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Lee Enterprises
Last update
12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pantagraph

1.75 out of 5
61 Ratings
6 years ago, Nemo57
I do not like this new app! Photos are in your face, (too big) and now the font is too small in obit/pending funerals section. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I do love Susan Hazlett’s column,(thank goodness she still has a sense of humor and keeps her political opinions out of print. Others there at your paper could learn from her. Otherwise, very little of the newspaper is original anymore , too many AP stories and political hogwash !
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7 years ago, RJW_KEW
A Reflection Upon The Pantagraph
Articles are repetitive with no rhyme or reason, constantly crashes, editing is horrendous, and can only comment on "select" articles dictated by some Pantagraph lackey. Overall this app mirrors the Pantagraph organization perfectly - a complete failure. Tried again since "update" & it's even worse. Now I can't even read/scroll through an article without being pushed to the App Store. The Pantagraph should be ashamed, but based on their ongoing performance, they're shameless. It's really sad that our community does not have any news agency to rely on. ====================== Even worse!! Tried yet another time to see if anyone on the Pantagraph tech staff cares to make this app at least halfway decent...Nope! I don't know how it was possible, but they've outdone themselves again. Now it has random pop-up video ads before being allowed the view an article. Ridiculously stupid - once again, a mirror image of this failing excuse of a local "news" organization.
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2 years ago, PrGdnr
Glitch with app
I have a paid subscription for the e-edition of the Pantagraph, which allows me to view articles through the app. However, for the last month or so, at least once a week it tells me I need to sign in or restore my purchase. But it shows that I’m still logged in. So, in order to proceed, I have to log out of the app and then sign back in. Just annoying to keep having to go through this every week. Would also like more local articles available through the app.
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7 years ago, mama_moz
Hate it!
I want the old app back. I upgraded thinking newer is better. NOT!! You don't have the option of logging in unless you are commenting on an article. Therefore every time you 'click' onto an article you have adds PopUp. My subscription includes the app. I shouldn't have to wait for an ad to run or exit out of an ad before I get to read an article I'm interested in. Thinking of I commented on an article and logged in that would solve it. No such luck. Very very disappointed and frustrated. Will NOT be renewing my subscription if this doesn't get fixed.
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3 years ago, Shame on me?
Twitchy and difficult to like
I don’t like this app. I only use it for local news stories but it’s aggravating even for that. When you have an article open, and you don’t swipe straight down, the article reloads. That is to say if your finger strays right or left while trying to scroll, you end up back at the top and have to carefully scroll down to where you were or it will happen again. 🤬 Now it’s trying to load a video that I didn’t want to watch. This app is garbage.
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3 years ago, The 4th N
Popups look like malware
I’m getting numerous popups of the “you’ve won click here” variety. This is a paid subscription; please tighten up security on this app!
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4 years ago, msully62
App broke
Interesting that this Pantagraph app and the Vidette app broke recently. They both have the exact same version notes for a new version released a week ago. So maybe you also host the Vidette app. Regardless, when clicking on any article, i get “your request cannot be processed at this time, no content available”. Ios 14.1
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6 years ago, Beth Bird
The Worst Media App
No option to view the paper as E-edition so that there is no logic to how articles appear and the top local news stories are difficult to find. I have no other reason to subscribe to the Pantagraph other than to get local news. On this app it is secondary to national news and ads! Terrible - I’m going to delete it and go back to getting into my subscription through Google.
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6 years ago, steve 1954
Olympia high school
Obviously the pantagraph doesn’t realize that Olympia high school is in McLean county. The only time the pantagraph covers Olympia high school sports is when they play intercity teams . It probably killed them to put the Olympia Central catholic score in two weeks ago. I quit getting hard copy’s two years ago, about the time they completely quit putting Olympia scores in the paper.
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2 years ago, Oshkalabah
No reason to use
No reason to use this app. It wants to track you for ads and many of the articles can't be viewed at all unless you sign in. Better off using their website with an InPrivate or Incognito browser tab, or reading mode.
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7 months ago, interface stuck in the past
Latest update again created new problems
The latest update made the app unusable again. Unable to log out; paywall appears and won’t Allow viewing. Saved articles again are gone. What a disappointment.
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3 years ago, Treated68
I got the ap after resubscribing to the paper, thinking I would use it to read my subscription, but the ap randomly blacks out. Completely blacks out and I have to exit the ap. Absolutely unusable and certainly has me second guessing my subscription.
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6 years ago, leather seats
Awful layout
This layout for the smartphone and tablet version is absolutely awful. The photos are to large and the text is to small. The previous version was simpler to interact with. Please change this version to something that is up-to-date and current with 2019.
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6 years ago, Drrjget
Barely useable
This new iPad app not good. Cannot customize, everything is all jumbled together on a side banner and not categorized, forces you to bring up articles, cannot get first sentence of the article to see if you are interested, cannot adjust size of print....pretty awful and useless.
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5 years ago, Sj0792
Repetitive articles
The exact same article is posted two to four times on app. It makes it difficult to search for articles. Pictures can no longer be enlarged.
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10 years ago, afinks9
Every couple of days it shows that you have a notification. When you open the app there is no notification to be found. Terrible. Is this just to get people to open the app more often?
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2 years ago, Koko8809
$26 a month subscription required all of a sudden for local news? No thanks!
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3 years ago, domingoISU
App no longer works, loads a blackout video after a few seconds.
