Picture Insect: Spiders & Bugs

4.6 (31.1K)
138.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Next Vision Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Picture Insect: Spiders & Bugs

4.61 out of 5
31.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Lusnowdrop
Very great app even without subscription!
Although without buying a subscription, you get many popups, you can easily press “continue with limited version”. I’m considering buying a subscription because I use this app so often as a gardener! For example, today I was able to identify some green lacewing larvae that were helping my garden rid of aphids. I’ve successfully identified many insects on this app and it even helped me realize that the butterflies I was finding weren’t painted ladies, but a different species. I really love using this and learning more and more about bugs. I’ve been able to identify so many spiders including crab spiders, orb weavers and a species of harvestmen I didn’t even know existed! This app also has all ladybug identifications and has helped me identify many different species. I cannot recommend this app enough. For those saying this app doesn’t give enough information about species- you can always look them up and learn more as well as how to deal with pests. (It’s what I do!) I use this app to get my identifications and then do further research. I also love how you can look back on all your identifications and pictures you have. It really feels like you have your own little collection made by you.
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11 months ago, Noxave of Fire Stars
Very accurate!
I’ve used this app for a little over a year now and identified whatever happens to spark my curiosity. The results are usually very close to an actual species, and it’s 99% guaranteed for an accurate genus classification from the 3 options it gives you. I have an older iPhone, so my camera is not all that great and I take a lot of fuzzy-ish photos of small spiders, but the accuracy is still very spot on for what the image can convey! It’s amazing how this app can pick up small details like tiny dots or spines that are barely visible from an image. The brief overview of the insect is also very insightful, although most times general about toxins or venoms (lower risk, higher risk, aggressive vs. passive, etc.). I like how it gives you a map of where the insect is commonly found and for what time of year, as well as photos from other members or sourced from online to further identify your specimen. My only criticism is the pop up every time I open the app asking me to upgrade to premium, but other than that, there are no ads whatsoever and the free version works great for me. Overall, fantastic app for the free experience! I’m no scientist so I’m not sure I would recommend this for academic studies (even though I bet it’d be a good head start to identifying a genus/family if you’re not sure), but it sure is a helpful tool for anyone curious about a bug! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, MTroutBug
Needs Work
An ok app. Like many ID apps, it will often try to identify to a level not possible from the photo, resulting in misinformation. For example, if I post a photo that is only identifiable to family level, it will always attempt a species ID anyway. As far as accuracy goes, it is hit or miss. I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of some ID’s such as a least skipper photo I posted, but it also gets other obvious and distinctive insects such as the Coral hairstreak wrong (I study butterflies so that is largely what I tested). For many insects this probably isn’t a big deal, but it would be best to leave ID’s at a higher taxon level like family or genus if it is just going to make inaccurate species ID’s. It would also be good to have a comment system of sorts since correcting the ID is confusing if the photo isn’t identifiable to species and the app put the insect in the wrong family or order. Information about the insects themselves is usually fine but some entries are about the wrong organism (Ex: Mormon fritillary description talks about Tortoiseshell butterflies which are in a different genus). I can’t see a reason to use it over other ID apps unless accuracy improves.
