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User Reviews for ParentVUE

1.49 out of 5
45 Ratings
6 days ago, evmcbride
This app is garbage.
When you download the app it takes you to a website instead of opening as its own app. The actions I need to do on the app are virtually unavailable on the website…🙄
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4 years ago, Gloaming1974
Horrible app!
Update: When are you going to make it possible to copy your child’s other parent (often located in a separate household) on emails? These families number in the millions. You and the school systems are operating off 1950’s assumptions about the US population. You aren’t meeting the needs of today’s families! The ONLY thing this app does decently is show me my son’s grades. Our district has deemed that we MUST use it in order to communicate with teachers. But the email portion doesn’t work on my iPhone, I can’t copy my son’s father on any communication, and the website doesn’t even work in my phone. So after work, between making dinner for my family,’helping with homework, and doing necessary chores such as laundry, I have to make time to sit down at my laptop to log in. What are parents who can’t afford a computer supposed to do?? We live in a very poor district, one of the worst in the country, and there are so many families who can’t afford a home computer. For the first three weeks of school this year, the school didn’t even KNOW we had to use parentvue, so important emails went unanswered. Why on earth would anyone want to use an app that blocks parent-teacher communication instead of facilitating it?
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4 years ago, Psenechal
Developers should be fired
I have been a software engineer for over 20 years and I have NEVER experience an application that has as many bugs, incomplete, and non-functioning features as this one. This company seriously needs to review its Software Delivery Lifecycle. Tonight alone I have received no less than 30 notifications that I have a new message in ParentVUE, yet when I login and check, there are ZERO new messages. Bonus feature...when I click the back button from my Inbox, the app goes completely haywire and drills all the way down to the first email in my inbox. I tried deleting an old message in my inbox and finally gave up because every time I tried, the app crashed. First day of school and neither of our kids could login to get the message from their teachers on what to do. Seriously considering writing my own app and selling it to the school district for I’m sure the ridiculous price they charged for this total piece of junk. You really should be ashamed for releasing something of this quality to students and parents.
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5 years ago, AppleApple495
Glitchy App
It is not intuitive where to go find notes from the teacher. I have two children at the same school and notes from one child’s teacher show up as a message under the other child. Trying to read a message from 9/11 from the teachers shows that after I am done reading, the envelope closed as if it is another new message and the notification remains in the app but I am not receiving notifications outside of the app. It took many clicks to figure out even where to go to get to the message. The message shows up under one of the children but I have to click on messages to read it, if you click on your child, there is no way to get to the message. I do not understand all these “not due” entries placed in the app for assignments, it seems our children’s school has decided to treat it as an interim grade book rather than specific grades for each actual assignment/test our child takes.
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7 months ago, drwash06
Never works
ParentVue never works when I need to report an absence. Never. The dropbox for reasons doesn’t show anything but there’s no way to bypass the dropbox by putting the reason for the absence in the notes section. Why offer a feature that can’t be used? Every time this happens I look to see if there’s an update causing the glitch, but…that doesn’t appear to be the case. None of other features seem to work either, my daughters grade (10th) was wrong, my other daughter has her 4th grade picture still (she’s now in 7th), and none of the other features seem to be utilized- although I’m willing to share blame with their school for those issues. But come on, ParentVue, what’s the deal with reporting attendance?! Fix it already!
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2 years ago, MileHighDevs
An app that highlights that the real problem in education is: parents!
This app does what it’s supposed to do – no more, no less. And it does it as well as anything else out there on the market. The problem is that parents are notoriously lazy bunch and can’t be bothered to read directions or instructions. ParentVUE tracks your kids attendance, shows missing assignments and notes from the teacher, has an adequate group email function, and has historical documents and test scores. You really don’t want it to do anything else besides that, and it does all of those things quite well, if you bother to read the instructions.
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6 years ago, yces12
Latest update was an awful choice among other issues
So a few problems to address with the most recent update is the format which doesn’t fit and overlaps or underlaps over other boxes in some areas. Second issue is that we don’t have quarter markings now we just have little blank dots which is extremely infuriating. The final issue which has been going on for so long even before the update is the fact when teachers post assignments on the class websites with multiple files you can only see/download one file the others are all missing or the one file you can view can’t be viewed at all. This app to be honest has simple priorities it needs to reach which doesn’t include design. Fix the problematic issues first then worry about the app format and design.
