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2 months ago
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User Reviews for PBS KIDS Video

4.29 out of 5
221.7K Ratings
4 months ago, Bribunny18
Yay! But one question
I first want to start off saying how AWESOME the shows r. Even tho I am a bit too old to watch, as a kid I LOVE ur shows! I do wish that you would stop getting rid of good shows. Like, I used to watch this kid (I forgot how to spell his name) and you deleted him from PBS kids and replaced him with a boring show called Through the Woods. I really hated Through the Woods because it was so short! Another thing is that I agree that you should add PG-13 shows but make it in a separate spot so that little kids don’t come across a PG-13 show and start crying because on the show something a little kid shouldn’t watch happens. I have a lot of suggestions, because while I love your app and shows there r some issues. But I realize that would be wasting your time, so instead I won’t waste your time with those, instead I will go to your website and one day finish my list. To finish off, I LOVE your shows but please take these suggestions into consideration and please write me back. Thanks! And keep up the good work! 👍
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1 week ago, {The Roblox Sqaud}
I LOVE this , but there’s just a little... problem.
So starting with THIS IS THE BEST APP FOR KIDS. PERIOD. But, there are some bugs. My little sister went in this app, and went in Daniel tiger, normal, right? BUT when she clicked on the autism video pbs kids purposely went into some “trolly tales” video instead. She clicked the autism video perfectly, and another video pops up. Kind of disappointed, because she was halfway in the video but then she said, where is max? And I checked what video she was watching and it WASN’T the autism video. And half the time, the video doesn’t work properly so it’s just a black screen. Pls fix this bug! And also it says you can watch pbs kids offline but you can’t. Don’t lie like that pbs kids! Another person also complained about this offline issue! So yeah. I would recommend getting this unless you don’t have internet or if you share a hotspot with someone in your car!!!!!!!! And also pls make more lyla in the loop! Lyla in the loop is my favorite show but there hasn’t been an episode since 3 months ago. Anyways byeeee! I’m out PEACEEEEE! ✌🏾
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4 months ago, herrerasaurusboy647
Little kids would dang LOVE your shows. They’re so well made…but for a 12-year old like me, the shows are boring and cliche. Make PG-rated TV shows for teenagers, and you will be selling like WILDFIRE! Make new shows for teenagers, and you will be perfect! I know it’s called PBS KIDS, but maybe you could make a new kind of joint station called PBS TEENS! It would be Gigachad! Imagine Wild Kratts, but the animals are dying more often, and Zach wants to KILL animals! It would be so cool!!! Why keep making cringey little-baby TV-Y shows when you could make a flipping PBS-Teens??? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Stop wasting your time and resources on more indifferent TV-Y shows and make PBS shows for teenagers with similar plots as Wild Kratts and stuff!!! Please!!! I’m begging you!!! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Come on!!! Stop wasting time and make teenager shows!!! SO MAKE PBS-TEENS!!!
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2 years ago, Specialneeds mom
Thank you for being FREE
Hello, I am a mom of a special needs teen I myself being an autistic adult with a special needs teen consistency really matters. When I had cable my daughter and I would watch the PBS kids 24/7 channel and our local PBS station alternating between the 2. I can no longer afford cable so I have an Apple TV device and we have the PBS kids video app. I’m so thankful that your app is FREE. Where as the competition channels are not free. You need a cable subscription which we do not have. But your station is FREE: I’m also so glad that you have brought back some of the older shows on the PBS kids video app such as Word World, Sci Girls, Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Maya and Miguel. My daughter LOVES word world we’ve struggled to find a place we can watch it and I can put it on for her my daughter is super excited for the new Daniel Tiger content coming out. I’m just all around so happy with your app. So thank you for being amazing and having an amazing app that we can enjoy for years to come.!
