Photo Translator: Translate+

4.6 (2.3K)
12 MB
Age rating
Current version
铁梅 闫
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Translator: Translate+

4.58 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, WhiteKatsu
I admit I know nothing except what translators can tell me, which is why I’ve tried quite a few. I had to sift through many that had pay walls or ludicrous advertising or broken algorithms to find this gem. It translates much clearer than I expected! I love how it shows you the characters it recognizes, and I am absolutely astonished it’s free and has no ads! I wanted nothing more than to give this developer my money for premium/ad free, but it was already ad free. The only thing is the pop up “do you like this app?” and I do. If there is anything I’d want to change, it would be some way to support the developer. Thank you for making a fast, reliable, ad free app!
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4 years ago, 😬😭😦😖
It’s amazing
This is comming from a student who knows absolutely no spanish but still takes spanish lol. Anyways, you take a picture and you are allowed to crop it to fit the designated text box. It than takes you to a page where you can read over the picture you took in a doc format. Below it, it gives you options to translate it, and copy’s it and translates it in google translate. It is great if you have a spanish assignment to do and can’t copy and paste the spanish text. Truly recommend it
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3 years ago, NarutoIsMid
It’s free it works good
I’ve used it many time while shopping all the translations have made sense so far and all the other similar services charge subscription every week just for a app that translates and most are like 4 or 5 dollars a week
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2 years ago, Seoyunlee
This is the best app because it could translate after you take a picture of something like do you want me to come and take a picture of it and I’ll turn into English and what if it’s Spanish you turn it into English
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3 years ago, Cool Dude McAwesome
Great Free App
I was looking for a translator app for a one time use to read a translation on a picture, this was one of the first ones I have found that did not require me to sign up for subscriptions. I will look at an ad or two for a free translation
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4 months ago, .Tanayzia.12
It really helps get things done at a faster paste, while also making sure your able to understand everything!
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4 years ago, kenddiee
It’s so easy to use
There’s no ads every 5 seconds and there’s no if you want this you have to pay type of thing it’s easy you just take a picture crop it and it gives you answers it’s so easy to use
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2 years ago, Karmen Latte
I like the emojis that they use all the time and I always go to Japanese stores and I don’t speak or read Japanese so this app helps all the time! This app is a life changer! Now I can know what I’m buying at Japanese stores!
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3 years ago, anon afre
Great app only have one problem
This a a really great app makes my work very easy but it’ll even be better if the recognized text keeps its format with all the spacing and everything Hope to see this in the new update. Thanks a lot
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1 year ago, bob twinkels the 3rd
This is the worst freaking app to download I have every single translator on my phone my tv is getting hacked my these Indian people I was just trying to my a ps 5 off of aliexpess and they change everything to Japanese so I downloaded this app and it said that it’s detected Japanese NO FREAKING WAY ik and it didn’t even translate it just took all my pictures from my camera roll and sold them to Mr twinkles off of the dark web.
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2 years ago, SeoulSister62
Love this for reading signs and labels in Hangul!
Saw this at the App Store and thought I’d take a chance by downloading it and I’m so glad I did. It’s super helpful when I go into a store and I need to translate a label or a sign in a shop.
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5 years ago, stay slim!
Very impressive! Just got it and tried it once. Looking forward to putting this to extensive good use! Thanks. After more experience, I’ll write a more extensive review... Wish this is available in my iMac big machine where I can put it to extensive testing. The algorithm is very impressive indeed. David
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4 years ago, Henryvll
Chinese to English
Absolutely magnificent. Have used it for several other languages & it's the best that I have used. Am also using it to read a Hebrew novel and it helps when I am not familiar with a particular word or verb form.
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2 years ago, The Royal Pain
It works, but…
The app works, however it is a bit buggy. It takes a while for it to load and sometimes doesn’t respond.
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2 years ago, Rubslelpi
I have been using this app for over a year and it’s the best of the best, when it translate mandarin it’s good to know that it’s in order. Easy to use 100% recommended THANK YOU
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4 years ago, hhfhxjdjd
So Helpful
This actually a very useful app. I tried using it and it worked successfully! You should download this if you want to translate a picture with word(s) that you don’t know the language to!
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4 years ago, KAbeline
I actually didn’t expect it to work as well as it did.
I had to go through several different translating apps to get a coherent translation of my image, and this app REALLY takes the cake.
