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User Reviews for OXYGEN

4.55 out of 5
14.3K Ratings
4 years ago, MrsLilyR
Won’t Connect to my provider anymore!
I don’t know what they did within the past several days but whatever it was oxygen won’t connect with my provider anymore. I have deleted and reinstalled it countless times with no success. Checked my settings and...can you guess? NOTHING! When it asks me to link to my provider, I press yes and still nothing, it just goes back to the menu and everything is still locked! This was one of my favorite apps and it’s so frustrating that it’s connectivity doesn’t work! I’m so frustrated and since it’s crap now, it is no good to me...DELETE, DELETE, DELETE...so sad!
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3 months ago, you ruin my id go ap
Stolen oxygen channel
Your new app is discriminatory, I forced get new phone or horrible iOS 15 or can't watch my shows on channel I pay for and all your network actually I have all nbc universal channels. But nii oh w no reason keep paying for all your channels through my cable company cause your new version won't allow watch what pay your company through my cable. So now I have cancel and maybe sue you all I should I paid to be able view all your network channels with my cable subscription to every signal channel you all own, now have cancel my oxygen and all other channels I be taking off my cable company, which is through Verizon fios. Thanks stealing my money and denying me ability to watch what paid for of your channels yes all them I pay for and you ruined it. I disabled and one thing I could enjoy watching my true crime documentary, and company rob me and denied me the services I paid for, so if anyone else like me, I hope they cancel you, like cancel my view if channel I paid you for. Your terrible greedy people, and Theifs. Shame on you!!
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3 years ago, MrsMalone58930
Great shows not so great provider
My first issue with the app starts with screen sharing on my TV it connects it plays and then five minutes later I get an error message from the oxygen app stating it was unable to play the episode. I exit out go back in and have the same issue this has been going on for 3 months now. My second issue with the app is that if you go longer than five minutes without watching the show you have to exit out and go back into it. My final issue with the app is that it keeps logging my TV provider out and not letting me login this is my third time deleting the app just to reinstall it trying to watch my show. Oxygen is great and has the best shows especially for reality TV I just wish they would fix the minor issues to make it a five star app
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4 years ago, Sicasurus
This app is so frustrating. I only use it with AirPlay but it takes several tries to get it to play more than a few seconds without dropping. Once it finally decides to play, eventually one of the commercials (usually the Verizon one) will freeze and the cycle starts over. It used to be, that once I could get it to play, it would be fine for a few episodes before I had a problem but since the commercial freezing started, the issues are getting worse and worse and a lot more frequent. I can’t get through a half episode anymore, and as of this morning it’s taken two hours to try to get through half of a one hour episode. I need shows to binge while I work! Lol. Other than that, it’s great to have access to so many awesome shows
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2 years ago, Gigi24legs
Parents inform your children early!
Very sad story about a young relationship gone wrong. Parents need to educate especially their daughters on getting out of relationships don’t make them happy. Love doesn’t ever hurt! Love is not the product of fear! Love never manipulates! Love is a cohesion of two people who blended gather so well that each of them want to do more for the other and anything else is not love. This video will explain perfectly why it’s now our responsibility to educate our children on this. Actually, show them this and discuss how she could have handled it differently.
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4 years ago, courtneyrena
Wont stay linked to right tv provider
There is nothing connected to my old tv provider on this firestick but somehow this is the only app thats getting it, will link to it and stay! I tried clearing cache and data then login with my active tv provider play an episode then 3 episodes itll black out then say im not authorized only to find out that it unlinked and linked back with the old provider all by itself!!! Then the process of signing back in to the active provider after it unlinked on its own is the worst part the time that it takes for me to unplug the firestick, wait on the wifi to connect back, catch the app before it links with the old provider again, and sign back on with a slim chance of it not connecting anyway literally takes me an hour and then i give up and go to another app. It’s ridiculous and highly upsetting!!!