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4 months ago, Korvidia
Good IDs, bad species information
As an entomologist, I take my hat off to this app for surprisingly accurate & reliable identification. However, the hysteria & fear-driven (or pesticide-driven?) misinformation it spreads it pretty damned reprehensible. For instance, while it acknowledges that Harvestmen (one of two species known as “daddy long legs”) are not toxic to humans, it doesn’t acknowledge that they are literally incapable of biting humans, and goes on to say that they are, in regards to pets, a “bite animal”. As though these beneficial aphid-eating non-spider arachnids were a potential threat to your dog. Unless your “pet” is a white fly, your pets are 100% safe from these guys. And this is just one of numerous examples where the app is very out of touch with reality & potentially even destructive to the environment & horticulture as it spreads ignorance on one hand & informs in terms of basic identification with the other, making it seem more credible than it is. Because of this, I will never subscribe to premium, even though I find the app useful. Take the IDs, but always do your own research - preferably on sites that aren’t “pest management” companies with an agenda to sell their overzealous “services” a la Dale Gribble. 🙄
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3 years ago, kut4u
This is harder to rate than I thought…
… what I mean is, I try reserving 5 stars for apps that are close to flawless in providing the service I bought it for.. this came very close, I like the concept, the app is user friendly however it lacks a glossy of bugs I tried to identify. Without knowing just how tough if not impossible it is to acquire everything! You may want to rate it with less! However, the fact that this app knows this, explaining this and other great facts inside, helps you realize this app just hasn’t been finished! It’s constantly asking for new material or correct what you believe it is.. (if you don’t know, don’t add it. There is this place called a library which hold so much information, I’m sure if your a true hobbyists, you’ll find your answer there, then add it!) So basically this app needs our help to fill this apps glossy up! If this app is globally placed, we may even find a new species of arachnid or insect if we’re lucky! So that is why I want to give it a 5 but maybe as we add more constant, it’ll change.
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3 months ago, Stevie1276
“Not sure”
Can you put back the option “not sure” or “I don’t know” for when it asks if you identified the correct insect. I’m using the app to identify the insect. Usually I feel like I know what it is so when something comes up and it wasn’t the insect I was thinking of then I clearly can’t answer “yes” or “no” bc I don’t know. I dunno, if you don’t want to do that then at least make it so you opt not to answer without having to close the app completely out. 9 times out of 10 when I get this question it’s when I’m trying to take a picture of the next insect and I don’t want to say it is or isn’t the correct insect if I’m not sure bc then I’m giving possibly false feedback. However you are forcing us to answer one or the other bc we can’t X out of the question without answering. By the time I close the app out to get rid of the question, the insect I wanted to photo is long gone. Its frustrating. Otherwise the app is excellent. I use it several times a day in the Spring and Summer.
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6 months ago, max4286
It actually works!!!!! Highly recommend!
I’ve never written a review before but I had to for this one. My mother saw a mystery bug on her bathroom countertops at 3am. She texted me a picture of it and asked me what it was. I of course had no idea because I’m not a big expert. Then she told me to Google it and we had a whole argument about that. Then I said screw it and tried to see if there was a bug identifier app. I downloaded this one. I uploaded the picture and assumed it wouldn’t work because the bug was almost completely camouflaged by the grain in the countertop but whatever, it was 3am and my mom wouldn’t let me sleep. So I started the app thinking it would fail and in an instant it told me exactly what bug it was! It even showed me other similar images of it to make sure it got it right! Perfect! Bang on! Genius AI app!!! Shocked that it actually identified this camouflaged bug! Highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, PaprikaPhd
Very good with subscription, could use more info
We went ahead and immediately paid the $20 a year subscription for the app. My son is really into bugs, and having some thing that immediately tells you what a bug is while you are out at the park or in the backyard was invaluable. Plus he has a blog where we like to write about the bugs we see every day. So as far is the actual identification part, this app is very quick and very accurate. It has easily identified every picture we have taken. If I had a criticism, it would be that it doesn’t give you clear useful information about the bug once the bug is identified. It would be nice to have a symbol that shows up immediately indicating whether the bug is dangerous, venomous, etc. Having the scientific name and diet is nice, but not the most useful information when you’re outside.
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4 years ago, Brackett84
Can’t get much better
As far as making an app to identify a bug just by taking a picture of it.. does it get anymore convenient? I HATE spiders but I just moved to an area that’s by a forest and see these big spiders marching around the house. Pretty much just wanting to see what is or isn’t poisonous and the fact this app can pretty much identify most insect even by uploading a pic is...5 stars worthy. It gives a lot of info but there are specific answers I want to know and it would be nice if it provided a little bit more info about the insects, if they can harm your animals or family/friends, and/or how common they are, what attracts them, how to handle them, etc. That would make it more interesting and provide more than sufficient information that I think most people would be curious to know. I’m using the free trial and may try the full version to see if it provides more features. Brilliant!
