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User Reviews for Phomemo

4.67 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
3 months ago, Gddyubvds
Great little printer for truck drivers
I’m an OTR truck driver and needed a printer that didn’t take up much space and would also work over Bluetooth. This little thing works perfectly. It doesn’t matter if I need to print from a PDF or a picture it comes out legible. Definitely beats having to go into a truck stop and pay just to get a page or two printed. I’ve recommended this printer to other drivers who have also purchased it and they are amazed at how well it works. Highly recommend this little gem if you’re needing a printer to use in a pinch. Definitely beats paying $300 for a portable printer at the big brand stores that still takes up 5 times the space of this one. I also purchased the hard case for it and love it because it holds the cords as well as the printer and protects it from all the bumps and rattling in the truck. Another thing I really like is that you can charge it and it holds charge for an extremely long time. It’s great that I can just pull it out of the case, turn it on and not have to plug it in or hook up any cords. Extremely happy with this Temu purchase!!
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2 years ago, Shlomo626
A Secirty Risk in an app.
I bought a Phomemo printer to print images of my artwork from the Procreate app. I've used thermal printer at work and thought it was a good deal to make small black-and-white images of my work I could give away. The printer itself works great and provides some nice images. A little watercolor or pen work and you can make very nice color stickers. However, as an IT person, my concern is with the software that comes with this, and which the printer is worthless without. All your images are uploaded to the company's servers for printing and printed from that copy of your image. Therefore if you let the application use all your photos, someone has not only access but a copy for every photo, which is stated in the Terms of Service, even thought the privacy staement says it does not collect data. If you've taken photos of your driver's license or another id, someone in China has access to that too, which I find too much of a risk. If you are going to use this set your photo permissions for iOS to selected photos and load your photos one at a time, which is a pain but will be far more secure. Even if you do that, you must use this printer with an internet connection since it uses the server copy of your photo, which for the portable field use I had planned is a problem. Since you can;t use the printer without the software I'm going to have to rate this only one star. Thiss could have been so much more, but rides the line between utility and spyware.
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3 years ago, oSoMama
Needs Landscape Mode for iPad!!
I have an iPad Pro which I use with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It is very frustrating to use apps that require I remove the iPad from the keyboard and turn it sideways! Instagram does this, too, but with that site I can get around the problem by opening the app in Safari or another browser where is can be viewed while horizontal and I can use my keyboard to type! I love this little printer so far! Using my iPhone, I used up the entire sample roll of paper just printing adorable graphics from the app! It is fast and quiet and I was excited to get it together with my iPad so I could use the graphics apps and the Apple Pencil to customize the stickers I print out. If the app were able to work in Landscape (horizontal) mode, I would give it 5/5! The only other problem I’ve found so far is that I don’t seem to be able to control how long the distance between stickers is, and there is usually way, way more distance than I would need to rip them off easily. This is a huge waste of the paper, the cost of which I imagine could get very high very fast. I think this is a good company that hopefully wouldn’t plan to make people use up more sticker paper (and backing paper, which I’m not sure is biodegradable) than needed in order to sell more rolls....?
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6 months ago, Wendy McKay
About my sticker printer and how good it works
Oh my gosh I got the sticker printer for Christmas and I've already printed like 10 stickers on it because I opened it on the 23rd till we left to go to Lafayette on the 23rd so I love it and it's awesome totally recommend get it and useful meow. It's awesome and the best part about it you don't have to plug it in to print it just have to do you charge it every once in a while and it's so small and light weight so you can put it in your purse and take it with you anywhere so buy it and try it out for yourself seriously do it? What are you waiting for? It's like a little it's just like a printer but low and lighter and you can just put it in a bag if you want and you can take it with you to California if you want you can take it anywhere I'm putting it in my little tiny purse with strawberries, and it's pink and but that doesn't matter what matters is you get like you will like get it what are you waiting for?