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5 years ago, TNTKOP
The KillClub
I was one of the police officers featured in the episode THE KILL CLUB. During the entire process of this episode, the emails, the phone calls, the on-camera interview, the entire production staff were awesome. Very professional and compassionate people who were determined to get the story right, as well as to properly honor the murder victim, which in this case was a homeless friend of mine named Dwite Morgan. So thank you to everyone involved. You got the story right. Great job! Thank you. LT Scott Fees (Ret.) Edmond Police Department Edmond, Oklahoma
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1 year ago, Janellerot
The Worst Mobile Streaming App
I have never experienced a streaming app with as many crushes and problems as the oxygen app. I really enjoy the true crime content but it crashes frequently while you are trying to watch the app (whether connected to high speed wifi or cellular network). Some episodes won’t play at all (especially from the “Snapped” series) and some series will just keep playing the same episode over and over again if you have the auto play feature turned on. I have had to close out of the app and go back into to several times before the app would play the correct episode with the correct description. With all of the problems I have had with the app it shouldn't be given any stars at all.
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5 years ago, Airika1983
Love My Oxygen!!
Pros & cons to everything but overall I can easily move from my smart tv, phone, iPad & even Xbox with this app keeping my place in a show. Since changing over to nbc universal the problem has been as follows: if I leave the screen (after pausing) to respond to email or text message on my iPhone the show will not re-load when I come back to said screen but...when I close the show and select it again the show picks right up where it left off. Considering everything it’s a minor glitch I’m sure will get ironed out shortly. Thanks for the great app!!!
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3 years ago, kat21000
writing this after watching the same show commercial FOUR TIMES IN A ROW because the app kept restarting it especially when i tried to cast it to my smart tv. sometimes it freezes in the middle of an ad and you have to watch the whole several minutes of ads over again. other times it freezes or disconnects and completely loses your place in the show so u have to guess where u were and better hope ur right or guess what MORE ADS!!!! repeated over and over again. the only reason im using the app is to watch bad girls club once i finish all of the seasons im DONE with this app and all of the ads and glitches. as i type this the app is freezing yet again.
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3 years ago, Sandy home
Great channel, app needs bug fixes
I would remove almost all other streaming apps if this one worked better. I love the shows and the channel, but the app drops my connection to my provider all the time. And if IStop watching a show midway or before the show has finished, the app does not restart the show the next time I open it up. And, it won’t load the show if I want to watch the episode more than once. Additionally it doesn’t let me access previous seasons of many of the shows. Please fix these bugs!
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4 years ago, CourtLGo
Please fix this app
I love this channel and I was so excited to download the app and be able to stream and listen anywhere. BUT it’s almost impossible to watch an entire episode of anything without buffering happening, usually at the best part of the show 🙄. The app never remembers where I left off in an episode which is frustrating because you have to spend time just trying to figure out where you were. Then wait for it to “catch up” buffering to that spot in the episode. Every. Single. Time. Please fix this app so I can binge crime shows in peace 😩 Two stars because I like the content and the app is easy to navigate.
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6 months ago, 🧐🕺
I would give it zero stars if possible
Absolutely horrible app messy and confusing user interface, you have to use a “token” to watch episodes of anything which is ridiculous when oxygen is on its last leg as a tv channel and should be happy anybody even has the interest to steam any of their shows or download their app in the first place and then to top it all off the sound does not work if your steaming from your phone instead of connecting it to your tv which they prompt you to do like 4 times before finally letting you watch whatever you wanted to watch, can’t wait for the day I hear they go bankrupt
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8 months ago, MrsAna4059
Captioning problems
I really enjoy watching shows on Oxygen, but for the last month the captioning is not working correctly. There’s a black shadow behind the letters n it covers half of the screen. There’re missing letters on the captioning too. I deleted the app n reinstalled it and it still not working. I think there’s some type of glitch in the app. Please fix this issue.
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6 months ago, Shockeys
Offer it monthly, for a fee, verses a cable subscription.
I downloaded the App. I was able to watch a few “free” episodes. Then I was out of credits. Argh! We don’t have cable, satellite, dish, fiber optic etc. We have wifi. But no TV subscription. If you’d offer a monthly rate to watch Oxygen through the app, that would be awesome. Some of us live too far out in the country for TV. I love the crime shows. Yet, can’t watch them on the App because we don’t have a provider. Please let us buy credits or pay a monthly flat rate. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, SauseBosss
Need to fix bug issues ASAP!
Every time, I open my app on my Apple TV. I have to close & clear the app twice before it actually works. This has been going on for a few months, I figured it’d be fixed by now but it hasn’t. So now I’m complaining & also the “new setup”, is horrible. You can make a new “setup” but you can’t fix the bugs, causing so many issues! FIX IT ASAP PLEASE. I’ve even deleted & reinstalled the app, more than once with no success. I’ll keep it 1 star until it’s all fixed. Also stating the “setup”, I remember when I didn’t have to scroll forever down to my recently watched or new episodes. Those were always at the top. Fix that too!