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1 year ago, MelaninatedMami
Great app
I am not an insect lover lol. I am rather terrified of insects. I am from the city and moved to the country. I have encountered insects I have never seen before. To me, every insect is deathly poisonous lol. This app has helped ease some of my anxieties. I have been able to identify insects that I thought were harmful and some species that actually protect me from some of the more harmful insects and spiders. The app provides a good amount of information. For what it could not provide, it is nothing to go do more research using other sources. I have identified over 30 types of moths that I thought were butterflies and other kinds of insects. Trying to describe some of the insects is difficult but being able to take a picture, though not 100%, is very helpful and usually more accurate than not.
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2 years ago, Ice bear for president
Loving it so far!
I have had this app for a few months now and as an aspiring entomologist, I've gotta say I have very few complaints! Most of the time it works properly and gives me accurate identifications while also providing options and opening the possibility of it being wrong. after i've been using the app for some time (and learned more about spiders 😃) I've noticed one or two out of hundreds of IDs have been incorrect. That being said, I love that it doesn't just spit out a species name and that it gives you full descriptions and comparison photos so that you can verify the accuracy of the identification yourself. my only complaints are that the pop-ups are annoying and that the built in camera isn't fantastic, so i normally default to using my device's camera and then importing a photo. Overall, great app that I plan to continue using throughout my studies! 4/5 😀
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3 years ago, Grapes, Lemons and Limes
When I was younger, I was playing with my friends in a field behind our houses, and at the edge of this field was a forest. It was late at night, and it was really dark. Then one of us noticed a huge moth on a leaf. One of my friends, who had brought along a camera, took a picture of the moth. It was pretty blurry, but you could tell it was a moth. We all had no idea what kind of moth it was, and I just recently found the picture again. I decided to find out what kind of moth it was, so I downloaded this app to see if it would work. I thought it might not recognize the moth, since it was so blurry. But to my surprise, the first result was the exact moth in the picture! Thank you so much, I definitely recommend this app!
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1 year ago, Finnskull
Good but be careful of misidentification
I am a professional in insect and invert care and keeping. I’ve owned many tarantulas, spiders, roaches, scorpions and many others. I’m always seeing new spiders in the wild I didn’t know of but lots of insects can be easily misidentified, especially by an app that goes on one picture alone. I got curious and decided to test it with my own inverts. My curly hair was misidentified as a rose hair by no fault of the app. It’s common to mistake the two due to their markings being so similar. I also tested it on my Mexican Redknee, a more identifiable species. While the app did get it right, I noticed a picture that was not a Mexican redknee on the insect page. This app is mostly accurate but still be aware that it’s AI May misidentify a big as harmless but could actually contain powerful venom! Be safe and use the app wisely!
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11 months ago, Pokeybird20703
Amazing app! Have used for years!!
This is overall an amazing app! I’ve used it for about 2 years now on and off to categorize my entomological endeavors! Im 19 and all off my friends poke fun at me for loving insects but this app makes me happy! The information is not very in-depth but it is not hard to just look up the insect after it’s identified! Not that the info is incorrect or out-of-date it’s just there are millions of species of insects and it would take years to input all of the data about each! Though, there is a feature that allows you (the user) to add there own findings and information when you identify the specific species like location, age, sex, etc. which I think with time will get much better! Highly recommend!
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11 months ago, nondno
Great Insect Identifier
This is a great app for bug identifying. I am always in my backyard & come across all types of insects. Most of the time I would not know what I would be looking at until I found this app. Now if I see something I do not immediately recognize, I just take a pic & almost 98% of the time (I would estimate) I get the type of insect I am looking at. It’s not 100% because I would venture to say ‘user error’. Some times pics just aren’t as clear as one would like. Bugs aren’t the most cooperative when photographing. They move, jump, fly away…etc. It will provide info on what insect you input telling you what you need to know about it. Overall it is a very good app to have.
