Picolo · Party game

4.7 (43.4K)
37.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for Picolo · Party game

4.73 out of 5
43.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Taycollinss608
SO much fun
I’ve bought every game so far except the war one. WELL WORTH THE MONEY! My friends and I love this game! We can play it for hours because it’s so random and easy to stop/start. It’s also easy to add or remove people and can be played in really big groups, or with just two or three people. We love all the different modes and I can not recommend this enough for parties, pregames, and even at the bar. Caliente mode can get a bit repetitive, but the other ones haven’t gotten repetitive for us yet. I do agree with some of the other reviews that a back button would be helpful! I hope you keep updating it and adding more bizarre things and content! (We also always skip the Facebook posts where we are supposed to #picoloapp though.)
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3 years ago, cashworth09
Such a Fun Game!
Everyone I show this game to loves! I love it! My boyfriend and I will also just play between us, and we ALWAYS learn something new about us. It’s also a great ice breaker. If we don’t like a question, we just move onto the next. It’s not very hard. Lol I read a LOT of reviews talking about the pricing. If you actually read the print, they explicitly say what they do. It just seems no one checks their charges often… That’s your issue. It also seems no one knows how to cancel a subscription too. Google can be your best friend compared to trying to contact them to cancel. Great social game! 5 star!
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4 years ago, anrmh
Didn’t tell me it was charging me
I was unaware that this app charged at all- and I understand it’s my obligation to read all print, but I was not given any notification that I was being charged. I was not prompted to confirm a payment or anything of the sort at any time. I only found out by checking my bank account. I used to recommend this game to friends at get togethers, but after this I will never recommend this app or any others by this developer again. I’m currently trying to figure out how to cancel any subscription I was apparently agreed to (I don’t even know if I was signed up for a weekly, monthly etc. subscription or just a one time charge) but I’m struggling to even find anywhere on the app to do such a thing. As soon as I figure that out it’s getting deleted for good. I have paid for apps before- I have no problem with paying for a quality app; but I will not support being unknowingly charged.
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4 years ago, mrbaldas
Don’t let this app steal your money
When I first purchased this app I thought it was a one time purchase.... I am finding out months later that it was a weekly purchase? I have been charged about $64 since I’ve had this app and just found out. It took me forever to figure out how to cancel my subscription since you conveniently leave that part out on the app. I would like a refund. I haven’t used this app since the day I purchased it. NOT WORTH $64 I WAS SECRETLY CHARGED. Do not download this app. It is also racist. Picolo, please fix this. I’m telling all my friends who have this app to immediately delete.
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6 years ago, Sjdjkck
Picolo is great at any point in the night - whether you’re just cracking open your first beer or if you’re already feeling the buzz. HOWEVER - the best part of the game is the game modes you have to pay for, and while $10 is a bit pricey, it has paid off since I’ve used it soooo many times. I highly recommend paying the $10 since it pays itself off with the laughs you share and the great buzzes you get. ALSO, I got laid because I made a girl laugh so hard in this game that she somehow got attracted to me. Love this game
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1 year ago, akwejfhlaskdch
FRAUD. Charging me $4.50 a WEEK FOR 3 YEARS.
Never in my life have I written a review for an app before but this is so ridiculous I have to warn other people. I just found hidden in my apple subscriptions that this game has been charging me $4.50 a week for the past three years. I downloaded this game ONCE. I never signed up for a subscription nor did I ever intend to. I haven’t had this app on my phone since god knows when, I didn’t even remember what it was when I finally saw the charges. I’ve tried to find contact info for the game developer and it is nowhere to be found. Apple has informed me they cannot refund me unless it’s within 30 days of purchase and didn’t seem to care at all that this game has been charging me UNKNOWINGLY. BEWARE OF THIS GAME AND THE DEVELOPER. I’m suing. Bye.
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7 years ago, Fun to mess with
Need an undo button or a go back on card!
I love this app. Everything about this is great. I’ve played hours upon hours of it, and still get new cards. One gripe I have is an “undo” button. Sometimes my drunk friends or myself accidentally tap the screen before we read or understand what is being said. Therefore we cannot go back and see how many drinks need to be had or what needs to be done. The ability to go back atleast one card would make this a perfect 5 star for me. If I could give this a 4.75 I would, but a 4 is all I can give below perfect.
