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User Reviews for Paramount Network

3.56 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Frustrated Subscriber 8906
Extremely Frustrated
I hate to write a bad review but I also hate the fact that I may have to cancel my account. I would have loved for this to be the 5 star review I dreamed it would be but it’s not. Here’s my story; I am a new customer to paramount+. I became a member because they are acquiring all of my favorite shows. I was excited to see the lists of shows they offer and also have the option to download. I use that a lot when I fly. Since getting my account set up, I have had nothing but buffering, fatal errors, and downloads that won’t play. I have sent in tickets through the customer support system in the app with no reply, except for the automated email that they are overwhelmed and will look at it when they can. I’m apparently not the only one having issues. Every issue that pops up says my issue is due to the WiFi or internet that I am using, but that shouldn’t be the case. All of my other streaming accounts work (and I have several). I have used many different devices and WiFi option but nothing helps. I guess my biggest frustration is if you’re going to take exclusive rights to top tv shows, YOU NEED TO HAVE AN APP THAT WORKS. I will end this rant/cry for help. I want this app to be everything I hoped for. Please get it working correctly, if you are reading this Paramount IT. From a hopeful but frustrated customer.
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4 years ago, Peporras2
Paramount App
Like another reviewer, I downloaded the app to watch Yellowstone. Awesome show. The app needs some work though. They’ve fixed the show order sequence. I didn’t have a problem there but when I tried to recast the transmission onto my Apple TV it wouldn’t or couldn’t find it. Had to watch the whole show on a mini-tablet. Not the most comfortable viewing experience and it took away from the beauty of the scenery in the show. It also is constantly circling and it does require you to sign in with your cable provider... what’s the point of that? I want to unplug not have to stay connected or have to up my plan to watch this show....defeats the purpose. Must be a licensing thing. Yellowstone is a great drama set in Wyoming (but filmed in Utah). Beautiful vistas, terrific actors, lots of lawless killing though, but that’s the way of the West they want to present.
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6 years ago, thebiggorgonzola
Paramount Responds to Customer Feedback
I had a problem signing in. I received an email from Paramount Network notifying me the issue documented below had been resolved. The new app seems to have more episodes of what I watch with a cleaner appearance, now that I can use it I think it’s a worth while update. I am only giving it 3 stars because even though there is more episodes to choose from none of the episodes have any order. There could be season 1 episode 3 next to season 4 episode 16 and so on. This can get confusing. App publishers have to learn apps and the internet are now a real way to watch Tv and adjust apps for ease of use and simplicity. At least thats the way it should be. Seasons and Episodes have numbers for a reason. Paramount has good customer service. I’m sure this will be fixed one day. It just seems an update and name change or rebranding was the perfect opportunity. The resolved Apple TV sign in issue mentioned above.... I have a subscription through my provider. My provider insist it’s supposed to work as it has in the past. I used to watch this channel and enjoy app access. Now I cannot sign into this app on Apple TV without a subscription error message displaying. This is a new problem that did not happen before the “rebranding” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
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4 years ago, jayrab13
Crashes, bugs, and logouts - oh my!
I got really excited for this app because it has a few shows I used to watch all the time and this was an opportunity for me to binge whilst quarantined... but let me sum up my thoughts with one word: GARBAGE. I initially downloaded this for Firestick 4K TV. It plays an episodes for 4 minutes, then starts to lag, then crashes and freezes up my BRAND NEW Firestick. I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking this may fix it. Incorrect. All my other streaming apps are running flawlessly without a single problem. I thought it would improve if I downloaded on my iPhone, same problems. Other issues: (1) after an episode crashes, the app constantly thinks I don’t have my provider log in. (2) if I was lucky enough to get 10 minutes in before it crashed, it makes you start the episode over when you go back in and plays ads (3) holy ads. So. Many. Ads. For example: Ink Masters. You start off with 4 ads for about 2 minutes, it plays a quick recap of the previous episodes, then goes to another sets of 4 ads before even really getting into the episode. So frustrating. I really was looking forward to this app streaming, but the app is just trash. It should be taken out to the back of the barn and shot, hire new developers, implement Agile, and get a good product on the market.
