
Love the new app and the upgrades. So easy to use and love the alerts. Insightful stories always by OPB. Thank you for supporting!
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2 years ago, MacCornpone
Great interface, easy to navigate, everything current and neatly laid out.
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2 years ago, PlannerJohn
Love the latest refresh!
Love the latest refresh! A giant leap forward and clearly reflects a commitment to the platform.
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2 years ago, shzzm360
Good resource, easy to navigate. Enjoy using the notices on topics I follow.
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2 years ago, 76thankyou
I love OPB, but their app stinks
I don’t know who they are paying to make this app for them, but they should get their money back. It constantly stops playing the ‘listen live’ feature.
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1 year ago, sowhichnicknameisnttaken?
I love OPB, this app, not so much!
I’ve made sure my app and OS are up-to-date, but the app keeps shutting down after a few minutes of listening. I’m at work and this is my lifeline! Please fix it 🥰
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2 years ago, Brisham
Excellent App!
I love OPB, and now I love it even more!
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1 year ago, Primrose Maggot
Quits on its own
This app would be great, except for the fact that it quits itself every 30 seconds. Infuriating!
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1 year ago, Kerly31415
Works for one minute
This app is unreliable. It starts with an ad (ok) works for a minute or two, then simply stops and goes away. Try the KLCC app or TuneIn for more reliable access to PBS.
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8 months ago, BearlM
Loads poorly and audio frequently drops.
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11 years ago, Gefremede
Big improvement, but still cuts out
This version is a lot better than the last one for me. The last version was unlistenable, as the sponsor message would replay every time it cut out and that happened about every 20 seconds. I love OPB's programming and was waiting for the day I could listen on my phone. This version still cuts out, but only every 10 minutes or so, and the sponsor message doesn't play, so I am back on OPB and very happy about it. The rest of the app seems pretty sleek, though I wish there were a "front page" as it were for top news stories.
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7 years ago, robbg439
The worst app I use
I love OPB. However, I have a hard time supporting them with pledges, and it’s all due to their horrible app. The primary function of this app is to stream the live programming to your phone. It fails this task miserably. The stream is so fragile that the tiniest thing will cause it to stop working. For instance: the stream always begins with a short sponsor message, and then the stream starts, BUT ONLY if you keep the app open on your screen. If you switch apps during the sponsor message, then the stream will never start. Also, if you are on WiFi during the stream, then lose the signal and go to cellular data, the stream stops. The audio itself seems to use something other than the standard iOS audio protocol, so for instance if you push the pause button on your headphones, rather than pause the stream, it will START to play your music. Finally, if anything does go wrong with the stream, you can’t simply push play again to start it up. No, you must force quit the app and restart it, and listen to that pesky sponsor message again! OPB, streaming the programming on your phone is obviously your future. This app has been this bad for years. Your negligence of those users who’s primary access isn’t from terrestrial radio signals is a shame. It keeps me from contributing.
Show more
9 years ago, gnite21
Recent version terrible
It rarely works. Particularly during evening commute time. Otherwise, cuts in and out. The desktop stream works great still, as did the old mobile app from just a couple months ago. But the version out since summer 2015 is just terrible. We’ve checked our wifi, re-downloaded and re-installed the app numerous times. Made sure the phone’s iOS is up to date. Re-synced the phone. Can’t think what else we could be doing to keep a good connection. This is a new problem. I’ve had communication with OPB, and they tell me to use other radio apps that are both free apps, but you have to pay for the subscription. Not going to work for me. Please, OPB, dump this NEW app and give us back the old reliable one. That one was great. There was nothing wrong with it. Why do you have to mess with a good thing (and break it)? I’d have given it ZERO stars if I could have.
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9 years ago, gjunkie
What's going on?
First off the audio isn't using the iPhone's native audio API, so you can't even pause/start from the iPod controls or your headphones, you can only control from within the app. It also means the audio doesn't stop when phone calls come in or you start playing music since the phone has no idea there's audio coming from the app. Second, if you start the stream and lock your phone during the sponsor message the audio cuts off after the ad. So I have to start the stream and stare at my phone while waiting for the ad to finish so I can lock my phone. Third, and worst of all, the audio cuts off if you enter/leave wifi. Leaving my house I have to first turn off my wifi and start the stream via LTE to ensure it doesn't cut off when I'm out of range. I love OPB, but this app needs A LOT of work.
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10 years ago, scottclandis
Forced to use, and unhappy about it
The functionality of the app is ok, but not great. Audio cuts out every 20-30 minutes, and often the app needs to be restarted to get the live stream playing again. Most annoyingly, every time the stream cuts out, I have to listen to an ad again. My big problem is that OPB has forced me to use their app by removing the OPB stream from the primary NPR app. That app has features I like, is stable and most importantly, doesn't have ads plastered over articles and playing every time the stream changes. It seems like the ads are needed to pay for an app that is redundant. OPB raised over 20 million last year and has cut shoes and forced users into ad ridden experiences. It disrespects users.
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10 years ago, AndrewEmbler
Can't listen for longer than 1 minute
Saw that the new version of the OPB app had arrived and hoped, for a fleeting moment, that the connectivity issues I've experienced for several weeks would be resolved. Alas, it was not to be. I'm using an iPhone 5. The live stream will play for around one minute, hang, resume perhaps 20 seconds later for around 5 seconds, then die. Restarting the stream immediately works - for about another couple minutes. Then the behavior repeats. This wasn't always the case. In the previous version it appeared that restarting the stream several times would eventually get to a steam that wouldn't be interrupted. I have not had any such luck with this version, however.
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6 years ago, sustainingdonor
Can’t believe such a smart org can’t come up with a smarter app.
This is absolutely the most dysfunctional and glitchy app I use. OPB is a smart organization and is funded by user support. As a result, you would think more effort would be made to create a functional app that doesn’t have to be rebooted every time you walk to the other side of the house or move from one network to the next. Other apps can do this and it is expected. I’d suggest that a H.S. tech class could be solicited to re-write the app and could do a superb job compared to the current version. OPB, you should get your money back from the developers of this app. I suggest everyone stream off of other internet services like “Tune In” and dump the OPB app.
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7 years ago, Omnibot5000
Great news source - spotty app
I am a big supporter of OPB news, and I do enjoy listening to OPB on my phone using the app. However, it gets annoying that the app does not seem to stream the content consistently after the initial advertisement message upon opening the app and pressing the play button. I have noticed this problem come and go over the various iterations and versions of the app, and for a while it seemed as though it was getting better. Unfortunately, the most current version seems to be having problems once again.
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8 years ago, Strozut
Used to work well; now buggy
Used to love listening to the OPB app while walking or running errands. Unfortunately, in recent months, the pause button has become increasingly unreliable to the point where I sometimes have to RESTART my iPhone 6 to turn off the livestream broadcast!!! At best, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and unlock my phone, then turn off the stream in the app - instead of simply touching the on screen pause button - but even that doesn't work most of the time now. I routinely update to the most recent iOS, so it's not me, it's you. Please fix this so that I can again listen to my favorite radio station when I'm not at home.
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