Picture Fish - Fish Identifier

4.4 (3.9K)
70.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Next Vision Limited
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Picture Fish - Fish Identifier

4.38 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
8 months ago, PDXnemo
Solid app for beginning anglers looking to ID
I use this app to identify fish species as a newer angler. I wish it had a few more features, and allowed for a view of the full size uploaded picture. The app has definitely served its purpose for me though.
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3 years ago, fortniteBadbruh
Useful app but…
I tested this app on a fish I already knew and already did research on and this app didn’t give me the result I expected. It gave me 3 different pictures, which for a fact didn’t even come close to what my fish looked like, and it gave me a very specific name for the picture of my fish but when I searched that fish name up on Safari, the result was completely different than my fish so it was really weird. Although, I did try again with 2 other fish and got the correct results once I did research again. This app is very useful but due to the fact that I got different results from the app than my research, I must remain concerned about whether or not I’ll get the correct information for my fish through the app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Benjeeta
Feeling trapped in $20 subscription :|
I signed up for a free trial of the premium service when I downloaded the app (because it wasn’t clear how not to - I didn’t really want to). When I first used the app, it did not accurately identify a fish for me, so I decided the first day to cancel the trial. I have been trying to cancel the trial and subsequent subscription since then, but I have received no response to 2 messages to their VIP support center, and the email address listed in the app store for support is not working (I get bouncebacks). It is unacceptable that they don’t have a way to cancel the subscription in the app, AND that they won’t reply to my messages. I think this is probably a combo of poor service and design... but it feels a lot like a trap, or scam. Not happy. Will be reporting them to my credit card company.
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3 years ago, jdjxsbakcnsmz
Pretty good
I went on a fishing trip this summer and wanted to know what type of fish I was catching in the rivers and lakes around. I uploaded a few pictures and most of them checked out to be what I caught. However, there are about 3 fish that I have perfect pictures of and the app says they are freshwater drums or white suckers. I know these fish aren’t white suckers because of the mouth, and aren’t drums because of the smaller size and shape. It did identify northern pike, rainbow trout, and black crappie successfully though. Please fix this problem:). Thanks!
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1 month ago, Weekend staycation
Results in under 60 seconds total.
I’ve been trying to identify some fish we got at Petsmart. I suspected that they were labeled incorrectly, searched online for” how do I identify my aquarium fish with a picture” I had the answer less than 60 seconds later, including searching for this app, installing it and taking the picture of the fish. That’s 100% as advertised. Kudos!
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11 months ago, htgcs
Makes me a genius.
Someone always thinks I know EVERYTHING. Now I can cheat and with this app come up with answers. I really enjoy learning and sharing that info with others. Thanks so much for helping me. I just came upon a sea louse in a bag of dead shrimp. Really prehistoric looking creature. Almost threw up. You identified it for me. Made it worthwhile to make its acquaintance. Well, almost….
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3 years ago, BCra2011
Love it!
I have been exploring the creek near us. Found a lure that works and caught several of the local inhabitants. Small Mouth, creek Chubb, Rock Bass. App is easy, fast and accurate! Even keeps a running library, with date stamp, of what I’ve caught! Since I am a total newbe, without it I would be left looking up pictures
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4 months ago, Smurfed blues
Love this app!
This app is one of my favorites! I am obsessed with fish, so I love learning about each fish I catch. There is also a bunch of other apps like this such as picture this, picture bird and other ones like that that are also amazing.
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3 years ago, gigidiver
So incredibly helpful for this scuba diver!
Yesterday, we were diving in surge and just shooting pics as we drifted by creatures in the underwater world! We saw a nudibranch new to us and you identified it! In another pic, it identified something I did not see but clearly see now! So far, just fabulous!
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3 years ago, Domf421
Not too great.
Out of all of the fish I’ve tried to identify. Whether it be my own pets. Catches. Online photos. Or even the picture on my fish food container. Only one single identification out of all of the ones I have ever done has been correct. I believe it could work. But when I take a picture of a banded killifish I caught. To see how well the app works. And it gives my first possible identification as a whale shark? I lose all hope of the app working. As said, have tried using the app on numerous occasions. And it doesn’t work.
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8 months ago, Scdive
Recently I started to catch up with my spearfishing sport. I had not done it since I was a teen and now I am 54. Did not know fish and this application helped me a lot to recognize the types of fish and know if the are edible of not, etc,…. Thank you for the app!! It is amazing!!!