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3 years ago, BO1060
Can’t use since new update
WHAT HAPPENED??? My iPhone automatically updated the app and now it’s unusable! I try to connect my printer but the screen is frozen. I can’t even tell what the new TINY symbols mean in the top right corner(where the simple, easy to use “Connect/Disconnect” symbol use to be. 😠). Why can’t I tell what they do? Because the screen stays frozen. Sometimes - only sometimes- I can get Graphics or other options to open. It does me absolutely no good because I can’t get the options for connecting my device to work at all….and after a few seconds the whole entire screen is going to freeze anyway. Why did you think changing that one simple option was even necessary anyway? Have you even seen how tiny it is on an iphone? Even if I ever am able to get it to un-freeze, I’m going to be clicking the wrong thing accidentally….allllll. the. time. Because that tiny printer symbol(with the red “x”) is so close to the arrow. And I repeat, neither of which I know anymore what they mean - because they are frozen! I can’t find out what they do!!! I only bought your machine a few months ago, loved it, told everyone about it, and now it’s already unusable because of this stupid update. 😡
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3 months ago, No_Name.123
Amazing app and portable printer
This portable printer is so convenient and prints pictures whenever I need them. The battery is very long lasting even after only charging overnight. Sometimes the pictures come out a bit blurry but it gets the job done. The stickers don’t peel off on their own or wear down like regular stickers do, which is absolutely amazing. One roll of paper can make you so many little pictures. The only downside to these is that the pictures are only in black and white which is kinda obvious because it doesn’t use ink, but uses heat, but it would make it 10x better if it did print color. The app is also super convenient. You get to make whatever you’d like in the “notes” area. There are many fonts to choose from that you can just download in about ten seconds and i don’t think anything costs money on this app. Overall I would 100% recommend this for you or as a present to anyone.
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3 years ago, AnythingQuiet
Good UI, Very Cute Templates
The user-interface for the app is very clear and concise and is easy to pick images and create labels for printing. I’m docking stars though because the downloading speed for the template frames, template images, and fonts is so slow and most of the time they don’t even appear. And I’m legit standing next to my router trying to get these images to appear. Just, let me have the option to have the app download and save it locally all in one go instead of having to constantly re-download the images for temporary use. It makes creating labels an annoying task. Update: Okay, I think I know what happened. I had a podcast playing in the background of my iPad which was affecting the download speed of the app. It works better now.
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2 months ago, Matt California USA
Useless for landscape mode - rude customer service
After eagerly purchasing this product, I've come to the disappointing realization that it fails to live up to even the most basic expectations. Here's why you should steer clear: Vertical-Only Interface: The app's insistence on operating solely in portrait mode is not only inconvenient but downright baffling. As a user who primarily utilizes landscape mode, I find myself constantly frustrated by the need to disconnect my keyboard and physically rotate my device. This lack of compatibility is a glaring oversight that renders the product nearly unusable for many. Printing Nightmare: Attempting to print documents or images in landscape mode is an exercise in futility. Whether it's complex tables or detailed diagrams, the resulting prints are so minuscule that they require a magnifying glass to decipher. This renders the product utterly impractical for any serious work or study needs. Appalling Customer Service: Adding insult to injury, the customer service experience was nothing short of a disaster. The live chat support was not only unhelpful but shockingly rude. It's unacceptable to be treated with such disdain, especially when seeking assistance with a product that clearly has significant shortcomings. In retrospect, I deeply regret purchasing this device and would caution anyone against making the same mistake. Save yourself the frustration and invest in a product that respects your time and needs.
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4 months ago, Addy1234567
Great until you have to change the roll
It was seamless to set up. It prints in black and white. I use it mostly for labeling and it’s been great for that! I hope they make one that prints in color. Only issue is changing the roll, 1) make sure printing side correctly placed and 2) if you open the roll (take off the tape that keeps the roll together) it expands and then it took quite a while to re-roll it tightly and then you still have to take off the adhering sticker and roll some paper out but the roll has to be placed in the direction opposite to the opening button (the big one in the middle) and fold the paper to get some of it threaded out of the slot. Sounds complicated? It took a little to figure out. It worked seamless with the roll it came with though and I’ve used this little gadget a lot so it’s been worth the little learning curve.
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3 weeks ago, Cat lover, 57
Great app love but…
I got this printer thinking that it might might not be good but then when I opened it, it is exactly what I wanted and more. I mainly print pictures. I honestly think if you were trying to print a photo this is the best way to go. Sometimes the first picture doesn’t turn out wonderful it might have a little spot in the middle, but then after the first one, it should probably work fine. The only thing I am worried about is how long it’s gonna last I do not know if you do a developer response or not but if you do, can you please tell me how long this should last if I take good care of it? That is my only concern otherwise a wonderful five stars for now. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😻
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1 year ago, RL to the Moon!!!