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4 years ago, trllianjoll
Hi my names joll i like this game but im gonna be honest this game is a little innapropriate if youre playing with kittens. My kittens didnt love the part about animal relationships. I think that we should consider the feelings of animals in this game, otherwise we might offend someone. Just a suggestion. Hi my name derkm i like dis game but im a little concerned. There is not enough bluetooth power for my microphone. I was wearing my sunglasses and i noticed it was bright. Hi im bumblebee. I dont to use a phone but im interested sometime. If anyone would like to try to cellphone please call me
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2 years ago, junglejuicebar
This game is by far one of the most fun games to play at Uni. I enjoy it so much when it bamboozles my buddies and they have to drink, it seems like the app may listen a little but we all know that isn’t possible. This app is sp fantastic that I feel everyone, who is overage of course, should try out the app. It give some of the most random unpredictable requests who’s seriously incorporates the fun in the night.
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6 years ago, Mojo Jojo is the best
Amazing game, one suggestion!
This app is amazing, I use it all the time when I pregame with friends! The only suggestion I have is to allow an option to keep user- created rules in the rotating rules list to appear in future rounds. At least make it a feature to those that bought every version! Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing new game modes soon!
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4 months ago, yikeyikeyike
Do not download until they change subscription model
No one in their right mind would pay $5 per WEEK intentionally for this game. They are clearly scamming people who accidentally start a subscription or forget to stop the free trial. The game is fun but this model is outrageous. Also, if you’re gonna make me pay that much per week for decks, please remove the Facebook challenges which are a pathetic attempt of advertising the scam on social media. If you work at this company, you are well aware of the scam that is being conducted. Check out how many reviews are saying the same thing as this one. Scum bags!
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3 years ago, llgooey
Bait and switch not worth the $4.99 per week “subscription”
Played this with friends and was such a fun game that I had to buy it. Like most apps it gives you a free trial and I saw in the fine print a fee of $4.99 afterwards which I was happy to pay. Heck I would have paid more. What I didn’t realize was it subscribes you to a WEEKLY fee of $4.99. I work in digital marketing and this is the lowest form of a bait and switch. You need to fire your marketing team and care more for your clients or this will be a great idea with a poor reputation. Perception is reality in marketing and you have a lot of work to do on yours.
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5 years ago, assbren
Best review 10/10
Hello picallo fellows or however you prefer to spell your product. I enjoy greatly this game and it is real good to play with your fellow comrades. I would LOVE TO BE an representative for your app please lmk your inquiries. We had a great time learning weird things about each other. I hope you have a good day or night,wherever you are in the world, but I’m not trying to tell you no matter what you can do you can do whatever you want okay bye. Lmk about the reps lol he you xxxx
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5 years ago, Gaia231
Not worth the $$$
The game is a fun and easy drinking game, but I downloaded it when it was still free and barely played it. I noticed I was being charged $5/week for a subscription to access the same content for free without having ever given consent or notice that they were switching to a subscription service. I canceled because there is no way I’m about to pay $5/week for a drinking game I barely use. What an exorbitant amount of money. That’s $260 a year for an APP. There is no way to contact the developers to complain, and I will be attempting to request a refund through Apple, although I doubt I’ll be successful.
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4 months ago, Achapman1023
Charges every week
The game is fun, but nothing you can’t find on google with a quick “drinking game prompts” search. It charges every week and is over $20 for the month. The app also won’t let you access your account. It lets you add people for the game, change the language or rate the app. So they even make it convoluted to access your account to cancel as well. I’ve never had an app that won’t let you access any sort of settings (other than language) in the app itself.
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3 years ago, BGG8498
The App Changed Their Subscription Price
I used to love to play Picolo with my friends. It was a go-to for years. The premium version of the game was $5 or $10 to buy, I forget exactly how much, but once you bought it you didn’t have to pay a subscription. They changed this and are now charging $5 A WEEK for the game. The worst thing about it is I didn’t realize until now and have been charged $20 for the past couple of weeks. The free version will have to do, $5 a week for a game that I can’t even play with my friends now due to COVID is absurd.
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5 years ago, benbishop65
Fun!!! But needs Casting Capability
Awesome app that is amplified by the ability to screen share it to a big screen. My old roommate had a Apple TV which made it great to play in large groups. I have a Google Chromecast but it doesn’t have the casting ability yet. Unfortunately as everyone gets drunk, the game fizzles out quickly without everyone being able to read the screen. If it became Chromecast compatible, that would make it very convenient!
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3 years ago, Muffindahl
Subscription renews every WEEK?!