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2 years ago, 暑致卡й怜
Very good app
I found this app when i was searching for a fish identifier to help me recognize the fish in my tank, and this app has really helped me a lot. It is right most of the time,but you need to pay attention to the photos you take
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1 year ago, Averil SquirrelGirl
Inaccurate results
Half of the time, the answers are pretty accurate! The other half, they’re way off, even if I have a good picture. Could definitely use improvement. Also when you try a picture without a fish it says “no bugs found” instead of “no fish found”.
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1 month ago, thitp
Got charged for a year. AND completely off on identifying my tropical fish
I don’t know why I got charged for a year. I don’t believe I would’ve authorized that before I actually tested out the app. The beyond that it doesn’t work. I have a couple of very distinctive tropical fish. Red-tailed shark first identified as an angelfish and then identified as a beta fish. It didn’t get any of my 8 fish correct. All my pictures had just the fish in question. No other fish in the picture to confuse the app.
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2 years ago, helped me with every thing
It is very good and very accurate every thing worked and even though it’s supposed to identify fish I used it around the house and on people and the results were pretty funny but over all it is a good app
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1 year ago, <>
Good app
This app is amazing! It works really well. So Knowing it’s an amphibian, I decided to take a picture of an axolotl, and unsurprisingly, it showed me fish that look like one. All I’m saying is you should add animals that only live in water too, just saying.
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4 years ago, namaria3
Great for identifying fish in my area
I tested a bunch of local fish photos to see how it worked. It’s easy to use and accurate. I’m delighted I’ll be able to identify the fish I catch now because I’m horrible about knowing what I caught (northern pike vs small sturgeon or walleye vs bass) and want to make sure I’m following DNR regulations. The app developer is also prompt to respond to issues and correcting them. Thank you! Old review: I installed the app, and it’ll flash but not open. After several attempts, I uninstalled and reinstalled. It still won’t open.
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3 years ago, WeatherVanePro
Why isn’t this free?
If this is community driven, why isn’t it free? I have a question about one fish and rarely need to ask so this seemed like a great tool but I’m not paying more than I did for the fish to find out a more detailed description given to me by the community of aquarists. The automatic description finder kept telling me my African cichlid was a goldfish too. Guess I’ll head to (Free) Facebook for a more sensible community driven answer. Thanks anyway
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2 years ago, jack Zeitoun Dellal
I took a picture of my wall and it said it was a frog
This game is pretty cool so I can tell that the fish is right but half of the time it’s wrong I took a picture of my wall and it said it was a tree frog I took a picture of one of my Legos it said it was a A lionfish!!!😤🐟🦈🐠🐡🐋🐳🐬
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2 years ago, jpac1
So far so good
I just downloaded this to see if it worked & for reference. It’s been 100% correct & I’ve had the app for 6 months or so. I don’t pay for it, just use the free version.
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2 years ago, laney land gaming
Wont get right fish
I know the breed of my fish I just wanted to know if this app told me his specific breed he is a redeye tetra, the first pic I did it said he was an puffer fish and the second was an goldfish clearly it could see my fish then I accidentally took a pic of my foot , it said my foot was an Siamese fighting fish or for what we usually call them, bettas . Please fix this app I have tried other items and my other fish but the answer was totally wrong
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1 year ago, T Merrell
App Takes Control of your picture
So the app actually works to identify fish. The problem is that in order to share the picture, the other party has to download the app. If you take the picture of a fish in the app that is where it will stay. There should be a download option other than Dropbox. Why can’t you just download to your phone. For that reason 1 star.
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4 years ago, yoboi😜
Great app but one recccomendation
I love the app. Use it every time I catch a fish I do not know. I just thought you guys should add a section to find local bait and tackle shops. I would really like to see that. Is sometimes wrong but it can give me a good idea about what it could be.
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1 year ago, john mclain1
Love it
Love it i fish and I find all different kinds of fish all I have to do snap a pic and it tells me what kind it is and it Even saves it to my library. Really easy to use and free.
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2 years ago, jbandpb
App review
Good app however the fish I catch when going fishing such as shark when I caught a bull shark and put it it said hole other fish so the app needs to fix identification because most of the time it says wrong fish .
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Good stuff!
This is so awesome for tracking species. It’s also help me to identify species I’ve really been trying to figure out for a while. I’ve never wrote a review on anything before until this. Haha
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3 years ago, KarenS1687
Confusing to cancel
Downloaded the app and used it for 1-2 days during the free trial which makes you sign up for an annual subscription after 2 weeks. I canceled my subscription within 4 days of downloading and they sent an email that was unclear. I assumed I was confirmed because I got the email but now I am a member for the next 12 months. Make sure you cancel the subscription through Apple.
