1.4 (64)
26.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
PAMS Lunchroom LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PayPAMS

1.44 out of 5
64 Ratings
1 year ago, Davis Raj
Fails to do the one thing it’s designed to do!
Downloaded this app to pay for school cafeteria. Tried to add bank account or credit card and it redirected me to website which was weird as that feature was not built into the app. Once I got bank account and credit card added, I clicked ‘Authorize’ button and nothing happened. There was a message at top of page stating it could take up to 1 minute. So waited two minutes still nothing. Clicked the button again and still nothing. So finally gave up trying to use the app to make payment and went online and made payment instantly. Don’t bother using this app. Save your time and just do it online on their website!
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5 years ago, WyvernHai21
Alls well
With the update today (1-9-20) I’ve notice developer listens to reviews to make the necessary changes in the app. Glad app is working and I see what I type when logging in regardless which mode my phones on, how I fund kids account, and the ending days balance. That’s very important for me. Thank you developer for listening and putting in the hard work to make our demands come true. Cause I was days away from deleting the app and waiting a year to reinstall it. Would give 5 star but I’m worried app will go back to chaos. If it doesn’t in the coming week will update my review to 5.
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5 years ago, Schaererville
You haven’t fixed ANYTHING
As you already know, the update to this app has broken just about everything that used to work just fine. Although the old version was simplistic in aesthetic and had a somewhat clunky UI, it was functional and those of us who have been using it for years could work around those shortcomings. But now all the things already mentioned in previous reviews are killing this app. You’ve got some work ahead of you, dev team. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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11 months ago, Incubus1062
So far so good
I set up my account via computer/online. But the app logged in quickly, displayed balances quickly and let me use my existing payment method to add funds. Did notice my profile page resulted in a website redirect to again login. Will bump to 5 stars when you add apple pay support. For now will neanderthal my way through punching in digits.
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5 years ago, Chrissy Artis
What the hell happened
I have been using this app since my son started school. All of the sudden there is a new interface that does not recognize my email or password; however, when I do “forgot password” it sends me to the old log in screen that actually recognizes my account. Then I go and try to replenish my account and the payment won’t go through, it stays frozen with the payment button highlighted. Just bring back the basic app you had before.
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5 years ago, SantannaT
I have used this app for a few years now and loved how convenient it is but the last update had left it useless for me the app itself will not accept my payment says it has been declined and I have tried three different cards and then when I go to the full site and click authorize payment it does nothing. So frustrating!! This has been going for about a month for myself!
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5 years ago, jedimaster0416
Good and convenient but...
The latest update has screwed something up. It won’t recognize my primary payment source. All of a sudden, my primary source isn’t listed in the app and when I check it online, it’s correct but the app still won’t list my primary payment source.
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5 years ago, Kryssygal
Please review and fix
I have used this for years and now I have problems every time I try and use the app. I have to go to the full site to make any payment to my child’s account. When I type I cannot we anything in any of the menus or see anything on the drop downs as well. I’m then redirected to the full site where I have to login again. Please update. I really liked the old version and it was very user friendly.
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3 years ago, PayPAMs not a fan
Not user friendly, old and ugly user interface, the viewing options are not intuitive (there’s no option to see a balance, for example). When I tried to load money on the account, it just froze and would not complete the transaction. Cheap, ineffective option. Using cash is easier.
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3 years ago, AU2007
The worst app ever downloaded
Legit the worst performing app on my phone and the least user friendly. I wish schools didn’t use this service. It would be easier to get a carrier pigeon to deliver the payment. It now tells me payments for my school aren’t supported on the app and directs me to the website. I can no longer see purchases. It only lets me make a payment.
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5 years ago, Singingmomof3girls
This is pathetic...
I’ve been using the app for YEARS with absolutely NO problem and now, after an “update” from the app, it’s AWFUL! I can’t sign in as the keyboard characters will not show. And, after deleting the app, reinstalling, and restarting my iPhone XS Max phone, continues to malfunction. What’s wrong PayPams??? You had a good thing, already...and if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it. 😡
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4 years ago, OneOddDude
After developer response, everything is working perfectly. Thank you
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5 years ago, TYNV7
Works great!
This app is so convenient. I am able to check my kids lunch balances and make payments if their accounts are low.
