Pennsylvania DMV - Permit test

4.8 (3.2K)
35.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pennsylvania DMV - Permit test

4.8 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Roman Sims
Helped Me Pass Easy!
I passed with a 100% and it only took me two days of studying. The questions are exactly the same on the real test as they are on the app. The interface is really easy and quick to use, besides a couple pop-up ads that can be immediately closed and some minor spelling and grammar errors, and there is plenty of review. The reason I passed is because I did the marathon practice test of 219 questions, which were in the same order as the flash cards and the practice tests in the manual, so it was really just learning and applying the correct answers. I was stressed out by the few bad reviews that said the app made them fail, but I have no idea what they’re talking about because the questions were the same on the real test and they were pulled directly from the PA driver’s manual. Don’t worry you got this :)
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7 years ago, JuliaStu
Excellent app
I've had trouble learning a new language for quite some type. It was difficult for me to read and understand the organization of the book. But this app helped me learn everything I needed to pass my driving test! It was clear, organized and efficient! Definitely better than the other apps available and would highly recommend to anyone!! Makes life alittle easier to work with easy apps like this one.
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3 years ago, RainChhay
Unfinished Statistics ERROR
The app is great, but please fix the Unfinished in Statistics. Whenever I completed the TEST and all of them are CORRECT it keeps saying Unfinished at THE SAME TIME when I completed the Test. Please fix it. I want don’t like it said unfinished when I FINISHED and ALL of them are CORRECT. Update - Many days later: I got 100% every times and the Unfinished where it’s located in Statistics still going up each time I practice the Test. Please can you fix it as soon as possible. I want to know how I progressed and if it keeps going up like that how can I know??? Even if I get it right
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5 months ago, John el Tajiki
It’s really helpful
Before I downloaded this app and trained, I failed 2 exams. I've been driving for more than 10 years and hade license in 3 countries, but this time it was hard for me to understand what they want from me)) the logic of building the question was not quite clear. Thanks to the developers after using this application, I got my DL ))
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3 years ago, theselapp
App is easy to use and focus while doing it. Works better than the online tests that I take on my computer because I get distracted easily. I like the 18 question function, because I don’t feel like focusing for the whole 200 or so questions. I also like how I can index the flash cards if I learned them. Great app overall!
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4 years ago, Snowboysnot
Actually learning something!!
This is the only driving app that actually makes you feel like you are learning something. Not only does it have flashcards and quizzes, but it also has the actual state driving book for you to read.
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4 years ago, Dlckllicker69
Great app! I’m 16 and I feel like I’m ready for the permit test after 3 days of taking the practice test 30 times a day. 18 questions it doesn’t take too long but they’re randomly generated so you’ll learn all of them over the course of a week!
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1 year ago, Maya Altagracia
I used this app to study for my permit. This app definitely boosted my confidence level before taking the exam. From the flash cards, to the practice test, I love it! It helped me learn so much. Highly recommend!! 🚘✅
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6 years ago, Kingsir95
It’s Worth It!
Got my permit (first 15 questions right)! Just make sure you look over the review questions on the manual because there’s about one or two questions with incorrect answers. Other than that, the questions are exactly the same as the actual test.
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3 years ago, Just look at what I typed
Good Tool without a Key Feature
All they need to do to fix this is add a way to redo the questions you missed on the marathon. By the time your done with the marathon you don’t remember all the ones you got wrong so you don’t know what to study.
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5 years ago, slmherr
Great app
This app is great and helped me get my permit on the first try, and I got the first 15 questions right. The app asks the same exact questions they’ll ask you on the test. This app is definitely worth it.
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3 weeks ago, AnnaG 13
Too many ads
There are too many ads being placed when I try to take the practice test, at one point I failed the test because of an ad placement. I was trying to answer a question when a really long Temu ad popped up. Then upon closing the ad out, I get a screen saying I failed the test when I didn’t even get to finish it in the first place.
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2 years ago, tmx196
This week I’ll be testing my skills on this test I’ll be back to let you know how good this training does for me on the test
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5 years ago, Jade valentine
Some of the questions don’t have answers that are in the book. For example if someone is using high beams you have to look to the right side of the road and it says you need to flash your high beams. It also has a 270 degree angle turn sign which isn’t in the book and a hairpin angle sing that also isn’t in the book. There is also a lot of typos. 0/10 would not recommend.
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4 years ago, janessas123
it give you imagines when needed, gives you different types of questions you may be given on the permit test, and it gives you the option to do all 200+ questions. i would use this app instead of the actual pa drivers app cause it gives you more options and it also tells you the right answer when you click next !!!
