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User Reviews for OREGONLIVE.COM

4.33 out of 5
10.1K Ratings
4 years ago, agiyo1017
Appreciate the need for paywall, but paid a year and still blocked
We desperately need the Oregonian to rebuild itself as a competent news organization and we need to contribute to make that happen. But I paid the $100/year fee recently, I’m certain, yet have no access to paid content and have found no way to ascertain that I’ve paid, nor a contact to resolve the issue. I know things are terribly tight, but some level of accessible customer service should be obvious. I also know a lot of fake news fantasizes will want to suppress factual coverage and make any point of public contact a difficult thing to maintain. Bless you for trying.
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3 years ago, Jenny Alpha
Fix subscriber sign-in issues!
As a paid subscriber to oregonlive, I downloaded this app hoping it would help me get around the issues I have on the oregonlive website of being asked to sign in for EVERY subscriber exclusive story (even when I’m already signed into the website). No such luck. Subscriber exclusives in the app (while signed in) more often than not, still prompt me to sign in, in an endless loop, until I just give up, decide not to read the story, and move on. I appreciate journalism and want to pay to help keep something I value afloat, but more than that, I just want it to work and not be a huge hassle. What’s the point of paying for content if I still can’t access said paid content? Also, the social SSO sprites on the sign-in pop-ups (on both the website and app) are misaligned so it’s difficult to know which icon to click on to sign in with those social SSO accounts. I’ve also tried creating a dedicated login and password for the site instead of social SSO and still get the endless sign in prompts. I’ve emailed your support about this issue on the website in the past as well. It’s incredibly frustrating that this is still happening months later on both platforms.
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2 years ago, YBMarmot
have not received access, months after paying for subscription
I have been around and around with support at OregonLive about never having received an onboarding email after signing up (not in my spam folder either). I have never been able to sign in because I have never received a “set your password here” link or any way to get an account to accompany my paid subscription. Support has been anywhere from absolutely rude with me to simply dismissive and unhelpful. Last interaction I had with them over email left off with support saying “sending this to my higher ups” weeks ago and I never heard back. But I have been charged for the subscription and sent them proof. I can’t fathom why they don’t care more about customer satisfaction considering the precarious state of local journalism. I care about local journalism, which is why I purchased the all-access subscription to begin with, but unfortunately I still can’t access it.
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5 years ago, WhatALovelyDay
I feel like The Oregonian does a fantastic job of completely researching and investigating news prior to reporting. I will say that some of the opinion articles need to be reviewed more closely for grammar mistakes, but I think that’s true throughout the industry and isn’t limited to The Oregonian. Are there ads on the app? Yes. Because investigation and reporting costs a TON of money and since we are all downloading a free app to get our news, they have to get money from somewhere. If you don’t want ads on your free news app, buy a subscription to a print newspaper and encourage everyone around you to do the same. Otherwise, deal with it.
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2 years ago, Midsantiam
Mediocre news for Portland.
Never update, or you won’t be allowed to read half the stories without paying a subscription fee. They replaced most local updated news with advice, sports, and articles about places to worsen your obesity with expensive food and justify your alcoholism with beer and wine bars. Occasionally they do good in depth articles about abuses of our shifty politicians on both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately they seem to have gotten rid of most of their reporters, so when something big does happen, they won’t be equipped to cover it. I sometimes miss the comments, but I think they made me irritable most of the time anyway. I’d rather not know how many racists there are around here.
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4 years ago, linda sue 2020
Your Covid -19 stories
Your Covid -19 stories lack facts. The headlines are used to spread panic. The total diagnosed or died from this virus will always go up. It is impossible for it to go down. So let’s concentrate on daily numbers and the curve. Also how many people are diagnosed or die from the flu in recent past years. I think actual factual numbers. Stories that tell us things like has a perfectly healthy person with no known health history died from this virus? Well all heard about the governor of Connecticut talking about the baby dying from corona when in fact the medical examiner said there is many tests that need to be ran and may take weeks to determine the true cause of death. How can you all make the determination before seeing autopsy reports? Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Followed Instructions
Better and worse?
