Phonogram Sounds

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Current version
All About Learning Press, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Phonogram Sounds

3.97 out of 5
67 Ratings
5 years ago, Kimes homeschooling
Sort of useless above K
We love this program and I have used it to teach both of my kids good reasoning skills. However, this aap does not reflect the program. The program is awesome and comprehensive. This aap is good for those learning from a non-native speaking place or those who don't get to work a lot one-on-one with their kids in making the sounds. The multiple sounds repeated often are quite confusing for a little one. Just as a thought, maybe you could check a level? And as you move from level 1 to 2, or say 3 to 4, the new learned sounds are then all audible. Additionally, I searched in multiple ways for the movable tile aap, and it seems to be gone. I completely agree that without the tiles being movable, there isn't much of a point to the aap. Trying to be empathetic, I imagine part of the challenge could be because multiple sounds are for each letter. What an opportunity for the student to show how they know how to choose the sound! Again, if the sounds were available by level, when they pick a tile for a sound, and then put it into the word, they could be prompted to choose which sound it is! This is a help for both spelling and reading! I gave this 4 stars instead of 1 because the program is great, and the developer has been so, so responsive to comments. But the aap on its own without those factors is a one star to me. I know in the future you'll make it a 4 or 5 like your program!!
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8 years ago, Centavo78
Awesome supplement for All About Spelling!!!
This app is meant to be a supplement to help a teacher/parent learn the phonetic sounds in order to teach them properly to their students/children. While it would be possible for the child to use it as a review of sounds, it isn't intended as a game or as a stand alone spelling instruction. (I try to move my children away from screen time as much as possible, so that they will know how to learn through mediums, not just entertainment.) It complements All About Spelling, which is a wonderful, student and teacher friendly course that teaches spelling based on phonograms and rules vs. memorizing long lists of unrelated words. As a homeschool mom, I found it much simpler to implement than other curricula with similar approaches. As for it not containing a few of the phonograms, I feel that the approach and instruction (of the AAS program, not app) is so thorough and clear, that adding in the missing phonograms would be of no consequence. Highly Recommended!
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9 years ago, Slsntou
Great! ....but
This app is wonderful for use during the All About Reading and Spelling programs. I'm so glad I can use it to be sure that I'm saying things correctly. However, it would be so great if there could be a small interactive game app that the kids could use to assist them in learning these phonograms correctly!
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9 months ago, deengstro
5⭐️! It’s how our school teaches phonograms!
This app is very helpful!! it is not just for beginning pre-readers where they just need to know the sounds of one letter. It is for the level after knowing one letter sound. This is if you’re are teaching your kids phonograms for the purpose of spelling and reading recognition quickly using the Spalding program. Our school uses the Spalding program, and I had a really hard time teaching my child Because I never learned it this way. It is so helpful to hear all the different sounds that each combination of letters could make. This app teaches exactly how they teach in schools, with the multiple sounds. It makes it easier for parents to help their kids practice at home just like they learn it at school.
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5 years ago, hrcows
Love it
I teach the Writing and Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking, by: The Riggs Institute. I have found this app to be a great supplement for the students to practice. Yes, I teach a couple of more phonograms than what the app has but, the students have fun finding the few that are different. I use it as a center. The students get to pick 5 each that they need to review before they start the game. Then they take turns saying the phonograms and touching the spelling pattern to see if they were right. If correct, that student gets a point. Then the next student gets a turn to say a phonogram then press it to check. When it is time to switch centers, the student with the most tally marks wins a reward ticket. My students love to play.
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10 years ago, User19990103
simple & practical
it's visually appealing. it provides a useful educational tool/reminder. If you teach the sounds using this board you could print one out (take a screen snapshot) and the students can have this as a handy reminder when working.
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10 years ago, NMDavis1228
Not Spalding Method
This is a nice app, but it's missing several phonograms from the Spalding Method which is what our school is using. Spalding contains 87 so while helpful for auditory learning, this app isn't a complete set for us. It would be great if the developer could design one same as this, but with a complete Spalding set using the word cues.
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10 years ago, johngoestotokyo
Not bad, useful
And this could be much better if it were a game, something interactive where it played the sounds, then allowed the child to either select the correct monogram or type in the letters using the keyboard. I'd even pay for that!
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4 years ago, Jenzamazing
This is a great app! However the sound for the letter “r” needs to be fixed. The man says “er” instead of the sound at the beginning of rabbit. We don’t say “ erabbit” we say “rabbit”. Otherwise this amazing. Fantastic for my upper level students who have LD or dyslexia. Thank you.
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3 years ago, cirayray
User friendly but not Spalding compatible
I liked the layout and UI of this app and think it’s very easy to use but quickly discovered the sounds are not complete according to Spalding rules.
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2 years ago, WildTrio
Can’t build words…
The sounds are great, but I wanted the app where we could build the words - we’ve had a hard time keeping track of all the letter tiles so I thought an app would help us. We don’t currently have an iPad though… so we can’t use the app. Bummer.
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9 years ago, indigo1208
Better if Tiles Moved
My family loves All About Spelling. It has helped our 7 year old learn to spell and expand his vocabulary. But this app has little use beyond sounding out the phonograms. The tiles don't move and you can't build words. I think it would be much better if it could be used in lieu of the magnetic tiles.
