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User Reviews for Orlando Sentinel

4.49 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
4 years ago, KSOhara2
Finding an article
It is difficult to find an article published in the Sentinel even with the exact headline...which is very frustrating! I have tried to find articles by specific columnists with the headline of the column...without success. It is really annoying!
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4 years ago, swildhack
Incredible expense for little content presented in a crashy app
You can tell the Sentinel, once part of the proud Chicago Tribune chain, is owned by a venture capital company. There’s no investment in the paper, just in its overlords’ profits. I pay $16 a month for a subscription to electronic content only, but trying to read the paper is nearly impossible. The website is stocked with filler, old news, brief, never-followed up police reports, and short paragraphs rewritten from Twitter. The e-newspaper, a replica of the print version, has some substance, but the damned thing crashes or produces a black screen whenever I try to access it. I pay twice as much for my Sentinel subscription as I do for my Tampa Bay Times ($7 a month) and Washington Post ($100 a year) e-subscriptions. If the e-paper just worked I would grumble but put up with it to support local journalism. But to cancel I have to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on hold before I can talk to some guy in India who functions as the circulation department. Maybe I’ll just cancel the credit card the subscription is attached to. That might be easier. Seriously, think twice about purchasing a subscription here. The Sentinel was a good paper 20 years ago. Now with cost cutting to the bone, there’s very little left, and good luck trying to find a way to read it.
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5 months ago, Alex Alexson
Just use the website
Update: I canceled my subscription last year and recently been getting charged again. Very annoying to have to do a charge back every month. OS has just been going down hill since they were bought out. I don’t really understand why but the Orlando Sentinel app is terrible. Too many alerts even with most setting turned off. Every article gets opened in web view, requiring me to login again everytime I open the app. Until finer notification control and proper app integration are added I will be uninstalling and exclusively using the website. To add to this review, even when articles open in the app on my iPad they still ask me to login and subscribe despite already doing both years ago. Orlando sentinel is great at reporting but they might want to outsource their iOS devops
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9 months ago, BB&BW Fan
No Access
After countless attempts, calls to customer service, emails and finally a snail mail to the finally responsive customer service, I have tried to call it quits. Customer service reached out and for one day, I could access the epaper. Today, once again, I get the pop up shield that informs me I must subscribe to continue reading. I have paid their introductory charge, have it on my credit card statement, but cannot access beyond page one. This is very frustrating, as customer service appears either overwhelmed, understaffed, or practically nonexistent. This has been the case since May 23. I’m not sure where this review will go, but if you’re considering their one year for $3.00, good luck, as I have had none.
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4 years ago, Spunkybear1
Great way to keep in touch as a former resident
As a former Central Florida resident with friends and family still in the area, it’s a great way to keep in touch as to the comings and going‘s and notes of interest in the area. More than once I’ve been told I know more about what’s going on in the area than those that live down there do. The only thing that I miss is the way it used to be organized because to me it is now a little bit harder to find sections of interest that I used to enjoy reading. Other than that I enjoy the app.
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3 years ago, CerveasDiablo
Terrible online content , app never works right
Extremely poor app, finding the days news is extremely difficult beyond a few top stories. The only way to really read everything is to use the e edition, which frequently crashes and doesn’t let you view all the pages. Happens almost daily. The e edition is stuffed with so many ads, not only do you get all the ads in the print version you get lots of extra ads, this is very disappointing as a paying subscriber. I also subscribe to the Daytona Beach news journal and their app is a thousand times better. You would think a company such as the Orlando sentinel could have an app that functions correctly , maybe they need to check out what the news journal is doing.
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4 years ago, Jimsafan
Bugs persist
I get an email with links to stories and tap on the one I want to see. It opens safari and then tells me I have reached my monthly limit (I am a subscriber- I should not have a limit). At the top of the safari screen it provides a link to open the app. Tap the link and the app opens at its home page, not at the article I wanted. Been doing this for many months, one would think that it’s an obvious bug. If a subscriber (or not) gets an email with links, and their phone has the app, it should open the app, not safari. Please fix this annoying bug. Otherwise the app seems to work well.