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6 years ago, MeelieBugg
Great until latest update.
Before the latest update I have had no issues and would’ve given it a five star rating. Since the update, biggest issue I have is format. Before, when glancing at the grades, under the grade book tab, all the classes are listed with the grades for all classes right there. Now, the grade boxes are bigger and class grades do not show up. When you touch your finger to scroll they do finally show up but in the box (class). They show up listed above it- in the wrong class. Im guessing the box size format must be wrong. There is no boarder or box around the grade to separate it so it makes it extra confusing and not user friendly. To get an accurate grade I must now click on the class itself. *Using app on iPhone.
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6 years ago, libb_stick
Trying to support our son’s teachers by keeping up on his assignments and grades. They don’t even use it fully and 1/2 the times his assignment grades are not posted so we do not get a full idea of where he is falling behind. You email the teachers and sometimes they never respond. You don’t even know an assignment is missing until AFTER the due date. How can you possibly help your student if the information isn’t there to follow. Not to mention the server is down 1/2 the time and the tech support at the school is clueless. They can look online and tell me the last time I logged in, we’ll no kidding I just told you that, I’d say. Then they tell you to call the district person. Good Lord! Send home notes or email the parent. The gap between schools/ teachers and parents widens.
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3 years ago, really-unhappy
Glitchy, slow, errors and less reliable than USPS
For such and important tool for communication with parents and schools it is probably the worst I’ve seen. Checking and sending messages are slow on a good day. Attachment take a long time to load if they don’t throw an error. Sending an email has less than a 50% chance of sending without some cryptic error popping up. Screens regularly show up with missing options. Having more than one student produces one notification per student even if the message is only sent to one student. Some teachers are moving to other tools that send text messages instead. Can’t imagine the aggravation that teaches have with a product that never seems to get better.
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9 months ago, Comverned
Helpful, but accessibility could improve
I am supporting Synergy implementation in our school district this year. As a parent, I find this apps incredibly helpful. Let’s me message staff, submit attendance, see assignments, check grade book, even look at progress toward graduation. In my support role, I’ve found that multilingual parents are struggling to set their language preference when they log into the app. The login screen needs to have language preference 3/4 of the way down the page in a highlighted color. As it is, it’s not obvious and most are missing it. Fingers crossed that the developers will honor reviews and update accordingly.
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6 years ago, Chefé
Great way to keep up to date
These days as a working parent it’s hard to keep track of everything! Especially with multiple kids in different schools. This allows me to see everything for both kids. Daily assignments, current grades and test scores. Now yes it DOES require the teachers to input info, but that ISNT the fault of the app or the developer. It does exactly what it says and works without flaws. I love it. So helpful in working with my kids to stay on task or ahead and get the caught up on late, missing or poorly scored tests and assignments. I happy to have it.
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1 year ago, goodform
Messages Don’t Clear, don’t get marked read
Every time I login to ParentVue I have the same notification on the upper right corner telling me I have unread messages. When I go in it’s the same messages I’ve read over and over, they never get marked read. I also took some time to try and delete all the messages, some of them just won’t delete, when I swipe they don’t slide over to show the Delete button. And the ones I was able to delete, they’re back when I log back in. So I just have to ignore the messages section, useless. Really bad unit testing, and QA testing on this one. It’s like the programmer just felt like the first swag at this was good enough, off to production.
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10 years ago, Ronchbo
App has some big flaws.
I've been using the app for a while now. It's missing some key features. As another review mentioned, there is no way to delete messages or even keep them showing as "read". Every time I sign in it shows 18 new messages even though I've previously read them all. My son's school decided not to mail report cards this year. I couldn't find a way in the app to see his report card. When I signed in to the actual website instead of using the app,I found a tab specifically called report card that isn't present on the app. You're better off using your web browser and signing in to the website than to use this app if you're using an iPad.
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2 years ago, Swizzlestick84
Update is a fail
This app has never been great, but it has been better than it is now. I have to log in to the app, then when I want to look at something specific (i.e. grades) I have to log in again. It is a complete mess. There is no way an “update” should fail so miserably and there is no attempt to fix it after they have been notified of the many issues. I’m going to reach out to my district with issues and hopefully they will look for other software. I have no problem using an app for registering, payments, checking grades, contacting teachers, or to report absences if it is going to actually work… but this does not.
