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User Reviews for PBS: Watch Live TV Shows

4.89 out of 5
171.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Mayfforce
Great App to Watch Great PBS Shows
I love the app. I think it is wonderful to be able to watch PBS shows on my iPhone and iPad. With PBS Passport, we get to watch lots of classic and current PBS shows. You have to donate $60 a year to your local PBS station to have access to Passport, which you can do for $5 a month. I personally don’t view this as paying to watch all these great PBS show. I contribute $60 every year to my Local PBS channel because I believe it is important to fund them so we can get this type of great programming and shows on my tv. I find access to PBS Passport an added bonus. I think that without the donation you might be able to watch current episodes of shows for free but I am not sure. Since I have access to Passport, I can watch everything. You can download the free app and see if you can watch current episodes without paying extra for Passport, which gives you access to much more programming. One really nice feature with Passport is that for many new shows, when the first episode runs on your local PBS station, you can watch the entire season at once through Passport on the app. This is great for those who like to binge watch or can’t wait a week to see what happens in the next episode.
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5 months ago, mapwim
World on Fire
I signed up for WETA PBS Passport last week because I wanted to see the first season of the series. I have to watch the PBS Passport series on my IPad as I can’t get it to come in on my TV. Tonight, I tried again and managed to click on the PBS App and got to the sign in screen. Side one didn’t work, so I tried side two. Not sure how it happened but I seem to have gotten myself into You Tube, it wouldn’t let me see season one of World on Fire. So back to instructions ..next time I end up in PRIME VIDEO, I can’t tell you how, but my Prime Video account had expired since I never used it. They wouldn’t let me use my mobile phone number, as someone else is using it??? It is me!!! I need a human to walk me through what you all think is so easy. One day, when I can turn the TV on and go to WETA PBS Passport, I will be a happy camper, but until then, I am not happy. Why does every phone call give you a ROBOT and if your question isn’t on his list he will tell you to phone the station. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving during regular office hours I always got the message..Helping someone else or in a meeting.I also so the number that was open later, but the same message. It is so frustrating.
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2 months ago, Hootie Owl 1
Season 4, Episode 6
For me the most moving yet, I’ve always loved animals & helping them, but this episode, including Helen finding out that her parents lost a child, & then suddenly realizing that it could be happening to her unborn baby… I lost a child at 5 months, I was told by a female physicians assistant that her ultrasound must be broken, so she went & got another one, that to failed to pickup the baby’s heart beat, she said perhaps I could try another clinic, when I asked the baby’s father, he said that he was going to drive us home, I asked him to stay with me, he did not, I lost his, our baby the next day alone, so when Mrs Hill takes Helen straight away to Mr Farnon, (Dr Farnon), & Siegfried even though he’s never helped a pregnant woman before, finds the baby’s heart beat, I watched the scene over & over, because it shows goodness in human emotion, & the way people should care for one another…for a PBS TV show to provide some sort of emotional closure, to a decades old wound, well I couldn’t give it higher praise… I can’t even find the words … !!!
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1 year ago, Katebabyy
White Detroit girl finds her black heritage
I loved this show and it’s the first time I saw it. I recently was contacted by a distant relative who showed me my family tree. I always thought I was a white girl who became an actress and the singer and an artist, and then found my family roots. I am proud to say that my great grandmother from Ireland came to Detroit and married a black man and they had 10 children. He was murdered because society thought it was an unacceptable relationship but I am proud to say that my great grandfather, and his father and his father we’re all conductors in the underground railroad in Detroit and Ohio. I even have letters of them hiding slaves under a kitchen floor before moving them to freedom. This knowledge has changed my life and I am so proud of my ethnicity and now that I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, I know that many of my prejudiced, white neighbors probably have black heritage and don’t even know it. The truth is a beautiful thing. Susan Brabeau.
