Osmosis: Medical School Notes

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User Reviews for Osmosis: Medical School Notes

4.79 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
4 years ago, ideatherage
Perfect Board Review
I was hesitant to start with Osmosis until after I studied and struggled with the content in medical school. Now, I really wish I would have used this along with the content to understand it clearly. With every video, I finally get what my med school content was saying. It’s finally making sense. The videos are short, funny, colorful, thorough, easy to understand, and are graphic with things drawn out in animations, pictures, and drawings. It reminds me of the Khan Academy that I used for the MCAT. But Osmosis is the best times a million. It’s not boring like so many programs. There are accompanying flash cards with a built in program that repeats them based on how much you know them. They get faster and faster. There are also board style questions from each section. This is my main tool to study for boards.
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6 years ago, abdo med student
My favorite
I'm a medical student from KSA, and I really benefited from this app. I've only started using it towards the end of last semester, so this is not my final review. Osmosis became my favorite place to start studying and get the general idea before going to my school notes and books for the details. Also a very positive thing is that the developers actually put time and effort to read feedbacks from users and use them to make the app better. Which leads me to my biggest concern, I don't think the app is getting the credit it deserves. Will that affect the effort and care put into this? Cuz a thing like this needs update, follow up, and improvement due to the fact that this is a medical based app and the knowledge never ends. I hope they keep it up and continue improving.
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2 years ago, Niania1213
A true blessing!!!
I try to recommend Osmosis to all of my pharmacy school friends but people get scared by the price.. trust me - ITS WORTH IT! So much, that many professors include links to osmosis videos in lecture. There is this beautiful workspace feature where you can upload your notes and make an outline and flashcard from the powerpoints. When you do the flashcards, it shows the slide associated with it so you dont have to scroll through notes to find clarification! The only downside to the app is not having full functionality like the website. I wish I could use the workspace feature more in the app, but no big deal to get online! Strongly recommend. 2 years going strong with osmosis and it never lets me down :)
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5 years ago, acheivement user
If you are not learning on the go via the Osmosis app then you’re not doing it right! Not only is Osmosis an amazing learning platform, the mobile app has changed the way that I study on the go. I listen to videos while I stand In the line at the store, I flip through flash cards while I wait for class to begin, I can view the new and updated study schedule and get some tasks out of the way while I wait for my friend to get ready before we go out. All of this without opening up a computer. It’s honestly the way to go in this era of technology!
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2 years ago, pa_student '24
GREAT study tool but needs user-friendliness improvements
I am a current PA student and use Osmosis quite a bit to aid in my studies. The content, visuals, and explanations are phenomenal but the app itself seems to be in need of some improvements with regard to user-friendliness. The app often crashes after I select a video to play. In addition, at the end of a video, the app suggests other videos/content to proceed to checking out; however, if I want to simply replay or rewind to the video I just watched, it is not very intuitive and is actually difficult to do because the video progress bar that you’d normally just slide to the left to rewind/restart the video is often hidden and difficult to pull up. It would be helpful if there was a “replay” or “start over” button at the end of videos.
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4 years ago, Andine95
Disappointing app, great website
I love Osmosis. I let the Study Schedule feature plan my day and I just sit back and follow what it tells me to do. Their videos are great introductions to complex systems, which lets you jump right in to Boards and Beyond/Pathoma without feeling lost. I can’t say anything from the qbank, since I use a separate one, and I use Anki for flash cards. Unfortunately the app hasn’t gotten the same time as the website has. It is hard to use the study schedule feature, which is what I love the most. Watching a video is also cumbersome. The UI isn’t as clean as the website. At the time of my review, the last update was 6 months ago which isn’t bad for an app that doesn’t really add many features with every iteration, but the Osmosis app could use some polishing.