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8 years ago, Hulahaole
Simple and clear but needs more
I've been using AAS since Level 1 and was excited about this app for reviewing the phonogram sounds, but Level 6 phonograms are missing here. Not helpful for this year. 🙁
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8 years ago, AAS/AAR
Clear Phonetic Sounds
We use All About Spelling and find this app helpful. The sound is clear and accurate. It would be nice if the tapped tile would enlarge. It should not be a substitute for phono cards but a handy when running errands.
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3 years ago, gelainest
Works ok
If you can’t hear it, check sound.
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8 years ago, Oliveplants10
Needs more!
Once tapped on a letter it should enlarge flash card so you aren't still looking at all cards while hearing sound. Audio/visual processing is so important when learning to read and spell.
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2 years ago, Learningfromhome4
Great free app
Thanks for developing this free app! My kindergartener is enjoying it.
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6 years ago, jkirk1626
Developer is responsive
Developer writes back about concerns.
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9 years ago, Onamishion*
Would like to use the app but it won't let me in...when this gets fixed then I would be able to properly rate it. Thanks
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2 years ago, dividedsky954
Sound not working
I’m raising the volume and when I tap a letter no sound comes out. Useless. Please fix!
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7 months ago, Concernedparent1992
R says /er/
Why does R says /er/ and not /r/. That’s incorrect and super frustrating! Please fix
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10 years ago, RooCBmama
Great app, suggested improvements...
We use the All About Spelling curriculum, and I have been hoping for an app! This one is a great start, but I would LOVE to have the letter tile/word building magnet board as part of the app so we can use it for lessons on the go! We travel a lot and like to learn outside, but lugging the magnet board around results in lost pieces. If my daughter could use an app for that occasionally I would gladly pay to download it!
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10 years ago, Danandmom
Basic but good start
I like this app as I have been looking for a way for us to practice without being tied to a PC with the CD. I hardly use the CD because of that. Now we can review at any time and I have added it to my son's queue for daily review. My wish list would be to have the spelling lists for review that way. I would pay top dollar for that.
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10 years ago, Nechmada
Sound bug
Love this app! Great for a change of pace in the spelling lessons. Unfortunately, the sound only works if the ringer is turned on. Hope this will be fixed, but not a huge deal.
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10 years ago, 777afj
I have been waiting for this since I heard about it early this year. Thank you so much. Homeschooling will be easier since this is accessible throughout the house now. I love all your curriculum and am thankful for this invaluable resource.
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10 years ago, Dcwayland
Great app!
There are some that need to be added or corrected: /i/ only 2 sounds. No /e/ sound. /r/ not as in /er/ but /r/ as in run /x/ has a 2nd sound /gz/ as in example /ou/ you have 4 sounds. The 5th sound is a short /oo/ as in would /ei/ 3rd sound - short /i/ as in money /oe/ 2nd sound - long oo as in shoe /wor/ should be added in the /er/ group. It has an /er/ sound in word, worship. Not hear the /w/ /ear/ has 3 sounds. /er/ as in earth, /ear/ as on hear and /ear/ as in bear. For the most part this is an awesome app. Closest I've found to how I teach.
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10 years ago, LauraMo
Great phonogram app
This is great!
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10 years ago, JLfranke54
Excited for this!
The list of phonograms is cut off and does not fully appear on my Ipad screen. Now you just need an All About Reading app for all the words they learn. The word appears on the screen and then they read the word and click on the word to see if they are correct. And put Ziggy in it!
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10 years ago, JCMSL
Great addition to the All About Spelling program
Yet another well done product from Marie Rippel. Now my kids can work on the phonograms on the go.
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10 years ago, jgdoug
Great supplement for AAS and AAR!
Easy to click and hear correct pronunciation, as taught in the All About Spelling and All About Reading programs. Can't wait for an app to use with building words!
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10 years ago, mollynandy
Love it!
Thank you so much for this! This is much easier to get to quickly when we need to review a letter sound mid-lesson.
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10 years ago, desertapples
Love it!
I love that I can take it anywhere and we can review any time. I would love to see an app for building words.
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10 years ago, Book mom
Very handy-thanks!
Thanks All About Learning Press! We love your reading and spelling programs and this iPhone app is a very handy alternative to the phonogram CD.
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10 years ago, Momma shef
Has potential
This app has potential for teaching the all the sounds letters and/or letter combinations make BUT I am very surprised that the sound given for /r/ and /wr/ are /er/ rather than the correct /r/. This would make the word run pronounced erun and the word write- erite. This requires immediate correction.
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10 years ago, Maxinita
No sound
Looks like a great way to practice phonograms. Downloaded to my iPhone and app will open but there is no sound when any of the phonograms are pressed.
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10 years ago, rrbailiff
Simple yet effective!
It offers just the sounds, so it is great for reinforcing the phonetic sounds.
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10 years ago, memark
Best Phonogram App!
Great for parents to help their kids complete homework. Thank you! Well done!!
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10 years ago, idochala
No sounds
Downloaded the app on my iPad mini and app opens up but when clicking any button none of them make any sound
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10 years ago, Chejemmie
No sound
Looks good, but no sound.
Show more
10 years ago, Cass'mama
Boring.stopped working
Its a page with letters and blends, you touch it and it says the sound or sounds. If it has more than one sound, it will go right into the next. I can use a better app. Now its not working. So, i, deleting it.
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