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User Reviews for O'Reilly

4.7 out of 5
28.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Brandon.Jaus
Great Reads, Platform Needs Work
First off, I love the content of this app and appreciate the developers who have made it a reality so I hope the poor rating and following statements only encourage the platforms growth. My biggest complaint is how painful the transition process is between devices. I would love to pick up where I left off on my iPad when I switch to my MacBook and, then later, back again. I'm thankful that the history seems to sync up (most of the time) but in the scenario provided I generally have to go searching through the book to find where I was on the other device. The irony is the highlighting seems to persist so clearly the location could likely as well. Also, (another major pain point) I like to have a few books I'm consistently working through but often open up a number of other books for reference throughout the day. This result in an absolute disaster in my history. It would be nice to pin a few books to the top of the history view or very least filtering and sorting capabilities so these books don't get lost in the clutter. Obviously deleting the others is an option but then you lose visibility to the fact that you've referencd the book before so it's only a half-baked remedy to an unsolved problem.
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3 years ago, Supynuk
Just do it
Over a quarter of a century ago, facing being laid off for the first time, I realized I had no marketable skills. I vowed to never be in that situation again, and started a lifelong habit of reading one Techncial book a month. It cost me $40-50, but worth it. Jist like programming skills, problem with technical books is the knowledge rots. Every few years you need to update your knowledge of the tools you already know, on top of learning new skills. Even worse, a new project at work might involve a scramble to figure out which books to buy. No time to research, and no time to pop down to a store or wait for a book. Internet time! Ten years ago I discovered O’Reilly. Thousands of books. New one all the times. Preprints of not yet published books. Heaven! New project? Check out 2-3 books and read the most relevant chapters. New technology? Read a primer then pick out the advanced book that catches your eye. Refresh? Read the newest version of the classic book about your favorite technology. Online courses and special streaming events? Bonus. If you are an employer and have not purchased this for your employers, then hang your head for 10 minutes and feel shame, the fix it. If you are a tech person, do not rely on your employer - get your own subscription so your reading lists never expire. Do what I did, and take responsibility for your own education.
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5 years ago, PS1913
App is Pretty Pointless. Learning Platform is Not Much Better.
I don’t recommend using the app at all. In the old days the app was like an extension to the website where you could easily pick up where you left off. Now all you get are “Trending”, “Upcoming Conferences”, “Recommended For You” and “Recently Added”. No history of what you had been reading or watching on the web. There’s a tab for your playlists, but that’s a poor substitute for a history* view since that means users that often search for several distinct technologies must now save every single result to a playlist. If you’re fortunate enough to only work in one domain and it uses a trendy technology, the app might be okay. But for anyone that used to use O’Reilly Media as a technical reference library - I’d say save yourself the time and hassle and skip this app. * - The history feature is also broken in the web interface anyway, so I’m not really sure their learning platform as whole is worth the price anymore. It’s been broken for months now and I think that’s kind of a telling sign. Here you have a media company whose primary focus is publishing technical literature with an emphasis on software development. In that domain is website and app building - and these are the products they release. An app that basically tells you nothing more than Google and a website that only half works. Perhaps the developers should read some of the books contained in the learning platform...
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1 year ago, AjCaroline
The BEST (OG) learning portal.
I really hope O’Reilly is around for a really long time. This portal is an absolute must if you want to grow in your career and advance your skills. They have ALL the technology (and others) books you’ll ever need and want! When I need a paper copy I check it out at O’Reilly first to decide if I want it. Most of my books though are digital copies there and I read them on my IPad. They have sandboxes for learning environments, live conference access, certification training books and courses; live and on demand, and more. The app is solid rarely have any issues. I started with a paid work subscription from work 11 years ago; as soon as it expired I got my own out of pocket and have had it ever since. It’s one of the best investments I have made for my continuing education; try it and I’m sure you’ll think so too. Thank you O’Reilly team!!