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3 years ago, AlHunter12341
Great content bad programming
Osmosis has a great site and great content, but navigating it is (and has been) an issue. I mostly use their site for the questions; on their website you can only choose questions by organ system. I have a quiz this week specifically just on b12 and iron deficiency anemia so this feature has become useless to me. If you are on the app, you can further break it down, but half of the organ systems are missing on the app (i think this is a front-end coding issue) and this has been an issue for years, so i can’t really use it. (My app is up to date, my IOS is UTD, i have deleted and re-downloaded; the issue is the app.) The content is there but i can’t access it.
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4 years ago, colescreppel
Has great potential, but missing some features/ needs to work out some kinks
I love the videos themselves. They are super helpful as a tool! However, as an app the navigating of the videos is not very streamlined, and it’s difficult to play one video after another within a subject manner. Also, if I want to project them onto my tv at home so I, not straining my neck as much it doesn’t work very well with AirPlay. After the first video plays the second one I always have to close the app and open again for it to play or screen mirror. ,I reorient is not ok when I want to multi task. I’d recommend them perhaps even making an app adapted for Apple TV.. like osmosis TV
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4 years ago, NoRespect13
Osmosis helped me to excel in classes and on the boards.
I somehow got into medical school with a below average MCAT score and a below average undergraduate GPA. When I started medical school, a friend recommended Osmosis and I never looked back. Osmosis helped me to excel in my classes during the first two pre-clinical years and helped get a 253 on Step 1 - a higher score than I could have ever dreamed of. I used all of Osmosis’ recourses - their videos (especially the “high-yield pathology” videos), their spaced-repetition flashcards (an updated version of the famous Brosencephalon deck), and their Step 1 Q bank. The flashcards made all the difference in my ability to retain information over a long period of time and subsequently do well on Step 1. Now that I’m beginning my 3rd year, I’m super excited to crack into Osmosis’ clinical videos and their Step 2 Q bank. Thank you to team Osmosis for all you do. You’ll always have my highest recommendation.
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2 years ago, Yours Truly 11
App doesn’t work well
Osmosis itself is fine, it’s not the best and not the worst. The app is not good. It continually glitches. If I pause the video to take notes too many times the app shuts down. When I reopen the app I get a black screen that I may or may not be able to get out of. After losing my spot after the app shuts itself down it doesn’t let me use the drag bar to change the time of the video back to where it was. The playback speed features works fine until the app shuts down. When I reopen it, it says that it’s playing at 1.5x speed when it is clearly playing at 1x, and I can I only get it to work by changing the speed to something else and then changing it back to 1.5. I do not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Michael_Neff
Outstanding Resource
Great App. Great site. The videos are very useful, and they don’t assume as much prior knowledge when teaching concepts as many other “high yield” med school resources, which is great for really hammering in foundational topics. Most writing this review because in the current version (v4.3.4), the mobile app “questions” and “flash cards” toolbars do not have Gastrointestinal question banks available. No glitch or issue with access; it’s just not listed as a section between Endocrine and Genetics. I’m assuming it’s an easy fix. Thanks :)
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5 years ago, ThatReviewerGuy1
Does exactly what you need!
Their videos are a great complement to Pathoma. The Osmosis illustrations provide better in-depth understanding (I love when they zoom in to elaborate on something and then zoom back out) and include occasional histology, they usually hit a few additional topics than pathoma. I appreciate having quiz questions right afterwards. I will then watch pathoma after this to get another perspective and usually a bit more histology info. Great app, excellent illustrations, and one of the few that lets iPhone users speed up videos. Prime was worth the money!
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5 years ago, lbeck312
Worth every penny.
As med students living on loans, it's hard to pick out which resources to spend our money on. Osmosis is one of those resources. Its videos are detailed enough yet understandable, and the flashcards, practice questions, and STEP 1 Q banks are great. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, they updated the app and added the "high yeild notes." The block I started using osmosis (Heme-Onc) I got my highest exam grade thus far. Got a four year subscription when I purchased and have ZERO regrets. It just keeps improving!!!!