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2 years ago, Sheepguy42
Great content, unstable app with quirky behavior
PBS Kids is dependable for having the best kids content—I never worry about what my kid is watching if I have him in here on Guided Access. It does, however, tend to crash/freeze a bunch (especially on older devices like an iPad Air 2, but also on our Apple TV HD) and for some reason often fails to stop the auto-playing stream when you choose something different to watch. This is worst on Apple TV, where you might try clicking to see the next Daniel Tiger episode from the TV app’s ‘up next’ selection, only to have the audio from an episode of Arthur (or whatever is next in the “Live TV” lineup) playing simultaneously with the Daniel Tiger episode — both at the same volume. I’ve learned to force quit the app then go directly to it to navigate to (in this example) Daniel Tiger, but the same thing can still happen even on iOS/iPadOS when choosing a video to watch while the “Live TV” selection is playing.
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3 weeks ago, Thomasthecoolengine
Reupload and also fixed, pbs kids why
I see on my tv that your brainwashing kids right now by this one specific month called pride month and it’s driving all of us kids and adults nuts, it’s not okey to make kids do wrong stuff that shouldn’t be done at all, and Rosie’s rules is so terrible I’m not being mean to all the people that help made this but it’s a caillou clone, except the short where Rosie helps her abuela, and even worse Lyla in the loop is really not so good and annoying, even more worse is that I checked the learning goal and there’s nothing at all, even more more worse I don’t care if I say this or not but Milo is a peppa pig clone and a cheap copy cat, just saying I’m not being mean again but it’s all terrible, like just do your own idea that would be good and would be popular as well, here’s some of my ideas the jumping spiders, driving on the road, the great world of great adventures, Harney the yellow dog petcel, also pbs kids why did you remove a lot of the shows, Thomas and friends, bob the builder, pingu, reading rainbow, between the lions, mister roggers neighborhood, and much more, except caillou, anyways keep up the okey work, I guess…
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7 years ago, Rachelswork
Terrific App!!! When it works :/
I love PBS. We are PBS supporters. I love this PBS kids app. We mostly watch Daniel tiger and Sesame Street. However, sometimes the app doesn't work. Today is one of those days where the "wheel of death" just keeps spinning around and around and around with no loading of any kind. Other times when it doesn't work, it's more of a connection problem for casting to the TV. Most of the time if I have the app on the background of my phone, casting to the TV, while I do other things like make phone calls etc, if I open the app again it completely refreshes and causes disconnection with what was already play on the TV (it'll start the episode over again or go to live TV or even the wheel of death comes on the TV because it's getting mixed signals). This is annoying. But not enough to make me hate the app, just disappointed. 4 ⭐️ because I LOVE PBS but the app needs a bit of tweaking.
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2 years ago, Petro277
5 Stars all the way. Perfect app for kids in every way
How anyone could give this less than five stars beyond me. The content is unbelievable, and it’s FREE! Like really free. Like as in no ads, no banners, no pop-ups. There is literally nothing to purchase ever, and no way your child could accidentally wrack up charges like literally just about every other kids app that exists. All the content is completely wholesome. You will never, ever have to worry about what your kids are watching. The only people who are giving this low ratings are doing so for odd reasons like they can’t get it to cast properly to other devices, or it’s closing out the app when a phone call comes in, etc. All things that they could fix if they understood the settings on their devices. These are not issues caused by the app itself. Overall, I can’t imagine a more perfect app for kids.
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6 months ago, Shire Mom
A lot to love, need parental control option
There is a whole lot to love about PBS Kids, and the app is very user friendly to my pre-literate child. However, I really wish there was a way as a parent to filter or block certain content. For example, while I think it is FANTASTIC that Spanish is available, my child has language delays and we’re trying really hard just to help him to learn/speak English, so Spanish language focused shows are very counterproductive for him, and I know I can’t be the only one in this situation. (And I really, really don’t need him thinking all the made up pink-a-nonsense from Pinkalicious is a legitimate way of communicating.) Trying to steer him towards better-for-him content just becomes a source of strife. There are a couple that send him into meltdowns, and it would be nice to be able to remove them as well.
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2 years ago, Elena of avalor fan 058
I love it!
