4.5 (3.2K)
80.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for

4.51 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Cagy Bird
Great app
After latest update the app has been working fine again. Like the news and local interest stories. Use it every day.
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1 month ago, PhatPhuj
App freezes constantly
Great new coverage, however, the app freezes after about 10 minutes of being open. Seems like it’s trying to download too many ads when this happens. Very annoying though when you can only read 3 articles before it freezes.
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5 years ago, JosephE
App keeps crashing
I can no longer open the app on my iPhone. When I attempt to do so, the app crashes. I see others are having the same problem. PennLive charges $15/month, a fee that is almost double what a comparable Washington Post subscription runs. To have a crash bug like this, with what they now charge, is asinine. There are true amateurs running the show at this company. They better get their act together quickly or they will lose many more people.
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9 months ago, mvog!
This is as good as it gets for the HARRISBURG area for news. Old dated news stories show up in various sections. Crashes. Very odd navigation that’s not intuitive. Renewing a subscription is a nightmare. Various pricing in Ap vs Web site. Ap and website don’t interact. Charged multiple times for subscription. Doesn’t keep you logged in. Tap on story in Tweeter (X) and you need to relight in or worse Penn Live asks you to subscribe but goes no no log in option!
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2 years ago, ingenero
Can’t keep quite
Google adds override and play their sound track even when muted. Some articles have the same add multiple times and as you scroll to read it restarts at each instance. So if you don’t want Google noise you need to turn the volume down to zero. I understand the reason for advertising but let the sound mute mean no sound.
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5 years ago, Mister Lu
Seriously biased and opinionated
We want news that tells us the facts and reports substantiated information. We don't want our news reporters to tell us only what they feel we should hear. I am also seriously concerned with the incoherent phrasing and poor grammar that skates through the editors approval. Please provide a fact based information reporting source for us. We do not need you actively protesting or petitioning for or against any cause!
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4 years ago, ohheyitsn1ck
It’s a news app
It really doesn’t do anything special. It’s a news app and it works pretty well.
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2 years ago, Desperate4News
Poor APP update again!!!
Again the App developers have failed to support older IPhones! Both the regular and football app no longer work on my IPhone 6 with the latest allowed IOS update. I don’t think they realize that not everyone upgrades their phones every couple of years. My IPhone works great except when trying to use the PennLive apps.
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5 years ago, Small town paper
Bad update
Update causes more crashes. Once your reading an article, your not able to go back to the main menu. Old articles now showing up? Please fix this. . Again, this app keeps crashing. I have deleted it two and reinstalled and it still is happening. PennLive, your future is having a solid online presence. Not keeping up with the app isn’t helping.
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4 years ago, AlKems
App keeps asking to subscribe
I have a valid subscription. I can’t view articles because it keeps asking me to subscribe. I have restored purchases and verified I have a subscription and still doesn’t work. Terrible app right now.
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4 years ago, laflorand
Stop trying to force paid subscriptions
Love getting local news. But after using the app eventually it won’t allow you to read anything without paying for a subscription. Very disappointing. Should get five stars but when forcing a paid subscription- 2 stars
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4 years ago, dbtech73
Now a junk app
This app use to be free but with latest updates they want paid. I don’t feel your big enough for payment and why I’m deleting your app. You have advertisements all over app now which I left go but guess they don’t pay your bills. I’ll stay with a real news source outside you since want to charge.
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4 years ago, Beau's. Dad
Excellent Staff
Great local news focused on central Pa. We enjoy Nancy and her reporting. We need outspoken reporters on what’s going on in DC and around the world. The press must report the real truth and facts and restore democracy.
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5 years ago, 8013341971E
Liked it better when it was free....
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9 months ago, Ebubman
Click bait app
Poor performing app that is riddled with click bait misroutes for apps. Very, very difficult to use this app without numerous misroutes for sales, apps, & more. I am going to delete the app and just use a browser. Shame on PennLive for shoving blatant and unwanted sales in our faces.
