4.4 (17.8K)
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Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for OSN+

4.36 out of 5
17.8K Ratings
1 year ago, someone9487273892636
I love the app it is organized and has a lot of different new shows and movies to watch. But I hate the profiles, for some reason there must be a kids profile, even if you don’t have any children, or they are all grown up. You can’t change it to adults or make any more profiles, and you should consider this before subscribing and using your money, and they should consider making kids profiles optional as you are the ones paying and using the accounts.
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3 years ago, End User and Reviewer
Clunky and slow
The app is very slow in the sense that scrolling and clicking often come with delays. On occasion, I also can’t log in regardless of how strong my wifi connection is as evidenced by my ability to use other apps without issue; what happens is that the app just keeps loading forever without any change. In addition, my progress in individual episodes of a series is often not saved. For example, I’ll watch half of an episode and then stop; when I log in later, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to start at the same point. I might be able to do that, or the app might restart the episode from the very beginning. I’ve not noticed any pattern to this. The app for tablets and mobile devices is still far superior to the version for Smart TVs, but it still needs work. To be honest, I wouldn’t have stayed with it were it not for OSN’s selection of films and series, which is quite excellent and what earned the two stars in this review.
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3 years ago, MLP1911
Nice interface update messed up functionality
The new interface update is pretty nice. Makes it easier to move around the app and look for stuff to watch. But now there’s two issues I’ve run into. 1. The scrubbing functionality is a regression on Apple TV, you can’t use the swiping gesture on the remote to rewind. You have to press the arrows in the interface and it doesn’t show how or where your are rewinding or fast forwarding to. 2. I can’t play audio out of my HomePod. For some reason the app doesn’t show up in the airplay menu so I can’t play audio out to my speakers. 3. Is more of a general comment on streaming services since I know it’s likely a licensing issue but all the marvel movies suddenly disappeared, and although I’m glad the 4th season of A Handmaid’s Tale is available it’s a shame that you can’t watch the previous seasons.
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3 years ago, Arrenty
Great selections but some fixes
Hello, I love all the shows and movies in the app. However, the app would be perfect with a few features that can make it better than services like Netflix: 1. Different user profiles - I share my account with my family and we watch different things. So it gets hard to find what we want to watch. It would be amazing if you make different profiles for each of us to use. Like Netflix, a limit of 5 profiles would be great. 2. Continue Watching - I was watching different episodes of a show but in the “Continue Watching” section, it shows the old episodes AND the new episodes. It would be great if it only shows the episode that I am currently watching. 3. Download Option - It would be great to download shows or movies so I can watch on the go. 4. Dark mode - Dark mode is trending lately and it is nice to view the app with a black background instead of white. It is better for the eyes also. Without these features, it gets hard for me to use the app. If you have these, I would give this a 5 star rating! Thank you and please add these features.
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5 years ago, yazansta
Dear Wavo, Please
The Interface is awfully not user friendly. The app is buggy, there isn't a 'My list' feature to add your favourite TV shows to, and the video player is hard to manoeuver around and use, let alone rewind a couple seconds back, the app just starts bugging. The app doesn't co-operate and you have to go back and search the TV show again in order to continue watching. There is no smooth sense in this app and I hope you can fix it and make the user interface alot more enjoyable. On the other hand, I love the content and provides alot of HBO content which I rate a 5. I'm writing this review on behalf of me and 3 of my friends, who all experience the same issues. Please respond to this terrible user experience and invest in improving the user experience, as a priority.
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4 years ago, Shesam997
Okay, but needs a lot of work!
I’ve been an OSN subscriber for more than a decade. OSN never fails to bring the best selection of movies from around the world in the region. I do see the potential in this. The movie selection is great. However, the user interface is horrible. Navigation around the app whether you are on an Apple TV or Mobile Phone, is not a seamless or smooth experience. There is always a delayed response. The whole app rather looks outdated and confused compared to most streaming competitors (ie. Netflix or Disney+). The app in other words, is too crowded! In addition to that, the picture quality of the movies isn’t that high. They don’t even reach 1080p. I do see where they are going with this. They really should work hard on improving the whole application.
