4.8 (647.7K)
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Photomath, Inc.
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10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photomath

4.79 out of 5
647.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Skylanderslover1245
A VERY good tool for math.
While there are still 1 or 2 math topics this app isn’t exactly able to help with as of yet, its a WONDERFUL app that can solve about 90% of math problems, be them common algebra or highest and hardest level college equations. Nevertheless, you want this app on your side when doing math of pretty much and and all kinds. Its main function allows you to take pictures of math equations and, incase you accidentally have parts of other equations in the picture you took, you can crop them out as soon as you snap the picture, and it solves the equation for you as soon as you hit the ‘OK’ button. It also has a calculator where you can manually enter equations and have them solved. Its useful incase you realized you wrote an equation wrong, because you can just go right to the calculator part and fix it, as all the parts of the equation the app saw in the photo gets immediately put in the calculator. The best part, in my opinion, is the last function where it tell you exactly how it solved the equation, and it even lets you view every single step and gives you a brief but good explanation on what’s happening in the step. If you also scroll down while in the same function, if you took a pic of an equation that need to be graphed, you can actually see the equation graphed out for you. Its a very nice app and i HIGHLY recommend.
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2 years ago, Ilovethisbibleapp!!
Best math app I’ve ever had!
Ok to start this off, I wanna say this is easily the best math app I have ever had. I’m in 8th grade and I’m learning a lot of new and confusing stuff that I don’t understand. Photo math breaks down the problems for you and it’s totally free! My math teacher recommended this app for me because he noticed I was really struggling with my math homework. When I got home from school that day, I downloaded it and I was really impressed with this app overall! All I had to do was take a picture of my math problem and it would pull up the answer. I could see if I got it wrong or right, and if I got it wrong, Photo Math broke down the problem for me so I could better understand it. This app has helped me understand math better and helps me with challenging homework. (This app is great as long as you’ve already done the problem and your not cheating.) Don’t get this app just to get the answers to all your math problems. The app overall doesn’t have many problems, it doesn’t glitch or freeze up. Overall I love this app and recommended to many students in my math class! They love it too! -Sophie (8th grade)
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4 years ago, svggysguwg
App Idea!!!!Want to make your app BETTER read THIS!!
Ok, this app is amazing it does wonders! BUTTTT I have to pay for it to teach me how to do it like Bruh. I thought y’all got money’s from ads? Instead of doing that I have an Idea for Y’all. Instead of making people pay to learn how to do it, but You should have a learn option but not like the one you have now, the learn option should be an option that teaches you how to do it but instead you actually have to solve problems and rather you take a quiz on it and retake it as much as you’d like! And up you can make people pay for it as it will be “premium”. You could also include flash cards, and games to help figure the math type out!! People would definitely be willing to pay for an app that teaches good!! What you have now dose t do much for teaching but instead you can make a new and improved and FUN way to learn math, then you can have them add points to the equation whenever you get a question right! And then add an avatar that you can customize but you will need coins to buy whatever you want, you can earn those coins by answering correctly math. Or at least getting 7/10 or more right!!! Again this would main your app wayyy Funner and teachers could use it as a way to teach and would pay for the program!! So adding that would equal MORE MONEY towards your company!!! Let me know if you guys use this idea, and thanks for reading 🥺❤️💕
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3 years ago, superior void
Best app yet for math
So I do sometimes cheat a little with homework but the only benefit is not knowing the answer on tests (no one knows I use it during that time too) I’m not rlly the best student when it comes to math/algebra but it is what it is. Sometimes I think tho that I’m not going to use some of these equations in my future life so might as well not learn about it now but that might take a turn on my later in life but that’s just me. Personally it’s still a great app so I have no dirt to throw on it but maybe some teachers do because it’s not rlly helping the “students” but this app also shows the process of how it gets its answers step by step. I haven’t got as far as degrees but you can also look up your book to get the answers too. I’m surprised you got this far but still it’s a cool app to use in your daily life if there’s a WiFi that you need to some bogus math problem, then would you be able to use this app. Kudos to u for getting this far! Also I hope I didn’t waste any of your time, I’m just writing a good review but it might need better punctuation but there’s a different app for that.