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11 months ago, SirRobiKins
Sometimes right…
I understand that it’s an app, and it’s not going to be 100% right, and sometimes it’s right. Other times it’s not even close, and I feel like that can be incredibly dangerous for a user. I wanted to be really thoughtful with my review. One thing that really bothers me with the app is the misuse of basic terminology. Example: monarch butterflies. You have them listed as venomous— indicating that they have venom gland and are able to bite and inject venom. Monarchs are considered toxic/poisonous if ingested. Monarchs are not venomous, they are poisonous. They lack the mouth parts capable of biting, and lack venom to be considered venomous. The words cannot be used interchangeably, and do not mean the same thing. I appreciate the correct IDs on many bugs, and I appreciate that you offer the use of the app for free— but I also hope some updates are made.
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5 years ago, AuntieEmMoMiMi
Some great pros but a secret price tag
This is a very quick, simple to use app with basic information. It is great for a fast identification of an odd creepy crawly, or in my case to have on hand since moving to a semi-tropical island where everything is venomous, poisonous, or straight up trying to scare you to death. (Huntsman spider, I am side eyeing you) This would also be a great resource for a bug crazed kiddo, and keep them entertained for hours. That said, this is one of those “free” apps that REALLY wants you to sign up for their 20$ a year subscription. Personally I just pushed the X in the corner and I could still use the app, but maybe the paid for version has more info, better features or other bug stuff. For me, I just need the ‘Is this going to kill me?’ Question answered quickly, and this does the trick.
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2 years ago, imtheshizzniyee
Helped my identify fruit flies
I had a bunch of small flying bugs in the kitchen & bathrooms and didn't know what they were. I thought fruit flies but I've searched the house high and low and haven't found any rotten fruit or anything so I have no idea where they're spawning from. Seems like from thin air because when I kill one two or three more appear. I thought maybe I was wrong about what it was so I downloaded this app and was able to scan one after killing one. The app did identify it as a fruit fly but most importantly it gave some helpful information on what the cause is and several options for treating them other than the fruit fly traps I've been using. This app is great.
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2 years ago, Djnivniv
Such a quality app
I was heading into bed and noticed a small bug crawling on my sheets (technically my shorts that were on my sheets). HORRIFIED I picked up my shorts, took them into the bathroom and snapped a picture of the alien-looking bug. Then after freaking out a bunch and debating sleeping in a different room, I had the idea to check if I could submit my picture anywhere to identify the bug. That’s how I came upon this app. Now my picture was sorta blurry, but to my surprise it scanned my picture and pulled up a bug that looked EXACTLY what I saw in my bed. (A Fire-Brat if y’all wanna look it up) Now, not only did I know the identity of the bug, but loads of interesting things about it; like the fact that it isn’t harmful and doesn’t bite, what may have caused it to be there, and how I can prevent it. I wasn’t expecting much since it’s the free version but WOW. Can’t go to sleep until I leave a review like this app is a game changer. Definitely recommend it for anyone who is either creeped out by bugs, interested in them, or lives with a bunch. You won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, ballz42069yeetyolo
Good but not all the way there yet
Being someone who grows a lot of food and is a student of environmental science I was excited for this app. Pros: -Easy and aesthetic interface had me identifying insects in no time. -The first choice they gave me was right 100% of my pictures submitted. They even give a few extra choices just in case. -Complete scientific name and familiar classification. Cons: -Doesn’t really tell you much “regular” information. A lot of my pictures were pest species and no info was given on how to deal with them. Sure I can google it but isn’t that what paying is for? -Some of the explanations seemed like they came from someone who’s not entirely mastered English. Which isn’t a negative cause they haven’t mastered English. I can infer and figure out what they’re saying. But it’s a scientific app. Kinda something you wanna be exact in your descriptions. Overall this app is cool on the surface and helped me ID a lot of different insects. But it lacks real substance with regards to dealing with pests or giving any detailed info on species. I understand it’s difficult given the sheer amount of insects out there. I might keep this till the seven day mark but unsure. Thanks for listening to me blab.