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2 years ago, Wheeill
Great, but pay model needs help
I love the App and want more than anything to see PBS gain more momentum without falling into the capitalist trap of conforming to viewership views to bring in dollars. I’m not sure how that can be done while also enriching the access experience. What I mean is, I would love to simply sign up through the app and pay for it monthly but not dramatically effect the way that PBS is able to sustain. The advantage of the pay model is that the content could potentially increase in quality and in quantity but there is a lot more to maintaining public television than simply scuttling funds toward content and so my thought is either allow users to select a monthly contribution of their choice or I’d even be willing to pay as much as $20 a month. I don’t know what the best solution is. All I know is that as of today, accessing additional content can be cumbersome and confusing and because there is no way to upgrade through the app nor manage your account you can end up with multiple accounts or funding going to the wrong networks. I ended up sending donations to the network out of Pennsylvanian rather than my local network and then had to reach out to them to directly to cancel my donations. If the app could become the primary place to manage funding, accounts and networks to reduce the complexity I’d be more than grateful. Also, please take advantage of being able to migrate existing accounts to Login with Apple.
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3 years ago, JackieJ.
Love the content but frustrated with the app
Update: I received a nice reply from the PBS Video Team although they were unable to help without more information from me. In the meantime, however, I am no longer experiencing the glitch. Not sure what happened, but it’s all good now. I really enjoy most of the PBS programming and I’m happy to be a Passport member. I use my Apple TV to watch. However, there have been a couple of times recently when I’m watching a program and another program’s audio starts running in the background simultaneously with the audio of the program I’m watching. The only way I’m able to get rid of the second audio is to delete and reinstall the app. That’s not a reasonable process because it’s too cumbersome. A quick search of their support issues did not find a different solution. I hope they fix this bug soon!
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2 years ago, Fillaby
A Beacon in the Storm
While I was vaguely aware of the news program for many years, it wasn’t until the Covid pandemic when I truly discovered The PBS News Hour. And I’ve been tuning in every since. Superb coverage of national and international news so deftly reported by a crack team of outstanding journalists under the masterful leadership of the program’s host, Judy Woodruff. Sometimes I feel like I want to cry; to give up when faced with the onslaught of a seemingly endless turn of current events that threaten to destabilize our lives and challenge one’s faith in humanity. But The PBS New Hour, with its measured, thoughtful and BALANCED reporting, is a beacon in the storm; a breath of fresh air. A news program that dares do be responsible, presenting the good, the bad, the ugly…and the beautiful. News—where calmer heads prevail. And I am sincerely grateful. Thank you.
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9 months ago, we want truth
Being subsidized by our tax dollars, you either should be non biased in all your news programs or out of politics altogether! The democrat spin you put on everything you support only proves why all government subsidies should be taken from you. What you need to do, once and for all, is determine what you will have to give up when that day comes, and see where that puts all these beloved programs! You’ll be known for what you are—those totally undeserving of anything but disdain for how you’ve lied and covered up all that is bad in our government to the point that people are suffering beyond belief for your stance. I hope and pray you come to your senses and just stop all your non journalists spin on news and get back to educating in the great no political programs which build this network. SHAME ON YOU!!
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3 years ago, sifta7
Nicely designed app, consider alternate fundraising
I liked the app, and it is nice to watch the shows on demand rather than on the station schedule. After reading some of the comments of those disappointed about the premium content (which I don’t pay for), I think they have a point. Streaming doesn’t have the same costs as broadcast — it’s more expensive at scale since they have to pay for every stream and not just a fixed cost of transmission. But I don’t think that having a tiered haves-vs-have-nots model is a good idea. Maybe they should have campaigns to unlock free content for everyone — like a kickstarter. I think there may be a lot of creative ways instead of following the same big tech and for profit models and we need public interest media to rethink this.
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9 months ago, Littlebird36
Best programs on TV
I have been a PBS viewer since the mid 1970s when I first discovered Masterpiece Theater. It was by far my favorite TV show and looked forward to it every Sunday night. I didn’t have VHS recorder back then so I made sure I was home every Sunday by 9:00 p.m. Henry the 8th, Elizabeth I, Poldark, I Claudius, Downton Abbey, Ridley Road , and so many more. When my children were old enough they watched Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and the Electric Company. Besides Masterpiece theatre, I love the Mystery shows, Nature, Nova, American Masters— the list goes on and on. I became a Passport member several years ago so I could stream programs any time I want. When I get tired of the junk on other channels and even Cable networks, I can always count on PBS for interesting, informative, entertaining and educational programming.