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12 months ago, luckymeluckymespotifyislittt
The only reason I was able to graduate
When I tell you, I am so bad at math, I mean it. Ever since I was really young, I just didn’t focus enough in class to really understand and I was always playing catch-up. Then high school comes around and next thing you know we’re adding the entire alphabet into math, yes, cheating is bad, and cheaters. Don’t get anywhere in life if you need the material that you’re cheating with, but I plan to be a tattoo artist and I’m just trying to graduate. When I say, I never thought I would have a B in math, I mean it, so shut out to Photomath are really doing gods work, geometry is a different type of skill that Photomath needs to definitely work more on programming answers for, but any other kind of math in Photomath, got you, it’s especially useful because it’ll give you the answers in different forms, once you approach algebra two you can have an answer that is written literally in seven different ways. Photomath shows you all of them and then you just match it up to the answer. so shout out too photo math
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2 years ago, blueblubby
This app gives me the answers to all my math questions. Even word word problems, this app solves my problems in seconds and all you have to do is download, take a photo, and boom you have your answers. No wonder why there were so many ratings on this app. I would give it 100 stars if I could. Best app ever. I never ever in my life have written a review on app before (because I’m to lazy to) but this app made me write one. I thought this app was a joke at first like I thought no way can a app answer your homework problems for you. But NO this app was no cap whatsoever. ( I rhymed haha) I was so shocked when this app worked. Lately I have been so tired and stressed out over my homework but this app literally does it for me. But I know this using this app is basically cheating, so I won’t use it all the time. But still, best app ever. I wrote this review right away after a couple of minutes after I installed this on my phone. Like I was in shock so I wrote a review as fast as I could. Everyone needs this app. I DEFINITELY recommend it!
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5 years ago, alejandrikiti
Amazing app, but I can’t use it anymore
I’ve been using this app for 2+ years already and it is truly a life saver. I use it mostly for checking if my home work is correct and it is amazing. Explains everything that happened in the equation in an easy to understand manner. I also very much like the app’s appearance for some reason, it’s very clean and elegant. All of this being said, after all of this time enjoying it I cannot use it anymore. This being because my phone’s camera broke. When it first broke, the app kept working fine. I could still use the calculator that is in the app, but I had to delete the app for some time because I needed space on my phone. When school started once again I downloaded it and the app won’t even let me use the calculator because my camera isn’t compatible. Needless to say I regret deleting it, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work now when it did before and my camera wasn’t working. I really wish you could use the app even if your camera wasn’t working, or at least make it so you can use the frontal camera on your phone, I have seen the frontal camera support in other math apps (none of them are as good as this one though).
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3 months ago, Rodríguez Velásquez
It’s good for some people, but it’s not good for me…
I was doing a math problem here and then it kept saying to adjust the frame and I kept adjusting it for like an hour so it will be perfect and then this app decides not to tell me the answer, and then they just keep saying the same the same the same and match me with the same problem but then the game just glitched me out because I have a new phone it’s not the phones fault but the app just lags too much and it’s always like logging me out of it. I also took a picture of it but it still didn’t work and I also use the calculator but it gave me all the wrong answers because when I double check it gave me the wrong answer the first time I did it it gave me the right answer but then I didn’t get it so then I asked for a better review and then it gave me the wrong answer, and also I used it for a math test not cheating for like the study for it and I didn’t really get a good grade on the math test and I only use this app for it anyway so I think that is a fault that I didn’t get a good grade because I did everything to sneak that into class just to cheat on the test and and literally what I get in. Return is a bad grade that is just not fair.
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4 years ago, johngabriel43
It used to be free now it’s needlessly expensive
Why is this 10$ a month for what used to be free? You do understand most of your users are young people middle school - college and a lot of us can’t afford another monthly subscription in our budgets especially for something that used to be free. I like to get things broken down and explained on how they go the answer but now with this paywall I can’t do that anymore and it’s irritating because now all I have is the answer but no knowledge of how to do it. I understand if your developing new things with this app and this cost money but why charge for the old functionality why not just charge for the new features? Honestly even if someone wanted to use this to cheat and/or get a quick answer it’s still pointless because 90% of the time the teacher/professor wants to see how you go that answer so this app is useless even on that front too! If this app was a 1 time fee to download or was like a 0.99 - 5$ a month subscription or had different levels of payment for different features then I’d be ok with it and gladly support the devs but this app dose NOT justify 10 dollars a month it doesn’t provide enough value for 10$ a month lower your prices. And this would be the best app I ever downloaded.
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3 years ago, GermanDudeSeth
Best Calculator app and some feedback idea’s
I’ve used it for about a year now in college and at work and I’ll say even the free version taught me more than my college professor. The subscription for plus seems really high and I can see it adding up, if it was a flat idk $50 dollars and a optional donation like Wikipedia has people would definitely do it for the plus without a doubt and donate. But $10 a month will start adding up real quick and like most people we don’t have the money for it. You guys are breathtaking and I hope you can put a handheld calculator version of this on the market because it would be worth every penny. I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate your work into this. And please for the sake of the people who use this app don’t go into the add every second scheme. I enjoy and appreciate your work too much to see you guys ruin an app like this by putting adds In or if you have to for costs do only do it for explaining the steps. Thank you guys you all have mine and all the people who I recommended this to’s appreciation.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2 years ago, B D 33
Losing its Charm
I’ve used photo math for years to help me with homework, although I have to admit it’s not been as helpful recently. This once was a 5 star app and has been a life saver when I missed school or didn’t understand the assignment. Not too long ago I would have taken a picture of a few problems and check “Steps” to learn how to do it, but it appears you now have to pay to check the steps. It will give you one or two steps and you have to have a membership with the app to get the rest of the steps. I truly think this is ridiculous because if I wanted a calculator I would just use the one already installed on my phone. Nobody is going to pay a membership they’re only going to use about 8 months a year. The app is quite useless and is simply a calculator taking up extra storage. I’d also like to mention that the app doesn’t even give me the right answer some of the time. Most of the time it’s great, but sometimes I’ll scan a problem and it will give me an answer to a problem in an entirely different book. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it certainly isn’t because of my camera quality. I don’t think I will be using this app anymore.
