PA Driver’s Practice Test

4.6 (1.3K)
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Current version
Executive Office of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Last update
1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for PA Driver’s Practice Test

4.64 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 years ago, tztztztztztztztztztztt
for anyone doubting this app...
i took my permit test a few days ago. i downloaded a variety of apps and even read the manual in preparation because half of the people i talked to about the test either said it's extremely easy if you use apps or it's extremely difficult. the only people this could be difficult for are people who DO NOT use this app. when i walked into the DMV i was completely shocked to see a poster for this IDENTICAL APP hanging on the wall. i wish i would've taken a picture. but seriously. identical app. once i went to the computer to take the test, i saw the SAME QUESTIONS and SAME PICTURES, everything the same. i finished my test in literally like 45 seconds and i got a 100%. it's all thanks to this app. i could've never even picked up the manual and used only this app and the outcome would've been the same. so, for anyone in doubt, know this. it's identical to the test and pennDOT even recommends it(they most likely created it). if you're still feeling like this won't be enough, i recommend using the app DMV genie in conjunction. DMV Genie does a good job explaining some of the harder questions if you're having trouble understanding concepts. all in all, this is IDENTICAL TO THE TEST and it's impossible to fail if you use this and memorize the questions.
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5 months ago, j.ahilah_
If you live in PA this app will literally save you soooo much time. Stop reading those extra long books/manuals and practice these questions!! I took my test today and it was ALL THE SAME QUESTIONS!!! I finished in literally ONE minute, everyone who was on the computers BEFORE me was still taking their tests, even looked at me like I was crazy as I was tapping away and when I finished. the guy who issued my permit said that it was record timing lol. My dad even thought I failed he was so confused when I stood up from my seat in less than two minutes, little did he know. the only way you won’t pass is if you don’t use this app. You won’t regret it
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4 months ago, Graciecx
i just took my permit today and IF you use this app and take the practice tests multiple times, you WILL pass! the questions, answers, and photos are the EXACT same on the permit test; the answers may be in a different order, but they’re worded the same. take your time to read over ALL the answers… just to ensure you’re selecting the correct one, since they might be in a different order. i was so surprised because i was doubting the legitimacy of these reviews. the test took me about 2 minutes just because i took my time to read all the questions and answers. good luck!
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8 years ago, Cats&Books
Identical to actual test
The app uses the identical pictures, questions, and answers from the practice tests in the study book you get from the DMV. There isn't a single question on the test that isn't in the study book. This app helped so much because going through all those practice tests in the book takes too long. I got all the questions correct thanks to using this app (and book). I recommend doing the practice tests in the book first so that you're sure you covered them all (because each test in the app uses random questions, 18 at a time) and then using this app to make sure you've memorized all the answers.
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4 years ago, Jshcljgjgokufoydiyfludoy
If you use this app, and you know all of the questions or most of them, you are GOOD! Trust me on this one. I just took my permit test in PA and I was greeted with the same familiar questions from all my hours of studying this app. I finished it in like 2 minuets and I drove home. The only difference with the actual test is that the questions aren't in the same exact spots. But the questions themselves and even the pictures that go along with them are THE SAME! Even in 2020, same stuff. Great app, you would be foolish to not use it if ur a PA resident. No need to study the huge manual if u have this app!!!
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2 years ago, absandteddy
Download Now
I mean it, download this app right now if you are second guessing yourself or your knowledge. I took this test the day I was getting my permit and I made no mistakes and passed (I was only at the testing station for 2 minutes). All of the questions on this app are on the actual test. I suggest taking it several times after your first 100% because new questions do appear. I took the practice test 24 times and after that I was ready. I took my test 30 minutes later and passed. So definitely download this app immediately.
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3 years ago, Slatechicken269
Didn’t look at the manual once, just passed using solely this app
I just passed my driving test. I didn’t open the driving manual once! All I did was use this app. Seriously, download this if you need to study for the knowledge exam. I got 100% thanks to this app. The questions and pictures are the same that are on the test! You get a random selection of questions with this app, but trust me, the questions that are on this app are also on the actual test, pictures and all, even the answer choices!
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2 years ago, Jakers bot
Great app with two major problems
The questions on this app are identical to the ones I encountered at my local Pennsylvania DMV, down to the answer choices and coordinating images. The only problems I have are the poor compatibility with iPhones and the lack of languages. Before my actual test, I was given a laundry list of languages to choose from, but this app limits it to English only. Also, on my iPhone at least, you cannot see the top of the screen at all. Besides that, this test allowed to 100% the actual test before I hit the two minute mark!