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3 years ago, thebigearedbandit
Awful with Chromecast and limited selection of episodes
I only wanted this app to watch Ink Master. First of all if you chromecast BEFORE making a selection the app will just stop working, it’ll go into a sort of screenshot mode where anything you click is unresponsive. Second of all the ads for this app don’t make sense, they’re nonstop and anytime you make a little adjustment they make you watch ads. Third and worst of all is there are missing episodes??? Somehow if you click on certain seasons of Ink Master they’re missing episodes and there’s no way to access them. If you go to paramount network on a laptop they’re there but they’re not on the mobile app. Incredibly frustrating app, clearly needs a lot of work. Very disappointed and tired of trying to make it work. EDIT #1 LOL I just read through the reviews and had to change my rating from 2 stars to 1 Star. A handful of people have had the same issue I’m having except they wrote their review TWO YEARS AGO. So if it’s still hasn’t been fixed it never will. What a pathetic development team. I don’t even want them to respond with their fake “eMail oUr trOubLeshOot tEam fOr heLp”. I don’t want to hear it. Absolutely pathetic. Don’t waste your time trying to navigate this app.
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4 years ago, AllisonPK
Glitchy & missing episodes
Downloaded this app because my boyfriend and I like to a lot of the shows from this network. We’re currently trying to watch our way through Ink Master from start to finish. Within the first couple seasons, an episode was missing the ENTIRE critique portion and went straight to elimination after a commercial, and in season 4, the sixth episode is missing in its entirety. In general, there are buffering issues, and times where the connection seems nonexistent. Other streaming apps don’t have this issue so we know unique to this one. Paramount needs to get itself together with this one. If we’re having these issues with one show, I am already anticipating the others having the same and/or more. ***Update*** I also don’t need to see the same exact Juul commercial FOUR times in a row in a SINGLE commercial break. UPDATE #2: I’m just going to keep updating this review as we progress through each season of the shows we watch. Episodes are ALSO misnumbered. For example, episode 1 was labeled as episode 2 and the subsequent episodes are now one off. It’s not the end of the world but it just highlights the disfunction of this app.
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6 months ago, Mljohnson1123
Make up your mind
What a way to confuse the older generation with the variety of apps all showing the same content. CBS, Paramount (wo the plus) paramount (with the plus), all show the same content. Paramount wo the plus, is for you to log in with your TV provider. Paramount with the plus is your paid monthly subscription and CBS, well I’m not sure. But whatever it is has completely confused the boomer generation or the children of the boomer generation that is trying to help them navigate this world of tv streaming. It’s maddening!! “No it’s paramount + you pay for and watch your shows on.” “No it was paramount wo the plus, before that it was CBS.” Good lord!! Just make an app that people can log in. If you’re a paying subscriber then have content unlocked. If you’re not a paying subscriber then lock most recent content. Why the need for all the various apps and changing their names to this and that? One app, make it easier to navigate. It’s ridiculous! CBS entity is probably the most confusing of all the major network apps. Is that about corporate not agreeing on a system so let’s make everyone happy? Has nothing to do with the paying customers. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, Jsymo
Paramount Disappointment, Streaming Disservice
For the number of awesome programs that are on this network, the app to watch them is pathetic. Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Marriage Rescue.... reality shows that are examples of the level of care and detail that goes into their entertainment. Meanwhile the developers didn’t think it’s necessary to put a single ounce of effort into doing their job. For a streaming service to have difficulty actually streaming.... shame. The commercials are understandable, gotta make money, repeating the same four commercials every ten minutes is a different story. The glitching, the freezing, the randomly shutting down, the repeating commercials immediately after a commercial break, plus the issue of each time you pause or try to go back you either get kicked back to the beginning of the episode or the entire app shuts down. I’m trying to understand who thinks this is adequate enough to put this on the market and give it to people and call this pathetic excuse a streaming service. Go back to school or put pride in your work. Something that’s just not this. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.
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10 months ago, Rickgrc24
Fix your apps!
What good is it paying for the service if I can’t watch any of their shows. You all need to get your act together. I’m using your latest version of the app you released four days ago and it cant even do something as so simple as casting it to my Chromecast. Oh, but it works really well at showing you 7 advertisements! Your Apple TV app is just as bad. P.S. It’s not my network or device. I’m capable of streaming other internet based streaming services just fine. Dear Paramount Network Developer, I know the difference between Paramount+ and Paramount Network. If I had an issue with the Paramount+ app I would have written a review on that app. It’s pointless to purchase Paramount+ when you don’t have any of the five seasons of Yellowstone on there. I’m required to login with my network provider on the Paramount Network app (which I am) to watch season 5 of Yellowstone. My original review and complaint still stands with the original Paramount Network app. Please correct those issues that have clearly plagued this app for numerous years.