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1 year ago, Gibby tha gabster
Photomath’s the dad i never had.
thank you, photomath. you have given my life great meaning. I go to sleep every night and wake up every morning thinking to myself, “will i graduate” and then i look at my photomath app and realize…i’m gonna be just okay..i will graduate. i’ve completed my entire anything math related, classes because of photo math. Photo math has been here for me, like a father. I mean, i got a father, but he doesn’t help me with it, then i feel i’m a lost cause. thinking about walking in front of a car time to time..but stop myself, remembering i have you…photo math. You’ve given my life meaning. It’s like a beautiful love hate relationship with you. Sometimes you tell me “Sorry we aren’t able to answer this just yet, but we will soon!” and i get pissy..and throw a punch into my wall, and throw myself at the wall, and even go headfirst off my roof into my driveway. but you come in with the clutch most of the time helping me pass. Well to wrap this up, thank you. You’ll always have a place in my tiny heart.
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1 year ago, Charle chaplen
Oh my goodness I have used Photomath for probably two years now and it has helped me significantly understand math and how it works. It has animated tutorials and gives you a feature of plus I do not personally have plus but it works great without it because you don’t need it at all if you’d like animated, helping with some other extra steps plus be great for you but it is absolutely great with or without it gives you free, animated steps and helps you understand what you’re doing and honestly if they had a photo English or photo of social studies, I would buy all of them. This is absolutely a genius up and helped me so much and analyze your problems and find many different solutions for them and matches of other problems that people I found from the similar questions Photomath is an absolute lifesaver and I love it so much it has helped me through so much and I will since I’ve used it I’ve always known I’ve had to write a review off of it, so thank you Photomath for helping me get better grades.
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3 years ago, rAwR rOaR
very helpful
i downloaded photomath sometime last year while i was distance learning- i had trouble understanding what the teachers were saying at times (i was a 6th grader taking 7th grade math) and sometimes they moved at a quicker pace than i’d prefer. i kid you not photomath is probably the only reason i got an A+ all year in math, this year i was a bit worried because i was back in person this time taking 9th grade math- i’ve used this to check my homework after completing it, it’s very helpful that it doesn’t just tell you the answer it actually explains it. it however gets very frustrating when you don’t understand the explanation and you have to pay for the premium access to get a deeper lesson, but if you ask me the pros outweigh the cons significantly. whenever my friends tell me they are confused about our assignments i always recommend photomath, they don’t believe it works but it’s honestly their loss because this is probably the best use of storage i’ve ever used
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3 years ago, Olivia kitten
Helpful but…
Honestly Photomath has helped me for a LOT math problems but it never told me how to do the equation so when the problem asked me to explain I was like ummm. So naturally I got Photomath plus. My original plan was to just get it free for the week and then cancel before I had to pay because $10 is a lot for math problems that explain everything in a different way than how we are learning it. Plus I only really needed it for that week when we were doing specific explanation problems in algebra. I started the subscription on Monday and then on Friday I canceled. Since the week starts on Sunday I still has one more day until I needed to pay. But Photomath charged me anyway and I didn’t find out until right now! That’s almost a month later! I don’t think this is fair at all I totally canceled the subscription before the free trial was over. Photomath crew if your seeing this I’m sorry I was never going to pay you ten dollars but this is not fair and I think I need a refund. Sorry if it seems like I’m being a total jerk I really do love your app just this little mistake has cost me ten dollars. I do love your app tho ❤️
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4 years ago, Lemon Denim
Best I’ve calculator app I’ve used, but one issue
My math instructor has been out since October and we’ve been having multiple substitutes that can barely teach. I‘ve started to use PhotoMath again as I used it all the time to help me with homework, yet that being said I discovered that there is a feature new I didn’t notice. PhotoMath Plus. I was trying to learn how to do an equation when one of the steps needed me to pay for PhotoMath Plus to find out how to use it. This isn’t all that helpful when I, and maybe other people, want to learn how to do it correctly because this is probably the best way they can while they’re at home too. I had never seen this feature before and hoped that the developers wouldn’t add it in, but here we are. I’m not saying that it’s terrible and you should remove it, but it’s not the most effective way to get more money. Im conclusion PhotoMath is literally the best calculator app u have ever used, and I have recommended it to others and they enjoy it as much as I do. Five stars.