Amazing Product and SW
An excellent addition to any small format application for a for sale like a convenience store or a small school or somewhere needing organization where labels are required stickers are required. This is an absolute must for a small business application. Small commercial application or small, educational application. highly recommended the refills are cheap I mean slim bucks. You can print hundreds of stickers and have done so it looks absolutely excellent at the formatting and the software allows you to express yourself, as well as create a professional aesthetic for the entire business application or commercial application. Buy buy buy
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3 months ago, itztayy5
INCREDIBLE customer service
I am an practicing tattoo artist and I have used this printer everyday for months and it’s so easy to use. Today something went wrong with the printer and it stopped working, I immediately went to customer service and they took less than a minute to respond and was extremely helpful, after trying everything to fix it and it still being broken I was offered a new printer. The entire conversation took all of maybe 20 minutes, their respond time and care for their customers is absolutely amazing. This is the BEST company to buy from and I cannot thank them enough.
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1 month ago, ytfcrdcvyigvryxibvyugcyu
I absolutely love this printer. The purple printer paper is a sticker sheet, you can turn anything you want into a sticker How cool is that? And the white is just a normal thing, you can print pictures from your phone or tablet, it's amazing. I just absolutely love it. And it prints perfectly sometimes. If it doesn't connect, you, just have to hold down the power button for 3 seconds and then it will connect, you can edit your photos before you print it, you can also. Turn people's faces into a sticker, I love to do that to prank my friends, maybe you should do it too, definitely download the app and get the printer.
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4 months ago, fhfgjbj
Love girl
The best app I’ve ever seen the thing that goes with it has perfect printing you can do like heavy medium or large anything is perfect nomads no nothing if you want this app you better come get it it’s the great thing that’s gonna come sooner or later it’s gonna be something people are gonna be jealous about so you better see it because I believe that’s a perfect one day of stay at home pictures they have notes you can give to people perfect and I think you’ll be perfect for you so go check out the best app ever phenoms phenom so go check it out
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1 year ago, just work already Aaaargh!
Printer option not found
I did everything the app said to connect to the printer and even attempted to find alternative means to connect, but nothing. The app in the App Store does not support the m08f model printer and only allows the m02 option as a selection once I’m in the app itself and when I attempt to scan it I get a failed message. I have turned everything off and back on I have even deleted the app and started all over again in the download process and nothing. Bluetooth is on and the printer is on and fully charged as well as the phone and the operating system is within the required age and I cannot get it to connect. I tried calling and got nothing. So that was $178 dollars for nothing and no support and a useless piece of technology. If there is some magic trick to connect this device to my phone I would love to know what it is.
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7 months ago, Mich5525
It’s great but has a tiny glitch that’s counterintuitive
It’s great I love using this to take math notes or cute labels but I’m unable to access the top bar of the shop and I’m only able to use it when I zoom in but I can’t search anything cause the “flag button” (I forgot if it’s to change language or currency) stays the same size no matter if I zoom or not and covers over the search button. This small glitch makes it extremely difficult to shop for things not on the main page. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. Otherwise there isn’t any other glitches that I’ve seen and it’s really nice to use. I highly recommend.
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3 months ago, The Write Girl
Like my right hand!
I am a teacher and I have a neurological disorder that makes writing difficult and not pretty. 😟 This has been the best thing ever!!! I simply speak into my phone and then print what I want to say. I don’t have to shorten my feedback to students because of my bad handwriting. I can send notes to my colleagues, that they will understand! This device is also nifty for putting comments on students’ work on the bulletin board. I can’t imagine life without it. It has pretty much become my right hand!! Will be buying more!
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3 months ago, Annabelle032205
Ok so, the app is wonderful, very intuitive. The real MVP is the printer though. She prints little stickers, they’re not huge but they’re perfect for notes. The printing quality is obviously not going to be picture quality, it’s a thermal printer and a small one at that. Don’t mistake my pointing out the obvious for faults or failures of this device. I seriously doubt you’d find a cute, portable, thermal sticker printer anywhere else. The app, as I said is wonderful I have had no problems whatsoever, it’s incredibly easy to make edits and upload images and files for printing.