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2 years ago, Ms Emmy Rose
All Creatures Great and Small
I absolutely love this program series! It is wonderfully written. The stories are so rich in content. The actors portray their characters so wonderfully with true character and spirit. It is a pleasure to watch and to feel all the fantastic variety of emotions that are evoked through the acting and the story. I look so forward to every segment each week. I wish it could go on and on without a wait for another season. It has become a real part of my life. I love to rewatch the segments and to laugh and cry all over and over again enjoying this great programming and to take in the beauty of the English countryside and structures. It is very artistically done. In the words and added vocal expression of Mrs Hall … Audrey, “Well done!”
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1 year ago, MeltedMel71
Good, with some challenges
I’ve been using this app for several years, possibly 10. Although it has improved, there’s still room for improvement, especially when it comes to helping locate programs in-progress and my favorites. Always challenging to find the show/series you’d been previously watching and help you resume where you left off… I usually I have to hunt for several minutes. With ads taking up time before a program starts, it is frustrating. Although there are some great programs on the site/app, I find the options limited. I would like to see some more depth/breadth in the how-to and local culture areas. On the app are mostly a couple seasons of high-profile shows, but I would love to see more of what everyone loves PPS for. Far from Netflix, but better than it was.
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4 years ago, Hzwyfee1
Like most comments I did not think if I had the app I would have to PAY to view the programs I love. I “MET” Ken Burns via PBS. I MET Andrea Bocelli there also and countless ballers and plays and wonderful documentaries galore. I had access to PBS when I had no cable. It USED TO BE wonderful. I was hoping to be able to have the same experience through this app. I get it, they need money too but um, I’VE SEEN THE NAMES of the WEALTHY PATRONS scrolling by before and after some of the programs. WHY put the pinch on the average citizen trying to watch? Especially NOW. Most of America thanks to some overzealous governors and mayors have ruined the economy and most of America is out of work. I work at the Welfare office [from home now] and the amount of applications has quadrupled! People are broke PUBLIC BROADCASTING STATION! Why not give the PUBLIC a break and allow access for FREE and have fundraisers line you were doing via television access. Quarterly or whatever it was. I used to give during the fundraising because I love so many of the shows. Oh well, so long.
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2 years ago, Marklewood
Great App
But, poor program choices lately. Especially Sunday night, 2+ hours, followed by the same exact 2+ hours documenting the Holocaust in America, X 2 more installments the next 2 Sunday nights. Making this more than 12 hours of prime time. While informative, I'm afraid the people who should be (IMO) watching, pre-election, most likely will not see it. Certainly not for 6 hours! I'm glad I still have a couple of streaming options. We had gotten used to decent, the occasional informative, and great entertaining programming on weekends. A respite from the week. Not so much this Summer. Let's hope the Fall brings something better without a bunch of repeats of previous shows.
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2 years ago, on the road gal
Lifelong education through quality broadcast quality
I have been a sustaining member of PBS for decades. We were inspired to build our own home by watching This Old House. We raised our son through watching PBS of the 80’s. After 911, I was inspired to return to Graduate School at the age of 55 after a loss of long-term employment in the airline industry. I earned my MAT in Teaching and my LBS with honors and began my 11-year favorite career teaching amazing special needs students. My heroes. Now in retirement, I am enjoying my Grandchildren continuing the circle of lifelong education through the ever improving learning choices that PBS creates. Thank You for the excellence you have given my family and the world.