The free version is completely fine. I’ll never put money into this again because for some reason the subscription renews every 7 days. If it was a month, I’d be fine. But $5 every week? I’m not a cheapskate but wow haha such a sneaky tactic to make money
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4 years ago, olivia.arnold12
I downloaded this game once to play with friends for free. It was pretty fun. Unbeknownst to me, it started charging me $4.79 WEEKLY. I didn’t notice until a couple months later. By that time, I could only submit a refund request for half the payments because the others were more than 60 days ago. Moral of the story: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. I ended up paying more than $80 for something I played once for one hour.... This app is incredibly deceptive and it WILL charge you without permission. It’s extremely difficult to cancel and get a refund. I’ve been chatting with Apple customer support for hours. TRUST ME, IT’S NOT WORTH IT.
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2 years ago, ktm1446
Starting to Scam
I bought this app YEARS ago for a one time fee. It was a fun party game suggested by a friend. It had some in app purchases for different themes and what not, but mostly played it as it came. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been receiving a lot of notifications from my bank with Apple. I was just checking subscriptions to see if I missed canceling something and I noticed this app was now a subscription. I NEVER received communication regarding this. Will be contacting Apple about this as well. Do not purchase unless you want to spend $20 a month.
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3 years ago, Lerdybirdy
Garbo questions
I’ve really enjoyed this game but I’ve been noticing how awful some of the questions/prompts that pop up are. Like the one that says “would you rather have cork for arms or adopt a blind person?” As if having a blind person in your life or in your care is some terrible hypothetical that people wouldn’t want. Or the prompt to list out who has hooked up with “the most disgusting women”. These prompts & questions made me and my friends incredibly uncomfortable and as a result I will be deleting this app.
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4 years ago, Kmann0915
My daughter did not sign up for a subscription and has been charged $4.80 a week for the past YEAR!!!!!! I had contacted Apple on a couple of occasions because I was unsure what the fees were- and nothing showed under my subscriptions. Unfortunately, it was under my daughters account and I couldn’t see it. I can not find the company online anywhere! I’m appalled! The app was downloaded once for fun and maybe used one or two more times, but OVER $200 in charges!!!!!!!!!! BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS! It was fun for a minute, but they snuck in such small charges that I barely noticed! So frustrating!!!!
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3 years ago, Twinkie_Toes68/96😿
My mistake
I didn’t read the rules of the game and Instead just proceeded to drink myself into oblivion. In hind sight, I probably was drinking so much because I am sad. The game probably would be fun, but unfortunately I don’t have friends to play it with. Sometimes I try to play games like this and play multiple roles myself In place of real friends, and occasionally it’s fun... until I come to the realization that only a loser would do that... I’m a loser. A lonely, lamenting loser... but the game does seem cool... 3/5 stars molly
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5 years ago, Kid In The Dark
Really fun but go back
I've always enjoyed playing this game and have been meaning to buy a few of the other versions but I don't feel that's a viable option anymore since it's been changed to more of a subscription for them. The fact that I would need to pay a large sum weekly, monthly, or yearly just to play the other versions is keeping me from venturing from the classic.
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4 years ago, ferrari9876
Sad, the end of an era
I’ve had this game for going on 2 years now and I loved playing it, such an easy ice breaker for new groups of friends. However I’m so disappointed that they developers not only decided to not make it free anymore, but instead of charging a flat one time purchase, are making you subscribe to $5 PER WEEK. I’m sorry for a drinking game that you most likely won’t even play once a week, this is ridiculous. If they ever change back or have a one time purchase price, then maybe I would be back on board. But sadly I won’t be playing this game anymore :(
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6 years ago, Julia MacEachern
Funniest game ever
Me and my friends played this game all night and I’m not sure if it was the questions or the alcohol but everyone was peeing themselves after playing. 12/10 would recommend this game to anyone. Super easy to use and crazy funny questions. Favorite app!!!
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4 years ago, Sara628630522
Charges you without telling you
I downloaded this app a couple of days ago because I’ve enjoyed playing it on other friends’ phones. The app description mentions a subscription to get access to premium content, however it doesn’t say anywhere that it will automatically sign you up for a subscription when you download it. There is nowhere in the app itself to unsubscribe, you have to go in through the App Store to actually get out of the subscription which is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Oneplusoneistwo
Racist, Anti-Asian Stereotypes Present in This Game
In a section titled “virus”, the first turn prompts the player to speak in a Chinese accent. Later on in this section, the player is told they have bad manners, while they’re still supposed to be “speaking in a Chinese accent.” A few turns later, the player is asked to stop using a Chinese accent. Immediately after, the next card points out that your manners have improved. It is shameful to see this language used and behaviour encouraged, especially considering the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes across the U.S. Do better.
