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CBS Interactive
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paramount+

4.58 out of 5
582.9K Ratings
6 years ago, ridge.townsend
Crashes, loses spot, makes you watch unnecessary commercials
If I could give this app 0 stars, I would. When I use this app with Chromecast, it constantly crashes and not only does the app crash, it causes my Chromecast to crash as well. Then when everything comes back up, it doesn’t start your show at the same spot AND makes you watch commercials before it even starts at the wrong spot, then chances are you’re gonna have to fast forward thru a scheduled commercial break and then you’re gonna have to wait for those as well. It’s ridiculous. Such a horrible bug needs to be fixed and be fixed NOW. Then there’s the horrible lack of certain content. If people are paying for this service, ALL of the CBS library should be available. I imagine a lot of people want a CBS service so they can watch shows like The Big Bang Theory. Welp. Sorry. YOU ONLY GET 5 EPISODES. Are you kidding me? One of their most popular shows and you can only watch the last 5 episodes?? Do your fans a favor and give them the content they want instead of asking for more money on top of the money you already ask for the streaming service. Horrible.
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4 months ago, sacredsoul2012
App needs Reprogramming
I like Paramount but the app is a little bit of a disappointment. I have an old iPad and the App Store will let me download an older version of the app but, when I try to play it, it forces me to download a new version, which the App Store will not let me do. So I am stuck in a loop. I have an older version of the app downloaded. It should just let me login and watch! It’s annoying that the Play Store will let me download an older version of the app but The app itself won’t let me do it! Also, they are now showing ads on a paid service! Ridiculous! Guess I’ll be giving up on TV viewing soon. People shouldn’t have to pay for shows and then be subjected to commercials. The whole point of the commercials is for the advertisers to pay for the show. It is the whole reason I had cable to begin with, to avoid commercials. try to watch a few of my favorite shows but they all had so many commercials I felt like I was watching old-fashioned free TV with a ton of commercials. Time to give up on TV. Paramount has some great shows and I have another enjoyed, especially, all the Star Trek offerings. However, In my opinion, Netflix still has the best app and still is commercial-free. I’ll stick to Netflix until they start having commercials and then I’ll go back to reading a lot. It’s time consumers start saying “no” to being constantly herded into paying more money for things you shouldn’t be charged for.
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4 months ago, Kraydrenotinlove81
If you have cable tv with showtime, beware!. They try to trick you to pay even more!
A couple of weeks I downloaded the app because according to them, I wouldn’t need to subscribe since i have showtime in cable tv package. So I proceeded to download the app and in the app it asked me to link my cable TV subscription. I have AT&T U-verse with all the premium included so I proceeded to link my subscription and I was able to enjoy it immediately. Fast forward to a month later my dad who in his 60’s who uses a lot of these apps was telling me that he can’t access Paramount+ because it’s asking to sign up for a plan so I proceeded to login onto the Paramount + app on my phone and indeed it was asking me if I if I want to watch some free episodes or choose a plan. Nowhere in the app would it let me go into my account and re-link my TV provider credentials. I had to use my laptop to login and from there select my account settings and re-link the account with my TV login credentials. That is ridiculous, why would you make it so hard for us to relink our account credentials but so easy to choose a plan and pay either annually as the default option or select monthly. I feel that they are trying to take advantage of us and make us pay when we already have access to it. Please update your app to make it easy for us to link our account with the TV provider credentials or better yet set it once and forget it. I don’t understand why do we need to do it every so often?
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2 years ago, PS5 Girl
Keeps Glitching on my TV possible Divorce
I only have 3 shows I watch on Paramount plus. When the commercials come on it freezes and eventually it will tell me “Something went wrong. Please try again later”. When I do try again later and maybe a couple weeks or months later it does the same thing. I haven’t been able to finish Season 4 of FBI and now Season 5 is coming out soon as well as a new season of Seal Team. However, I have found a way to override the glitch by accessing the Paramount + app through my husbands Play Station 5 . There has been a lot of compromise/arguments between who gets the PS5 this past year. I do not want to entertain that any longer especially when Paramount + is supposed to be entertaining me. We only have ONE PS5. Please fix this issue before this ends in a divorce… and I’m not talking about me and my husband.. I’ve tried and tried again so many times and I have exhausted all my trying with you. I hate to have to bring up the D word but I need the same amount of effort I have been putting into Paramount+ reciprocated. Not only have you exhausted my time and effort but also most importantly my money. Please reach out to your local geek squad to get this situation under control before the new seasons come out. 2 stars for good tv shows Minus 3 stars for for not being able to watch them in the family room, compromise/arguments for the PS5, all the trying and money.
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1 year ago, Gcrac1998
No actual ad free version
I paid for the ad free version because I just don’t want to see ads. I like and respect that they have options for weather you care about ad free or not. I think that’s great. I’ve had the app for a few months now (I paid for ad free since day 1). If you get the ad free version, you won’t get ads for non-paramount shows or movies. Great, as it should be. What’s not immediately evident given the name “ad free” is that you will still have to sit through ads for in house tv shows they want you to watch, with no skip option every single time you go to watch something. It’s whatever at the end of the day, but if I’m specifically paying for ad free: why am I still getting ads for what paramount deems appropriate? I don’t care what you think I should watch…give me ads ONLY if I’m not paying for ad free. Ad free should be ad free, period. Paramount has absolutely wonderful shows that I love but every time I go to watch one I get annoyed at the un skippable ads that pop up. I wouldn’t even care if they still advertise for their own stuff if it was skip-able. This is not the case, and that’s just plain annoying. Why am I paying for ad free if it’s not ad free. Plain and simple. If this were not the case I would give it 5 stars hands down. Just be aware if you’re thinking of subscribing. May as we’ll get the version with ads and save some money because no matter what you get ads.
