Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes

4.2 (877)
104.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes

4.21 out of 5
877 Ratings
4 years ago, Dit250
Read If You’re Thinking About Getting This App
So one thing is that this is a great app for teaching piano or just having fun. This app has 200+ songs to learn and play. If you get this app, when it asks you if you’re using it for teaching purposes or personal purposes, click teaching purposes. I clicked this even though I am not a piano instructor. The reason is that you can get all the piano songs for free. If you click personal, you have to buy songs and I wasn’t willing to do that. This app has different levels of songs. Here is a quick list of levels per age. Level 1 and 2 I’d recommend for 3-6 year olds Level 3 I’d recommend for 6 year olds Level 4 I’d recommend for 7-9 year olds Levels 5,6,7,8, and 9 I’d recommend for 10+ This app also has some flaws. The biggest one for me personally is that you can’t compose ( write ) your own songs. I know there are already many songs that I can play but I’d like to compose my songs because I teach my younger siblings how to play ( I am 18 years old they are 14 ). They just started playing and I’d like to compose songs from the Leila Fletcher books that they are currently doing such as “ Tiger Hunt “ and “ Slumber Boat. “ But over all I think this app is great and if you want a piano app, this is the one.
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5 years ago, camielopez
Love it
It is amazing I recommended if you are a piano teacher. And you want to teach your students how to play piano. And you want them to be good when they are older it is good I love it so far you can even play without WiFi I play it with my hotspot if you don’t have a hotspot then just play with no WiFi recommend if you are bored sometimes
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6 years ago, ZeroStarsForStealing
Good but needs a few more settings.
I downloaded this app to see if I could use it as a tool to help teach piano. The app had no problem picking up the sound of my piano, though it did register quite a few of the notes wrong (this is completely a fault of mine as my piano is not tuned). My one and only complaint about this app is that in staff mode, while you can toggle off the note labels, there is no way to toggle off the characters in place of actual quarter notes. In addition to this, the dark background in contrast to a white staff is completely opposite of the usual black staff against white paper. If there were ways to incorporate these settings while still allowing the app to play like a game, this would be perfect.
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5 years ago, blahdtbdj
This is GREAT To learn your FAV songs and Learn
I Absolutely LOVE this app I have had it since I was about 6yrs old and I am now almost 11yrs old this is great when you want to learn how to play all kinds of songs and you can choose to play on the piano or on mobile there is simple and staff and you don’t need WiFi for the app except if you are doing a show.? You should definitely get this app it really helps thank you guys. Whoever made this game.❤️
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7 years ago, Cool annajfh
Gamer Girl
This is a good game but may I suggest that you put all piano songs and put them in selections and themes. Also maybe a place where you can write your own songs and share them last few is add more avatars and be able to see your medals and trophies thanks for reading this review! Evan if you don't make these changes it's still a good game but the changes would make the game one hundred percent better.
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4 years ago, Knvn99
It’s a good app and all but it needs some improvements like to not exit me out when I’m done with the last song in the concert. Also if you don’t have the membership then the app is useless. It also does not teach you anything which is fine for me because I already know how to play the piano but if you don’t know how to play the piano then it is totally useless even with membership. The last thing that they should improve is to make all the memberships have a 2 year plan.
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7 years ago, Angelina Tuck
Probably one of the best apps I have on my phone. It's so fun and addicting. You get to play by yourself and even get to play against others and win medals. The only thing I dislike is that you only get a starter pack of songs and have to buy the other sets. Amazing app overall! I'd recommend this to anyone!
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5 years ago, alextheadventuegirl
It’s okay...
The only problem’s I’m having are it can’t connect to hear my piano and the price of getting a pack is too expensive it cost a lot of money and there isn’t much of the songs in one pack but making it cost 4$ come on that ridiculous!
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5 years ago, Momma3021
Extremely satisfactory. 😁
This app is really fun, and a great way to learn piano; use it everyday. Just plz make a feature so that you can use photos as avatars because the fact that you can only use your Facebook avatar as an alternative to those listed is kind of annoying.
