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User Reviews for Patreon

4.86 out of 5
417.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Bill@USA
Benefits of being a patron!
I watch most of the sailing videos on You Tube and for most part I like them all. I started thinking about all the enjoyment I was getting but was not giving back anything in return. So I started paying attention to the patrons and did a bit of research. I soon realised that I could not be a patron to each sailing group and decided that I would pick one and make a sizeable contribution each month. But how do you decide which one is best for you. My thoughts were to select a group that I felt needed me. Not a group that already had a large group of patrons and could spend their money on most anything that they wanted but I would choose a group that I felt needed my help and that I could connect to. I chose Sailing Merawether because she met the criteria that I was looking for. Two young people from two different countries coming together and enjoying each other and working together to just have fun. They had a nice boat, nothing fancy but they were able to make it work. They were aware that they had a budget and were going to live within it. They were not struggling but were frugal with what they had. Kerine seems to have a good working knowledge of the boat and he uses Isabelle in such a way that helps him and gives her the information that she needs to be a better first mate. There were their work ethics, quality of video’s and other factors I won’t go into. And not one of my requirements but Isabelle is not hard to look at. :)
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7 months ago, Airhead091803
Steve Shippy and his paranormal associates are the very best in the business! Every investigation is handled with the upmost respect and care for not only the owners but also the spirits. Steve Shippy and Co-investigators capture the most activity/evidence without exploiting the spirits or the ppl; which, is highly different than some of the other individuals in the paranormal industry. Haunted Saginaw and similar paranormal investigation groups need to be more celebrated and appreciated for the respect and honor they bring to an industry that sometimes can feel void of compassion and care for all parties involved. Steve and crew prove that there is no need for investigations to poke,prod, and exploit the spirits in the space to get the very best evidence that there is a realm behind the vail. To some it all up, Haunted Saginaw captures the very best evidence while using the most caring concern and compassion I have ever had the honor of watching. One last thing, Shippy and co-investigators truly care about learning and hearing every person and spirits story; which I think is truly the only way to find the answers and solutions to actually bring piece,closure, and the ability for spirits and the people to co exist in the locations.
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2 years ago, Kittykat2727
Great concept, poor execution
I’m so happy to be a patron of the podcasts I love, but accessing their content is so difficult. 1. There’s no way (that I’ve been able to find) to separate feeds of the podcasts I patronize by individual podcast without going first to my membership tab. 2. Can only sort by “posts” and “audio,” no option to sort oldest to newest, newest to oldest, etc. 3. When I’m playing an episode, the progress bar in the feed does some crazy skipping around, changing the total time of the episode from 10 minutes to 25 hours to 4 hours (?!) 4. Can’t adjust time to skip ahead/go back, they’re both only 15 seconds. 5. When iPhone is locked, I’m unable to play from Lock Screen. I have to unlock phone, navigate to app, and play from there. 6. When I’m listening to an older episode and I open the app, it automatically goes to the newest posts so I have to navigate down almost every time I want to listen to the next episode in the list. 6. No option to go to next episode when on an audio post. 7. No search function on the main feed, have to browse to find what I’m looking for. I realize in the grand scheme of things these aren’t a huge deal, but this is a professional app and I expect professional quality. Certainly there are enough developers working for Patreon to fix these minor kinks and make the user experience infinitely better.
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3 months ago, Paisley'sgrandmam
The Best Podcast for everyone!
Good Service Podcast ❤️ This is everything any person could want in a podcast. However what makes it the ultimate Podcast is it’s faith based! They welcome all people ! All walks of life and backgrounds!!! Just like Jesus did !! I can not stress how important welcoming one and all is! Everything they speak on is relatable! This needs more advertising! They need more help circulating their Podcast!!!! It is more then just faith it shows how to reach a community that is all welcoming this is the biggest Hype point because when people feel welcomed they listen and tend to open up! We all need each other and they show you how by faith and by strength in community all things are possible with GOD and a foundation! Love this ! Ben and Kevin are a perfect combination for Podcast and anything else because their vibe is one of acceptance and Love and don’t forget the laughs ! Love the Podcast also shout out to all behind the scenes there !!!! We thank you!