Hi. Since I was 4 I watched PBS kids on my tv. I love all the shows and now I’m ten and I still watch it! When I found this app I was soo happy that I can watch my favorite shows on this app! I downloaded it and started watching. I love it but I have a few suggestions. 1. Can you combine the games app and the video app so you don’t have to get two apps for tablet or phone storage.? 2. Can you add ten episodes per show so there are more episodes to watch? 3. On the download thing once you download it can you save it until you watch it because I go on trips and I download stuff like an hour before we leave and when I get in the car it disappears so can you hold it like Disney +? Overall I love this app and look forward for more. Thank you and please read and respond to my message.
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7 years ago, Thespianaf
Please please please!
We are a PBS home for sure, we love almost all of the shows for kids that are offered. All but one. I have no doubt that a certain character has popped into the heads of other parents watching this before I even name him. The one thing I wish this app could do is give me the option to remove Caillou from the lineup. Not only do I loathe that little monster from the depths of my being, it turns my three year old into a whining monster as well. We will be having a good day and when things turn, you can be sure to hear her singing "I'm Caillou, Caillou". I would pay good money for the option to obliterate Caillou while keeping the other shoes we know and love that don't affect my child's behavior in such a negative way. Please strongly consider adding this feature. For my sanity and the sanity of parents far and wide.
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10 months ago, OrraVan85
Great kid shows! But did you copy?
Hi I love PBS kids it’s a great show with a little bit of movies! I been watching pinkalissis (I don’t know if I spelled that right) lately and it hasn’t been having a lot of new shows like that. and in the episode ’the secret life of Henrietta’ I watch ‘the secret life of Arietta’ yesterday on max so I’m wondering if you copied the title of the movie. and if you didn’t that’s fine I understand I am just wondering please be honest. and it’s ok if I’m wrong and if you didn’t I’m sorry if it’s not true. anyway this is wonderful I love it and also PBS kids games I don’t have the same games as my little brothers but we can play on the same game on PBS kids games!! Thank you so much for reading and thank you for making this app!! Bye!(sorry if there are spelling mistakes I’m only 8)
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10 months ago, LiquideFeline
Need a few options and some fixes
Al of the below is for Apple TV version of this app: ***New item 2023***: please add new Mr Roger’s content! Previous bugs keep showing up, but my current issue is the TV version of the app keeps resetting the home station to a city near me instead of my city (every update this happens!) When I select a specific show, the app plays every episode and keeps going forever if I get distracted. This app needs an option to turn off auto play (like every other major video app has.) Video addiction is real PBS, please help us break the cycle. 📺 The Apple TV version of the app will no longer stay in the “live” tv setting. After a few minutes it drops back to whatever show is currently being highlighted. Please fix. 🤗
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9 months ago, dmwillau
Thank you for helping us out with our family
We’ll get a new phone call on a new one for the first week and we’ll get back with us to make a payment on your account thank for all your input thank us and appreciate you doing great and your new plan will get us in our lives right away from our house to get your own stuff together for our own business you can do that with our new business business you need us all business business and you are so much business you are our own and your own company is our own right now you need us all to get your business and your own life business business you need us to do your business and your own right business business you can get our business
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1 year ago, Ashlyn termini
Word world
My one year old daughter has previously starting saying mama and dada so I turned on this show for her and she loves it! Every day before her morning nap I turn on this show for her and she can not get enough of it. This show is improving her learning and as a mother of 2 I love using the PBS channel for my kids. Everything is kid friendly of course and it is fun to get your little ones learning faster. I am currently 9 months pregnant with another child right now and I love using this app to make my kids busy while I am working and preparing for the baby. PBS kids is a game changer! I hope you can learn from this message and get your little ones on this app too. (Don’t mind my grammar right now I did not have a lot of time to write this review)
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4 years ago, bgradina
Good channel, app and brand, but it could use some improvements
Hi, My name is Jovan Gradina, I am 10 years old, I don’t have my own Apple so I am using my dad’s. I REALLY am a big fan of PBS Kids shows (with some favorites including Arthur, Peg + Cat, and Hero Elementary, plus many others) but it could use some improvements, First, lets start with the app, #1, Why isn’t there an option to resume where you left off? #2 When I click on Ready Jet Go!, the theme song audio is a little low, even when I turn the volume up. Can you guys fix this? #3, How come Peep and the Big Wide World isn’t in the on demand section? Next, is some questions about the channel/block itself #1: Why were the E/I bugs removed #2: Why is the TV rating bug outside the 4:3 safe zone? #3 Is Esme and Roy coming to the block anytime soon? Overall I like PBS Kids and its app and channel but I hope you guys can answer my questions and take my suggestions into consideration, Bye! - Jovan EDIT: I have one more question about LIVE TV. Is PBS Kids going to air Nature Cat and Wild Kratts in 15 min slots on July 17 at 1:30 and 1:45AM? This is pretty confusing, PBS usually NEVER does that on the main and PBS Kids channel! Is this an error? My TV guides show the same thing!