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4 years ago, lakeside2552
I have used this app for many years and they just started charging 15$ a month to look at any articles. I liked the news from here but not willing to pay that so it is now deleted
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4 years ago, Jgc0307
Now Requires a Subscription
I was fine with the excessive ads supporting this app in the past years I’ve been using it, but now they are charging $15/month to read articles. No thanks, definitely not worth it.
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5 years ago, tlw6119
Needs immediate improvement.
Since the most recent app update, I have not been able to open the PennLive app on my IPhone. Since I use this for my news during breaks at work I am waiting patiently for PennLive to resolve this issue.
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3 years ago, jk312456789
App Not Working
I enjoy this APP however after the last update the app won’t open on my iPhone. I attempted to reload it and have had no luck even with a digital subscription.
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4 years ago, Special deeeeeee
Login in problem
I like the content. What I don’t like is having to login every time I want to read the entire story. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Earlysb
Good but
I actually like Pennlive and would give them a five. I just don’t like the idea of having to be continually coerced/bombarded into buying a subscription. They should sell a subscription when you download it.
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5 years ago, erp92
Too many articles are subscriber only
If you charge user you loose users therefore you reduce how much advertisers are willing to pay. It’s a death spiral.
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3 years ago, DHH65
Bring back the old app
Don’t know why they screwed this app up so. It used to provide local news in a decent manner. Now it’s a hot mess! I’m deleting it! I’ll have to try elsewhere I guess. Sad.
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5 years ago, I trusted Apple -- once
Can’t use without full screen pay demand!
Unfortunately, this app now obliterates the screen every second (yes that’s right) with a demand for payment. My response, Delete App.
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5 years ago, cannotenteraname
Worst app
Up to date H.S Sports, only if you like to read what happened 10 months ago, or last years scores then this is the app for you. If you want current H S sports go somewhere else.
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5 years ago, hse990
App Constantly Crashes
I can’t open the app, it crashes immediately. Terrible, since I just subscribed. I’m really hoping this gets resolved soon.
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5 years ago, Jem3540
Love it
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5 years ago, Mr Johnstown
Censorship of the comment section
PennLive has the most extreme censorship of comments that I have ever seen on the internet. They will use shadow banning for comments that by all observations are completely appropriate and inoffensive. Sickening.
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5 years ago, cyclops3099
Do not like the fact that changes occurred and you now have to have a subscription to read an article
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5 years ago, Hugo Cousins
App crashes on opening
The app crashes on opening after the recent update.
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5 years ago, pattimatt
Again and again
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5 years ago, Upnstuff
Update crashes
App hasn’t worked since the update. Crashes upon opening.
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5 years ago, 1rxman
Enjoy sports the especially PSU/football I like your writers Thanks 7/3/19 Sports and PSU recruiting very good. Thanks Leo
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10 years ago, Marquist1
Terrible... A downgrade.
This update takes away the functionality of reading in landscape mode and adds nothing. The inability to read in landscape mode makes me think that it was created by someone who has never used a iPad. Truly makes me never want to use this app. Please fix this. I will read another online paper until you do.
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2 years ago, review ID
PennLive doesn’t work
After updating my PennLive doesn’t work at all
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5 years ago, geebee0504
App crashes every time it’s opened. Useless
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3 years ago, StateProperty01
Not great
New app is not an improvement. They removed half the sections, such as ”politics”.
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5 years ago, RickSRL
No longer works
Another update ruins the app
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3 years ago, liberallying
Opinionated garbage
Penn live is nothing more than liberal Democratic garbage
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10 years ago, Harv100
A Pathetic App
This is the first time I've tried to open an app on the iPad and have been told I have to download a new version. Don't your developers know how to do that? I didn't think you could create an app that was less user-friendly than the original version, but you have succeeded, starting with the fact that it can't be read in landscape mode. And why does it lead off with stories about high school basketball? I am no technophobe. I get much of my news and information from digital media and I know a quality product when I see it. This is an insult to the Central Pennsylvania public. The promise of a quality digital experience you made when the Patriot-News went to three days a week has been a hollow one from the beginning, further evidenced by this pathetic app.