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2 years ago, FutureDoctorHouse
The best video platform for learning medicine, nursing, and healthcare in general
Osmosis is unlike any medical app I've seen. It's extremely intuitive and cleanly designed. I love how it sends me push notifications to remind me of important medical concepts and facts, and that the questions integrate images and videos. I definitely recommend Osmosis to my fellow medical students. The new version is even better! I can play against my friends and have fun while learning/reviewing.
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5 years ago, mino099216
Massive Improvement
Massive improvement from their old app layout! Now we have videos that run smoothly and where you can change the playback speed easily. I love the download feature. Haven’t tried the other features of this app yet, like the flashcards, but I expect good things already. This app is organized very well and is user-friendly. Good job, Osmosis! I love your videos, so thank you so much for making them easier to access through mobile!
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5 years ago, Pr1612
All in one tool you need for med school! But you need the subscription FYI!
Bugs recently fixed! Great study tool on the go that has all my created and class uploaded flashcards! Plus I can watch all the osmosis videos right on the app so everything I need I can access with my phone on the go. Basically everything you need to study for med school can be found on osmosis and they are super quick to respond and help with help with any questions!
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3 years ago, noplnx
Great for mobile studying!
I LOVE that I can take notes in a different app on my phone while still keeping the video window open in the top corner. That alone has been so helpful, as I like to study on public transportation or while walking my dog. The search bar could use some work though- but that's kind of always been an issue with Osmosis for me. I'm *very* glad it's a free app but it's of a quality that I would have paid for it if it wasn't free.
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5 years ago, jch761
New update v4.3.2 issues
I love the osmosis app, it helped me in college from A&P all the way up till I graduated from nursing school. I have even bought all their books. I recently started to rewatch and review material from the osmosis app but with this new update has made the app almost impossible to navigate. The app has become slower, I can’t access flash cards or quizzes anymore, and I get errors when trying to watch a non-downloaded video. I do love this app but the new updated version proves to be an issue, hopefully they fix it soon so I can stay connected.
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5 months ago, eimaansdemons
A game changer !!!
Osmosis stands out as an exceptional tool for mastering challenging concepts. Its extensive video library offers a diverse range of content, making learning engaging and effective. I have truly seen my understanding and my exam scores skyrocket. However, what I feel sets it apart most is its commitment to free accessible education. As a user, I appreciate the app's dedication to making learning accessible to all.
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3 years ago, Sarah99701
Unable to cancel
I received an email that my subscription was going to be charged again. I had canceled my subscription months earlier. I emailed the company and they bombarded me with emails stating they could not find my account. Now they have charged my account and now are continually emailing me. They have not issued me a refund and have not called me to discuss the problem. It seems very fraudulent. I will have to call my credit card company and have their company permanently blocked from any charges occurring on my card. They also do not allow you to cancel via the Apple ID. Furthermore there is nowhere on the app to cancel a subscription.
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5 years ago, juni807
Needs access to high yield notes
I’m on the fence about getting an Osmosis membership because I have really learned a lot from the videos but am a bit let down by the app. The app functionality is poor - it’s extremely glitchy on my iPad and I can’t get it to play videos without have to refresh or force quit the app. Most importantly, please!!! add the ability to access the high yield notes on your iOS app, that way I can have them open as I watch the videos or type my own notes. That would make life so much easier and the app much more comprehensive and useful.
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5 years ago, mshwartz525
Fantastic User Experience
The Osmosis app has a truly impressive user experience. I have been able to learn so much through both flash cards and videos. Great resources are being provided here which are very easy to access and use. Cannot say enough great things about how this has impacted my learning.
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10 months ago, Kailee100
Videos not playing even after update
I really enjoy osmosis, but I am frequently experiencing videos not playing, and when I want to replay videos after watching them, they stay in completed mode, and I’m not able to restart them. I even downloaded the videos and saved them but I’m still not able to replay. Download the latest update, even restarted my phone, but I’m still having the same issue with videos not playing on iOS. Will update review if bug fixes get released.
