PBIS Rewards Student

2.2 (239)
15.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Navigate360, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PBIS Rewards Student

2.23 out of 5
239 Ratings
10 months ago, ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕣𝕤
I can’t access it on clever
I am trying to access it on clever but it says something about how my schools doesn’t allow the ability to sign in through google but I’m trying to sign in through clever and I don’t know what to do.
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2 years ago, RoRoDragon
5 stars for war
It first started in 6th grade when it was introduced but as the years passed there was a group of people bringing knives and guns to school and murdering people for their points. It got to the point where we had metal detectors and SWAT personnel at the doors every morning and every day when we left checking our points and what we bought to make sure we weren’t bribed/threatened to give our points away. I ended up deleting the app after someone nuked the school while I was on vacation and I had to move to a new country because that person started a nuclear war💀💀💀. Overall this is an amazing app for creating a civil war and killing 69,420 people.
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1 year ago, Jamal1969420
i am jamal
I don’t regret anything i’ve done i really don’t. It started as a normal day like the normal quiet kid i am when the teacher announced that we would be starting pbis everyone liked the idea but everything was sold out before i could get anything. So the next day at school i walked up to the teachers I had and demanded my pbis points. I finally got the privilege to be the principal for the day starting war at our school. I had all the teachers fired and i finally got my way. If you think that you guys can get away from stealing everything before i get it remember i’m the quiet kid.
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3 months ago, Javier tickletip
My name is Javier tickletip ballbuster VI. This app is not recommended for it has brought me great trauma and depression. I’ve lost relationships with families, friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends. This app is the reason for battles in my head driving me closer and closer to the edge bringing me to insanity. I have never felt more lonely, angry, violated, and hurt. My friend Bryan schlongstroker will help me boycott this app and help me take down my worst enemy… heh… I guess that’s why they say… don’t mess with my sigma side… *grins*
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10 months ago, Jamal’s baby girl
Jamal for 2024
Jamal is the only one who understands. He understands me better than anyone. He tells me that no one else will accept me. He scares me. I cannot let him know that. I hide but he still finds me. I don’t have much time left. Jamal will find me soon. I have decided to let him find me and accept him. Jamal will be a great president. All hail Jamal.
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1 year ago, Bara ah bara
Nihtmeer 🇬🇧
After our school using the app a school mafia called british mafia started at school and now half the students and staff are British and members. They committed arson for pbis points and other chaos. Thank you for finally giving me the chance to be the president of something, we will convert everyone to british.
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2 years ago, black dimond sky hill
Need to fix problems
When I first got the app for my child on her phone I thought it would be an easy way to track her PBIS Points but now it is hard to login on cellular and it causes all sorts of buggy problems!! I recommend that you use the PBIS points website instead of the app. When you try to log in through Google with a school, parent, or teacher account it says the account does not exist and it denies it. When you try and log in from class link it brings you to safari and on safari if/when you do log in it prompts you to go back to the app then it says app not downloaded or app does not exist. Finally logging on through clever is easy but again it does not let you through to the app it denies it. Please fix these problems - thank you
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2 years ago, Elli Weasley
Hello, as I am writing this, I have never been more happy. Ever since PBIS points have been introduced, the voices in my head have gotten quieter. And you might not believe this, but the people in my walls no longer come out at night and beat me cruelly and endlessly. 10/10, cured my depression!
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1 year ago, Munch😝😝
This app is horrid
This app has caused my teachers to start fighting, they are pushing each other down the stairwell, because of this our school is gonna have to be under a mandatory shutdown, and has caused me to miss 3 months of precious learning time, I cant believe someone would be so cruel to make such an app, only the most devious human being would decide to wake up one day and make this atrocious app, you have caused a ruin in my career and I will make sure to have payback.
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1 year ago, Jakefromstatefar m
Nothing wrong
Aye I don’t know why everyone in the review section is from Ohio or something but this app is pretty good for the students that use it random kid just from Ohio ruling the school I guess, we’re going to Ohio. P.S. it’s not a bad app
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4 months ago, Jayden 😶‍🌫️
My confusion 2024
It’s currently war 3 up in here. I’m scared to death LITERALLY. Everyone has knives and SHOT GUNS and they’re killing people for points. The police’s tried to stop it ☹️ BUT THERES NO HOPE they are too powerful 🤐 But overall great app! 😘🧏🏾‍♀️🦫🤫
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2 years ago, Nightmaew
I hope this isn’t a scam.
