Optimum TV

4.6 (18K)
37.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Altice USA, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Optimum TV

4.61 out of 5
18K Ratings
3 years ago, euro575
This Altice company is French, and is not Optimun anymore, they bought “Cablevision” and depend of the boxes you have. I have the “Altice” all in one that doesn’t need a Router. For the situation with the CV-19, they haven’t been doing the regular updates they usually do during the nights in order not to interrupt the viewers programs, because they have been working remotely. Also, I learn how to do myself because I understand is so frustrating to trying to watch your programs and cannot do it because you have not idea what to do. Here is my little help, If you have the “Altice” black box and also the small one if you have a secondary tv’s, unplug the main box from the back of it, for about 2-3 minutes, and plugged back and let it rebutted by itself, you can do that with your tv on that will show you a dark screen for few seconds, and then you’ll see how starting the rebutting of the box, and when finished the time will come out again, and turn on the box and you’ll see the program’s back. I hope my suggestions work, and if he doesn’t at first, try again. Good luck.
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2 years ago, MDK1705
Guide doesn’t work since last update
Ever since the last update the guide works up until I try to see what’s on later in the evening. When I scroll an hour or more in advance and try to see what’s on other channels the guide jumps back to channel 2 before I get a chance to see what is on and on what channel. No matter how many times I try to scroll down to higher channels it just jumps back to channel 2. This happens on both my iPhone and iPad. Both are running the newest version of the app. This is typical of Altice service even though I can’t fault the app developer for the crappy cable/internet service provided by Altice. Can’t wait for Fios to come to town! UPDATE: It’s been over a month and the app still does the same thing. In the guide, if you scroll past the current time to look at what’s on later in the day, and then scroll down the channels, the guide keeps snapping back up to the first channel before you can see what the other channels are showing later in the day. This only happens if you are trying to see what’s going to be on later, not what’s on presently. The App Developer replied asking me to email them with the particulars. THESE ARE THE PARTICULARS. JUST FIX IT!
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2 years ago, andrea mayo
My Opinion
I don’t know why I changed to Altice! My main box has to be constantly rebooted because I lose the ability to rewind/fast forward live tv. Now I reboot and it still doesn’t work! My main phone now has to be in my living room instead of my kitchen! The cable box in my bedroom constantly loses the ability for me to look at the info feature, causing me to have to reboot. The internet in my daughter’s room on her tv is nonexistent! She can’t watch any apps! I can only watch Netflix, everything else it’s just buffering, buffering, and buffering. Which didn’t happen with the older system. I have to replace the battery in my remote, at least, once a month! Should I go on? This new system is a bust! And I absolutely HATE your customer service! There is a language barrier, and when they can’t help you, they simply disconnect! After being on the phone for 45 minutes. I downgraded and it was never put through! Bring that sh.t back to the states!
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3 years ago, Mike Miller Admin
Worthless-Can’t Even Log In
This has got to be one of the most worthless apps around. On my iPad it keeps telling me I have the wrong app, but there are no others. On my AppleTV it keeps telling me I have a 403 error. Suddenlink is nearly impossible to get in touch with and my past experiences are they can’t solve the problem anyway. Ugh!!! Update: I spent over an hour on chat with Suddenlink. We went through a whole list of things such as deleting and reinstalling the app, opening and closing, etc. After over an hour my problem was “escalated”. I was told they would get in touch if they needed additional information. I asked if they would get in touch to tell me the problem fixed. I was given the same answer. I am tired of wasting my time and don’t understand why they just don’t make a decent app. There are plenty of good programmers out there. Apple - remove this from the app store until it is fixed. Maybe that will get their attention.
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11 months ago, solarRon
Not too shabby
I am away on vacation hundreds of miles away from my home and I could still schedule my favorite shows and events on my app, easy Peezy!!!!! My wife says she can watch her recorded shows on her app, anywhere - anytime, and in any country….. that’s pretty nifty. I still have to call them every couple years and try to reduce my price, but the gold package has so much to offer as far as shows and events and news, I wouldn’t even think of cutting the cable! This has always been Cablevision to us for 30 or 40 years and continues to keep up with the times. Keep innovating and keep moving forward!!!!!
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4 years ago, Suboptimum
No stars
Optimum/Altice is the worst service provider ever. Internet drops frequently and randomly. The call desk if you ever get through to a real person is not helpful. I’ve discussed this with other users about their experience with Optimum Altice and other services. The best summary is that Altice is PRIMITIVE in its interface and searching capabilities compared to other providers. FIOS, Xfinity are infinitely better. However, some of these other services may not be available in the area you live in. Optimum should find its place as a low tech, primitive provide with minimum support for people who are OK with paying a low price (which it is not at the moment). I’d gladly pay more for reliable, modern service. If you have the option for any other service, don’t choose Optimum. We call it Suboptimum. And are planning to switch to FIOS, the only other provider, as soon as we can.