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2 years ago, Quetzaluna
Quality content and lots of it but I wish I could actually watch things in Spanish :(
So I’m Latine and want my kids to grow up speaking Spanish so I watch a lot of cartoons in Spanish on Disney+ or Netflix. We still use the PBS Kids app a lot and even donate to PBS cause my kids love Daniel Tiger, Alma’s Way, Molly of Denali, Pinkalicious, Clifford, basically everything on PBS. But like, I can’t get the app to stream in Spanish most of the time? I pick the language but the audio won’t actually change. And even if it does work and I try to cast it to my Chromecast it just changes back to English and I can’t change the language anymore which is a huge disappointment. Would love for my kids to watch these shows in Spanish! Overall I love the content but the app does need some attention.
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1 year ago, Cute little kitten 🐈‍⬛
I love PBS kids!
I’ve been watching this show since I was little and I love it so much and I’m really excited to watch this show again and again because it’s such a good show and it’s really great to see people like you and your family and your kids are doing to love this and it’s so great that you’re going to have such an incredible experience and it’s a really special place for you and your children to have such an important experience with your kids and their families and your family as you have been with them all your life you are a great person you have been a wonderful person you will be so many wonderful people that I love your kids and you will always have such an incredible life with PBS kids!
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11 months ago, Avocados4Lyfe
Great, but a couple things…
Hi!! I have watched and loved PBS KIDS for as long as I can remember, and I still do! I just have a couple of concerns: 1. There isn’t a lot of content for older kids. The shows are mainly preschool shows. The age range is about 2-8. It would be awesome if you could make more shows that kids ages 9-12 would enjoy! All I can really watch on here is Arthur, Wild Kratts, Xavier Riddle, and Odd Squad. It’s a little annoying that there is an age gap between shows. I feel bad that some kids in middle school can’t enjoy the shows on here because they are for little kids, and can’t watch regular PBS. Please add shows that an older audience would also enjoy! 2. Speaking of Xavier Riddle, what happened to him?? Did the show end? Was the Fred Rogers thing just a special?? There are still so many people in the books! I’ve been waiting forever for a Jane Goodall episode!! If you do plan on making new episodes, please let me know when they should be released! It is one of my favorites! Arthur has what, 23 seasons?? And you just added new episodes of Daniel Tiger! Xavier was too short. I would love even just one or two new episodes! Please consider what I have said! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Catersa
Won’t stay on the show I select, it just moves to another one
Before your most recent update, I didn’t have this issue. I could go to Wild Kratts for example and when I tapped the arrow, it would just go to the next Wild Kratts video. Now that I updated the app, when I tap the arrow, it goes to a different show. And when I select a show, it doesn’t stay selected. It’s frustrating for me to have to pause at just the right moment and select the show I want to watch for every single episode of it. I don’t like this intertwining of the shows with the arrow and the show that I want to watch not staying selected. If I wanted that, I would just go to the live TV and I don’t. And I can’t go back now with the update. Other than this issue, it’s a good app.
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12 months ago, Brittnoni
Hiii I love Leo from let’s go Luna (sorry)
Hello I’m one of your fellow viewers and I know I’m 11 but one of my favorite shows on your channel is LETS GO LUNA!!!!!!!!!! (I can get a bit crazy about it.) and who’s my favorite character? LEO!!!!!!!!!!! He’s SOOOOO good and is really the best wombat ever do NOT cancel the show he is in and don’t forget to add podcasts to let’s go Luna and keep adding episodes to the show and also there’s Let’s Go Luna fan art out there but they can be really weird sometimes (for an example: Honey gathering hands with hamster versions of other let’s go Luna characters, pictures of a Leo guy with a red bow tie, etc.) those people go a bit far with things. “Hup hup hup hup hup hup hup” - the acronauts, really inspirational quote.