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3 years ago, Hybrid79
Glitchiest app ever!!!
I never write reviews for apps even if they aren’t the best... but this app on my iPad is terrible! It constantly glitches and needs to be shut off and restarted constantly. If you try to fast forward to get to the next episode it usually freezes on the load up and then I have to exit. Or I go back to the episode list screen and it just freezes so I have to choose a previous episode and then go back to the one I want to watch. And if I do that I have rotate my iPad all over again to get it to go back to full screen or it will just stay sideways. Oh and if I shut down the app and reopen it and select my show it automatically starts playing an episode but it’s usually on the wrong season and episode completely. It’s just an annoying inconvenience and not the end of the world but it does lack smoothness and gets annoying. And happens frequently. Also I hate the commercials. If I have to watch them on the app too why even watch on the app rather than tv? Overall the app could use some updates and fix these annoying glitches!!!!!
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4 years ago, Angry! 😡
Worst app I’ve ever used
This is the worst app I have ever used- if you don’t close the app after you start watching a show and you just lock your screen with the app still open it will restart the show from the beginning when you unlock your screen, every single time! If you’re casting the app to your tv and you start casting in the middle of an episode- it starts the show from the beginning once it’s been transferred from your phone to the tv. The ads come in 4, which isn’t a big deal for me, but sometimes even after watching all 4 it will make you go back and watch another 4 ads. It doesn’t move it the next episode after you’re done with an episode, it will literally just keep playing the same episode over and over again until you manually change it which isn’t a huge deal more just an “FYI” type thing. I hope the app developers put an update out soon to fix issues like these because it’s full of them! Paramount is too big of a company to be having these kinds of issues with their app.
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3 years ago, Kerbstr
Worst Network App EVER
I have got to say, hands down, this is the worst and most infuriating app for watching cable networking. I can’t get through a whole episode of anything without the ad breaks causing the playback to freeze which requires a restart of the app. I’ll be in the middle of trying to watch something and it will randomly log me out of my tv provider and make me sign in again. Then once I do, I have to start the episode over. You can try fast forwarding to where you were, but you’ll have to watch 2 minutes of ads again, only for the app to freeze like always. Do you want to cast through AirPlay? Good luck. I’ve tried on 4 different devices and no sooner than the show starts playing, airplay cuts off and the playback freezes on the device. “Well what about plunging your device in through hdmi on the tv?” NOPE. As soon as you plug in the video cable to the lightning port, paramount blocks the transmission. So no casting to a TV. This app is the biggest joke I have ever experienced.
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6 years ago, KweenKnight
Both app and website are broken
I downloaded the app because on the website, the option to make the screen full-sized is unclickable. Upon downloading the app, I cannot watch anything, because my service provider is not listed. I had no problem finding and logging in to my cable provider on the website, it's just the app that doesn't give me the option to log in. I see from previous reviews that other people have had the same problem and had to reach out to customer support via email. There is no reason that I should have to send an email and wait for a response to resolve an issue that has previously been brought to your attention! The one star review will remain until you put in the work to fix your app so that users don't have to jump through hoops just to use the service. In response to the developer responses advising me to email customer support instead of them fixing their app, I’m here to inform you that I did email customer support on February 8th and am STILL waiting on a response!
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3 years ago, somecomputer
Like the dedicated app, but glitchy
I like that I can stream lots of Paramount shows on my Apple TV or iPad. They maintain most of their current shows including past seasons which is cool if you want to binge. My biggest issue is the glitches that I encounter pretty regularly. Videos will just randomly stop playing and a message will display that the video is not available. Sometimes I can watch entire seasons without this glitch and others it happens on EVERY episode. It can play for 5 minutes or an hour then suddenly the video just cuts out! If I try to replay it usually only works for a minute or 2 (if at all) and then does the same thing. So frustrating!!!! I keep updating the app and hoping but it still happens. I really hope they can fix this bug soon!
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3 years ago, xThreeShoes
Worse streaming app I’ve ever used.