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12 months ago, gabbyB2003
Decent but could be better.l
Paramount+ offers so many dope shows and movies, but has far too many issues as far as how the application functions and the amount of ads this platform shows viewers. The issues that I’ve run into the most as far as how the app functions are that it just randomly bugs out and force stops itself regardless of the device that I try and use it on. It also constantly refuses to load content, simply just stays on the loading screen with the logo forever. This streaming platform compared to others also just plays far too many ads in general. I understand that ads could be important in how they continue to fund the platform. In my experience in trying to watch one episode of any show there are at-least 4 or more ad breaks with up to 4-5 30 second to a minute ads. I really hope that they find a way to improve this as it makes me as a viewer less interested in the content that I am not only trying to watch but am also paying for. Another issue that I’ve noticed is that the closed captions are terrible. They not only lag far behind dialogue but there are many times there are zero captions at all. I’m not even hearing impaired and it frustrates me. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for viewers who are. Please if anything fix the issue with the captions
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6 months ago, AcidQu33n
Great for Watching Movies, Shows? Not So Much
This app is great for watching movies but for the non ad free version of this app trying to watch a *show* has become almost impossible. And I understand ads, we’ve all tried multiple streaming services that run ads it’s been fine but this is Overboard when it comes to shows. I go to watch, I watch 5-7 mins of ads, to watch 5 mins of my show only to watch 5-7 minutes of ads and then even more ads at the end. Forget binge watching btw because you’ll be watching at least 10 mins of ads between each episode. During the episode there must be at least 4 ad breaks for a 20 minute episode maybe more, and they aren’t short either, plus they are the same ones over and over and over. It’s quite frustrating. Even though I don’t pay for “ad free” which I hear still has ads in it, I still pay, and the shows I click on should at least be *watchable* but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up watching a show due to how many repetitive ads there are in it. Would love if you guys could chill out on the ads just a little bit please and just place them better in the episode because really if you can have people binge watch shows then more people are likely to see the commercials you have in the show? Thank you.
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5 years ago, VGueli
I have never written a review on here before but I felt that it would be a disservice to everyone if I didn’t write one on this app. I would have given this thing 0 stars if it would have let me but of course you can’t. I’m seriously considering calling my bank for fraudulent activity and having them refund me the money for this app because having to pay for this monstrosity of an app is definitely against the law. I tried this on my Apple TV, my iPhone, my iPad. Just a HORRIBLE app. I feel bad for the TV shows that have to rely on this app for ratings because I genuinely could not spend another minute of my life battling with this app to continue my show. Every 5 seconds the sound goes out. I have to press the 10 second back button to get it to work. Then it will go to a commercial in the middle of one of the most intense scenes and when it comes back it’s 5 minutes ahead of where it left off. Then when I try and rewind, I have to watch the ads again and then when I get back to the part I want to watch, it makes me watch the ads AGAIN. Then still will skip some of the scene again so basically I keep missing key parts of the show- on top of seeing some parts 17 times because I have to keep hitting the rewind button to get sound. I genuinely wish that I could get the time I spent messing around with this app back. For sanity reasons mainly. Hours were wasted and thanks to this app I now probably need therapy. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS.
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3 months ago, mjaye1982
constantly freezing and crashing.
Update* clearly they don’t actually read these, because the developer comment told me to restart my device and relaunch the app. Then go to their help site for further information. I have already tried all of that as explained below on my original post, they just have generic work arounds that never work. Still crashing and still freezing. They don’t have a direct support with a live person to help either. Extremely frustrating. I just want to watch a show that only streams on this platform! Original post: When I originally installed this app, I loved it. Now I get nothing but freezing and crashing. I have the most recent version installed on my firetv. I have done every work around from turning off and back on the tv, clearing the cache and force stopping, uninstalling the app and reinstalling, resetting my router. My internet speed is getting over 600 mbps on upload and download speed and it still will freeze and crash and say that it’s having technical difficulties and to try back later. I have not been able to get through even a quarter of a show before it crashes, if not within the first 5 mins. Also the sound is extremely inconsistent with it being soft during the show where you have to turn the volume up so loud to even hear it but then blast super loud on the commercials. It’s the most frustrating app I’ve ever had to deal with.
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2 years ago, RossC99
Hello 1970s TV - Simply the Worst Service
I specifically got Paramount+ so my wife can watch inside the NFL, she’s a fan of Julian Edelman. At this point we missed episode 2 while I was out of town. Now episode 2 is no longer available to watch or download. It seems as son as episode 3 became available episode 2 is no longer available. What other streaming service prevents you from watching previous episodes. Most promote that option so you can use the service you are paying for to watch the shows and episodes you want to watch, when you want to watch them. Now with episode 3, I downloaded episode 3 prior to episode 4 being released. I went to watch episode 3 this evening and ….. wait for it…… it was gone. Even though I downloaded the episode, as soon as episode 4 became available my download was gone and of course the episode was missing from the list of available episodes to watch. I appreciate Paramount+ reminding me of what TV was in 1970 prior to VCRs and then DVRs. You had to watch it when it was on or you didn’t see it. At this point the only option I have it watch the episode when it comes out or forget it. I would not recommend this app to anyone, and would actively tell people to avoid it. Although good content, it is not anywhere near the frustration of trying to use a poorly designed poorly executed service. Looking at all the negative responses, I am not alone in my assessment.
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1 year ago, Unhappy Customer 16824
Lots of bugs
During the one week free trail of Paramount +, I experienced several bugs that would prevent me from continuing with my subscription. I was watching the show Young Sheldon and noticed 1. The show would not auto play the next episode if I was using the app window view. 2. If the show was full screen, it would auto play another episode, but it autoplayed to a completely different show that I had never selected to watch before. This happened every single time. I had to manually close out of the new show, search for Young Sheldon, scroll through the list of episodes, and select the next one I wanted to watch. 3. The show I was actively watching, Young Sheldon, would not appear in my Continue Watching section. However, the new show that kept popping up when it autoplayed at the end of my episodes was listed there. 4. The biggest and most frustrating issue was episodes from the show I was trying to watch just kept randomly disappearing off the list. I would be in the app actively watching the show, then when I went to go back into the episode list to select the next episode, several episodes were missing. I tried restarting the app, then started my phone, but it didn’t work. The next day I checked and all the episodes were listed. However, after watching two episodes it happened again. Today it happened a third time. No app is worth this headache…
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3 years ago, Frustrated Subscriber 8906
Hopeful that Paramount will fix it!!
I hate to write a bad review but I also hate the fact that I may have to cancel my account. I would have loved for this to be the 5 star review I dreamed it would be but it’s not. Here’s my story; I am a new customer to paramount+. I became a member because they are acquiring all of my favorite shows. I was excited to see the lists of shows they offer and also have the option to download. I use that a lot when I fly. Since getting my account set up, I have had nothing but buffering, fatal errors, and downloads that won’t play. I have sent in tickets through the customer support system in the app with no reply, except for the automated email that they are overwhelmed and will look at it when they can. I’m apparently not the only one having issues. Every issue that pops up says my issue is due to the WiFi or internet that I am using, but that shouldn’t be the case. All of my other streaming accounts work (and I have several). I have used many different devices and WiFi option but nothing helps. I guess my biggest frustration is if you’re going to take exclusive rights to top tv shows, YOU NEED TO HAVE AN APP THAT WORKS. I will end this rant/cry for help. I want this app to be everything I hoped for. Please get it working correctly, if you are reading this Paramount IT. From a hopeful but frustrated customer.
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2 years ago, Kylie1799
It’s good, but improvements can be made.