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10 years ago, LH45
Disappointment +++
We no longer live in Illinois, but lived in Normal for 40+ years. I still have ties to the area, and enjoyed reading the Pantagraph on line every day. Now, you're telling me that I have to pay to read your so-called premium content. Hey, I just want to read the local news and browse the obits. Geesh, I have an Orlando Sentinel app., a USA Today app., a Denver Post app., and several others. I can read those without paying to read on line every day. My hometown paper is depriving many if us from checking on "our town", even though we have moved away. So very disappointed in you, Pantagraph
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10 years ago, krriisttii
Easiest way to read local news
New text message feature is also helpful for breaking news and other alerts.
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9 years ago, Btown reader
Why would you allow the advertisements to redirect you to their website and not let you view the content on your own app? I order to read articles again you have to close the app and relaunch. It didn't use to do this. Every update has made this app worse. I hope you didn't pay the company too much to design it because the adds get more attention than your articles.
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7 years ago, Mama not pleased
More local news
Would love the app if it had more local news or even all local news. I get my national news from other sources and want to get my local news from the local paper. May have to find it from other sources as well.
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10 years ago, MTNDew94
Great Local App
This app always shows current local news and has updated coverage on breaking news. Very useful on the go.
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10 years ago, Bridget smo
Fast, works great
Updated constantly with local & breaking news plus tons of other interesting articles & galleries. Very responsive
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10 years ago, Dr ramorra
Best local news app!
Push notifications for breaking news are great, content updated regularly.
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7 years ago, Ffhfdshfdhsdvdsvsvd
Fewer articles. No local news. No timely news. Unfriendly, kinda childish interface. Cheap. We used to have a newspaper in Bloomington Normal. Now we have a cheap facebook knockoff webpage where racists and nutjobs get to comment without any oversight. The "new and improved" Pantagraph Ap is our latest source of HATE SPEECH and misinformation. Try hiring reporters and not pundits and please disable the comments section.
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12 years ago, Mr757702
Keeps crashing
App keeps crashing. Used to work great.
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10 years ago, Jenna NM
Really handy to have this app when I'm out and about! Fast news delivery and much more!
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13 years ago, Hlsrlh
Nice app
Nice, quality app for a local newspaper. Easy to find what I want and including the comments is great.
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9 years ago, Cnhe
Ads, ads, and more ads :-(
Almost every story I click on I have to close an ad covering the story. Then once I start reading the app directs me to a game in the App Store. So I have to click out of the App Store, back to the pantagraph app just for it to happen again on the next story. Too much work. I give up.
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12 years ago, Tkd57
Very nice!
This app is great. Good way to keep up on my hometown news!! Highly recommend!
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10 years ago, hollybunny2000
Since I moved, I can't read anything anymore without subscribing. You are driving away anyone who wants to learn about BloNo as a potential place to live. I can't even read the obits. EPIC FAIL and soon there won't be a paper for the 100,000+ in town. Everybody I know that is still there has cancelled their subcription.
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10 years ago, Dan Voll
Great news app!
Easy to navigate and get your news fast!
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14 years ago, Sarita la Mexiguera :)
Not too shabby
Won't critique the actual journalism in the Pantagraph, but the app isn't too shabby.
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9 years ago, ridgeview08
Annoying adverts
The advertisements annoyingly take you to safari constantly. Have had it happen to me 5+ times in a row just trying to scroll on the page.
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12 years ago, A.J. the monkey
Used to be good app
It used to be a good app but now it does not seem to work as well. I can no longer see the comments.
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9 years ago, John doe 55
It redirects to ads so often, you can't read an entire article. At one point it redirected literally every two seconds. Very frustrating.
Show more
12 years ago, Sassyladi0404
Great find!
I didn't know about the app but glad I found it. Thanks!
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9 years ago, Castellan Snow
Really poorly made. Slow to load filled with ad windows that will take you to websites if you look at the the wrong way. Pretty much an embarrassment to app coders.
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11 years ago, Annekaslade7
I have had the app for over 6 months and the notifications never worked
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9 years ago, Fogetaboutitt
Crashes after installing 8.4.1
App crashes every time I open after downloading latest software version 8.4.1. Fix please!
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9 years ago, 35 Year Subscriber
New version does not open!
Tried for 2 weeks to download and use new version of the app. Says it works with 6.0. It doesn't. One more nail in the Pantagraph.
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10 years ago, CeceNineteen
Thumbs down
I hate the new premium content update. Local news and obits are now premium, including severe weather updates.
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12 years ago, Lynners1
Nice app
Easy to use.
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10 years ago, Jeffreyjtd
Very poorly set up
I subscribe to the digital version and cannot access from this app. It is a waste of time.
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12 years ago, Ndj21
It keeps crashing even after reloading.
Show more
9 years ago, s0r0s
I keep getting prompted to download iPhone games. So annoying. Unusable. Deleted.
Show more
10 years ago, Dogf27th
I have to pay money now?
What a great way to ruin a perfectly good app... Smh
Show more
10 years ago, Clete2
It's obvious the Pantagraph is struggling.
Annoying your users one app at a time.
Show more
6 years ago, RJDOZ
Not News Just Advertising
Obviously the Pantagraph is in the business of making money but shouldn’t be in the business of making customers frustrated. I pay for the news not all this junk advertising. I constantly get redirected to an advertiser’s site and can’t return to the news. Very frustrating! I will not add this app to any of my future wireless devices. I guess I’ll dvr the local news on TV and fast forward thru the commercials. Hey Pantagraph...offer a subscription without advertising and I would even pay more.
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