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2 years ago, (name)-allnamesweretaken
Can’t even download the app
I was trying to download the app to watch something, like almost every other person that uses the app and it doesn’t even let u download it. Click the download button, and it’s no my first time installing it, another time I installed it than I deleted it. Today I tried to redownload it and it told me I needed to use my Apple ID so I put it in, than it took me to my payment methods saying I have to verify something and there was nothing to verify, no specific instructions. I thought “oh bc I moved maybe I need to change the address on my card”. Changed my whole adress press done and it said press continue to verify, so I did and it took me right back to my payment methods with NO instructions so what was I supposed to verify??? I tired to retype my information thinking maybe there’s a typo or something and it took me back to “press continue to verify” this time I didn’t press continue bc I was thinking it’ll take me back to my pay methods so I pressed cancel and Patreon was loading and than it stopped and had the little cloud thing that comes up when u uninstall a app and u try and get it back. (Cloud and arrow). I’ve been trying for the past 20 mins maybe to figure out what’s the problem and kept doing the same thing over and over, retyping my information and nothing worked. Fix ur app, this is stupid
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9 months ago, ksattler
The app needs work
I’ve been a patreon supporter for a comic artist, and a podcast for approximately four months now. I’m happy to be supporting these artists. However, my challenge is in the app. For the posts that are text-based it’s all intermingled and easy to lose track of a thread. That said, my biggest complaint is with the audio section of Patreon. I had downloaded ~15 episodes, so that I could easily keep track of what I hadn’t listened to yet. Having listen to about three of them, the next day, all of them were no longer download. Another problem with the audio section is, I will fully listen to episodes, but when I re-open the app some of those episodes are shown as only partially listened to. It doesn’t seem to do a very good job of tracking what I have played or have not played. And clearly I cannot download an episode indefinitely but I have no idea how long a download remains before they automatically clear it. I would like a download to remain downloaded until I choose to delete it. I would also like a fully played episode to be marked complete and archived. And finally, I would like to be able to sort within the app both the podcast episodes by title or date. And I would like to be able to sort the text posts by creator.
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5 years ago, Xanthines
Why is this app rated so highly? Use the website...
I seriously don’t understand why this app is rated so highly. It’s pretty terrible from both a usability aspect as well design and maybe even coding. It never correctly shows you how many creators/artists you’re supporting. It’s high near impossible to change your tier level or cancel. It’s very confusing. There are parts of the app that clearly kick you out the website, which is fine, but sometimes you’re literally entering in the same information in the app just to be sent to a webpage with blanks! Looking for someone in particular? Good luck with that, since the search function isn’t good at finding people. One of the nice things about the app, is that you can actually download certain files. They remain inside the app to prevent you pirating out to the rest of the internet, which I completely understand. However, every time they change app, or change the website too I think, all your downloads disappear. Good luck finding them again! At least they’re slowly fixing app, bug by bug, to their credit. The app finally handles playing videos well. Turning your phone to horizontal and back during videos caused problems, but no longer. Still, the app is really not ready and seems like it’s stuck in beta testing. You’re better off just going to the Patreon website.
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3 years ago, LadyVoltaria
Clunky user experience, laggy feed
Firstly, I will say that I like that Patreon allows me to support independent artists, however that is about where my praise ends. I have struggled with the functionality of this app since I downloaded it over a year ago. (And the trouble persists even after multiple app updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and other trouble shooting.) There is a clunky user experience to almost every aspect of this app. Even trying to change my profile picture causes it to crash. Another example: if I click the “like” heart, it often won’t appear as selected next time I log on. Now my feed won’t update and Patreon’s recommended solution is to unsubscribe/re-subscribe to my podcasts?! This should be the responsibility of the developers to fix, not mine. A few other small things of contention; there isn’t an overtly obvious way to indicate that an episode has been played. Also, there is a pop/clipping noise a few seconds into each audio podcast I play, regardless of who produced the content. These kinds of things add up when it comes to user experience, so I’ll be looking for better ways to support these content creators outside of Patreon since the app seems to only be getting worse.
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4 years ago, enforcednickname
No Functionality
I recently signed up for a podcast on patreon. I normally listen to podcasts on stitcher as it’s a simple easy experience. But this one won’t show up for me On stitcher, so I have to go through the patreon app. Unfortunately the person I’ve subscribed to has 400 podcasts and the one I’m trying to listen to is one of the first. I can get to it by searching for it on a web browser. But when I try to play it through a web browser (on the official site!) the podcast literally stops every 30 seconds. However I also can’t get it to open in the app. I can find no search function for specific episodes in the app. No list function. No favorite function that would show me even the ones I favorite on this app. The only way I can tell to get to this podcast in this app is literally to scroll through a feed of 400 podcasts which only load 10 at a time. Am I missing something or is this seriously how this app functions? It doesn’t function at all? I can’t believe how much time I’ve already wasted just trying to get a podcast I payed for already to play. Definitely no functionality allowing me to message the creator either. I can’t believe this is supposed to be the official app of a platform supposedly about helping creators easily connect with their audiences.
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1 month ago, MaxAgHammer
Broken notifications controls
I’ve recently started receiving push notifications from this app of the form “A message from is getting a lot of reactions, check it out,” and I can’t seem to disable these messages. There’s an area within this app’s settings that seems like it would let me opt out of any email or push notifications regarding comments, but these notifications are still appearing. To add injury to the inciting insult, tapping on these notifications does not even summon the named person’s post, so what’s even the point to begin with? The Patreon “platform” is getting crummier by the month… I don’t care about what other members of the peanut galleries I’m in have to say about anything at all, and I’d prefer to not even be made aware that they’re commenting or that their comments are generating lots more collateral stupidity. Please, Patreon, let me stifle the push notifications your app is sending in the vain hope that I’ll “engage with the larger community supporting my favorite creators.” Blech I feel dirty having even typed that quoted phrase, but I figured if I talk your lingo you’d get what I’m asking about.