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7 months ago, alanabbjackson
Wish we could disable Live TV
We LOVE the PBS Kids app. I love the programming available and my kids love watching and learning from the shows. I wish the app had an option to disable Live TV so that on demand streaming from the library was the only option available. We loved the app before our oldest found the Live TV option, but now we’re having issues with being able to stop watching bc he can’t pause. We know many of the Live episodes are available on demand as well, but our child is Neurodivergent and struggles with extreme anxiety. Having the option to turn off Live TV would be an awesome option for us!
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3 years ago, Conbon Eva 2013
I have some questions.
Number 1. When I want to watch odd squad or something like that and I want to watch my favorite episode it ALWAYS starts in the wrong part of the episode like for example when I want to watch something it will start in the middle, Why? Number 2. What if I had a friend and they speak Chinese, how would I be able to Change the language in PBS kids? Number 3. I would like to have a quick way to get to PBS games. If you would take some of my suggestions it would be great to see at least one of my ideas in the PBS video app so if you agree with one of my ideas please respond to my review. Have a nice day!
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3 months ago, mija25
PBS Kids1
Hey, it’s me one of the best kingdom voices of all time. Guess what I’ve been watching this video and game that is called PBS Kids. It has two versions once the games and the other one is the videos. Also, you might play it or watch it. Also there might be different shows, I meant new shows and maybe new episodes like look out wombats and rozy is rules and more would of the week and PBS Kids lax. If you see the wax ignore it I meant rocks Annie # you might see the same thing but it’s might be behind the scenes. Why do you and it and add title? What do you like to do on PBS Kids? This is the question. I’ll try to answer on PBS Kids 2
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4 years ago, RocnScooby
I love this app
Even tho this isn’t my Apple acc it’s my dad’s so I’ve always loved PBS Kids since I was younger and it’s what I grew up with. It’s a great app but sometimes crashes maybe because my internet but even if it was the app’s lag I’d still rate it 5 stars. Not only did I use it when I was younger but I still sometimes go on here to watch, and it’s great because I have younger cousins that I babysit sometimes and there 2 and 4 years old and I showed the older one this app and he loves watching all the videos and sometimes when he comes over I help him get into the app and watch some videos with him sure I am getting older but it brings back memories:)
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2 years ago, msjsjssjsjsdd(#(
Why aren’t you airing the Charlie Brown specials on tv this year?
Okay so the past couple of years you’ve been airing it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown,a Charlie Brown thanksgiving and a Charlie Brown Christmas however this year I haven’t seen any airings of it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown or a Charlie Brown thanksgiving nor any upcoming airings a Charlie Brown Christmas this year I also haven’t seen any airings of the specials on other broadcasting stations please air a Charlie Brown Christmas it is the 2nd longest running tv special in history so i would be really sad if you don’t air it this year please air a Charlie Brown Christmas this year I love Charlie Brown he’s my favorite cartoon character!
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4 years ago, Lilly-Jane
App stop working
I’ve been using this app for over a year. And every Saturday morning me and my little one wakes up and watch GO LUNA, Wild Krats, Molly and now Eleanor. But last night and this morning I keep getting an error message that I can only view in the UNITED STATES... clearly I’m in the US we live in DC. I emailed the address that was given to me in the message and the problem still hasn’t been fixed. The link in the email is only works for PBS not PBS KIDS. so I’ll just delete the app off all my devices and won’t use it anymore. Yes this makes me sad and I feel like I’m letting my child down but it’s above me now.
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5 years ago, Bjf217
New Episodes?
