Peanut Butter Jelly Time

4.2 (54)
20.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Monkey Prism
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Peanut Butter Jelly Time

4.19 out of 5
54 Ratings
7 years ago, ThatFairyTailFangirl
Amazing!! But...
This game is amazing and hilarious! I just wish that there was more to do in this game..if u add more features u deserve 5 stars! (Now I'm gonna go listen to PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!)
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1 year ago, ghgdhjf DJ j
I heard my mom singing “peanut butter jelly time” and it made me think back to this exact app! This was one of the first apps I ever downloaded, and I would always play it during nap time in preschool on my iPod. I also know that it was this exact app because instead of the download button, it was the button to reinstall!!! Great at bringing back good memories :D
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4 years ago, grenager
I was a supporter from the very beginning.
This high quality texting app is extraordinarily suited to my everyday needs. I cannot remember one time in the past month when I did not wish I could respond to my surroundings with a simple but classy “pbjt.” Simply magnificent.
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4 years ago, PoppaRandy
Help me
I’ve had this app for years. Since the most recent update to iOS, the soundboard works, but the big button does not. Anyone else having this problem?
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7 years ago, AnimeFairyTail1567
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5 years ago, braydon elliott
this was the 1st application on my first ipod touch in 2010. i still use it to this day. timeless, amazing.
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2 years ago, annamae fiscus
App no longer works.
The song with the dancing banana no longer does anything. Does not work. I tried deleting app then reloaded it. Still nothing. Please advise.
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2 years ago, cLaYwOrD
Where’s the banana?
Whenever I open up this app it never has the dancing banana! It’s like the banana guy just walked away. I guess he is tired of singing my favorite song. 😕
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3 years ago, Jackolyn Mc.
So worth it, my friends love it, it makes me happy.
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4 years ago, C.Hoops
App no longer work
They need to fix this app or remove it as it no longer plays the dancing banana. It’s overtaken by ads!!!
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4 years ago, Avaloowho
my childhood
this app is my childhood. i love it so much! my dad used to play this on his phone all the time when i was younger.
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3 years ago, Racebrat88
Will not dance
I had this app for years. But doesn’t work with newer Apple devices. Sad.
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4 months ago, Egebsjzkabebdnf
Good game
I like it
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4 years ago, Kibec
Used to be great
Does not work anymore. What did you do to it?
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5 years ago, smifsud
Perfect app 👌🏻
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8 years ago, Jenna rot
Add one more thing
I would give this 5 stars if u add just 1 more thing to the app. Like for example, a minigame that u can make the banana move to the music. Anyway, it's a great app!
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12 years ago, Fun rules!😄
Honest reviews
This app is awesome!!!! 😃 not only does it give you a soundboard where you can remix or make your own Pb and j song!!👋👋👋 let's give a hand for the creator of this app! With a random searching of this app it's well read not blurry and kid friendly!!:))) the music🎵🎶 fruit🍎🍊🍉🍓 and the laughs😄😃😊 are priceless !!! Love this !!!💜💚💙💜💚💙💜💚💙
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10 years ago, GameHunksFab
Changed my life
The people who gave this a one star review just don't understand how to fun with the app (or fun with life in general). It's an app that let's you play PBJT. You can use it in the office, at school, in the car, anywhere. It's perfect. Thanks PBJT!
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12 years ago, Punkytara
This app is better than any other app I have on my phone!!! I recommend this app to everyone it's funny, cute, and just plain silly!!! I think everyone will LOVE it!!!!! It will put a smile on your face !!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Frog:)
I was entertained for like 5 seconds. I was going to delete it, but I didn't , and now I sorta like this app. I love watching the little banana dance! and it makes my little brother giggle so ya, i give it 5 stars. 
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12 years ago, Lucky_33s
Pretty good
Good but sometimes it sends me back to my iPhones menu
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13 years ago, SoCal Pug Lover
YAY for Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
Finally! HOORAY for the OFFICIAL Peanut Butter Jelly Time app :) Definitely one of my faves and is always fun to blast at a social gathering! Loving the sound board feature hahaha
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11 years ago, RhondaGarcia
Peanut butter jelly time
It's an awesome game my cuz always plays to it and dances to it so it stuck in my head all the time so ya it's a good app u should buy it !!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Dear Santa
It's preety cool
It's cool now when I want to listen to the song I don't need Internet when it's right in my hand 😊
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12 years ago, 500000000005
If u don't get it
If you don't know where this is from then why did u download it and I have to say IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!
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12 years ago, Cookie Monters girl
I started cracking up this app is the best app on planet earth! If you wanna cheer someone up this app is for you! :) the best mean it !!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, oWoboros
One can never have too much PBJ time
Thanks for the update. This app still cracks me up.
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13 years ago, Angry guy222
Sound board
It's a good funny game but the sound board is missing some sounds. so i rate four stars not five if you get that fixed you get five stars
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11 years ago, Nationalchampcheerleader
This app is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( BEST BANANA APP EVER)
This app is awesome. It reminds me of my cousin because this is his jam and the gummy bear song even though it gets annoying I still like it
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11 years ago, Fancy Guy1337
It's fun if your bored and the sound board was awesome too (Don't listen to the one star review it's a good app)
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12 years ago, Ria Tard
Need more!
I love this app but could u make one about milk and cookies. Then one about Icecream n cake? :)
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12 years ago, Ss4vegetasandro
Endless joy :) this is first app review I've ever written having owned this iPod for nearly two years. That's how great it is
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10 years ago, mfargnoli
Come on. This is a classic. Like it don't like it- whatever. Appreciate this for what it is and it's impact. This Shiite is a classic.
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12 years ago, -Greatness-
This is funny!!!! I did it In class while the teacher came in and EVERYONE LAUGHED!!!!😂😂😂😲😂😂😲😂😂😄😄 you should try it!
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12 years ago, Blue cotton candy
Haha if you like things that don't make sense and that can wait 10 mins. Of your time get this app!
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13 years ago, Kortik
Kids love this app!!
My kids love this app., its Great!!!!! Its cool to push on some buttons on the soundboard page. Sweet app and its Free!!!!
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13 years ago, Thedukefn
It's great it annoys the crap out of someone every time u play it
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11 years ago, Jennajolie35
I have no problem with this app i think is cool yet catchy
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13 years ago, Allieisawesome510
LUV IT!!!!!
I cannot get enough of the dancing banana!!!!!!  I would rate it to that many stars if i could.
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12 years ago, TeeHee367
: D
I love it I'll go like ges what then I'll push the button lol I love it
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12 years ago, Amazing is us
get to break out with the PBJ song! ;D
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9 years ago, Sexy me me
Ok but😐
I love the song but the buttons -not so much I mean like its always stoping, or It doesnt work ,the buttons are really slow
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12 years ago, NJ-96
Dancing banana man
This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. BUT IT IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Good way to annoy the crap out of my family 😝😝😝
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10 years ago, Qc7770
This one is better than the other download, but still the same problem, I want to put it as a ringtone.
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12 years ago, Christian milward
Needs more
It needs more because all you hear is peanut butter jelly time
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13 years ago, Bloopers bleep
Absolutely amazing! 5 stars! It's good that it also has the sound board. Perfect:D
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11 years ago, DerptyDerpyDerp
This is better than that app with inappropriate girl instead of the banana!!! =D
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13 years ago, TylerWAP
Good application. It really captures the beauty of both peanut butter and it's counterpart, jelly. Truly amazing.
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13 years ago, Adman77
Weird but cool
Most weirdest app ever downloaded but it's very cool
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9 years ago, Carterbrooke
My sister can't get enough of this... Lol
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