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1 year ago, Snvoep
This is quintessentially Jane Austen at her best. I commend the writer who did the screenplay for this, her unfinished novel. The characters are so vivid and distinct and the acting is superb. But the story is the best. It has all the complex relationships and subtle social interactions that characterize a good Jane Austen novel. I haven’t seen the last episode yet but I know all will turn out well. The good people will be rewarded and the morally bankrupt ones will pay their consequences. And it won’t end without us knowing exactly what happens to ALL the characters. In this age of sometimes dark and cynical media, I am delighting in knowing that somehow in the end, justice and love will prevail. I am absolutely loving this series which is simply fantastic!
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2 weeks ago, Cloud1952
PBS Eases Founding Fathers’ Fears
My wife are sustainers because we value and appreciate PBS. Our oldest daughter learned to read by watching Sesame Street. We love the British mysteries. Our founding fathers debated whether the American people would be informed well enough to vote. We keep informed by watching Newshour, Amanpour, Frontline….. We have always read history and biographies. We appreciate when programs such as Amanpour interview authors. The depth, substance, and truth of PBS programs is something the founding fathers would feel makes the American people well prepared to vote and appreciate our nation. We spread the word about this wonderful source of information and entertainment to all family and friends. Thank you PBS
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9 months ago, im.wheelin
America's greatest TV in the palm of your hand
What can I say the people of the probably already said! The PBS app allows you to see everything that you would be able to watch on a regular TV, but puts it in the palm of your hand. I figure out like this, as a taxpayer I'm already paying for part of PBS. As a consumer I love the type of shows that they put on there. Downloading the pbs app gives me the high-quality television that I love in a portable format. What's not to love? Thank you to developers of the app, you have made it quite easy to navigate the app, and also access your local PBS station it over to watch live TV. All in all this is one great app! Thank you PBS.
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2 years ago, Newarkboy
Ken Burns - PBS Film - Benjamin Franklin
I watched this marvelous move in my hospital bed after knee surgery. True to Burns’ style, the movie brings Franklin alive from being a runaway from his trade internship in Massachusetts to “inventing himself” through books and travel and saucy experiences in Philadelphia. As school kids we are taught to admire Franklin’s intellect and creativity. But this film makes him a relatable, fully human figure - whom every young American should come to understand in some depth. The other Founding Fathers were great men - scholarly, highly educated and virtuous. But Franklin’s saucy humor and down to earth practical proverbs, can be seen as majo contributions to what we, today, think of as our uniquely American character
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3 months ago, FHamer
I look forward to the PBS News
I enjoy the PBS News during the week and on the weekends. They provide up to date facts of what is going on in the world with governments, disasters, wars, also balance by giving news in the entertainment field, providing informative tips from people with interesting ideas. I like the weekly guests they have from the Post, NYT & NPR. It’s also nice to see Judy as a reporter getting the report of what people think about current issues. PBS News cast are the best at what they do, they are bright young people providing the most current information be it politics or flying to a war torn country. Thank you PBS for keeping us informed!
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4 years ago, D's Angel
Love PBS
I love PBS and don’t want to know what life would be like without it. Yes, Passport has a fee, but so does Netflix, etc. Plus, the programs are top quality without annoying commercials every 5 minutes. For 5$ a month you can immerse yourself in classic films, amazing wildlife programs, original dramas written by brilliant playwrights and superbly acted with highly talented performers. Not to forget the many wonderful musical concerts from many venues. Splurge once and explore the wonder of quality television. Many of these programs are presented free of charge during regular programming. However, if you miss it or would like to watch again, your Passport membership takes you there...more.
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1 year ago, KBelle712
American Anthems-Seth Gumet and Family
Jennifer Nettles along with Bill Sherman on piano did an amazing and gorgeous tribute, it was so beautifully written and Jennifer’s tremendous heart touching singing just gave me chills, tears of joy and a huge smile. What a wonderful episode to start off a great season of American Anthems for just some of the great and truly selfless heroes we have across our great country doing special and inspiring works without any need for their names to be known. They graciously do they’re tremendous giving and works in silence with only the care of helping other human beings like them just trying the best everyday to get by and help just one another along life’s journey!!!!!