The latest update introduces dark mode compatibility, more attractive, easier-to-read text, and seems to have solved the prior issue of ads covering content. Unfortunately it also introduces new problems: 1. Signs me out each time I close the app, even though I opt to stay signed in. I have to sign back in and restore purchases each time I open the app. 2. Images and captions are cut off - no heads on people!, not clickable, and no zoom/pan. I hope that the developers will restore the app’s functionality soon, because I support local news with my subscription and continue to value the Oregonian’s reporting.
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3 years ago, Sandraj.
App no longer opens, since the redesign
Have had the OregonLive app on my IPad for several years. A useful source of news. However, in the past week or so, it no longer will open. When I click on the OregonLive icon, within about 10 seconds, I’m taken back to my initial screen page. Have closed the app out/deleted it and restarted it from iCloud several times now. Still no luck. This all started just after your redesign. What do you suggest to allow me to get back the Oregon Live on my iPad? Rating would have been higher, but for this recent glitch.
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4 years ago, MESSY_S.E.'s_K-Kru_6211
Great so far, but timing of updates is terrible
I do love the fact that this app is so informative and very much locally sourced, but I think it’s just as bad as good that it sends me updates at horribly early and inconvenient times. Change that fact and I’d give this app a five star all day long. I’ve also been thinking about how much I loved turning the page of a crisp Oregonian newspaper. That’s the worst part of the new age of information c I believe what I read here on OregonLive 100%, and we all can admit it is so hard to trust any of the big news channels. Stumptown until the grave!!!
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3 years ago, phonebird99
Why must I login almost daily?
I love the Oregonian overall and encourage people to support it. I’m a paid subscriber. What I don’t love is that to see content I’ve paid for, the app requires me to log in constantly. Each time I select “remember me” but this feels like a cruel joke to offer and not come through on. I rarely go through a day where the app doesn’t force me to prove yet again that I have paid to see subscriber content. Sometimes it occurs more than once in a day. I have reached out to tech support twice but nothing changed. Tech support communication was also poor.
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5 years ago, Doesn't play well with others
So little news it’s hardly worth the effort
Based on the news feed it seems the only thing Oregonians care about are dear Abby columns, the top ten houses for sale with finished basements, and opinion columns. Most of the news are a police blog- of arrests, and fires. There are occasional news stories of value, but too few. I am repeatedly disappointed by my sporadic visits to the app. I gave it two stars to give the web designers credit for functionality and the ability to research old articles- from when there was robust news reporting.
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1 year ago, DavidinPDX
Worse than no app
This app for the iPad is so bad, that it is worse than just reading the website. Random things will happen in the UI like suddenly not being able to scroll up or down in a story, but only side-to-side which brings me to other stories that I had no interest in. It’s full of distracting and intrusive ads. Often notifications for stories I received would not open the article promoted properly. I’ve deleted it so that links don’t accidentally open up in the app.
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4 years ago, Pdxmom2
Love the Oregonian, but app needs work
As a digital subscriber, I read the Oregonian every day, but am not able to access subscriber stories reliably with the app. I’ve talked with support, deleted and reinstalled the app repeatedly, restored my purchase. At best, I can read one story before it kicks me out and I have to start all over again. Please fix the app. I also dislike the story list view—I want a curated front page that highlights the most important stories instead of a time-based feed.
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4 years ago, sjineug
Goodbye RG
For over 30 years I’ve enjoyed the Register Guard in Eugene. Since they’ve been sold (formerly locally owned) I’ve come to rely on the OregonLive/ The Oregonian for local news. I know I’m not alone in this. My hope is that the folks at OregonLive will grow to understand that their subscriber base has grown and respond with even more coverage of Willimette Valley issues.
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4 years ago, LarryKHIO
Battery drain in background
I was wondering why my battery would suddenly die, and then checked the battery monitor. I had seven minutes of screen time and seven hours 58 minutes of background time. That’s too much background activity. I’m assuming it’s their ads tracking my location or something of that nature. I like checking local news, but it’s not all that great of an app, there are a lot of ads, and the battery thing is a real problem.
