Personalized Call from Santa

4.8 (8.8K)
99.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Personalized Call from Santa

4.81 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Rocky773
We missed Santa; but phone call saved the Day!!!!
I picked the “Good List” Santa call. My son seemed surprised (Didn’t believe) that he was on the good list; but sometimes giving people a second chance is more effective harsh punishment. He starting acting like he really should be on the “Good List” after the phone call!
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6 years ago, Wildwon
Absolutely ridiculous!
I downloaded this app to surprise my niece with a call from Santa. As I finished personalizing the information, I come to find out that I need to pay $3 for it to be sent to a separate phone. As I am in Minnesota and she is in Washington, I figured it was worth it just this once. Payment was accepted then nothing. Nothing more and more times I tried. Come to find out, I need a PREMIUM acct in order to make that call. So $5 more later, now $8 in the hole, STILL NOTHING IS WORKING!!!! I want my money back and I want everyone to know that unless the call is going directly to your phone. Or I don’t even know if THATS a thing to do without spending $10!!! This app is NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!!
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5 years ago, boo hoo elf
I would give this a minus star but that’s not a option. I bought 2 packages for grandson grandaughter. My granddaughters never did come even after they said they re sent it. Cause “I” gave them wrong add. Same add grandson he got it. It’s not a box as picture shows it’s a envelope. I’d never ever use this again. My 6 yr old grandaughter went to bed crying santa hated her. The calls didn’t work an when they did it was awful don’t waste your money make your own up an save yourself the anguish heartbreak an awful experience. Please please think hard before purchasing. An if you decide to open your door an throw your money to the ground.
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5 years ago, Cjp32693
Paying for phones calls
We have two children. The set up for the first free phone call is offered to only one child. This makes it difficult to offer up Xmas cheer to each child as a whole. So they feel equal. I just disagree with that. Then 5$ for another phone call? Honestly ridiculous. App deleted. Found a better CHEAPER one. $.99 for unlimited calls and you can write what you would like to have “Santa” say. Sorry but this isn’t Xmas cheer. This is a money hungry Corp looking to set up 5$ and up calls that you can’t even customize. Just the child’s name and state? Yeah, no. Terrible app. Hope you lose business. MERRY CHRISTMAS GRINCHE’S!!
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2 years ago, Jacobmommy31605
Nothing better
I’ve used this two years in a row! The themes are great the ability to hide it is amazing! The customization is wonderful. His voice is so jolly! What beautiful Christmas magic! And for those who are looking to keep Jesus in the Season this is your app!
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4 years ago, Jadeg4
Love this service
I have been using this for several years, and my kids love it. The letters are awesome quality and I love how much I can customize them. One suggestion, would love one or two more video options each year.
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5 years ago, Matty2016mom
Santa app is awesome
My son thought it was amazing that Santa called and knew his name and the state in lived in. It even records the calls so you can replay them or share. I looked at tons of apps before deciding on this one and all the other ones wanted you to pay to personalize the phone call but not this one! BEST SANTA APP EVER!
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6 months ago, Tbari3
App has become a hassle
I have been purchasing package from Santa for so many years. Everything used to be included with the package including phone, call letter and video. Now everything is an up charge and do so you have to double click on this and that and it doesn’t work. My kids are waiting for their phone call and I can’t get it done on this app.
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4 years ago, jfdebish
Package from Santa
Love the whole idea. Love how they put the packages together it looks so real like. You can add such things as teachers names in order to make it a little more personalized. The actor’s are great and Santa looks and sounds so real. They packages are amazing and not expensive for what you getting. July
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6 years ago, CheapShotter
Amazingly Entertaining
I am blown away at how entertaining this stuff is! It put a smile on my 4-yr old’s face, and it continues to every time she listens to the message. The packages are priced VERY reasonably and the stuff you receive is of professional quality! Worth every penny, and perfect keepsakes!!
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6 years ago, nikkibabbyyyyy
So cute
Everything about this is so cute. Yes you might have to pay a few bucks but it’s so worth it seeing your child smile so big knowing Santa really knew their name. It ask for the child’s name & age! This was well worth it Thank you to whoever created this app!
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6 years ago, aemckean
Very Authentic!