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1 year ago, Blogallalong
Charged me after canceling subscription
I canceled my subscription as they didn’t have 4K. Two months later I find out I’m still charged. Calling them they said it was cancelled, but then someone reactivated it. This never happened, and I told them they can see I never streamed anything since, and I never got any email notice of service reactivation. I went through cancel process again with them on phone, and they intentionally make it misleading so you won’t cancel. The woman on the phone agreed it’s very confusing and lot of customers complained before. Even that I was sure I did correctly before. I asked for refund, she said she opened a ticket and someone will reply within 24 hours. Been weeks and no one called even to explain what happened.
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5 years ago, Caramela7
The App itself is so primitive
The App itself is so primitive and not user friendly even the GUI is simple.. it don’t have the basic and Intuitive features that should be available in TV shows apps, the search function doesn't work well, it shows the correct choice in the bottom list! Also the episodes of tv shows should run smoothly and automatically.. it is annoying that I have to go back to find the show again and search for the next episode to watch it!! I was subscribed to another app with these features but i didn’t like the content.. if WAVO just have some of it is features it will be perfect because it has good shows and movies
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4 years ago, Meshari T.
Lacking User Experience
The app is very lacking when it comes to good UX, specially compared to other streaming apps. There should be a quick 10-second rewind/fast-forward feature like in Netflix app, Prime Video, etc. It’s also very annoying that I have to accept streaming through cellular network before every single episode I try to watch, this should be a one time thing that I can switch on/off in the app settings. And lastly, landscape mode should work on either sides of the phone, not fixed to only one side, this can be very annoying when I’m watching something while charging my phone and not being able to flip the screen on the more convenient side. Great content, but very primitive app design.
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3 years ago, Ice-Teez
The icons (Play, Pause etc.) interface is permanent!!
The app is amazing, the content -In my opinion- is like second best only to NETFLIX, the new update is really fresh and vibrant, but there’s a couple on functionality issues that's need to be fixed! 1-Like in the tittle above, the icons inference on Apple Tv is stuck at the bottom, and there is nothing to do about it, so I had to AirPlay content through my phone! You can’t rewind ⏪ nor fast forward ⏩ easily, it’s so not under-control 😤 2-“My List” got wiped, which is acceptable in exchange for the new, good-looking update, but now I can only add up to 20 titles! And with each new title you add, an older one disappeared 👻 Done with bugs, now I have a couple things to add in-order to make the experience more cohesive… 1-The soon-to-be-expired titles need to be on some list, just like the “recently added” ones, so that we can get to pick and watch some of them, before the get strayed 😢 2-Trying not to be judgmental, but a like 👍🏻 or dislike 👎🏻 button is a must!! BTW, sorry for the temporary rating, just trying to get the developers’ attention 😬♥️
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3 years ago, IBRAHIM!
Really disappointed
The new interface is good the search is developed also the subtitle options are good despite the fact that I have to adjust them each time I watch and it doesn’t save ... so if I am watching a series I have to adjust the settings on every episode it’s really annoying. In addition, all my listed movies and series are gone now I have to search for what I want to watch every time I want to watch. yesterday for example, the streaming cut out more than five times while I was watching and returned me to the home page no saved track of what I have been watching. It’s really disappointing 😔that’s only one day after the new update I hope OSN can really fix this ...
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3 years ago, Nawwaf Al Mahri
Can’t cast to my TV since the update!
Hi! Thanks for the update, you have solved most of the complains I had as I’m used to all other streaming providers, and you guys were behind in functions. While all is great now I can’t seem to be able to cast from my phone app to my tv (I was able to last week) so the update did something or removed a function My TV doesn’t have OSN app on it but can stream through casting.
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3 years ago, S_ayesh
iPhone and apple tv app stopped playing shows
Ever since the update, I get a splash screen asking me to choose my payment plan whenever I try to play a show, showing me two blank options, and the continue button doesn’t work whichever option I choose. I’m registered through an apple account. Edit: I got in contact with support on twitter and they advised several solutions. Eventually after a stretch of two weeks without service it turned out to be something to be done on their server side and once they did it worked again.