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11 months ago, Nicoleonfire
Great Service
As a subscriber, I really enjoy the app and having all my subscriptions at my fingertips. I love Patreon as a whole because I am able to support different creators each month and canceling is easy. I do wish all creators charged at the same time, instead of either being immediate or the 1st of every month. Also, it can get confusing if the charge counts for the previous months rewards, but from my experience, most creators make this clear on their social media. My only complaint is when a patreon creator decides to close completely, their profile stays in the section for active subscriptions. Anyone that was a member when the patreon was closed forever sees that profile as part of their current subscriptions. I really wish this would be fixed, it occurs on app and web and it quite annoying when you want a quick glance at your current subscriptions.
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2 years ago, Jjbbcqcqt89654
Always glitching or freezing, no way to search or filter content
I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I open this app and I can listen to something right away. I open it, click on the thing, nothing happens, the app freezes, I have to force close it, reopen and wait for everything to load again, and THEN I can *probably* start interacting with the content I’m paying for. It’s just so glitchy, constantly. On desktop I rarely have issues, but on the phone app I am having issues every single day. Also WHY IS THERE NO SEARCH OR LIST FUNCTION?? I subscribe to two podcasts on Patreon and the only way to find old episodes is to scroll through every single post from that creator. There are specific tags on each episode but you can’t even use those to filter out the content. It is such a pain to scroll through the feed to find something, where the app only loads 10 or so posts at a time and you have to keep waiting for more to load. It would be nice if the app just showed me a list of episodes, or if filters actually worked. Something would be better than nothing.
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2 years ago, CaramelDonuts
Honestly okay but could be so much better!
I’ve been using this app since 2019 and every now and then my app just stops working! I’ll get a notification click it and I’ll be redirected to .......redirected to..... still redirected.....! So I just refresh but nope now it’s not redirecting its 2 months worth of posts behind! And if I refresh again it won’t change!!! Sometime the the app will just kick me out before opening properly! It’s not all the time I love all the work I’m paying for it’s just frustrating and a little nerve racking when I have to refresh and app 8 time delete it! Download it again and then hope I get everything I paid for back! Then if I don’t having to ask the creators for a link to the content I lost and I feel so rude when I do! I just had to delete the app again and I’m bit mad but they need to do better on the app side of things. The website works better for me and that’s why I rated it high and because I’m here to support the creators!
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3 years ago, Phrome22
Just like the site...confusing
I’m not sure who designs there apps or webpages but None of it is intuitive. This app doesn’t allow you to just see one creators page. Or does it? Hard to tell since it’s not in your face and apparent. Even on their site I find myself clicking needlessly to go where I need to go. Just the other day I realized the Patreon symbol in the top left hand corner was a link to the home page. It’s silly. use words and stop making everything a “discovery”. I don’t have time to be wasting memorizing what clicking certain symbols do on a website. I swear I used to be able to see how many people are donating to someone I back. I have no idea how to do that now. Why do some modern websites insist on being edgy and making you work to get content. Simple and straightforward is all you need. Their app and website creators need a lesson in empathy. And whoever approves this needs to learn what it’s customers want. It really makes me want to use a different platform.
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6 months ago, NuttKas39
Dear E.T. and the rest of the Character Building squad …
Hey guys ima get right to it this podcast has LITERALLY saved my life I was on the the edge of truly giving up and I know yall get these type of letters…emails…etc but please let me tel you this is different when I say I literally HAVE to like it’s not an option for me I HAVE to listen and talk cause I find myself tlkn back to yall at times but I’m afraid of my actions to those around me so my goal is to come to a event because honestly I NEED yall right now I have a gift but my discipline and mentality are shot…I want to remain anonymous for now because I feel too tainted to even b in y’all’s presence but I know in my heart that this is where I need to b to get my life together and I don’t wnt to die trying I wnt to die tried and true!!! From the bottom of my Heart and I truly mean these words with my soul E.T…Carl…C.J. Jamal…John all talk thank you for what yall do!!! I didn’t reread this so forgive any typos!!!
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2 years ago, cs16753
Please make it better
Such a hassle to use and I feel like it could easily be made more user-friendly? I use it primarily for podcasts, and I am so frustrated by how CONSTANTLY the app restarts if I pause what I’m listening to, leave the app running, and use another app for just a few minutes. When I go back to the app, it shows the black background with the logo and then the top of my feed as though I had fully closed and shut off the app and reopened it again. If I am listening to an episode in an extensive back catalogue, which I often am, I usually have to go back and find it multiple times within a single listening session. I don’t know much about app design or coding but I can’t imagine it’s impossible to at least have the app be able to “save” what you were last doing when it shut itself down and have the little currently-listening-bar still be open at the bottom when it restarts, so you can just click play instead of trying to remember what the episode was called and searching for it, or having to just scroll through months/years of posts until you find it if you can’t remember.
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3 years ago, Justan Ray
Great intention but missing some features, also BUGS
I love the idea behind this app! Especially with other platforms constantly changing their monetization guidelines it’s nice to know there is a platform in which I can directly support creators I love. However, there are some issues that make this app much not so great on mobile devices. For one, after I created my profile there’s no way to go edit my profile on the app itself (can’t even add a profile picture, like what??). I would have to get on my computer or go through a web browser to do so. Another issue I’ve run into is the interactive capabilities (liking, posting comments, direct messaging) will randomly stop working and will force you to log out and then back in in order to fix the issue. I cannot speak to the experience as a creator so I am unaware of any issues or awesome features on that side of the app. Overall a pretty good app with some flaws from time to time, but still awesome knowing I can make direct contributions to my favorite creators.