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2 years ago, HarryPeterProud
Digger Wasp Identification
OK so this is the first time I have used this app and I found that at first it did not identify the picture of the insect that I was trying to identify; this maybe because my picture was too blurry ; so be careful that your picture is a little bit more precise. Once I made my picture a little clearer and I went through a selection because it gave me an option of what the insect variety’could be ‘ to clarify my choice. I was able to identify the culprit of a nasty sting to my right toe yesterday. I look forward to using this app. As I live in a place where there are lots of their interesting and six beneficial And occasionally annoying.
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1 year ago, Morrocamartinez
Must Have
If you are an insect lover or if you have critters that have decided to make themselves at home in your house and/or yard, and are curious as to what they are, this app will certainly let you know. Not only does this app identify the critter within seconds, but it also gives you a complete breakdown of the insect and inform you if it’s harmless or not. I find myself on outdoor adventures quite a bit and constantly find “new” critters that I am curious about. If it wasn’t for this app, I would never know what they are. This app has come in handy way more than expected and quickly became one of my favorite apps; definitely in the top 3.
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2 years ago, Biosquint
Used twice and it worked well
I have only used the app twice but it worked well both times. I even verified the results with a local extension service website. My only issue is with the information given in the “Learn More” section. In giving the hierarchy of the Burrowing Peanut Bug that was identified it listed this under phylum: ”Arthropoda - Arthropods, Crustaceans, Indris, sifakas, and woolly lemurs.” The last three are not Arthropods but Chordates. A typo? Or maybe this was added to see if anyone was actually reading the information?! Update to review: I was contacted by the developer and given a better way to correct typos etc. I’m very glad they care enough to look at their reviews! Thanks for a good app and the feedback.
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3 years ago, buggy bud
Why I would NOT recommend this app
Okay okay, I really love bugs and animals and I wanted an app that would help identify them so I got this one because the other one was not free (it is called insect identification) and it worked very well, but I could only use it one time (because it lets you used it one time before if makes you buy it) so I went back on the App Store and got this one so I could identify bugs for free. I was looking forward to it, so I tested it by going through my camera roll and choosing a flea, it did it’s thing and when it loaded it said it was a— Lesser Stripedtail scorpion??!!!! ( look up what they are if you don’t know, they are called Lesser Stripedtail scorpion and a flea) So then I tested different bugs and — it was all wrong. The only one it got right was the crane fly (Mosquito hawk). So that is why I thing you should NOT get this app, and thanks for reading till the end I really needed to talk/rant about this app.
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2 years ago, WishIHadthisSooner!
Good identification but not informed
This app is good at identifying insects, but it does not tell you about the benefits of these insects to the ecosystem. For example I found a goal wasp on my oak. It doesn’t tell you whether this is a harmful past or beneficial to the ecosystem. All it says is that it’s parasitic to plants which could sound bad to a lot of people. From another source on the Internet I found this: Oak gall wasps are part of the biodiversity that a healthy oak tree supports. They little or no impact on the tree's health and growth is minimal, therefore to attempt to control them is undesirable. The app would be better if it included information about whether the insect was an important part of the ecosystem versus whether it is invasive or dangerous.
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1 week ago, Hotdog11546
Love this!!
I use this to collect pictures of bugs I come across and learn more about them. The only thing I would change about the app is. One, make it so that when you load the app up it’s fast to get to the camera just in case I need a quick shot. (Granted if I paid for it the initial and only ad wall would not be preventing me from doing so) Two, I would like more interesting facts about the bugs I see. (What do they tend to eat?, how do they typically behave, do that have any unique characteristics that set them apart. Other than that I love this app and have used it to take photos of 100+ bugs.