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2 years ago, BeachBreeze
Grade book error
I generally love this app and the ability to keep up with my student. However in the grade book I am consistently getting an error after a recent upgrade. I can tap the screen past the error but it is not clear to get past it that way. I am also getting an error in the grade book saying I am not logged in. How am I able to reach the grade book if I have not logged in? Last year this app was key to keeping up with my student. This year I don’t trust the information because of the errors.
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2 years ago, ac431
This app is useless for anything beyond checking attendance at this point. The grades are not even up to date and you can’t even view messages or create a new message to communicate with the teachers. If you have more than one child then your message to one child’s teacher will have the other child’s name which causes confusion and there is no way to fix it. Please use a new developer for this app because whoever created this it’s trash. Parents rely on this app to stay up to date and in the know with what is going on in school.
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2 years ago, TnB 99
Works mostly but can’t print
This app works mostly for checking grades and attendance, etc.. but it has NO option to print the transcript that it displays. I thought I must be missing something here, but after calling the school, they said it doesn’t print. I have to log into the web version on a computer (I found I can use the web from my iPhone too) but why leave out such a basic but very useful option??? C’mon you can do better. Please fix this issue.
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5 years ago, My Opinion1
Very Helpful!!
This app keeps me informed. I can check my child’s grades, assignments, etc. The only thing that I noticed that needs an update is that when I click to email a teacher, sometimes it opens the email of the first period teacher in my child’s schedule. Basically, if I’m not careful I can email the wrong teacher because for some reason sometimes it opens the 1st period teacher’s email instead of the 3rd or 5th period etc Please fix this. I learned this the hard way by emailing the wrong teacher.
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2 years ago, harlanhu28
So it’s December 16 the week before finals in the whole system goes down for three straight days and when you have two high school students you have no idea what’s going on or what they have left to turn in. My son and my daughter both had straight A’s when we took a picture of it a couple days before it went down and it came back up yesterday for about a half an hour and they had F’s in three classes. We pay our tax dollars for this and they are destroying children’s futures with this horrible app and company.
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5 years ago, Mom o'Four
Worked for a few months, now crashes constantly
When it works, it’s pretty good - nice to see kids’ attendance, assignments and grades. BUT if you have multiple children it’s not intuitive how to switch between views for each one. And, when you view info for 1 kid and try to email their teacher, the email may look like it’s coming from “the parent of (one of your other kids)”. For the past month the app has crashed as soon as I log in. I reinstalled it, updated the iOS... still won’t work. Disappointing.
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9 years ago, Corie JJay Gregg
Concerned parent
The school uses the app for their grading system so I'm required to use it, however it only works if the teacher update their work. The email feature works great, if they respond. The finger print only works on certain schools or phones - don't know since the app support is as lost as some of the homework that doesn't always come home. It still allows me to be able to hold my children accountable for their own assignments as their education is my priority.
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12 years ago, Nunyobidness
Works (finally) but not very useful :-(
Final was able to log in after about a week of trying. Eventually used login info I used in the beginning but for some reason didn't work. Personally think the app was having issues because I was always told there was an error in my input, which in the beginning was not true because it eventually worked. App would be better if I could see the calendar and could reload lunch account. Otherwise, not particularly useful. I always check those if I'm checking grades so I might as well use my computer.
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3 years ago, captive-to-developers
Useless on iPad
Useless on iPad (at least with up-to-date iOS). The app won’t rotate to landscape, which means I need to remove my device from its keyboard case. And even in portrait, the app doesn’t responsively fill the live area. For instance, I can’t compose an email because the compose button isn’t visible; nor can I scroll to make it visible—it’s simply offscreen. The app works better on my phone, but I don’t want to compose an email from my phone. Dysfunctional apps are bad, but necessary dysfunctional apps centering on your child’s education are awful.
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3 years ago, Nitramnomyel
Messages show as unread after opened
This is my first year using the app and every time I login it shows unread messages, but the messages have been read and opened by me numerous times. I can’t figure out how to mark them as read or delete them. I won’t know when there’s actually a new message for me to look at since the old ones keep showing up as new. It’s very annoying!