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2 weeks ago, gwaid1
Terrible app functionality
After the Sentinel changed the way their login was authenticated and would no longer work within the News app, I was forced to download this garbage app in order to use my subscription. I have to constantly log in, force close the app, and log in again in order to read more than one article because for some reason the app can’t maintain my session for longer than a minute. Not only that, but when I try to read articles using my PAID subscription, I am constantly assaulted by video popup after video popup, making trying to catch up with the local news next to impossible. There is also no “local news” section within the app, so I have to sift through a combination of Associated Press articles from around the country to figure out what is happening in Central Florida. Overall, this app is worthless. It may even be frustrating enough to cause me to cancel my subscription to the Sentinel.
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2 years ago, Monkey2kitty
Terrible App
I live in Orlando so like to read the local newspaper and subscribe to this app. But it is frustrating because it often assumes I’m not a subscriber and I have to login repeatedly. Sometimes twice in one session. Now it keeps having videos pop up to the point that I can’t read an article. Also many of the news items that are in the actual print edition take me to the Sun-Sentinel website and ask me for a different login. I would like to support our local newspaper but if the app doesn’t improve, I’m going to have to drop my subscription.
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2 years ago, SifuJon
Buggy app
My wife and I are part time Floridians, and this is the closest newspaper to our home. Accessing the online edition is OK, but if i try to open any article individually, it goes into an endless loading cycle on my iPad. Tried deleting/reloading multiple times and no change. IOS is up to date. Can only read paper by constant pinching and zooming. The app also has an annoying tendency to randomly kick me off and tell me I have no subscription, causing me to have to log in several times.
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3 months ago, xhd45!
Terrible customer service
Despite not having access to my account due to a bug for weeks/months, I was charged the full amount for the duration and refused a refund. I first tried to contact them by email and never heard back. Then called. The guy on the phone was impatient and put in a ticket for IT to email me. It took days between messages to get a response. I am currently disputing the charges with my credit card company. I would not recommend subscribing to this newspaper. After the intro offer expires, it is overpriced for the content and the app is apparently prone to technical issues.
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2 years ago, LHFour
A good app that’s declined.
This used to be a perfectly serviceable news app that I liked using as an Orlando sentinel subscriber. After the last few patches, I’m plagued by full screen video ads that come back as soon as I exit them, I constantly have to log back in, and it’s hard to find the stories that pop up as notifications if they don’t load right the first time, which happens often. I really wish the app associated with a service I pay to support worked more reliably with fewer bugs and annoying design decisions.
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2 years ago, Victor Bird
Not Worth the Money
One of the worst apps on my devices. It’s never works. I’ve been a subscriber for years and the only way I can read the digital paper is through the link I’m emailed. If I don’t get the link (days like today) there no way I can get the paper through this app. It opens fine and on the second page there is a sign in notice. Once I sign in there is another notice that I’ve reached my free limit. Forget about customer service. All they do is give you instructions how to sign in. I can’t imagine the number of subscribers they’re missing by not fixing this app.
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2 years ago, PhotoMusicLED
Lack of consistency in app
Is this lack of consistency a lack of testing or an inattention to detail? I am a subscriber who receives email notifications about news. When I click on the link in the email, I get a message saying I have exceeded my free reading. If I log in, I get the general news and not the particular one from the email. If I open the App, which is yet another selection on the same page, I still don’t get to the news I was looking for. This behavior is incredibly annoying.
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4 years ago, MMM828
Reached my limit with OS
Very frustrating. I have a digital subscription, which charges me without fail, but it never stays logged in. I receive alerts that I can’t actually read in the app. They open in Safari. I’m repeatedly blocked, saying that I’ve reached my monthly limit of free articles, prompting me to sign in. I sign in, but I still can’t view the articles. I can use the app fine, if I’m just browsing, but opening a targeted article never works. I have to search for it, defeating the point of the alerts.
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7 months ago, Okieto
I’m a subscriber, so why are articles being blocked?
I see this is a common issue, that has been occurring for months. Why has it not yet been fixed? It doesn’t matter if I’m on the iOS app or logged in through a browser. In fact I just logged in on Safari to read an article and when I clicked on it, I got the pop up again. This is a terrible reader experience that might necessitate canceling my worthless subscription.