The app won’t go into landscape mode on my iPad until a show is playing. Shows that I’ve been watching don’t come up on the home page when I open the app. I have to search them every time. If I’m not on season 1, it still opens on season 1 and I have to go in and manually change it to the season I’m on. Both of the shows that I’ve tried to watch only have the odd numbered episodes for each season, but if I watch the episode 3 (for example), at the end of the episode I’ll get a pop up that says “next episode starts in 30 seconds” and it’ll go to episode 4. But if I don’t finish episode 4 before closing the app, I have to go back into episode 3, fast forward to the end of the episode, and then click “next episode” to get back to episode 4. It’s ridiculous. Also, if I pause the show, sometimes the play button won’t go off the screen, and the timing bar sticks to the same spot. It’s incredibly annoying. This is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used.
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5 years ago, DHyder10
Stop with the awful ads
The app used to be amazing, but they’ve recently started playing the same 4 or so ads that promote music artists. These are the worst songs ever. There’s a rapper who repeats the phrase “I’m spendin’” literally approx. 30 times. There’s one with a “Grammy nominated” artist who talks about wanting sex on her birthday but she’s just screwed instead. The one they debuted today takes the cake, though. You don’t even get to hear the artist’s songs because they make it sound like you’re changing the station on an analog radio and it cycles through, what I would presume is, their whole album, letting you listen in two second spurts. Paramount’s marketing team has no clue who they’re target audience is, and it’s clear because of their ads. I mean, these are objectively awful ads to anyone, but they don’t even attempt to engage their viewership. I’m just excited that I only have two more episodes of Ink Master so I can delete this app.
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2 years ago, dfbdaetyyuimnxs
Yikes. It’s worse than you think.
All I wanted to do was watch some tv shows. Firstly, they already ask you to pay and then have the longest commercial breaks known to the world. If I’m paying (which I’m not anymore) then at least cut down on the commercials a bit. Also, the app cuts out and freezes more times than not. Then you have to back out of the app, then go back in, and you can’t even resume your show from where you left off, it makes you start from the beginning and watch all of their stupid commercials again. Also, if you turn in closed captioning, it won’t stay on for the next episode. You have to turn it in again every new episode. This app is just the worst. Whatever is on paramount I’m sure you can find somewhere else on the internet. Please, go there instead and save yourself from the frustration that inevitably comes with interacting with this app.
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3 years ago, MrFuqyadayup
Good but needs work
I really love the accessibility to the shows that Paramount offers on this app however I often run into streaming issues. I can usually start an episode and make it to the first commercial break when suddenly it’ll stop and notify me the the program is currently unavailable (I found that I can close the app and resume playing once it has been reopened however that gets old really fast). I can only hope that there will be an update sometime in the near future that allows a more consistent stream.
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3 years ago, AuroraJilly
Clunky and closes itself constantly!
I have used multiple streaming services and this is by far the worst. One you have to watch 2 minutes of ads at each commercial break when you have already paid for the service. Two the app stops randomly stops working. I have been trying to watch one episode for more than a day now and I lost count how many times it quit after ten. Sometimes it will be fine for a few episodes and then sometimes it quits every 30 to 60 seconds. It is extremely frustrating! This has happened with multiple different episodes. Three when it quits and you log back in it will not be at the same place in the episode or it will go back to the beginning. When you try to get back to the place you were it will either keep resetting to the beginning or quits again. Overall extremely frustrating and a horrible app.