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10 months ago, Aethelfled23
Don’t see its use
Honestly, if you have access to internet you’re better off using chrome or safari to log in to their website. The apps abilities are VERY limited. If you have study schedules you can’t access them, and on top of that, when I try to download videos it ends up downloading the wrong ones. Maybe it’s a me thing but I don’t like it. On the other hand, their entire video library is amazing and website resources are incredible, (definitely worth buying their subscription) which is why I’m so disappointed you can’t do much on their app.
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3 years ago, Yenfw
The schedule does not display the pages of First Aid
The app is great in letting you view the videos and practice the flash cards, however the schedule does not display the pages of First Aid that correlate with the videos. This seems to only be available when accessed from the desktop, which is very inconvenient for a student on the go that happens to find some free time between classes to do some reading but does not walk with a laptop. I hope that the developers can address this issue 🙂
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4 weeks ago, Jones29!!
Excellent resource but some bugs
I rely on using this for preparation before lectures (PA Student) but it doesn’t load videos very well off of WiFi and searching for videos doesn’t bring up the most relevant results. Sometimes I start typing out a word and it changes video results as I type with very odd results and some videos I want to watch but when I write the whole work that video isn’t part of the results.
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2 years ago, Canet Peña
Not the best option for this price
It has a lot of terminology, it is as if someone read the topic very quickly without the possibility of reflecting and you have to stop the video to take notes. Few methodologies too fast, not too practical and really expensive. Especially when there are other options. none of the recommended to spend 160 dollars for almost nothing. Not all videos can be opened on the phone. Please don’t waste your money. Even when you treat to refund your money they said is not part of the deal.
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3 years ago, thin Aung Htwe
I took monthly subscrition recently for 17 $ and only got videos , and no flash card and question set. When i clicked them , ask another subscription for 17 $. Is it bugs or is it that you are separately selling videos , flash card and question? If you separately sold it , you should clearly say it in your ads . I hope you will reply me this issue for clarity , thank you .
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4 years ago, rameelioo
Savior for med school!! But app isn’t great
I love osmosis as a learning platform , has helped me a lot in med school and the way the videos are made really help grasp the information very vividly! My only problem is that the app has lots of bugs on my iPhone and iPad , also it doesn’t include all the desktop features so if you can integrate the study schedule , and notes on the app and make it more smooth and less laggy that would turn my 3 starts into 5! So please look into this.
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5 years ago, GoldenGrlzzz001
Updated user review
Update: Had to return to change my review. The new update is great 👏and I am looking forward to future improvements. Love the new organization of the videos and the dedicated space for clinical reasoning. Hoping to see the NCLEX question bank on there soon. Old review (2 stars): Their website is incredible and frequently updated but this app is hardly useful feels abandoned
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2 years ago, fafa305
Huge help for accelerated nursing school
Being in an accelerated BSN program equals to understanding and learning so much material in a very short time! Osmosis helped me a lot during this journey and I’ll graduate very soon with good grades and gpa and i always say osmosis has helped me so much!
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4 years ago, BoostService
Love osmosis, the app needs work though
I love osmosis and use it daily. The app keeps freezing on videos when I get a text message or call after minimizing it and trying to come back to it to hit play. I think osmosis really shines on the desktop version but it would be nice to see some updates to the app to make me want to use it more on the go
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5 years ago, 7393)53
I love it
This app is an amazing piece of the Osmosis puzzle. I have it on every device! I would recommend adding a feature so that you can watch your playlists from your phone or iPad. Also when I complete questions or flash cards sometimes my analytics don’t match and I end up doing them twice. Minor tweaks to an already amazing app.