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5 years ago, terrible ay math
Great app but....
I got this app because I was struggling in math and needed to do my homework. I downloaded this app and it seemed pretty great. I copied down all the and the answer and moved on. I didn’t even bother trying to learn it. One I went to school and when math time came around it didn’t go so good. I got all of them right but apparently I didn’t do my work right. My teacher gave a whole speech about how she was aware of the things that we can use to “cheat” and she would catch anyone who did it. I would talk about using the app among my group but I would try not to say it really loud. I think she heard me and she also said that the work was not the way we did it in class. She gave me a 0 on all the homework assignments that she could tell that I’ve used this app. She said that she would of gave me a detention but I was honest with her about using it. I think this app should show different ways of doing the problems. And not just for coping but for learning the way that our school wants us to learn.
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3 years ago, swiftie_livie
Super duper helpful but could add a couple things
This app is so so helpful! Not only does it give me correct answers, but it explains the answers too even if you don’t have the premium feature! It can also help with any problem, not just simple problems. That has been my problem with other apps like this. The only two things I would change is that they need to have my textbooks. I have been using the same type of textbook for 3 years now. Every year I come back to photo math and they don’t have it. I have requested it but still nothing. My whole school uses this textbook(my school has 1200 kids in it) so I think plenty of other schools use it too. Also it doesn’t solve word problems. I had to get a different app to do that as well as photo math. It would be super super helpful if it had word problems answers since it doesn’t have my textbook! Overall, I love this app and sometimes it is useful and sometimes it is not but I know I will use this app for the rest of my school days
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4 years ago, izzylubs👾
Big thumbs up to this app!! It is very helpful with making problem solving simple! it not only helps you find the correct answer to a difficult problem but also shows you the steps to get there which is how I learn!! Thank you for making this app!!!!! I don’t use this app to get me out of doing assignment... I struggle with math and I will try to figure out step by step a problem and then will compare my steps with photo math and then will do a similar problem by using the steps photo math provided. Boomers will say lazy students only use this app and that is not true at all. I’m an honors student because I worked to get there. And this app has not carried me there. It has only gave me a stepping stone there. This app does not work for everything but is so helpful to a lot of things. If your using this app and Acing assignments but then bombing tests that’s your own fault. Use this app to learn... Thats the reason it was made.
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3 months ago, Soccer1254
Great App
I recently downloaded Photomath and I have to say, it has been a great tool for my math studies. The app is very user-friendly and has a wide range of features that make solving math problems a breeze. However, there are a few areas where I think the app could be improved. Firstly, the app is fantastic for solving numerical equations and formulas. It has a built-in calculator that makes it easy to input numbers and the app provides step-by-step solutions which are helpful for understanding the problem solving process. Furthermore, the app covers a wide range of topics such as algebra, calculus, making it a great all-in-one resource for math students. However, I was disappointed to find that the app does not have the capability to solve word problems. Many math problems involve real-life scenarios and it would be great if the app could help with those types of problems as well. I hope that the developers will consider adding this feature in the future as it would make the app even more comprehensive.
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7 years ago, Pinguecula
This app saved my life
IXL. This app helped me conquer the most treacherous challenge I could face. IXL. It all started one day when I came home from school and was like how am I gonna do this IXL. Just then my friend texted me and was like hey what is the IXL. And I told her and I was like I'm stressing from all this IXL. So then she suggested Photomath. After that my whole life changed. An IXL that would usually take me two hours only took me ten minutes. I am so thankful. Whoever is reading this just know whoever created this app should earn an award, they are a genius. So if your ever skeptical about your math, or your having trouble just go to Photomath. And its not cheating either, it actually explains the problem step by step to help you, if cheating feels really uncomfortable for you. I already know how to do the curriculum and our teacher gives us hard IXLs because we are honors and she thinks we can handle it. But each of those problems take like an hour to work out. THANK YOU PHOTOMATH YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Ninjaroad6
Math photo changed a bit
So I’ve been using this app for many years and not a single ad comes up (mainly because I’m not at home) but even if I’m at home using my WiFi and using this app to help check my work there will never be an add but now there is which is kinda annoying I admit but this also tells me that the company who made this app now wants money, maybe not like other companies where they want loads of money for personal uses. But besides that I’m just outright confused on how will the photo math app learn to solve other equations when I can’t find an option that lets me tell suggestions on what kind of math problems it should answer for. Also many schools don’t use math textbooks and I’m wondering if there will be modules from mathematicsvisionproject because they have many math problems that this app can’t even solve. Also there is a paid version which helps you explaining how to do the work and having more textbooks, which I see now that this app is pay to explain which I don’t think it’s worth it. Like why would this company charge for the explanation and more textbooks, not ok to have that because they literally had it for free.
