Papillion-La Vista PS

1.7 (341)
24.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Papillion-La Vista PS

1.66 out of 5
341 Ratings
1 month ago, 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡it
So I am I junior high student for this district and this constantly happens. I’m going to lunch and I try to pull out my lunch ID and it says something like “you’ve been logged out please try again” and when you try to press “ok” it spams the message back at you. Apparently you have to delete the app and reinstall, but it does that SO much. Obviously this app is very useful for the students of this school district but the glitched man-are a major problem.
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11 months ago, Beep Voop
App Log Out Glitch
Almost every week, even sometimes multiple times a week, I will get glitch where the app will say something along the lines of “you’ve been logged out” or something. It continues to spam that message over and over and when you press “ok” nothing happens. The only way to fix it is to delete the app. It’s very annoying because I’ve probably deleted the app about 20 times since the beginning of the school year because of this glitch. Please fix it.
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4 weeks ago, Student of PLCS
Glitching app
Every day now i find myself having to redownload the app to check my grades because it logs me out and won’t let me back into the app at all. Read the reviews and fix this already. A lot of the reviews are saying the exact same thing I am but has it been fixed yet? No. Do something about it. You want students to have good grades and care about them? Well this app glitch kinda ruins it for us and makes us not even wanna check anymore fearing another logout. FIX IT!!!!!
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6 years ago, Husker83
Logged in but cannot see information
I am constantly finding that I am still logged in but can only get the notifications. All other information does not load. It acts like it cannot find my student as his picture disappears. This is aggravating that this happens at least once a week.
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2 years ago, alainarb
Easy and helpful
I find the app very easy to use and it has helpful resources. We use it almost daily for the lunch menu. I like that I can check on my students grades any time.
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5 months ago, Kolton Elliott
As a student I find this app easy to use and check my grades whenever I need to but sometimes it will glitch out witch is not often and is a easy fix
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3 weeks ago, 10th pro pilot
Pretty glitchy
I am a freshman student andI keep on getting a notification saying “you have been logged out” and it later on top of it and i have to delete the app and reinstall. this is the fourth time i’ve done it this week. it’s tuesday.
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5 months ago, Lilly_broady7
Fix your app
Have to delete app and redownload at least once a week as it says “blackboard failed to load” and wont let me do anything. So so frustrating and annoying. Fix your app already.
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9 months ago, Omaha me
Logged out & grades
Always getting logged out of my account and it takes forever for my grades to be uploaded even after the teacher has put them in.
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10 months ago, The NES is cool!
The app always glitches and I have to reinstall it, and I can see that other people have this problem, yet you guys never fix it! I have downloaded it over 20 times and it doesn’t get better. Actually look at the reviews and fix this!
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12 months ago, bbvccdsssghjmbvg
Very frustrating
This app can get very annoying. I always get logged out, and it keeps glitching with spam notifications saying “you’ve been logged out.” And I constantly have to delete the app and re-download it constantly. It’s only good for checking grades
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2 years ago, liv_monarch
the lunch menu doesn’t even work half the time
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4 years ago, 2547389568345
Very Unusable
As a student, I like to check my grades so I can see what I need to work on. The problem is, it continuity signs me out and then when I try to log back in, it has an error message. This is very bad for someone who wants to keep their grades above an A. Until it’s is fixed, I can never see how well I’m doing in school.
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4 months ago, iPhonerockstar
Please fix the bug where it constantly logs you out and popping up the notification on top of one another. You practically have to delete the whole app and sign back into everything every time .
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2 years ago, wejo536
Can’t get information
In the last couple of months, the app is blank on the bottom. I can’t get any information or see my child’s grades. All it has is pictures from the district. When will this get fixed?
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1 year ago, 101lh
Not working
I haven’t been able to do anything in this app after I updated the software on my iPhone. All I see is a white background. Nothing else. I can’t login. I can’t check my child’s grade or access the lunch menus. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, lxnffj
That happens to me to like it will log me out constantly.??
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1 year ago, jhdgdnjdhdbdjkeiowoj
Can’t even use
No matter what I do, i can barely use this app, even after signing in. I am unable to see any of the information, the teachers are also not helping.