Ok so, I really hate how when my phone can’t connect to the internet “fatal error” pops up. It makes me think that there’s something wrong with my phone. Then it’s annoying when I realize it just cant connect to the internet. It’d be much better for me if it just said “error”. I also don’t enjoy the adds. If there is something on this that I want to watch, I want to watch that. Not the adds. Also, if the thing the adds are showing was something I’d want to watch, I’ll find it. I don’t need and add taking up my time, because I only have so much untill I need to go to sleep. Also, my parents do this thing were they limit screen time. It puts a block on every app. There’s a password that they can put in it so I can do whatever on that app. Whenever my parents do that to this, it freezes on the blue screen. Then I have to exit, and go back in to the app. And finally, I really hate how there isn’t a search bar. It’s annoying to me, because then I have to scroll though A, then B, then C, when I want to find something new. I just think that if there was a search bar, things might be easier. This app isn’t great right now, but if you fix some of these things, I think it would be easier for everyone. Thank you for listening.
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3 years ago, Lolaney
One of the worst apps I have
I have many streaming apps, some free, some I pay for. Paramount + is a HUGE disappointment!! The Paramount Network streaming app isn’t any better either. Anyways, we were gifted a year of Paramount + and I have to say- if you pay for this service, you must be having a better experience than we are because this app is terrible. When you first open- on the iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac or Apple TV- the screen goes black and stays that way for at least a minute. During playing a show or movie, playback stops, starts, stops, starts, stops. It’s so frustrating. I had thought if this app turned out to be good that we would upgrade the subscription… that will NEVER happen until they fix these issues. So glad we aren’t paying for this crap!!! *My response* to the developers, you cannot be serious with that response… has to be some generic bull crap answer that everyone gets. If the app isn’t working across all the devices, it’s not a user or device issue- it’s an APP ISSUE!!! Y’all need to fix it because I don’t see how in the world you will keep customers this way. Btw, I DID go through all of the trouble shooting info on your web site, tried to contact someone because nothing advised 1. Worked or 2. Applied to my issues. I left a message to speak to someone, but that hasn’t happened and I’m still waiting.
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3 years ago, 🐶🦔
Doesn’t Have Basic Features
We can all pretty much agree Netflix is the standard to uphold with streaming platforms. CBS/Paramount is late to the game so why is it that they don’t even have the basic features you expect with streaming services? There are many other streaming platforms that have managed just fine. You literally had a blue print to follow. You know what is expected. How was this released without a “My List” option or “Favorites”? or how about the ability to click the show you were just watching and seeing an episode list option? You can’t do that. You have to search the show again to get to it. The whole point of streaming was to get away from cable and the commercials. This has more commercials than regular tv that you can’t even fast forward through and once you watch a commercial you can’t fast forward/rewind without it taking you back to the same exact commercials you had already sat through. Heaven forbid you forget and have to watch the same 20minutes again plus more commercials. Why are you putting Paramount commercials on here? We already pay you. You have our business. You don’t even have full seasons of your shows. Many people have complained about all of the above and nothing has been changed. I don’t see how this app was actually approved for release let alone getting complaints for over a year and doing nothing.
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1 year ago, Mandizzledoo
Ads for Paramount are STILL ads!!
I pay for ad-free, yet I’m still forced to watch ads for Paramount shows at the beginning of each episode, most of which I have zero interest in ever watching (I mean, geez, at least track the kinds of shows I like like all the other smart streaming platforms do). Ads cannot be skipped (as EVERY other streaming platform allows) and sometimes I even have to watch more than one ad (up to 2 minutes). I’ve even seen still-image ads for random products when I pause a show! How dare you make me watch ads when I specifically pay to NOT watch them, Paramount. On top of this, the app glitches constantly on every device I’ve used it on. Oh, and it’s hilarious that you respond to each negative review with “We’re sorry! Please contact a representative or visit this page for troubleshooting.” This is not an issue that troubleshooting will fix. This is your very stupid and extremely dishonest marketing technique, and it’s fairly obvious you don’t care about your customers as everyone complains about these issues and you clearly have no intention to fix them. Not only am I canceling, but I have already convinced 3 other friends to cancel, and have found other clever ways to watch your shows thru other means without having to sit thru your stupid stupid ads. Cut out the mandatory ads and fix your many glitches and I’ll consider coming back.
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9 months ago, TerranAlchemy
Questionable whether I will keep subscribing continuously
The app performs its basic functions well, but doesn’t let me focus on what I’m interested in (Star Trek and nothing else); search sometimes behaves weirdly, too - try searching “Star trek”, it gives zero results. Very bad…. Rather than starting on my personal series list, it forces me to look a a home page full of stuff I have no interest in. Added to the facts that I now have to pay an additional $2/month for Showtime, which I don’t want, just to get rid of ads, and a lot of future Star Trek has been cancelled, the value proposition is now pretty poor. Also, despite being logged in to a no-ad account, more than half the time I get shown 30 second promotional ads anyway; I have to cancel and restart episodes to skip them (getting the 6-second logo splash instead). I very much appreciate the Star Trek content, but everything else is wasted on me. Once Lower Decks finishes I will probably drop subscription until new Star Trek content comes out. Without the boost from the excellent Star Trek content, I’d probably rate the app at 1 or 2 stars for poor execution on ad-free tier and lack of any other valuable content for me. Not to mention invasive data collection.
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11 months ago, Zip1331
The app is pretty good, except when paying full price in still getting ads
Let me be clear I do enjoy your app enough that I paid for the Showtime as well as a year subscription. What I don’t like is that I still have ads and yes, I know it says no ads except live TV which I can except for the live TV, but it also says, and a few shows now a few shows every show I watch seems to have ads in it. That doesn’t seem like a few shows to me. Now has for the ads themselves one ad at the beginning of the show OK fine but you’re putting four or five ads in some of them are really long, in the middle of the show when I’m pain for the highest paid plan, come on. I’m beginning to think that all your shows have ads regardless of your plan or subscription. I cannot in good conscience give you more than three stars and even that is only because I enjoy the Contant of which you offer with your app. Please fix your ads that’s just too much when you’re paying that kind of money. And I know it’s not just me because I seen the other reviews. Everybody’s complaining about your ads. I’m dating this August 18, 2023. To see how long it takes you to give good results so that everybody knows exactly when I wrote this review, so in conclusion fix your ads
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2 years ago, jds21x
Bug city
I don’t know how you say you have 4.5 star rating. I just went & read a bunch to see if this was only me. It’s not. I thought maybe my wifi? It’s not! It’s this trash can of an app. How is cbs now paramount+ have such a garbage app? Netflix, hbo, Apple TV, even the free apps all work great. This app makes me thing somethings wrong with the tv the wifi my remote control every thing. It literally is the worst app I’ve ever used. Please hire someone to fix this. Get a Netflix guy to come in & make it at least navigable. Try to move around to find a show to watch you gotta click like ten times & maybe it will move over one spot. The app freezes every 2 seconds on the good shows that people actually wanna watch. Also why after a season is over it’s gone. Like ncis la you can’t watch any old seasons. Why? You own them! We pay for your shows. Could be the greatest app for streaming but no we got the dollar general guy that made the app. Pay somebody who knows what they are doing to come in for a week have it set up like netflix & done. Can’t be that hard considering every other app can do it! Stg the best shows & movies but they are useless because you can’t watch none of them! Dissatisfied disappointed disgraced embarrassed shameful everything you can tell someone that has greatness but let’s you & themselves down every single minute of the day! Horrible!
