Oregon Lottery

4.7 (23.9K)
113.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
4.31 (3)
Oregon State Lottery
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oregon Lottery

4.66 out of 5
23.9K Ratings
8 months ago, Diggydigz
Oregon Lottery Funds, WOW impressive!!!!!
I love seeing all that lottery does for the entire state of Oregon! If you take the few minutes to watch a video or two, what they help fund is just amazing! And for me, it’s nice to think that my lottery participation is helping to make these things possible! Without lottery funds, we may not be seeing these things happening as often or at all. So thank you lottery and all of us who participate in lottery for entertainment purposes! Even if we are not individual winners, our state population are winners everyday with the funds that are put to good use for economic programs for the people and programs to keep our state beautiful and green!
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Review of lottery App
I love the app except for one thing. For some reason I keep having trouble with validating my account. I keep trying to get on app to check my tickets and it keeps saying that verification is needed and I totally understand that it’s necessary to validate identity but lately it’s been worse than ever. Normally it just makes me wait like 30 seconds and then I can get on and scan my tickets. But lately it keeps taking me to a different page and when I try to log on it just says loading for like 2 or 3 minutes and it says make sure I connected to the internet which I am for sure because I can get online and get on any website I want. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or something but it’s getting extremely frustrating and annoying and I hope that you guys can figure out a better way to do the verification , otherwise I absolutely love everything about the app!!
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4 years ago, MikiMilano
It’s time to go online and virtual!
Raising my review because I do appreciate the constructive response from the developer. I really hope you will find a way to allow us to purchase tickets online in the near future (with proper credential and age verification of course, just like credit card companies and banks do). Original review below. *** The app works OK... but the Oregon Lottery has done little to nothing to facilitate people in purchasing tickets during COVID-19. Most businesses have gone virtual during the pandemic, most schools and colleges as well... Grocery stores allow us to make purchases online, either directly or via Instacart. And food is delivered directly to our doorstep. But not the Oregon Lottery. Buying a lottery ticket requires risking our lives going to a store, handling dirty dollar bills, touching screens and buttons... or talking to customer service at a store from less than 6 feet distance. Why is that, Oregon Lottery? Why can’t you finally make the step and move to the 21st century, why can’t you allow Oregonians to play remotely, by creating a verified login, and a bank transfer? Banks and brokerages allow secure online banking for two decades, where large sums of money are being transacted... but you can’t allow us to buy at $10 ticket online? Really? I think it is very clear. You guys are stuck in the 20th century and are too lazy. You get your money anyway so you don’t care.
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5 years ago, Brianzfun
Have to log in to Scan!
I played around with the app a little bit more and realized you can’t even login as a guest to scan your tickets. I don’t care if I am logged in or not, but it won’t scan even though I was logged in. So, I tried to login as a guest and realized you can’t scan your tickets as a guest. Great system! A security feature? Why? I’m logged in, but it wants me to login in order to scan, but but won’t, even as a guest. You probably just hired a new programmer that changed some things, but maybe you should think about letting people scan their tickets whether they are logged in or not. Isn’t this app supposed to be a convenience for us? What else is it doing that we don’t know about? Scanning my tickets doesn’t give me anything except for peace of mind. For me to have to login only gives you information, not me peace of mind, not me the answers to my ticket questions. Yes, I’m irritated. Keep in mind I’m already logged in and it’s not working and there is no backdoor to confirm if I’m a winner. That makes you a loser. Because now my opinion of this app is a one star, or more accurately a zero star but you can’t give a zero star. So tell me, if I am logged in already and can’t scan, can’t login as a guest and scan, is this a great app or what? Keep in mind the more difficult it is to confirm if you’re a winner or not, the less likely you’re going to buy tickets. I was looking for convenience, not a way to waste my day off.
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3 years ago, awDUBc
Camera sensitivity needs improvement
The app for the most part is functional. The only issues I’ve had are with the speed at which the app auto logs in, sometimes I outright cannot get the ticket scanner to work, because not being able to login to my account! I don’t understand how it could take so much data that it wouldn’t allow login quickly and cleanly? Also, the apps ability to focus and scan the ticket barcode images could be addressed (should be addressed). My wife’s pixel 3&4 (which are supposed to have the best of all low light camera ability) sometimes cannot recognize the images in regular household lights, causing her to HAVE to use the flash! In regular daylight generally there’s no issues but I don’t understand why standard household light isn’t sufficient alone? Thanks.
