PA Lottery Official App

4.4 (1.2K)
117.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scientific Games International
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PA Lottery Official App

4.38 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 months ago, NoReplyToHelp4x
Second Chance Tickets
I buy online because (as a senior citizen) I cannot always get out to play. The PA Lottery is supposed to BENEFIT senior citizens but I noticed that we're left out (NOT ELIGIBLE) to include our online tickets into the SECOND CHANCE TICKET DRAWINGS. I feel discriminated against because (as a senior citizen & also disabled) I am doing the same as anyone walking into an establishment & physically purchasing the ticket. I am spending the same amount of money to buy tickets but not getting equal benefits or rewards. I don't understand the reasoning for this rule & regulation. Thank you.
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5 months ago, LisaB32
Much Better!
I’ve been playing this app since its inception. Starting out it was very generic, not mobile phone friendly. But as the updates kept coming it got better and better. The interface is much better. I love that you can buy your daily games. I love the different games you can play. I would like more of the kind like the wizard of Oz. Not the spin and connect ones. There are a lot of those. What I would love to see is being able to use the ticket checker and having the option of putting your winnings on your account balance. Having to take to the store to either cash it in or get more scratch offs is so last year. LOL. You’ll definitely have more people playing if they could transfer their winnings from the winning tickets to your online account. Since all the tickets have QR codes it should be easy to have them void once they have been claimed. Just a thought. Other than that the app is great!
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4 weeks ago, iwassounhappywiththisBSApp
App is a nuisance! Doesn’t want to pay your winnings
The app constantly crashes even though you’re definitely located in PA while playing it. It crashes while you’re winning especially! The app also makes you jump through rings or fire if you win anything large to prove that you own your credit cards and checking accounts used to play. They take sometimes 2 weeks to pay you when they finally decide to and they blame the length of time to pay you your winnings on your bank. Just go the casino to play and avoid the headache! They also request awkward documentation from your bank in order to claim your winnings and the bank can deny these documentation’s which means you’ll never get your money. You have to wait 5 years before they’ll finally mail you a check after your winnings are left “unclaimed” because you can’t get the documentation that they want. They also don’t help you with any documentation for your bank stating that they need this information for your to claim your money. Playing on this app is the worst thing you could do.
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7 months ago, Jonathan22dd
Payments and lack of professionalism
It takes absolutely forever to be able to find out how to cash winnings out on the side. There are not very many options then when you do you have to wait a mandatory five days before they even let you know if you need any documentation and then another three days for them to review the documentation and then another five days after approval for it to be download it into your account. Tell me when you live in Pennsylvania and you can cash your scratch off tickets all your tickets at all the local retailers that sell PA Lottery it is, it could not be more proficient with their withdrawal process and when getting winnings yeah they can take your money with seconds
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8 months ago, lee5710
Needs improvement
All in all a good site. Some improvements needed to fix annoying problems. Hopefully in the future they will be corrected.
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6 months ago, jennmarie06
Recent update bug
I contacted in app support because several of the in app games stopped working suddenly a couple of weeks ago. The representative from PA lottery indicated she would not contact tech because my internet was the issue. I explained that the issue was right after an application update and had nothing to do with the internet because it works on other devices just not on an iPhone on any network. I confirmed with a friend more recently that said several of their games on the Pa lottery app stopped working on iPhone as well so they just use a different device. Please look at the application and fix the iPhone bug for games which include Press Your Luck. Thank you!
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3 months ago, Blinddogrescue
Worst app
This app is terrible. It doesn’t remember your login and doesn’t have Face ID so you have to enter user name and password every time. It’s slow, and frequently freezes. Sometimes if you scan 2 tickets in a row, the second ticket doesn’t register and it gives you the results of the previous one. Like if you scan a loser and a $20 winner, sometimes the one that’s a winner shows as a loser as the second scan didn’t register. It’s the most frustrating app. It freezes all the time so I have to shut it down and open it then log in again. Also if you play the online games they often freeze up or won’t load. Literally the worst app I’ve ever used.
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2 weeks ago, dmcc339
Won’t scan
With my iPhone 14 Pro , iOS 17.3 and the app latest version it doesn’t seem able to scan Scratch Off tickets. I don’t see a “view port” and I must hold the phone about 8” away from the ticket to get the camera to focus. And there’s no way to change the camera lens to get a closer focus. Once upon a time it would focus clearly at a couple inches. The developer reply to the above review included, “ We'd be happy to take a look into this for you.” I have know idea what that vague response means. I’m cynical, and believe it means “we’ll throw it on the ‘to do’ pile, and it’ll die there.”