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3 years ago, Nobbpro
It’s as if the developers at Paramount+ took the time to go over every good function that NETFLIX and other streaming services have and said, “Nahhhhhh, too mainstream, let’s go the Bethesda route.” 20% of the time the app crashes, 50% of the time the videos loop backwards and replay scenes while the audio continues forward, and the last 30% of the time the apps functionality is completely unreliable. To be more specific, my List doesn’t pop up when opening the app, 7/10 times there’s a “Fatal Error”, theres never an option to skip intros, the “Next Episode” button stoped showing up, pressing 1 of the 3 middle buttons on screen of back 10 seconds, pause/play, and forward 10 seconds doesn’t work, and even when paying the $10 a month for no ads, THEY STILL MANAGE TO SNEAK SOME ADS IN THERE. So, some advice to the developers. Take some time to go over the architecture of the app and figure out if there’s anything log jamming individual functionality. Check to see if any functions repeat unnecessarily and determine whether or not the current functions are appropriately designed. Redesign the UI of the video format so that it is more conducive to touch capabilities. Finally, stop giving ads when people are paying double the amount you ask for, for your lowest subscription option.
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3 years ago, Devin Eatman
Great options, poor quality
I have paramount for my PS4. I’ve had it for a few months now, and it’s just ok. The selection of shows is wonderful, however I have an issue with a very specific glitch. Throughout certain shows, the dialogue will go back 5 seconds and repeat itself. The show keeps rolling with the now delayed dialogue. It eventually skips over the forward dialogue causing you to miss some of what was being said in your show. It’s a constant throughout the show and it does get very annoying. Also, it’s plagued with commercials which also are delayed. The advertisement countdown comes on at the top left of the screen randomly, but it doesn’t go to commercial break. It just has an advertisement countdown while your watching your show. At the end of that countdown, then it goes to commercial. Something else that’s strange, is that for the first two or three months of having this app, I only had a commercial at the beginning of the show, and then no more. Now, it’s full of ads. I understand some ads and I’m fine with that, but Jesus Christ. They are long commercial breaks and there are multiple throughout the show. Like I said, it’s not horrible. It just has some glitches. I’m sure they will be worked out in the future.
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1 year ago, Mike Wezyk
Awful UX
I have a hard time believing that most of the positive reviews of this app are real. It’s littered with so many bugs that you’d think it was made of a decomposing carcass. But alas, it’s 2023 and we still have an app that fails to sort episodes as 1,2,3…9,10,11 and still sorts them them as strings, the way a first semester CS student would like 1,10,2,3…. Episode expiration times show as comical dates, such as 24,534 days. More days than I can hope the world still exists if we’re pushing out apps this bad. You still can’t do background downloads! Episodes that appear downloaded randomly cut to black and are completely unplayable. Forget about downloading things to watch on a plane or you’ll end up having to read the flight safety manual, which like Yellowjackets has shown us wouldn’t even be useful. Sometimes the video turns into dank meme pixel art out of nowhere. And the best bug of them all, the cream of the crop… the audio and video get separated nonstop. You’ll just be watching and and next thing you know a conversation is happening 5 seconds after you saw it happen. And only way to fix it? Hard resetting the app every 2 to 3 minutes. It seems designing apps this bad would be impossible, so I am only led to believe it’s nefarious. As good as some of the shows are, the app makes the whole service infuriatingly bad, and I’m going to have to cancel.
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2 years ago, electric eye
Glitchy App and Too Many Commercials
I signed up for the Essential Plan because I figured I wouldn’t mind a few commercials. I was wrong. There are so many commercials, cartoon shorts are unwatchable. I’d stand for a commercial break in between the two shorts in one episode, but to break up each 9-11 minute short with 5 commercials as well as a commercial break in between both shorts making up each episode is insane. Not to mention, when AirPlaying, the commercials always make the app crash. Either the screen goes black, or when it comes back to the episode, it won’t play anymore and then you have to restart it, find where you were, and then it makes you watch the commercials again and then it does the same thing. I was also disappointed you couldn’t download videos for offline viewing on the Essential Plan as I fly a lot. So, I figured I have no choice but to upgrade to Premium. After purchasing, it wont let me actually use premium until my month is up with the Essential Plan so I’m stuck with an unusable app because it won’t even let me pay to upgrade until my month is up. Customer support is was completely unhelpful with this as well. Only a few more days to go until I can upgrade finally, but I’m not happy at all with this app. As soon as the Beavis and Butthead season is over, I’m unsubscribing and sticking with HBO Max.
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3 years ago, Iggy V.
Charged for 30-Day Free Trial
I recently signed up via my AppleTV for a 30-day trial. Went through all steps and was told I would not be billed for one month. In reviewing my billing statement today, I found that I was actually immediately billed by Apple for this service. Upon contacting Apple for an explanation, the agent asked if I’d ever had the service before. I replied that I had not. The agent then informed me that I’d signed up for a free trial of Paramount+ in 2015. Somewhat surprised, I informed the agent that Paramount+ didn’t exist in 2015, having only launched within the last 4 months. The agent then said Paramount+ has been around for a lot longer than that and, again, that I’d signed up for a free trial nearly 6 years ago. Though the agent could provide me no better explanation, as best I can determine, a CBS All Access free trial from 2015 is what Apple is considering to be my Paramount+ free trial, and although that seems a bit ridiculous (given that it’s a completely different service) had Apple simply disclosed that I was going to be charged rather than indicating every step of the way that I was receiving 30 days free, I would have at least had the ability to make a decision. In this case Apple decided to misinform me and then tell me after the fact that, “of course we charged you based upon a free trial for Paramount+ over 5 years before it existed.” Lame.