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5 years ago, lorkybrd
Want to love this and will w/o bugs
I love the lack of commercials. I downloaded this to watch Yellowstone and am finding it’s skipping through scenes randomly. I have been using cc and am not sure if that’s the issue. It seems out of sync after the video skips forward. I would love to see a 10+ or - sec fast forward or rewind, but not sure if that works with a platform that has commercials or not. Other than that, hats off of and cheers to whomever decided on the very brief commercial pauses! They are much more effective when they are like this! Mobile devices are much safer too-they aren’t thrown at the wall or out of the window as much. The volume on the commercials is a bit loud...better than an epi pen, and much more readily available for a quick adrenaline surge 🤣
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3 years ago, Matty Ice6928
It works, but with bugs
I think the app is very easy to use, and it’s very intuitive to get something streaming. I honestly love how clean it is, but I have two beefs that honestly prevent me from using it more. 1. My biggest annoyance is the fact that every time I watch something (unless I log out and log back in) it will tell me the content is unavailable at that moment. Aka I have to log in and out every single time I use the app. Drives me crazy. 2. I stream this on to my chrome cast almost every time I use the app. When I get the episode of whatever I’m playing on my phone up and running, it requires me to watch all 4 ads BEFORE I can put it on my chromecast. The button to cast is just not on my phone while the initial ads are playing. The problem this creates is that once the ads are complete and I click ‘cast’ - the ads start over. So by the time I am watching the actual show I’ve watched between 6-8 ads. I never leave reviews, but if these two things were fixed I would easy make it a 5/5 rating. I don’t have any of these problems when I use any other app that will cast to my TV/chromecast. Please fix this -
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2 years ago, Wncdoc
First ever review that’s how much I hate it
This app is an absolute garbage fire. I only tolerate it to feed my addiction to Yellowstone, but the appeal dwindles with every use of this nightmare app. Every other streaming app connects easily to my Chromecast, but not this one, and if I try to select “Nearby device” instead, the app crashes entirely. Even when the casting does work, why on God’s green earth does my ability to cast disappear when the commercials come on? It never ever knows where I’ve left off watching. I can never get it to reconnect to my TV after idling for a period of time, leaving me without control of what’s playing on my TV - I usually have to just give up and simply turn my TV off entirely for the night. For God’s sake, Paramount, if you can afford Kevin Costner, you can afford halfway decent IT. Get your stuff together.
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2 years ago, Rells22
Nothing but ads, buffering and glitches
I never write reviews, but this app is so bad that it warrants one. First, it makes no sense that there are two separate Paramount apps. Paramount+ isn’t any better since it ruined the end of the Chiefs/Bills game last week with the constant freezing. I downloaded this one so I could watch Season 4 of Yellowstone since it’s not available on Peacock. Literally couldn’t make it through the first episode! The ads are ridiculously long and halfway through the show it just kept buffering during the ads and would restart after a couple minutes. I’d fast forward to where I left off and the same thing keeps happening. No idea how a company could put out a garbage product like this and the people responsible for it could still have a job.
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5 years ago, -ACW-
Frustrating - several glitches
I have signed in with my credentials and it skips all over the show I am watching cutting out 2-5 mins from random scenes around the time of commercials. This is not acceptable and a glitch in the app needs to be addressed. Show being watched in particular is Yellowstone. There is a good 12 mins of the show from the best I can tell that you are not able to watch due to the app jumping forward and showing scenes twice in random places. When I sign in with my provider there should be less or no commercials involved especially when I’m “rewinding” or going back in the same episode I’m watching to try and see what has been missed due to the app having a glitch. Can elaborate more if you need the help. I Have the fastest internet connection available and this freezing is not acceptable.
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1 month ago, SantaCruzRN
Glitchy App with lots of issues
This is the worst app! I have multiple streaming accounts and none have this many issues. The buttons are slow to respond, it has buffering issues, sometimes it won’t even load or respond. Today, I keep signing in and it brings me to a page that says “try it free” or “sign out” or “watch free episodes”. I have been a Paramount + subscriber for well over a year, auto pay every month. There is no menu that is coming up for me to watch my programming after I sign in, only the 3 above prompts. This is ridiculous! I’ve deleted the app on both Apple TV and on my phone, re-downloaded, doesn’t open. I’ve signed on all three ways it offers, on tv, on web, on phone app. None work. Very disappointed in Paramount Plus!!
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4 years ago, pvazz824
Show is great, app not so much
I downloaded this app to watch Yellowstone. The show is very good which leads me to watch 3 and 4 episodes back to back but when the episode finishes it doesn’t continue on to the next one. It ends up repeating the episode I just watched. When I try to select the next episode it either freezes and doesn’t go anywhere, or I get a black screen with audio only. I’m using Chromecast and I have to get up and unplug it from the back of the TV so it’ll reset itself. I cast shows to the TV all the time and don’t have this problem with other apps. Another issue is that the closed caption continues throughout the commercials so when the show comes back the CC is not in sync. The audio during commercials is very loud.