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2 months ago, SuznSl
What is going on with this app?!?
Is anyone reading all these poor reviews? I click on my name to see MyBonuses and it opens an all white page where I can’t do anything more. I can’t deposit money to play draw games, nor see my bonus offers. Ok…so now I went to the Promotions page, clicked on more Info for a Daily Promotion and saw a link to MyBonuses and that link actually took me to the correct location. I Claimed todays bonus but now I have to do it all over again to add a deposit. I’ve had nothing but issues with this app for the past year and a half. I see others complain of the same issues I have. Please fix!
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7 months ago, Jaws843
Needs a lot of work
No option for Face ID. Saved password won’t automatically populate. It’s a hassle to login every single time I want to scan a ticket and check it for rewards. I want to open the app, easily scan a ticket once and know if it’s a winner and then have it automatically enter me for the rewards. Why do I have to scan it twice? Also, the ticket scanner button should be prominent on the main page. I shouldn’t have to go into the menu and find it.
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6 months ago, Bobo82391
Error messages
Constantly getting error messages….Mostly when trying to sign up for a bonus play. As of recently I cannot play any einstants. Screen pops up and then goes play to the screen to play for real money. Take into consideration I am using the mobile app but lets be honest who doesn’t use their phone more than anything. Frustrating because I have cash on there but can’t play.
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6 months ago, Sexy Ma 007
Every 7-10 minutes after I start winning something the app stops everything with an error message talking bout technical difficulties and I have to actually close the app and sign back in it is so frustrating!! I called several times about this issue and it’s like customer service just laughs at me. I have tried deleting the app and restoring it and the same thing, and even when I play online I have the same issue!!!! I’m fed up!!!
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8 months ago, Heartcrnp08
Lousy app
I tried to play the Powerball and it was spinning and spinning and then said, check your email to see if you got numbers. I checked my email and there have been no numbers. I tried to do a live chat and I was in queue number 33 and waited for 45 minutes. When I got down to Number four it disconnected. I reconnected and was put back at the top of the queue and again, when it got down to four it disconnected again. My account is down to $12 from trying to play the Powerball but I have no numbers
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6 months ago, Moneymachine40
Payments and withdrawals
I play multiple online casino games for years; and it take’s literally 30 seconds to deposit any amount of money but more then a week to withdraw your winnings. I think this is ridiculous especially when we’re not talking about a large amount. Idk if it’s the lack of workers, the software, or a combination but it needs to be fixed. I just can’t put any more money into this app.. Update— it’s now been 7 business days and it’s still showing pending smh what a joke.
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7 months ago, stupid58
PA Lottery App
Although it was recently upgraded it still is one of the worst designed apps I’ve ever used! PA Lottery encourages you to use bonus codes on scratch-offs and fast-play games but the explanations they provide for use are very confusing! Also I don’t understand why there’s an expiration date on bonuses earned? I’ve made deposits and was credited bonuses. I didn’t return to the app until a week later and discovered they were gone without any warning!
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2 months ago, Sockmonkey13
Terrible App
I really only use the app to check scratch off tickets, and to enter the second chance drawings. But it’s awful for both of these purposes. It doesn’t save your log in, so if you close the app at all, you have to sign back in. It doesn’t like to actually scan the QR codes, anymore. And, if it does work, it usually only works for about 3 tickets, and then you have to close the app, sign back in, and try again. Absolutely awful. I’d give it zero stars, if that was an option.
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8 months ago, Gusset’s
It’s fun to play in the comfort of your home!!!
It’s really a nice not to have to get dressed, drive 10minutes, & wait in line to play the PA Lottery! This is a new experience for me. I’m enjoying playing in the comfort of my own home, especially on those days when I don’t have the strength or energy to get up and go.
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8 months ago, Boooooorreraaad
Worst app ever
Literally the worst app I’ve ever used. It’s a shining reflection of the efficacy of the failure that is the PA government. It crashes constantly, logging out your account each time. The UI is awful and feels as if it’s from the 1990’s. I attempted to play the Powerball but the app is trying to convince me that I am not located within the state of PA (when I very clearly am). The features rarely function as intended and the app is constantly telling you to “contact customer support” anytime anything does not properly work. What a nightmare.