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9 months ago, ShoshieG
$13 dollars for “ad free”
I have never been more frustrated with a streaming platform than I am with Paramount Plus. From skyrocketing prices to intrusive advertisements, this service continues to disappoint at every turn. Let me share my horrendous experience and why I would strongly advise against subscribing to Paramount Plus. First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room – the ever-increasing prices. When Paramount Plus initially launched, it promised a cost-effective alternative to other streaming giants. However, it didn't take long for them to break their promise and start raising their subscription fees. It feels like every few months there's a new price hike with almost no added value. This blatant disregard for their customers' wallets is simply unacceptable. But it doesn't end there. Paramount Plus has also shamelessly inundated their platform with ads. That's right, you're paying a premium price, and they still have the audacity to subject you to countless advertisements. I have never understood this absurdity – I pay for a service to enjoy uninterrupted content, not to be bombarded with commercials at every opportunity. It's like they're squeezing every last penny out of their subscribers without considering their viewing experience.
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2 years ago, Leebalou
So disappointed
I got this app specifically to continue watching several series not available on any other service. This app is EXTREMELY SLOW just to load. This app SKIPS and is not fluid in transitions between ads and the program. When watching a series in order, it SKIPS EPISODES every single time. It starts the unwatched episodes at 33 minutes in and NOT the BEGINNING. Paramount Plus needs to take a page from Disney+ and Netflix. Those apps load quickly and always give you the option to start at the beginning or resume at the exact place you left off. They are reliable and don’t dump you out of the app for no reason. I wait about 3-5 minutes every time I launch this app for it to load and it’s not because we have a slow connection. We have the fastest speed internet available. The episodes skip ahead 2-5 seconds continuously and then the audio isn’t synced with what is on the screen. Please make this app more robust so that your customers experience will be better and they will continue to keep it. When I am finished with the series I’m watching, I am cancelling my subscription. So disappointed because Paramount+ has several shows that I love but will look elsewhere for something to watch going forward. Got the response from the developers and they told me to sit tight IF the app is updated. IF. REALLY🤗?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!
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3 years ago, Alex S.
Weak/Pithy Software
Update from developer: was told to contact their support for technical assistance. Funny how I have to pay for Paramount+ so I can spend my time trying to resolve an issue that I have never encountered with any other streaming service. Looking to watch YELLOWSTONE? Forget it in Paramount+. Not available. BUT, it is available on the regular Paramount app. Only caveat is that this regular app relies on old technology of one having to have a cable subscription. The more I see how Paramount works the more frustrated I get. I am going to unsubscribe as the whole service is very “loser” friendly, not user friendly. We are a family of four. Three Apple TV’s yet only one plays Paramount Plus. Even when the device playing is shut off, the other two just show wheel of death spinning. Also, if you start a movie before the audio preview starts, it plays over the regular movie causing stupid confusion. Oh, and we subscribed to watch Yellowstone season 4 and well, that is not on the Paramount Plus. It is only in the Paramount app. Thanks Paramount for making the whole process completely worthless. We unsubscribing after free trial period. Not worth the headache. Paramount, get your act together before you go on stage! Pathetic. Maybe you should look at some of the real streaming players before you try to play in the big leagues. One word for Paramount… useless.
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3 years ago, sarena1594
The Worst Streaming Experience of All Platforms
I’ve used every major streaming platform over the last few years, whether for Live streaming, TV shows, movies, news, etc. and I am wholeheartedly say Paramount+ is the worst streaming experience I’ve had. The app on IPhone and IPad constantly freezes and fails to load. Casting via Chromecast is impossible, particularly for live streamed events, and so far, many of the broadcasts for live events have been of poor quality/presentation when they do happen to work. Paramount+ customer service does a poor job of triaging, mitigating, and solving issues. Their main solution is to “escalate”, meaning that you will never hear back from them and your issue will not get resolved. Their solution is to offer a free month, but who wants to continue with a service that doesn’t allow you to stream what you want to (whether it’s paid or free)? I would highly recommend staying away from this streaming service. CBS Viacom has very obviously spent money to access streaming rights and to create new content, but they have not put much thought into technology, delivery of services, customer experience, and customer service. This service does not have any value to consumers given that most of the time they are not able to stream content in a similar way as other, much better streaming services allow.
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3 years ago, Fkgggshfif
Good content with horrendous app performance
Honestly this app has great shows but the app itself is totally unusable on the iPhone. First of all, I paid for the premium membership because it was advertised as letting you download your shows for airplanes, car rides, etc. In reality you get to choose from about 20-25 shows. All of them are either MTV shows like Jersey Shore or kids shows like rug rats... I can honestly say that neither of those genres are for me and in my mind that was misleading advertising. Second, sometimes the app completely denies me from pausing a show. I can skip forward and backward but under no circumstances will it let me pause it. I literally have to close the app to get it to stop playing which can get very aggravating. Third, if you close out of the app to answer a text / call / get your show to pause / any other reason it will crash when you get back to it and put you on an entirely new episode. Hopefully you have incredible memory or else you’ll never find out which episode you were on ever again. Every update solves 1 issue and creates 2 more. I’ve had this app for a few months now and it just gets worse and worse. Other than those issues the Smithsonian Chanel has some good shows that make this app somewhat worth it but to be honest I would never recommend that anyone spend a penny on with this app.
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9 months ago, kmusicman47
Total Sham
I paid $120 for no ads in March 2023 now it’s October 2023 and suddenly the app doesn’t work anywhere, went through the process of them emailing the same fixes for a week and nothing has worked. I finally accessed paramount on the web site and watched 1 show, I had to endure 18 ads throughout the show, it took me 75 minutes to get through a 36 min show. Never mind that I paid for no ads. Then to make matters worse they state no refunds. So it is very obvious that they are trying to force everyone to endure ads whether you paid for no ads or not. CBS must be having some horrific financial problems, and with all the lawsuits that are sure to follow, they might just possibly go into financial ruin. Needless to say this app has been cancelled and the credit card removed from the app. Good riddance. Very suspicious business practices on CBS’s part.. Update This company is really showing its true colors, since the whole app fiasco, that isn’t fixed, I could at least watch things on the website, but as of today they have installed some reroute program which has completely rendered the website inoperable also. I have turned the whole matter over to the Better Business Bureau and Attorneys and encourage everyone else to do the same. It appears the Better Business Bureau is being overrun with complaints about CBS and Paramount..
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5 years ago, Transplant37
This is ridiculous. When the app works it works fine. But it freezes a lot. Then the app needs to be closed to restart. The download should be a true download. Some episodes simply stop and there is not resetting that position. The only thing to do is remove the download and the re-download. Now if I had consistent WiFi, then why would I need to download? It is like the developers have never traveled nor used the other online apps like Prime or Netflix or ITunes. I paid for it. I should be able to download the episode, with error correction, see the episode and then delete it. Simple. But not on this app. When I am on a plane or train and wi-if is spotty, that should not even matter because the episodes are downloaded! And I am traveling overseas now and can’t watch because I am out of the country???? Ridiculous. I downloaded the episodes in the USA, I should be able to watch them overseas. Same as the other apps. CBS, if you want me to pay full price then make Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery on iTunes and I will pay it. But if you want me to use the CBS app and pay you directly at least give me an app that works and works for travel. Not every user is a 20 year old sitting on their mom’s couch. Some of us have jobs, money, choices and are aware of other apps and how this CBS app should function.