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2 years ago, BBPhoto
Wonky App Behavior
This is just a review for the app, not the content, which is excellent as always (5 stars for that). I’ve had the PBS video app on all my devices for as long as it’s existed, and it’s always been mostly trouble free for me. But for the last 3 or 4 months it keeps reverting back and forth from content that was “new” back in March or April, randomly. It does this constantly. And it’s really EXASPERATING. Sometimes it shows the current / actual new content page and I think they’ve finally fixed it - then the next time it reverts back to showing the old content page from March or April (and yes, I’m using the current version of the app, fwiw) but it’s been doing this for months, on both devices. I love you PBS, but please please fix this!
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3 months ago, sourdough _sam
Quality television
Love the app. However being very hard of hearing I have to say the closed captioning on the PBS Evening News is the worst. It drops complete segments of the dialogue and then picks up again only to miss more dialogue. It’s seriously the worst I have experienced. The other issue I have is again during the evening news. It just stops! For no reason it stops. Sometimes I can back out and restart it but other times it’s over for the night. Extremely frustrating and not the quality I would expect from PBS. I am a longtime sustaining donor and really wish these 2 problems could be solved.
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6 months ago, IWantTo Read!
Little Bird
This production is very important for the world to see the truth of the systemic racism and oppression of the indigenous peoples. This is the first time that I have heard about the 60s Scoop . The series is so well done. The actors, directors and producers were successful in creating a story of a beautiful people who were brutally denied the parenting of their own children. The fact that the program is NOT on at prime time clearly indicates that the systemic racism continues. I was happy to see so many leaders moving forward to protect their communities. Again this is an important series, more so in these politically charged times that try to create hate between people.
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1 year ago, Greg’s two cents worth
PBS iPhone app
…being a lifelong supporter of Public Television…KRMA Channel 6 … now Rocky Mountain PBS …was started in the year of my birth; 1954…. by far-sighted Coloradans who saw the intrinsic potential of children’s programming, along with non-commercial coverage of political, social and cultural programming which did not find an outlet with ad-based broadcast TV… …to know that I have access to this high quality programming via an app on my iPhone is deeply reassuring… and that the inspiration and enlightenment that such exceptional programming brings is merely a click away…is nothing short of miraculous… …profound thanks to both PBS, and to the Apple App Store for making this possible…
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1 year ago, MCarlsgaard
Finding Our Roots
I have done extensive research plus a DNA test for our family and have been surprised and amazed that the family history is not exactly true but even more fascinating and intriguing than I ever thought possible. I wish Dr Gates and the show would also start to take an occasional “every day” American’s story and show to the world just how diverse, fascinating, and interwoven we really are to each other and that there is truly no completely white or black individuals - we are all just Americans. We are the descendants of this American promise and we can truly make a difference in this world.
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2 years ago, pamas.
Finally, a Way to Watch Favorites on the Go!
I’m an unashamed Jane Austen addict and devoured Sanditon’s Season One, gladly suspending any disbelief I had regarding the characters and plot as it unfolded. My biggest frustration was not being able to catch a bit during waits in stores and doctors’ offices. I’m grateful to a friend who told me that she was watching Season Two on her phone with the app! Now I can grab a few minutes or an entire episode whenever possible, and I’ll binge watch Season Three when it drops. The graphics are clear and the controls are intuitive, so it’s easy to use and the content is great. I love this app!
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2 years ago, Grgette
Thank you
I am currently out of the country and have tried to follow the hearings via CNN. Thank you for having all the hearings available for us. I had missed the hearing regarding Hutchinson’s testimony, but found it last night on your website. I am sickened by what is going on. Everyone should already be in jail. I cannot believe DJT is considering running again! The world is watching. Something must come of this. I am fearful it will be swept under the rug. I am especially disappointed in my Congressman who has remained silent, Ben Cline. I hope he will be voted out of office for his lack of integrity in November.