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8 months ago, Lost weekend fanatic
My Phomemo has worked consistently and reliably since I got it a couple weeks ago. It is straightforward to use and the printing is very fast. There’s a nice selection of fonts and other options when printing just text. Printing pictures is actually not that bad. Of course, the fun thing is being able to stick the printed pictures wherever you want without dealing with masking tape or pushpins. I’m really glad I bought it and would encourage others to try it out for themselves - I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
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2 years ago, aImondblossom
Great app, get an additional app if you want to edit
It’s a great and easy to use app, I like the cartoons that are already on. The printer itself works alright, I just wish that when I print multiple stickers the quality is the same in all of them. Do recommend heavy ink printing for most photos, if you’re just printing out text or a photo with no shading (just black and white) do dedicated. If you like editing photos you will probably want another app to edit them before uploading and printing them to this one. I use InShot Editor because it works very well to add text and filters.
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9 months ago, fyberduck
Extremely easy to use and very convenient
Got the Print Pod during a “back to school” sale, so the price was right. I’ve been using it to label food and containers but I’m sure it would be super useful in a variety of situations, including school notes for kids with hand-eye coordination issues. I wish this had been available when certain family members were younger because it would have made a huge difference in their ability to participate/follow lessons by eliminating the need for illegible handwriting!
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6 months ago, Lei!!🤩
This is the best
Ok people might think this app is boring because it just print out stickers, oh you just wait open this app and get right inside. It’s so much fun to do you print pictures for your family friends siblings, and you could keep like a gallery/album. It’s just so much fun to have around and you could keep it as memories and always remember and the good thing about it is it’s a sticker so you could stick it anywhere and you can put whatever you want! It’s so much fun, and I hope you enjoy it!!😍
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2 months ago, Xoxomcxoxo
So great💕💕
This app is really great if you want your journalism to be really good. I found it helpful how you can print out diagrams instead of having to draw them. It’s nice how there is no pro thing you have to pay for you get all the templates and other cool stuff all for free. Btw it’s also great if you have procreate so you can send stuff from their to the phomemo app. I do wish this app had a little more templates to use but their is still 100% enough. I recommend this app if you have the phomemo printer. THIS APP IS AWESOME 👍🏻👍🏻💕💕🤍🤍
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4 months ago, vyvyvyhjod
What is this ,an Amazing App
This app changed my life . You can have any size any kind of printer. And it is also like a sticker! I always wanted my own stickers so here it is! If you want a copy of something, but cannot do it all over again , then print it with this! You can select any type of paper and it is a great gift for someone. It is easy to read the instructions because you just have to put the paper and download this app! For real I LOVE THIS GOOD IDEA TO GET THIS APP AND PRINTER!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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7 months ago, a random person (female
Would give a 5 but…
I think this is amazing, I’ve been able to print things and they come out good. Sometimes it would mess up but it would be my fault for not realizing something I did wrong. I do have to say my only complaint is that it’s 17+. I understand it’s because your able to print whatever but I feel like the printer was made with the thought of tweens and teens. So making it 17+ kinda defeats the point of younger people being able to use it and makes it a lot more limited for people who could use it. Anyway that’s just my opinion and would like that changed. :)
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6 months ago, plasticsCSFA
Organization 101
I bought this mini printer so that I could label my boxes for moving from one state to another. I like the fact that I can take a picture of the contents, and then a description of what’s inside and print it off. my only grief was that when I ordered refill sticker labels, they were not the correct direction for printing. So I spent five minutes of my life I will never get back re-rolling the roll. other than that, I love this thing. For somebody who has OCD this is the best thing ever!
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6 months ago, Paige queen2014
Why I like and why I don’t like it
I kinda like it because whenever I try to print it and it came out perfectly but there was nothing printed that’s why I don’t like it but everything else I like it I like the color I like how you just press the button and it can open up right away. It’s just so cool like that and what most is cool because it can have an app not just it has to be so big that you could like pick on the side what design you want instead it has an app that’s why I like it but I hate it kind of because at the front.
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5 months ago,
Great product
I was expecting the app or the printer to have something wrong with it because of how cheap the printer was, but I was completely wrong. The app is so easy to use. The printer is so easy to set up and connect. And everything works exactly as it should and much quicker than I ever expected! I LOVE this product and I am so excited to use it for everything from printing reminders and notes to making stickers of my photos to decorate my fridge with!
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2 years ago, juju baby
No ability to make adjustments
I have the M03 printer and there is nothing in the frames to choose from that allow one to space, adjust, align, center text or insert a picture. There is a large gap at the top of the beginning of each frame which is just blank. There is no ability on the keyboard ( like up arrow nor down arrow ) to put something there. The entry spot starts too far down in the frame omitting the option of inserting text in that wasted space. Should have to option to use it or not. This is the same situation on every frame that is a template to be used.