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4 years ago, Mazen Aziz
Excellent, however!
The programs are excellent, however, the user interface is not good, navigating through it is a challenge!, everyday there is a new layout! My advice is, change your program layout to make it easier and straightforward! Just fully list down the programs under each categories and make our life easier!, By the way, I recommend the same app to my friends and they have the same feedback, that is why they prefer Netflix over OSN!
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2 years ago, lolo22168
Needs some improving
I rather enjoy the app although I do want some improvements to be made to make it more user friendly. I would like the ability to double tap forwards and backwards on either left or the right instead of constantly having the symbols showing. The last thing that the app needs to have is pip or the ability to play the movie or episode by making the screen smaller while on another app and to make it easy to multitask. I hope you continue to improve the app and continue to make the evolve.
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4 years ago, Mohammed Qatar1
Very good, but needs some improvement
Please add the following features: - 10 sec forward/backward during playing and episode or a film. - a dedicated “my list” tab where I can just add the shows that I plan to watch. Currently, it’s only for movies whereas for series I can only add an episode to my list. - Please enhance the search engine of the app. It can only recognize the actual name of the film and series unlike other apps. Also, there is a technical problem in which if I do not open the app for few days, it cannot memorize my account. Later on, When I enter my credentials, if says that it is wrong, although I am very sure that they are correct. Then I have to open the website again to reset the password! It happens all the time.
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3 years ago, GuideWire424
Streaming quality missing
No info or option for streaming quality. I want to watch the movies to their fullest. Is there even HDR support or Dolby support? Update: having tried OSN app on Apple TV and LG TV app and to compare it with direct purchase of Disney movies from Apple store; OSN is not delivering high quality video at all. You’re missing out on Dolby vision, Dolby atmos and 5.1 surround. These info should be disclosed in your website and the app. If you care about 4k HDR then find another way to watch Disney and HBO contents or otherwise the price and convenience is ok here.
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4 years ago, Kandoory
Fix the Apple TV app!
Streams okay but I keep getting playback errors for no reason and the play history gets erased too. I have to restart the app to get it working again. Works fine on iOS, but struggling a lot with tvOS. It can’t be that hard to get a decent developer to fix these bugs and errors. Just keep it simple and clean much like the stock Apple TV app instead of having a mix of both their UI and yours. Do one thing right instead of two half right things please! We’re paying $9.50 a month, we expect to get an A+ app interface and experience.
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3 years ago, Jeonnavii
The Oops problem in my iPhone!
I wonder why osn doesn’t work on my iPhone sometimes? I downloaded it several times but it always shows me the Oops icon, saying: “Sorry, it looks like there was a problem loading the app. Please restart the app and try again failed to decode response” What should I do more than what I already did!? I reported this to you several times before and the app started working just fine later and after few days the same problem appears again.
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4 years ago, anesign
It’s like OSN is waiting for an offer
This app doesn’t give the library it holds its justice nor the subscription fees it charges its subscribers it’s like OSN is simply waiting for an offer to sell the whole thing to someone who can run it better it’s unbelievable how we still get such and app for what is supposed to be a premium service that looks like a Microsoft front page outcome project in 2020. Wake up OSN and don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse everyone is working remotely and so you can. This app make no sense at all to exit unless it was free service but ppl are paying Netflix level money for this at minimum. Fix the user experience.
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4 years ago, doshar75
App improved but still....
Although osn has up to date exclusive shows and movies.... unfortunately I find myself watching Netflix much more often bec the app is simply friendlier. I agree with other reviews about the difficulty to navigate the lists of shows but my main complain is the smoothness of casting to a tv. It gets interrupted or disconnects frequently. Also for series..... Automatically loading the next episode is a much needed feature for smooth binge watching. I hope this at least is added
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4 months ago, malmalki
A feature that should be added
I would really appreciate if you add an option that I could remove what I have watched from (continue watching), because even though I have finished the show there is one show that is stuck there and it frustrates me. Please add this really helpful feature in the near future. Thank you.