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2 years ago, Rwraysmith
Great Content, NOT User-Friendly
Let’s face it, I love PBS and I love documentaries, but this app is miserable. There is no way to delete shows from your watch list. They get mixed in with your holds. They get in the way. Shows get deleted from the app, but they stay on your playlist. Why? You scroll past them, thinking they’re there, but the. You go to watch them, you get a message This Video Had Been Removed without any explanation. It would be far better just to remove them because that frustrates a user and makes them angry. Navigation is murder. The shows have to constantly every time to add something, and they only load a few at a time, so it feels like you have to constantly scroll up and down at a pace like the server was under water in the South China Sea transmitting at 2400 baud!
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4 years ago, TeX King
Greedy Premium Broadcasting Service
The app doesn't seem to let me watching TV from my cable subscription. It requires membership with requires a payment. This is rather greedy. Many other app, like CNN and CNBC, let me watch TV programs using my cable subscription. Even if we Ignore cable subscription, the "Public Broadcasting Service" is supposed to serve those who do not have money to pay for TV service. With the requirement of paid membership, the PBS does not serve those who do not have money. This is not public service. The name of PBS is now meaning "Premium Broadcasting Service." At times I was thinking of donating money to PBS, but I held back because I realized that my donation serves only those who are rich enough to pay for PBS membership. The donation will never benefit those poor kids. I am happy to donate to help the poor. But, what's the point to donate to help the rich?
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10 months ago, CaliRya
Worth Your Time
There’s a lot of nice, quality content here. I love the overall lack of commercials and the affordable price for “passport” membership. I also appreciate the integration with the Apple TV app. There’s a couple of missing features that my other streaming apps have, which I would find useful here. The biggest missing feature is having separate viewer watch lists, so my partner and I each get a list plus a shared watch list. I would also like to download videos for offline viewing. Another wishlist item is being able to manage passport membership fees within the app, and as an App Store subscription.
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2 years ago, Phil695
Effortless HD streaming
This app in combination with PBS passport gives access to all the wonderful PBS programs you love and so many others that you haven’t had time to get to. absolutely everything from the latest edition of the NewsHour to all the back programming of dramas, science and nature are available. I am flat on my back after an ankle replacement surgery for six weeks. The app is a real lifesaver as my bedroom does not have a television. I view the programs on my iPad. The streaming resolution on my iPad Pro is stunning. I find myself totally immersed in the programming. All the wonderful videography is on display.
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10 months ago, Kind suggestion
Stream like it is the year Year 2000
As streaming websites, go, PBS has probably one of the worst interfaces I have yet to run into. It advertises shows, but then fails to put them on the website on their homepage, and the only way to find them is to search! Amazing. When you watch a show, it never tracks what you’re watching or it does it occasionally for some unknown reason. So every time you want to go back to the show you’re watching, you have to figure out what season you’re watching, and what episode you’re watching. In this day and age, this kind of interface is unbelievable. When I imagine the volume of programming that PBS has in it’s archives, I find it tragic that this material is not readily available. This is an untapped revenue stream. Sadly, this view is shared by most everyone I know who streams PBS.
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9 months ago, cmf1357
The site isn’t very easy to use. I open My List and there is no indication there is a new season or new episode on the picture of the show. When one episode ends within a season it takes you all the way back out so you have to click on the box for the next episode instead of having an option at the bottom of the screen when one episode has ended to click on next episode. As well as you can’t just click on the show to add to my list you have the option to click on my list by episode which makes no sense. I do love the content that you provide it is some of other stuff as mentioned that I don’t like. Thank you
Show more
2 years ago, sweetjasmine42
Thank you PBS
Thank you for this most excellent look at the Boleyn family told through To referral to letters and other documents of theirs. This family did indeed change the course of England’s history although at the time of Anne’s downfall, it didn’t seem so. I was surprised to learn that Mary Boleyn’s direct descendant is Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, Queen Elizabeth I, extraordinary woman/ monarch, was the descendant of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, another happening that would have seemed an impossibility at Anne’s beheading. The Boleyn family would have been so proud to know that these two magnificent monarchs were their descendants.