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5 years ago, martind81
Downloads often hangs
Great app but really hard to download content for offline. Most of the time the downloads hang forever after a few seconds. Pausing it and resuming often leads to a corrupted file, or even freeze and crash the app. I have this problem on both my iPhone XS and iPad Pro 2018 and the customer service was unfortunately not very helpful. They told me to uninstall and reinstall the app, which didn't fix it. This happen on both mobile or wifi connection and I can confirm that my internet connection isn't the problem (good latency and bandwidth, no pb to download netflix content, etc.) This seems like a bad implementation of the network stack of the app. Update Jan 10: App doesn't open anymore, get stuck at login. Had to uninstall and reinstall one more time. And to redownload all the contents :(
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5 years ago, manuelhe46
Strong and varied presentation of the best tech ed materials
I love this app. I d love the OReilly Safari library subscription but this is an app review so all I can say is that it presents the library material ( both books and video) superbly and dependably. It handles multi gigabyte downloads with ease. The video and book reading controls are intuitive. The controls appear and go away just when you want. Text control is adjustable to just about any eyesight. Great great software here. * * * Follow up to original review. This no longer works on my iPad first gen. Software used to work beautifully both movies and book reader. Then they introduced serious bugs. Now at the end of it they dropped support for iOS 9. There was no need to. Things worked beautifully before.d
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5 years ago, hmmm...nevermind
Stop badgering to rate the app
No side by side page layout. Please add this feature for the larger format iPads as landscape mode is easier on the hands. The app Keeps badgering me to give a rating on EVERY device I use every time I revert to the queue. Guess what? I have not used the app enough to know how useful it will be, so by pestering me in this fashion, you have earned yourselves a round zero rating (since I’ve only managed to experience annoying features so far). Congratulations. What brilliant designer thought that interrupting my workflow repeatedly to rate the app is a great idea? Finally, stop asking me to login. One login should suffice unless i am buying something through the app, which is not a feature at this time. If you must ask for credentials, then at least allow fingerprint or Face ID. Whether or not I renew my subscription will depend on content as well as how easy it is to use the app for learning new topics. And please eliminate these annoying interruptions to a learner’s workflow. I may revise my review once I’ve used the app for a few weeks.
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6 years ago, HymanZHAN
A decent app with a few quirks
Most of the time, it’s a good app. However, there are some design choices and bugs that make the user experience really unpleasant. Bugs: When I finish downloading a set of videos, for example, the “Introduction to Go Programming”, the playback progress for every video is close to the end. So if I start a lesson, I have to manually slide backward to the very beginning. And when I finish, because the following videos are all close to “finished”, it would just jump through all of them because the autoplay option is set to true. On the web version, I can clearly see that I have not started the following lessons. However, in the app, it’s not the case. I have to manually catch and pause the video before it jumps to the next one. Unpleasant design: As for readings, I believe most people grow to read books page by page, left to right or right to left. However, this app forces to scroll up and down, with no pagination. That’s rather unnatural and annoying. I mean, we are not scrolling a webpage with a mouse wheel; We are using our finger tip. No typeface selection is a bummer. Font size is still not as large as I would like even at its largest. Readable, but not so comfortably in a distance. I need to find where I left off for a second or two, which is not so pleasant.
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5 years ago, Jason C. A.
Good but needs slight improvements
Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of safari books online. I use it daily and I really like the platform. Their mobile app just needs a few slight improvements to be a truly polished gem. Having asetting that can sync dark mode with the system dark mode would be nice. Being able to search downloaded books would also be a good feature. And maybe having a feature to request titles to be added to the O’Reilly media library would be nice as well (rather than just sending the super team an email). Other than that, this is a great platform to keep your skills relevant and to to date in the IT space.
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3 years ago, bFn
No true offline mode
They say you can read books offline, but that’s mostly false in my experience. I downloaded a few books to my iPad while on WiFi, then went on a trip with no access to the internet. When I tried to read any of the books I had downloaded, it said I had to log in in order to read them, even though they were already downloaded. So I just couldn’t read anything. When I got back online later, I logged in and could read the books. I shut off WiFi and could still access the downloaded book that I had open. But if I tried to open another book, it wouldn’t let me until I got BACK online to log in again! Sorta defeats the purpose. So whatever you do, don’t plan on reading anything if you don’t have internet access, regardless of what they say.