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3 years ago, NadaAlYafaei
The interface was improved, but the functionality has gotten worse.
I’m a big fan of the new interface, which is definitely much better to navigate than it previously was. But I’m running into many issues: 1. Doesn’t allow me to connect to my TV. 2. I’m constantly signed out of the app, both on my phone and on the TV. I’m forced to log in again which is a HUGE hassle on the TV, so sometimes I simply don’t watch because typing a long e-mail and complicated password with a manual remote is not worth it. 3. Lots of glitches and error messages; particularly that “too many users” are using my account when I am the only one with access. These issues are truly frustrating and so prevalent that I’m seriously considering canceling my subscription. It’s definitely causing more annoyance than convenience at this point since I can’t really access the content properly.
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1 year ago, Rimazh
No connection though there is
This is my first experience with OSN+, I already have Netflix but some shows are not on it. What I liked the most is the wide range of content in your application but as soon as I subscribed I was able to watch few minutes of a show then ALL WAS NO CONNECTION knowing that the internet connection is working perfectly for my son on another device using Netflix and had no problem So what’s the problem? I have subscribed for a month and from the first moment unable to access it properly I wish you can help
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3 years ago, adamishaw
Still glitchy and buggy platform
I only log into my OSN streaming account around twice per month because the catalog size is small. But the last 5 times I decided to drop in and watch something I have had issues logging in on 3 of the 5 Occassions. In all 3 instances I've had to contact customer care directly. Another issue that recently came up is sudden interruption of service with a notice that too many devices are using the service despite it being the only one on.
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3 years ago, ehebbo
Good improvements but where is PiP?
The app has went through major updates and improvements over the years. But a very important feature is missing which is Picture-in-Picture, especially on iPad ! I’ve been on and off the streaming app for the past 2 years, but I might settle this time for good and PiP will be a major player in the decision making. I hope you’ll bring this feature very soon.
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4 years ago, Maandu
Bad customer service
I’m paying monthly for OSN services and every month I have to send them email about renewing my contract but this month I didn’t get anything they only deducted from my account and it’s not working asking me to pay again I have email prove from Apple for my payment and they won’t reply my emails or anything it’s really bad, it’s enough that I keep up with this buggy app now they won’t give me my money back
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4 years ago, shxyma
so many issues.
i subscribed to this because i saw the really good selection of shows and movies they had and i was thrilled BUT the app is such a hassle! its very glitchy, and using it is just tedious. it takes a while to load an episode and the controls are practically useless. it doesn’t even support the apple tv adapter that literally every other streaming service supports so you’re stuck watching on the small screen. every now and then, it would even glitch me out of the app mid-episode. eventually ill just have to unsubscribe.
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5 years ago, Bo 9alee7
Dear wavo
Please note that I download the application on my iPhone and I notes the payments should be paid through iTunes, could you make the payments by the credit cards like Netflix and starz play app it’s will be much better and easier for the user, also how many users can I use because I download it on my iPhone and iPad but it’s not working on my iPad. Best regards..,
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4 years ago, TheLord13
Great service, underwhelming apps
I love the new streaming offer but unfortunately the apps on iOS and tvOS have huge flaws. Especially the Apple TV app often does not load content or breaks up in the middle of watching. I also had audio issues where sound all of a sudden was faster than the video. And often the main UI has some severe glitches. Subtitles could not be switched or turned off in some offers. And why please is the English Mickey Mouse episodes only available in Arabic? Ohh and yes while OSN has several movies and shows from Disney+ it’s by far not the full catalogue unfortunately. The iOS app is better but also has troubles with subtitle selections and and other things. So still needs massive improvement wha would otherwise be a great great offer.
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2 years ago, Razan :)
Can be better
This app is great in terms of keeping up to date with new episodes of a large variety of shows. But it is frustrating that you can’t exit the app and continue watching on a smaller screen like you can on Netflix. Also it would be great if shows with new episodes are labeled so that I don’t have to open the show and look for new episodes manually every time.