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1 year ago, Alyce and Dean
Too cool
This is by far one of the coolest apps I’ve ever downloaded. My husband and I like to travel and we’re always seeing cool and new spiders and insects we’ve never seen before. We’re usually pretty fascinated by them and time permitting can spend hours pouring over Google search results to find a match. We were on a retreat in Virginia when we found a spider we couldn’t quite find a match to on Google and I downloaded this app. It found it immediately and I’ve used it multiple times since then! The yearly rate is very affordable and I feel that I’ll be using this app regularly!
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1 year ago, Constantin, IEEE Life Fellow
Treacherous advertising
The vendor offers this application through the Apple Store stating that it is free during an one-week trial period when you can cancel the subscription. I did not like the application and spent several hours trying to find a way to cancel the subscription before I get charged ~$30. My account at Apple or iTunes finds the subscription as “free for one week”, but does no offer any option to cancel. Instead, it offers many options to subscribe! Even if I accept the minimum one-week period, I am not sure whether that subscription will remain for one week and will not be extended automatically: it is described as “weekly”. To me, this process appears to be intentionally conceived to deceive. I apologize and withdraw this bad review if there is a clear way to cancel the subscription without any automatic renewal and billing.
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9 months ago, sushi510
Couldn’t have asked for a better app!
I never realized anyone had made such a great app before, but when I saw this in the App Store I was like, “no way!”. So I tried it out and have used it every week since getting it because often times I’ll find a bug and I’ll wonder what it is, or a spider and will want to know if it’s harmful to me or my pets. It even has a bug bite identifier!!! How cool is that!? The developers also have some other apps that come in handy too like plant identifying tools and even animal identifiers. I can’t wait for them to release more great stuff for sure.
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3 years ago, Thrin4thewin
Completely inaccurate
I tried this on a spider 1/2 inch in diameter. It gave me everything from a wood tick (I know what those look like) to several varieties of moth, to a brown rat. Not kidding. A brown rat. I also had to get within a foot of the spider to take a decent photo; zoom wouldn’t work well enough from any further away, even 2 feet, on my iPhone that tends to have excellent zoom capabilities. I tried reporting the inaccurate reading (seriously. Not a rat of any color. Wrong phylum entirely), but that wasn’t an option. I tried putting “spider,” but it wanted me to pick which one. Feeling that to be somewhat defeative of the purpose of downloading the app to begin with… I gave up. Less than 10 attempts on the same creature, and I’ve blown through my free tries. No reason to think the paid version is any better. No thank you.
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5 months ago, Beanbrainy
Great service this is
I live in an old building,beautiful as it is I have found that myself and my husband and kitty are not alone in this wooden wonder. I am not a smart phone fanatic but my husband included to his a plant and tree identifier for our walks and a light went off in my little bean brain if only one to identify the tiny little less than friends I keep finding in my casa …. And then I found you! vERY helpful for me-and now my hubby doesn’t think I have a screw loose anymore. Thank you so much and don’t change a thing please it works perfect as is. Sincerely Amy
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1 month ago, BOIABE99
For those of you seeking a true identifier of insects, I would probably venture to say this is not the correct app. It’s full of grammatical errors which automatically would make one step away from something, especially when it comes to identifying potential pests and dangerous insects. Anything that is not 100% venomous is pretty much dismissed with the “there’s no need to be overly concerned. “ the app launches into these curious praises/ descriptions and… Look… If you love insects that’s great. But for those of us who are being faced with horrible allergic reactions, it’s advice and identification ring very Hollow. Maybe it’s a language difference as well. I’m guessing this was crafted somewhere out of side of the English-speaking world which is fine but at least use a spellcheck.