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3 years ago, baddealjerry
I only downloaded this app for “Yellowstone” (THEIR ONLY SERIES EVER TO BE WORTH A SHlT) and unlike every other network’s apps, Paramount doesn’t release new episodes at the same time they release on cable... they make you wait until the following day to watch new episodes on this Paramount app. Even if you are a paid subscriber of a cable provider, Paramount still feels the need to charge their already paying cable subscribers $4 an episode for the first four episodes of season one... and the rest of season one was free via on demand as well as all of season two. I’ve NEVER seen another network do this. I know Paramount needs to make their consumers watch commercials for more profit... but the exact same commercial back to back three times in a row?! GET. IT. TOGETHER. P.S. I wrote all of this in one of your commercial breaks.🖕
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4 years ago, rdstill
Not enough playback options
During a show, there are no options to jump forward or jump back. I would prefer to have an option where I could jump forward or jump back 10 seconds. Currently the only way to go forward or back is by dragging the progress bar with my finger which is difficult. Also, when I want to turn the picture from portrait to landscape mode, it will only landscape one direction, not both. The subtitles ( when CC is on) disappear too fast; sometimes it has moved on to the next line of dialogue before the character has finished what he’s saying. That needs to be looked in to.
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2 years ago, Last Frontier🔭🛰
I really like the app and downloaded it to watch Yellowstone but I am so confused about timing. The series comes out every Sunday 8/7 C but it doesn’t appear on the app until the next morning. Is this just a problem occurring on my end or is there an issue with the app. Paramount+ on the other hand works amazing when it comes to new shows like 1883 because they release on time. Why doesn’t this occur with Paramount Network when it comes to Yellowstone?
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1 year ago, yeah loved
Only HBO app is worse
Tons of commercials. If I’m paying to stream, I shouldn’t have to see commercials. If I want to stream free (Tubi, Pluto), commercials are expected and part of the deal. But I’m paying to watch commercials?!? And I have to watch those commercials a lot- missed something and have to go back 10 seconds? = commercials again. App freezes and you have to restart your show?= that’s right, start the commercials all over again. Switching shows? = commercial time again. Finish an episode? Commercials. Start the next episode? Watch the same 3 minutes of commercials again, after seeing 10 seconds of the show. Absolute garbage streaming service.
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4 years ago, Cram1221
This app is the worst streaming app of all the networks. It goes into auto play and you can’t select a video when in landscape. You also can to choose the which way you want to view in landscape. My case only allows for one angle viewing sideways and that means I would have to watch upside down. It also does not work on Apple TV or fire tv. Constantly glitching. I downloaded only to watch ink master and it’s making me hate the show with how many issues I have to deal with all because paramount doesn’t allow any on demand streaming through fios. It also plays the same commercials on repeat over the breaks (like the exact same commercial 5 times in a row every commercial break). Please fix your app.
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10 months ago, Jan Ellen
This channel is going to lose what they have gained
When I typed in this app, as it pulled up,I saw a review about this company so I read it, Even though I think the reviewer either wrote the review on the wrong app, or misquoted which Paramount she was referring to. In response to her app, the developer"chose to "rudely" tell the person that they were reviewing the wrong channel,Paramount Plus for Paramount! I could probably do a quick run down of the personality of this company's responder. In fact,I would FIRE that person as soon as I read there response,as it was cold hearted, cruel and unreasonable. This company thinks they have hit the jackpot with their Yellowstone show series. Personally, the only way I want to watch it, is through Vidangel, that takes all of the vulgar, profane language out of it. Taylor Sheridan thinks he has the world by the tail as does the channel that shows his series. He obviously has no morals, and must of been brought up in a family of ill repute! Pride comes before the Fall and both of the named above will fall un times to come!
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2 years ago, AppAholic2019
Absolute worst streaming app
So disappointing. I’ve never seen more commercials tied to watching content. You get about 2 1/2+ minutes of commercials per every 10 minutes of content. You cannot rewind or fast forward through the content without triggering another round of commercials. If you go back to a show or series after stopping it, the app doesn’t work. You must delete it from your device, re-download it and re-sign in with your tv service credentials. There is absolutely no functionality to this app. Paramount need to shut it down and move the content to the Paramount+ app, which has its own set of problems but is light years ahead of this garbage.
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5 years ago, Jadesuperfly
Great except one thing.
I really got into ink master recently. I finished season 1 in 2 days. I love the app, it was easy to sign in and watch the show. My only issue is the subtitles are showing up even if I press the CC button over and over it will overlay the subtitles showing up with duplicate subtitles. I have tried refreshing the app but that doesn’t work. It’s not too big of a deal, I don’t mind subtitles but sometimes it can get in the way because I am using the app on an iPhone which is an already small screen.