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3 years ago, SlumpyK
Functions out of whack
I don’t know why this app has such high ratings either because it’s not functional. If I’m using the app on my iPhone I can put the video in the corner of my screen and watch my podcast while using other apps all day. Sometimes I just pause it and slide the video off the screen so I don’t lose my spot but I can start it up again very quickly. On my iPad I can’t use other apps while watching my podcast. Which doesn’t make any sense seeing how that feature was made available to iPads LONG before iPhones. Also, if I’m watching a video horizontally and I decide to change my device to the vertical position the whole video closes making me re start the podcast and finding where I was cut off. And there’s no way to get around it, I have to place my iPad in the position I want to view the video in and never move it until I’m done watching. It’s tedious and it shouldn’t be, sometimes I want to enjoy the luxury of a larger screen without having to travel with my laptop but the only working application you have is for the cell phone. Get it together because that last update didn’t fix bugs.
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2 months ago, Lou Dope
Terrible app
This app is terrible. The user interface is really bad. There isn’t even an option for to add, update, or change payment info within the app unless your payment has already been entered on the webpage previously. They’re currently still charging a card that has been expired… Hard to navigate, no way of knowing if you listened to something already, no way to tell which of your content is related to your subscribed tier when so you can see the difference in content, comments get lost when you want to go back to them, there’s a community but it would be cool if I could follow users as well to see what content they watch to find content of similar interests. The app freezes & there’s wonky issues when changing from portrait view to landscape. I can’t really say anything I like about the app. I honestly wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to. I’ve been using it for years and the app has always been bad. It’s better than it’s been, but still has a long way to go before it’s no longer a nuisance to use to listen to my fav podcasts.
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5 years ago, HonestlyReally223
The app is garbage.
Search functionality is terrible(and nonexistent when trying to search through a creator’s feed). Playback functionality is terrible, downloading content fails constantly, and even when “successful” refuse to play. No native video player, and mediocre/awful integration of Vimeo. I want to keep supporting my creators but this app makes it nearly impossible to justify spending money on content I may or may not be able to access. I’ve been using this platform for several years and still no significant improvements. Very disappointing. Update: I’m literally trying to subscribe to a creator but I can’t. I can’t find it in the app, I can find it on a browser, but the browser won’t allow me to sign in, it also won’t allow me to address my sign in problems(like a ‘Forgot your Password?’-type solution). There is literally no way for me to support the creator I care about or access their content. This is an absurd failure in every level of your system. Please pass this on to your developers and chief executives. How can you grow without supporting the end-user patrons? How do you even continue to exist when a patron can’t support a new creator? Fix this.
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6 years ago, Slatorade9000
Almost perfect.
I really love the app, it's a super convenient way to keep track of the artists I like and also keep updated on the content and my pledges without having to get on the computer or comb through my email, however even after having had the app for a few months, it's still kind of hair to navigate. Not impossible but I have found that some of the avenues to get to options that I thought I would find on the main page of an artist are often buried somewhere in my settings. Editing pledges is an example of this. The pages can be a tag glitchy and tend to lag depending on the content, but the scroll works well enough. There is no way to search tags other than scrolling until you find what you're looking for? Also unless you have a Patreon link or you know the specific handle of the person you're looking for, finding someone can be difficult at best.
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8 months ago, NiNizZzRawr! .n_n.
Love Supporting Content Creators, App Could Use A LOT of Work
While I love supporting content creators who use this app, it generally is a really bad app to use for cross-play, video playing on iPads, and general UI purposes. It makes no sense that with all the updates this app gets, there is no update to make sure that I can watch or listen to the same video/audio on my iPad and on my phone and it not sync up. I also can not stand the video player on iPads. There is no way to go into landscape mode to watch a video on my iPad which makes zero sense. It shows that there are no or barely any people testing the app and making sure it actually is user friendly across platforms. The video is too small when not in full screen (because again, it only works on portrait mode on the iPad). It also is now in this more complicated stack of videos and content, which I swear made the video even smaller. I love love love the content creators I follow and subscribe to on this app but the UI is truly abysmal for viewers and for the content creators who trust in this app.
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2 years ago, iwillitakyou
Sorting Episodes is a Pain
For someone that likes to relisten to old episodes of shows, the media player aspect of the app is severely lacking. Once an episode gets played all the way through it automatically gets archived for some reason. There’s no way to sort by “all episodes” if I want to scroll through to find a past episodes to listen to, just “up next” or “unplayed”, etc. I just want to see the whole catalog. It’s also hard to pick up where you left off in a large catalog. If I’m listening to an episode that’s 50 episodes back and I leave the app to go do something else, when I come back I have to scroll all the way back to find where I was again. The player doesn’t auto play the next episode in the queue either so if I finish and old episode and and just want to play the next one, I have to scroll all the way back down, find the one I just heard, and the select the next one manually. A lot of little inconveniences that make this app a massive pain and make me reconsider donating to campaigns if the extra content I get in return is this much of a hassle to access.