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2 years ago, Tmaxxman33
Does not work well
I chose this app because I have its “sister” app for identifying plants and couldn’t be more impressed with that one! This bug one, on the other hand, is basically useless. I’ve tried identifying many types of bugs, many attempts each, and each attempt it gives me a different result and almost every time that result is incorrect and usually not even close. On top of that, the data they have on each bug they identify is extremely minimalistic and basically useless. Again, their plant app excels greatly in this area with tons of accurate and useful information so I expected better from the same creator. 2 stars because it does identify some insects and that’s kind of cool, but really doesn’t do anything “well”…
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3 years ago, LimeBalthazar
Great app, works quickly
Came across a large spider. Usually with a few keywords I can get close on Google, but I just couldn’t identify it. I opened this app, uploaded my photo, and it identified the spider correctly within a few seconds. It also made some other similar suggestions if I disagreed, so that was cool. Anything you scan gets put in your collection, so it’s a fun way to keep track of what you find. I like that you can see photos that other people have submitted too, but I wish there was some way to rate them or something so the best pic is shown. Some are far better than others, but it’s a good starting point.
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2 days ago, gengsyfwv
I love this app
Some of the things I really like about this app is that it’s usually really precise and it can find the bug in pictures with a lot of stuff happening, I also really like how fast it is when it comes to taking a picture. Where as with any other apps it might take a while to get your phone out and click on a few things to get to the picture and then take a good picture and by the time you do all that the bug has most likely flown/swam/walked away. (Thank you Picture Insect👌🙂)
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2 years ago, ohhhhhmyyyyyygoddddddd
Very helpful
As someone with SEVERE arachnophobia, this app basically helps me determine which spiders are venomous, and living in the south there are more than enough to go around. This app has been super helpful at helping identify different kinds of spiders, and even helped alert us to several brown recluse in our house. The ONLY thing I would suggest is maybe having a toggle option that would allow you to read the info about the identification, without seeing the pictures. I obviously understand why there are pictures, but it definitely makes my experience that much more anxiety inducing.
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5 years ago, Love to learn45
I found a bug that looked like a spider I’d never seen before making a home on the trampoline net. I didn’t want to disturb it, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t poisonous. I searched the internet with a description of the bug but couldn’t get results with a picture that matched. Then I found this app. I took a picture, submitted it, and in seconds the app accurately provided a picture and information about the bug. Turns out it’s an assassin bug. After a google search of the name I found that the bug isn’t as dangerous as the name sounds; well, at least to humans.
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2 years ago, Adashak
Almost Perfect
I think it’s great for finding somewhat rare bugs. We have fun identifying everything we find and it’s good that it saves it because now I know I have Chagas’ disease from a bug it identified! To be perfect, we need to see photos of every bug it identifies, every stage of that bug, and the truth if it’s parasitic, not just that a worm can always turn on you. Many say they aren’t harmful when they can be. If they can hurt even one person they should be classified as potentially harmful. Better to be safe than sorry. I love reading the history, too. It even identifies most bites correctly!
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11 months ago, Random guy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Must have for bug and spider lovers!
I discovered this app a year ago, and have used pretty frequently! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bitten, stung, or just wanted to know what bug is crawling on my window! What I can say, however, is that picture insect has been there every single time. I have loved everything about insects and arachnids since I was little, when I discovered this app it was a must have. Even without buying the subscription, this app deserves every single one of those 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Gelenilgos
Quick ID
Has identified several bugs I found around in my yard (Nashville, TN). It’ll ID very tiny aphids, paper wasps, bug nymphs, big brown recluse spiders. I rather use the built it camera app in my iPhone 13 to take a pic, bc the user interface (of the camera app) is friendlier. The in-app camera controls are not as user friendly - I have issues with the zooming controls placement and the screen-tap to focus control is removed. Other than the camera controls the app gives you a good amount of info. I like it.
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8 months ago, Roach V
Great app with accurate identification!