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4 years ago, a7madalz
Good, needs work
First of all. The content is great. However the content quality, not so much. Quality of the shows/movies should at least be 1080p and even 4k, it’s 2020 already. Moreover, I can’t help but notice some shows/movies have tweaked pitches. The actors voices and all audio seems to have an abnormal pitch to it when compared to the actual movie. The app needs a continue watching list and needs performance refinements. This is good work, but it’s a long road ahead.
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2 years ago, i-Taher
Can’t hide video controls
Can’t hide video controls after playing anything, and it is really upsetting. Update: Thank you for the recommendation. Actually unlinking the HomePod as audio output of Apple TV resolved my issue. Therefore, I’m adding a star to the rating. Any plans on resolving this issue in a future update?
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1 year ago, Donmonte
Bad experience on IPad Pro 12.9
Good selection of shows but unfortunately letterboxed movies and shows (widescreen) have a very distracting blue glow where the black bars are. I don’t know how this passed quality control. Also downloaded movies and shows sometimes start with audio only, requiring to force close the app and open it again when more than one file has been downloaded. Edit to reply: I know the quality is 1080p, what’s that have to do with anything ?
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4 years ago, ThePaulGomes
App Review
Since Disney+ & HBO aren’t available in the Middle East, OSN Streaming fills in the void with this app. However, there are some issues which can be improved on for both the mobile and Apple TV versions, particularly with the later. The app on the Apple TV often doesn’t resume playback when the device is woken, requiring you to do a force quit and restart. Would also prefer if the app included a download/offline feature like Netflix does.
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4 years ago, mshebeeb
Great content, Terrible app
“Great content, terrible app” this summarise my experience. The UI is terribly designed and NOT user-friendly. It’s almost always a hassle to navigate and use the app. There are no “my list” feature, the “my list” that is already in the app is merely a history of what I watched. And streaming quality isn’t full HD.. while other streaming services offer 4K. Plus, it’s buggy.. it crashes a lot. I hope you listen to your costumers and fix your app/website.
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4 years ago, Ayman_Rajab
Great content, interface needs more work
I love the app. I’ve been a subscriber for almost two years, however as I’ve noticed with the other reviews, the interface needs more work. Especially now that all phones have OLED screens nobody wants a white interface, stick to black and please do something about the bugs in the app. Otherwise, content is great! Please make the app black and add profiles so that more than one family member can use it!
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3 years ago, لولوه خليفه
Terrible app
This app has a good variety of tv shows, however it’s terrible. Navigating through the app is completely miserable. It lacks features that make the app convenient. It needs a lot of work. The worst part though, is when I communicated with the hotline they provided to solve the multiple issues that I’m facing, they tried to end the call with me without providing solutions. "and they were like yeah yeah we will let someone contact you.” No one did! (Lack of professionalism) Had to write a public review.
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5 years ago, zamerullhaq
Subpar video quality but can’t beat it at its price
I’d be willing to pay more for higher picture quality. As it is now the picture, even comparing it to other HD (not 4K) streaming services, is really lacking and the streaming quality is often choppy even at my 100Mbps home internet. This is okay for watching on iPhone or tablet but not acceptable for watching on a big tv. But who else can give you access to the HBO library for just $4.99
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1 year ago, Ahmad Q
No Good codecs in their Apple TV app for years now!
I have subscribed to OSN Plus for many years now.. Great selection of shows specially from HBO and Paramount.. Problem is, in every update, I was hoping OSN people will upgrade their Apple TV app to support the newest Codecs like HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X like other streaming services did such as Netflix, AppleTV+, Disney+!! But i have no idea what holds them back with only the old Dolby Surround!! A lot of us have spent time and money upgrading our Home theaters.. We deserve that OSN give us that.. Please OSN people, stop being reluctant and pull the trigger! For example, just watch Westworld on OSN Plus then watch it on AppleTV+.. Game of Thrones or House of dragons on HBO then on OSN! Totally different experience! And MANY of other shows and apps also support the new codecs.. You're killing down the experience big time!! So frustrating!
