Picture Mushroom: Fungi finder

4.7 (19.5K)
168.3 MB
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Current version
Next Vision Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Picture Mushroom: Fungi finder

4.71 out of 5
19.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Summer🍿🍯
Incredible app
So one day my grandma and me were outside and we found these mushrooms and we didn’t know if they were safe or anything because my dog was also also outside and he could reach them with this chain so cause we have to put them on a leash because he runs away and we were outside, and I scanned it and the mushroom it was very very poisonous and it really helped me and my grandma know if it was safe or not because we were originally growing edible mushrooms and we didn’t know if it was toxic or not because it wasn’t in the mushroom the edible mushroom area so it really helped us and we got our dog away from it And we didn’t touch it and then one day I was just gone. We didn’t know what happened to it. It’s just gone. It’s really really really good app you should get it if I could and if I knew how to give it a 4 1/2 stars I would say the only reason I would give it that thing that review is because every mushroom I click on that says it said bullet says do not touch or do not eat. I don’t know why or is it just the curse of this app I don’t know anyways, you should get this app. It’s really good that really helped me and my grandma out to get our dog away from it. It’s a nice app you really should get it. Thank you for reading this.
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9 months ago, Pup Grammy
Very helpful app!
The app has been so interesting in helping me to know the different types of mushrooms popping up in my yard and surrounding area. It gives information and additional pictures of the mushrooms and lets me know the possible effects. This was particularly helpful since my puppy was intent on eating whatever he could get in his mouth! I didn’t want to disturb the mushroom ecology any more than necessary but wanted to get toxic mushrooms out of his way. This helped a lot with identification and knowing what to move. I wish I had enabled offline identification before going to the mountains since I found a lot of mushrooms there but have since enabled it and will give it a try! Another nice feature of the app is that it saves on date order all the mushrooms you have identified with pictures and information including date and location. Any questions, you can go back and look! I like it a lot!
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9 months ago, skinnee j
Good app but far from perfect
For those people saying ‘It’s not free!’ the pop up for the trial will happen every time you open it, but there’s a grey, hard to see ‘cancel’ at the top which lets you use the app for free with no trial. To cancel any subscription if you did accidentally sign up…you go to your phone settings, click your Apple ID at the top, and there’s a tab that says ‘subscriptions’ that allows you to cancel any apps you’ve paid for. You’re welcome. My issues with the app itself: somehow the heatmap is gone for me. Don’t know if that is not part of the free version anymore or something, but it was very helpful to seeing where in the world the mushroom was. The last few months I’m getting lots of suggestions for mushrooms that are nowhere near where my location is. If you’re gonna use my location data, at least have it help ID things. Also…the camera doesn’t want to focus while the app is open anymore, so I’m having to take photos out of the app and import them. Otherwise this app is super helpful for getting a ballpark ID on mushrooms and has been very accurate for some of them when I had little to go on. Always take them home and double check with spore prints and a good field guide, especially if you’re gonna eat them.
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3 years ago, sunsun13
So fun! 🤩
I downloaded this app recently and found that I love it! It is so quick with identifying mushrooms and gives a brief description of the mushroom as well, some even prompting weather they're edible or not, though I do not completely trust the app enough to eat any. Sometimes the mushroom I find and take a picture of is a bit different then the pictures that show up, maybe it’s because my mushroom is in a different stage as the one in the picture but I’m not completely sure. One suggestion I’ve been wanting to make relating to what I said above is that maybe there could be a community option that lets you talk and chat with others about the same mushroom and their experiences with it so it could be more reassuring to people that were curious about eating them or just about them in general. I feel like an option like this would just improve the app in so many ways and have been wondering if that could ever be made an option. Besides that note, I am in love with this app and will be continuing to use it when I go on my little mushroom hunts!😁🍄
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2 years ago, penelopeporter
The amount of ads just to read basic information is insane. DELETE APP, same information is free in other places. I’m all for contributing to good apps, and I would possibly consider the $30 a year this app wants, but I didn’t get a chance to find out everything the app can do because I was hit with ads so often when just trying to read simple descriptions that I gave up. There has to be a way to let people try it out without making them commit to being charged at the end of seven days if they want to keep it or get busy with life and forget to cancel. I don’t know where the developers live, but $30 for an app that only identifies mushrooms is a big commitment for me financially. Just insane… Edit: Dev emailed me but I don’t think they understand my review… no, I do not want to email you, I don’t need to have this discussion in private. Not do I need to provide my financial information to your app even temporarily just to see what it is your app does. That is very shady to me. You can make the app full access for 30 days and THEN ask if users want to subscribe or lose full features. You do not need user financial information upon download.
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3 years ago, Darrenhaggett
Darren j. 60 years old and still leaning new things
This app is GREAT!!!! I have always been afraid of touching or coming close to fungus growing in the woods simply because I didn’t know if it’s toxic or not thanks to this app it’s wonderful. I Down loaded andFollowed the very easy directions took a picture of the mushroom take a picture of the mushrooms from the bottom up and it was right on the money as two other pictures of the same mushroom. Ever since I was a kid my folks always warn me don’t touch those fungus you don’t know if it’s poison well thankfully now I can tell the difference whoever came up with this app excellent excellent thank you so much took me 60 years to lift my fear of fungi growing in the woods. Darrenhaggett
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2 years ago, Agillygirl
Makes exploring fun!