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4 years ago, bka15
Truly Terrible
I really hate writing bad reviews, I work in customer service and bad reviews are the worst! However! Because you have to purchase the service to see Picard, and there is no other way, this makes having a terrible service even worse. To create an amazing show, to make it available only if you pay monthly for this service, and then have said service be incredibly slow and glitchy to the point of being practically inoperable is truly a way of showing you care little for your subscribers beyond their money. This is truly the most poorly functioning streaming service I have encountered and I struggle through Prime Tv often. Not only is it incredibly slow, when I watch shows it will get stuck on a commercial loop. It will go to commercial break, go back to the last two seconds before break, then back to a commercial break stopping to try to load for several seconds between each commercial. This will repeat endlessly until I restart completely. At that point, even if I check for updates, turn it of and on again, turn the entire system off and on again, all basic troubleshooting, if you attempt to resume the show it goes strait back into the loop. I am truly frustrated and disappointed and despite my absolute love of all things Picard and Patrick Stewart I will sadly chose to no longer toss money into something that does not work.
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9 months ago, FreedomGuy19
Good value.
Updating my review. The app works well but the billing system is the worst I have ever seen. I was billed for the higher cost plan with Showtime and tried to change it to the cheaper basic. I don’t care for Showtime. No one answers on chat, FB Messenger or much of anything. No phone number or email if you are in the USA. Trying to get a refund as we speak and they don’t want to do it. Their policy is no refunds so if you get mad and cancel they will keep your money and close your account. This is actually theft in my book. I came to the app as a Start Trek fan. I did not realize at first they have every Trek series back to the original (TOS)! I am not a big TV fan and cancelled cable years ago. However, I now can get my favorite SciFi series and go back to ones I never saw before like Voyager and Deep Space 9 and see what I missed. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed them all. It has been a therapeutic diversion during these stressful times. I love that I can watch on a mobile device while in bed or sitting in my office. I would also say that it is worth the extra money to get commercial free.
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2 years ago, TNGMac
Not up to standards
What goes through my mind every time I open this app for ios, or the TV version (LG) is that the folks who designed this app tech never watched Netflix. After many years, Netflix got it right and these guys (Paramount) somehow thought it was a good idea to start from scratch. It’s a very heavy app, so your network speed needs to be stellar at all times or it will buffer every few seconds (Netflix circa 2017). It doesn’t remember shows in a series that you’ve already watched, so if you forget which one you are on, you have to scroll through all of them and guess. It does sort of remember the one you were watching last only on the main screen of the show, but when you click Episodes, you always start at season 1, episode 1 even if the last episode you watched was season 6, episode 24 (again, the developers never watched netflix apparently). However, since they removed all of their shows from other streaming networks, if you like Star Trek or Frazier, you have no choice but to deal with it (and pay for it, of course). Very substandard in the most basic things, but I’m sure they will eventually get it right and make the app experience as enjoyable as the the content.
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3 years ago, twaynejordan
Annoying Issues
So I love the movies and TV shows that the streaming service offers. But there are three specific issues that really annoy me to the point where I almost can’t watch the app. The first is that when you watch a show and it is added to your “continue watching” queue, if you click on it from the “continue watching” queue it does not allow you to choose the episode you would like to watch. So if you are watching a show late at night and fall asleep and miss a few episodes, you can’t just click on it in your “continue watching” queue. You have to search for the show again and choose it from the search area, because that is the only way you can choose which episode to watch. The second is how often the streaming messes up during ads at the end of episodes. So a lot of times when an episode ends and it plays the ads, once the ads are over it won’t go to the next episode, and gets stuck on just a black screen to where you have to restart the app. Lastly, the subtitles for shows and movies are WAY off. They show about two frames too fast, and if the speaker is talking fast, then the subtitles move so quickly that it is sometimes impossible to read them fast enough to know what is being said.
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1 year ago, kimlinebiased
Horrid and Monopolizing
Update - after months of fighting with this app on my tv, now it just won’t open at all. You’d think apps would get BETTER, not worse, but here we are. I genuinely think a bunch of monkeys would do a better job coding for this app than the fools they currently have employed - apparently not one of them knows how to create a working app. Honestly, I haven’t dealt with a more badly made app in all my years of streaming. Especially not a paid app. My goodness, it’s worse than rabbit ears on tv. The subtitles are glitchy and delayed at best - nonexistent sometimes. The commercial cuts are obtrusive and force you to watch the ending credits on many programs. The sheer number of errors! I can’t get through an hour long program on any device without at least 3-4 errors. Not to mention, the app doesn’t always save your place. Half the time it restarts the episode (loves to do this if you turned it off at the end of an ep without watching credits). The front screen is horribly laggy and delayed and half the time I don’t know if I’m clicking the right program. Honestly, I abhor this app. Unfortunately, the money hungry paramount people released a half finished app and force it to be paid and then yanked their content from every other service instead of taking time and making an app that works before releasing it.
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2 years ago, Rusty Shacklfield
FIX yourselves, P+
This platform is worse than HBO Max… (if you know, you know). I’m able to load a show approximately 1 out of 4 tries. Then once it plays a 30 second ad for about 5 seconds; it cuts & goes right to my programming. Cool. It then plays the full episode, with no buffering. THEN… once the episode is over, literally 100% of the time, says connection error & wont play the next episode (auto-play is on), & freezes. Additionally. The FFW/RW features are very poor. Sometimes if you bump the remote/controller, it will crash the platform once you try to cancel the action. Everything is up to date on all devices, & things have yet to improve. I’ve used data, WiFi, hotspot, etc. Zero improvements. & don’t even get me started on trying this app on the Vizio smartTV… I almost destroyed my remote bc I thought it was my remote that wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. Was definitely not my remote. EDIT: OH. It’s latest trick: I have to manually log back in every single time I open the app again 👍🏼 Update after dev response: I’ve troubleshot it a hundred times with no relevant success. Not to mention, your trouble shooting just consists of “close the program, & open it again,” or, “clear your cache.” None of that works. Read the room, Paramount+. Read. The. Room.
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3 years ago, Anqt
Tons of commercials and growing...