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3 years ago, NC11182010
Not working
I love the Oxygen channel but the app doesn’t work 97% of the time. I’m connected through my TV provider, but when I go to a show to watch episodes, more than half of them don’t work. I get, “An error has occurred. A video error has occurred. Please try again later,” on almost every single one. There’s 3 entire seasons of a show that I cannot watch because every episode comes up with this error message. But the other seasons work just fine. It’s super frustrating and I’ll probably get rid of it since I can’t use it for its intended purpose to actually watch the shows I want to.
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4 years ago, louisiana gwen
The Millbrook teens
Just finished watching this show on Oxygen channel and I’m quite confused. Why the Sheriff of that town didn’t move when they surely could have baffles me! This mother’s children have been dead for 30 years and the sherill just stood up and walked out when the producer started questioning him! This is wrong on all levels and I for one want to see this case solved! Thank u Oxygen channel for sharing
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4 years ago, Bunk or bunkies
Honestly the app was enjoyable at first I was having a great time just trying to binge the bad girls club seasons that just came out that you can watch for free and I get to episode seven on season 16 and I’m so excited to keep going and the app crashes. But that’s not new my apps been crashing. Sometimes it’ll save my progress sometimes it won’t. It’s just so irritating I get back into the app and it won’t play the video. I’ve emailed the people running it. Nothing. So many bugs. And the app is kinda slow too. An overall just bad experience I wouldn’t recommend downloading this app if you don’t have patience or get frustrated easily.
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3 years ago, VVSS9012
Worst Video App Ever
This thing asks me to link my tv provider at least 15 times a day!! And I’m truly not exaggerating. It is so beyond frustrating. How many times do you want me to link it???? I’ll be pausing my video for maybe 5 minutes, come back to it, try to turn the video on. Not only does the video not work so I have to constantly close and reopen the app because the videos constantly will stop working if you pause them for the slightest bit of time. But then when I open the app back up, bam there it is again randomly asking for my tv provider yet again!! Truly you guys need help on updating this very very poor video app
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6 months ago, Pascal's human
This app doesn’t work.
Like true crime? See a show of interest listed? Too bad. You’ll get an error message every time in this app. Frustrated, you’ll log out of everything, link/ unlink your cable account, delete and redownload your app, you may even reset your whole Apple TV or iPad, only to get the same pitiful results. You may even pay for Peacock+ but you still won’t see these shows. The best the app will do is recommend you send them an email “if the problem persists.” Eventually you’ll give up and watch something else somewhere else. Massively frustrating.
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11 months ago, Odd muting before ad
Muting before ad
Hi. app is fairly easy to use but an issue that I’ve noticed is when watching the video right before an ad shows, the video will mute so you don’t hear the last words of the person on the screen. It just abruptly cuts out and then it transitions to the ad. Because I have on captions I have an idea what the person was saying, but it’s an odd way to cut out and then once the video returns, it does not start back where it muted. I’m using iPhone 12 Pro
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2 years ago, BigIdahoFan22
Very buggy app
This app is extremely slow, and VERY buggy! It skips ahead by 5 or 10 seconds all throughout the show, causing you to miss vital parts of the story. Very frustrating! I even deleted it and reinstalled it on my iPad, thinking that would help- it did not. It also won’t allow you to watch older seasons or episodes of shows, so you don’t have a lot of content to watch. You would think that a network this big would invest a bit more into their app. Very, very disappointing and aggravating. I hope they fix it to be more user friendly!
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4 years ago, arfw400
Terrible app
Great shows but extremely frustrating. The show will not play all the way through, although the commercials play fine. It will pause during the show then start back after 20 or more seconds and skips ahead, so you miss whatever was said. You can’t rewind and catch what was missed because it stops in the same spot. Watching a show takes extreme patience. If you want to watch 3 minutes of show then 20 second pauses several times, then 3 minutes of commercials playing perfectly, then this is the app for you! Don’t waste your time on this app.
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4 years ago, Ketapita
Cold justice
I love this channel.. My favorite show is Cold Justice. I love Kelly especially but all the guys are great to. I often wonder what happens to the cases once they get reopened and sent to the grand jury. Are any of them by them I mean the killer or killers ever convicted of the crime they are accused of? My heart goes out to these victims families. Kelly keep up the great work girl I’m from Texas so I feel like we are family.