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5 months ago, SiempreSalz
Best podcast ever
I’ve listened to every episode from day one. This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for, as a lover of sci fi, aliens, spooky unusual things, XFiles, Fringe, and so much more. Derrick and staff do a great job of weeding through the stories to pick the most genuine sounding (hopefully true) stories. Love how each show is packed with calls. Love the banter and soothing voice of Derrick sir, and I appreciate that you don’t talk nonsense in between calls. It’s filled with data, proof or supportive evidence relating to stories, Derricks take on things, and relating discussion (in between calls). The discussion is not over kill or overwhelming like some podcasts. Then, to top it off, Derrick spoils us all with a hidden story after the end of the show! Yes Derrick! Spoil us! There is so much thought put into all the details of the shows. Thank you all for your hard work!
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2 years ago, Tinder in Sac
Needs to work out a few kinks
I enjoy the ability to be able to support creators directly for the content I consume however the Patreon app itself has a bit to work out. For instance it doesn’t consistently keep up with what videos/podcasts you have listened to. Sometimes there will be a green checkmark, other times there will be no indication that you’ve listened to it. In addition when you go to use another app, say you’re on Twitter and a video plays, once you’re done with whatever you were listening to on that other app Patreon won’t always still be loaded on the control center page to play from so you have to go back into the app find that specific piece of content play it AND fast forwards to wherever you were in the episode. There’s also often a long delay while it loads. Sometimes I have to close the app and reopen it just to get podcasts to play. I appreciate the purpose of the app but would like them to work on some basic errors.
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7 months ago, By ~True Fan
A work in progress
I love the Instigators! I love the concept of “ fan control”, which Apex Athletic Collective brings to the sport of basketball, all together. The Patreon idea is beautiful. The Patreon experience still needs a little fine tuning. Little things, like technical difficulties, still need to be improved upon. I have all the faith, that as AAC, gains more experience, issues such as our live chat, for the games, will be addressed and will quickly become a thing of the past. I see improvement every week, and, that is extremely commendable. That part of my Patreon experience, I give 100% props to the organization. I also feel certain, with the ownership involved, as completely, and directly, as they are, improvements will be seen every week. I thank Apex Athletic Collective, for being here, and bringing this concept of fan controlled interaction, to the fans. You all are the best, and I do love my Patreon. subscription.
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2 months ago, Fart1029384756
Worst interface possible
Patreon always had an amazing concept. However, they have what could possibly be the worst option for interface for an app that fulfills this purpose. There is no way to customize your feed or easily navigate content creators pages. Also, the iOS compatibility leaves me wondering if they just have the intern do all the work at the office. Never had I had a video player that was so inconvenient to use. Between the videos playing at the wrong time when I turn my phone off, or not even playing at all when I turn my phone off. Also, there is no watch history feature so I have to search through a load of videos just to get back to where I was watching, and hopefully it'll pick up exactly where it left off. This isn't rocket science but my word at least put a little effort into a Platform that these content creators rely on to make a living. Patreon would be nothing without the creators so it would make sense to create an interface that's at least usable but hey im not thinking with profit/minimal work in mind I guess. Do better
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2 years ago, her (#1)
Hope and Understanding
There are many ends-of-months over the past umpteen years since Rick Levine has been delivering his astrological updates that I just can’t wait to read the next one. How calming, how uplifting to know that very soon I’ll be able to sit just above all the strum und drang of these horrifying times and breathe deeply with the rhythms of the universe. Rick delivers such a gift to us, highlighting and clarifying all we need to know —offering a cosmic map of our times. How we each move forward with its guidance is our choice, but we are not alone and rudderless anymore. Rick Merlin Levine is always there to offer us a way to make some sense of the senseless, find clarity in the muck and understand a bit better how to find hope and wisdom amid that all we are moving through and sometimes stuck in. Thanks, Rick!
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4 years ago, Vivix Metti
I am a creator who recently opened an account and thought the mobile should be just as functional but I was so wrong. Most of the features are halfway there or absolutely gone entirely. There is no way to fix or adjust my tiers. No option to change or edit my payout options and any posts I make disappear on the “post” page. And speaking of posts, the options are incredibly limited! You mean to tell me I CAN’T upload any videos from my mobile device, a device with a convenient camera option that almost anyone has access to? I don’t understand it. It is an incredibly clunky app and I hope that it gets fixed but judging from the other reviews, i won’t hold my breath. Edit: Now when I post my patron only posts, its public view is almost all the way visible???? All of the old pages have completely blurred out images for non-patrons and now you can practically see through my post! Outrageous, what is the point of having patrons pay for content you’re going to show them all anyway??? Why cant we CHOOSE how opaque the blurred image will be???
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1 year ago, AmyA77
Patreon is great for authors, artists, anyone with a gift and the people who admire them.