When I first purchased this app to watch some of our family favorites, it was just ok. Love the shows but then we had to constantly restart the show because it would freeze up (it wasn’t an problem with our internet as our apps worked just fine at the same time). Then oh my goodness with the commercials... it started with three stops per episode at about 60 seconds to show about 2 commercials (I thought not too bad, there’s more on regular cable, part of the reason we got rid of it). Then with each season of the show the commercials increased in quantity (5-6 stops at 90 seconds to 2 minutes each stop) and length and we’re still having problems with the shows just stopping in the middle of an episode. This is getting as bad a cable if not worst because you can’t fast forward through them and your watching. More and more commercials instead of your show. I really would like to keep the app but this is becoming incredibly frustrating. If the commercials were cut back to 2 commercials stops an episode at 30-60 seconds it would be better and I would be more inclined to keep the app as I wouldn't constantly feel like I’m watching a constant stream of commercials instead of the show.
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1 month ago, BadDomino5
I pay for this service. I do not want ads. I DO NOT want advertisements. I want to choose the media I want to stream, hit go, and have it delivered in the best possible quality. THAT is what I am paying for, that is the service I want and I do not want anything that sullies the experience with unskippable advertisements. You don't understand; I AM in control here. We keep debating this and the simple fact is, I'm paying. You are the product. Get rid of these ads or I'll get rid of my subscription. Thank you. NO ads. Ever. Not when I'm paying for the service. NO WAY. Edit: I see the developer response. I do subscribe to the highest tier plan. That's my entire point. When I press play on a movie title or show, I'm ready for that movie or show. I am NOT INTERESTED in any quick trailers or being updated on your programming. I'm not interested being programmed; thank you anyway. Any of this information I can gather on my own I do not need nor want it spoon fed to me when I'm ready for my show. No. And you can take this or leave it; it's free information directly from a paying customer telling you what they do not want. What I'm not willing to pay for. As of now I'm catching up on discovery and I'm gone. My streaming dollars go where they are best spent and there's a lot of options.
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5 months ago, Bubba999
Don’t know if the trial was cancelled
Downloaded a trial to watch the Super Bowl. Part of the signup requires userid/password, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re overriding your existing AppleID password. I could see the game, but tried to mirror to the TV and could only do so with part of the screen. So I downloaded Paramount onto my TV and tried to sign on, but it didn’t recognize my password, not even my old AppleID password. I selected Forgot Password, and Paramount said they emailed me a link, but they didn’t. Completely frustrated, I tried to cancel the trial subscription, but I have no idea if the cancellation worked since my subscription status is exactly the same as it was before the attempted cancellation. I can’t even get to Support to fix the problem. NEVER EVER use Paramount! UPDATE: I got a notification that this review has a response, but I can’t view it in the App Store. It doesn’t matter: I still don’t know if Paramount cancelled my trial subscription! Exactly one week after cancelling, coincidentally when the trial would have renewed, my iPhone locked up for over an hour. My guess is that Paramount tried to bill me using my Paramount password instead of my AppleID password and they locked up my phone. Stop trying to bill me for something I never used, and hire some customer support people. Or just go away!
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3 years ago, lucky gander
Needs work for traveling viewers
I know Paramount is just getting started in streaming, but the experience using this app while traveling needs a lot of work. I downloaded shows the night before traveling and on my flight the next day, they had disappeared. I looked at app storage on my phone and saw that it was using 2.5 GB of space, so they were in there, the app just wasn’t showing them to me, even while I was authenticated and could view my profile. To solve, I had to pay for internet access on the flight and force quit the app a few times (all while authenticated in the app) until it reconnected and used internet service to show the list of downloads (even though they were in the app and taking up multiple GB of space). Even then, one of the 5 episodes was corrupt and would not play. For the flight back, I tried to apply what I had learned. I downloaded again the night before, and connected in the app to confirm that the download list would display before I boarded. This went better, but one episode had audio that kept cutting in and out. Needs work. I probably won’t use for travel again until they get a few more versions out. Will likely cancel my subscription for now and decide later if it is worth another try.
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4 years ago, 1stCeye
Since yesterday, when I discovered this app...I have watched, back to back a TV SERIES that I had resigned myself to miss. It’s happened before; if I cannot afford’s not for me. Dispute intense regret, I waved good bye to the ad on my ipad. When I saw the ad and went further into it, I was amazed. No 67, I’m still a child of the universe and STAR TREK arriving in my life in 1966, was a “me’ changer. I literally covered the back of my bedroom door with photos from the TV GUIDE AND ANY I could con from Desilu..I attended the New York CONS! There is way more to this story, but that’s not for here. HERE, I will sing the praises of finding EVERY STAR TREK MOVIE, SHOW, TRAILERS and something called STAR TREK SHORTS. Short, wonderful pieces that bring you back to your (mine,too) first stunned, breathless moments when your realization that there COULD be something better for the Human race. If you are a TREKKIE, TREKKER, OR just watch for understand. The 100,000 of fans are not just good luck....we understand. If YOU DON’T understand; here is where you will! Oh, there are a ton of other shows I intend to ‘exploit’ when I need a break from the Federation....come and see!
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5 years ago, Serenity1208
I’m beyond frustrated and angry! For several yrs., I’ve been paying to watch CBS shows and all I get is constantly frozen episodes! It takes 2 hrs SERIOUSLY to watch an hour long show. Every minute, the app freezes and I have to close it and start over. If I try to resume, I have to watch all the commercials and then it freezes again. I’ve been through the whole customer service thing and they just want to blame it on Verizon. I’ve had Verizon to my home. They’ve checked everything and are sure it’s on YOUR end! Why can’t you fix this problem that apparently a ton of other customers are having? You’re the only major network that charges to watch their shows and I can’t even watch them This is disgusting!!! **UPDATE EVEN MORE DISGUSTED I posted my review a week ago and you replied saying the app had been updated and as far as you were concerned, all problems fixed. You asked that I post a new review after I used the new updated app. Well here I am and more annoyed than the first time! You app freezes constantly! I have to close the app, reopen it and start my show over FROM THE BEGINNING including the million commercial! What am I paying for?????? ABC, NBC and FOX don’t charge and their apps work perfect! Please fix this app or I’m done paying. It looks like I’m not alone either so keep your eyes open for a ton of cancellations!!!