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2 years ago, RaceAgainstPain
Always appreciated
As a longtime reader of the Sentinel via hard copy and digital, I can wholeheartedly give the Sentinel team 5 stars for consistently providing the vital information citizens need to live, work, and contribute to the community. Please keep up the great work. We trully appreciate the y'all🤙🤟🙏
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2 years ago, Unfitbit
Sign in issue
As a subscriber I am inconvenienced at least once a week to login. This request comes in the form of the 3 article limit for non subscribers. I am not a non subscriber; please fix this issue of annoying login for subscribers. I am a subscriber to another newspaper for a longer period than the 10 years I have been a Subscriber to this paper and I have not been asked to login again once in all these years. Please fix this annoying problem.
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9 months ago, Wally Krebbs
Recent updates now spam me with notifications
I have the app configured to send me notifications for news events, so I am kept up-to-date on big news events. I am now getting many notifications per day about the “Ask Amy” advice column, even though I only have notifications enabled for news stories. Apparently I have to mute notifications now, which reduces the value of this app. I am a paid subscriber of the newspaper, by the way.
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2 years ago, WxCurious
Great source of Orlando & area news
The writers/editors get it …they bring relevant local, national & intl news daily. News you can use - and do the right balancing act between the pop-news and stories that affect the community and Florida. Journalism - Well done !
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1 year ago, Pinecastle
Can’t read any articles
This app is not updated. Can’t open any articles for a month even though my subscription is for full digital access. Haven’t received an email link in months for the e-newspaper. I just have to refresh my browser to get the daily edition. I often have to login even though I was already reading the newspaper. No help at all from the outsourced customer service. Price doubles every year.
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2 months ago, RSB14
Past Issues
I cannot find past issues of the Sentinel.
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3 weeks ago, jallen1804
Decent News Outlet - The App Needs Work
I enjoy reading the Orlando Sentinel. They do good job reporting the local news. The App lacks features that many other papers provide. I also subscribe to the Washington Post which actually costs less & is a better platform that provides many more features.
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4 years ago, Tpb718
It’s like they’re trying on purpose to make a terrible App
I have a regular subscription to the Sentinel. Using the online version is super frustrating because of all the ads that constantly pop up and make it hard to read even one article. I thought downloading the app would make it difference but it’s the same experience. To make it even more annoying the app won’t let you stay signed in. So lame! Get your act together.
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4 years ago, Navel Gazer
Too many ads
Downloading the digital version of the Sentinel is much better than the unresponsive design of the online product that interrupts the reading experience with too many ads.
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6 months ago, Mt Hood visitor
Worst website ever
I’m a subscriber but the app never lets me sign in. I get daily emails with links to news stories, but I still have trouble viewing the stories on the web site. (It says I’ve reached my limit of free articles) So I try the app and get stuck in a never-ending loop of “you’ve reached your limit” and “Subscribe now!” Even though it was a cheap subscription deal, I should still be able to sign in, no?
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2 years ago, sub since 86
Yet another missed paper🤮🤮🤮
Have subscribed since 1986 but totally ready to stop delivery - meant awful delivery.. No paper AGAIN - then of course the number of times I’ve asked for paper to be delivered again it NEVER happens.. so how can I even tell if we’re getting credit for yet another missed paper??? Customer service is a JOKE - a bad one.. No Thursday paper so no access to grocery ads much less news..
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2 months ago, pandora 247
They refuse to cancel the subscription
Don’t download! there is other ways to get news and for free!. Apple says I have to reach out to Orlando sentnal Orlando says I have to reach out to Apple. Orlando is no help and charges us over $70 for this and no way to cancel. I have had to call the bank to block future payments from them. Hopefully that will work. Other wise we will have to send them a legal letter.
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3 weeks ago, avivfagan81
Fix this annoying mess
As a paid subscriber, the amount of video pop up ads that I have to deal with while trying to read an article is maddening. Leave it to a horrible company like Tribune Media to just gut the paper and then nickel and dime people’s time even after being a paid subscriber.
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8 months ago, Frustrated Golfer
I am forced to keep my print subscription as it is nearly impossible to read the news in this app. I am constantly asked to log in when I click on links from within the app. What’s up with that??? The print edition is still a valuable source of local news….need to invest in the app so that one can get the same value online.
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4 years ago, Wetware aware
Update made it slower
Updated recently and pages load so slowly that I have to leave app and come back to read pages (7 and higher) later in the day Today they won't even load . Will try unload and reload ... any other suggestions for ipad user
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6 months ago, Sweet2Potato
Disappointed !!