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3 years ago, appstoreuser1NC
Bad user experience
The user experience with this app has been terrible so far for me. There’s some really great content on here and lots of potential, but it’s super frustrating to use the app to get at it. I’m listening to a book on this app and taking notes on a secondary app. The newest update pauses the book every time I go to my notes, which is super annoying. It also pauses when I shut the screen when I just want to listen to a section. When I leave the app it doesn’t register my last point very well, so I keep getting confused where I was when combined with the mislabeled chapters. It insists on playing an audio recording with a black video screen as if it were a video, which is also super annoying. I’m giving in two stars rather than one in hopes they can fix these things.
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6 years ago, us_spin
Good and improving but long way to go
The application improves with every version but it has a long way to go to get to the gold standard of eBook readers: Kindle. A few irritating aspects that still need to be improved: 1. Better synchronization across devices, particularly laptop and mobile devices. 2. Grouping of books in the queue. Safari finally does this based on topics but it would be good to give users control. For example, I may want to read a few books before others. I would love to put it my a separate folder and focus on its contents. 3. Pagination is not good. I understand this is a philosophical issue but I just don’t like one swath of web page for a chapter. Makes it hard to keep track of where one was if I go back to an earlier chapter to look at something or even a different book. Also make synchronization across devices harder. The best way to address philosophical differences is to give the audience the choice rather than forcing ones view as the “truth”. The book and other collection is very impressive.
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6 years ago, user7x9
App not starting after the last update
Continuously frustrating issues using this app. After the last update, again, the app fails to open. It’s stuck at the initial gray screen with the logo in the center. I suppose I will have to uninstall it and re-download all my offline content, again. There is no way this app can have a legitimate 4.6 reviews rating at the current sub-mediocre quality, features, and usability. Using the browser on my tablet to access the content is not much better, I can not get rid of the message to use the app instead and I can not use offline content. Until I find a monthly subscription alternative for technical content I guess I’m stuck with this horrible way of consuming and finding materials, and I guess the developer is well aware of the monopoly - hence the low quality and the lack of innovation demonstrated by the app.
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6 years ago, Darth Daver
Version 2.2.3 crashes on iPad Pro
The app was running fairly well and had Improved substantially, but the latest version (2.2.3) is now crashing at start 100% of the time on my iPad Pro. I love the Safari content, but the iOS app has been frustrating. Updates sometimes run well or adequately, but some updates are painfully slow to start or navigate. This version is unusable. I tried force quitting and rebooting my iPad, but it did not help with this latest problem. I may try to uninstall and reinstall the app again, but I would rather not be forced to download my content again.
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4 years ago, Bibliomancer
Love the service, but the app not so much
Short form: App lacks even basic functionality, you are going to need to use the website instead Longer: This seems like it should be a simple proposition - give me a way to access my O’Reilly media on my phone, right? Except every UX choice seems to waver between indifferent and user-hostile. For example, all audiobooks seem to play as videos, even when they have no video content, and you had best remember where you were in the book, because the app is going to be no help. Also, while you might expect that this will let you at least see what you’ve saved to your bookshelves, no such luck. If you go to the “Your O’Reilly” section, it’s strictly promotional. I was so surprised by this lack of function that I triple checked that I was logged in. I definitely am, and with a bit of searching I can find content (and even add it to my shelves!) but if I want to keep reading anything, I need to keep searching. In short, this app offers nothing of use save for the shallowest of promotional features. To actually use your subscription , your only option will be to use the web site. Incredible disappointment. It’s such a great service, but this app is all wasted opportunity.
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3 years ago, Gaming learner
App doesn’t serve students too well
I got excited when I downloaded this app expecting a streamlined way to gain access to this library of books for anything I might need. As a student my signee sign on is used to access my library and everything in there. As a result I didn’t have an account here to sign in with except the LinkedIn learning option because CSULB gives students a free subscription. With my school linked to that. I successfully signed in but every time i attempted to read a book it would ask for me to sign in to read. Signing in with linkedin doesn’t function at all and just boots you back to the Home Screen. That’s kind of a huge issue as it was an option presented and, in an ideal world, should work. Website is great though and has a massive library check that out
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3 years ago, Danatos
The app is sufficient.