I wowed my little girl with this last year, and this year she is asking if I think “Santa might call her again” ❤️!! Such a wonderful gift. I have arranged for the big guy to call her tonight, Christmas Eve, and can’t wait to see her face! Great work, developer elves! Merry Christmas to you. 🎅🏻
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2 years ago, A_mariex91
So useful
My daughters listening ears have been terrible. This is a motivator to make her smarten up or Santa will be disappointed. It may be somewhat cruel, but is parents need any help we can get sometimes! Happy this app exists!
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6 months ago, TLF23
Multi child feature needed
I love this service. It would be great if a brown Santa option was available. Also if you could add multiple names to a call so I don’t have to initiate several calls. Makes it less believable.
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3 years ago, LowRyder&MogWai
A call from Santa !
I have a 4 yr old grandson and wanted to do something special and this what it ! What a major 5star hit this was. Scheduled the call and right on time. Little guy was in complete awe and made sure he left lots of milk and cookies. No catch to this app. Simply magical for a toddler ! ♥️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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3 years ago, isavellasmom325
Sucha great app
I love all the features and how nice Santa sounds it’s been years since I enjoyed hearing him again all jolly and happy this pandemic has been hard on everyone but hearing Santa being his jolly self makes me hopeful.
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4 years ago, Hapoychild_Mom
I love the reaction my daughter had on her face.
At first I felt uncomfortable with all the information they requested about my daughter, but once I heard the call I see why they asked for the information. Really great app!! And the voice just perfect!!!
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3 years ago, Betty Wilson
Great fun for the kids
I have done this for my grandsons since their first Christmas. One is now 5 the other 11. They look forward to it every year. Such smiles and joy this brings.
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5 years ago, zxcfdjkkhv
Purchased and not given option to schedule
I was charged but not given the option to schedule a call. I went through the website for help and told to go back to the app for help. No contact information available on the hep for assistance. I discourage you from purchasing directly from the app. And good luck trying to leave a review. I have tried multiple names and unable to leave my comment.
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5 years ago, NanBP
Best Christmas Gift For Children
I have used this company several times and their videos, calls and execution are PERFECT! Our SIL videoed the little ones hearing their calls and the look on their faces are the very definition of Christmas Magic! N Parent
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7 years ago, MommaT2
The look on my grand daughters face was worth every dime!! The call wasn’t a 2 second call either. Sounds very real! I would have loved having this tool when my kids were little! 😜 Loved!!!
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4 years ago, Christmas gost
I have know idea what is the idea of this game is.
0 stars I use to play this game but then I deleted it of my phone and I just want to call text FaceTime the real santa Clause but I just got fooled again for the I don’t know Time well looking again for the real santa so good luck with the game you guys are going to believe me after you get your kids to play with the game. It’s a waste of money and time for the kids really game creators you should be more creative.
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5 years ago, mad dude 86
Never got to view the video I made for my daughter
The letter was good the phone call was great but the video wouldn’t play and says I watched it but we never did kinda caused my kid to be a bit disappointed there was no video keeps wanting me to pay my again to view when my video. Frustrated! Probably will try another company next year .but it is what it is.
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2 years ago, Ssmklo
My babies LOVED IT!!!
I cannot say more on how much my children love this! They are so amazed that Santa knows them and calls them! Thank you so much for this amazing experience
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4 years ago, stopthe annoyance
Phone call
Difficult to enter information when wanting to use a different phone number. Buy these as gifts for grandchildren every year and seems to continue to get more difficult
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6 years ago, Joker Loco 562
Sounds good but only got 1 try
I wanted to see how it sounded before we did the fake call but would only let you do it once and that’s it. I’m not paying for additional calls especially when it doesn’t have all names it could say during the call.
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4 years ago, Horvath n
Santa Calls
My 11 grandchildren loved it , I also sent some to my adult children ( 30 + ) they loved it. My adult son Engineer for Boeing Airline loved his call stating “ he never received a call from Santa and he actually loved it ) Thank you !!
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2 years ago, mediocre at best, 2023
Only one free call
I’ve used other services and apps that would give you more than one free call and it was an actual call that came in on the phone number not just an app pretending to call the phone.