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5 years ago, jack ellison
Slow to load. Landing page has all these letters to the editor, not the main story news we are looking forr
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5 years ago, bjohnson007
Nice website ... for 10 years ago
If you have one underpaid and overworked web person, I apologize. But if this is how you represent a *former* Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper in this fine city, well shame. I subscribe to a half dozen newspapers and, by comparison, fall asleep every single time I click on yours. The design is old and flaccid but what really gets me is that you appear to chase breaking news with the enthusiasm of a slug. Your shrinking print paper is a joke but not nearly as much as your web *presence.* I get it, you don’t care and it really shows.
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3 years ago, krs architect
Good for news with frustrations
I like format and content, but since they added subscriber content only articles it NEVER remembers I am a paying customer and I just logged in so I have to log in for every subscriber article. Doesn’t seem to remember me and this happens on iPhone and iPad. The fact it doesn’t have Face ID along-in doesn’t help. Arrrrrrrgh!
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4 years ago, Fgjfsfbcdhkvdfjjg
Just updated to version 4.0. 3.x had its bugs, but I prefer its interface. And 4.0 is so fragmented. Articles about Fort Hood, Chuck Yeager’s passing, a Biden appointee, and a few about national coronavirus issues (vaccines, study findings, etc.) were among the 20 most recent articles in the Oregon section. Important, but not local. Meanwhile, none of those were in the Home section. Version 4.0 has potential, but it’s not there yet.
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4 years ago, Paperfldr
Buggy & abysmal search function
When I click on a notification and am taken to the app to read the article, I am unable to close the article to read anything else in the app. I have to close the app & reopen it to read another article. And don’t try to find anything useful with the search function. Use a web browser instead of this app!
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5 years ago, MaskedKumquat
Autoplays video ads
Video ads will play (with sound) when you scroll past them. This prevents one from listening to music or other content while reading their news. Other news apps let you disable auto play. Fix this disrespectful feature, and I will install this app again. Meanwhile I’ll use a browser with an ad blocker enabled to access your site; I am sure the advertisers prefer that outcome, right?
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1 year ago, pdxguy
The intrusive ad at the top of the screen
The layout of the app is good except for the omnipresent ad at the top of the screen. I don’t mind ads, but it’s annoying and drives me to the web version of the site instead. Take a page from The NY Times how to display your ads in app.
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5 years ago, Deconstructive
News Junkie
I’m a self admitted news junkie. I appreciate getting the news in a similar format as in print. I still miss print, But I have to admit that I read the news on the go and in the format you present it to me.
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4 years ago, TyroneandMichelle
Terrible User Experience
For all the tech talent in Portland, I can’t believe how basic this app is. The design and user experience is simply horrible. There is no front page landing design and all the articles appear as thumbnails next to adds that have the same format. For the largest newspaper in Oregon and when most people read their news digitally, you can do better.
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3 years ago, dave michelle
Too expensive at $100 to subscribe
The app shows some news, but you need to be a member for all news - $100. Their website is free as long as you supply an email account. Search the website from your phone, click on the forward/send button (middle bottom on iPhone), Scrole down, add to Home Screen. This way you get all content for free.
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5 years ago, NoFanofThisApp
Fix your search function!
Unless you are just aimlessly browsing, this app is pretty useless. I’ve searched for specific articles from the print edition—even days later—and used title keywords, reporter, unique last names, etc. Results that appear are typically years old, as if that is all that is indexed. At a minimum, why can’t I search on reporter’s name and find everything they’ve written? Ugh.
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1 year ago, BaileyPDX
Gone downhill
Deleted. The opinion section turned into scare tactics. Yes Portland is dealing with big city problems comparable with those of most cities on the west coast. That doesn’t make good content. All bad news divides the community, we need to be shining a light on the good. The grassroots community efforts are what MADE Portland. Let’s maybe elevate those?
Show more
3 years ago, Rhinotillexomania
Ads, costs & cluttered
It’s like they’re not trying. This app is just as terrible as the rest of the news apps. It’s sad this app replaces a newspaper. This is just fast trash in your face with constant pop ups and marketing. Then, the interesting article is one you have to pay or subscribe.
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4 years ago, TEdwardFox
Too many ads, not enough news
With what seems to be nearly 25% of the items being annoying and repetitive and misleading ads, this has ceased being much of a news reader.