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9 months ago, ilovechikenwings
So fun and easy!!
I can sit here printing dozens all day. The quality is so good for such a tiny printer! The technology is great, the app is easy to use and the stickers always come out exactly how I want. The sticker rolls last a long time, and the “ink” is seriously so cool! The only other thing I would say is that the rolls are a little confusing to put in the first few times, but once you get the hang of it it’s really simple. Overall, you get what you pay for!! Five stars!
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2 years ago, civet civet
I love the apps, convenient n nice
I love the apps , n I love they r sticker and u can print anything from gallery in phone. The picture super nice too. Just be aware, they collect info. Need to read policy n privacy throughly. They collect info from the item u print too. N bunch other. So I can’t really use this for what I intend buy to use it for ,. (Can’t take pictures of credit card n print it out). I hope they don’t collect info. It’s gonna be life saver. Make life easier
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8 months ago, DesperateForSleepStudent
I LOVE this thing! It has saved me so much time on having to draw out a ton of physics examples. Makes note taking fun and organized, plus, you can print out stickers of your dog? Yes please. The rolls last a surprisingly long time. I print ALOT of figures and am still on my first roll. Gotta try this if your thinking about it! I went back and forth myself, do I need it or do I want it? Answer is, both. Honestly has been one of the best school tools I have.
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4 months ago, CBon507
Now I can read my notes
I have Parkinson’s Disease and with is tremors and micrographia. Although it is difficult to type using my phone, I am able to type into this app and then print what I need from my planner etc. no more guessing what I was trying to write. I can actually read it. Speech to text is also an option. I love this app and a little printer I have is convenient to pop into my purse and carry with me wherever I go.
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5 months ago, 🌸CR🌸
I love it.
I love drawing a lot, and I draw a bunch digitally as well, and with this printer I can print out my art and stick it somewhere random. I was a bit surprised that it printed in black and white but I got it for a Christmas present, so I wouldn't know how it was advertised. Overall very good printer and the app works well. You'll see that a lot of the critical reviews target that it it rated 17+ but now it's rated 4+ so disregard those. Good for artists and anyone who wants custom stickers.
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12 months ago, Eka LA🌺
I’m so impressed with this small printer 😃
It is really helpful.. I’m46 years old and I'm taking classes but my memory is not like when I was younger.. so using this printer make it very easy to understand my assignments 😃 just Google what I don’t understand, screenshot and save it in my photos and print whatever I need and I attached (sticker) to my notes. Thank you very much who ever invented this. Hopefully later they make it to print in color. 👍🏼
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7 months ago, Jig20110
So far so good!
I’m using the printer for my “buying “ journal. When I go craft show I can take pictures of the business cards of the places I buy items. Then print the business card and place it in my journal, so I know what I bought and who I bought it and where I got it. So far it has worked great!! Very happy with the product- the test will be if I have to replace the whole printer when it runs out ink.
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6 months ago, JB4712
Incorrect and outdated images
Not nearly as many icons as I thought there would be, a lot of them are old, with 2020, 2021 or 2022 dates and no way to change them. One of them even says Goodbye 2019 hello 2020. The daily stickers for 2024 have errors. Every date says “th” for 4th, 5th etc but 3 for example says 3th instead of 3rd, and again no way to change that. 2024 thus far only has January, and with the errors, not worth printing. The printer itself is amazing and I’ve had great success printing quotes and such as images. But I have to give 2 stars because the app is far less than amazing.
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8 months ago, cynicalcyndo
Great for note taking and studying!!!
Received the printer and therefore this app for my birthday this year, it is saved me loads of time notetaking and the app is exceptionally easy to use. I particularly love the fact that the app is free to use notetaking and the app is exceptionally easy to use. I particularly love the fact that the app is free. Nothing more agitating than when you buy a product and have to pay for an app too! Keep being awesome!!!
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2 months ago, Brakerofphone
Easy to use
I have nothing to compare it to since this is the first machine like this I have owned and the first app I’ve used for this. However, the app was easy to download, easy to understand and use, and easy to connect to my phone. I’m not super savvy with this stuff so I was concerned but turns out I was concerned for nothing and I’ve been using this for my travel journal with no problems.