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5 years ago, Another Space Junkie
Update ruined a good working app
Seriously, what were y’all thinking? You wiped out my kids’ pictures. You shrunk the layout to where I need glasses and I don’t use glasses! When logging in it doesn’t show my user name when I type, just spaces. It would be better to reset to 5 days ago and push that version back out, thank you very much.
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3 years ago, parent of a genius
Real time money deposits
It would be nice if the money posted in real time instead of 2 days later. I know it’s possible because the processing fee happens with the transaction so this is not a bank “check by phone”transfer. Otherwise, it’s pretty convenient.
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2 years ago, brittanybj14
Unable to set up new account
A phone # is required to create a new account but the format is not for a phone # in the US. When I go to the help tab it just sends me back to a former screen. No help whatsoever. I attempted to sign up a few years ago and was unsuccessful then also. This app is useless.
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2 years ago, parent of a student
It is a trash app and trash service
I made a purchase and there is only half of the money went to my balance. I got a message from support that it will show up after school lunch activity. What I really hope is that there is a zero star option!!!
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5 years ago, Choley2
I agree the update doesn’t allow you to see which accounts you’re paying with. Something else that needs to be added is an immediate update once a payment is posted!!! If I put money in my sons account it should update in the system THEN not 3/4 days later!!!
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5 years ago, liveoak_mom
Please fix issue with dark mode!!
The issue that is report my fixed is not fixed! I can see the words when my phone is to dark mode. I only realized that was the issue when i found these reviews.
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3 years ago, Boonehound
Updates ruined this app
The old version worked fine. Now it’s so much more complicated and takes several tries to add funds to an account.
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5 years ago, LaToya007
Terrible upgrade
If I could give this app zero stars, I would! My child is in kindergarten this is so it’s my first time using the app. Compared to the way it was prior to the upgrade, it’s terrible now. The previous version was nice looking and very user friendly! Please go back!!!
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2 years ago, Gdujopcjnkersa
Won’t Add Funds
When I go to add funds for school lunches, it won’t go through. There’s a message that says “may take up to a minute” but I’ve waited much longer and multiple attempts and it won’t go through.
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2 years ago, elleamo92
looks like a bug
I get an error when trying to enter my phone number to create an account. it says “incorrect phone”, but no other details
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5 years ago, wde72wde
Update is trash
The newest update will not show any typed information, as well as not being able to see which account i chose to pay with. Please fix soon, as I need to add money to mu child’s account!!!!!
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5 years ago, Nick2065
Garbage update
This app was working perfectly for many years until the recent update. In the future, do not change something that is working. 🙄
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5 years ago, Tired of constant crashes
Horrible unusable update
Since update I can not see any information that is typed in it just stays blank and keeps saying email and password is wrong how am I supposed to pay for daughters lunch now???
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2 years ago, AaronLiu200
App doesn't work
Input all infor including all personal and credit card info. Click "submit payment" no response
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5 years ago, paypam app user
Please fix this app
This app is terrible. Not user friendly at all. Can’t update methods without having to go to the website. It has been this way for sometime now.
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5 years ago, Raynie81
Fix this mess!!!!
Works with dark mode my foot! It’s worse! Can’t use! Erased all my info. Can’t process payments via app so now I have to go online. Defeats the purpose of having a mobile platform!!! Fix it now!!!
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4 years ago, Gregthedev
Convenient and fast way to pay my son's lunch money
App is simple, but works well. Saves lots of time over the clunky website. UPDATE App now forgets your password and impossible to use - absolutely HORRIBLE
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5 years ago, Gordon15969
Application testing
You need to test your application in dark mode. Text color does not change. You can’t read black text on a black background.
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5 years ago, bighousegoblue
Update Killed App
So the most recent update has broken the login. I can login on my computer but the app tells me I have the wrong information.
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2 years ago, ghtnaive
Cannot imagine an app for online billing can be so crappy
I cannot find a feature that is bug free. I cannot trust the app to bill me.
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5 years ago, TundraKing
Anybody There????
Helloooooo! Anybody going to work on fixing this APP? If you don’t remember, people actually use it to pay for their children’s school lunch money and other things.