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2 years ago, K swag Taylor
This game has a premium option that had a one time payment when I purchased it awhile back. recently out of nowhere I started getting charged $5 a week from Marmelapp. I was never notified of this change and am attempting to get a refund for the passed 2 months! This flew completely under the radar, I used to love this game but the company is scummy for this. And I saw on google plenty of others with the same experience! Absolutely DO NOT BUY from Marmelapp!
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4 years ago, bcland1
Game is fun, but BEWARE!!
I have 14 charges on my acct since September. I downloaded and played the game 1 time!! As I said, I’ve received 14... yes, you read that correctly, I have been charged $4.76, FOURTEEN TIMES since September. I have tried everything to contact the developer or admins of this app., to no avail. I’m so upset & they leave me no choice, but to leave a bad review. I have given ample time and tried everything to give them the opportunity to correct this. Nobody should be this impossible to reach. At this point, I am sorry to say, I would NOT trust them!
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3 years ago, playwithyomommanotme
Taking money without my Knowledge
Like many other reviews, I downloaded this game while hanging out with my friends. I only played it once and it was pretty cool. HOWEVER!! I just found out that they’ve been charging me $4.89 A WEEK for a subscription I didn’t agree to. The subscription charges weren’t automatic, according to my Apple receipts payments started months after I originally downloaded the app. I truly think this game is a scam tactic & don’t recommend anyone to download it.
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4 years ago, VDP4Life
Subscription is stupid money grab
We play Picolo all the time with friends. Recently we went to purchase since we like variety and realized that the only way to unlock other games was to pay $50 annually. This is unfortunate as we were prepared to pay up to $10 for this game which seems reasonable. We thought about doing the free trial but feared forgetting to cancel the membership only to be charged $234 for 52 weeks. Please be reasonable when pricing out your subscriptions, this price point is a bit crazy.
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4 years ago, ccdreamer
Stole my money!
I downloaded this for a fun night with my best friends and signed up for the one week trial, which I ended after the first week was up. This app STOLE my debit card info and charged me for the one week rate 3 consecutive times within two days. IT DIDN’T END THERE! They went on to take 2 larger amounts ($60 each) and would’ve continued had I not put a stop to it by disabling my card. I’ll never use this app again. Luckily my bank had my back, because I couldn’t get any response from the developers.
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4 years ago, 20 something and hopeful
Here is how to unsubscribe
They started charging me $5/wk without me even signing up for anything. Do not download. If you need to unsubscribe if they are charging you, go to your account in the apple store and there should be an option to click for subscriptions (if you aren’t subscribed to anything you won’t have the option). Once in there, if you have a subscription to Picolo you can click on it and then hit cancel subscription. They don’t give you the option to do so in the app.
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4 years ago, brit12345abc123abc123
This app WILL CHARGE YOU WEEKLY even if you choice the “free” option
Hello, I have had the Picolo app downloaded on my phone for a few years and I recently opened it up op to play with some friends. The next 2 weeks I had $4.85 charged on my credit card. When I followed up with Apple I discovered that this app had signed me up for weekly subscriptions even though I chose the “free” option. I had to call Apple and get the charged refunded and then go and unsubscribe for a subscription I had never signed up for. SHADY.
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4 years ago, qudnga
Outrageous pricing
I didn’t realize I was paying $5 a week. Sometimes I wouldn’t have money in that account so I was getting charged an extra $30 fee for the bank covering it. I essentially was paying $35 a WEEK for an app I use maybe once a month. Ridiculous!! I tried to give the app a second chance. Downloaded it again to use the free version. I ended up paying another $15 cause it re subscribed when I got the app again. Waste of money. Total scam.
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3 years ago, thejuictothejosss
It was fun .. but I woke up pregnant 😭
Yeah I guess the game was fun, had us entertained the whole night .. had us all drunk out of our mind but please be mindful to have protection because this game definitely led to an extra fun night after getting super drunk & now I have a 4 month old son. LOL again please have protection ! 😂😂😂😂
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2 years ago, Picolo Letdown
I downloaded this a long time ago because it was a great game. I downloaded it again for fun and weeks later found out that they were charging me $4.49 weekly, sometimes twice in a day. I unsubscribed myself from their subscription on Apple, deleted it. And for some reason thought since I unsubscribed and deleted it, I could download it again without being charged. Nope. Immediately got resubscribed and charged. It’s sad a great game became such a scam.