As patrons we are usually able to converse with those we follow. If the Patreon artist sets things up, as mine do. The artist gets a much more dependable income allowing them more time to create! The people who follow them are usually given some free-bee’s, discounted & earlier than the general public products (books, art, etc…). The Patreon and followers can directly communicate with each other. Most of the artists that I follow set up surveys that may influence the direction of their work. I really like the commercial-free setup. I feel like more than just a nameless purchaser of their art. For the most part it’s win/win for all parties! I’m adding a podcast for sleep meditation with whispered directions, soft music, and nature sounds.
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4 years ago, connor_kbrown24
the buggiest app!
This app is awful. It’s hard to search and navigate through the content of your ‘memberships,’ but the worst part is that the app doesn’t even load half the time. It will quit when moving between pages or just flat out fail to load the home page feed. I know it’s not an issue with my OS because I have a newer Iphone XR, and I don’t have these issues with any other apps. honestly it’s just disappointing. patreon plays an important role as a platform for creators to share their work and make a livelihood doing so— this app is so buggy and awful that it honestly works against that very goal. If there were some other widespread subscription service for creators to share their content, I would migrate IMMEDIATELY! To the patreon ios dev team, I really hope you get this app in working order. It’s embarrassing how poorly this app functions, and you do a great disservice to creators and patrons by leaving it in such dysfunction. It literally blows my mind that a company as important and widespread as patreon could mess up an app this badly.
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9 months ago, These are terrible people
New update is terrible
I wish I could give negative stars, but the desktop website it terrible too. The app used to be fine, even if it took too long to load sometimes, it still worked and let me see the artists I supported in an easy way, but the new update is ugly and doesn’t make any sense. Taking away the chronological feed is unhelpful at best, and actively annoying. I want to see everything from the artists I support, not just all the things from the artist who posted most recently. Also, putting notifications that tell me what’s on the feed I’m currently looking at, is so stupid and useless. I would rather push notifications actually work so I can get a notification when someone posts something new, not a retroactive notification about the thing I’m already looking at. Having me click away from my feed just to show me there’s something new on my feed is redundant in the most useless way. Put it back the way it was, because that way actually worked for both artists and patrons.
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4 years ago, ricklauder
Not sure why app is so limited
Downloaded this app for the first time today, and yes, I saw some of the negative reviews. I have to say I agree with most of them. I followed an organization that produces podcasts I find very rewarding and then I signed up to be a patron. The signup went through well, but every time I start the app it tells me on the feed screen that I’m not following anyone, and tells me to search for people to follow. I already did that. So I look for the app feedback (I would think this would be mandatory for Apple to even allow an app on their store) but there is no feedback function. I can only send a message to the people I’m a patron of, but even then I have to search for them. They should already be listed as I’m a patron now. Do I have to go to the Patreon website to send app feedback? Is that even available there? This makes no sense at all. This app is needlessly crippled and I don’t understand why. If they add these and other badly needed features, I will update my review and perhaps my rating as well.
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6 years ago, Tad Cornell
The app sometimes doesn’t display all the content from creators. I follow a certain creator who posts a weekly schedule so followers know what to expect and when. Sometimes, it will look like the creator didn’t post anything on a day the creator said they would, however, the truth simply is the app is not displaying all the content. If I switch over to safari and pull up patreon, the video is, in fact, there. It just won’t show up on the app. And, just for the sake of clarity, I do not follow NSFW content crerators so this issue isn’t about filtering or censoring adult content. It’s just that the app is broken. I’ve had this issue since I installed the app last year, but it just seems to be getting worse with time. Sometimes I’ll be able to watch a video from the content creator on the app and then I will come back to the app days later and I can no longer find the video. It is as though the video never existed. I go to safari and it’s still there.
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3 years ago, devinmarieb
I can’t believe this is a legitimate app with money
This app is terrible. For context, I use it almost exclusively on an iPad. Very basic functions of other media apps are just absent from Patreon. The content doesn’t fit on the screen properly, you can’t read comments and watch/listen at the same time, the comments take forever to load and the scrolling breaks constantly, the content doesn’t save your place — god forbid you accidentally click on the comment section while watching — the video will reset to the beginning. I was shocked when the CEO fired 50% of their developers because this app seems like maybe one developer works on it part-time. I’ve been using this app for years and can’t even think of one update that’s happened that made the experience better. I have to imagine that the work being done for the other side of it, the content creators, is the priority. But the people who consume content on Patreon need to be thought about too.
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5 years ago, Eddy77
Needs more work, please
I really love the idea of finding and patronizing through Patreon creators that are doing great work out there. No problem there. What I would like to see is more flexibility with the app. For instance searching a creators posts. Some of the creators that I follow make many posts and refer back to other posts. I have not found a way in the app to search those. Also many of my the creators do video or audio. The app does not let you leave the page or even turn off the screen(for putting in your pocket). It also doesn’t save your place on the vid/audio file if you mistakenly turn off your phone or hit a button while holding it in your hand trying to listen. It might do a bunch of stuff but for me if it doesn’t do these things then it doesn’t really work how I need it to work. Thanks
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4 years ago, Dleted
Sign In with Apple broken? Update: Works
How do I log in with Apple if Sign Up with Apple isn’t an option? I’d like to support a Patreon and do not have an account. When I press “Continue with Apple” it always replies “Something went wrong”. I cannot tell if it’s a bug or if I did something wrong. Update: Thank you for the speedy response. I don’t have an account so I don’t have Patreon email to send to you. This isn’t a critique, I genuinely want to know - why would I Sign In with Apple if I already had an account? I was hoping to create an account via “Sign In with Apple”. That’s my mistake. I realize now it doesn’t say Sign UP with Apple”. Seems odd to have one without the other though. Thanks again for the response. Update 2: Continue with Apple works. Dunno if the update fixed it or if it was because I reinstalled the app. Thanks devs.
