Phonological Processes

4.3 (3)
108.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Virtual Speech Center Inc.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Phonological Processes

4.33 out of 5
3 Ratings
6 years ago, Great app great intervention!
In the check & like column: engages students, pre-k 4 yr olds to 1st grade students respond enthusiastically, good data collection tool,email results ability, recording abilities, multiple levels from auditory discrimination, minimal pairs & production, game board flash card option, I could go on but running out of time. In the needs column: "coast/toast" concept goes over typical pre-k. Would like to see an approximate response selection. This is a "no regret purchase"
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1 year ago, andreavslp
Good app but freezes
I like this app a lot and so do my students. BUT it frequently freezes mid-game and we have to start over. That can be frustrating! Please fix that glitch.
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11 years ago, Ashley SLP
So handy!
I am really enjoying all of the Virtual Speech Center apps. The Phonological Processes app is great! I am and SLP in the public school system and I find this app to be very handy, it requires minimal prep work which is always ideal with my busy schedule. I like that the app (like the other VSC apps) allows me to create a student and keep track of that student's data/progress. The only con to this app, and it's just my personal preference, are the cards "bleed" and "pray" that came up while I was working on CCR with my kindergarteners. One student was confused by "bleed" and the other student started going on about God and heaven when we came across "pray." I don't feel that these two terms are the most appropriate for the setting and the students I see. Besides that, the app is user friendly and fun for the kids.
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7 years ago, ivolson
My kids love it. It is fun.
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10 years ago, Speechercize
Fun practice
This is a great app for working with younger elementary age students. The app allows students to play a board game or work on flash cards for most of the phonological processes. Students can practice words in a variety of ways and play a board game without the therapist having to carry a lot of products. This is a go to app for my younger students.
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10 years ago, Mer Black
This summer, I utilized this app with a kiddo getting ready to enter Kindergarten…who was battling through verbal apraxia. His intelligibility was approximately 60%. After learning how to use this app (along with SLP guidance/teaching/instruction), this kiddo and his mom practiced abundantly. He enjoyed it tremendously! He is now 80% intelligible. I just wish it was available on the iPhone (6). I no longer had an iPad but am going to use my phone.
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11 years ago, 78216
It's ok
My kids enjoy playing this a couple of rounds and then get bored. I just wish it would give you a few choices of different board game pictures. I also found that is sometimes includes sounds that should not be included (ex. "sh" in fronting which is already towards the front unless they mean to work on it because they are producing s/sh not sure?). When I think of fronting I think t/k d/g, etc... maybe I am wrong. I am new at this. For the price the app is not bad.
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8 years ago, Ktmax17
Great app
I use this with my phono students toward the end of a session as a reward. They really like the board game. I like it because I don't have to set up a physical game and deal with pieces, cards, etc. I like that it is customizable for students working on different goals and the graphics are really cute.
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9 years ago, GrannyBee57
Glad to have found this one!
It is so difficult to find good phonology apps, but this one is affordable yet filled with great activities. I especially like the minimal pairs that are provided.
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10 years ago, Chickenwris
It’s ok
I like this app and so do my students. They often request it. What I really need is an app that targets the less frequent phonological processes like postvocalic devoicing versus prevocalic voicing, assimilation, metathesis, blend simplification and syllable deletion. Consider an update adding some of these to what is already a decent app.
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9 years ago, Slp Lasvegas
Very disappointed
I am not pleased at all with this app. Terrible pictures and words for 3-4 year olds. I regret buying this app and I will never use it.
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