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User Reviews for PHR Pocket Prep

4.7 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Kittanastang
Passed PHR Exam!!!
Firstly, I have to acknowledge and thank God for leading me to find this resource!! Thank you to the developers! I passed my PHR Exam today. Got my results after testing. I found this app because it was mentioned in the PHR for dummies book. I used this app to prepare for the exam and used the book a day before testing. The app was very helpful. I did purchase it just because I figured I would make the additional investment in myself. A feature of the app I really enjoyed was the explanation of the correct answer along with further explanation of the wrong answers. This expanded my knowledge immensely. The questions that were written for pocket prep seemed to be a bit more challenging then the questions on the PHR. I took the test feeling as though I got 90 percent of the questions right. I should add I also took a six month course through Syracuse to prepare for this exam as well. Yet, I found the app and book to be much more practical for my learning style.
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4 years ago, Toliver.James
Don’t wait, buy it now and go Ultimate
This was my primary tool for studying for the PHR exam. Don’t judge me, choices were made, whatever; I passed on my 1st attempt yesterday. I used this for probably two months seriously every day at least 3-4 times. Question of the day is okay, but the best thing is the Custom Exam option. You can flag questions you miss and make an exam just out of flagged questions. There’s nearly 1000 questions, so you’re guaranteed to get a good bit of everything. The reason I gave it four stars: the app is sort of buggy and slow. Twice it appeared to have erased all my progress and getting everything back was confusing and strange. The second reason is the questions give you a baseline for most information, but the questions are not similar to the exam. Maybe 3 of my questions looked like these. Again, this was my primary tool and I passed, so take that for what it’s worth. Bottom line, highly recommend, the ultimate is worth every penny of the $50, download this app now.
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4 years ago, j8willia
I passed the PHR today. This app was worth its weight in gold in achieving that goal. I NEVER write reviews for apps, but I have to do it here. The paid, full version app offers almost 1000 practice questions, which it will rearrange into endless combinations of up to 100-question exams... you can even make it cobble together an exam of only questions you’ve previously flagged as difficult for you. The explanations are thorough and helpful (often explaining the wrong answers, as well as the right). This is overall an excellent study tool for a FRACTION of the price that you’d pay for ONE practice test from HCRI. Buy this app. Seriously!
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4 years ago, Sergio Bello
This is a good supplemental study resource for the PHR. The questions are NOTHING like the exam, but the app has the ability to show you WHY you got an answer wrong and I felt that was invaluable in my learning. Ultimately I feel this helped me apply the many concepts presented in the question bank in the exam itself. The Ultimate version is totally worth the investment and would highly recommend supplementing with Reed/Bogardus’ guide. The more you practice test questions and understand how to apply the concepts, the more prepared you will be. It’s a grueling exam but this app should make it slightly easier!
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5 years ago, ShampooMcalahan
Great Resource, App slow/glitchy
The app was a great way to prepare for the exam. I love the explanations cited from the HRBoK and from other relevant sources for each question. Questions were not as tough in my opinion as the actual PHR, but the core knowledge used in the practice questions helped decipher tough questions on PHR exam. Relied mostly on this app for test preparation over a couple of months. Used Reed’s study guide, and other free content online as well. Passed first time on 11Jan2019. I would recommend purchasing ultimate (despite/even with the glitches) and would do it again.
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4 years ago, ezy1002
Passed the PHR
Passed the phr exam today. Used this app and books by Sandra Reed to study. In addition, I did all kinds of questions online that were free. But this app was my primary quiz app. The explanations helped me understand and learn the material. Studied for about 8 weeks every day! Ensured I score over 90% in each category in this app!! Great app and relevant. Could use more situational questions but other then that helped me a lot!
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4 years ago, Ruth - iphone X
I can get with this
I’ve tried the free versions of Pocket Prep for the PHR and SPHR before deciding if I wanted to purchase the full version. I do like the concept and presentation of these apps but I did notice there is some outdated info on the app. For example, the max amt of time for vesting in a defined benefit plan is no longer 7 years. And there were 1 or 2 other questions I noticed were based on outdated info as well. This can be a problem if you don’t know to question the info and if you consider that this many errors were found in a very limited amount of questions. One good thing is this app references where you can find the most current info.
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5 years ago, Nadia DE
Great content, app is very glitchy
I am using this app daily to study for the PHR and find the content very comprehensive...especially with the detailed explanations to the questions and where to go for further information. Like the other users though, the app has yet to work a single time without glitching/shutting off/freezing (even after the updates). It would be so much more effective without these issues. I still plan on using the app, but would love for the glitching to cease.