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4 years ago, ZZZ Family
It’s works
It works great! Little confusing due to lack of info of what the buttons do and a few ads but that’s expected for a free app thank you for making the app
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5 years ago, Two-Penny Princess
This Is The App You Want!
Lightning fast and accurate! No pay to try trial fees. This the one that you want for sure. Stop, go no further, download it right now, you will not be disappointed!
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3 years ago, ascendingangel
I never do this
I never write reviews for apps like ever unless they are very impressive, but this was impressive. This was the only free photo translator that I could find
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3 years ago, Muffin-Leh
Easy to use! Worth the money!
So far everything works perfectly!
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4 years ago, Yankedfan
Nice to have app when you run into old books of unknown origin
Hi my boxes of books to see what interesting things I can fine. Occasionally I wanna cross foreign language books. I just started using this app. It helps me with book titles.
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3 years ago, fkufgukgfjg,kgu
Kinda hard to use but it’s the only one I know that I can use without paying money for it. So all in all it’s the best.
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4 years ago, Boneless apple sauce🤘🏾🤘🏾
It’s free
I finally found a photo translator that actually works and doesn’t require payments. My Spanish class will definitely be an A this year😁😁
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3 years ago, AJPANNNDA
It’s so simple! Just a few quick steps and then you easily have a translation! The best app I could ever get for this kind of thing!
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3 years ago, AstroGirlBunny
Definitely worth buying the premium version. This works really well.
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4 years ago, Qu4ck78
Really nice! I tried so hard to find apps that let me translate a screenshot photo and this really helped when replying to people on social media in the comment such as instagram when they speak a different language.
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4 years ago, turk3huntwr45
None just buy it no problems nothing
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1 year ago, stephanietbhll
It still loading
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3 years ago, mdfvbnvvtf
It works better than I thought it would
Initially, I thought that it wouldn’t work but it did. Although the grammar for the translation could be better
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2 years ago, smarterthanturdsinsanjose
Best by far
I have tried to use many such apps, simple easy to use.
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10 months ago, moxchibunxni
i love this app sm, theres not a lot of ads and its super easy to use. It even lets you correct any mistakes and sm more
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11 months ago, HQzell1209
I love it
It works really well, it’s a gem and I’ve been able to use it a lot
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3 years ago, SMK_Cook
No payment
Saved me, didn’t have to pay, amazing
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5 years ago, Q_Cad
Do far the best photo translator app
Much much better than the other on on the market! This is actually work!,,
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5 years ago, gujtthhij
Excellent product. Accurate and easy to use.
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4 years ago, michaelmacha
Great app that has barely any ads. I recommend it if you want to translate screenshots that are in a foreign language.
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5 years ago, kessler lourd
Easy to use app. Good results given that it's a free app. Infrequently, when scanning an entire book page, you'll find the 7th line down in the middle of the 19th line etc. But overall I'd still suggest it
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4 years ago, The Evidence
Easier, faster and better at recognizing than original!
I was amazed.
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3 weeks ago, Kawaiii unicorn
Help me
This app is so good it helps me in school and my grands I hope this app can do more and things
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3 years ago, Heat RayRay
Greatest app I’ve used for Spanish class
Get this app it may be for you
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4 years ago, GritsNSalsa
Works well
Lots of language options
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5 years ago, go_lakers
Not perfect but impressive
I've only used it once. While far from perfect, it was able to recognize an impressive amount (nearly everyone) of the characters on the very first attempt. The final layout or arrangement could use some work, however it's well worth downloading to my iPad PRO. Back to playing around with it some more. Consider me very impressed!!!
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2 years ago, Dorinda79
Still trying
I’m still working on trying it out
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6 months ago, Hzshxhskxksuhdhhd
I love the translater because it helps with what they are saying
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5 years ago, Engel G
Very clever!
Very clever idea using the OCR and transfer to google translate! There’s still room for improvement as far character recognition, but app is very useful for travelers like me.
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2 years ago, MarcelHatch
So helpful
Easy and quick. Lucky to have it.
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4 years ago, golden playz XD
Probably the best picture translating app I ever have!
I love how I can just upload a picture and it will translate it :)
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3 years ago,
5 stars. Because it helps me with my autism
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5 years ago, tylercaulfield
Working well
Working well so far. Have been able to get multiple pictures done with extensive words on them.
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