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4 years ago, Bubba_D_Kushman
As far as an app goes?
If I’m rating my experience using this app, I would have to give it 5 stars. The app is convenient for what I need. I can take a dump and not miss a second of my favorite show. I never know where the TV remote is but, I always know where my trusty iPhone is at all times. The remote control function of the app is a priceless luxury especially when kids fight over who wants to watch what... Executive decision right here with the iPhone app. As long as I don’t have to call customer service or stand in that line that seems to take an eternity to get through, I’ll be a satisfied customer.
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10 months ago, Mikemazz11
I’m being robbed
So. I have 2 apple tvs and I had a combo router/cable box. App worked for 2 years so since I don’t use the cable box any longer I trade down to just a router since I pay 12 bucks a month for it. Well I get home and I connect to new Wi-Fi and everything works fine except for this app. Go through the help desk and even get upgraded since they can’t figure what the issue is. They call me 2 days later to troubleshoot and I turn it on and voila it works! 2 days later it goes out again and hasn’t worked since. The only way to watch is air dropping from my IPad which works from the optimum app not the optimum tv app!. Well apple tv doesn’t have that version. The amount of $$ we are paying you you would think this would be worked out. When can I expect my credit for days without service?!
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4 years ago, Luvofmt
Service working inconsistently
Every morning for a couple of hours, my cable service is intermittent(blinking sound and picture) so I decided to watch the on the app. But while this is happening to my cable, at the same time the mobile app won’t connect at all. It just says loading. And if I’m lucky enough for the app to open, the guide won’t load. If the guide doesn’t load then you cannot watch tv channels (even if you go to the channels through search, they won’t allow you to watch). In only six months, Called tech support 4 separate times, had tech help, had tech come to my house and still same problems. And now they are charging $80 for tech support to come to your house to fix their own equipment failures. I get not having all the good channels for a cheaper price, but you should not have to trade having a WORKING service for a discount. 🤦‍♀️
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2 years ago, LeslieM825
Happy with the app now
Update: App no longer crashes when I turn on the Apple TV and certain channels that I would turn on would have no volume I would have to go into the language settings change the language then it would enable the subtitles and then have to turn them off to get the volume to work.. that stopped happening also ..
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2 years ago, BxCaliber
Although we do not use the app on our phone, the app is used on multiple tablets and on Apple TV in our home. The app constantly reset itself and has a continuous issue of not being able to access the “Guide” which shows what programs are available now and later in the day/ week. Altice had offered a Apple TV alternative to the common cable box. Knowing the quality of Apple products I chose the Apple TV. My Apple TV was set up wirelessly only about 20 ft from the main router being only separated by a standard wood stud wall. Viewing live TV was terrible with extreme lag on all functions. I ended up running an Ethernet cable from the Apple TV to the main router. Much better. But the “guide” issue remains a problem.
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2 years ago, Cookhaven
I pay for 1 gig internet speed and do speed tests show only about 300 speed. Called up several times because again paying fir their top speed and constantly lagging Don’t bother calling them anymore because when they were owned by the Dolan family use to speak to someone immediately. Now you have to go through rings to get to speak with someone and most of the time couldn’t understand what they are saying. So you ask me why not change to Fios? I would if I could but the town of Brookhaven (crookhaven) won’t let Fios get a license to operate. Someone’s getting pockets filled by making Altice the only operator. Worse off constantly raising price because they have a monopoly
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3 years ago, mizzangie34
At first I did love the app I was able to use the remote control on the able to record movies and shows be able to watch TV on it but now since I had to log out and then log back in I’m having problem log into the app is telling me video service need something I just hope that they fix this problem because I love it I’m able to use on the go but now I can’t I’m having problems logging in as anybody’s have a problem with that I try talking to customer service that way they don’t understand what’s going on I need help
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2 years ago, disappointed with altice
When you call to sign up for Altice they tell you you get everything all your favorite channels and tv to go. Truth is the sales people outright lie!! The tv to go only works in your house , so forget about streaming on the go! You don’t get basic channels like history or news max either. Sold a line of crap plus took three weeks for them to port number. Good luck trying to complain too the first five minutes are with a computer voice then most of the agents speak with such a heavy accent good luck understanding them. They transfer you but in reality they just disconnect you. Looking for a new service now, don’t waste your time, can’t get that back.