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2 years ago, lauie carol
Flash cards and practice questions
I wish I could easily access the practice questions corresponding to the video topics on the app like I could in the older version. The app was convenient for on the go questions and flash cards, but now all you can do is watch the videos or have a random set of questions. I think a desperate practice question tab or at least an option for the questions under the videos tab would be nice! Thanks
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4 years ago, Jayne-Norah
No High Yield Notes
The biggest downfall to this app is that you have NO access to the high yield notes if you have a subscription. The desktop version is far more functional and conducive to being in a academic setting for learning. Also, the app does not allow split screen functioning. This is one of the only apps on my iPad that is incompatible with this life saving function.
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4 years ago, djallusha
Closed captioning disappears in full screen mode on the iPad
This is for the developer’s attention. Note title. Captions work when not in full screen, but disappear in full screen screen mode. I have iOS monthly subscription version so it doesn’t allow me to watch it on the websit (where I didn’t have this problem)
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8 months ago, Deathsoccer17
Love it but the app itself…
The app itself has some bugs. It doesn’t pause and will even keep playing if you get out of the app. The sound quits working occasionally and it won’t go full screen when you click the full screen button. Great product though but the app needs work
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4 years ago, Panmedes
Super helpful , but the app needs improvement
I love osmosis . But, when a downloaded video will not play unless there is internet . Also, Work-study will only let you see the documents you upload . It will not analyze or quiz on the app. They have been notified , but nothing has change. It is quite disappointing . Great website and the videos are supper helpful
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2 years ago, mdog675
Love the new and improved app
The new app has a fresh new design and is a lot more user friendly. I like you can now look at notes and browse through content much easier!
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5 years ago, owenwillis87
The perfect study companion
The Osmosis app is the perfect companion to let me watch Osmosis videos and keep up with my studying while on-the-go. While I spend most of my time using the web version of the platform, the mobile app is a must-have for maintaining my study routine.
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3 years ago, TK Real
Osmosis made it simple at NCLEX-RN. The pathophysiology and pharmacology very helped me aced the NCLEX in 75 questions. All I did was watching videos repeatedly from system to system and do quizzes. Will definitely use it again when I get back to school for graduate study.
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5 years ago, Daisy Bea
Love this app for pharmacy
Wish I had known about this sooner! Videos are awesome! They have picture animations that really help and you can even slow the videos down. Highly recommend. It’s cheaper than repeating courses at your school!
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2 months ago, Ssl988
App version is HORRIBLE
Glitches CONSTANTLY. Sometimes just keeps trying to replay a video over and over again, while I’m trying to search for another topic or play a different video or do flashcards. It just repeatedly starts trying to play the same video over and over again. Also will randomly start a video over at the beginning when I’m in the middle of it. Lots of other glitches too.
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1 year ago, Maxy Specialist
Medicine made easy
You know the joy in finally understanding something you have been having sleepless nights on? Osmosis gives you that joy, look no further 🩺.
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5 years ago, A.h.D8
The Best!
I am a nursing student and I use osmosis for every topic we cover. They hit all the high points of the topic and they give you visuals as they talk you through the disease process, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. This app is why I’ve done so well in school, I tell EVERYONE to us this app!! Love it
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5 years ago, Starrslayer
Great even outside of content
Get it even to organize your other resources. The interface is 100x better than the rest. Also their content is great too. Pulls everything in one place for you.
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1 year ago, Frogitha
For NP school
I subscribed to the app to help with advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology in NP school. It’s been great to explain some things in more detail - sometimes too much detail, but I’m betting med school students need that. Glad I did!
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6 months ago, Msenter4099
Visual Learners Rejoice
I am very impressed with the video series and the interface. This app is user friendly and the resources that go along with the videos make studying and retention easier for me.
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4 years ago, haprbb18
Complex material made easy to understand
I just recommended this app to a friend and colleague. Osmosis has the most interesting and easy to understand topic for all healthcare professionals. It has helped me as a student and now as a professional. Thanks!
Show more
3 years ago, DrDave542
Frustrating poor app
Love the content but the app is very frustrating and can’t understand why it has not been fixed in all this time. I will not renew if this app cannot be fixed since I try to use it frequently on my phone.
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