PG Reader

2.7 (25)
21.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PG Reader

2.72 out of 5
25 Ratings
2 years ago, Heyterry
One of the best daily news sources around but by far the buggiest app on my phone. The page freezes and random re-starts make it unreadable many days.
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3 months ago, GDruAudio
Logs you out
The PG is a decent news source. Unfortunately their app is not that great. It doesn’t keep the user logged in, so there is a constant wondering if you are still logged in until you get the notification that you have X free articles remaining for the month. The app sends you push notifications, but when you click on them it takes you to the website instead of the app. The website then requires you to log in. The push notifications should take you to the article in the app.
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11 years ago, WinterBill
Time for an Update
I've been enjoying this simple app for at least 2 years I believe. Reliable way to read the top stories. Facebook posting feature is now broken. Would be nice to add stories to Instapaper, etc. Could maybe use an update (add photos?), but dear PG - don't get too carried away and add to many bells & whistles or animations. Keep it a quick, snappy, easy to navigate app. Cheers.
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10 months ago, Eweasel66
Horrible New Version
Ap freezes up more than 50% of the time. Have to delete reinstall. .. when it works it is great. Worst ap ever …paying $8/ month !!!!!! If I had another choice for Pittsburgh News would terminate .. try to a live person at the paper to discuss !!
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2 months ago, Moonfrick
No NewsSlide???
The newest update of the PGe app got rid of the NewsSlide, and this new version is almost unusable. Very hard to read, slow to load, and generally clunky. We are subscribers to the PG, but will probably cancel because this new version is so customer-unfriendly
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1 year ago, Liv 0283
Logging is confusing when you have never sign up for one. I never signed up for one and I cannot get full access on articles.
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4 years ago, pdx_photoman
Cannot display letter, editorials
This app is broken. It will not load many sections, including the letter and editorials sections. The “original” app, available here, is the only one that works well.
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4 years ago, RickeyBobby412
Endorsed Trump. Immediately unsubscribed.
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8 years ago, Jdwpgh
Lackluster not very well thought, disappointing.
As a long-time reader and fan of the PG, I am thoroughly disappointed in this app. It's as if it was written by someone's kid as a middle-school project. It does not perform its primary mission - to present a usable app version of the newspaper. It only loads a select number of articles from the paper. It has no search function. Quite often when you go to a section (e.g., Restaurants, Travel,etc.) the section will be blank! The app does not update headlines nearly as fast as the website (??) - thus don't go to the app hoping for up-to-date sports scores or breaking news headlines. After suffering through several versions of the app I give up on it. Why is this when even many smaller-town newspapers have far superior apps? Again, I am a big fan of the PG and have been for decades. Seeing the PG release this pathetic, half-baked app is like seeing a longtime old friend homeless and living under an underpass. Very sad.
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10 years ago, heysailor53
Not really useful - needs a search function
The app has made a lot of strides since first introduced, but there is no search function to search the website. This app is my main way to access the Post-Gazette, otherwise a great paper. Without that search feature, and with the limited scope of the articles presented, the app is quite limited, even for subscribers like me. Saved articles should be listed by title. As of now you have to swipe through articles one by one until you find the one you want. There ought to be a way to search your saved articles here as well.
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14 years ago, RudyWils1
Not as good as the website
As far as the basics go (giving users the most recent articles from the different sections of the Post-Gazette), this app does fine. But there are some major issues that prevent me from giving a higher rating. First and foremost: no landscape mode. For an iPhone/iPod Touch, landscape mode cuts back a lot on eye strain, but this app doesn't include it. Also, it would be nice if more of the website's features were included, especially the blogs.
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10 years ago, MAT**
No signup option
I would gladly sign up got a subscription, but there is no subscribe link, option, or clearly visible direction. Online subscription is preferable to having the paper delivered at the bottom of a slippery driveway. PPG missed an opportunity to hold on to its early online adopters when it blocked us out after a year without a subscribe link, notice, or easily found directions.
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7 years ago, Missin PGH
I am a transplanted Pittsburgher who hoped to follow my hometown paper with this app. After many futile attempts (for some reason either my user name / password had a problem or the content was not available when I was signed in) to transition from the free 10 articles a month to whatever I was asked to join - I gave up. I was never a fan of the Tribune-Review in the past, but their app works and I can get my ‘Burgh news. It is inexcusable that the PG cannot come up with a working app. I am sure I am neither the first or last to take my business to the Trib.