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11 months ago, GuineaPig83
Worst streaming app I’ve ever used…. But it has Star Trek
So I’ve paid for the no ads version of this app for about a year. This is the only streaming service I use currently, and it is by far the worst streaming app I’ve ever used by technical standpoint. Navigating the app is confusing, it crashes often, sometimes doesn’t save what you’re watching, plays shows out of order occasionally, autoplay doesn’t really work, and despite paying for the no ads version multiple ads will play before my show about half the time (but you can skip them by reloading). And today I found out they’re raising price by $20 while seemingly doing nothing to make the user experience better (maybe they are but I haven’t seen any improvement). The only reason why I’m giving 3 stars and not 1 is because paramount + has all of the Star Trek shows, new and old. I absolutely love Star Trek and it’s great to watch the new series and have all of them in one place. I’m very grateful for the fact that they’ve had a huge part in the creation of new Star Trek shows and that means I will continue to use this service. I just wish they cared more about the experience of the people paying to use this app :/
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9 months ago, I Love😍😍😍 this Game
First of I think that paramount+ deserves that editor’s choice (which they got) and second of all I am a huge fan of iCarly! The kids version is a meh, but the adult version is off the charts! But there’s one issue with the adult version. I DO NOT GET TO SEE CARLY’S MOM!! Okay, I looked it up to see if there would be a season 4, AND THERE’S NOT! Like WHAT?!?! COME ON JUST CONTINUE THE SHOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I just want to see what Carly’s mom looks like and I need more! I already watched all the episodes within 5 days! And I need more! Listen I watch iCarly 24/7 and I cannot get enough of it! But ending the show like that! NO, NO, NO, NO!! I was even CONSIDERING DELETING the app. But then I was like ehhhhhhh. Also what the heck is awkward? Every time I finish the show iCarly it just show’s my this random show called “awkward” anyways this was my review. I recommend downloading this app I mean who doesn’t have it?!??!?!? But please, continue the show and even if you don’t at least show us Carly’s mom! P.S. if you don’t want a spoiler don’t look CARLY and FREDDIE are together! So that means Creddie (Carly and Freddie) beat the Seddies! (Sam and Freddie) Edit: thank you paramount+ for leaving a developer response!
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2 years ago, HalleMonet
Great content horrible software
This app, rather it be the mobile version or the version on my gaming system or fire stick, has many issues and is very behind the industry standards. If I want to rewind partially, I’m not given that option on my t.v. It automatically skips back by 3-8 minutes. Also when I do rewind it forces me to rewatch a commercial even if I hadn’t touched the commercial zone area. It freezes, some times it will just replay commercials over and over even after I’ve completed the commercial time limit. The app runs my phone hot. After commercial break the content picks back up at a random spot you previously seen. There have been multiple that I decided not to even complete the episode because the bugs are too irritating. There have also been occurrences that when I click on content from the main menu, nothing happens, or it’ll display an error. I’ve considered ending my subscription just because these bugs seem consistent and it appears that your organization is more focused on creating engaging content opposed to fixing app errors to create a more user friendly interface. I’d recommend you allocate more efforts there. People are paying for a convenient service. If it’s not convenient , they are sure to locate your content using other platforms for free.
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2 years ago, Lolerloo
Improvements needed
I subscribed to this app to watch 1883. Upon opening the app it is hit and miss if it’ll work. Sometimes it works but most of the time I receive a streaming error. (All other devices in our home work fine). If the app decides to load, maneuvering through the various shows is temperamental. Just when I think I found the show I want to watch and click on it, low and behold the delayed cursor moves over and decides I need to watch a different show. Also, there are waaay too many ads during the shows. For an app, that I pay for each month, you’d think the ads could be lessened. *Edited to add after the developer responded to my above review: 1.) The technical issues seem to be happening with everyone that has the app. I’d say that there is still an infestation of bugs and the developer should try to fix those before pushing the “premium” plan that doesn’t have commercials. 2.) I never said the $4.99 per month that I pay to use the app should negate any and all commercials. I said there were too many commercials. Too frequent. Too long. More than on “television” (as the developer pointed out). My hope would be to see less frequent, and shortened commercials considering this is a PAID APP and not television.
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2 years ago, Joerobe
Buggy, doesn't cast well
I regret that I have to use this app to watch shows that I really like. Older chrome casts cause shows to hang. With a new chrome cast, shows hang on commercials, so your 90 second commercial break turns into a 120 second commercial. The commercials are much louder than the shows. For older shows, commercials get inserted at random places, mid-dialogue, rather than where the original show was clearly intending for a commercial (like a fade out). Edit: this app after over a year is still poor at best. It is still buggy, takes a long time to load anything. If I cast it, it sometimes forgets that it's playing/casting anything, so if I want to pause or stop I have to close and reload the app. Issue occur on both phone and iPad. It forgets what I've watched for some series, so the "continue watching" options are useless. It declares I must go to the app or platform where I created the account to change the account settings, which of course I don't know since it was so long ago. I would love to upgrade my account to get rid of the loud, poorly-inserted commercials, but alas I can't. Anyone who uses other apps like this (HBO Max, Netflix, Prime, Apple+) can see stark discrepancies between those and this apps. If I could watch Star Trek on anything else, I would, and pay more for it.
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7 months ago, Berlyvonne
Cable Subscriber & Frequent Traveler- Would Give a Zero If I Could
I know the subscriber demographic and viewing habits have changed but why are streaming vendor services going backwards in technological time. Why is Netflix is the only consistent and decent user experience app out there (despite lapse in content sometimes) Copy Netflix for goodness sake and you will be good. P+ App - UI is terrible, access for cable subscribers is garbage. I still can’t figure out how I get Showtime access without paying more money while they sort out stuff until January. I don’t want P+ I just want what I paying for with my cable subscription. I never thought I would say this but watching TV or I should say sitting down trying to figure out what I want to watch on TV is such a frustrating experience now. What show was I watching or want to watch? Oh I don’t have access to that show unless I pay $blah..99. What episode did I last watch, which streaming app? Oh this streaming app doesn’t save my place, I guess I have to start all over. Leave it to the conglomerates gobble everything up then muck everything up for the viewers to get on the streaming bandwagon. Ugh! I guess I should go back to reading more books. Less trouble these days. Don’t need a plug or router just the sun and some good ol DD batteries for a flash light!
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3 years ago, MyanMan0735
I made my decision based off of the reviews.
So I’m looking for a new streaming service and up until a month ago I had NetFlix which is pretty standard I’d say. But the selection never changes so I moved to HBOMAX. It worked great the first 2 weeks then started glitching and giving me error codes every time I would open the app. Needless to say I cancelled it as well. Now onto Paramount+. Before I wasted my money I read a bunch of reviews and saw tons of negative while only reading a few positive and even those weren’t very enthusiastic. So based on others reviews I’ll not be subscribing to Paramount+. Furthermore, the ones at Paramount+ who respond. To these reviews are probably not even human and huge a very standard robotic response and seen to not care about fixing any issue that the person describes. That had a lot to do with my decision as well. To the folks at Paramount+, I know you don’t care about your customers and why would you. But you do need to atleast act like you care about the quality of your product. It seems like you just pacify your subscribers by giving an empty apology. It’s not rocket science. Put out a product that justifies asking for a subscription and you’ll attract more subscribers. Hence you’ll make more money and control the vast majority of consumers when it comes to Streaming TV.
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