I was going to buy this pass that cost 50 PBIS points, so when I went to buy it, my school said they ran out and will give it to me next week. But it’s been a month and they still haven’t gave it to me, so they probably forgot or still don’t have any. Either way, I still want my PBIS points back if they aren’t going to give me the pass.
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3 years ago, squishyfreak101
I really want to use the app, however I cannot log in on it. I open it and select long in with Clever. I then log in with clever than it shows my account on the web browser. It then asks me if I want to stay on the web browser, or go to the mobile app. I chose mobile app. It then showed another button saying ”open PBIS rewards In mobile app?” I click yes. It then takes me right back to the log in screen on the mobile app. Whatever I do, it will not work
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2 years ago, Misha322
When pbis started I was so excited I was so glad to earn points but then I found out it had i dark side. So guy kidnapped me and forced me to give all my points. I was just a 11 year old girl. I said no to giving him my points so he put me in a time machine and made me a 80 year old man. I am hiding in a closet trying to escape the basement he put me in plz help me.
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1 year ago, lover_of_tiktok
Pls help
I let my friend login on my phone because she didn't have her phone but now it's stuck on her account. I've deleted the app 3 times, logged out over 10 times. It just stays in her account. Please help.
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3 months ago, Jaydude9000
App broken :(
The app wont open when I click it and it just stays on a white screen no matter how long I wait, it's worked before but now it doesn't :((((
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9 months ago, Maddiecheesepizz
I have full bars and good Wi-Fi and the internet access won’t allow me to go into the app. I don’t know if this is a bug but please change it.
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6 months ago, Jamal plz don’t hurt me
Obie is so cool and epic he literally saved my puppy from a fire he’s literally so epic 😎😎😎
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2 years ago, kera2409
I AM SURE THAT AT FIRST YALL THOUGHT THIS WAS AN OH SO GREAT IDEA BUT ITS NOT. it all started as a regualar day when they announced we were gonna do this. but within a week the school was turned into RAVAGING SAVAGES! SAVE YOURSELVES. THEY ARE LIKE ANIMALS! i am writing this from the janitorial closet withe the few sane people left.
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2 years ago, ContagiousTBK
I have not opened the app yet but I is 👍
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9 months ago, 🐺kemo the wolf pup🐺
It is horrible and doesn’t work do now get it for your school if u like your students
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1 year ago, Melgarrrr
No points are ever given and everything is ALWAYS sold out
I just hate my school tbh
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5 months ago, ppsuk er 69
This app is bad
This app is very glitchy and doesn’t work. Do not download it stole my data.
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1 year ago, i am that guy445
Worse app ever
This app is the worst thing to ever happen. This should be taken off the App Store .
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5 months ago, sbdtvfsshh
Why is this even a app???
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9 months ago, dnbs dheb
This so called good app gave me a bad grade in my 2nd grade exam test
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2 weeks ago, Damarcaus Demitrius III
I love egg plants
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1 week ago, lrhdishebdndheke gf
ion like it
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10 months ago, NARUTO SOLOS
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10 months ago, xxxqom
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11 months ago, LavenderWoodz
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2 years ago, CorrupteDylan
Improve it
First, all of the reviews about the stories are fake. Don’t listen to them. However, I do have a couple of suggestions. 1. Make the app load/launch faster 2. Add support for landscape mode 3. Add keyboard shortcuts that work with a external keyboard or a way to use a keyboard to navigate the app. 4. Option to see your points over time as a unique feature only in the app. ALSO: For some reason, the app will access my Clipboard when I open it. It will display (PBIS Rewards Student pasted from “app”) where the app is whatever app I was in where I copied something to my clipboard last. The app seems to do this every time it loads up and only pastes if there is something on the clipboard. I am using an iPad mini 4 with iOS 15. This clipboard use is unnecessary and a privacy invasion. I do not understand why this app needs to access my clipboard. Please fix this and add my suggestions and the app will be GOLDEN.
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4 years ago, poopneeram
The end
It all started on day 1 it was a normal day slightly boring but overall ok when they introduced the point system it all went to hell slowly degrading the minds of my once academically advanced peers turning them into savages reverting them into a void a nothingness of pure primal instinct fighting for scraps sacrificing everything just to get a hint of what it felt like to have power unlimited power we everybody has reverted into savages there is nothing but pain and greed in there eyes as they topple the life of the once stable teachers even the teachers have begun using the points to get a quick high anything to get away from the terrors of the hallways anything never get this app it is a poison a parasite that leaches onto the strongest and brings them down to the level of a savage don’t DO IT
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2 years ago, Ice1109877665
Can be improved
I like the app it’s pretty good but it’s empty and needs more stuff .also make the buttons work better. I have to press one tiny button 1 million times to make one tiny thing pop up! Although lots of people say that they can’t log in but I can login just fine! Add more stuff especially on the items events and more🤔also think of adding some more things to your app improving it and getting better star rates.