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11 years ago, ilovesundays10
Old version is good, won't be updating tho!
Looks like I got a good version, there isn't a 10 article limit. Now I just need to remember never to update it.. kind of ridiculous.. shouldn't newer versions be better and add functionality--not take it away or limit it?
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14 years ago, chismarvelous
More sections needed
Good start but we defintely need more sections. Education. Real estate. Obits. Collumns. Surprised it was only a dollar to buy. I'd pay more, probably up to $5 or $10, even if it was once a year, like a subscription. I hope someone with the PG is reading this!
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12 years ago, rpfaffmann
Gives Pittsburgh a bad tech rep
Come on PG I know you struggle to embrace/hire resources for technology but this is down right awful for all the reasons others have noted. I know sports pays the bills and you can do great things like the air quality series, hire the kids at CMU ETC to do something truly great! No consistent interface between iPad, web and iPhone ... Photos missing; no ability to read and comment ; no real time blogging from sports events ( see Boston globe). I have to go elsewhere for breaking news...
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14 years ago, Mark Vehec
Give it away or ditch the ads ...
I like the app and think missing sections will show up. I am not opposed to paying for the app or additional fees down the road to support it as another reviewer suggested, but either give this away or kill off the ads. Don't double dip in the iPhone chip bowl :-(
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11 years ago, ProfBissell
New updated App
The new updated version is so much better and easy to use. There are a bunch of new sections and you can even save articles for reading later. Great feature when you are on the go.
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14 years ago, kxm72
Works well, but limited content
Like others have said-- if you're going to charge for the app, at least give us what we can get for free in the web browser. Expand the content, & I'd definitely give it 1-2 more stars. Would be an incentive to pay for the expanded access online if said 'exclusive' content were also available on phone app.
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6 years ago, Jkh1987
Where to start... you can’t seem to update your content, you constantly advertise your “slide” app (which is somehow worse than this one), or the fact that randomly there is an alarm that goes off while you’re reading an article. Please fix the air raid siren that goes off randomly. You do have better content than any of the other TV apps that cover Pittsburgh, don’t spoil it with nonsense like this. You can do better.
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13 years ago, PghApp
Living in Philly, this is the best news app I've found to get a summary of what's going on in my hometown. Succinct and informative, the Post-Gazette is precisely what I want to read on my iPhone. And, it's much better than the mobile website.
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14 years ago, Dsh121
Finally there is a pittsburgh post-gazette app!! The post gazette is great, thanks for the app. Could use some more features so keep up the good work. Can't wait for the full penguins feed.
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12 years ago, dlbucs
I live in eastern PA but have roots in the Pittsburgh area; this app provides a great way to stay in touch. It is easy to navigate and refreshes easily. Also, the Pirate and Steeler news is enjoyed in the Sports section. I would get this app again, for sure!
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14 years ago, Lee Floyd
Needs work
This should be free. Needs: Date and time on article links. More images and multimedia. Categories (sports, etc). Ability to go further back in time. Push notifications. Search archives. Comments. Nice to have: Map with pins showing articles by location.
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10 years ago, Wrow99
Why limit content?
The insanity of this app is that it limits the number of articles that can be read per month, however you can read as many as you'd like to on the PG website. Also to get around the limit, simply delete the app and download it again. Aside from that the content is good.
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5 years ago, BK in the HV
Sloppy app needs improvement
The Post-Gazette brings solid reporting and a breadth of regional coverage, but sadly the app is a mess. From an iffy search engine to the way going back to the same article counts multiple times against your free article limit, the app remains a mess and continues to lag behind so many other apps for newspapers of this circulation size.
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11 years ago, Thebern23
Limited content and lots of ads
Nowhere in the app description does it me mention having to sign up/pay for content, but I can't view more than 10 articles per month. Also, it asks me to sign up online and it's impossible to find a place to sign up online! And so many ads! The ad bar at the bottom makes reading articles terrible.
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12 years ago, Elsa321
Fix the bugs!