This is a wonderful app. It can get glitchy at times but usually is resolved with an appletv restart. My only complaint is the rotation of available full episodes. Maybe there are contractual conflicts or something else but it seems like even when new episodes are rotated on, they are the same episodes that were just rotated out. If your kiddo only watches 2 or 3 shows this gets old pretty quickly. We are a curious George house and the howlin Hal episode has been playing for years. When my kiddos have screen time options I want them to want Pbs kids, but that is getting less and less likely because the same episodes of their favorite shows have been in heavy rotation for over a year and sometimes two.
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2 years ago, emeenic
Really good, but okay
This is a great app for some kids, but I definitely don’t recommend it for anyone older than 10 or 12. I can say this from experience. This app is a great tool for early leaning, fun, movies, etc. The PBS Kids video app is an awesome learning tool for many kids out there. The only issue that I have had with it is that it only works really good on certain devices and IOS types. It can be either slow, glitchy, or it could have really bad graphics. To sum up, this app is great depending on the device and IOS versions, otherwise it is an amazing tool for your kids and friends too. ‘Love the PBS Kids app’😍😍😍👍🏻
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1 year ago, orengeambe
Pls read it
I watch this when I was 5 now I’m 10 me and my classmates watch this video at the end of day sometimes I watch this when we on vacation are pool day it does work 1 pls add some new episodes I like watch odd squad 2 make so new updates like your missing of my favorite it called sherk he have episodes but if u don’t mind u can add it but I love watch video and I know this video slay like queen and my friend have this on tv we been like it I’m kid but all parents the video slay and u reading this 😆😊 have fun day so don’t be like look at mind and say she a pre teen idc about the hater but pls read this
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2 years ago, She'ssbbsnsnsnsnz
Thank you
Hi, I am editing my entire review just to say thank you thank you for adding audio descriptions for those who are blind or visually. Impaired question though are you guys going to add audio descriptions to all the videos on the PBS Kids app? If so, would really appreciate it. Oh, and do you think if possible you guys can add the 2000s shows to the PBS Kids app the live TV button can still work as normal but when you’re browsing I would love to see some of the old PBS kid shows I already see Mr. Rogers neighborhood but do you guys think you can add more I miss those shows after all, it was my childhood
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6 years ago, 🦅🐷🐨gg
This app is amazing but their somethings that need to be worked on
So like one when I’m trying to watch a show and then I want to go to a different show it shows me a little bit of the previous show and then moves on no big problems just like this to be fixed. And also when I’m trying to squirrel down and I’m trying to watch a show at the same time it will just kind of bring me to the school screen instead of leaving me there no big problems again just I want that to be changed. Overall this app is amazing and I really hope you make more PDFs apps fan of PBS forever.
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2 years ago, dhrydhey
We love pbs kids
This has been our kid’s go-to app for a few years, staring at 3yo. I love that it’s free and that there are no ads (which the kid also loves). It’s such a relief that there’s nothing violent and not much of the typical weird romantic stuff you find on Disney, and the racial and ethnic representation is great. It would be great if we could filter by age or remove some shows as options so that the littles can’t choose the bigger kid shows (Odd Squad, Arthur, Word Girl, Cyberchase)— but we’ve navigated it fine and it’s been great that our kid has been able to find age appropriate shows as she grows. Thank you, pbs kids!
Show more
5 years ago, RaeRae0210
No restrictions on shows
I think the app is great with one exception, there are no show restrictions, I love PBS and how they have educational shows but I don’t feel like all of them are appropriate for my 3 year old. I would like to be able to restrict access to certain shows. Such as Cyberchase for example (I really don’t see how educational that show is at least for his age) or to have the ability to add certain shows so that he’s only watching what I’m okay with him watching. Other than this I love the app, it’s convenient, he can flip through he shows and watch Daniel Tiger and if he’s bored with that he can switch to Sesame Street, etc.