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3 years ago, ColdlordX, Yep
One feature doesn’t work
So yea this is pretty good for using your positive points you get in school but my school requires me to tell how I feel through the app every day The app gets stuck on a loading screen when I do that. Please fix this so I can follow my school protocols.
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3 years ago, AngelLove0404
By far worst app
This is by far the worst I’ve seen. We login to my sons account it then asks if we want to login via the app which is how we are logging in, but okay as we have no other options - all grayed out. It then takes you back to the Clever login and you literally go in the same circle without being able to access the account. This app needs a lot of help and unfortunately thanks to COVID this is the only way to access the school rewards. Please fix your app. Thanks!
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4 years ago, chdirhf fndkeuffnf
Why do we need this
For some people, this might be nice. For others, like me, who never spends their points and forgets about it, it’s useless. I have enough stuff to worry about on a daily basis, and I don’t need anything else, let alone this. Maybe if homework passes could be purchased it would be better, but as of right now, I don’t like it that much. Besides, people could just fake nice acts to each other to earn easy points, so why bother.
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3 years ago, ⚡️🪐💫☀️🌨⛅️🪐💫
First of all this app is simple and workin just fine the problem is you’re guys schools just because people at you’re school are stealing points isn’t you’re problem you have a passcode on you’re phone use it. Lazy bums.
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4 years ago, fluffyisacutebunny
Review time
Okay, a lot of these reviews are REALLY WERID. But the app is fine... it works perfectly fine for me and the only thing bad about it is that it doesn’t completely fit your screen. I scan my card see my points then close the app and move on with my day. It gets the job done :/
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5 years ago, LittleEunie
Great concept... Graphics need some work?
I like the concept; now that it’s 2019 it’s smart to make a program accessible via phone. It’s a cool idea that I’m curious to see work out. My only complaint: better graphics? Although coding is difficult (only for me it seems T-T I can’t tech), the design could use a little improvement. Maybe some short animations or something that looks a little more professional? I get that this is just supposed to be a quick app, but it would be nice if it was more... visually pleasing I guess. Right now it’s bare minimum, Hope this improves?
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3 years ago, Dontmindmepls
help me.
this app is responsible for the death of all democracy and decency. it created a classist society in my school and caused significant neurological trauma to many of my classmates. those with higher points would discriminate against those with less, and those with less would slowly loose their sanity, until they’d crack. they’d go completely feral. foaming at the mouth, clawing at others, you name it. please- PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR SCHOOL ENDURE THIS CURSE. this is your only warning.
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3 years ago, SatanaWrld
Downbad chronicles
I’m in class rn and these points are looking mighty fine if I say so myself 😏 but last year the teacher Hooked your boi up with some points I got 2 $20 gift cards I guess I finessed the system 😃
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6 years ago, wmschool
Update to PBIS
My school updated to PBIS Rewards after getting rid of our old system and it works a lot better/easier. Only complaint: why can’t you purchase things from the app? Your teachers have to see you and be told what you want to buy...?
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5 years ago, Hello_its_me_tyala
It’s confusing
I use it for my school and at first it had the per expectation button but all of a sudden it just disappeared sooooo.... Also me and my fellow classmates talk about the graphics. And I have the iPhone XR and I don’t like how it doesn’t fit the whole screen. Great idea though
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3 years ago, Dvftheynrrim
Just Smile…
I like cats, I like dogs, I like birds, I like logs, but what I don't like is people… I want pizza, I want fires, I want to kill all guys I hate men yes it’s true and hope they all drop dead to, I don’t like women or all of the above… I like rope, I like bridges, I want to see if all dogs go to heaven
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3 years ago, Mac mc mc
Review by poopneeram
You should write plays about school or other story’s you have a gift and I want to read hear see it
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4 years ago, Adriana segura
The best thing ever
This app changed my life. I have never experienced anything like this! School is no longer hard. I used all my points to buy A’s in all my classes.
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6 years ago, Flipz1
Colonia Middle School
I scanned my ID card and after that it wouldn’t load after waiting for about 20 minutes any help by any chance?
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2 years ago, big bow bob 123
Awful and scary
This app is like using the hub on Microsoft bing too many adds to count and now I’m getting hunted by the ceo of this business
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I crave it
If I write a review will they give me more points Can I afford the m&m’s I crave the PBIS points These points are amazing I got my first 15 and now I crave the high of validation
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