Latest news and breaking news haven't been updating the last few days. And the other day the latest news was updated with old articles from September or October. Is the guy in charge of doing the updates on vacation or something?
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13 years ago, BossgirlD
Good buy
After buying other Pittsburgh news apps, I was quite impressed with the amount of Pittsburgh or PA news available. Its not the full news paper, but it provides a vast source of news
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12 years ago, Blange05
Great news app
This is a standard news app that is well made and easy to navigate. It operates smoothly and is a must for those living in or around Pittsburgh.
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14 years ago, BobbyCherry
Great app
Good app design. Offers latest news and seems to be updated very often. Can't wait to see it do more.
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11 years ago, Jennw2002
It's okay, I guess
I like the option of having the stories in an app... But I wish the feed would have new (and more) stories more often. Also, the share option for Facebook doesn't work.
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6 years ago, Dubwin
Popups & stale news
I already pay for your service... why the need to bombard me with pop up ads for the News Slide app? Give it a rest, I have that app and don’t like it! Also I don’t want to see stale “Editor Picks” every time I open up the app. It shouldn’t be a multi-click process to get the latest news.
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12 years ago, Riley2323
Negative 5 Stars
No sports worth reading. Pathetic attempt to make money. Their PG website does not work properly on the iPhone either. File bankruptcy already. It takes a half hour to load a page and the Safari crashes if you close during. This app is awful and the PG website is awful.
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14 years ago, Jtotheizzake
No facebook sharing?
I would like to share articles from this app directly to facebook. Currently you can only email or save articles
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10 years ago, Twog00
Not worth it.
I bought this app at least two years ago and was able to read any and every article I wanted. Now I can only read a few articles a month. If I purchased an app, I feel I should be able to read all of the articles. I will be deleting the app and moving to a different newspaper. Good bye PG!
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14 years ago, Gene Fiorina
Accessing thru safari is a better option
As noted by A few other reviewers, the wap-based web site provides more content. Stories in the app are nit updated regularly. The tribune review has free app that is more robust. Not worth the dollar.
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14 years ago, mody
Needs More Content
The reader is great but the content is only a small subset of the actual online version
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10 years ago, Agnesburgh
Cannot access subscription through app
How behind the times can this paper be? Aren't we in the land of CMU IT wizards? Apparently they don't work for the PG. I was told 4 months ago you were working on the app problem. You advertise this app on your website while soliciting business and it doesn't work?? Unacceptable!!
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11 years ago, Gopher80
Offline reading
Good app, best Pittsburgh news app since it allows offline reading, and, it's free so can't beat the price.
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14 years ago, Shelly15208
Old news...
Breaking news is old by the time it is posted. Should be free if they can't post news as quickly as other news apps that are free!
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10 years ago, raholland
Updated version worthless
The newest version of the app is slick, great interface, and access to the articles I want to read. The problem? Monthly limit on articles you can read without a paid subscription. No thanks. I'll get my news elsewhere.
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6 years ago, PJWired66
Definitely Unusable
I, too, am transplanted Pittsburgh who loves to follow news of my “home” town. My account works on the website but not on the app. This makes no sense considering they (PPG) just recently forced the consolidation of previous sports apps. I am very disappointed that I can’t follow while on the go.
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11 years ago, mdh_pit
Limited content
After reading several articles, you are blocked until the next month. You can go to their mobile web site and read all without a subscription.
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13 years ago, okie79
Local Sports Scores Missing
At the very least, recent Pittsburgh pro-sports scores should be mentioned. The college and high school sport scores get greater mention than the Pens or Steelers. I just want to quickly learn who won....and nothing!
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11 years ago, Citizen Cope
Good local news
If Pittsburgh you want to know it is here you go
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9 years ago, tjr66
Article limit?!?
FYI...I paid for the app awhile ago. Attempted to use the app again and now it seems they have an article limit and they are moving you towards buying a digital subscription. The app does not give you all access anymore. No thanks!
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9 years ago, Mmh1996
It is a amazing app. It helps me get my news in just seconds. I would totally recommend this app.
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14 years ago, ASField
Ridiculously limited
Half-baked application of very limited use as there is no search function and no ability to access anything that is not in today's paper. Not worth "free" let alone $.99
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13 years ago, Lilly and Sadie
Just as good as other news apps. I read it every day!!
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