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4 years ago, Frustrated AF 19
Won’t listen to piano
This biggest issue I have had with this app is that it rarely listens to my piano. Most times when the app starts up, I get a message saying that a midi instrument is connected and so the app will use that instead of listening to the piano. First, I have never connected a midi instrument to this iPad so what is the app recognizing. Secondly, why can’t I choose what the app should listen for instead of the app choosing for me. I like the concept of the app but not how the mechanics work.
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1 year ago, Wileyz
Hi I just got this app and wow it’s awesome over 200 songs to play and so much fun to do I’m addictied to the app I can’t stop playing it but my personal fave song is Harry Potter theme song well I beg of you to download this app and continue playing have an awesome day!! 😁
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3 years ago, PianoPlayer07
Best piano game There is!
This game is so good but when you make a account hit the teacher one because it gives you all the songs for free. JoyTunes is AMAZING! Definitely a 5-Star MUST HAVE if you love the piano! It definitely takes away your boredom during quarantine
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4 months ago, brewos
Microphone won’t work :(
The mic will not hear the piano being played. I already checked all the setting and does not work. My 9 year old just started learning also on the simply app and that app recognizes the piano and mic has no problems. Super bummed out because this app looks much more fun than the simply app but unfortunately cannot use with real piano. :(
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8 years ago, Build-a-lot 2 addict
Why have to sign up and log in?????????
I used to use this to mess around, because I find these type of games fun. I liked being able to play this anytime I wanted to. Now an adult has to sign me up and that is aggravating. Since I am only eleven, it is so annoying! I am thinking about deleting this app. Why can't it be like before?
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2 years ago, Boobop1997
It’s okay… But…
It needs better reactions to the sound of the digital piano or regular piano if someone is playing one. I’m playing a digital piano and I really want to work with this app without mashing a key repeatedly
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6 years ago, Junk
Great app
This is a great app for beginners and kids. It's fun to play, and the concert mode makes it a game that you can keep playing over time. I wish there was an option to make the iPad keyboard as big in staff mode as the raindrop mode.
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1 year ago, 31whandsome
Love it!
I am new to playing the piano so I thought it would be hard but this app makes it so easy!I just wish there was more free stuff
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2 years ago, Lilianna Rose Reyes
It tells me to hit the wrong keys
When I was playing Mary had a little lamb it told me to hit G sharp and A sharp and I don’t know what to do for B it was stupid I want to wait a little before playing this again to see if nothing changes but until then it useless to me
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1 year ago, rose ling012345
It needs to be harder
I think this game is fun but it has really easy songs and I don’t really like when it is easy
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2 years ago, ZaneRomeaveFan
Simply Piano
For all you guys who think the app is bad, or doesn’t work, this app is over 6 years old. There is a newer game that Joytunes made, called Simply Piano.
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4 years ago, HonorableChow
Bought year subscription, didn’t work.
I bought a year subscription. It hasn’t unlocked anything. If you click on contact them in the app it says am address is required, they have my email address because I logged in with it. Contacted through App Store and heard nothing. Still trying to get resolved.
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7 years ago, Lutz Music Studio
No Redhead Girl Avatars
I have 2 red headed girl students and wish you had a girl avatar with red hair. Other than that I am just learning all about this. So far as the teacher I can't play it enough it's so fun!!
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8 years ago, Raerae7777777777777777777
No Facebook pack?
I have been using this app for about a year now and it really helped me but recently I went to my app and my Facebook pack was gone. I'm sure they just got rid of it but why? Now all I have is the beginners pack and that kinda makes me mad.
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8 years ago, Motown Texan
Love the app
This is a great app for beginner piano students. My piano students love playing songs in the app. I've been using it to help reinforce reading music in a fun way for them.
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7 years ago, Not recognizing
When hit keys, doesn't recognize!!
Would b great but it's only registering a few of the keys I hit when I play with my keyboard! The volume of the game when I perform is too loud so the game can't register that I played the keys. All it hears is the music!!! Please fix so I can try n use this app. I'd love to. Then I'd b able to fix this rating....
