Outside Lands 2023

2.8 (72)
90.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outside Lands
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Outside Lands 2023

2.83 out of 5
72 Ratings
10 months ago, la vida vira
Decent, but could be better
I wanted to see what the terms are for the $5 discount at the concession stands when using a Chase card. The notification didn’t provide a link to the terms. Also, when making a “food list,” it would’ve been nice to be able to see where the vendors are located. Mobile ordering would’ve been nice too. I feel if it’s not ready, then there shouldn’t have been a button for it. I do like the notifications for the bands I wanted to see.
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5 years ago, Kham2513
Last year’s app was better
I tried using the app this year (2019) and my personal schedule would not save. I almost missed one of the artists I wanted to see because my schedule wouldn’t save in the app and I was forced to use the paper program provided upon entry. Last year, you could save your personal schedule and it would sent notifications when an artist you wanted to see was about to perform. There was no personal connection to the app although we were to log in. Once I registered my wristband it was still asking me to register my wristband. Hopefully it will be better next year!
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5 years ago, Gogumagirl
Not great
I forgot my password and never received any email to change said password. Also thought it would be a little easier to schedule out your days instead of having to physically add it to your calendar.
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5 years ago, SkurBurger
This app is actually a joke. The schedule view doesn’t work half the time. When it does, it’s for the full schedule, not your personal schedule. If you delete the app or log out, you can’t log back in with your email and password—it says your email wasn’t recognized and then makes you recreate the account and let’s you use the same info you did last time. Seems like they aren’t storing that info anywhere. There’s almost nothing that works well in this app. It’s just a broken, skinned mobile website.
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2 years ago, 8**8
Finding particular food vendors is nearly impossible. The restaurants that work to bring their special dishes and tastes to this should have their own dedicated app. The map is put together like a grade school project. Doesn’t scale easily; snaps back to tiny type and icons all thee time On a small phone this is unreadable. Barely better on a large iPad. They better have the printed brochures when I go in!Espy*88
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3 years ago, dillonxharrus
Fix the sound
The sound at every stage was so disappointing. Especially at the main stage. Pretty bummed about day one honestly. Hope y’all do better the rest of the weekend.
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5 years ago, Adriannabosacki
Terrible User Interface
Would’ve thought better for the Bay Area. Any other year’s version of the schedule is better than this years.
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5 years ago, 47Jessica
Keeps crashing, doesn’t always save your lineup. As of Sunday morning you can’t see the Sunday schedule- just the lineup. No way to highlight food and drink options. No way to look back at prior shows you attended. You know your app is poorly designed when it doesn’t work as well as the paper map.
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3 years ago, SebastianLA
Really bad app
You’d think with all of the tech resources in SF, this app would be good. It’s so bad. Building your schedule doesn’t even tell where the artists are playing. Tapping save, doesn’t save the artist so you have do it multiple times. There’s a hamburger menu for crying out loud, what year is this omg
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3 years ago, zerodarkfarty
Solid app for 2021
Easy to add artists to your personal schedule ✅ Schedule *DOES* say which stage the artists are playing on (and sorts them by day of performance & stage)✅ You can even set reminders for the performances ✅ Just wish you could share your schedule with friends, that would truly make this a five star app. All in all- I’m satisfied :)
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5 years ago, wdfowty
Map still not working
Please fix. It’s halfway into day one and I have to pull up a google image of the map to navigate.
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5 years ago, makesNOsense1
Poor Design & Usability
App is clunky and doesn’t flow smoothly. When viewing artist info, the “Read More” link doesn’t work. This leaves you with some stupid one line of info on artists you’d be interested in learning more about.
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11 months ago, tyroo
This new update needs lots of work. I think it was released too soon. Schedule isn’t there. Can’t add artists. Can’t sync with others. It’s not really helpful at all. Please try again.
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10 months ago, Dvarela21
Not a great user experience
Where the map on the app?! Set times came out hella late Viewing your schedule isn’t easy to navigate or read when I need to scroll up and down and left and right.
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5 years ago, sfvogt
Not updated for 2019
Info is for last year’s festival.
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5 years ago, irnnr
Never works when you need it. Relies on connection too much when there might just be too many people at such a big event that you might not have a good connection.
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3 years ago, stttuuu
Garbage App
Honestly, the little paper schedule they give you when you enter has more use than this trash app
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5 years ago, Tully_1916
App constantly prompts me to turn on Bluetooth even after I force closing the app. Not sure how y’all doing that since I don’t believe that is within the App Store guidelines.
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7 years ago, Frustrated Greg.
Doesn't work.
Downloaded day of festival and it doesn't work at all. No information updating. Manual/forced sync does nothing. Last update must have broke it.
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7 years ago, MM_SF
Sharing schedules with friends doesn't work. Can't see location of friends on site like last year.
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2 years ago, heatherchurch
No 2022 Update?
We’re two weeks away from OSL22 and the app still only has 2021 lineup info. Come on, people. I spent $1K on VIP and this app content is the best you can deliver?
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6 years ago, Bassssssssdowwwwnnnnlowwwww
When will this be updated for 2018?