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4 years ago, Clownpeniz
Lottery App
I enjoy the Oregon Lottery app very much. I use the Live Keno games, scratch-it’s information and of course the scan tool. I enjoy reading about the winners. I would ask that they publish more winners than just three or four people, including the winners of the second chance scratch its. They could also make it to set up debit card information per your account. So as that people can purchase new Keno Tickets from home with the ticket barcode in your account in the event you win. I know id play much more keno if I could buy a new ticket after my games have ended and I’m already at home.
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2 months ago, roxalee
Scanner only works intermittently on lottery tickets (Powerball, Megabucks, Megamillions).
I wish this app would get fixed-I am using an iPhone 15 so the camera works. This app is the only one where scanning is so hit or miss. It is better with scratchers but not much. Tried changing the settings on my camera, tried with and without flash, scanned side to side, and nothing helped. Deleted and reinstalled the app, too. Really frustrating. UPDATE April 2024 I can’t believe it but this is worse. Now the app logs me out and then doesn’t let me log in due to a network error. My internet is fine and the app is on my phone, so cellular should work as a back up. Scanner is still hit or miss when I am logged in. Key issue is also that the app is worse with the lottery tickets than with scratchers. And -app support link doesn’t work either.
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2 years ago, Buwem00
App is working poorly
Trying to get second chance entries and when I try to reenter all my info , it tells me that my phone number is already in use . There was no way around it , meaning I could not enter second chance at this time . Been doing the scanning for many month . This new “improved “ version has a bunch of bugs . Also , in the very beginning , I tried to get a confirmation email send . Lottery never send any , period . Sure hope you get this fixed , asap , B. Meier
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3 years ago, nacho cheese 217
Mobile app
I don’t like the new way to check for remaining scratch winners. It used to be much easier. Now, I don’t buy tickets as often because it is difficult to figure out which games still have winning tickets available. It also used to be easier to see the 2nd chance entrees. It used to be by pages. Every page equaled 10 tickets and you could easily see the entry’s you have submitted. Now it is much harder and also unpleasant to check on. Please fix these things and make it less difficult to use as I have requested. This is a huge issue for me to buy the large number of scratch tickets like I used to. Anything that makes it harder and take longer to see what games still have grand prizes left, means I won’t buy any tickets. I enjoy scratching the tickets but refuse to buy ANY if I’m not able to first tell what games are able to pay the top prize. In undating I have made it so I will no longer play with any frequency. That is not good so please fix this. Thank you Jodi M
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3 years ago, -M.W.Baldwin
5 stars!
The Oregon lottery app is so easy to use! I have never had any issues with using the app or scanning my tickets. I tell all my friends to download the Oregon lottery app and see for themselves just how easy it is to scan their lottery tickets to see if they are winners and enter into the second chance drawings. All the information is easily accessible and navigating the app is so simple. The Oregon lottery app gets 5 out of 5 stars in my book!
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1 year ago, ridasawa
Not Winning
Give a dog a well deserved and fully earned bone, please pay us as we paid you a generous plentiful, let’s be fair now please and return the generosity as I’m broke due to finding the Oregon Lottery, lol…, I know, it’s my lack of discipline controlling my gambling for entertainment only, and it’s not very entertaining losing my savings account, if I had one, haha, but I’m a big boy and need to be responsible like a big boy, so give a dog a bone so I can start my new big boy living, thanks OL…, Cheers
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2 years ago, tailwagtwo
Needs a little adjustment
TryingSecond chance tickets and you fill out a wrong number or letter in the squares and you want to erase it it doesn’t always jump back to the previous square that was wrongBut once you remove that letter or number in that square the cursor moves back to the previous box and you have to start over. Monday they will all make it consistent, I like the lottery webpage
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4 years ago, MW1773
Second Chance Update
Truly found this app to be user friendly and a great way to ensure I didn’t miss potential winnings. Definitely utilized this app often and shared with others, even went as far as locating app, downloading, and setting up for elderly relatives. Currently after the update to include second chance nothing will scan. It gives me two options, “Login” and “Contact Us” then clicking login brings me back to the broken scanner. When clicking the contact us it has nothing for customer service or app support. So I am here from clicking contact us not overly impressed. Please fix this garbage so I don’t have to scratch nonsense crosswords that people give as a gift.
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4 years ago, cbande3
Easy Peazy
Ok, overall- I am pretty clueless when it comes to this APP stuff. If the lottery people would of tried to engage with people when they brought their show to our town.... I could of learned about it wayyyy sooner!!! I luv the APP !!! I use it almost daily!!! ((When it is below freezing outside, I can scan my lottery from the comfort of home!!!)) it is awesome!!