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7 years ago, ahdrbdrhgce
The developers deserve fame and fortune
This is the first review I have ever written. I felt obligated to write it because of how great this app is. I want to respond to the notion that this is an app primarily used as an easy way out in high school math classes. It is so much more. I am a researcher in an area that requires a lot of math to understand. I have a deep understanding of how to use math but had a poor education in lower level mathematics. This map is an enormously helpful tool for professionals to skip over the tedious algebraic processes and focus on the meaningful applications and theories. It is a tool to overcome the failings of your 8th grade teacher, and let you focus on the problem at hand. This is the kind of meaningful innovation the world needs more of. And the developers choice to release it as a free app is nothing less than benevolent. This app deserves more attention than it has recieved. Seriously, thank you for making this.
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4 months ago, KAKkak2012
But Math App Ever!
Photomath is a very helpful app. You can get the answers to math problems but also learn at the same time. They give you the answer on the equation and then show you step-by-step on how to do it. It is an amazing and very helpful app, and I am very pleased with it. The only thing they could improve is there word problems. They they don’t solve word problems, but that is ok. Photomath is still amazing app. Whenever I tell people that I’m doing my maths homework and I need help. I told them that I’m using an online tutor because that’s basically what this is. The only reason why I give it four stars is because they don’t have the word feature and a lot of the things I need help on is word problems. But if they did have that feature, I would definitely give this five stars. I hope to see in the future that they do have an option for Word problems. But for now I will stick to just using the app for normal problems and non-problems.
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1 year ago, smoothcriminal1008
I love Photomath
Photomath has always helped me with all sorts of math, it helped me with equations and everything unlike other math helping apps, I never liked one like I liked Photomath. Only bad thing about Photomath is that it doesn’t solve word problems, that’s why I’m giving it a 4 star, if it solved word problems this app would definitely be a 5 star, if you are struggling with math and need helped I totally recommend Photomath. And it doesn’t just give answers it also shows how it’s given (if your teacher requires Showing your work) so that’s a good thing because sometimes my teachers require showing my work and I just use that feature. There’s also a feature to show why they did that step but you have to pay for it which is also why they only got a 4 star, there’s in app purchases but everything you need is free, you don’t have to pay for solving the problem . Thank you Photomath because it helped me thru the whole school year.
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4 months ago, emdmxknd
The most common way of doing this was by using the same technique to get your hair out of your
Photomath and other information are not the only ones available for this project and are the only two things to know that will be useful in this space for the next few months or years as well and the future is in our future as we know that the project will have to wait until we can make the right decisions for this space to make a good decision and then we will see if the project will be ready for a future release owu I hope so and if so we can get this done soon so that you will get to know the project and the project and the project and get a better ideas in for it in future so we are very excited for you and I will be very excited for this project and I will keep it to come up with the project and I will be glad to be eorueirue I hope that we will see you have fun with you and thank the most wonderful people in er
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5 years ago, Jackson😉.
Hey photomath users and developers
This is a wonderful app. It’s nice to use after finishing homework and checking to see if I didn’t make any mistakes. This app other than Mathway, are big life savers for high school. Although the app seemed to be working fine, after an update, which I like in some cases has this terrible glitch on the camera. IT WILL NOT FOCUS!!!! 🙄. This is very frustrating because I’ll spend like 10 min trying to get it to focus because it can’t see it. I would really ask if this be fixed. I’ve also did some test, it’s not my phone camera cause I have no problem on the regular camera. I’ve also did many things like make the little scanning rectangle bigger instead of small, further away than close up and it doesn’t help. The only thing that SOMETIMES works is lifting it up at a object far away then very slowly bring it back to the paper. Once again, great app, but please developers, please fix this problem Thanks and have a wonderful day.
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5 years ago, Kas41927
Great app
I love this app a lot it has helped me so much. But I have a few issues that I would like to be fixed. I really wish that it had more solutions and different methods. It doesn’t have everything for classes like pre-cal, calculus, or trig. It has most of the course work but some things just aren’t there. And sometimes it’s really frustrating. Also the app something likes to cut out my music, and doesn’t like to work when I’m listening to music. If I have music playing and then go into the app it will cut it out and pause it. Or if I already have it open but I go to different app and then go back to it by double clicking my home button, and then it will pause my music. And if I had previously had the flash on, and then go back into the app it will just not work completely. So then when both of these things happen I’ll have to close the app, and open it again. Sometimes this will happen multiple times while I’m using it.
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5 years ago, Panda Person 🐼
Best math app by far
I’ve been using this app for a while for help the teachers seemed to never be able to give me because either they were bad at explaining or didn’t know what exactly they were teaching. It doesn’t just only give you the answers, which is cool, it’s always helped me figured out exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and how to do it step by step. However recently I’ve come back to it because school started up again and I got frustrated that you now have to pay to see the steps just like many other math apps. I lived for the fact it was totally free and was probably my favorite of app of all time for school. Now it’s just a little irritating that I can’t see the step by step explanations anymore, but I only see the answer. I still am in love with the app though, just a little bummed out at the fact that I now have to pay for it, and I would pay for it but I’m a student so that doesn’t really work out too well.