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5 years ago, J&E080818
Love this app!
I love this soo much I’m so glad it’s a thing. Get to watch my favorite shows anytime,anywhere amazing quality can’t get enough of it. Also recommend watching the purge tv series. Really thought it was gonna be some really bad knock off. But so far it’s the best. Really good. Anyone that wants this app I highly recommend it great way to watch what you want and amazing time killer🙏🏼💯
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3 years ago, Eringmck
Half the time it doesn’t work
It signs me out constantly then takes forever to link up to my cable account. Videos are unavailable often and will freeze mid way through. It’s a small miracle if I can watch an entire episode without something going wrong.
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4 years ago, emojee-mojee
Sound break
This app is the only app with a consistent glitch of its sound breaking. I would like to watch more shows but because of this glitch, many times I choose to go to an app that works properly. There’s a break in the sound twice every minute or so which is very irritating.
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2 years ago, AliNRV
What would I be without you *Ja Rule Voice*
I love this app. Not in a ‘I live for this app’ kinda way but like after a LONG day at work and it’s like cool rainy night and you’re having some good home cooking - watching an episode of Dateline Secrets uncovered is like the sweetest piece of pie. Thank you for changing your bad girls way for us oxygen!
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2 years ago, Fuqdis
I was lucky while it lasted
Reading the reviews I see people have been having problems connecting for months. For me this just started a couple days ago. Anytime I watch a show that’s locked I get an error that my provider does it have access. But it even says that on the show I was halfway through before this era started. Luckily I was able to find the show I was looking for through my TV providers app instead.I only used the Oxygen app to binge watch my crime shows. This is a disappointment for sure 😞
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9 months ago, 446458
Irritating glitch
I love the shows and like to watch, however, there is an irritating glitch. The audio cuts off every few seconds, making it annoying to watch. If that were fixed I would give the app 5 stars. Update: Sadly had to reduce stars, now there is a playback error on every episode of every show making the app completely useless.
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4 years ago, Sin_19
I love all the shows on oxygen. I have a problem with the sound on the shows a lot of the time. I noticed that when I pause a show I start to have problems with the audio. I’ve done all the updates required but I’m still having this issue. I would have given the app a 5 star but when I have to continually leave the app and restart it, this becomes time consuming and annoying.
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1 year ago, Rsiner89
I like the content but the app needs a lot off work. Shows freeze and require me to quit the app and open it again. Not easy to get to the show page , should have a section on homepage of just my shows. Doesn’t keep track of wheee I am in the show well across platforms. Which does making picking up my show from my tv to iPad easy. Overall take notes from Netflix in terms of ease of use.
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4 years ago, Lrb143
Love the shows- bad app
I love so many of the shows and I put up with this crummy app hoping to see one all the way through. It drops a lot, stops and advances to another show and sometimes ends before the end of an episode. More often than not I work myself into a knot restarting the same episode 4 or 5 times and give up. On certain shows, on certain days it works better. Also, I have to sign in way too much. Fix the bugs and you’d get a 5+ from me!
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4 years ago, Mrs. Warmonger
Failed video
Every time I try and use the app I get a video failed playback error. I have confirmed my provider AT&T tv is a valid subscriber. I have tried logging out, logging back in, deleting the app. I even emailed support but got a very canned response. Very disappointed
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2 years ago, Mhcptt
Good content if you can ever watch it
Out of all the streaming app this one constantly gives me the most trouble. It’s the app I update the most just hoping it will work without a “playback fail” or logging me out of my provider etc… it’s been two days now that I have tried to watch a show on here and it just says “playback fail”. So. Idk I wish they didn’t make a separate true crime app and just left it to the other network ones that don’t have these issues
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2 years ago, Duh jenny
Horrible app
The app constantly freezes and restarts the show that is being watched. It takes shutting down and starting up the app about 10 times to MAYBE get it to play again. It has NO issue playing 5 minute ads in between each frozen period either. And just as the commercials are close to coming to an end, it freezes again. This app is literally made for playing shows and it can’t even do that correctly.