Show more
4 years ago, omiltaha
Amazing 😉 down load write now
This has helped me a lot .its really fun but 3-9 any more than that it seems childish great videos app down load right away but there is some thing you can fix.i would really love if you put allllll the episodes of each channel pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this pls do this plssssss this video app has really helped me when I was sick 🤒 when I had nothing to do I whent to this lovely app pls download now😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
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2 years ago, Aidan wardlaw-Washington
Loving this video in PBS Kids
I like this video all the videos are all kinds downloads and stuff you can go a light TV or do something no download it now only in if you want to see a parent or he have a credit card or not ask him and go to Disney+ I like this video all the videos are all kinds downloads and stuff you can go to like TV or do something no download it now only in if you want to ask your parent or he have a credit card or not ask him and go to Disney+ or or asked your parent to go with your birthday love Aidan Wardlaw Washington
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2 years ago, pbs user
PBS needs to improve on how they convey messages to young viewers
PBS kids has always been a favorite in our home until they started making everything about race and they're suddenly culturally sensitive. I suppose That's fine to have the new shows and tabs for those interested, but they should also consider who celebrates certain days/holidays and who doesn't. For example, families with children who do not celebrate Halloween can't use the app for the entire month of October because the whole thing is spooky Halloween. Ever thought about how that could offend people? You can't assume that everyone celebrates the same things. Keep it regular PBS, and families can decide which episodes are appropriate for their kids.
Show more
3 years ago, Mrs. Wallker
Thank you. Awesome family friendly content.
I appreciate the content on this app and it can run for 24/7 on a Chromecast. I love having the opportunity to share with my kids some of the great shows I watched as a kid such as Arthur, Maya & Miguel, Cyberchase, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. The PBS kids network has always had a special place in my heart and this app has made my life so much better, it truly has fun shows that kids can get social awareness on or animal learning. Other science and technology adventures. I would hope they bring much more memorable shows back !
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5 years ago, Katicita919
Love PBS Kids - wish the app was more consistent
We absolutely love and support public TV and radio in our household. Thank you for providing free access to quality shows for our toddler, like Daniel Tiger! Unfortunately, I can only get the app to work maybe a quarter of the time. We pick the episode and cast to the TV, and it starts to load, but all we get is a black screen with the PBS Kids logo in the corner. We’ve tried rebooting the Chromecast and using other HDMI ports, but the issue persists. Other apps work fine, so there’s something with this app that causes an issue. And I definitely can’t pause or change anything about the video once it is playing, or I’ll get the same black screen. We love Daniel Tiger - please help!
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7 years ago, Branflake7
Thankful for PBS, reloading issue when open, please add auto play control
Our family loves this app. Especially with the addition of casting to our TV via Chromecast. We use it on our iPhones and iPad. One problem we experience: if we have a program castes to our TV, and the app is open on my iPhone, when I unlock the screen, it restarts/reloads the show that is playing without prompting. Quite annoying to the one watching it on the TV! Is there something I can change? Also, adding a feature to turn off the auto-play would be amazing. I want my kiddos to enjoy PBS programming without becoming TV zombies!
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8 months ago, whydoesappstoreneedanewnicknam
autoplay videos contributes to tears and addiction
This is not a rating about the PBS Kids content. The videos are an amazing resource for kids and parent, and many of them are great learning and entertainment. The app experience is addictive however because there’s no way to turn off autoplay (automatically play the next episode when done). There’s no support for parents wanting to limit kids to one episode, to certain channels, or other parental controls. Best I can do is use Apple’s Guided Access and automatically disable the whole iPad after 26 minutes or so. Repeated contacts to PBS support have gone unanswered. Thus, this app experience helps build addiction in kids and is a predatory design.
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5 years ago, Princesss sky
I love it
My favorite show is odd squad it’s so much fun to watch because it has so much detail and the costumes are so amazing so back to the app , This is a really good app because if you’re really into shells like those you will really like them. If you have the PBS Kids games app there is the PBS Kids mascot just click on that and tap on the games and then I’ll bring you to the game section and there’s so many games you can play in the same process if you want to go back to the videos just click on the PBS Kids mascot click on the video and then you’ll be back there
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1 week ago, Hugh13371
PARENTS READ PLEASE | Arthur Episode Introduces Pride/Homosexuality
UPDATE: I found an odd squad episode that did the same thing! Two ladies married each other. Really, PBS kids have a secret mission. ‼️ PARENTS BEWARE‼️ I don’t have a kid but I found something very disturbing in one of the Arthur episodes. It introduced Pride and Homosexuality (eg. marrying same gender) to children. It started off as a normal episode where Arthur had a problem. But the plot of the story seemed too innapropriate introducing Pride and Homosexuality. He wanted to cancel a marriage that seemed like a “bad influence.” At the end of the episode I was surprised to see that his teacher married another teacher with the SAME GENDER. Overall PBS kids are not what they say. Be careful to what you expose to your child.