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4 years ago, cabster bee
I love PBS and all most of their shows so I downloaded this app thinking I would have access to the many programs. Wrong, you have to pay for a passport membership, not so public access of them. I was really excited at first, but I got over the initial disappointment when i did some frustrating time consuming research and found it only to be $5 a month. I didn’t think that too much after i got over the “too good to be true” high, and figured it was worth it considering. So this whole process drug out and I finally got the account set up. Well even bigger disappointment to find nothing I wanted so badly to watch was no available. Only clips. I thought PBS was above to whole nickel and dime rat race of the world today. Bait and switch totally. I was such a big fan of PBS all my life, but this second I feel duped.
Show more
4 years ago, 1Maura1
Download to watch the free shows offered, get bombarded with gimme money ads. Every couple minutes those ads break into whatever you are watching. After a while ( if I remember correctly) about a month, you can’t access anything Unless you donate money. Free becomes pay or else. I didn’t, I removed the app instead. Being harassed to donate is not my idea of enjoyable viewing. I removed the app, went straight to my consumer blogs and warned people off. If the app was like the tv channel had been, a monthly fund-raising drive, it would’ve been much better, but not as it is now. Makes the PBS station seem desperate and greedy. If I could give Zero stars I would. Not worth the bother to get. Go to CW Seed for good, free viewing, don’t get this app, it’s useless unless you want to pay out every month for what they claim is free.
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10 months ago, roger slaw
Little Richard Story
I’m 79 years old, this is finally the story, true to what actually happened through those years. I am originally from Detroit, well able to remember listening to a guy named Frantic Ernie Durham on the radio in our attic. Rhythm and Blues and then came Little Richard. As a 7 year old white kid, who was not gay, I really rocked to everything he sang. I eventually became a fan of the Stones also. I could praise this video all night for accuracy and it’s about time that the Elvis myth is told about truthfully. The King and Queen of Rock and Roll is without a doubt LITTLE RICHARD!
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6 years ago, Spsulli
Great content, dismal streaming
It’s PBS, it’s an American classic. Unfortunately if you want to stream it this app is infuriating. The chromecast support is terrible, it fails to cast 50% of the time, never remembers where you left off and god forbid you want to rewind EVER. Once streaming you have no control over the video as it always reads as 00:00. The most insulting part is that even when you donate to PBS as a passport member you are still forced to watch an ad every time you stream. (The most insulting part being that the ad ALWAYS loads even when the episode fails. So you watch a whole ad just for it to finish and just stream the PBS logo.) Best solution I have found so far is disconnecting from chromecast go to the episode and spot you want on your phone, then reconnect, still only works about 70% of the time but still better.
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1 year ago, Wauay
The joy of truth
A character of substance, a life well lived, a portfolio of a public servant are all used to express some of the strengths and weaknesses of human nature and social behavior. Ann has and always will be a symbol of the strength American women acquire and inherit due to parental instructions, restrictions and encouragement to excel. Ann motivates all women to reach beyond themselves and meet the needs of others. Her stiff,stern, yet humorous, expressions create laughter which opens the mind and soul. An open mind is the prerequisite to change and at the same time the content of her conversation motive us to maintain good morals and standards.
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4 years ago, parisbelle99
The worst!
I get it’s public television, but don’t offer the service when it’s full of bugs that never get fixed and it’s not operational! Then when u “submit ticket” it NEVER gets fixed...EVER. I love PBS & this has great potential if it was supported. I don’t know if others are having issues watching on TV too, but besides constant crashes, you cannot access past seasons even when they show as available, just get spinning white circle. Only the “current” season that’s one season behind, and for some shows, that’s just 3-4 episodes that are often story arcs from past seasons so that’s out, too. It’s NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE SO BE PREPARED. I never write reviews but this is so shockingly bad, I wanted to set expectations. Your $5 “donation” is just that. It certainly doesn’t get you a working, stable, supported streaming service!
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2 years ago, ursatexana
Great content, some refinement needed
Love being able to easily access years of excellent PBS content. Video is clear and sharp. There are some annoying limitations. When viewing a series, you are required to exit the episode just concluded and search for the next episode. There should be an option to simply roll over into the next episode. You cannot stop and start videos consistently with blue tooth devices, such as wireless earbuds, as is possible with other online content and streaming services.