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2 months ago, MethJunkie83
I hate this app
This app is gives cancer don’t download it, it also gave me clinical depression and I sit here counting my days as I wait for this app to be wipped off the face of the earth
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1 month ago, Jangles🦍🐒🦧
This app is trash. There is no games and it keeps saying “you are logged out please log back in” if I could give 0 stars I would.
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1 year ago, barbators child
I can’t do even it’s job and when it does it is incredibly slow do not get this waste of time
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4 weeks ago, Clark2006
Doesn’t work
Keeps logging me out and I can never use the app when I need it at school
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5 months ago, Frankie81737
Absolutely trash app
This app has done nothing but caused me problems 1. It is badly designed 2 Does not allow me to check my grades apl the time 3. It is rarely updated 4. It sometimes glitches and forced me to uninstall the all and redownload it which is such a waste of time This app should honestly be fixed😘😡😡😡😡
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2 months ago, nidhgqbid
Spam with “Log out”
Every time I log out, it always SPAMS my screen with it. I have to constantly reinstall the app.
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11 months ago, Anonamous Users1423
Very bad app
I have problems logging in constantly and even then I barely use it
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1 month ago, ffigfg
So bad
It’s inconsistent, logs you out all the time, and they only way to get back in is to delete and redownload the app
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2 years ago, Sunnywalker13
After last update nothing there
Very frustrated by this And I can’t get support to help me get it corrected
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7 months ago, Mr.wildwest
It keeps logging me out
All the time I get logged out and I have to delete it then redownload it
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6 months ago, PCmadness
It never works
Always buggy. Unfriendly to users.
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1 year ago, pineapple 5467745
Logged out
It kept saying I was logged Ed out when I wasn’t it wouldn’t let me in
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1 month ago, Extremely bad.
It always logs out and won’t let you open the app
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1 year ago, yeahfsplsssss
Keeps kicking me out
FIX IT!!! It keeps saying retry retry retry over and over and a black screen.
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1 year ago, vregregd
I can’t even log in even log in don’t get
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2 years ago, froggo🐸
I only use it to get food and check my grades.
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2 months ago, Roscoe❤️
PLCS Schools app
I am constantly logged out for no reason and it’s stupid
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2 months ago, b_buff
Does Not Work
Can I give it 0 stars?
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8 months ago, jacawennie
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2 years ago, 😋😅😗😚😋😅😅😜
my app always goes blank white. i’ve even deleted and re installed the app
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1 year ago, fartwad supreme
this is the 5 billionth time i have been logged out
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1 year ago, whoill
Just bad
It’s school just… No
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4 weeks ago, MINECRAFT FOR LIFE 🏅
please fix your app or i will have to complain to the manager !!!!
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8 months ago, yeeted away
log out glitch
fix the app bruh
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1 year ago, turt3l3
idk i just don’t like school
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1 month ago, Machellebelle
Mid schools
Ion like school fr
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2 years ago, lolman7362
It ate my dog
This is mean :(
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1 month ago, jackdeneishood
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10 years ago, benmeg98
Need to have separate phone apps for Papio north and south.
Went to find out info on first football game day before. Aug 29th. Only mentions Papio Souths national ranking which by the way is way lower than North. Seems like Papio Lavista north is doing a lousy job of updating. Makes school look bad. Phone apps are only good if they have competent people entering information. I even set up Papio lavista as my choice school but see nothing but Papio lavista south info.
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10 years ago, Gary Collins
A Giant Leap in Parent Teacher Communications
This application is extremely well designed with features to actively monitor my son's progress. With all the commercial apps available it a real treat to have one that is made to aid in tracking progress and as a bonus a number of other communications that are often dropped into the bottomless email pit. Very nice offering from the School District ... Bravo Zulu!
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9 years ago, Boop1125
Excellent and always current
I truly love this app! I can follow all 4 of my children at the same time even though they are at different schools, elementary and junior high. Everything is kept current, even the lunch money accounts are kept within 24 hours of use. Awesome!!!
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10 years ago, Jennie Hendricks
Great calendar feature!
I love that I can subscribe to my kids elementary and junior high schools and access their calendar. Adding items to my own iPhone calendar is so easy!
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