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7 years ago, snapchat is crashing
Lifesaver! Definitely recommend!
This app has saved my life billions of times and made math a lot easier for me. I’m not saying this because it’s good for cheating, but because it tells u the answer and work for that problem. The feedback is unbelievably fast and is now one of my top used apps. I would choose PhotoMath over calculator because it’s just so simple and easy and u can just take a photo and it will tell u the answer and work and it’s just AMAZING! This makes my math homework so much faster because if there is one problem I can’t solve, it delays my homework to another hour. This gives me the work and it’s so easy to understand. This app is better than all those other apps so definitely think of this one! I know this review is very long, but it’s just to tell you that this is an app you would wanna download! If I could rate this more, I would say 100 stars! LOVE THIS!😍😍😍
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4 years ago, fyfuihhgiigg
Best Math Helper out there.
Hey Cashy Joe, I just read your review and I kinda agree with your take. However, I just completed a math question and I was unsure if I did it right. This app assured my I did not only with the right answer but also with how to do it. It even referenced my exact textbook, where I could have just checked the answer in the back of the book. There are plenty of ways to do homework assignments without actually doing them. But in the end those who get the scholarships are those who understood the content. Any Joe Shmoe can get good homework grades and colleges completely recalculate a students GPA. Homework grades aren’t getting anyone into college. I simply believe the criticism this app is getting, it doesn’t deserve. It does it’s job and it does it the best. I came here to support an app that keeps on improving and getting better. I believe Cashy Joe should support it too. Keep it up Photomath!
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5 years ago, Carnman
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
A million years ago when I was in college, I spent hours and hours teaching myself calculus by working the odd problems whose solutions appeared in the back of the book and then reverse engineering them to figure out how to work that type of problem. This allows me to do the same things to assist my son with his more difficult Algebra problem and to ensure he is working it correctly and if not, on which step he made a mistake. We use the “show other methods” button quite frequently to learn to work the problem in the way the teacher wants it worked. Brilliant idea and I am thrilled it will even let you neatly write the math problem and it can still read your handwriting to allow you to look for the solution. It really helps with word problems that your kid can set up but struggles to work or wants to check.
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2 years ago, idontknowwhatelseicanput
Photomath plus!
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and it’s actually pretty good compared to other math solving apps! However, as a young student who is trying to understand whats happening when talking about math problems and logics, I don’t get the point of a math solving app if it’s just going to show a brief explanation of the exercise. I understand to certain point that the whole idea of making these type of apps is to gain some money, but talking for those who can’t afford paying the money asked to receive further and better help through an actual explanation, the app is not useful at all if you want to receive a deeper explanation. I’m not saying that the creator should enable all the additions that come with photomath plus, I’m just asking for a little more specified explanation of the math problem in question so that we can get to understand what is really happening! :)
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2 years ago, les_li
Something’s wrong either it’s me or the app
Ok I’m not the type to write reviews but this is one amazing app however recently I’m starting to experience setbacks for example when I try to press on the “show solving steps” button it says that it can’t load the steps and that I should check my connection. I find it very confusing as this was never a problem before and my connection doesn’t seem to be a problem either. I updated it because I thought it would help but nothing. I’m not going to give this a lower rating because it’s so good. But I wanna now if there’s something I can do, is it just me? Anyways besides that it’s pretty good and offers a variety of helpful features for it being a free application. Hopefully this problem is solved otherwise I might have to find something new to help me.
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2 years ago, LegendaryFoxxYT
So glad I found this
Someone suggested this app and man I’m glad for it. It finds all the possible solutions and shows the steps to each one while being easily described. It even does graphs which I had not expected. Sometimes I’m stuck or I’m in a rush and teachers don’t except what else might be going on. It doesn’t just give me answers it shows the method used and how to do it, I was stuck on a problem and forgot how to do it but the app instantly solved it with the method I had forgotten about over break. This isn’t an app just for cheating to me it’s an app that allows students to learn how to do the problems in what might be an easier way than what they were taught, it also allows room for other methods to be tried. Great when the teacher isn’t around to help, Plus it’s free and I couldn’t be more great full
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6 years ago, Alice Lee May
I love this
I don’t usually write reviews. But i want to first off say that I love math ,but there are some problems that are just too hard for me to understand or the ones i know how to do but it is just too time taking for me. I want to say this app is completely amazing. I first tried “SnapCalc” first because I saw it on an ad, but it didn’t last long since I had to pay monthly for it after a few problems, which i obviously was not going to do. The solutions it showed were confusing anyways. This app is SO MUCH BETTER, it has helped me on things I don’t understand and I can learn my mistakes in minutes and I am in love with it. The best part about it is that it is FREE, completely. Since the time I’ve been using it, I don’t recall seeing an ad (though I wouldn’t mind seeing one). I just want to say thank you and I’ll definitely being using this app for life.