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5 months ago, TamithaM
Not pleased
I made a ten dollar purchase it charged me twice! Then I actually win for a change n its now day 5 and my money still isnt in! I sent my info in yrs ago n have spent a small fortune on the site w 2 withdrawals over 5 yrs! Both have taken alot to even get! Usually i never win- straight down! It takes literally secs to put money into a PayPal yet here it is 5 days after they take an extra ten from me and im still waiting
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5 months ago, pammac177
Not happy they took my 90 $ bonus away. I put in 100 to have it matched so I could play several days without worrying. It took the bonus money I never spent plus some of my winnings. After only 7 days. I wish I would have known before . I would never have left it go to waste. Don’t offer if your going to take them away. Today and several other times didn’t get my bonus.
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2 months ago, PJM273
This is the absolute biggest joke, ripoff! You cannot win ANYTHING on here. I have literally spent thousands and have never had anything worth cashing out. Nothing but extortion. I thought online casinos were bad, they don’t even compare to this clown show!
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3 months ago, Cad0227
Recent updates have caused problems
This app used to be great but recent updates have caused it to hang more often than not, especially when trying to scan tickets. It’s definitely due to some kind of recent update because before now I have never seen this problem.
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6 months ago, TailPupp
Seeing is believing
I can’t lie I didn’t think it was so easy to win but it is and so convenient because it’s so hard for me to make it outside the house. Easy to access and doesn’t take too much time to load.
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3 days ago, Xanon23
Not good
This app is not good. Every time I try to buy a draw game ticket I have to re-login, I try to buy a ticket again… it asks me to login, tried by again,asked me to login. So I can never actually buy a draw game ticket because it never lets me stay logged in. It’s 2024 get with the program and get the glitches out. Apparently none of their lottery winning proceeds go to the developers of this app.
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5 months ago, AdidasNorlax
A bad app
The idea is nice, the execution is pretty pathetic from the 5th largest state in the US. No faceID login or 2FA even though your payment method is linked. Difficult to navigate, poor interface that looks like it’s on dial up AOL, often stuck on loading screens, and worst of all there is no tab to easily see past purchased numbers or tickets. For an industry that makes such huge profits in a large state, this is quite embarassing. Please fix the VERY obvious issues.
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6 months ago, Rebekka66
Not the same
Although the ticket checker option is quicker than the past versions, there are problems with entering second chance drawings. Had to check the same ticket 3x to get the option to enter second chance drawings. This makes me doubt the accuracy of the ticket checker and I end up going to retailer to check all tickets anyway.
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5 months ago, Joe Capasso
Scanner doesn’t always work correctly
You barely get the scanner near the barcode and it responds. The problem I have found sometimes it says it’s a winner but when you go to cash them in it’s not always the case. Previous versions were much more reliable.
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7 months ago, Tinygurl555
Invasion of privacy! 2 forms of ID to use it! Stupid
They want two forms of ID and they justify it because you can buy lottery on it. It should only be if you want to gamble on it. I can no longer access my VIP, or enter any of my tickets into the second chance. Ticket checker never works. It should only require ID verification sign up when you use the purchase feature. They will never get my birth certificate.
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6 months ago, newbonmot
Less Than Zero Stars
“Information: connection refused” Why why why why why why why why why why is this excuse for an app so so so so so so so buggy buggy buggy buggy buggy buggy! Long story short: app won’t let me sign in because because because because? Please don’t send me to a so called CS phone#, please don’t follow this up with an automated response. Just FIX THE APP! Signed, Every Review in the last Month
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3 months ago, like4566
It never works a new way for them to scam an get over on ppl
The app never works never !! They want to question you as to why you taking your money back like it’s not your money . An like the app work they pick the same numbers all year nothing new . This a scam an so is the app that’s why it don’t work . It don’t want you to win .
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4 months ago, howifeelaboutit0000
Since sometime yesterday, when I play the einstant games. Even I win anything it starts spinning and then gives me an error and doesn’t give me the funds, so I have to continuously go out and back into the game until it eventually loads the winnings to my balance.
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5 months ago, Shoikana
Mostly good!
Except for the very annoying beep that happens when I scan a ticket even though my phone is silenced.
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5 months ago, DannD88
Crashes All The Time
App crashes all the time, I’ll be in the middle of a game and it will say error and I will have to log out and log back in every 5-10 minutes. Site completely crashes every time there is a big jackpot for Powerball or Mega Millions, it’ll allow you to deposit money then that’s about all you can do can’t play a any of the games.
