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3 months ago
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User Reviews for People Magazine

4.41 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Bxps2
Magazine did not download
Signed up for trial subscription but, rec’d msg from App Store saying I had the trial subscription and would start being charged in 1 week unless I cancel before then. One small problem — no issue downloaded. I’ve reported the problem & will write an updated review if this ever gets resolved. 🙂 Update: So far so good. The developer was VERY quick to figure out my problem & give me directions for getting my first issue to download. Problem solved in less than 24 hours, which I think is pretty fast for this sort of thing. I’ve only had this one issue to look at so far, but everything seems to be working well.
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11 months ago, Psychofrog17
Digital Subscription Will Not Download To My IPad
Usually web support has quickly responded to my issues with the app and there have been many but resolved same day. Now my digital subscription will not properly download on my iPad. States it is downloaded but when you open it all the pages are blank. It will download to my iPhone but at 71 years of age it is not easy to read. Three days have passed since I contacted app support and it has been total silence. I usually renew for 6 months but if web support is nonexistent then it is time to leave. Hope others have better luck than I have with this app Post Script. Tech support emailed and in a matter of minutes fixed the problem. Thanks to the support staff. Thanks, again
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2 years ago, lilac73
Magazine refuses to download anymore on iPad app
I am a longtime loyal customer, and I recently renewed my direct print+digital subscription for an entire year. Ever since forking over the latest batch of my hard-earned money, the digital issues have stopped showing up on my iPad app; only the print issues are being delivered, which do not help me much since i travel so much and so prefer reading the digital editions on flights and in hotels. I do not see any content in my App Library (even after multiple syncs), and I have also deleted, downloaded, and logged out/in of the app multiple times. I sent in a complaint via the app a few weeks ago, and still haven’t heard back. If I do not get any resolution within a week, I will be forced to cancel my subscription.
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9 months ago, LONGSTON
Decent App, But Bugs Threaten to Derial
I like the People app overall, but too often little bugs get in the way of enjoyment. PEOPLE needs to get these fixed so they’re not a hassle.
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1 month ago, Mlliberty
Digital Subscription Not Recognizing on IPad
I’ve had a digital subscription for almost a year and being able to access my subscription through the app is very appealing to me. However, recently my IPad has stopped recognizing my digital subscription and when I try to access an issue, the app seems to think that I should pay for each issue…which has become VERY annoying. And to top it off, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem! Ugh! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I’ve synced my library, I’ve restored my purchases, and Iast week I reached out to support (with no response). Nothing has fixed the issue and this is my last straw. Thanks People magazine, but it’s time to say goodbye.
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2 years ago, 09mybad
Issues not downloading
This is the second time in less than 6 months my issues aren’t downloading and my subscription is current. I’ve tried using the digital contact form but it won’t work without subscription number from mailed magazine. With the app there is no subscription number given and digital form won’t go further without this number. When I talked to Apple support, they suggested I cancel subscription. But there is no guarantee of refund and I want my issues. Where do I go from here?
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4 months ago, No Longer People Customer
Missing Magazines and No Response for Assistance
I have been a digital subscriber for about 10 years. This is my 3rd time for missing issues on my iPad. The first two times with immediate response and resolve. This time it has been a week and have not resolved my issue. All three times, I have performed all trouble shooting suggestions ( refresh, updated app, force sync, restore purchases, etc). All of which has not resolve all issues. Am very frustrated and will request for refund due to me and will cancel subscription. From, A very disappointed reader
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4 years ago, lluwee
App constantly closes
I love the magazine but wish the app would stop closing on me after a few pages. I haven’t seen any updates to the app in over a year and clearly there is a bug. I don’t always have internet so like to download and read at a later date. Frustrating! I’ve seen others complain about this same issue and are asked to Why not just fix it or tell us all how to?
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1 year ago, Frustratingny
Serious app issues
I would love to give this app a great review but I just can’t…there always seams to be an issue with getting new issues every week even when you do have a subscription. And forget about getting a new device…your issues are veer restored even after trying to sync your library Please try to fix this issue, it’s not fair to subscribers who pay for a service and to not receive their magazines.
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4 years ago, Retired blondy
What has happened?
I love this magazine and I love even better having it digital. The last few weeks , every time I open the app it just spins. I have to delete the app and install again. Then it will work... until the next time I try to open it. I am signing in every time now.. everything is up to date. I have read many reviews of theirs doing the same. If it doesn’t get worked out, I will have to cancel my subscription.
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12 months ago, westie1991
Access to online issues.
Before the new app you could read your current issue on Thursday night instead of having to wait until Friday. Should be one of the perks for online issues. Also have been a long time subscriber (over 30) and never get any specials like new subscribers get like tote bags, etc. Now I can’t get my current issue to load. Always something with this magazine!