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2 years ago, D17omP
Terrible “Streaming”
The family and I were so excited to watch the new season of Yellowstone (which we found out was only available on Paramount Network). Once we got logged in with our cable provider account the show has been terribly interrupted by multiple freezes and a ridiculous ratio of actual show time to commercials. What a shame to solidify the new season solely to a terrible “provider”. Please don’t respond to my review with a meaningless jumble of “apologies”. Fix your problem and quit trying to make more money off of hardworking people already paying for multiple streaming services and cable networks to watch shows they are interested in.
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4 years ago, Phoenix0454
Replays episodes, needs work
I installed this to watch Bar Rescue. I’m able to watch the shows. I have an issue where the same episode I’ve already watched keeps trying to play though. Frankly I’m getting sick of that episode. Also they need to set it so that you can play episodes in order by season. A few times I was watching an episode in season one and after that episode is done it’s playing a random episode from season 2 or 3. I binge watch a lot of shows and like to play them from the beginning to end. Please fix these issues so that we can enjoy our shows better.
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1 year ago, El Jefe93
Do Not Subscribe
What a waste of money. The app is clunky, basic functions that are in place with every other streaming service are not in place here. Fast forward is a joke, and that should be a no brainer. It isn’t easy to go to the next episode, the app does not remember which episodes you’ve watched. Let alone where you let off on each episode. Oh and the utter lack of content. Paramount, you may say this doesn’t apply to the app. IT IS ALL PARAMOUNT. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. $10 should be considered robbery for the price. I just downloaded the app to write a review in as many places possible. Either fix your crap, or put it out for free. Because at this point; it should be.
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3 years ago, Need4speed7007
Waaay too many commercials
I’ve lost interest in the content due to the poor performance of the app, both on iOS and tvOS. If you try to rewind, it automatically goes back to a commercial. Some commercials repeat themselves back to back. At one point i started counting the commercials running back to back, it got up to 14! 14 commercials back to back is ridiculous, especially if you have a paid TV subscription that contains the same network. The show is more than doubled in time when you allot for commercials and credits. I’ll be deleting the app and just wait for the content to show up on another platform. If it never does, I’ll just find other content... it’s that bad of an experience.
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4 years ago, Ciccotelli17
Negative Stars are in order
Not sure how else to say it, this app is garbage on almost all accounts. Every where I’ve downloaded it. iPhone, Smart Tv, and Firestick. It’s Terrible (and that’s being generous). It can’t even cast properly to google Chromecast. Oh and if you want to pick up on an episode you’ve paused later on? Forget it. Not only does it not save where you left off, it forces you to watch two ads just to get the episode back up, and then depending where you left off in the episode, you might be watching 4-6 more ads just to get back to your spot. I’ve had 0 positive experiences so far with this app across 3 different platforms, if it wasn’t for Bar Rescue this app would be so so SO deleted.
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3 years ago, stressfulvibes
Endless Crashing
I want to like this app, but I just can’t. Fact is, it crashes at least once per episode and it’s almost ALWAYS during the commercial. When I reopen the app, I have to rewatch all the commercials all over again. They’re always the same, they’re VERY long, and having to sit through the ads every single time I click on an episode is incredibly annoying. There’s also no way to keep track of the shows you’re actually watching, they’re way at the bottom of the page after endless panels of shows that I’m not watching. Bad layout, glitchy, too full of ads, needs improvement.
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10 months ago, Entry Red
Do not subscribe to Paramount plus or Paramount Network. Paramount apps are disgraceful frauds. I paid for Paramount Plus for four seasons of Yellowstone and when they couldn’t produce anything worth watching they just created Paramount Network prior to the 5th season of Yellowstone to hold the continuation of the series hostage so you had to pay for a new streaming service. It was bad enough to continue paying for a deadbeat service while waiting for the new season but when the new season came out you could no longer get it on Paramount Plus where it sucked you in for four seasons. Kevin Costner and the rest of the cast should be ashamed of filming for these blood suckers. Shameful!!!!
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4 years ago, TVDerrr
This is by far the worst TV network app I’ve ever used
From the get go the app launches vertically when my screen is LOCKED horizontal. Do Paramount execs watch their TVs vertically too? Once you manage to fight through the app and find the show you want to watch, a random episode will immediately start playing as soon you select the show you want. The app doesn’t allow you to pick a specific episode first. Want to marathon a series? Good luck. The episodes are not in order. And will the next episode play after you finish one? Maybe sometimes, if you’re lucky. More likely not. And don’t expect the app to remember where you left off, because it won’t. This app is frustrating as hell to use.