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2 years ago, M0ED
Auto play, but good programming
We have two girls 4 and 7 and they love all the PBS programming. This app is amazing for promoting more healthy and learning based TV time, but I do agree with a recent review that recommended automatic or a setting toggle disabling the auto play function! *edited to add* An update caused the app to crash on load and I submitted a query and just WOW. The support for this app is amazing, I couldn’t believe how quickly they fixed the issue and had a new update ready to go. The programming, content, and developer support are all totally amazing.
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3 years ago, Muzzy373
Great app with a couple areas to improve
App works great, couple suggestions below to make it even better! 1. When you exit a show and go back in, it starts over. Would be great to have the option to resume. 2. Sometimes after leaving all open for awhile the background noises start to play while the show plays. So you have the sound and video track from the show you watch (Daniel or curious George) and also the sound track from the home screen. Only way to fix is to force quit the app and restart.
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6 years ago, Jennie*o1
My 1yr old son absolutely LOVES the PUBS show, ‘Dinosaur Train.’ He gets so excited when I put his show on. I don’t let him watch tv much, but when I do PBS is one of the only stations that I approve of! I can tell that he learns from this show because after watching it he will say new words. Which is an awesome feeling to know that my child is actually learning from the shows on PBS. I am pleased with the app & the apps performance. The PBS app has improved over the course of 6-8 months since I downloaded it. I love being able to ‘Cast’ (to ChromeCast) from the app as well. 👍🏼
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2 years ago, Dd.lll
This is not good enough
Here’s where it all started when I was a little boy PBS kids had a lot of good shows but not anymore and PBS kids was fun to watch when I was a little boy but then after a few years later and then it started to get worse and some of the shows are removed from the app and I think it will get worse and worse and now I’m a big boy I no longer watch PBS kids anymore and I use to like this app when I was a little boy but not anymore and now I’m a big boy and PBS kids nowadays are not making good shows anymore and now they are making some awful shows and I am giving this a 3 out of 5.
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6 years ago, mamastef2018
Great app but I have a big suggestion!
I love this app however a friend and I were discussing how we wish the app would have a parent lock on it, in order to prevent the child from switching the show and looking at other content or backing out of the show accidentally. Perhaps the shows can be grouped by age appropriateness as well. So that way not all the content on the app is so easily accessible. And my last suggestion is a timer for a parent to set to limit the amount of content watched. But the screen lock is my biggest request. Please oh please.
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5 years ago, G4|\/|3R
Having issues when linking to chrome cast
Normally, the app works great but this last update has serious issues when casting to a tv using Chromecast. I use this app on my iPhone and my iPad mini and they both have the same issues. 1) the app will continue playing sound on my phone or iPad after casting onto the Chromecast. The only way to stop the sound from continuing on my devices is by closing the app. 2) the app has issues with live tv. It takes forever for the app to properly cast what’s supposed to be live onto the tv. For example, the app kept playing a different cartoon instead of playing what was live for my region (which I selected). I kept pressing the live tv “button” but it kept playing the cartoon over and over again. It only resolved after I closed the app and tried again. Both these issues have made the app really difficult and cumbersome to use. I exclusively use Chromecast to use the app since we always cast pbs on our tv for our toddler to watch together as a family. Please review these bugs and update in the next patch.
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5 years ago, IdahoSteph
Need to be able to navigate
Within a video, when it’s half way through and one returns to it and it reloads, why can’t the user navigate within the video to the part where they left off?! It’s so annoying to have to start all over and I’d have to use more data to watch parts or show parts that an older child can be bored of because they just saw it... now a week or 2 later they may want to see it all over again but not usually in that same hour. At least mine don’t. But they don’t want to wait a few days week to watch it again when they’re not so easily bored of the part they already saw.
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