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3 years ago, Shells life
For the last three weeks I haven’t been able to download my issues. I have tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it. That didn’t work and because I was behind a couple issues I can’t reload those to read. Keep getting error and that we are experiencing issues and to please try again later. Please fix the app issue that is causing this problem. Maybe I will go back to paper issues
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3 years ago, FIWEHA
If not used weekly you can’t get back in
More than once I have tried to get back into the app after not using it for a while because I mostly use read my paper issue. But sometimes the paper issue gets lost in the mail so I try to read my issue on the iPad. Every single time the app has me logged in but unable to access as if I was not a paying customer. This is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Why not1234567899
People app
Love this magazine but since upgrade I can’t access content and just get spinning wheel which eventually takes me back to App Store and does same thing when I click open. Please fix!!
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3 years ago, Welcome65
What the heck??? Can’t access anything!
What have you done to this app??? I’ve been subscribed to People and Entertainment Weekly through iTunes for years. Now that you’ve switched to Zinio, I am only given the option of purchasing my new weekly magazine. I have already PAID for these magazines but now can’t get to them. What is the answer here???? After I hit ‘restore purchases ‘ , NOTHING happens. Please advise as to how to get to my paid for magazines!
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3 years ago, MsDelores
Contacted the email….
I contacted zimio? and a very nice lady helped me fix my problem. It took a few back and forth correspondences but all was fixed. I encourage all who get a reference number and email address to write to them!
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1 year ago, Susan A Carolina Girl
Favorite Guilty Pleasure
I so look forward to Fridays when I can indulge in a new weekly dose of People! This magazine has been a treat to me since it began. I read each issue from cover to cover. Thank you for such a pleasant escape.
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1 year ago, riguy002
Renew subscription
My subscription expired in Dec of 2022 and I have been trying to renew since then without success . I paid for the subscription through Discount Magazine on Feb 14 and never received any issues .I have been communicating with them ever since without success . ( they are telling me you are the problem ) Today I finally expressed enough displeasure to have them agree to cancel and return my payment . Now I have again tried to place an order but it seems all links end up with another order taking company but not People itself . How do I reorder directly ?
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4 weeks ago, michelle aboitiz
New magazines not showing active subscription
I have an active digital subscription but new issues are not available to download .
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1 year ago, kath413
I’ve been getting the magazine for as long as I can remember each time my subscription come up to renew I always think it’s time to cancel …..but I don’t I love my people.
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4 years ago, sandywo
People Magazine App won’t open anymore
For a couple weeks now after my people magazine renewed through iTunes and I was charged, I can no longer open the people magazine app on my devices. Please help
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3 years ago, Daizy5579
I have been paying for my subscription for years and the last few months I haven’t been able to read anything. Every time I try to download a magazine it says Error Downloading. We are experiencing problems, try again. I’ve tried and tried and it has yet to work!
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2 years ago, Jennifer102872
Outdated Version
I attempted to enter my People app and it tells me my version is outdated and to go to the App Store as a new version is available. I read People daily and update my apps constantly. When I go to the App Store there is no new version. I deleted the app and re-downloaded. It still tells me my version isn’t up to date.
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3 months ago, Gerberdeluxe
Once again, missing issues
Have been a regular subscriber for a decade or more. My subscription automatically renews. Once again I am not seeing the latest issue and have attempted all the suggested solutions (refresh library, reboot iPad, reinstall the app) with no success. After reinstalling the app I’m now not seeing issues past January. Really really frustrating.
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3 years ago, NilraNagap
Very very worried 😟!!!
I’m a People subscriber since a very long time. Now I’m subscribed by Apple iTunes purchases until January 2022, with the bad luck that my iPhone 📲 receives all the magazine editions but my Apple iPad doesn’t. The last one that I received in my iPad was the edition of October 25,2021. People Team, how can you help me?!?
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3 years ago, Texmomof2
Magazines STILL not downloading
App was updated. Email was entered for account login. Magazines not downloading. I have deleted and reinstalled the app three times. When I go to the main page, click on the latest issue of the magazine, it tells me to purchase, even though I am logged in. I am way behind with my reading. Please let me know how to fix this issue.
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2 years ago, 123321tippy
What is going on?
Cannot sign in using email where my confirmation was actually sent. Called Apple, but they were unable to help. Been subscribing for years, but this is a frustrating and unnecessary experience. Cannot download magazines…it was never like this. Even having trouble submitting this review because every random nickname seems to be taken!!!
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4 years ago, Joanlankford
People app
I would enjoy this app if it didn’t keep reverting back to my home screen . I’ve contacted the app administrator who hasn’t gotten back to me, I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it on several occasions and I’ve been very careful about trying to enlarge the screen or make it smaller, turn pages etc., all to no avail. It’s extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, amylt10
Missing issues
I have not received the last 4 issues. I get notifications that they are available but they are not there. This is ridiculous that I, and it looks like others, cannot access what is paid for. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, angnap1
App Won’t Download
After weeks of trying, I cannot get the app to open anymore. I’ve tried resetting my iPad and re-downloading the app, but it just won’t open.