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5 years ago, xbillfryx
App is good but the ads are too loud
Love having so many full episodes, and don’t mind the ads as much in them. But the ads are 4 to 5 times louder than the volume on the episode. When trying to watch an episode on my TV, I have to constantly mute the commercials to prevent it from waking others up. The Perdue commercial is the absolute worst case of this. If the ads were the same volume as the episodes, or if they had a monthly subscription option to remove the ads, this would probably be a 5 star review. Sadly, I can’t give that rating with the issues listed above.
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6 years ago, Heckbound
Name change and failure follows…
After several login attempts, in continually states that they aren’t a part of my subscription through Frontier. I have every channel and I can watch it from the cable box, but this app says I don’t have access. Edit- I’ve come to realize that it’s the cable provider’s fault, as they still haven’t updated the name in their systems. The login and everything goes through, but it stops short of giving approval, because it senses that the service provider doesn’t carry that channel. It will take time. I’ve updated my star-meter to 3, from one.
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2 months ago, Irritated in Nebraska
Horrible App
No issues with the shows. Even when it was the CBS app it was laggy, froze and problematic. It’s the same issues with Paramount plus. It’s so bad that I am canceling my subscription. But wait, I can’t even do that because when I go into the website all it does is go into an infinite loop and I can’t get into my account to cancel. I am so tired of dealing with this app. It doesn’t matter what enclave I use. Fire stick, IPad, iPhone, Roku, etc. I have had numerous issues on all of these. Fix your app. Here’s how…test the app before releasing it. Make sure it actually works. Right now it is junk.
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4 years ago, Danisaur48
Needs serious improvement!
I downloaded the app to watch Ink Master and half of the time it won’t let me. You pretty much have to catch the app on a good day because you never know when it’s going to run properly or when it’s going to glitch and kick you out repeatedly. I’ve had to delete and reinstall several times and that isn’t even guaranteed to work. Currently I’m on season 5 and it wants to force me to watch season 12. When I go into season 5 it kicks me off of the episode list. Nothing I do makes it work any better. No problems with the show or network, just want the app to do what it says it does.
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6 years ago, Pat215
Worst app of all time
This is the single worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Your generic response asking if I’d like to troubleshoot the app was bananas. The app doesn’t need me to troubleshoot it. It needs your team to start over and test their work before pushing it live. Attempting to watch a tv show on your app was beyond frustrating and ended in me watching a ridiculous amount of commercials as they would constantly restart. Also in your generic response to one star reviews there is a link to contact the developer which leads to your website’s FAQ page. Does anyone there have common sense or is the entirety of this app outsourced? It makes no sense to be this bad when the only function is streaming.
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3 years ago, kmhubbard
Can’t even watch the shows
If you want to watch full episodes of a show this is not the app for you, especially if you cast to your tv. All I do is watch ads for 30 minutes while trying over and over to get an episode to play without it closing out or skipping to the next episode while in the middle of the previous one. If you like only watching ads and having errors pop up and enjoy an app that can’t even keep track of what episodes you’ve watched or even what shows you’ve watched then this is a good app for you. This app is so frustrating I have literally never used an app that is this bad.
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4 years ago, Pet lover!❤
There are a few things on the app that need to get fixed right away
So the reason why I’m giving it 2 stars only is because I play Lip Sync Battle I’m linked to my provider with the app but on season 1 There only 5 episodes that’s it. I know there was more as I watch it from the beginning fix that please There is no season 2 at all fix this as well it’s not right that you give the app and boom we can’t even see out favorite show And I would like to watch it all and all the episodes but I can’t and start putting some new ones as well. We will see if they fix that if they do I will change my stars
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4 years ago, Macappletex
What happened?😠
Had this app since last summer. Watched Season 1 of Yellowstone. Watching the episodes was a chore on app but got it done. Came back to watch Season 2 and rewatched last episode of Season 1 to refresh. Better playback this time but Season 2 will not load. Only shows 3-4 episodes of Season 1. Click on season 2 and nothing. Emailed Paramount and they responded they only put a few episodes or switch them out. Check back later to see if there were more. WTH! A few months ago they were all on there. But reading recent reviews I’m not alone. Not Happy at all!! But I received another email this morning that said the issue was resolved. Checked app—It’s Not Fixed!!!
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