O’Reilly has always had awesome books, so I love that you can access their full collection with the app. However the app has a few rather annoying features (or lack thereof): - It always wants to jump to the next chapter when scrolling a page up. It’s extremely jarring and annoying when you don’t know when the chapter is done and you’re scrolling up just to make it easier to read the next paragraph, then the app scrolls everything off screen. - Dark more is very non-obvious. The app should default to using system settings, but allow for manual overrides.
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5 years ago, magrathean
Mostly good, but glaring issues
The app is mostly good, but there are some glaring issues given the cost and the creator. Considering the cost of a yearly subscription and the material is intended for folks in tech, one would expect the tech built for consuming the material to be top notch. It is not. Highlighting in the app is infuriating at times. Occasionally a page gets stuck at a scroll position you can’t navigate past without leaving the book. Then, when you return to that book your scroll position resets to the start of the chapter! Such a bad user experience for a company providing access to books about building better products and good user experiences. Eat, or rather read, some of your own dog food!
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6 years ago, macosxfan2
Doesn’t let me log in anymore
Was ok when it was working, then kept getting network failures recently and couldn’t read/watch a thing. Also, I couldn’t see the items that were in my queue (I could only see them on desktop). So I decided to log out and log back in. And guess what? The end for me. Can’t even log in using SSO now. It opens my company page and when I log in, I stay logged in on that page. When I hit Done, nothing happens. I gotta study for a test I have comping up and don’t have time to deal with this crappy app. EDIT: Just downloaded version 2.0.0 of this app, still cant log in. I can successfully log in the mini browser that pops up within the app but can’t log in to the app itself. Please fix this. EDIT2: Updated to version 2.0.1 and the bug is fixed!! I can finally use SSO again in this app. Developers have worked hard to fix it, so changing my review from one to 5 stars!! PS. - I kinda liked the old logo better lol
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5 years ago, NSA Spying on You
This is an app for software developers, and it’s full of bugs. Downloading books throws an ugly modal dialog box http error only to find that this is caused by a “no downloading on cellular” setting, which is enabled by default. Disabling the setting made the downloaded book work earlier today, and now it fails all the time, regardless of the setting. Previous attempts to download the book would fail all the time, but started to succeed when I deleted the book from the app and re-downloaded it making me suspect that partial downloads are being corrupted somehow. I wish I could say this is a different experience from the rest of O’Reilly’s platform, but it’s not. Terrible UX everywhere, bugs, bugs, bugs... for a company that is supposed to help us create better software, they need to make better software.
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5 years ago, Dave1976CA
Works great
I’m a big fan of Safari Queue. I started using this service when it was called Safari Books, and I have my subscription active for maybe 8 years, might be even more, and probably first subscribed probably more than 12 years ago. I could see the great improvements that happened during this time. The download feature is really useful, specially when you are about to fly in an airplane with no internet connection. This is the best money I spent on my career development, I’ve read dozens of books and the subscription surely paid itself.
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6 years ago, wishitwasnttrue
Completely Unusable
I have used this app for over 6yrs. Spending over 3hrs a day during my commute to work. The past year this app has been going downhill until last week it finally hit the bottom. The app will not even start. It crashes on every load. There is a bug in the last update. I have been through the proper channels to notify support on all these bugs. Only to receive the all too familiar phrase, "Sorry about your troubles. We are working to fix.". If someone tells me I must delete the app and reinstall, that will be the last straw. I will move my subscription somewhere else. - Long-standing Customer
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2 years ago, mikechase3
The only app with tolerable drm
Oh my god. It’s perfect. It just works like you’d expect any normal pdf reader to be. It’s not filled with tons of stupid extra features. Sometimes it’d be nice to scribble on it like a book and that’s not a feature, but for what I pay as a student ($0- or it’s probably a part of my tuition), I’m really happy with the app and the service. Excellent job at attention to details too like that it’ll switch off and keep track of your progress without getting in the way between my iPad and web app.