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3 years ago, Mgslxlhxlvxlbxlhxlgxlgdkfzkczo
Good for 2 calls of u pay
I paid the 2.99 thinking I could get more calls but that’s not the case now they want me to pay 4.99 for another call .. not worth it when u have more then 1 kid.. oh yea and u have to b there to make sure they pick up the phone bc it doesn’t leave a voicemail..
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4 years ago, aviahmom89
Love it!!
My 6 year old daughter LOVED her call with Santa. Only downfall was her name wasn’t on the list for him to say. So we just said kiddo. But she didn’t mind. She’s actually sitting next to me wanting to call him again lol ❤️🎅
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6 months ago, Flood30
Cheerful review
Excellent app to keep the kids in the holiday spirit before during and even after Christmas.
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3 years ago, fruitgummies
False advertising
This should not be listed under free Santa app calls. I set up account and personalized it. Next thing I know I’m told I have to pay for Santa to call my kid. Nope don’t think so. Plus the way the review is that I read made it sound like it was free. Definitely false advertising, illegal, and the makers should really be ashamed of themselves. Karma will get you 10 fold.
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7 years ago, Terrykjr
Decent but only one free call
The app and call work very well. However, you only get one free call. In my family, we have three children so just one free call is a disappointment. $5.00 for an extra call is a bit overboard in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Arti'Sanz
The look on my sons face was priceless, totally going to get some premium calls to see it again.
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6 months ago, maddieeperryy
Love it but..
The only thing I would add is a feature for siblings; you can only call one child at a time. It's great still and I love doing this for my kiddos!
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4 years ago, Mama Dukes music
worst ever ordered 3 calls santa never called my kids crushed as am I after paying
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7 years ago, LOVEMOOS
So much fun
I ordered this for my 4 yr old granddaughter, she loved it. I would recommend to do this . Everything was so professional and the letter came fast. Kathleen
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7 months ago, Dakota Brasher
Santa app
This app is really cool for my 3yr old. You can schedule a time that works best for you. My daughter was so excited
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7 years ago, DFLeblanc4
I did this for my niece, she’s five, she was absolutely thrilled and excited to hear her name and age. She has talked non-stop about I️t since the phone call. Thanks so much!!
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2 years ago, Dan8073
Beware!! Don’t fall for it and download this app. You will be asked to give your email and it will make you sign up for notifications and opt into receiving emails once you go through all that bull… you can receive one free call or you can pay for $4.99 per call.
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7 years ago, Eniesha
On point
Will be using again as long as my daughter believes!! Thank you the look on her face was priceless!!!
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2 years ago, czplez
Love it
This is the third company I’ve tried and by far my favorite. The calls, letter, and certificates amazing.
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5 years ago, Brighteyes 7
Love this!
My babies look forward To this every year!! Thank you for creating it!!
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5 years ago, bjenrette
Perfect for the kids and adults too!
My kids were so excited to hear Santa.
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3 years ago, MAAAADSUS
cool app
Some of these comments are ridiculous you would think it was the kid that wrote it and not a parent “santa is fake” NOO DUUH! what are your expecting?! smh lol cool app
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5 years ago, Nan Claus
Santa package
Enjoy seeing the sparkle in my Grandson’s eyes and the excitement when he hears his Santa call. And of course all children love getting mail!
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6 years ago, P.T. Lamas
Not honest
Why advertise that the app is free? To sucker you into downloading the app. Then it will require your email. Next, for the app to work, you must “Allow Notifications”. Next, you will be prompted to choose how much money to spend. $5 for 3 phone calls. $13 for 6 phone calls etc. Yup. I snitched on you, app maker people ☺️
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6 months ago, Joely Cannoli
1st one is free
Gets all your info, and gives you one for free, then you have to pay $4-$5 for every “call” after that. I’m sure I’ll be getting more junk email now, but not paying that much to listen to slightly modified recording.
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7 years ago, jjperiod
Great idea!
This is a great idea. The video is wonderful and the letter is great. Since this is rating this app... and not the products... I can only give it 2 stars. Can’t get back into the app without a lot of effort... just goes to the voicemail screen and can’t get out. Well... if I can’t get out of this review it will only be 1 star.
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7 years ago, Pics6183
don’t waste your time
First the birthday messages freeze when you go to schedule. I tried on 3 different phones and my iPad. Tried the other call and it was very poor quality. Breaking up, not clear. My kids were disinterested and just asked a ton of questions.
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