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3 years ago, Frank4969
We are paying for the 1 gig speed. Yet we have never come close to 1 gig. Best we get is 400 megabits download. Which is fast but not what we are paying for. I know that the 1 gig is if the sun and moon align perfectly. We should still see 900, 800, at the lowest 700 megabit download speeds. At to that the stupid tv tier I had to take with it. I don’t want espn or any sports channels. I don’t want fake news cnn or any other liberal news channels. Garden shows. Women channels. On and on. Let me pick the channels I want. Unfortunately optimum has a monopoly where I live. Since I’m not a whiny liberal clearly the government isn’t going to bend to my wishes. Which they shouldn’t either way.
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1 year ago, Chizz1268
Black Adam was a great movie.
I enjoyed Black Adam very much. The actors were chosen perfect for the movie and the parts they played. The special effects were awesome and made the movie even better. The writers wrote the movie great. I like how good prevailed over evil, the love between a mother and a son, and how Black Adam and the Justice Team were able to work together to stop evil and save the boy. The movie was great and I give it five stars.
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4 years ago, Stones399
Crash and Burn
I'm on an old iPad (version 10.x) and it worked fine until latest update (version 2.1.3). Now it's doing the same as many of the recent reviews say; quick flash of the app launch then crash back to home screen. The app designers have responded (around Oct. 1) by saying they've addressed the issue with a recent fix, but I just uninstalled, shut down, restarted the iPad, downloaded the app and......crash and burn! When I went into the App Store, the app development history still says 2.1.3 (dated Sept. 21). Obviously the dev's are BS'ing about the fix. You had a satisfied customer until this fiasco. Please fix in a timely manner. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Sandrajreynolds
Optimum allows you to view on all you personal devices, I love it! I watch on phone, tablet & Ipad as well as our tv! Great idea, whoever thought of it! 5 stars plus to us. We can watch different shows in same room or in other rooms! At the same time but different shows! Amazing. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Everyday Viewer
Defective and not bug tested.
I love and need this app, I stream tv on my iPad next to my work computer. Everytime I open the app and select a channel, my cable box wireless connection is interrupted and stopped across all devices. When I change channels, it again disconnects all wireless devices and half the time the channel doesn’t load. I’ve once lost all internet connection for 15 minutes because this app caused my router to drop, CM REGistering, Router Init Fail, over and over, simply because I opened this app. As much as I want this app, I can’t run the risk that it’ll interrupt my ability to work ….
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3 years ago, TRobi14
Lost all functionality
This app has always been terrible, but the past week it has gotten even worse. Now I can no longer record any shows on the app. After I select the show it just opens on a blank page that never has any content. The search function is still awful. Half the time I have to go to the guide and manually find the program even though I’ve typed in the exact name and got no results (especially true for sports). Watching tv in my home network has also resulted in the screen just freezing. Very poor Altice!
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2 years ago, Jamez n DK
Still waiting
Still waiting for PiP support on iPad and iPhone. Almost every modern video app has this feature and in 2022 we are still waiting. The apps reliability has improved but it’s still missing big features that are standard in 2022. I really wish Altice would improve their service overall but they’re the only game in town where I live. Other providers have much better feature sets with their apps. Still cannot watch tv out of the home in the app as well. Please improve
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4 years ago, GG593
No video or sound
I am trying to stream cable using the Altice one app on an Apple TV 4K. Whenever I open the app it freezes and then I need to close it out and reopen it. When I finally get it to load on the homepage I can hear what is on the channel but the screen is black. If I select channels through the channel guide the screen is black and there is no sound. The only way to troubleshoot is to unplug the Apple TV 4K and plug it back in which is not ideal at all. Please advise on how to fix this. I have removed and redownloaded the app. I’ve done a factory reset on the Apple TV. Changed my video and sound settings on my TV an on the Apple TV.
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4 years ago, katie.steinborn
Terrible, antiquated interface
I want to like this app. I really do since I rely on it so heavily, particular when I travel. Looks like it was developed in the 70’s before we had developers. Takes forever to load and is extremely unintuitive. The nav bar is awful and it’s very frustrating to have to start from scratch each time you leave the app for something like a phone call, etc. Are these reviews and feedback(because I’ve given it to customer service over the phone as well) just sitting in every developer’s queue? Nothing new has been introduced lately and it’s very disappointing...
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4 months ago, S Gemma
New box
I had to replace one of 3 mini boxes and have had nothing but issues. The tech support is horrible and when ask to have a rep come out they want to charge. Worse than that they have some call to try to solve the issue and just tell you everything is going to be ok. I have gone to the store three times returning boxes and they just say yeah this is a problem. This is why people are dumping cable very expensive and the service continues to get worse.