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6 years ago, AP, PHR
Worth every penny
This app was instrumental in my preparation for the PHR exam. It is user friendly and gives you full explanations as to why answer choices are correct and/or incorrect. You can customize exams with the full version or take a "Quick 10 questions" exam, that will break down your scores for each section. I passed today, and I don't think I could have done it without this tool!
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5 years ago, A KR fan
Great content, but crashes way too much
Before all the updates, this app was so much better. Now it crashes several times, does not have the continue where you left off feature and is frustrating when you’ve completed 60 out of 100 questions. The content is very helpful and I love the explanations. Please fix the bugs with this app and restore the continue where you left off feature! Other than that, I’d rate it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, b$j$h
Great preparation tool
Upon recently passing my PHR exam I had to stop by and say thank you to the folks at Pocket Prep. The app was definitely instrumental in my success. I really enjoyed the app’s format. They also presented a lot of subject matters and I noticed as I used the app over the months the question format changed which kept things interesting and fresh. I recommend this app as a part of any study regimen for anyone needing to prep for their PHR or even SPHR exam.
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4 years ago, $&?!""@&!
Worth it!
I passed my exam on my first try and give a lot of credit to this app. Valid information and the explanations make it so you are reading the info, even when you don’t have a book. It make it easy to take advantage of time during the busy day to study and keep the topics fresh in my mind. Worth the money!
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5 years ago, Kim😊😺
Great content, VERY glitchy
Initially the app worked great but after the latest update, I’m lucky if I can get to the questions without needing to log in again, get frozen on the home screen, refresh my user data only to be told I don’t have questions, then refresh again. Typically five minutes minimum to get to questions now. Very disappointed because the content is great. Edited to be a two-star rating because it seems to have gotten worse. Now I am lucky if I get the question of the day to load.
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11 months ago, AndrewSorge
Great app - please shuffle answers each attempt
Great app. The only suggestion I have is to shuffle the answer choices after each attempt so the user doesn’t pick the right answer out of order but rather out of information.
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4 years ago, SALZA90
I passed on my first try!! This resource was a huge help in my studies. The explanations of the wrong and right answer helped me so much. I loved that it was on the go especially because I could quiz myself anywhere anytime. Thank you!
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5 years ago, BuckyBadger1982
Very Glitchy
I like the content, but could not get on reliably. Would have to wait for it to load or close the app and restart it. Still looking to use this before my exam in a month. Even tried deleting it and re-downloading it and would work fine the first time and the same issues again.
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5 years ago, MNev2019
The questions and explanation are helpful although real PHR questions are more complex, this app helps reinforce the theories and concepts. HOWEVER, I purchased the full version and it is basically an unusable app. It constantly freezes, logs me out, and crashes. I utilize it on the computer but for $50, I would expect to not experience these inconveniences.
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6 years ago, rock189
Best Prep Tool Available!
I used pocket prep as my primary preparation tool for the PHR exam. I didn’t read one page of one book and I passed the exam with flying colors. If you want to pass your PHR/SPHR exam, I highly recommend you purchase the the full version of this app.
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2 years ago, bxprincess08
Thank you!!
Thank you for all of the amazing content of topics covered on this app as it helped me prepare and pass my PHR exam on the first try! Highly recommended for anyone looking to prep ahead of their test!
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4 years ago, Mercy8774
I passed
The Pocket Prep was really the only app I used for daily studying. I also read 2 HR books but this was the main source of studying. Highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, AAJones3
Passed PHR first try!!
This app was a great tool to assist with my studying and passing the exam. It was very convenient to take practice test whenever or wherever you are. Definitely recommend as part of your study regime.
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6 years ago, chachadoll73
Excellent exam prep
This test bank is very comprehensive and well worth the $30+...I had studied using two other sources, but without this test bank, I would not have passed, the 1st time!
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6 years ago, wakegrl82
Good for PHR, not sphr
Questions are good for PHR but not sphr (I took both). I would not use this as my only study materials. The exam content did change, so not sure if this app changed as well- I took the exams before 8/1. App was slow and did have glitches, but it was fixed after an update.
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6 years ago, Passion4hr
Love this app!
I used the app to prepare for the SPHR. Took the exam this past Saturday and passed! I’m so excited! I highly recommend purchasing the full version of this app, if you want to pass the PHR/SPHR. You will not be disappointed!
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1 year ago, crazieemerduez25
Passed on first try!
I downloaded this app a week before my exam and did questions nonstop and I passed on the first try. Recommend!