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6 years ago, Fellow traveler.
A great platform with a few hiccups...
A great platform for supporting creators and kickstarting one yourself. Though it’s not without some issues, sometimes the video player will close something your in the middle of if you close your phone or switch apps. Sometimes comments you write will inexplicably disappear after posting it, which can be frustrating when being able to comment on certain posts can be a tier for certain projects. And lastly occasionally posts won’t appear on the mobile version. I support Easy Allies a group of video game enthusiasts that make video content, for a long period of time they’re patron exclusive series Cup of Jones never appeared on the mobile app. Thankfully they reached out to patreon and worked this out. Despite a few annoyances Patreon is a great platform and a solid app. I wouldn’t listen to half the podcasts i do without the Mobile version.
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2 months ago, dano3006
Content manager and podcast player
I subscribe to 10 content providers, 2 of which are free and the other 8 have various levels of cost and content provision. The Patreon service never fails to bill me, but it does not do well at all in providing talk the content. And the app as an audio podcast player is the worst of the four that I have tested. Ironically a few of the podcasts are handled well, but mainly because I can use a different player to retrieve and play them. But some are handled very badly by the Patreon service and the Patreon app. In fact they are handled so badly that they are not retrievable on the app or the mobile device and I have to retrieve them using a web browser on a computer, which rather defeats the purpose. If one really wants the content that a creator provides through this service then you will have no alternative than to use the service, but your best alternative is to not use the app and just use a browser on a computer.
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5 years ago, Cheekytrousers
Not a smooth experience.
As a patron, I like seeing the things I’m paying for in a convenient place. This app needs a landing page with a feed just like every other content driven service ever. When I open it, I want to see the new stuff that I’m paying for, not the page of someone that hasn’t updated in 6 months. When trying to edit my payment information that the app informed me I was missing, pages kept flickering in and out of view and I was never confident the information I was inputting was taking. Ultimately after two tries I gave up. Selections kept falling behind black blocker screens. It also gave me the sensation of a desktop site on mobile where it feels like the content is there, just down and to the right somewhere (maybe). For a service that is a middle man for giving other people money, the experience should inspire confidence that said money is being handled with care. This app doesn’t do that. It’s too clunky of an experience for a company that’s been around for 5 years.
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2 years ago, GregRobin Smith
An essential platform for my artistic growth
Patreon allows me to stay in direct connection with my supporters and to provide a platform where I can share my work with potential patrons or simply people who want to be uplifted by what I do. I love the fact that it can be accessed by people who are not yet patrons and they can get a good idea of what I do. I love the fact that they can become a patron for $1 dollar a month. I like the fact that people can give more if they are so motivated and can afford it. I am a strong believer in art for the people and not making artwork so exclusive that its value is raised simply because of its rarity. Art belongs out with the people. Patreon allows me that access. I look forward to growing and expanding my audience through Patreon as well as other social media platforms
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6 years ago, rambuncto
Love the concept, not the app
Patreon is a great idea. I love that I can support some of my favorite creators. Navigating the app (at least on the iPad) is a pain. When I swipe to scroll through the feed, it works fine until it runs out of pre-loaded content. When new stuff needs to load, it’ll give you a spinning “loading” icon to let you know it’s thinking - fine. But when the new content loads, it rushes up past where you were quickly, so you lose your place. When you scroll up to find your place again, the feed gets super stuttery, making it annoying to find your place (especially since you shouldn’t have to). Some of my favorite artists post multiple images in one post - that’s cool, right? It’s nice to see a group of drawings around the same theme. But when you go back to the feed from within a post, it just puts you somewhere in the feed, usually past where you were when you clicked the post. And if you’re deep in a feed but need to put your iPad aside - say you get a phone call or something - when you open your iPad again, you’re back at the top of the feed. Super frustrating. I’ve had all of these problems in landscape and portrait modes, on the previous generation iPad Pro. It makes for a crappy user experience. I’d suggest using the website over the app.
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10 months ago, rosallea
Clunky, impossible but cool idea
This rating cannot be accurate , start scrolling, the app is impossible . Maybe eliminate all the initial and naive, hopefulness, and separate creators from supporters and the rating would be more believable . I even wonder if they have purposely made it as difficult as possible!!! I continually have an awful time on Patreon and lost all faith. They have complicated everything, charge you , without clear notice of all charges on 1st of month even if you were stupid like me and signed up on 30th. And try to follow their instructions to cancel that are impossible and not accurate. Fabulous concept, but tedious , overdone and all this benefit and feed lines when I only wanted to support podcasters who do a great job. Listening is tedious as well. Fortunately I can and it’s simple, clear and finely tuned. And I just don’t know why it is so clunky to listen, navigate and to figure out how to simply cancel AND communicate. And I don’t understand why rated so highly., for that is not what half the people say.