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7 months ago, LJ in Pgh
Works horrible after recent update
Unable to enter second chance drawings consistently. It scans the barcode and often goes no further. For everyone that you receive a verification of how many entries, 3 or so attempts result in nothing. I deleted the app and reinstalled 2 times with no improvement. Would give no stars if able to do so.
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7 months ago, Ham Slyce
It used to work
I mainly use the app to scan my tickets and verify if they’re winners or losers. For draw games and instants. I don’t know what happened to it, but most of the time it does not work. It doesn’t matter if I’m on cellular or Wi-Fi, whether I restart the app, or restart the phone. It makes no difference. It just sits there and spins its wheels.
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2 months ago, jghrgfu7nhd7dksioajw
Literally the worst app I’ve ever used. I use it to scan my tickets and see if they’re winners. It works maybe 50% of the time. It takes 15 seconds to even scan then it decides whether it wants to work at all or just load for an hour. I think you guys can afford to upgrade it a little bit.
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2 months ago, Erma101
Never works
This app is the literal worst. It never loads when you try to scan a ticket. I have refreshed it, deleted it, and it still won’t work. Not to mention the annoying beep it sounds when you do scan it. My phone is on silent. There should be no reason this should be making a sound.
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2 months ago, idhebejdkxmf
Downloaded the app for the sole purpose of checking scratcher tickets. I have been attempting to check my tickets for 30 minutes and have only successfully scanned a single ticket because the app is not well made. My Cal lottery app takes two seconds to scan and get results, this app needs an overhaul.
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5 months ago, JohnQship
Ticket checker sound
Why would the app forcibly make sounds when using the ticket checker if phone volume is muted and the phone is on silent mode? There’s no way to turn the sound off that I have been able to find. This app shouldn’t be able to supersede silent mode/volume settings of the phone to produce sounds.
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6 months ago, lil ziptie
Waste of money
Tried to deposit $30 but said “we didn’t get that” but took the $30 out of my bank, after contacting them they said the money went through and I played it when I didn’t. So they screwed me on $30. You have a 10% chance at winning anything on any game. This app is a joke!
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2 months ago, OhSoTan
Used to be great
I’m not sure if they updated it and something happens but this app is so buggy now. Deleted it and reinstalled and it still won’t let you use ticket checker. It just loads for forever and you never see if you won.
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2 months ago, ";(&764.
Declined to use
I changed payment methods and after calling an 800# I was told I was declined to use the online deposit or withdrawal system due to credit history. It was working fine until I decided to change payment methods. And I don’t have bad credit !!! Guess it’s a sign I don’t need to play at all…..
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2 months ago, R5558
Can this app get any worse?
you can’t use Face ID to login. The ticket checking function is an absolute disaster. It takes forever to check a ticket and I’m starting to agree with some other reviews that it doesn’t work properly and winning tickets Are being shown as losing tickets.
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4 months ago, catsmeowjrk
Will not open
App will not open. I mainly use the app to check lottery tickets but since the latest update the app will not open, making it completely useless for anything. I also shouldn’t have to enter my social security number into a random app just to fully register.
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6 months ago, joswald21
Poor User Experience
Stop making me login so many times. Fix you location solution so that it works without failing on Safari on iPhone.
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2 months ago, Bkh52174
Never works
This app is horrible. I have to sign in every time I open it. Then I scan my ticket and it tells me to sign in again. Then I scan my ticket and it says not a winner. I go to enter the second chance drawing and it makes me sign in again. I always sign in 3-4 times and don’t accomplish a thing.
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6 months ago, Trash man72
Was easy to deposit money. now that I’m out of state it won’t let me withdraw my money. They asked for nothing to deposit but now to withdraw they want all kinds of documents and it gives error every time I try to upload. Scam they’ll take your money but won’t give it back!!
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2 months ago, justlookingforfunction
App works slower and slower. Some pop menus won’t activate when tapped. Have reported some problems and nothing done to improve. If it’s built and operated by the same programmers as other official State of Pa sites, not surprised, as they are all barely functional in some aspects. (PennDot, dept of revenue, probably any Harrisburg govt sites)
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8 months ago, no ebay
Not that great.
This site is Not user friendly. The draw games make you pick day or evening every time you pick, after 1:30 pm it should change to evening than it should have the option of day or evening ????
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7 months ago, Tishiema
The app lets you make a deposit but when you go to play it can’t determine your location. You have to keep logging off then back on again. The games skip and freezes and says you off are not in the state in the middle game.!
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