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1 year ago, mikegfromma
Playlists are great but has room for improvement
O’Reilly Learning is an expensive subscription but the content is very good. The playlists do a good job of bringing content together from different streams. I love that a playlist can include a chapter from different books, plus several training videos, etc. It really helps me focus on just the material I need to learn without having to go through a huge bibliography of repetitive and somewhat outdated books. On the other hand, this app badly needs some additional features. There’s no bookmarking functionality, as far as I can tell. I can’t add a book to a virtual bookshelf, or add it to a queue of things I’d like to catch up on, or tag the content in any way (i.e., make your own playlist). Overall the content feels fresher than something like Pluralsight, and having searchable access to Oreilly’s widely-respected book library is valuable. This is so close to being a must-have for developers.
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4 years ago, Eponymous Rex
Lots of issues
I’m using the app for a textbook for one of my courses. On the surface it seems like a great app. Text formatting options, a mostly unobtrusive UI, and smooth performance. After using the app for over a month I’m ready to find an alternative (even if that means paying full price for the books). Here are some of the issues I’m wrestling with: Selecting chapters or sections randomly jumps to arbitrary places in the book. It won’t even be the same place twice. This makes it almost impossible to navigate the book unless I just scroll up and down until I find my place. Text is frequently cut off, without warning, when using certain text sizes. I have the text size slider set to about half-way, and I frequently come across sections where text is missing completely unless I resize. There’s no clear indication this is happening either, so I may have read important information that was partly missing. Highlights/notes don’t sync properly. Just today, I highlighted some sections in a chapter. Without even exiting the app itself, my highlights went missing just minutes later.
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4 years ago, Kastelain63
Continuous problem with downloads
One star out of frustration, otherwise a good app. There’s a long-standing problem with downloads content, where at some point you can’t open the content, whether book or video. You get a red exclamation mark, re-download, and repeat. The only solution is to delete the download, find the content again, and re-download. With the latest release, I can’t even find the downloads to delete them. So I guess I’m simply locked out of that content until O’Reilly learns to test their UX designs before releasing them. Again, frustration talking.
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6 years ago, EL12345
Constantly logs me off. Offline usage is unreliable.
I do a lot of my reading while commuting and where I don’t have network. 10% of the time it works and I am able to read, though it seems to never remember what book I was reading and forces me to find the book from a large queue that I’ve over ambitiously accumulated. But the remaining times, I’m forced to to log back in where I have no internet. The app is really crap In its most basic function so the rest is nice if you can get that far, but as I often can’t, the app is most useless.
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4 years ago, Reply.Z
Not a fan of the “page advancing” feature
Every time I reach the end of a page or section I extremely dislike how the smallest bit of force after reaching the bottom auto-advances to the next page. A lot of times I’m reading, and scrolling, and I reach the end without having realized it and I apply I little force on scrolling while still reading. The app would automatically speed to the next page. It is too easy for the app to auto advance and as a result there are so many natural and unintentional page advances. Having it so the app requires slightly more force or a way to turn off this in exchange for something more discrete would be very welcome. Also an optional switch to allow horizontal page flips on my iPad would only enhance the user experience.
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5 years ago, kalyanku18
Best Update ever
I’ve been using this app for almost 3 years and always wanted to have that extra space on the side margins to be filled enough while reading. Last week update was pretty awesome, adjusting both horizontal and vertical scaling is a killer feature I’m enjoying the most. The playlist feature really helps me to organize my books. Would love if there is any plans to integrate the live online training platform within the app. If not live, at least the recording for offline viewing.
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4 years ago, People merge
The great tech book service
“You should read UNIX Administrators Handbook and anything by O’Reilly.” That was the phrase that got me into systems engineering. The date was 1996 and I was learning to provide connectivity and host the web before the social networks, google, and all of that. Five years later, I had a bookshelf with 100 books with animal covers. Then O'Reilly Safari came out. Today, the perseverance of the editors is second to none and commitment to clear useful information by authors who aren’t allowed to gloss over areas they don’t understand. The community owes them a debt.
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5 years ago, JayDeeJaye
It’s usable, just
The app’s primary eBook function is Reading, right? Putting an entire chapter on one page so that I have to scroll down through sections is tiring and unnatural. How do I bookmark my place if I can’t finish a chapter in one sitting? I think it would be a better experience to separate content into pages that fit on the screen, like Kindle, iBooks, even the old Safari app do, and replace scrolling with page-turning gestures. These are books after all, not web articles - which are much shorter, by the way, and if they are well-designed get broken up into smaller chunks and separate pages if they are longer than usual. Please rethink the design. Let me choose the presentation style as a preference.