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1 year ago, theadventuregalley
Inexcusable for no feed order settings
You can login on the website (not the app) and be able to order the feed by oldest to newest, by month, year, and by subscription tier content. NOT TO MENTION: no option to increase playback speed on app? Why is none of this available on the app? The app also will for some reason reset (?) and send me all the way back to the most recent post by the creator and I have to scroll ALL THE WAY back to the beginning. Terrible and considering the site has these settings, what are you guys doing over there with your time? How is this not one of the very first quality of life changes you add to the app? Really don’t like giving people my money when I feel they’re doing a terrible job with basic things one should expect. Will be getting through this content on the site as quickly as possible and hopefully not coming back (at least it won’t be on the app!). Get it together!!
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2 years ago, NinoBless
Patreon is great, the app needs work.
I love the idea of being able to subscribe to people you want to support on Patreon. What I don’t love is the fact that the app is not intuitive and user-friendly. The app constantly glitches and crashes when trying to watch content on it. It doesn’t background properly. And it also should have an option for background Mo to where you can just play the audio from your podcast or whatever it is you’re subscribed to in a low data mode. I don’t know. I feel like I spent a lot of money on the subscriptions for the app to have such problems and me not to fully enjoy the contact that I pay for, but I still give it 4 stars just for the availability of things that I get on here I can’t get anywhere else.
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5 years ago, novabellaa
I’ve been hearing so much about patreon so I finally caved and downloaded it so I could subscribe to my favorite podcast. I pay x amount of money a month for this subscription, but due to the glitches of the app the episodes almost never load. It doesn’t matter if i’m connected to wifi or using my data, the app is just so wonky and slow. It’s frustrating because there’s no where else I can get this content, so I rely on patreon to work. Even more, i’m paying for this monthly so I want to be able to access it without waiting 10+ minutes for an episode to load. Even more so, this affects the content creators directly because of the app’s low functionality. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future, however I’ve updated the app several time with no avail.
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1 year ago, Nicolerooni
App setup and functionality could be way better
I’d give this app like 4/10 on user friendly scale. It would be lower if it wasn’t already such a simple app. Could improve a lot if there were easy ways to search posts by when they were posted or scroll between months/days easily. Would also be nice if it would show what you’ve already watched. I use Patreon for one podcast, I know there’s a lot of other creators and media types involved, but I don’t think it would be beyond question to have a functionality that shows if you’ve already viewed a video or post, or that allows you to sort or filter by unviewed. Gets kinda buggy randomly. Which wouldn’t be crazy annoying except if I’m watching an episode from 2020 and it glitches and then I have to scroll back and try to find it again because as I said, that function is trash.
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2 years ago, cool apple 12
It’s decent
Pateron is a decent app, it seems legit in the way that it seems like it’s designed and maintained by professionals. However the reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because when I load up the app, and try to watch a video, the video itself won’t actually play. It will just continue to show that it’s loading. I did some digging yesterday online, but couldn’t find anything that helpful, however what I did notice is that they are a relatively small company (only about 400 employees). Which might explain why the app using doesn’t work correctly! (I’m using an iPhone 12 running iOS 16.0.2) so I’m starting to think that maybe the only reason why the app doesn’t work on my end is because they just haven’t updated the app to run on iOS 16.0.2. But other then that, the app launches fine, just doesn’t play videos, which is a slight let down in my books.
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6 years ago, Alice4Fun
Some glitches
While it is nice to be able to see what the creators posted without having to open the website, there are some drawbacks on the app. Unlike the website, the app doesn’t have a filter so there are times when you wouldn’t be able to see some of the contents from the creators if you were gone for a few weeks and the creators post multiple daily. There is also a glitch where the app will give you notifications stating that there are new or unseen contents from creators when I have already seen everything. And then there is also an overwhelming flood of notifications on your phone whenever the creators post contents for patrons of and you will see how the creators post something for all of the different tiers. That said, I still like the app quite a lot. I just hope that patreon fixes those glitches they have soon as they are bugging quite a lot.
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5 years ago, Colby415
Terrible Customer Support
I love the app, and I love subscribing to/reading from my favorite contributors, but that’s the only reason I continue to use this app. On a scale of 0-10 worst-best, the support team receives a solid 0. The support I received, upon being locked out of adding/editing my payment method(which then restricted my usage), was absolutely terrible. Every reply I received had nothing to do with what I asked, and not once was a question answered. Information was provided that I did not need or request, and my issue was never addressed, as I stated it. I ended up having to DELETE/DEACTIVATE my ENTIRE account because I was locked out of billing, unable to change my card to pay for services, and couldn’t get support from Patreon- an unfortunately ineffective and inefficient way to operate/support locked out members. Though, based on my prior support interactions, I don’t expect an intelligent response (from Patreon) related to anything I’ve written, I hope this is read and perhaps looked at by a human being that operates beyond a script.
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