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4 years ago, 2_stars
Too many flaws to ignore.
Logging in and out is painful, but the only way to update the watch list? Watch history isn’t intuitive, and often restarts an episode rather than resuming where you left off. Also - paying for passport, but still have ads at the beginning of episodes that cannot be skipped, and replay when resuming episodes - if you can resume. No option to jump forward during episodes, just backward. I love the content but the interface is rotten.
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5 months ago, Farley213
Account creation is ridiculous
I’m trying to sign in but it won’t let me. So I thought, ok, I’ll just create a new account. It’s not giving me any place to do so just say so can. Then brings me to the sign in page. I try to put in my email and create a password and it gives me “there is no account with these credentials, try creating an account”. After I posted this review it came to me that I needed to try the website. Sure enough I had to Google pbs account creation and did it on the site. Kind of ridiculous we can’t just do it with the app. So now I’m logged in to the website but the app won’t let me log in at all. This is crazy!
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1 year ago, Krisscat
No Bookmarking/Have to Turn Captions On Every Time
I love this app. I didn’t give it 5 stars because: It doesn’t remember where I left off. It doesn’t keep track of which episodes I’ve already watched. If I start a show but can’t watch the whole thing, when I come back to it, it starts from the beginning and not where I left off. That really bothers me. I’ll have captions on for a show and sometimes when I start the next episode I have to turn the captions back on. I wish I could turn them on once and have them stay on no matter what I’m watching.
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4 years ago, KingJunkie
I Expect Better from PBS
I love PBS, I grew up on it and it is still one of my favorite channels to watch. That is why I was excited to use the app so that I can catch up anytime with current shows and revisit favorites from the past. There are a few things that I find irritating, however. 1) No auto play option. So, for each episode of a series, you need to pull up the episode and go through the steps to get it to play. 2) No recollection of what had already been watched. If you have to stop in the middle of something, when you go back to watch it, it will play from the start. 3) There have been issues with casting from the app to a device that basically render you unable to watch on your tv; these issues have been slow to be fixed. 4) I understand that content needs to leave at times. However, when one says that something is available to 8/16, it should be available throughout 8/16. I’m now left with only one episode of a series left that is no longer available. Had the app not had as many issues as it has lately, I probably would have finished.
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3 months ago, TheGanjaGuru
Great App.
Love Nova, Love Frontline. Get this app for those shows for sure. But I am here for the news. PBS News Hour is my jam for measured, thoughtful and bipartisan reporting. For example, they’ve covered the war in Gaza particularly well showing the complete and utter devastation caused to civilians on both sides and not just one side. Their coverage of politics and current events is the best source of truth. Their coverage of the election has been no different. The people they interview runs the gambit of average people and is not sensationalized like for profit media. PBS sets the standard for news.
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2 years ago, TianEnDai
The U. S. And the Holocaust
I am completely moved and exhausted after viewing this important historical document. I wish that this documentary could be made required viewing for every human on the planet. It is ever clearer to me now that only our loving Creator, Almighty Jehovah God has both the will and power to erase such hatred and prejudice from the human mind and heart. We continue to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Only then will the entire human family understand what true peace and security along with genuine brotherly love truly means.
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5 years ago, D. Poole
Love PBS, ‘Glad to be able to stream, ‘Hate this app
If you attempt a short rewind to get something you missed,, knowing how far back you’ve gone involves reading two tiny timestamps on screen, stopping at the desired point, resuming play, then waiting a variable and lengthy number of seconds for the navigation bar, program name, and overall length to clear and the screen to brighten. Unless you go way back, by the time that has happened, you’ve often missed what you wanted to repeat. Those who designed and now maintain this app apparently have never themselves even tried to use it. It’s sad, PBS, given the availability of non-PBS streaming apps that navigate easily and that PBS users pay a Passport “donation” to gain access.
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