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4 years ago, djdj xns
Photomath is amazing.
I used it to be smart everyday. I love this app. Even if your not right, Take a picture and BOOM the answer shows. I recommend Everyone like random students in the world to have this, what’s another thing good is the you could pick your language of how you speak this works for the entire world. It has every language in the world weather you speak different languages they got them. They also have Text books so you could see your text books that you have in class. The first thing that pops up is your grade level weather your in like kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, middle school, or high school, they have it for you. I recommend to not show your Teacher or Parents because they will be looking out for you in a test. And this is photomath where all learning comes to a place like home.
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6 years ago, dephtones69
Great app. Use it as a supplement to learn.
Normally don’t write reviews and I was skeptical using this app. I’m getting back into college taking low level math but some things I understandably get stuck on. While I’m taking an online class, it’s hours before the professor gets back to us. I do the online video lecture then do the homework. I don’t use this program unless I’m absolutely stuck and again I just don’t get the answer to plug it in; I read and write out the steps in the solution. It’s like having the professor guiding me through the problems I have without having to wait all day for a response. I’m sure it will help me on my future tests. Wish I found it earlier when I failed my first test this semester. I was going to pay for an ad free version or in app purchase that sent a couple bucks to the developer but I don’t see the option.
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9 months ago, AngiSev
Honestly Photomath is the best digital math calculator not just because it shows the answer but it breaks it down step by step so I prefer to use this instead of just googling the answer I will actually learn and remember the steps. The way it can take pictures off of your computer screen or from paper and read hand writing is amazing. It can show you graphs and explain why you do certain steps and really go into depth with what to do and how you do it. If you are struggling in math I highly recommend this app you absolutely need it. It also has a great calculator you can use because not everyone carries around a TI-83 calculator with them. It has multiple modes that are unavailable on a normal standard digital calculator with just the basic multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.
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4 years ago, Frinkless
Used to be one of my favorite life changing apps until...
I’ve been using this app since 6th grade and it honestly was life changing, i would never do good in homework until I downloaded photomath which was a completely free app that not only gave me the answer to a math problem, but gave me a step by step explanation of how to solve it. Great right? That was until recently when they started pumping the app with ads and won’t tell you a detailed step by step explanation unless you pay $10 for premium a month. This app used to be such a big help for algebra, but now I feel like it’s just about paying to get an answer. I get that everything can’t be free, but for students they don’t really have the money to pay for a monthly premium. I really thought that this app had a charm to it, it was a students learning tool that was completely free. I’ll still use the app for checking my answers, but I can’t really get how those problems were solved.
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10 months ago, Bella12378
Overall Review
I downloaded this app as an app for all types of math problems, including word problems. As it turns out like most Photomath apps, it cannot solve word problems. So first off, I was disappointed. However, when I used it for equations or math problems that were not word problems, it gave an answer instantly! The answer also contained steps, the answer in multiple ways, and some with graphs! It is super easy and user friendly. I would recommend Photomath to friends and keep using it only if it doesn’t eventually make me start to pay. I just want an app I can ask for help on math problems and it can help me free of charge. I know that’s ultimately impossible, but at least give a lot of free questions or separate certain features only to pro. Thank you Photomath!
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6 months ago, Lilly ann Cook
bro photo math literally helped me through school!! yes like home work and class assignments 100% and from seeing the answers and seeing what photo math did to solve it I ended up getting 100% on my quizzes and tests! Photo math has literally helped me so much in math and it’s been amazing buddy that I can always count on help me out with math even though Photomath was doing the work for me I was still getting back knowledge on how to do it. Thankful to say that Photomath more than a few of my teachers which is crazy, but it’s a 100% true photomath has been soooooo amazing and I hundred percent recommend getting the app. I pinky promise you this will be your favorite through your entire career in school. Help me get so many and I’m so thankful that I was able to count on up. Tell me out with my schoolwork.
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10 months ago, Liv student
Charged me for no reason?
I’ve had Photomath on my phone since high school. I’ve barely touched it in over a year since I haven’t been using it for college level calculus classes. I was checking my spending and found that they charged me $10 this month and last month without my knowledge. I would never subscribe to Photomath because I rarely use it. I’ve never intended to start any trials with Photomath. I went into the app to see if I had paid for Photomath Plus without knowing but I don’t even have Plus access; I still have a regular account. I’ve never given Photomath credit card information but they got my Apple card somehow. I have filed a dispute with Apple to get my money back and they’re usually pretty good about undoing unauthorized purchases. But I can’t be sure that this won’t happen again because as far as I know I don’t have a Photomath account with credit card information so how do you delete an account that doesn’t exist?? I just deleted the app from my phone because I don’t need it anyways.
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2 months ago, 𝐿𝑒𝒶𝒽 .𝒮.