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5 years ago, Apohiache
Excellent News coverage
This is where I get my news, weather and sports information.
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5 years ago, crossbow6
Great app
I really like the O-live app and check it out everyday. I really like the comments that people leave with the various articles. Keep up the good work O-live. 👌😊
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5 years ago, FoRPDX
Oregonian is exceptional
Sometimes it takes Oregonian researchers to publicly uncover citizen issues. I’ve noticed that good results often follow their journalists. I’m a grateful PDX citizen. Thank you Oregonian.
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5 years ago, Nick__Brandt
The UI works, but it’s cludgy. Could be much better
The UI works, but it’s cludgy. Could be much better. Too much focus on pictures and tiles when it should focus on story titles. I spend too much time scrolling and reselecting to get at the content.
Show more
5 years ago, Bobdhs
Great. I keep up on my home state every day
Love to know what’s going on in Portland from a former Oregonian who lives in Palm Springs. Nice to hear without the rain
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4 years ago, PDXO
Subscriber problems
The Oregonian app is the worst of all subscriber sites. If you’re a subscriber, you only get to read one “subscriber exclusive” article at a time and need to logout and login for each subsequent article. We subscribe to The NY Times, WSJ and Bloomberg and each of their apps are much more seamless. Don’t pay to be a subscriber to a mediocre app and service.
Show more
5 years ago, Larry Lars Larsky
Bring back more human interest stories, less traffic! Bring back more craft brewing coverage: a major tourist interest!
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4 years ago, ioplg1
Removing reader comments was a bad move
The truth is that there are a lot of people in Oregon who are waking up and are not okay with the way things are going here. And since these comments don’t fit O-Live’s liberal and far left leaning agenda, they’re all labeled as trolls. Not surprising, coming from such a “progressive and tolerant” organization.
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4 years ago, S_Ellwood
Update is terrible!
I have used this app for years for local news but this new update is terrible! There’s no more breaking news section, stories from days ago stay at the top, I can’t find anything pertinent. Please go back to the old format!
Show more
5 years ago, TuckT
OregonLive app
Crashes a lot. I wish it didn’t have so many problems
Show more
4 years ago, disappointed2x4
Oregon live
A glitchy slow to load app. It used to have more news but is now mostly weather, ads and several articles on any given sporting event.
Show more
4 years ago, AKOlsonJones
Only issue is that you
Are failing to report riots in Portland fairly. You either ignore or blame trump.
Show more
4 years ago, marlacal
Oregon Live is not the digital version of the Oregonian
And, I wish it was! The tabloid-like stories that are on their daily feed are usually nothing of interest. Now, more than ever I would like to read a Portland publication that is laid out like a newspaper and is not filled with sensationalized stories.
Show more
1 year ago, Chumlee44
Annoying. Not Worth Subscribing
Even as a subscriber, ads auto-play interrupt AirPlay content running on background apps. Sponsor links are hypersensitive, counting any brush of the screen as a click… Dreadful.
Show more
4 years ago, Rustyolduck
Oregon News
Timely information from Oregon’s major newspaper!
Show more
5 years ago, kpetrson
❤️ this!
Always interesting!
Show more
5 years ago, iamnotalone
Great local coverage
The wide range of current news is appreciated. Very good reporting.
Show more
2 years ago, Aaron in Stumptown
Broken in iOS 12.5.5.
Crashes on launch again with latest version... Completely incompatible. Sad because I relied on this app daily and the iPhone 6 cannot be OS upgraded beyond 12.5.5.
Show more
2 years ago, Invez
Complete Rip Off
I paid for a subscription through Apple and still cannot access any of the subscriber articles. There’s no number to call. No customer service. It's a pure scam.
Show more
3 years ago, Something___Unique
Misleading notifications
Notification for pay articles do not indicate that they are not free. Basically, they use notifications as advertisements. Is this even allowed under the app store’s terms of service?
Show more
5 years ago, 45 years living in Oregon
The Oregonian used to be the best.
I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find any coverage of the teacher protest for more financing for classroom staff held in downtown Portland and most every other city in Oregon. I also feel like the coverage of the news is opinions not factual.
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