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11 years ago, Musimom2
Problems using this week
We have been using parent vue for a while. It does exactly what we need it to do. Just wanting to report a problem. This weekend it put all the classes into one great big class. So all the assignments and grades are in one big list with no way to tell which class they belong to. Can this be fixed soon? Thanks
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6 months ago, Wooj
Add a delete button
The mail section needs a basic upgrade. Add a delete feature so that one can delete mail as it is read rather than having the extra stwp of having to back out to the inbox then swiping to delete. At the very least, have an option to select all or multiple mails at once to delete. Also, add a functionality to sort mail. Most times I don’t use this app because it is so frustrating and annoying.
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6 years ago, mom2emikay
Impossible to add students from different districts
I have two students in two different districts... the app only allows you to select one district from the list. When I called support there was no one available who knew if the app supported this function (of moving between districts). The only work around I have found is to delete and reload the app each time I want to check the status OR create a shortcut on my phone screen that would link to the web version... there has to be an easier way!
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6 years ago, fam_circus
Version 5 update a mess
Version 5 update was definitely not tested well. UI is not displaying grades. Many buttons don’t appear under support section. I’ve been using this app since beginning with very few issues. This last update is horrible. Same problems for ParentVUE & StudentVUE. Terrible timing for this messy release when kids & parents are checking for end of semester grades. I hope you have a quick fix update in the next 24-48 hrs. Otherwise you should go back a release and then actually test before u release v5.
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5 years ago, It's Wilder
So neglected
This could be so useful to parents but the information is presented in a very unfriendly way and is difficult to read - yet they have a contract so they have little incentive to fix any problems. On top of that, it’s constantly logging me out and then giving me errors when I try to log back in, telling me I don’t even have the right school. It’s a shame really, because this platform could be a go-to best-in-class app for parents if they only cared enough to fix all the design & technical problems.
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2 years ago, KG091
3 kids different school
I have 3 boys - (2) of them go to elementary school and the other one to High School, every time that I try to login to the high school page it pops a window for me to log in to the other kids if I skip it, it takes me back to the log in. And apparently it disables the account as well. This is very overwhelming, and school never has an idea of what’s going on. This app it doesn’t work if you have multiple students in different schools.
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10 years ago, mcgw2570
Fix Daily Assignments
The app itself is great, but ever since upgrading to IOS 8 the Daily Assignments page crashes and will not load. I've deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times to no avail. This is a MAJOR inconvenience. The rest of the app seems to be working fine and when it all works this is a great tool to keep track of my kid's homework and attendance.
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4 years ago, sanitizedinwonderland
Trying to log on
I have been using my parent portal login information & your site keeps telling me it’s incorrect. So, I tried to “forgot password” fix it & that’s not working either. I entered my email information to change the password & the email you sent was blank. There’s no information about changing anything. I was able to use the StudentVUE for my kid & it worked fine. Logging onto my school’s portal site still works. Your ParentVUE just isn’t working. I am fed up with trying. 1⭐️
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4 years ago, MizChorizo
Works for what is needed
It would be great to have the option to delete old messages in bulk rather than having to click on every email and individually delete. As a busy parent, I don’t have time for that. Also, after I read the events listed under my child’s name and picture, the continue to show as if they were never read. Please fix.
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5 years ago, ESLInstructor
Crashes often and isn’t uses well by teachers
It keeps crashing and even when it is working it isn’t used well by the teachers. It often has either no assignments listed or many ungraded ones. Grades sometimes reset at the beginning of a new term and sometimes carry over. In one day a grade will change from an A to an F because a teacher has graded one assignment or all at once. It therefore is useless as a means of tracking students progress and address it in a timely manner.
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2 years ago, MrsBurninator
I do not get messages unless I opened the app, close it, then reopen. I cannot access half of my child’s info or grades because the app won’t load them. It automatically marks “missing” items as 50% penalty, but when the teacher admits to making a mistake on the grade, it doesn’t fix it. This seems like a headache for teachers as well as parents. I doubt we are seeing an accurate reflection of our kids’ efforts with this system.
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1 year ago, Meb Kat
I’d give this a zero if I could
I never get notifications when a teacher emails me. I have I uninstalled, reinstalled, checked my notifications for the app to make sure they are on, and nothing works. When I do go to reply to emails for one child, I am unable to cc anyone else in the school, in fact my other child’s school and staff show up. I can’t toggle to the appropriate school and I can’t even type in the names of the teachers.
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3 years ago, juriduck
Absolute trash
This is one of the worst, buggiest apps I have ever been forced to deal with. My school district forces me to use ParentVue to email teachers, but the email function is completely broken. The notifications are erratic and buggy, it’s not remotely intuitive, and is honestly just stressful. You’re better off logging into their website and forcing it to show you the desktop site on your phone. (Their mobile site is also trash.)