BEST Math App Ever
I can use this wonderful app to learn new strategies, check my answer and even help me in math. I DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone who is struggling in math or wants to learn more. the best thing about this app is that the calculator works better then a normal one and works better than “Demos” , on top of that it solves it so easily and efficient with just one photo. If ever you can help improve if they don’t have the answer or if you have a issues which i doubt you will. Photo-math can help you learn to by showing steps on how to solve the problem if you want , which is my favorite part. Some Cons about it is that you need photo-math plus to do some things which is rare, or to use a textbook. Overall I definitely recommend because of how much this app helps me study and learn.
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4 years ago, BriJhae G
What happened??
I’ve been using photo math since the 6th grade. This app has always taught me things that my teachers didn’t. I would’ve given this app 5 starts a few months ago but when I came back to the app, they wouldn’t explain the steps to a problem unless I pay for a subscription. I understand you have to do what you have to do but photo math has never been this way. This app always walked me through my problems and help me understand the concept of certain topics. Now I’m not able to learn the thing I need to learn. Children are already at home not getting the education they need due to COVID-19 and photo math is like an at home teacher. Is there any other way to get my math questions explained step by step? Because I don’t feel I should have to pay to receive the information and knowledge I need to be successful in mathematics. Photo math has turned into a regular calculator since you aren’t able to be walked through your problems anymore. I am no longer a fan of the app.
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8 months ago, can't get a nickname😂
Photomath is my Go-To for Homework!
Now before you yell at me for cheating, I take a class where the answers are already posted, so it would make no sense to cheat using Photomath. Instead, the ability to see all of the steps that go into solving a problem is a LIFESAVER. I just think about how many times I have gotten a question wrong and then had the option to go back and actually see what I got wrong. The fact that this is all free is absolutely amazing, so much so that even my broke self is thinking about buying the pro version (I know that doesn’t make sense the way that it was worded but I don’t want to go back and change it so deal with it) A million thanks to the people who keep on developing Photomath and pay so much attention to each and every one of their users. :)
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5 years ago, TheShadowWolf47
This helped me get a 90% is Algebra 1!
I had this app when like barely anybody used it and it SUCKED and didn’t work at all. Then all my friends started talking about again and so I downloaded it and WOAHHH it had changed! I use this app in and out of class and it has been a life changer. Story time: (side note- we use workbooks that have our hw in them and we rarely have worksheets in google classroom but we did today) It was like 6 minutes before class started and he decided to tell us that he was collecting our ws that was hw from last night, I thought we would just put in our workbooks when he collected them, so I had 6 minutes to do the rest of the problem on the ws (there were like 12). This story is getting to long so in the end I rushed and finished all the problems. PHOTOMATH IS AMAZING AND HAS SAVED ME FROM GETTING GROUNDED!
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5 years ago, Touchycat
Fine, but one aggravating problem!!
Let me start by saying that this is a great app. I’m in grade 8 and in honors math. For the first quarter, I got the worst grades I’ve gotten in my whole life! I just didn’t get it. Now, I have a tutor and that’s been helping me tremendously. On nights when my tutor doesn’t come and I have hw, I can use this app to help me do it. It gives a great explanation that I can apply towards the rest of my assignment. The one HUGE problem, however, is that it never focuses!!! I have to wait a whole two minutes for the thing to focus, if I’m lucky, or just have to type it into the calculator. My solution (now, I’m no app developer but I think this would work) is to have that little feature where you can click on the screen to get it to focus. I have an iPhone 6s so I’m pretty sure that has the autofocus feature but it still doesn’t work. Please do something about this!!
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7 years ago, Myles432
This app is very handy, and convenient. In school, I usually have tons of math worksheets that I have to do. I know how to solve all of it though, and I can probably get it done..... if I wasted 5 hours of my life! Thanks to Photomath, I can get work done quickly while being taught the steps. This app is not only a time saver, but has really taught me math better than my own teacher in some cases surprisingly! With that said, there are also a few problems. 1. There are some things I've tried that it couldn't solve. I know it can't solve EVERYTHING, BUT, it can solve a whole lot, so I'm not that mad. 2. It often mistakes an "s" for a 5, and a "g" for a 9, which gets on my nerves when it happens. I know though that as this app progresses even more, it'll become more and more accurate so I am overall pleased with this app. -Miles
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3 years ago, dumb student 101
As much as I love Photomath it does not show the work and I really don’t want to pay $9.99 a month because I don’t know the answer to a problem. I know that you have to pay the price for something nice, trust me I know but teachers are harsh in 2021 LOL . They will yell at you for not showing your work on a fraction. It’s hard out here for the student too. All year I had to hear about how it was hard for the teachers last year? It was hard for the students too. I have not heard any of my teachers say that it must have been hard for us. No I’ve heard about how it was hard for the teacher though. The teachers act if they were they only ones struggling through that year. It was long and hard for sure and it would make it easier if I didn’t have my math teacher yell at me because I didn’t show my work. So please lower the price or even let us have so free passes.
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