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3 years ago, toriL22
Good app!
I’ve been studying for 6 days in a row now!! And this app is really helpful!! I did not go for my permit test yet.. but I’m learning so much from this app!!
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1 year ago, Dbyummy
It’s alright
The annoying pr is he ads which are beyond intrusive and break my concentration…. Ads won’t happen on the test, so why on the practice one? Should place them before or after the WHOLE test is done
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4 years ago, ffdmdsn
Great app
Passed after studying this for two days has the questions they ask you on the computer.
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2 years ago, zeisetdffg
It is really helpful to learn the signs and all the rules and other thing that you need to know
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2 years ago, kingna215
Make the question more clear
It’s a good app and it helps you prepare for the real test.
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4 years ago, 126484638294
Perfect for the real thing
Has all you need to know for the actual test
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6 years ago, mbenshleh
The App was super helpful, the questions are as how they ask them in the test! I recommend you try it!!
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1 year ago, Lexlisa777
Great Exercise before Exam
I used this app to prepare for Drivers theory course and for permit test. The practicality in the formatting of the app helped me to retain the information , more efficiently. I also liked how you can review your answer immediately after the question. This a great app to study with .
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2 days ago, 1kys
I would give five stars if wouldn’t be for the adds
I really like the app I just don’t like the adds.
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4 years ago, handsomepan1996
Too many ADs
It’s not bad, but too many advertisements appears and why cannot I see my wrong questions!!!
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7 months ago, Fox stud1234
I love this app so much it helps me to be able to go take my test
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10 months ago, Sanch_enka
Works perfectly, it has helped me learn more, I learn best by doing practice tests of 18 questions.
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3 years ago, Brave Copperhead
Same Questions as the DMV Study material
These has all the questions provided in the DMV site. One stop for the DMV written exam!!
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11 months ago, yoo blood
Claims to have 248 questions but I'm getting some of the same ones
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1 year ago, RedDogLitty
Everything is awesome overall💯💯💯💯
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3 years ago, tucugdthgy
It’s a ok app
The app itself is good but it should maybe have a test that’s more like the actual one
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3 years ago, Ginger Biscuite
It help me pass. All the practice questions were on the test when I got there
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4 years ago, Yvsq425
Passed the test 100% in less than 2min!!
Love love love this app. This app helped me pass the test with 2 days of studying.
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3 months ago, Markiplier(Real)
Permit moment
Great app. Helped me study for my permit. The only annoyance is the ads every few questions.
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2 years ago, We Need Bug Fix
LOVE IT! But i had to pay to remove the annoying ads🥹
I have my permit test tom, so I’m using this!
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4 years ago, justsomenikka
It does exactly what it’s meant to
It’s a great resource when studying for your permit test
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2 years ago, "raininblack"
It’s fine
So far so good. Ads are annoying though.
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3 years ago, Majandjayla
This app is very helpful and straightforward. I really enjoyed this app.
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5 years ago, Philly fan since 94
App review
This app was excellent. It absolutely helped me pass the actual test.
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4 years ago, GREENDAYFAN192
Permit test success !
Love this app, helped me pass my permit test now I’m on the road❤️👍🏻
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2 years ago, manier96
It’s good
It’s good, I would of rated it a 5 but it’s too many ads for me
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5 years ago, dcbhffr
DO NOT GET THIS APP. IT IS THE REASON I FAILED MY TEST. I answered the questions on my test with the ones I learned from this app and THEY WERE WRONG. not to mention that the creator does not speak English and the questions make NO SENSE. I am very upset and do not think this app is helpful or should be used.
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9 months ago, 1418Atown
Great app
It’s easy to use and is greeat practice !
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1 year ago, BlissfulHome
It’s pretty alright it’s just to many ads for me
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4 years ago, leahandellie
Some answers are wrong
One of the questions was about a teenager is most likely to be in an accident with whoever and i said other teenagers but it said it was with their pet which is incorrect
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4 years ago, IAMAJDIDJRNOS
Best Drivers learning app
Bee cool and easy to use
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7 years ago, Muslimaht
Best app to learn about driving
Very beneficial
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6 years ago, kathyawesomeness005hddhhddh
a little messed up
sometimes displays wrong answers, many typos, and incorrect wording. great aesthetic and i really like the different options, but i can’t completely trust this app for that reason. awfully unfortunate because it’s a great idea that was poorly executed
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3 years ago, @_iamsmoov
Driver Test
This jawn really helped me get my Las
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3 years ago, Cheria lovery
I really love it finally I got my permit 😊
Thanks 🙏🏽
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