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6 years ago, bungowungo
I didn’t win the scavenger hunt
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6 years ago, NullSoldier
A few weeks before and no data for 2018
It’s only a few weeks and the days in this app is doll only for 2017. What...
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5 years ago, Flyjimmyfly
2019 Update?
When will the 2019 update be released?
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2 years ago, blarma
Won’t download
Ap won’t download. Error message says “can’t download due to billing problem”. Lame
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2 years ago, climberperson
Buggy app. Random scrolling in schedule
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11 years ago, Main Apple Account
Overall pretty good, mainly used for my schedule and it served its purpose for that. The food venue reviews were a great feature, but not enough people used it where it was helpful. Reviewing food with a "yum" doesn't say a whole lot! It would also be great if you could search food by your location. If the app were publicized earlier, it would have been helpful to have playlists for the musicians so you could check out groups that you hadn't heard of. Also seemed like the app wasn't keeping up with twitter (or no one was tweeting anything, which I find hard to believe). Might be nice to streamline the home page and take off the ranger Dave pics, the watch/listen (put that in discover), and wham city since no one was using them.
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5 years ago, user1247421
Battery drain
Killed my battery
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6 years ago, monsterchin1024
An update sooner or later would be great...
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10 months ago, Kesi87
Paid app
I’m not paying for this.
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8 years ago, Alexboy619
Needs update
I remember that they updated the app only just in time for the 2015 festival, but it's now 2 weeks away from the 2016 festival and it would be nice to plan things out in advance. The more attention that is drawn to this issue, the better. So please update ASAP!
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12 years ago, Maceasy3
Nice app
This apps got everything you need to navigate outside lands, allows you to pick your favorite bands and puts them all on a list by time and date do you only have to see the bands you like on the schedule. The map is also very detailed. If your going to outside lands i'd suggest you get this for sure!
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12 years ago, Asdfghjkla
Great, a little buggy though
The "Now Playing" marquee and the vendor map were very useful! However, something with the food vendor review section wasn't working right for me. I posted several reviews but I can't see any of them, and I can't see any new reviews by others. No idea if they were actually posted or if the app just ate them.
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12 years ago, n1celydunn
Great ap
2012 will be a great year for outside lands as they continue to improve In every aspect of a festival. Now they updated there ap that allows a smooth interface of where bands will play and what time they will play at. Can't wait to utilize this. Thanks!
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11 years ago, AnnieSheesh
Find your friends option is super accurate
Great feature to share your location with your friends on the festival map. Very accurate. Also, a huge upgrade overall vs last year.
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12 years ago, DevTM
Need ticket for shuttle? Huh?
This review is mostly about the info it provides. Saw on the website that there is a shuttle from civic center. Paid $15 for the garage and found at the shuttle entrance that I needed a separate ticket for shuttle. I was told that the shuttle ticket was $29 and it was sold out. So i could not take the shuttle . There is no mention on the web page that the shuttle needs ticket! Other music festival I have been like Austin city limit the shuttle is free.
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12 years ago, adra21
Everything you need
This app is fantastic. If you're going to Outside Lands, download it now: everything you need and then some. Make your own schedule, alerts, reviews, schedule updates (enable push), map. It's awesome.
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12 years ago, deeptrouble
So much well presented info & so much well thought out functionality! The scrolling now playing display, the ease of creating my lineup, the alerts, the grid view, BRAVO! So much better than previous years'!!
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8 years ago, Jaycee1775
We need the 2016 update
It's kind of an inaccurate rating because we haven't gotten an update for the 2016 show but the app looks great from what I've seen. I can't wait to see my lineup and all those things for this year.
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12 years ago, RedGrl
Modern Times
I've used the OL app the last 2 years and was excited to see the email it was ready to go for this year. I used it throughout the day to stay organized and I love the Ranger! He's a great face for the festival!
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11 years ago, Bunriri
This is a big improvement from last years in so many ways. It's more interactive and easier to use.
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12 years ago, JLSFJ
Awesome, well-thought out app
Functional, great interface, clean, easy to use, everything I need to know, very well-organized. What other apps does its creator make, so I can download those too?
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7 years ago, Mre93
Must have
Instead of holding a paper that has who is playing you can just use this app and everything is great
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8 years ago, skratty007
2016 update? EDIT
Thanks for the update! Would be nice if the lineup didn't reset back to the beginning of the list when you're trying to create your own lineup via mobile.
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11 years ago, cafeta
Very good but crashes
Excelente improvement from last year on the app. But when sharing my location with all crashes
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12 years ago, Natalielovesmgmt
Best App ever!!!
This app has everything you need to know to before going to Outside Lands. I think I would be totally confused without it.
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11 years ago, The BEST Show Ever!
Great app, but when will they update it so you can make your schedule for this year?
Show more
9 years ago, Rayrayrrrggg
worked great last year..
But I'm confused as to why it never updates for the upcoming 2015 festival. it's seems like they should just take down this app if they aren't going to update it. that being said it worked great LAST YEAR
Show more
11 years ago, annieander
Better than last year...
Much improved! Thank you. The iCal schedule sync was a godsend. Please keep this feature.
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