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3 years ago, meepiticus
What would make this app better…
…Would be if it allowed you to pre-scan and save your lottery numbers and remind you if you are a winner or not without having to scan it after the numbers are drawn. Otherwise the app fulfills its purpose. I assume legalities prevent them from tooling the app into a mobile Game Center using legal tender to play state lottery games and win real money. Imagine the gambling addicts the app could attract if that were the case.
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3 years ago, C'Mon King
It’s not over.
I was granted a second chance when I started my career in teaching special education 23 years ago. I’ve kept that memory close to my heart and will continue to put a high value on second chances. Thank you Oregon Lottery for a second chance. As long as you have hope you’re still in the game.
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4 months ago, Tylordius
Doesn’t work on iPhones with macro cameras
Not able to scan barcodes with iPhone 14 Pro. From a bit of research this is an issue with iPhone 14 and 15 as the app defaults to the macro camera and doesn’t let you focus. The barcode is perfectly clear when using the regular camera app. They will tell you it’s a problem with the settings on your phone, but it is a problem with their app. Considering they have known about this issue for 2 years and many people use iPhone, it’s disappointing that they won’t fix their app.
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3 years ago, Blang2014
Scanner doesn’t work
The account set up was easy, and I thought I was going to have an easy experience the whole time. But the scanner does not work at all. I initially tried the one on the back and it instructed me to scan the one on the front. When trying to scan that one it takes a long time thinking, then says “An unknown error has occurred while trying to look up your ticket. So I tried a different one. It won’t scan any of my 10 tickets. I guess I’ll try using the website for the second chance instead of the faulty app.
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3 years ago, Mrgupps
Easy money
I don’t know why they didn’t think of this app before it is so easy is ridiculous haven’t had any issues with it at all. Very pleased thank you for saving me so much time to get this done without having to get on a computer.
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3 years ago, MichelleyfromNoPo
It used to work fine but as of late it’s been saying that there are some sort of issues & to try back later. My husband has been receiving this message too! It happened last week too?!!
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5 years ago, TrivieNerd
Useful App
Love being able to scan my tickets from the comfort of my own couch. The scanner works really well on my scratch-it tickets once I realized I had to use the barcode on the front. Also worked perfect for the Mega Millions ticket last week. Can’t wait to continue to use this app. Good job!
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1 year ago, turtletodd
It’s so convenient!!!
I really have to say I love having this app . It’s fast , accurate and just simple to use and it’s so convenient . if you play any oregon lottery then this is a “must have “ you can scan your tickets right from wherever you are !!!
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3 years ago, Jashwan2003
The scanner could really use a lot of work, it’s incredibly frustrating when you have to sit there for 15 minutes trying to get one ticket to scan. The Washington scanner scans it before you can even put it on the barcode, it seems to work before you even want it to. Where is this one I feel like I spend 30 minutes a day trying to get two tickets to scan.
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1 year ago, Larsenpress
Good app
This app is user friendly. You can scan your lottery scratch off tickets an instantly be entered into second chance lottery. It has info on different locations to get tickets and all the different tickets available.
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1 year ago, Saviloca
Thank you
I really enjoy how easy it is to be able to see if a ticket is a winner or not with this app ! I have been using this app for awhile now and it’s really helpful I think that this is an amazing way to see where the money goes and comes from ! THANK YOU OREGON LOTTERY !
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2 years ago, Nims rock
Fun at home
The local tavern shut down the lottery during late 20 and most of 21, so I had a years worth of mega bucks and powerball tickets and nowhere to scan. A google search led me to the app and now I have 6 winning tickets out of around 80 😎
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3 years ago, Gr-Gma
All I could get was ‘error occurred please try again’. Took almost an hour to get app loaded with password! Finally got that to work and logged in but could not scan scratch off tickets to see if winner or do 2nd Chance!
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3 years ago, Lexxx FX
Talk about simplifying life! To be able to scan a second chance ticket instead of having to type all those numbers in is life-changing! Thank you Oregon lottery! It’s about time this happened. Only about a decade late :-) -Aloha OR
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2 years ago, sctyh67
Can’t create account Keno doesn’t work as guest
I tried to create an account and it said my email was taken. I have never created an account. When I tried “forgot password” I got another error message saying I wasn’t connected to the internet, which was definitely not the case. Just bought a Keno ticket with 10 consecutive games and I just want to see if I won and after wasting a good half-hour, I can’t seem to do it. Ridiculous..
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4 years ago, Koreachee
Love it
Very useful to be able to scan your tickets anywhere you are! The only thing is When I’m trying to locate a store that sells a certain scratch ticket i am interested in it never loads to tell me, even on the actual website. That is the only frustration i have. Other than that fantastic app
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3 years ago, halle jo jonhson
Can’t use second chance
When I try to enter second chance it says I’m not in Oregon, but yet I am in my home in Oregon. Frustrating The developer replied with a solution. Turn off location services, re-enter second chance and tap I’m in Oregon. Worked great!