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3 months ago, pugluv07
so i live in pa and i used this app to help me learn all the permit questions. when i walked into the dmv to go take my test, i saw a poster on the wall for THIS SAME APP!! and the motorcycle version too!! the questions were in the exact same format as on this app so don’t worry. i passed on the first try after getting fifteen out of sixteen questions right because they don’t normally make you do all eighteen questions if you already have fifteen correct (you need 15/18 to pass). all i’m saying is this app is a life saver
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2 years ago, aerophysist
Absolutely Perfect
This app literally saved me so much time and effort. I would still recommend going through the manual, but there’s no need to memorize everything when you have this app available. The questions, pictures, are EXACTLY the same as the real permit test. The only thing different is the order of the options for the answers, but once you’ve mastered everything in this app, you should be good to go. As someone said in one of the reviews, this app should be illegal!!
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4 years ago, Kirales
The most helpful tool for the test
I just took my permit test today and passed. I’ve been using this app for a couple of months leading up to getting my permit. The questions and pictures are exactly the same as what you will see in the test! Having had the app for so long and taken the practice tests over and over you just naturally memorize all the material the questions go over, so the actual test took me less than 2 minutes to complete. If you use this app you should have no problem passing!
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3 years ago, harryforpresident
This is the only form of “studying” that you need. I went into the dmv super nervous because I didn’t know if I should be studying more than the app. The questions were the exact same. The pictures and everything. I took the test and literally finished it in 2 minutes. You got this! Keep taking the test over and over again until you pass at least 3 times. I felt like I cheated at life after walking out because it was so easy.
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6 years ago, Khalimah B.
Amazing App
If your looking to take the permit test and you don’t want to read the book this is this app for you! The same questions on the app are the exact same questions on the test. I went yesterday 5/16 and I passed my text on the first try!!!! Keep taking the practice test until you memorized the questions and answers. The difference with the practice text the answers are always in the same spot on the test read all the questions carefully then answer! Good luck to anyone taking the permit
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5 years ago, ktd404
Great app. One suggestion
This app is really helpful. The questions are the same as the booklet and the pictures are the same. The only issue I have with it is that every time you take it. It’s tends to give you the same question over and over. And looking at the booklet. There are over 50 questions and probably only a few out of the 103 or so that are in the booklet are shown. Other than that. This app is great and I would definitely recommend it.
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3 years ago, nnnnooorthhhh
This is it
Idk about the people talking about new questions and junk but when I took my test the questions were exactly the same. Like literally the same questions with the same answers with the same pictures. The only thing is that the answer choices were mixed up. This is probably the best practice you have can have next to studying the manual. Passed on my first try and I was done in like 5 mins
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8 years ago, iProxConor
App is 100% Identical to the test
I practiced for about 2 weeks with this app, seeing what I got right and what the answer was when I was wrong. I get to the DMV and I finished the test in 1 minute and 15 seconds. It was actually so easy after using this app that I felt disrespected after the test. I promise you, use this about for a little bit, and then once you think you got it try and get 3 100% in a row. Once you do that I promise you you'll pass and not get a question wrong.
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2 years ago, William.c.m
I downloaded this cause I couldn’t really read the book don’t have the attention span for it and this app helped a lot I did it over and over took the test today and I passed it all the same questions and pictures all the same I completed it in less than 2 mins so thankful for this app if ur like me who can’t sit somewhere for awhile and the read the book download this so much easier
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2 months ago, gatcha ya
This app helped me!
I just took my permit test like a minute ago, I passed and I give thanks to this app because it helped me out so much! Reading the manual in person didn’t really help me understand it, but going over the the questions many times really helped me! And all the question are the same in the test which really made me pass because I remembered all the questions. I highly recommend this app!
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3 months ago, i hate cccccc
horrible app
Where is my data, because of the stupid delete scores button i can’t see it anymore. this app was horribly designed with a useless button they place right next to back, so people accidentally hit it. and there is no “are you sure” or “reverse” it’s just gone. whoever designed this app needs to rethink A Lot, because of their dumb useless designs all of my scores are gone. After i just got my best one. nobody wants to delete their scores, and why would they place it above the back button, obviously there will be people who accidentally tap it. AND YOU CANT GO BACK. to the person who added that, never make an app again.
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3 years ago, 104&592@294
life saver!
back in October i got my permit and i used this app for months and i got 100% and the test took me like less then 5 minutes bc this app has the exact same questions with the exact same answers you’ll be given. if you live in PA and are going to take your permit test soon you do not need the stupid handbook thing use this app and you will pass. you got this and good luck if you’re taking it soon!
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8 years ago, Snapchat loverr?
This app helped me get a 100!