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6 years ago, Compulsion
My best investment
I’ve been subscribing to SBO for five years or so. I’ve found it to be a fantastic investment. The mobile apps have been getting better and better over time. The formatting it usually pretty good. My only issue is that syncing my progress between devices has never worked. Edit: ok, they seem to have fixed it. I like the custom “Playlists” functionality they recently released. I read on a variety of topics and being able to organize them is more useful than I would have supposed.
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1 month ago, reuben from LAX
Useful but buggy
This app is very useful when you have access to the O’Reilly library, great search tools to find books, articles, videos, etc., and then bookmark your favorites into playlists. My only frustration is with the reader, which is very erratic. For example you would expect the most recently read book to open at the more recently read page the next mornings, but the actual page is a toss. Even turning the iPad orientation while looking at a table sometimes kicks me off to tens of pages away.
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7 years ago, Mike Bradshaw (bmike)
App is getting better over time
I’m encouraged by the continued development of the app. I was critical when it released without any search function but that thankfully works now. Next up, actual clickable hyperlinks from the index of books to go to the page. This is needed for large books like Unix Power Tools since scrolling through the table of contents takes dozens of swipes, then to find you can’t tap from the index to the text is dozens more swipes. I’ll certainly renew for another year to see if this service and app gets to where it will be a powerhouse for research and learning.
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4 years ago, warrior scholar
Its alright but not great
I use this app to read technical books on my ipad all the time. The basic functionality of searching for books isn’t too bad if you already know the titles. You can set the margins for the textbooks to be very small, which i love. Discovering new books in the topic of your interest is very annoying and frustrating. On my desktop, i can browse by categories. For instance, I can look through everything under programming or physics or electrical engineering or what not. In this app, you won’t be able to do that. I don't know why it isn't a feature. Maybe I'm the only one whining about it. :)
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4 years ago, SirPrices
This is a fantastic app, except the last update ruined it
I have been using this app for years. It’s such a great library. But since the most recent update, it opens with the load screen, hangs there for a few seconds, and then it abruptly shuts off. Completely. Open tasks and you see it is no longer running. Every other app still runs great on my iPhone X Max. Until they fix their critical bug, this app is worthless.
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1 year ago, Slatt2
Great app, terrible at remembering my place
I love this app for all content I have access to, but if I’m reading on my device and leave the app to do anything else, it never remembers where I just was. Same thing if my device goes to sleep and I wake it up and return to the app. Sometimes it puts me at the last header for the section I was in, sometimes just at the top of the major section. It’s bound frustrating. The quality of the books here blows away their quality on Kindle, but this one feature makes it exceptionally hard to consistently use.
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6 years ago, QuiLoxx
Glad to have the content - but lacks table-stake features
It is great to be able to have my playlists / content on my mobile platforms. However, in a day & age when Kindle readers have been around for a decade(ish) and Apple iBooks exist, etc - it’s hard to fathom why there are such large feature gaps between this basic App & the other e-reader apps available. This app doesn’t have a bookmark feature & it looses its place constantly. Not every time, but many times when I fire the app up, it has me starting from the wrong place in the book & then I need to go searching for where I really left off. Sure it’s not the end of the world, but it is quite frustrating when you’re used to something so much more polished / elegant.
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3 years ago, Arr_money
Update: the bug has been fixed, and I have been enjoying using this app heavily. I’ve changed my review to 5 stars. This app has potential, but it is very frustrating to use. I searched for one book when I first installed it, and now whenever I open the app it takes me to that search result screen instead of the Home Screen. It often freezes and requires a restart. I’ll use the web interface for now.
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3 years ago, Behzad Boostanchi
The player doesn’t integrate with the OS
The content is fantastic, and I got amazed by the maturity of the platform. The only problem that I faced was the poor integration of the multimedia player to iOS. I can’t control the player from the lock screen of my phone. More specifically, there are many occasions that I want to get back a couple of seconds, which is impossible from the lock screen or Apple watch. That is quite annoying!