I just signed up & paid for the $3 for one year digital subscription, but every time I click on a news article, a pop-up says “you’ve reached your limit of free articles for the month”, blocking my ability to see anything on Orlando Sentinel 🤨🤔 ‼️
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4 years ago, Suzimcg
Digital paper
I can’t get anywhere with you digital paper. Have been trying to get the epaper and will not work. So frustrated.
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4 years ago, Ealey
I would like to be able to share articles. Why are we having trouble reading articles beyond the header?
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4 years ago, jackseay
Can’t read even one article
I tried subscribing and unsubscribing at least 3 times. If I tried to read anything, it would ask me to subscribe, even though I already was. It would say I was already subscribed, then give me an error message, and not allow me to see anything but the headlines. So I would unsubscribe and resubscribe again, then the same errors all over.
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1 year ago, 1oo8
No support available
Don’t waste your money. Used to work well, but hasn’t for awhile. I’m paying for unlimited digital access & NOT getting it. When I contact iTunes/Apple they only tell me to contact app mfgr. When I contact Orlando Sentinel, no one knows a thing about my subscription or this app. I can’t even access via their website!
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1 year ago, Sonic15E
Left Leaning Publication
I cancelled my subscription as I could no longer stomach the leftist bent to the Sentinel. Most of the views expressed are hard left and no balance is offered.
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2 years ago, marcus304j
Tough to Cancel
Don’t subscribe to them even if they give you the $1 for 6 months deal. They will auto renew your account at the full rate even when it says otherwise. Also, you have to call overseas to cancel any subscriptions, which seems odd for a paper located in Orlando. No wonder newspapers are dying with practices like these!
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4 years ago, Dkirsch78
Really awful app
I gave the Orlando Sentinel a try recently given the increase in local news. The content of the articles is somewhere between mediocre and satisfactory, but the app itself is straight garbage. Why do you need pictures to take up literally the entire screen and then some? On an iPad Pro no less! Absurd. I will be cancelling within the month.
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4 years ago, chanhasen
Frustrated by digital OS!
Why does the format keep changing? Why am I reading from a little dinky column when the whole page is there doing nothing, etc.? Nancy Ball
Show more
4 years ago, Obobfla
Buggy, hard to navigate
This limits the number of stories you get. Navigation is terrible. Pictures are displayed too large. Often, you see the same articles and pictures for days on end instead of fresh news
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6 months ago, DPT0207
Authentication still broken!!!
New version updated the authentication process…wrong! App still sends you to web version that requires another sign in. Times and WAPO apps pass authentication to web based stories!!! Greedy Tribune doesn’t and the off shore support teams couldn’t buy a clue if they won the billion dollar lottery!
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2 years ago, puddingeorge
The Orlando Sentinel is the best small paper in Florida!!!
I’ve enjoyed the Orlando Sentinel for over 7 years. It has the heartbeat and pulse of Florida. Love the articles, and the editorials, simply the best paper in Florida! Mike Fleming Island, FL
Show more
3 years ago, Jagking407
Very nice interface and organized articles
Born and raised in Orlando, I love journalism and my city. I'm glad to have a smooth operating local news platform.
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4 weeks ago, Karelmk
Unable to unsubscribe
Despite having tried multiple times to unsubscribe, I continue to receive the form upon each request: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
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6 months ago, m&m037
App opens other apps
I like read OS but the app opens a third party application, every time I want to review a notification from OS. I have reported the issue but I keep been ignored. Their support people keep asking the same things. I do not think it’s safe to start another application. So better do not install the OS app
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2 years ago, Eagle1999
Haven’t received paper in 11 days
I’ve called customer service 15 times, they say they will send a message to manager, nothing happens! They do deliver the WSJ which is IMPORTANT! I’ve emailed several times and they say we’re very sorry ….. nothing is done!I don’t care about a credit, my husband wants the PAPER!
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1 year ago, susie50123
App not working - please fix
Not showing full articles and no way to continue reading
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1 week ago, Biglar5
Almost impossible to use because of all the ads that keeping up and don’t respond to turning off Content is fine
Show more
2 years ago, fiddler5
Constant disruptive ads
Any time I tough my device to choose a story to read or to move through a story, an ad pops up and I can’t close it or move through it. Very frustrating and I deleted the app because of it.
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