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2 years ago, Ams Kesha
Second chance
I lost all my second chance tickets in my profile I had to register with another phone number please call me so you can reset my account please
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9 months ago, AreOhhEnn
Worked well once….once
Downloaded it and registered an account just so I can scan my lottery tickets. It worked wonderfully the first time. Afterwards, I kept getting a “not connected to the internet” message. Multiple WiFi connections and different cellular data connections from LTE to 5Guc. Completely deleted and downloaded and reloaded app. Nope. Reset iPhone and deleted PRAM. Nope. Gave up.
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2 years ago, tomadus
The fun just keeps coming at ya!
This app is pretty darn cool. I love the charity articles as they are why we purchase these tickets. I saved a stack of old tickets and have spent a fun bit of time on the second chance game. I hope I can win one! Who hoo!
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1 year ago, david and deanna
Had problems, logging in,
Called lottery, and they fix the problem for me quickly, and they will for you if you just give them time. Be patient.
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5 months ago, oh yes! No!! wait!! Yes!!!
I don't know what to know but somebody can assist me I'll gladly compensate more than Fair as always I'm Jerome Oliver all over I'm the sound in the back of your head hear that they saying about sounds of voice noise is I .
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12 months ago, Liberal slayer, 61
I love the scanner
I like winning, but I hate having to scratch the ticket sometimes, and often I fear I will miss a prize that I have won, having the scanner ensures that I never miss the prize that I won on a scratch off.
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4 years ago, hem3
Scanning tickets
I mostly use the app to scan my ticket to see if I have won or not. Half the time the scanner doesn’t work. When it does it says, “Thanks for playing.” I find this confusing. I just need it to say If it’s a winner or not. The language should be clear. “Thanks for playing” doesn’t tell me if I’ve won or not. The machines at stores simply say, “Not a winning ticket” which should be the same on the app.
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3 years ago, Stubby leggs
Oregon lottery
This is a great app to double check your tickets and enter them in the second chance drawings! Sure makes it easier for you when you’re ready to turn them in for new ones 😁
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3 years ago, JDraw
So convenient!
I love this app. Makes checking tickets so much easier and safer than ever before. I don’t really care to actually scratch and play, I don’t have the time so I really prefer the option to just scan and check. It’s great!
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4 years ago, Dragonw1ng
Made it easier!
The App is so much easier you don’t have to go stand in line at the store or you can do is just can you take it scan your ticket and you know right in there if you won. It’s so much easier.
Show more
2 months ago, jojo1979.!
Great people
The people at the Salem address on 500 Airport Rd are awesome very friendly and always excited to see when people win. They give you good vibes and happy for you every time I came in to claim my winnings.!!!
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2 years ago, AlaskaPuffin
Get your act together!!!
This app is really good when it works BUT in general is a complete disaster roller coaster; when it DOESN'T WORK is getting to be more times than when it does work … get your act together!!!
Show more
1 year ago, ouyredghjb
Every time I log onto my app to check my tickets it says there’s a problem and to create another login. Very frustrating
Show more
4 years ago, dozerlola
Have email address and password installed. Scanner won’t work. What am I doing wrong ?? Scanner screen says there is a problem and asks me to log in. When I use that it just takes me back to the scan function which won’t work again. Thanks
Show more
5 years ago, nostevlah
Winning ticket scanner
When I scanned the barcode of a losing scrachoff ticket, I see the screen I expect to. When I scanned the bar of the winning ticket the phone vibrates which is different and that’s fine but it also then the screen goes white blank that’s not so good. this is with an Apple iPhone 8
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3 months ago, #1 slyfox
The ap
Over all, I like the lottery app. There are times when you the scanner doesn’t work until I close and reopen the app. And sometimes it will just lockup. But, it makes checking my tickets so much easier.
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1 month ago, Iamthemama
Love the ticket scanning feature
Scanning anywhere so much easier than trying to remember to check the ticket the next time I go to the store.
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3 years ago, Raivers
Verification error
Second chance scan is so frustrating!!! Have scanned six tickets for the last hour+ and still going. Great idea, crappy follow through. Should be an instant register and done, but clearly not!!!
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3 years ago, sharkfullhouse
App always sticks
I play a lot of keno at home watching on my phone and every time and i mean every time the app gets stuck and I miss from 1-20 games. last night it did not work for over 20 games. I was playing 50 games and i enjoy watching the numbers and it is very disappointing when I pay all that money and only get to watch half my games. Need to work on this.
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