I absolutely love this app... I'm so happy I found it and I'll be recommending it to any of my friends who are getting their permits! I downloaded it two days before my permit test and just kept retaking it until I got a 100 over and over again. The questions are the EXACT same as the real permit test at Penndot Harrisburg & the pictures are the same as well! If you're studying to get your permit this app is honestly a lifesaver!!!
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5 years ago, Immoral Deity
Best Way to Get a Permit in PA
This app is great to get a permit in Pennsylvania. All you need to do is memorize the questions fand answers because they are the EXACT same on the actual permit test. Once you get 3 100% in a row then your more than ready for your permit test. BTW you only have to get 15 right on the permit test and your done. If you get 3 wrong it can go up to 18 questions and then you may fail after 3 wrong answers, but no worries because you have this amazing app!
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8 months ago, DragonIce213
I never write reviews for apps. I don’t usually think it’s worth my time. But this app helps a ton! This app is great! I used it to study for my permit test, it was so easy to use too. The question are very similar or exactly the same as the questions on the exam. I recommended it to my sister. And she hopefully will pass. My best friend also used it and recommended it to me. And she also passed!
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5 years ago, N56880
Both this and motorcycle practice test app are amazing
I read both manuals and used both apps before taking the tests. These questions were the exact same as on the actual test, so you don’t even need the manual (although I recommend still reading it. I ended up passing both on the same day and the guy was surprised that I did do both. So these apps are just what you need if you want to pass the permit tests!
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2 years ago, fbeeekdeoeo
Amazing app
I took my permit test today august 9th 2022, and omg it is IDENTICAL to this app. I walked into the dmv to see this exact app on the poster there. I finished it in 2 minutes only because I took my time to read but it is exactly the same as the app identical questions. Max time of study for me was like 4 days but really you need like a few hours! Quick and easy don’t even need to read the manual.
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2 years ago, Citizen1776
You CAN'T Fail If You Use This App!
Like others have already stated. The questions/answers/pictures on the PA knowledge test are identical to the ones used on this app. If you take an afternoon and use this app for a few hours it's impossible for you to fail. I sat down and got 100% in about 2 minutes. The computer was slower than I was answering the questions.
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8 years ago, Zbzbsbsb
Needs a slight change
The question here are the exact same. I used DMV Genius and the question gave me a general understanding but they weren't the same. The only complaint I have is after you answer a question it doesn't tell you if you're right of wrong until you're done with the test. I think it'd be a lot more helpful if it told me wether I was right or wrong after I answer the question!
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3 years ago, Itsalive63$84
This app is amazing. I’m writing this just after passing. The questions are exactly the same as on the test, and while it’s not exactly optimized for phones and very old, it’s still extremely effective and super worth the download. Don’t even bother reading the manual; just about every question on these practice quizzes is gonna show up on the actual test.
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8 years ago, Iwalkintoaroom
a god sent
I was so nervous about taking my permit test that I would always put it off , if I knew about this app sooner I would have already had my permit. I just got my permit today , and it all thanks to this app. Every question and picture were the same. I recommend this app to everyone. Just keep taking the test and studying the questions and after a while you will get 17/18's or 18/18's. Love this app.
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2 years ago, yeet123725
Best app for studying
I was lazy, and did not practice till a few days before my permit test. And trust me, this app SAVED ME!! I passed with an 83%, but if you study for longer trust me, you WILL pass with 100%. These questions are the exact same as the permit test. Found this app from my cousin, and without it I would have 100% failed, listen to the reviews, we aren’t bots, its just truth 💯
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4 years ago, Di1700
Easiest app to use
The app is quite simple, but it’s great bc the questions are presented to you in the exact same format as the real test. I had previously reviewed the manual, completed all of the questions on paper, and then found this app. Used the app for 2 days, went to the DMV and finished the test in 5 min. Highly recommend this app if you’re concerned about how the test is presented and/or nervous about passing!
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6 years ago, LJ🐐💪
Amazing not bs at all 👍🙌
This is 100% the same questions on the test even with the pictures if you get 100 ever time or even one or two wrong you are going to pass. This app is perfect i would only use this app thats it. I wouldn't even use the book just this app. I would recommend for everyone who is going to take the permit test. This is exactly the same questions i got a 15 out of 15 no incorrect answers this app is perfect🙌🤟
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1 month ago, VerdantAngel0:)
Word for word
I took the test yesterday the questions were word for word what was on the test. I was one the app for two days straight. I finished the quiz super fast and didn’t have to finish all the questions cause the first 15 were correct. If you taking the permit test you should definitely get this app you’d be fully prepared.
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3 years ago, rkws71
Best Practice Test Available
After failing the first time I was recommended this app by a friend. Studied it for 1 day, took 15 practice tests. Got a couple 100% on the practice tests. When I went this morning to take the actual test I got 100%, I knew the answer to every question within seconds. Highly recommend this app to anyone taking the test.