Not only does this app accurately identify clear pictures of large bugs with good lighting and plain backgrounds, but it also accurately identifies teeny tiny little bugs that my camera couldn’t possibly focus on, and it even managed to identify a spider that blended in with the background! I love this and use it all the time, mostly because it’s so fun to identify all the random bugs I see 😂 I love this app and highly recommend it for all your bug identifying needs 👍
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2 years ago, yarchy Luka village
I love this this app! I love studying bugs and this app makes it even better! If you like bugs, you’ll love this app! And you still get a wonderful experience even if you don’t pay for it! Just love it! Use it everyday! It’s really nice to know what kind of bugs are around you, what bugs may look dangerous, but are actually completely harmless, and bugs that look like they couldn’t do anything to you if they tried, are actually really dangerous! Love it! 100,000,000/5 stars!
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2 months ago, Not a photo genius
Super Useful
This app is super useful and informative! My friends and family will now send me photos to identify bugs for them using this app. Not 5 stars because I have to refuse the paid version of the app every time I open it. Please remove that pop up ad. If I want to pay for extra stuff, features, information, etc. I will pay for it. In the mean time, let me use the app without bothering me every time I open it. It’s one extra step every time and it’s annoying.
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2 years ago, hdsbabjsirw
As a bug lover, I live near some dangerous bugs and when I take a pic of them I know whether they are harmless or not and other facts about them like there name and science name, o recommends this to all my friends and it’s such a great app with very accurate results I also love the creators other apps but there is one thing I would recommend, mabye you could add if the bug is endangered or not or how long they’ve been around for and also if they could be a good pet, Tysm and I’m so grateful for your apps!!!
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2 years ago, Pepper piper
Its amazing! ❤️
This app has been a game changer, it literally has never been wrong before! When I found a random weird bug I thought was a big mosquito it turned out to be a certain type of wasp and it was identical! It also saved me from a case of bed bugs, one day in a cabin I get seeing beetles but then I saw a strange bug so I scanned it and it was a beetle. Of course you may have to take a few pictures before you get a accurate one, but otherwise its amazing
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4 years ago, Dakota Kitteh
Really fast and accurate identification of insects, truly amazing to me. I just moved to Arkansas, where I’ve come across many different species of insects that are unfamiliar to me. Because of this app, it’s become a hobby of mine to keep a collection of all the different spiders I come across. Whenever I see one I haven’t seen before, I get excited and pull up the app! Would highly recommend, for people who love bugs, or to anybody trying to figure out what crawled up into their house. 🙂
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1 year ago, DrakeDude07
Amazing Insect Identifier
This app sparked a new passion for me, every time I go outside with my friends and family I’ll soon be running off through the woods like a madman chasing a bug, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced. The joy of hunting down a new bug every time I see one, which is often considering they’re everywhere, and having a free, easy, and accurate method of Identifying them is incomparable. I love this app and I can’t recommend it enough to everyone I know!
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8 months ago, pphhgge
Needs to improve
Please make your app more specific for each insect. It doesn’t do much good to have generic information for every insect. I want to recommend this app to my customers and people I teach. Right now it’s disappointing, it’s too generic. Every insect identification has the same information, I understand you have to CYA but people who are using the app want to know what they’re looking at and what it’s going to do in the garden. I use PictureThis and recommend picture of this all the time to my customers and people I teach. I want to be able to do the same with the insect app, but it’s got to have more specific information. Thanks.
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2 years ago, nothappyneedtobefixed
Super interesting
This is a super cool app with just one picture you can know what kind of bug is in or out side of your house. I use this app all the time. Just today I found a spider in my bathroom and found out that is was a black widow! Which I had never seen before, but thanks to the app I was about to tell what it was. But the only thing that I will say is I do not have unlimited identifications and it asks all the time for me to purchase it. But other than that I love the app!
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3 months ago, Sister Shrub
Excellent App!!
We live in a somewhat wooded area and I use this app weekly and sometimes daily. Not only does it provide the necessary information to keep our family safe, but it’s also been a wonderful tool to teach my girls about nature. Instead of screaming and running away from some of the crazy bugs we see, they now go to the app and want to see what it is. I’m so grateful that it’s taken some of their fear away. I recommend this app all the time!!
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