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2 years ago, Matthew Donovan
Wrong pretty much all the time…
I took some pretty decent photos of my community aquarium fish, and I kept getting different and very wrong results. It said that my guppy was a goldfish, my red tetra was an angelfish, etc… From my experience, this app is completely unreliable when it comes to accurately identifying fish species, which is it’s stated purpose— and I’m only using the free version. 🤨
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3 years ago, 1Teknic1
You need to add pleco identification because i put my pleco’s picture in, and it came up as an entire different species of fish. Also, it keeps saying that my tetra is a guppy! I followed the instructions and it still came up wrong, I do not recommend this app for the people who truly want to know their fish species.
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2 years ago, Chris B from Tennessee
Excellent app
Perfect for anglers, biology students and learners of all ages. This has greatly helped my son and I enjoy fishing and learning about pond life. Thanks very much for making this app.
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1 month ago, Pennmanship
Great APP but…
Please add Jaguar Cichlid to the list of options. One picture of a jaguar Cichlid I caught was identified by the app as a goliath grouper ha ha and another one as a black crappie. otherwise it’s great when you catch that one strange fish.
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1 year ago, Reidballer1
This is amazing it works like a charm it’s pretty quick and you can go into pictures and find the fish it’s the ideal app
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3 years ago, hdbxdbxbdbdvdb
Works like a charm unless your picture has absolutely horrible quality.
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3 years ago, duckduckgo0ose
This has made fishing even more fun and it’s unreal how quick and accurate it is. I’m so glad I got this app totally worth it!
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4 years ago, ame368
Does not always work
It doesn’t always work but it can be funny. Sometimes I take pictures of my living room😂😂😂😂😂😂.
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4 months ago, Sposposey
This app is t perfect but it is great for getting several ideas of what something might be! Love it.
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10 months ago, Quadruplee4
Does what it’s supposed to
Tells you what fish is in a picture, does what it says, great format, no complaints.
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3 years ago, Everyone's true opinion
Great app!
I know my fish well and I caught a fish and had no clue what it was, downloaded the app and it told me in a few seconds. It was a freshwater drum/ gray bass. Strongly recommend!
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3 years ago, Doug123434
Good app
It does exactly what it’s supposed to. I also like to facts included with the fish. You learn quite a bit, which for me was kind of the point.
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4 years ago, @talangiambalvo
I was forced to write this title
It’s a great app I really like it but it will mess up on some pictures so if you can get many different angles of the fish.
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10 months ago, bcjzcgsngz
We will see
I am getting this app today because i just started working at a pet store two days ago with the fish. I dont know a lot of fish so Im truly hoping this works well.
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4 years ago, frfugygrfygr
I downloaded this app to try and identify one of my fish (obviously) and I took pictures if the fish multiple times, and it never came up with the right answer. I tried taking a picture of a really easy fish to identify, and This app got it wrong. I can’t believe it.
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2 years ago, daniel posadas
I tried picturing some sea creatures and it says that there were different ones. Add more crustaceans,mollusks, deep sea creatures, and sharks will you!
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4 years ago, Chad661980
Very simple to use, and fairly accurate. Only had one time it miss identified, but it was an issue of lightning.
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3 years ago, MICHAEL ZOOM
Don’t listen
Don’t listen to any of the people that are saying this app works. It does not get anything right although I will admit It has once or twice but that’s it. It identified a peacock cichlid as an Oscar. It identified my Red Devil as a gold fish. It also Identified my Oscar as some saltwater fish that didn’t even look close to an Oscar.
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3 years ago, nick computer
The software is not developed and matured enough to correctly identify a fish. I have snapped 30+ pictures of my cichlids and not a single one was identified as any breed of cichlid, instead they are poison dart frogs, blue tangs, corydoras, siamese fighting fish, and many other species that look nothing like a cichlid. For 30$ a year, this app is an absolute waste of money 👎🏼
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1 year ago, Canon crisp
Good app
It’s a great app I have never felt it to be wrong the price is definitely worth it.
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4 years ago, fishboiSA
Think is a great idea
I give this a 3 star based on the idea of this app but this app needs a lot of work identifying fish correctly. I took 10 good pics of 10 different fish and only got one of them right
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3 years ago, :/:' mmm
When I take a picture:/ I hoped that it would show me the information but it didn’t I took a lot of pictures-_- so fix that
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4 years ago, the dogs are out!
Is it supposed to work?
I have yet to get a correct identification from this app, which is a pretty big let down since it’s a yearly subscription. It’s not even that the fish I’m looking at aren’t in the database, this just does not correctly identify them. I’ve tried mostly on freshwater fish. Just not happening for me.
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