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3 months ago, Stylinh.designs
M08F Portable Printer
Very good mobile printer on the go where are useful for a small printer that does the job. This printer uses its own special type of paper that can print images from the Phomemo brand (cannot use regular A4 paper) it can also use thermal carbon paper to do tattoo stencils, which is very practical for both ways of using this printer. The cost of the printer is affordable like around $100.
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4 years ago, Kimmargoo
Needs improvement
Honestly love this app and printer just got it for my birthday this year. I’ve had it for a week and I’ve been printing so much for my journal and just for fun that Ive almost gone through a whole role of paper. A lot of practice and test printing. Anyway my little tidbit of improvement I would like to see added sometime soon is *a search bar in the the preset graphics section.* That’s all for now 😌 keep adding new designs I’m looking forward to any and all updates ❤️
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4 weeks ago, Mad<3Dean
Absolutely adore my mini printer and Phomemo app
I have model M02S and I use it all the time. It’s the best! The Phomemo app is easy breezy to work with. It would be even more fabulous if there were more fonts or if the printer printed in color, obviously. But there’s no complaints here. Everything in the world ‘could be better if’ you just added one thing. And this thing is perfect the way it is.
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6 months ago, Grace Feltes
Great app!
I love this app because it’s so easy to make Stickers with! It’s not the best app in the world but it’s very useful. it’s not too confusing to print stickers but you might have a bit of trouble and need to watch a video about it but other then that it’s great! It does have some random stuff in it that you might not need but I kind of like It! Also this app is easy enough for children. The pictures are only black and white.
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12 months ago, Kikolite
Cool little gadget
I bought this because I wanted a label maker for office organization. It’s WAY more than a label maker...I really like that it has SO many built in templates to choose from, although a bit more diversity & choice in the types of images would be nice. If you want something that creates labels, makes stickers and to-do lists, this is definitely something you can use!
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1 year ago, LolanNY70
Great Investment
Best money spent! This lightweight, compact, rechargeable Printer is the way to go if you’re on the go and just need to print a few documents. Easy to install, easy to use & quality of the print is good. It’s compatible with IPhone & IPad & doesn’t use ink so the savings on cartridges is an added bonus. It uses thermal paper which also aren’t expensive. Overall, this was a great buy.
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8 months ago, ReaperNES
Very fun gadget
This awesome gadget (T02 mini printer) is my new favorite journaling companion. The app is easy to use, has tons of free templates + graphics, and lets you edit/print any image you want. I use my iPhone camera to copy text from books I’m reading and then paste them into the micro text feature in the app and print them so I don’t have to spend a lot of time writing quotes down.
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2 years ago, ⓖregglesMI
Meh. Cluttered. Missing essential controls
This app is a good attempt at supporting the little printer that it’s made for BUT… It needs “snap to grid” options for placing objects and text boxes so that they can be easily aligned and resized and STRAIGHTENED. Currently is is extremely difficult to place an object and NOT have it slightly tilted in a dumb way. It needs to allow explicit control of the white space at the bottom of print jobs. Right now it feels like it is designed to eat up your tiny, expensive paper rolls. You need an auto save function for documents. You need to directly support Apple’s office app files (Pages, Numbers, Keynote). You need to support bringing of other kinds of bar codes besides QR codes. You need a wider variety of fonts and templates. They all look like PrintShop from 1988! You need automatic bullets and numbered lists.
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5 months ago, RED1337King
Handy little device.
Picked this up to aid in note taking. The app definitely makes it easy to quickly put together notes and imagines. My hand writing isn’t the best especially when I’m in a rush. But since I got the phomemo pocket printer, I have been able to quickly jot notes into my phone on the go and print them out in a clear concise format
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2 months ago, ViDiIb
Best purchase
You will not regret buying this because it works great! The technology is flawless and for works that require maximizing small spaces /designs this tool works great. Remember to use scissors! Also the adhesive is strong so where you place it it sticks for good! The app is high tech, I definitely recommend this brand to anyone wanting thermal labels, stickers, and/or ink less printing. All the best!
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2 years ago, Nonmi
Trying to print photos is impossible.
I’ve tried everything, but trying to print any photo is nearly impossible. The app randomly has picked one album to set as its default when you chose a photo, if the photo you want is outside that album you’re unable to chose a new one. While yes it gives you a choice to select a new album, once picked it’ll revert back to the original album it decided to be default. My permission are set to all photos, I’ve uninstalled and installed and within the settings cleared cache. I do t know what else to do, the app needs an update.
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