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1 year ago, waitout
Download for the flight
What is the point to download a movie if it cannot be watch on the plane without wifi connection? Recently tried to download a movie once in the air open the app and it demeaned wifi… so couldn’t not watch anything what was downloaded Update: it was a domestic flight but it doesn’t meter where you fly inside or outside MENA flight mode is on… no connection
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5 years ago, iffno
need some improvement
I use it from safari on my macbook, the timer on the film or episodes stops counting but the episode keeps on playing and if I skip or go back it takes me bake to where the time stopped. it’s annoying. and we need a skip or go back buttons on ipad and iphone. also i cant stop the episode with clicking on the screen or double click for full screen. thank you.
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3 years ago, Esryrashid
Love the content, hate the app
I appreciate the app developers for trying, osn streaming is worth the money in terms of content but the app accessibility needs much improvement. It is kind of slow and lacks the accessibility that can be user friendly. It would be nice to be able to click on cast or directors names from series or movies to see a portfolio of their available works instead of having to go search for their names in the search bar. It would also be a HUGE upgrade if we could download content for offline viewing. This is one feature that would guarantee my continued subscription to the service. Thank you and good luck.
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4 years ago, Julysqween
I like it but
I like the app but I really hope to see some improvement with the navigation system , I really hope that I can add a full TV show to my list not just a specific episode , and some TV shows are missing the first season or the second season they start from the fourth or the third season , and also there is a glitch with the subtitle with the Arabic subtitle sometimes it doesn’t show .
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2 years ago, tutti frutti 2
Waste of money
The app does not function 80% of the time. I have to force shut the app, shut the iPad off, and it keeps giving me error codes. Customer service suggested I watch the shows through Chrome browser. That is not s reasonable solution. Also, when I click next episode, it does not go to the next episode. This app has nice shows but you will get very frustrated with how it does not function properly. Save your money and energy.
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2 years ago, Drshammasi
What a dysfunctional App. Crashes all the time. Sound and picture are no synchronized. Availability to download movies or series on your mobile device is still limited. The app crashes very often. With all the money they made over the years they should spend a little more the app to make it more functional. Update: I’m using iPhone 12 mini with iOS 16 plus. I’m aware of all the things mentioned in your response. The issue is the app is slow. I I switch between apps and go back to OSN the screen is black and viewing is impossible. I have to close the app and restart it again. And as I said before when I download episodes the audio and video are not in sync. So I have to close the app again and restart it. This goes on and on and on.
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3 years ago, Sparkle560z
Excellent streaming app,please more content
I love the new update where you can cast your device onto others,and I love the show called Find me in Paris it’s incredible and I wish you can put season 3 because this app deserves more kids content
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4 years ago, A. Rustom
You came too late
After several streaming services came to ME, OSN didn’t work hard enough to hold its place and fell back in ranks. With this, it still tries to hold and climb up the ranks. However, I think it is too late for them. Unless they invest in a super quality app design, user rights and ease of join in or out, content, etc they won’t reach their goal. Do I think the app is worth it? No. Do they have exclusive content before anyone else? Yes. Would I bother going into such process to install the app and join to watch the exclusive content? No. Do they have AppleTV app? No. Can I download content to watch later? I don’t know. Did I rate the app without joining OSN app? Yes (I was an OSN member before). Do I like the app interface? No. Do they provide you with accounts? I don’t know.
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4 years ago, AlanoudFm
Impractical app
It is my first time to write a review on an app ever. I had to write this one because the app is outdated and exhausting to use, they need to fix it and make it easier to handle and operate. And please do because there are plenty of good shows and films that we're excited for but as I mentioned the difficulty to operate makes us hesitant and less excited. Major updates and changes are essential and much needed. *The two stars are for the good shows.
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2 years ago, SmartBoy111
needs updates/improvements & ideas !
The app needs serious updates/improvements & development .. The app crashes and lags while watching any show specially in previous & forwarding scenes ! Plus there are a lot of series’s that are missing a lot of seasons .. for example how can i see a show with a season 5 without seeing the previous seasons ! Huh daaaaa ! And remember 0SN : if you don’t take care of your customer your competitor will !
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