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8 years ago, Jraw1223lol
This app is amazing. Even though it doesn't tell you what questions you got right or wrong it still works. I took my permit test and it was a breeze. I strongly recommend this app to anyone who is preparing for their test. It has all of the questions that are on the actual test. You might want to read over your book. And then answer these questions.
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2 years ago, nnw ahaw sns w s. d d s s
Greatest App
This is the best app that you can possibly imagine. I downloaded this app on weekend and went for the test on Thursday, and I aced it. Thanks to this app, all the questions in the app were same on the test. Literally, all the questions on the test were from this app. Side note: This app is developed by Penn-dot, which is exact replica of the actual permit test.
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3 years ago, Youngogcece
The best app for the permit
I used this app for weeks when I started to get 85% and above I went to take my permit passed it the first try the test was very similar to everything on the app I took the permit test twice due to the DMV not recording my first score so I’m confident in saying that this app is pretty much giving away all the questions. Good luck guys!
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3 years ago, perfectscore010101
This app is the best one
When I tell you everything is identical on the app compared to the dmv it’s literally the same. It’s April 2021... there has been no changes... as to the people that rated one star they clearly didn’t practice. I recommend At least trying it until you get 100% several times. Good luck.
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5 years ago, MingiPark
I took the permit test today and I was so nervous because I only used this app to study but after sitting down and beginning the test my feeling changed to 100% confidence because it had the same exact questions as the app! I would def recommend for people who’s trying to pass without reading a book or using online websites.
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8 years ago, hzlaugher
This app is a life saver!
I initially failed the permit a few times, but after getting this app I passed in less than a minute! The questions on this app are the EXACT SAME as the ones on the permit test. Just practice the questions until you get 100% each time you take it, and I can guarantee you that you will pass the written test with zero wrong answers. :)
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3 years ago, 9911009966$7
I passed on my first try
I downloaded this a few months before my test, i failed the practice a couple times then i started getting them right. I took it once before my test at the DMV, and I passed with flying colors. Those who failed their DMV test just didnt put the effort in, this app gives you different questions. Really helps you out a lot.
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5 years ago, Jessi1997!!
Never picked up the book!
Didnt even read the actual book lol! Studied these questions for about a day and then the next morning i went for my permit test and passed every question! Kept answering the questions over and over again making sure to learn from any mistakes and to aim for a 100 on the next try. Def. recommend the app.
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4 years ago, Dreggiee
Don’t even need the manual!
Obviously look over the manual at first and use the chapter practice test but the questions on this app are EXACTLY the same as on the permit test! You need 15 out of 18 questions correct to past your permit test. After studying this app, I knew the answers to every question and got the first 15 questions correct, ending my test early! USE THIS APP!
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4 years ago, itsrobbieb
Same questions as on the test
I had to redo my permit since it expired and passed both times on the first attempt. The questions are the same as the test. If you consistently pass the app you’ll have no problem at all with the test. Same questions same pictures everything is the same as the app.
Show more
12 months ago, EthanboltXX
Identical To Test
Use this app if your test is in pennsylvania, ESPECIALLY PENNDOT, the questions are identical to the test and you will pass with flying colors if you study the questions on the app. The Drivers manual itself recommends this app so it’s no surprise but I’m here to reassure you that THIS is the app to use if you want to pass your test. Good luck!
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1 year ago, blacl_manz_samz_
This app will help you pass
I literally just passed my test, this app has the same questions that will be on test I would highly recommend it seriously, I failed my test 4 times I’ve read the book I’ve tried over apps like DMV license but this one really does work
Show more
4 months ago, Nathaniel Zheng
Would recommend
Just took my permit test 5 minutes ago, only took 45 seconds to finish. This app, out of all others, are exact same on the test. 10/10 download if you want to pass and want to cut out 99% of the useless questions.
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3 years ago, Larryfernand
Helped me pass my knowledge test
The questions on here are literally the same as the actual test. You just have to keep taking it until you memorize the answers. This is literally the only thing you need to get your permit, I highly recommend!
Show more
4 years ago, PinkNinja993
Exactly the Same
At first, I didn’t know what app to use to take my permit- there’s so many of them. After literally all of my friends recommended this app to me, I chose this one to study off of. I took my permit test today and all of the questions on this app were EXACTLY the same as the one on the test. Would DEFINITELY recommend.
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2 years ago, Rebzey
This is the perfect app
I just took my permit test, and I passed the first try. The questions/answers on this app are LITERALLY the exact same as the REAL PERMIT TEST. I can't recommend this app enough. It's basically cheating cause all you have to do is just memorize the answers to each question. Fantastic app. 5 stars 🔥🔥🔥
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