PBIS Rewards Staff

2.5 (83)
21.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Navigate360, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PBIS Rewards Staff

2.47 out of 5
83 Ratings
5 years ago, psalmst
Music teacher
App needs a random button and the ability to organize students by first name! Website version could make random button simpler. I shouldn’t have to select all students before clicking the random button. Then once a student is picked, I should have the option to give points from the student pop up instead of exiting out and then selecting the student again. Too many steps for something that should be simple. Your programmers could learn a lot from ClassDojo.
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5 years ago, GingerTeacher
Great Data!
This app has improved over the last year and a half since we have been using it at my elementary school. The developers are so helpful and open to new ideas. Any time there is an issue, they are on top of it right away. The use of this has gone so well, we have been contacted by many other schools who are interested in how we have used it. The data we get from the system is super helpful!
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3 years ago, AutstinMiddl180
Slow or no load
This app does not always work on the phone which isn’t effective when I’m trying to reward students outside of the classroom or while I’m teaching instruction.
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3 years ago, BeckyIDGA
Pray that your school doesn’t adopt this
I’m guessing my school district paid a trundle of money for this program. The idea in practice is good, but a high school student with a computer science background could have designed a better app. Use ClassDojo instead. It’s free, it’s motivating to elementary students, and is so accessible. PBIS Reward’s platform stinks— it crashes, isn’t easy to give individual points to students, and just takes a lot of time on the teacher side to reward students. My second graders are not motivated by it’s platform.
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2 years ago, sonamtenjisherpa123
Top right corner setting
Overall, I like the app is simple and easy to use. Is it possible to hide (or move) the profile icon, which currently appears next to the setting?
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3 years ago, Fishboss80
It’s pretty easy to use except when I have to transition to the teacher rewards. I have to hard close the app every time to get back to the student section. There needs to be an easier way to get back and forth.
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2 years ago, Ms_Dre
Never works
I have uninstalled and installed this app so many times. I have an iPhone 12 max pro and it does not work. It never takes me to a log in screen, just the main screen is says “PBIS” and I can’t click anything to log in. How is this supposed to be an effective tool for your students if it doesn’t even work ?
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2 years ago, ShoesForCrews
Not super user friendly/intuitive like other reward programs, but it works well enough. Would LOVE a “quiet hours” option so I don’t get messages from parents at all hours of the night and weekends.
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6 years ago, ozzman cometh
Overall a good app
Love the app and software. Did you delete the search bar for students in the add points section? I used this a lot if I wanted to add points without having to scan their ID.
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6 years ago, ACE9686
Could be better
Works well on my iPhone but always crashes on my iPad. I hope there’s an update the fix that issue
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5 years ago, NCMiddMathTeacher
Fine, but could be better
There needs to be a way to view My Activity in the app. I cannot always remember if I have given points for that day or not
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8 years ago, Allinoneyay
Needs of Every Student
This app will not allow you to access your ready-made groups online. You will have to scan a barcode from your student, which means ...1) every student better own a device (economic bias), and 2) you have to interrupt the student/learning to give points on the app. Please do better. Teachers want access to their groups/classes to give points. Teachers want to communicate with their groups/classes and parents. Please use ClassDojo, Classcharts, or any other rewards app for tips on making this more user friendly.
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5 years ago, --sims3forMe---
Lacks parent communication
There is no way to send or receive parent messages from the phone app. Also no way to send photos from your phone.
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3 years ago, 4agAG
Getting better
The app is getting a lot better. All the features of PBIS Rewards have improved.
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3 years ago, tikiwildchild
Blank screen
I have deleted and re-downloaded the app several times and each time, it shows a white blank screen. I’ll have to use the desktop version in order to use reward points instead of the app
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5 years ago, KikiY310
No access to messages
The parent app has a section where they receive messages but the staff app does not. Teachers have to log into the website to see messages. This is not very helpful in keeping the lines of communication open.
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3 years ago, K'Lynette
I’ve deleted and downloaded this app several times but I still can’t access it unless I’m on WiFi. I use it for work but can only login on the computer.
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3 years ago, 612me
App won’t open on my iPhone 12
I have downloaded the app again and still nothing. I loved it when I had my iPhone 8. It worked wonderfully. Now I can’t use it. 😢
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6 years ago, Pookizzle
No search bar
No student search bar any more
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3 years ago, G Rosché
Can you update to allow Landscape orientation on iPad?
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5 years ago, G. Camp89
Scanner freezes
After scanning 1-3 PBIS Name Badges...the app freezes and you can’t scan anymore. Very frustrating when you have limited time in the classroom to do this.
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1 month ago, Joaquinvcarranza
Teacher soso
Pbis is good but the costum amount is dumb rather put points not costum
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6 years ago, Bug0624
Haven’t been able to log in in weeks.
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5 years ago, Jprod26
Cannot sign in
I cannot log in with the app. It tells me that there was an error and that the server cannot he reached.
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3 years ago, ItsMiss991
Doesn't work! Frozen
Mine has been stuck on the welcome screen, for weeks. Doesn't work!
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2 years ago, pbis butt
I hate this app
I hate this app because I can not delete
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10 months ago, cake fox 159
Pretty mid gangles
Ong this is poopy. Didn’t win the rewards
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