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2 years ago, leenieree
I can not get current issue of this magazine even though I have been a subscriber for years, on the People Magazine App the last magazine I have is from a year ago, I have tried to delete the App but it just stays in the cloud I was told to delete it and reinstall the App but this does not work. I am very discouraged!!!
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2 years ago, Krissway
No access to new issues since December!!
I have done everything suggested to access my magazines. I have been charged, I have synced, restored purchases option several times, contacted both Apple and People developers and still no solution!! What the heck needs to be done to get access to something I PAID FOR?!
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9 months ago, thegoodnicknamesarealltaken$&@
Magazines not in Library
For the last two weeks the new issue hasn’t appeared in my library. I tried the usual workaround tricks but nothing worked; then I wrote to customer service 3 times but got no response. So frustrating! I used to get a response when I wrote about a problem. Please help—I used to love this app!
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2 years ago, Maymatherspears
No access
I am having the same issue with all of the others. No access!! And unable to restore. I sent my issue through the app support several days ago and have received nothing. Please advise. I have pay yearly and have missed months at a time because of the same issue.
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2 years ago, Jenn8261
Magazine doesn’t download
Continue to be charged for this magazine but at least twice a year the weekly magazine doesn’t load and I have to spend hours emailing to figure out why the magazine no longer uploads each week
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3 years ago, FanGurl.2
I signed up for a years subscription several years ago. We had this program from work that allowed us to get paid subscriptions for $5. They snatched money in seconds. I never got one stupid issue. I called and emailed and got nothing. Don’t know why I just downloaded this app. Deleting…
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2 years ago, KP II
No access to issues
I’ve had this app for years, and update it. All of the sudden, I can’t access a single new issue. Getting frustrated… subscription is active, but every time I click on a newer issue, I just get the option to do a trial or to pay for the issue.
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3 years ago, SLSR87
Worst App
I have a subscription to People through Apple and it never ceases to fail with downloading current issues. My subscription has auto renewed and I can’t download the last 2 issues. People magazine needs to find new app developers because I’m about to cancel my subscription.
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3 months ago, jetimani
Love it, miss the movie trailers
It was cool when the previews were available for the highlighted movies and tv shows. Can the crossword be interactive.
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12 months ago, ce42190
Unreliable app
Had the app for a couple months. All was fine until I tried to download July 10 issue. All I get is a black blank screen. So I downloaded the app in my iPhone, clicked restore subscription button and I’m stuck in a loop of it wanting me to subscribe. If I could give zero stars I would
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2 years ago, rtnfjsjiwkdnbrhuwkjs
Need help
I’ve been receiving people magazine I did not describe with you guys and I just want to make sure how do I remove this from it it’s getting sent to my house
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2 years ago, funkyseifert
Cannot restore purchases
I have been asking for Three weeks for help with the app. I have not been able to read an issue because it will not restore my purchases. This is extremely frustrating and I will not renew if this is not resolved.
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3 years ago, Heidir9060
Buggy App
Can’t download the last two issues. Keep getting a download error, please try again later. This happens quite often, but usually resolves itself. This time it is not.
Show more
4 years ago, Generalsherman
The WORST app ever
Cannot read a single page of the magazine without the app crashing. So annoying. Don’t waste your time. Luckily I get People magazine in the mail too because if I only had a digital subscription I wouldn’t be able to read it. This app used to be good with no issues. I’m not sure what happ nd but it is terrible.
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6 months ago, Royal70817
Digital subscription purchased and magazines not available
I purchased a digital subscription and received Confirmation via email. However the current magazine issues are not available. I have tried all suggestions in FAQ.
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11 months ago, mrmjva
Stopped working
My subscription is current but I am unable to use the app to read the magazine. Sent an email via the app to correct the problem but after 6 business days the issue is not fixed.
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4 years ago, travelgal6979
App having issues
Still having same problem! When I open the app, it opens to a black screen. I have to delete app, reload, sign in, and upload issue. This is happening daily. 😡😡😡. The original response from People didn’t help and the problem just keeps continuing.
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3 years ago, sipad1234
Not syncing iPhone & ipad
When reading something on my iPhone under bookmarks then deleting it, it still shows up in the bookmarks on the iPad.
Show more
2 years ago, Blaine, MN
App only works occasionally. Just renewed People Magazine on auto renew through iTunes and subscription did not update. Date says it is good through December 2022 but won’t let me read issues. I’ve deleted, reinstalled app and it doesn’t work!!
Show more
3 years ago, Lana Michelle
I have a subscription, however it doesn’t give you the read option, only subscribe, you choose subscribe and it says already purchased. Cannot even read the magazine.
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