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4 years ago, hecunn0401
Hidden fees
This is a fun drinking game, however I just realized that Picolo has been charging my credit card $5 EVERY WEEK for months. I had no idea I was signed up for an “automatic renewal” and the charge only shows up as “Apple” on your bill so it took lots of googling & digging to figure out what I was being charged for and how to cancel my subscription. To charge $5 A WEEK for a drinking game is ridiculous!!
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3 years ago, Fitsaner
I downloaded this app about 2 years ago and I paid already $10 to have all the premium game modes. However, 6 months or so ago, it didn’t let me in so I deleted it and downloaded it again. Guess what, now I need to pay again if I want to play the different game modes BUT the quantity is $5 PER WEEK… which of course is insane and NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. There are many free drinking games that undoubtedly are better than this one. Totally not recommend.
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4 years ago, ebbi.c
Taking Money from my account for 9 months!
This game is not even worth the mess I am in now. I called Apple to see why they keep charging me every few days and come to find out that this app has been stealing my money since January! That is $5 every few says for 9 months... I never subscribed to this app. I know I didn’t (I’ve never paid for any app) and you can play for free so why would I pay for it??? I really hope I get all my money back because this is just ridiculous!
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6 years ago, Langwizzle
Caliente Extreme and Lumberjack
My degenerate friends and I really enjoy this game, made us all much closer in more ways that wouldn’t be appropriate for this review. We do request, that an extreme version of Caliente be added, as well as a Lumberjack version. Use your own creativity to what those mean. Thanks!
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3 years ago, cgn999999
Charging me for months without knowing
I downloaded this free app over 6 months ago and did not sign up for any in-app purchases, free trials, or subscriptions. I just found out I have been charged $4.49 per WEEK without knowing for a “premium subscription” to this app. In all I’ve been charged over $200 for an app I used one time. I will now be filing a fraud claim through my credit card company since Apple will not refund the money.
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4 years ago, saltyaf63
Ridiculous what they charge
I bought this game at the beginning of March probably thinking it would be a one time one night game. Apparently I paid $4.49 and was okay with that at the time only to realize I never deleted the app and have been paying 4.49 a week for this game since March. Over $130 on this app used one time. Ridiculous that the App Store can even charge you weekly for a game. Will not be buying another app from the App Store if this is what they are allowed to do.
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4 years ago, AlainaRay
Hello, I am a huge fan of this app! However, the pandemic has made it difficult to play with my group of friends. I’m wondering if the creators would consider making a quarantine version that can be played remotely? (I.e. Sally must strip for the group video chat or drink 3 times). Cheers!🍻
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5 years ago, Ci Ci Bee
Keeps you laughing for hours
My friends and I loved playing this game. It was a great way to get to know some friends a little better. We played this game for hours and it was non-stop laughs. I haven’t had this much fun playing a drinking game in a long time!
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6 years ago, orgy + piccolo = basson
Ali’s review
This was a great way to make friends and memories during my orgy. This was my foreplay and he climax didn’t dissapoint. Quickly after the deed was done we play sum mo. Mo piccolo. I’ve got a fever and the only cure is mo piccolo. I also touched a piccolo but it was more a full blown bassoon. #ooooooouuuuuuuuuu #ienjoyedit. #piccolo #but really tenor saxophone
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3 years ago, Evan1108
Best night I had in a while
I played this with a friend over FaceTime and let me just say by the end of the night we was so wasted and known a whole lot more about each other. lol
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9 months ago, BruSven Art
Will charge you 4 times a month and never notify you that you are being charged
Would like a refund since this never gave me a notification that it was charging me and it charged me at least 4 times in a single month. Deleted the cursed app immediately! I don’t recommend ever downloading this unless you want to be charged profusely for something you never bought.
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4 years ago, Pens fan 14780374
Swindling Ownership
Don’t get this game. I had zero (0) idea that there was a WEEKLY fee after a free trial. Ofcourse it is my obligation to read and sign the agreement, but after looking at my charge, it seems the game devs/producers of the app were looking for people who were already buzzed/drinking to agree to something in an effort to swindle the consumers to agreeing to something they weren’t prepared for. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe and I will be deleting this app and looking out for any app produced by these scummy rats
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