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5 years ago, Pill dispenser
Bad service as well
If you won’t address customers concerns about the app... REMOVE it from service until you fix it!
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5 years ago, bwjohns
Newest version does not work!
I’ve used for several years now! Latest update does not work at all!! Please fix!!
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5 years ago, LW360
Completely unusable
White on white background now makes this app completely useless.
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5 years ago, MattPerron
Still not working
The new interface doesn’t work in dark mode. I’m running the latest version of the app as of Jan 3, 2020.
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5 years ago, Jsonburkett
The update turned it from garbage to dumpster juice. I don’t think it could have gotten worse but the developers said hold my beer.
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5 years ago, Mendezd467
Super upset
This new update is horrible. Now I can’t see any of the information. How am I going to pay for my sons lunches?!
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5 years ago, Claudiocavalcanti
All text is gone
No text shows up for me on latest update.
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5 years ago, Dealyoyo
Fix this !
It worked totally fine beforehand with the old app.
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5 years ago, Tiff0578
Still doesn’t work!!!
The app still does not work!!!
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9 years ago, Growing Everyday
Overall app design needs improvement
This app truly frustrates me. Our school system used Lunch Money (effortless!) to fund lunch accounts in the past and recently switched to this service...I am not impressed. The fact that I have multiple children seems to be an issue as you cannot fund them at the same time. The shopping cart needs improvement, I find it odd that I am hit with multiple transaction fees when I am paying for multiple children. It is ONE transaction and this is highway robbery! This app literally gives me a headache upon entering because it cannot perform simple actions that just make sense to most. Strongly considering deleting this app because it certainly does not add value (by value, I mean convenience). Going back to sending money (or even a check😬) to the school is less painful than this experience.
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9 years ago, April7984
This app makes my blood pressure go up! When it USED to work it was great. Now my card won't show up most of the time and if it does it won't show the shopping cart so I can move on. The mobile site is a crock too because it won't let me select an amount half the time. This was supposed to be an EASIER way to pay for lunch but it's not at all. PLUS I have to pay a service charge when I AM able to make it finally work. If someone would just spend some time working out the kinks this could be a good app but lazy designers who don't keep up with their stuff make everyone want to poke their eyes out.
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8 years ago, Rjh4558
Works again after the fix but...
I've noticed that the button you press to actually make the payment (at least when the app is running on an iPhone6) is way up on the top-right behind where your battery/Bluetooth status indicators are and it's quite difficult to register a button press. Maybe if it was a little closer to the center of the screen, it would work better. I imagine this would further frustrate parents who have multiple students to pay for as there are many complaints as well about having to pay for each student individually.
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11 years ago, Frogmama29
Works, but thats all.
I would rather be able to use the PAMS website on my iPad than have to download ANOTHER app for it. I couldn't seem to access any payment options from the website menus (I wanted to set up auto payments), besides setting up my account and card info. So I downloaded this app, unsure if it was, indeed, the same service (would help to use matching logos) to set that up. All I could do is select how much of a payment to make. I couldn't even select an amount for each kid, THEN pay. Hopefully these features get added soon, or better yet, make the website work on the iPad! Thanks.
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5 years ago, LizKoe1118
Website works better unfortunately
I agree with many of the previous reviews. And, unfortunately it doesn’t look like there have been any changes to the app based on reviews. I won’t be using the app since I can’t process multiple student payments at once. I agree with others that I won’t pay the service fee for each child when I can use the website and only pay one fee to process multiple student payments in one transaction. Hopefully, they will update their features soon to make the app more useful.
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5 years ago, lokiah10
Worst App Ever!
I should not have to pay $1.95 each time I add money to my child’s account. Reason being, I have two students in the same school! So I should be able to add money to both of their accounts at the same time without having to pay double the fees! This is just their way of taking more money than they should be entitled to. Do you not understand that 95% of families in our school district get free and reduced meals, meaning they already can’t afford it. So you think it’s okay to keep charging fees for separate students in the same family. Pathetic.
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11 years ago, Brenda Whann
Push notifications would be nice
The app is nice for easy access to lunch accounts, but it would be so nice if it had push notifications that can be turned on to get notified when purchases are made. I hope that will be in the next update! Would also be nice if I could stay logged in without always having to put in my password. 5 stars if those features were made available.
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