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3 years ago, dtyfgddy
Why I don’t want to play app
Because playing the piano 🎹 is more than playing playing its what your hart wants to play you can right i song I want you you to play simple piano and the songs in the app is too esay I want you To go to a new level you always have to trie a new thing and this app is too easy
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3 years ago, strangr thinges
Good. But it’s hard to play because it kind of doesn’t listen to you and you have to play the note twice but really good I love it
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5 years ago, ofain
Please add more songs
This app was good over all but could you please add songs like Satin doll. I think it would really benefit the app thank you
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3 years ago, Aicy's👚👖👗
This is honestly a really fun game and I’m so happy it exists thank you Joy tunes!There are lotta haters about this game but it’s free and it’s really fun. I’m learning all different types of songs. No ads.
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12 months ago, bunny in space
Great for practicing
If you have a child who wants to play piano you should get it!!!
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7 years ago, MaximusDecimusMeridus
App used to be so much better
I used to love this app when it would teach you music, such as incorporating the notes on a traditional scale, not any of this shape nonsense. The worst part is trying to know how long a note is, which messes up with your timing. Good for fooling around with, not for actual pianos learners.
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3 years ago, NytFlt
Avoid this annoying Crap-App
Downloaded this app to check it out .. when trying to exit app, it didn’t respond to swiping and developers provided no exit-switch ... or, hid it too well to find. Not worth the annoyance- dumped it within 20 minutes.
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5 years ago, djfredde711
/+ means it is a bit bad;) check in NICM
/+ something about the concert went bad because I don’t know if happened to you but my friends messed me up on the concert That’s why it is a bit bad The rest is fun!z🤡💴💶💷💵💸💵💴💶💷💎⚖️🔫💣
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2 years ago, christopher sexton
never played this before, but I think it’s pretty cool
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4 days ago, Nonyabsnass
Not a bad app, but…
The app is fun, but I hate it when you put in your details, then they say, oh you have to pay for everything else. I hate searching for free apps and you get results for free to try
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5 years ago, SUPERTHY
I like this app because there’s cool songs but I don’t like the idea about you having to pay to play songs :/
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3 years ago, Heather bonkosky
It is the best game in the world
I love it so much you learn how to play the piano with this grandma and she takes the desk bunnies away
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3 years ago, Sumi5642
I hate this app!
It teaches me nothing. The timing is weird and it keeps saying I am playing the wrong note at the wrong time but I am not because I have known the song I was playing for four years! It is horrible and I deleted it within ten minutes of getting it.
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8 years ago, This Is Hard!!!!!
Hard To Learn
Why is it so hard to play?! I know this is Suppose to be fun,but how?! The notes That I play on the piano can't be received By this app. This app is great but I find it Hard to play
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6 years ago, kathy brocks-LUTG Radio
Good once I figured it out
I send app name to all the kids. I think they will love it.
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2 years ago, GJ - Paris
I downloaded this app and now i TOTALLY recommend this app. The characters are SO CUTE!Great for kids.
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2 years ago, phgcbgh
I hate this app it is the worst it does not listen to your keyboard or piano I was trying to learn but it didn’t help me one little bit🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬so if you want to learn piano or keyboard don’t get this app it doesn’t even teach you how to read notes
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3 years ago, Jamey M.
How do I play this game and tell me how
How do you play send me your phone number
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4 months ago, Michael1Michael
Dustbuster i love
I kinda wanted to piono so I thought this would be a good start
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6 years ago, whatuppeepes
Not good
I am a professional pianist and the beats aren’t right. It also has bad timing and the player doesn’t play on the right time because of the confusion the player might be having.
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5 years ago, Lessley😇
The other piano game they made was not good it was just boring but I love this one so let’s thank god for this app 😇❤️❤️
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5 months ago, People are so
Best piano app ever!
I learn a lot of really known songs
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3 years ago, BLWash2009
What MIDI Sound Is This?
What Piano Makes That Sound When You Touch The Key
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7 years ago, Ronald963527484
Why do you need to sign in?
You can't even try this without signing in... And once you sign in, you have to sign in all the time or connect it to your facebook. I just want to play...
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4 years ago, aRTxen
Nice for the littles
Grandsons enjoy this app, not a lot of songs but they enjoy the ones on here.
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