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3 years ago, isthereanynickname
Yes to this app - I passed my exam
This app helped me prep for the exam. I used numerous books, this app and another, I also did the course through Syracuse University and this app worked the best for me. Worth a download!
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5 years ago, Jspin96
Helpful app
This app has been helpful in my studies. I love that I can use it whenever and wherever! The material is derived from the book I’m reading in the HR Topics test prep class.
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5 years ago, $$stargazer$$s
Needs an update
Purchased this app and I found it to be a great tool the first week of using it, however, now it crashes within minutes of opening the app. Hope it will get fixed soon. Love the content!
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5 years ago, 1Leenaboo
Question of the day won’t load
These questions are the hardest I’ve seen in any test prep material. Makes me feel like I’m not ready, but I do much better on all other practice quizzes. Also, my question of the day won’t load anymore.
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5 years ago, ncmcarlie1
If I have to restore my purchase one more time
The app crashes too much for my comfort and I have to restore my purchase every other time I open it. My reviewed question reset as well. The actually quality of the questions are great.
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5 years ago, wineguy972
Excellent app. Really helped me prepare
This is a great app. I felt very prepared and the information was solid and the app was easy to use. I’m happy to report I passed the test as well.
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7 years ago, MrT1021
Excellent PHR Exam Prep app
Looks great, works great, content is great! Glad I found this app. Please continue to add more questions as I already finished all 1000. Worth the purchase.
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4 years ago, Phenu
Excellent study guide
This app provides accurate study guide for the PHR exam. Excellent details if you miss the answer. Practice makes perfect and this is the best app on the market.
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5 years ago, Passed the PHR
Great resource
This is a great supplemental resource for the PHR. Used this in conjunction with the HRCP program. I would not use this as the sole method of studying but it was a great addition to my study plan.
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4 years ago, Crissj78
Very helpful and close to the PHR Exam
I love that we get 50 free questions just by downloading the app! Plus the one free question every day. 👍🏼
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5 years ago, Nerdy_Queen
I Passed My Exam Today!!
Great question bank to help you study for the exam. The only con is the consistent crushing of the app, which I had to delete and download again.
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6 years ago, theemmohh
Get this app
Really assisted me with preparing for the PHR. I loved that you have an option to see explanations as you go, it helped me reframe my thoughts. I passed the exam!
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5 years ago, LesaD81
Excellent App
I was so nervous preparing for my PhR until I was referred to this App. I absolutely find it helpful and it has built my confidence in completing the PHR!!!
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6 years ago, 2danea22
Great app
I would have rated this a 5 but the question of the day does not load with ease or than that it is very helpful
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4 years ago, lairendty
Tech issues
Constant tech issues and awful customer service. When they realize they can’t resolve your issues they start to ignore you. Don’t want to provide any type of reimbursement for poor service of their product.
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5 years ago, MillHDill
Excellent resource
Passed with HRCP prep and this app. Couldn’t have done it without both. Great explainers, flagging and flagged question testing, topic concentration, and weakness/strength analysis.
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6 years ago, @g@t@
Great app!
The app was very helpful in preparation to my PHR test. It contains a ton of useful information! I passed on the first try!
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5 years ago, berk827
Crashes and glitches
Content is great, but app keeps crashing. $50 is a steep price when app freezes and shuts down on every practice exam.
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6 years ago, annaw5
Great Content, spotty reliability
Perfect tool for studying but the app crashes all the time. Tried resetting my progress and i feel like that made it worse.
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6 years ago, Mike Vein
App is Buggy
Content is great, when you can access it. The app freezes and doesn’t respond, even after their latest update. It literally is not usable. Save your money to use on other resources such as HRCI practice test or distinctive HR practices quizzes.
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6 years ago, HR Gen PT
PHR prep- very helpful
This app helped me while on the go! Taking quick quizzes so no downtime is waisted!
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5 years ago, fanadee
Good app but daily question does not populate
Good app but when you open it, it’s supposed to load the question of day and it just doesn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, duncanbeasly
Good content -App crashes during custom exams
Love the content-very helpful. Oftentimes right in the middle of a custom exam the app crashes. Frustrating.
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5 years ago, Keepupwithred
Can I get a refund?
This appis constantly crashing, the calculations on the prep exams are wrong and the question are redundant. I wasted $50 which could have put towards another study resource. Don’t waste your money!
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6 years ago, lucktastic1
15 minutes to sign in
I wish the app weren’t so glitchy. I’ve been trying to sign in and pay for the upgrade, but the app keeps crashing.
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