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3 years ago, IrishPanda29
App not working- Update
The app is still not working after a month. I was asked to reach out to optimum via Facebook and Twitter for help. I did and all I was told is that it had to be escalated and I will get a follow up. Well that has been almost a week and no update. I reached out again to optimum via Facebook and was told they are still looking into it. I find it funny how our information works to pay our bill but not to use the app. It is time for us customers to get some compensation for this service inconvenience. Honestly I would give this app zero stars. It is a joke.
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1 year ago, MommaSwinty
🆘 please fix! login spinning & erases pw
Love the app usually but can’t login on any device and it’s working on the TV so it’s the app! the login screen is just rapid spinning and when I try to auto load or manually input my password, it keeps backspacing erasing it please fix stat! Aside from that great app, but it does actually reset often while using it which is annoying. I will improve my review to 5* when both fixed
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8 months ago, Jccpd
This app is a piece of $h!+. I had the Optimum app originally and it worked. But then the app didn’t work anymore and told me I had to download the Altice One App. But after getting a new temporary password, it did not work and said my password expired. So I do the steps and it’s an infinite loop of failure. Terrible Altice. This is a very big disappointment.
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3 months ago, Ffldstag
App doesn’t recognize home network on iPad so shows can’t be watched
iPad connected to MyOptimum WiFi with strong signal, launch app, shows I am out of home even though I’m sitting at my kitchen counter. Can’t watch shows because app thinks I’m disconnected from home network. Have signed out and de-installed/reinstalled several times, rebooted iPad, etc. problem continues. Customer support zero help, advanced tech support no help. Apparently this is a known issue- please update your app (it’s been 7 months since last update).
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4 years ago, GCDan
What is going on!?!?
It made me download a new version. The old version worked fine. The new version will not open!?!? I deleted and downloaded it several times, power off my iPad but the same thing. Someone has got to fix this. Not happy.
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4 years ago, Tricia Hemp
Updated version won't open
Updated to the latest version today. Opens and immediately crashes. Uninstalled and then reinstalled, same thing. As someone else said, I have an older iPad, version 10 is the latest operating system I can run. The app worked fine until the last update. There is no reason why I can't use an app for a cable service I pay for, because the latest update is not compatible with my iPad, which while older still works. Another example of the terrible service from Optimum/Altice.
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2 years ago, Chertof
Missing a key feature
Every other streaming app allows you to keep the stream constant if you are switching between apps. Not Altice! If you get a text while streaming and dare to answer it then there goes your stream and you have to start all over again when you want to get back to what you are watching. It’s 2022 - can’t we get that functionality added already? This issue continues to be a problem and no one addresses it. Worst app out there for streaming!
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9 months ago, Chris Reide
Please tell me you are fixing this
Every time I try to watch, the app either freezes or kicks me out. Then it takes 5 minutes to load and work. And lately when it does work, its only for a few minutes. Watch it mostly for football, but i end up so frustrated that i have to use other outside apps just to watch tv that i spend $ 270 a month for. Please fix or Im leaving for good. Verizon is only a phone call away. This is my cry for help, you have 2 weeks.
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4 years ago, Ahleena
Buggy app
The app, or system, is buggy. If you try to log in with info you know is correct, you can't. And if you try to change your password, even though you pass the challenge, you can't. You get an error and advice to contact them some other way than the app. Also, at log in, the link for logging in and remembering password falls below the keyboard so you can't use it. Completely unnecessary because they could just put the logo at the top instead of centering it, and everything would be visible.
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1 year ago, daricec
So far, works well on my iPad
No problems with the app. I use it almost daily and I love that I can watch my dvr’d shows as well. I’m curious how the cast info is handled in the app. I was watching Good Morning America on the weekend and I found it interesting how the cast info at the bottom of the viewing window for the video stream shows the 2 white co-hosts, and 1 white guest host for today, but excludes the black cohost of the show, as well as a black medical correspondent today. Why?
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1 year ago, Vesinet01
Big improvement
This app has been greatly improved….I love it as I can watch all my channels anywhere in the house on my iPad; also record news and fast forward through the commercials! I love that!
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3 years ago, iMacguy18
Search Functionality
When searching for something the results should be displayed in chronological order. Right now the results don’t seem to be sorted in any particular order. I want to be able to see when something is on today not 10 days from now first and then have to scroll down all the way to the bottom to see that’s it’s on later today.