Show more
2 years ago, Queenchi504
Idk what you did but
This app used to work for me once I connected my spectrum account but it’s not allowing me to watch inside it’s given me three credits to watch like what 3 episodes…..smh this was my go to app and one I told all my friends and family about but now just like me they’re telling me it’s not allowing us to use our tv providers to watch anymore….. highly disappointed and the website is much worse because all it does is refer to the app…. Waste of time 🚮🚮🚮
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3 years ago, Coqui Gal
Update changed everything
Why is the oxygen app now associated with nbc universal? I’m not interested in those programs; now I’m unable to enjoy oxygen. Terrible update—and terrible move by the developer; you’ve just lost a customer.
Show more
4 months ago, TurtleLou2
Entertainment At Your Fingertips
Such a great app. The app offers a variety of great programs you can watch wherever you want. I use it when I’m waiting on a doctor appointment, or when I’m getting a perm, or anything that has me sitting with nothing to do.
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3 years ago, commercisl
Too many commercials!
The app is amazing i love the shows & movies they provide but there are about 4 commercials, most of them are 3 minutes long. This is unacceptable. Im trying to watch a show but every-time i do it gets cut off by a commercial. This needs to be changes instantly or the rating will go down to -1. Thank you for your time.😁
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4 years ago, BecklesFreckles1978
Love the content, app not so much
I’m constantly having to restart what I’m watching because it glitches sound or picture. I also constantly have to link my provider, which is my cable, which gets paid for one month at a time, why every 12 hours oxygen needs to know if I still have a cable provider is beyond me. Lucky for them I’m a crime junkie and have a lot of patience.
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3 years ago, Gluten Free Cookies
Blocked Content
I have been trying to access Oxygen network programming for over a week. I created an account AND linked my TV provider. I also called my TV provider to ensure my plan included the Oxygen network, and it does. I contacted customer service for help. No response to my email. Automatically routes me to a page that states the problem lies within my cable provider (without even looking into the issue.) very progressive of Oxygen, no accountability needed. 👎🏻
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5 years ago, kayt492
Love the app
Love this app. I watch it every single day. The only problem is when you get out of the app to answer a text when you go back in the screen is black. You have to exit and click on the show again and hope it doesn’t start to far off or all over again.
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7 months ago, Like to watch true crime shows
I agree with other reviewer. Oxygen was one of my favorite apps. But then every show I clicked on said ‘video error feedback…’ and I couldn’t watch anything! I finally updated the app in my settings. It seemed to have worked until recently. I can’t get anything to play and it makes furious!!!
Show more
3 years ago, Anna Livi
I have to delete and redownload this app at least 3 times a day just to watch my shows. It disconnects from my tv provider every day. I give it 2 stars bc I enjoy my shows (especially the bad girls club), but god. It crashes & won’t let me log into my tv provider unless I delete & redownload the app. Also, it won’t play sound anymore! Not unless I stream it on my tv. Which takes a billion tries to get it to do anyway. Please fix this
Show more
4 years ago, aujiedee
App not working for Cox provider
For some reason this app won’t let you watch it with Cox as your cable provider. Worked for a bit but has since stopped working well over 2 weeks gives the error of “feed playback error” reached out to the app services sent emails with things to try none of the solutions worked and have since not been able to watch this app. Super sad oxygen is like the main channel I watch. If you have Cox most likely won’t work for you
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4 years ago, sfgiantzbombshell86
Horrible app and customer service is no help!!!!!!
I used to love the app but ever since nbc took over oxygen the app doesn’t stream anything. I have the same problem on iPhone, iPad and my Apple TV. I know it’s not my provider because I can log in fx and investigation discovery and stream with no problem! You really need to fix this issue as I’ve been dealing with it for a year and can’t watch any of my stuff away from home. And the customer service is horrible and have been no help.
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2 years ago, Goldengirl80
Won’t Connect And Constantly Buffers
I love the content on Oxygen, but unfortunately every single time I attempt to watch anything, it buffers without connecting and/or buffers endlessly before connecting so that I can watch a program. This has been an issue for more than two years and Oxygen hasn’t updated anything or fixed the issue on the Firestick App.
Show more
2 years ago, Mom1913
App doesn’t work
I installed the app on my smart TV and linked it to my TV provider. I was given the successful link notification. When attempting to watch a show, I receive the error message “An error has occurred. A video error has occurred. Please try again later.” However, it works on my cell phone. It’s very strange and frustrating. It’s unfortunate, because they have great shows. I will be deleting the app.
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