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6 years ago, KalmiaSpoonwood
Will charge you $399 then deny you access
I’ve used Safari Books before, but they’ve changes their format. I tried to renew my subscription for one month ($39) to learn some MySql and pho. Safari Books charged me $399 and still won’t give me access to the books I want, instead pushing me toward all these system design and management courses. (And did you ever look at the folks putting together those ‘management’ course? A bunch of entitled looking white me. Sorry, but I totally wanted to gag. Seriously? You’re not going to make the world any better like that.$ I want my money back, to be signed up for only one month, and to have access to some MySql Books, but apparently I’ve paid nearly $400 for some management courses I don’t want.
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3 years ago, Chezzwizz
Save Thousands and Deliver on Time
I have spent several thousand dollars trying to keep up with the tech industry and finally there’s a way to get access to what I need when I need it with out an enterprise budget library! The information and range of publishers is incredible. The app is getting better, but even with any thing I could complain about, this is the most valuable service I have a subscription to.
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5 years ago, NomadzNet
Deletes all downloaded materials when Travelling
When this App works, it is very useful. However, if you travel frequently it will be a nightmare. Everytime you go to a new country, the app will ask you to log in again, as if for the first time. Then, it will fail to log in and you will not have access to any of your downloaded materials. The only fix is to delete and reinstall the App. This will allow you to login and then RE-DOWNLOAD everything you need all over again. BUT when you go to a new country, you won’t be able to log in again. Rinse and Repeat. It’s extremely frustrating and annoying to say the least.
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6 years ago, Psraj
2.2.7 still video chapters are getting skipped
Just updated to 2.2.7. Still videos are unwatchable. It’s almost like safari queue remembers my previous time position for each chapter which I have fully watched, jumps to that position essentially to the very end of that chapter, then jumps to next chapter and so on. This continues for a good five chapters until it finds a chapter I have partially watched and continues from where I left. How do I reset my watch history? Also, this issue doesn’t happen while watching the same course online. Python beyond the basics - Object oriented programming is the course I am on.
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1 year ago, rmillerx
Great app, needs tabs
First off, it is a great app. I use it almost every day and consider it essential for my work and interests. What I really want is tab support where you can have more than one book open at a time. Frequently I need to switch between books and it is tedious to go through multiple clicks to open a book in another playlist. Limit it to 3 tabs or something small at first and collect get feedback, but this would make it 5 star in my book.
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4 months ago, HelpForReviews
Simple and accessible
I’ve been using this app for a year now, a majority of my college textbooks have been through O’Reilly. The app is so easy to use and I can easily access my textbooks, the information is nicely laid out for mobile! Darkening the screen and changing the text size is a big plus. Using the app makes it easier to follow the Adobe textbooks while working on my laptop. Never have any issues with it!
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5 years ago, sushantbhosale
iPad margins finally!
The margins in iPad are finally able to be customized! I had stopped using the iOS app and switched to browser reading because it was really painful to read on the iPad with all the white space on the margins. Now you can customize the left/right margin space. Font size and also line spacing. The amount of books available on this service is like no other and with this latest iOS update reading is going to be much more fun!
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2 years ago, Ctbiud
Crash constantly
All my downloaded books are no longer accessible for no good reasons. The download indicator shows success but clicking on it just shows errors, hit the retry button 10x times, same result. Worse, it crashes randomly, especially the download process loading is extremely inaccurate. Clicking download a few books will result in hanging almost immediately. Please put some more efforts on your app, hire better developers, rewrite it from scratch and test it before releasing it to your customers. Honestly this is probably the worst app I’ve used, if it’s not because of the content I would never use it again!
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4 years ago, Kizzy n Dash
Great App! Great Learning Resources!
Overall the is great and allow me to continue my leaner on my mobile device and on the movie. I love the flexibility it provides. The platform is well design with minimal bugs. The courses are well organized and well presented! The only thing that is missing is ability to log training completed or history of course completed. I would have otherwise rate the app and services five stars.
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2 years ago, kotlinprogramer
Good app but needs to improve.
I’m being using the app for a while now, and found one annoying thing: books formatting isn’t consistent. I downloaded kindle app to check if there’s a problem with the book itself, but it wasn’t. Typography size changes from page to page and I need to manually adjust every single time. I hope this get fixed soon.
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