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3 years ago, HughJaynis
If I could give this app zero stars I would. This is for the Apple TV version of the app. First, it’s menu system is horrendous, constantly showing the wrong programming at the wrong hour. Second, the TV sound does not sync when using 4k on Apple TV. Only works in 1080p. Third, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall this app twice in the last two days because it refuses to load certain channels. Altice, this app works about as well as your Altice One boxes. One collective, flaming dumpster fire.
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3 years ago, kesher613
I too tried it and installed it on my Apple TV app and received the same error messages I call optimum and told me they know what is wrong and it will take up to two days to resolve the issue . Well………… It’s day 4 and “NOTHING “
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2 years ago, Meli-ssa
TV Guide
I generally have no issues with the app. However the guide is giving problems when trying to search for shows later in the day. It keeps going back to the top and doesn’t allow me to scroll for later shows.
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9 months ago, Chris former optimist
Not as good as advertised
This app won’t work with all cable boxes such as Cisco. You have the option of changing to a different cable box but will probably lose conveniences like Picture in Picture and be stuck with a substandard tiny remote control that isn’t finger friendly. After several wasted phone calls I decided rather than jump onboard with added cost and hassle I will “Opt” out of the Optimum app. Research before you get your hopes up.
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3 years ago, danielvstone
Unbelievably problematic
This app, on iPhone OR on Apple TV, is utterly the most frustrating experience that I’ve ever had with any streaming service. Constantly crashing, constant hitching, glitching, pixelization, and just problems. My experience with Altice and Suddenlink overall has been tremendously disappointing. I worked hard to get this device built out to my neighborhood so that we could have an alternative to horrible AT&T, and it’s been an embarrassment so far.
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3 years ago, Jmdimase
A clunky mess
Primary use of this app is to use a projector with my phone to stream TV in my backyard. Unlike other quality apps, the aspect ratio is terrible, their is constant buffering/video delay/ audio delay while the app is on a solid WiFi connection. No way to disable notifications while streaming (again other apps do this.) Also no way to sit audio to a Bluetooth device while video goes through HDMI. Please update with fixes in a future patch.
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4 years ago, jmess15
Issues when guide isn't updated
I have noticed a few times that you can not watch live tv on the app when the program being broadcasted doesn't match what the guide says. I noticed it numerous times with sporting evens being postponed. The most recent example is the 12/2 nfl game on nbc. The guide said the Ellen show was one and as a result the channel would not work. Please fix. I emailed the address twice, no response yet
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10 months ago, Amycvbn
Terrible service
The optimum tv app has completely stopped working on my Apple TV. Nobody at Optimum has attempted to help. I have been on chat sessions and calls with customer service for hours at a time to fix the issue, but nobody has made any attempt to help. This is a breach of contract and service they cannot render. I’m a so fed up with them that I am thinking about ditching them. There are better services out there. Don’t waste your time and money.
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11 months ago, Mikeyt2610
Review of App
I like the app, I use it all the time. I would like it even more if I could watch something the make it small in the corner so I can text or do something else at same time
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4 years ago, FLACOLOCO71
Have had Suddenlink for more than two years. Always was able to use the Suddenlink to go app. Now the switched over to our Altice one and have never been able to sign in. Why does it want me to allow access to my dish subscription I don’t have dish!?? Call customer support and they said they don’t provide support for the mobile app. It even says when I’m able to put in my credentials that I do not have Internet service which I do!! Where is the help???
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4 years ago, Gregory. K
Needs a tweak
Solid app, does what you’d expect with some glitches along the way. One suggestion - please make the menu bar (time/date/battery level etc) disappear when watching videos in fullscreen on iPad. This is a standard feature for every other video player app.
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3 years ago, Skyhawk62v
Jumpy Video
The app is disappointing. The video freezes frequently for a second or so making the video very jumpy. I’m fairly confident that it is a problem with the app and not a hardware issue as I do not have this issue with any other video apps on my Apple TV. I have the same issue with the app on my iPad and iPhone.
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3 years ago, _vora
Worse service provider
If you can please avoid this company at all cost. I’ve never had to pay for a more unreliable, inconvenient, expensive, service in my life. The remotes are cheap, the internet drops at least twice a week, cable stops working when it wants too. Had to have the box replaced multiple times. Not one discount or credit for the inconvenience. Poor customer service skills and the list goes on. I hate this company and I do mean hate.
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4 years ago, Jmfitzh20
Why are there no channels list when your not home. Why would only want shopping and PBS. Everyone else doesn’t require you to download and login to that channel. WhAt crap Well I did receive a response of use the app for that channel. Thanks Suddenlink and Altice One. If I wanted to use an app for each channel why would I complain? This response shows you don’t really appreciate your customers. Do not use Altice one if you have a choice unlike me. What happen to pride in what you produce?
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