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3 years ago, keibri28
Glitching and not very user friendly
I previously used power school last year and i wasn’t real crazy about it but it didn’t glitch all the time like parent vue. I keep getting errors and trying to send a teacher an email first it picked the wrong teacher and then I tried twice again having to manually select the teacher it errors out when sending and there’s no trace of it in the sent box, drafts, or outbox. I’m very disappointed in its functionality.
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6 years ago, with her
Class websites feature doesn’t work
This app works fine for quickly checking a grade or attendance However, for any real information, you need to be able to access Class Websites, and the app throws an error message every time I try. Really frustrating. Because of this issue, I generally avoid the app, and just log in to the full ParentVUE website. Kind of defeats the point of the app, so I’ll likely delete it...
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5 years ago, cjfjdjskcmtks
Really buggy
Our school system switched to this platform to keep parents updated...but it is incredibly buggy. Grades don’t show up. The “events” never go away, even after opening. When I tried to email one teacher, it kept giving me another teachers email. You can’t see the cursor in the email. This was supposed to make communication easier between the school, parents, and students...but nope! Needs a lot of improvement.
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1 year ago, curlyheadedchic
Going downhill
How is this app getting worse? I use to be able to check what work my child is missing when the teacher marked missing assignment… not anymore. Also the grade book was in the app now it redirects me to a link inside the app. It’s weird and not helpful as I can no longer gain any insight into grading. I use to really like this app as I’ve been using it for about 7 yrs but in the last 2 years it’s been a downward struggle.
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9 years ago, SolarTrans
No iPhone 6 Plus support
App works acceptably, however the lack of iPhone 6 Plus optimization over 3 months after launch is plain ignorant. I know I'm not the only one using this app with a new iPhone 25% of the way through the release cycle, and on our behalf I'd truly appreciate a timely update to properly utilize the extra screen space on these newer devices. Developers, please take note! This fix alone will bring my rating to a 5.
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2 years ago, Kat b piercing
Sooo many bugs
I’ve had ParentVUE for years. Never really had any problems with it until the past few weeks. It’s almost so bad I can’t even open it on my phone anymore (which played a big role for us due to the amount of sports we have). It tells me I’m logged out even though I just logged in. I’ve checked for updates. “If” I can get in, when I go to grade book it won’t let me see the grades. Very frustrated.
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6 months ago, curmudgeon-gfy
Terrible, just wretched
Buggy, impossible to navigate, incapable of handling links or showing you the information you want to see. Every time I have to use this awful application (whether the app or their website version), I get physically tense as my anger grows and grows. I cannot understand how it is that this terrible product has captured so much marketshare I can only assume that there is corruption or grift at the heart of it.
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11 years ago, Bdiggoty
Great app!
I use this for my high school son I can't say enough good things about this program. Kids today are never on top of what's due or how their classes are going now I'm able to talk to teachers directly and see their grades week to week...fantastic !
Show more
10 years ago, m0rtalis
Lots of errors
The email option does not work. I tried to email one of the teachers from the staff list, and it seems to default on the first person on that list. Then it just closes and not let me send the email. I am also unable to send Edupoint the email directly to let them know of the errors, so I am writing this review instead.
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9 years ago, Joy42001
Can no longer log in
This app was working perfectly until I updated my phone to iOS 8.3. (I have a 5S). Now I am getting error messages telling me the school URL is not correct, even though I selected it directly through the app. It works fine on my iPad, which I have NOT updated to 8.3). Contact with the developers has been response. I'm hoping there will be an update soon because this has been a great tool up until this point.
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7 years ago, sweetpea11228
Does not remember password
Generally works fine, although can be slow. The content often appears odd in the sub apps incorporated therein as well. But the home screen gives the option for the app to “remember password,” but it never does. While we are at it, there is no reason an app like this should not already support Touch ID.
Show more
5 years ago, Cantfindanavalibleknickname
Not working?
I need to use my ParentVUE app today, and it says it cannot connect to the server! I love the app because for families like mine with 2 working parents and involved kids, it’s hard to get things done within business hours. But today, on a Sunday, it is failing me! It says there was an update 2 weeks ago, does that update need tweaking? Pretty please??
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