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11 years ago, ReBeccaKincade
Could be a five star
[EDIT 3] Well, it's back to being a crap app. This app almost never refreshes and the search feature is really just there to look pretty. The news on here is pathetic for being the only newspaper for the Harrisburg area and the app only goes back 20 stories. I thought being a mainly online news group that their app would have been much improved. I guess not... [EDIT 2] It's back and it works! Thanks for fixing it! :) [EDIT] The latest update is worse than the last one! I cant even get it open and when it does, i have to turn my phone off and back on to get back to the main screen. Hopefully they fix it soon, but until then this crap is getting deleted! If it didn't crash, the back button worked and the news articles were all current it would get five stars from me. The older version was better with fewer issues (it only crashed once or twice a week). Fix it and I will give five stars.
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10 years ago, Jabase
The list is long, but this app is not even close to being ready for prime time. Ever hear of beta testing? Some items wrong with this landscape view, some images on front page do not load, articles do not refresh when loading next day, missing articles versus website, difficult to navigate and find certain articles or groups...the most annoying item was that you were Forced to upgrade the app! At least the old app was readable... The idea here is improve upon what has been already create a professional app, not a class project...Nowhere to go but up.
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8 years ago, johnhowell44
Great app -- broad coverage & timely.
My only source of aggravation is that the "slideshows" are impossible to back out of and still stay in the app. Only solution is to terminate the app and then go back in and try to figure where where I was in the main menu. This irritation makes me reluctant to open a slideshow. Fix that and you get an A++.
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12 years ago, Girlkingrider08
Great app. Works great!
Don't know why people complain about this app. Very simple to navigate and love the local ads from all the local businesses. Have taken advantage of various locals restaurants and salon specials. I use an iPhone 4S and have had no issues. I recommend learn how to use your phone! C'mon people, this app isn't hard to use!
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11 years ago, Shorttimer1
Still can't load app since update!!!!
This app definitely needs some work, haven't been able to access since update. Reloaded 4 times and still doesn't work, freezes at the logo screen.
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10 years ago, Kelkel67
This new update is really horrible. I have tried to navigate it and every time I try to look at something new it kicks me out of the app. Why couldn't you keep well enough alone. I liked the last version and seems like I'm not the only one. I can't even find old news from earlier today. If I'm interested in current news I will go to ABC 27's site. I had to give you 1 star because it wouldn't let me give you 0 but just so you know that a 0 is more than enough given this new update.
Show more
10 years ago, DAK60
Constant freezes in ios8.
This app was redesigned not more than a few months ago. Just when you get used to navigating that app they switch to something that is totally unfriendly. Going to a long list of categories to find what you want to read and then finding out there are no articles available is worthless. No updates to articles for several days! Come on...that is just not realistic. Updated review to now include ios8 has now made the app totally worthless.
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10 years ago, Cohoking
Terrible upgrade
Very slow and an unfriendly user interface. Plus every time I use it on the iPad it asks me to download the new version. Really???? So I can download the same piece of crap??? I'm done with this until PennLive fixes it. You are losing readers by the dozen.
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8 years ago, BBaybop
App Crashes When Clicking on Pictures
Need to update app and fix app. Currently crashes every time when trying to look at pictures. Other then that, it is a great app with up to date news and stories! Would have given 5 stars had it not had issue with the pictures and crashing!
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5 years ago, Notre Dame0003
Please fix
This app crashes far too much. High School sports section is hit and miss with updated scores and stats! Being that newspapers are a thing of the past, I would think they would put more effort and money towards a decent app. Until they fix, I will get my news elsewhere. Well came back to see if was updated/fixed. No such luck, still the worst app out there. It sure would be nice to have a local sports app that works!
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