I really enjoy this app and feel for a novice it’s great! I enjoy learning about the nature around me and use mushroom books as a cross reference after using this app to help ID them. I am using the free version that you have to click around to use the app which is ok. I would appreciate having different medicinal uses listed and in which form(Tea, cooked etc.). Keep the warning of not to consume but add which cultures have used the various mushrooms. Some mushrooms do have this listed but I find myself googling and leaving the site and looking for more. Overall Great app! Thank you for creating this app! Edit: App adds popped up and was so off putting and I have no interest in games not having to have that interruption when I want to read about the mushrooms. I almost had 5 stars, if they added more about the app. Now with adds pop-up for the first time after reviewing and doing the update I’m really disappointed. 2 stars off. “Update to make app work more smoothly”?
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2 years ago, W@ld0
Does great sometimes, wild unqualified guesses other times
I paid for this app and as a novice identifying mushrooms it has helped. But, if it can’t identify a mushroom it will present what could only be called a wild guess. It would be better if the AI had a better feedback loop so users could report identification errors. Yes, you can correct the result but that is not helpful for novices. Here is what would help: . Put an indicator for the level of certainty. . Allow users to flag questionable results. . For any flagged items, the app team should research and improve the app for all. . If the app doesn’t know, don’t guess. Use the feedback loop to improve identification. . Some mushrooms were misidentified as they just do not show up in my part of the world. Use location info to improve results. . Allow user to put notes into mushrooms identified
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12 months ago, Irishgreenclove
Great app!
I have been using this app in particular for a quite a while now, and have downloaded some of their other ID apps. I feel that they’re all very well made and have a bunch of extra learning material! I really enjoy that they create a list of each months top mushrooms, and have other articles to read. Although of course not every ID is correct, which is to be expected when mushrooms are so diverse and sometimes can only be accurately identified through spores, etc, the app usually will still point you in the right direction. Overall I think the creators of these apps have done a wonderful job!
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5 years ago, showy goldeneye
Dangerous App
I used the app for the first time with a photo of a mushroom in the agaricus family. Below the photo was series of pictures came up calling it “Bisporus” which looked exactly like the one I had harvested. As it was considered safe to eat, I ate it, and got very nauseous. I did more research on wikipedia and learned there is a similar but inedible agaricus (xanthodermus) which I suspect I ate. (I live at 8,000 feet in New Mexico and there are many mushrooms after the summer rains.) I have never had the nerve to pick and eat one before today, when the app gave me the confidence I had an edible mushroom. The app did not exactly name my mushroom in the photo, which I didn’t realize at the time, but just showed file pictures that looked identical to mine. I will try the app again and take more care with identification details, but I will probably not ever eat a wild mushroom again, as I felt pretty terrible and scared. Just thought you should know the risk I experienced.
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3 years ago, Chiquitabanana99
Much better for identification
I have been using iNaturalist for some time now. A few months ago, I became interested in documenting the mushrooms I saw. iNaturalist wasn’t doing a great job of identifying, so I decided to try this mushroom-specific app. I’m so glad I did! The identification suggestions are MUCH better, and it offers a multitude of information on each mushroom. I really appreciate the feature where you can compare your picture to suggested identifications side-by-side. I am working on transferring all my sightings over to this app now, and I am learning so many new things about the fungi in my area in the process!
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2 years ago, ariel_oliveau
This app is very accurate :)
I recently came back from a trip to San Francisco, and in one of the national parks I took pictures of many different kinds of mushrooms. Most of which I was correctly able to identify with this app. The ones I was not able to identify were most likely due to poor camera quality or the mushrooms not being fully fruited and wasn’t able to correctly get a mature fungus identification. I used the one week free trial, so idk how the app works without the subscription. I don’t go foraging enough to really use this app all the time, so the subscription would not be beneficial to me.
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7 months ago, mushroom goddess <3
i got this app bc i love going into a forest near my house and collecting mushrooms! i thought getting this app could help me identify the mushrooms and see if they were safe. i love the way that the app has the months top mushrooms, common yard mushrooms, and deadly mushrooms sections so if u want to look at those specifically, u can. u can also look up mushrooms. the absolute best part about this app is the camera mode for where u can take 3 or 4 pictures of a mushroom at different angles and it will give u some suggestions on what the mushroom could be! so if u are looking for a good mushroom app, GET THIS ONE!!!
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5 months ago, Jacob Leafwing
The app is very helpful and I love how it gives extra options of what a mushroom might be. It’s obviously not 100% correct all the time and should not be used for the edibility of a mushroom. But it does offer info about various mushrooms and has an area to learn about mushroom foraging which makes this even better! The only thing I don’t like is how some mushrooms don’t have any description and how some have more description than others deadly or edible. I would recommend this app to anyone interested, it is helpful and fun to learn about fungi.
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2 years ago, Taramaji
Picture Mushroom is worth every penny
When you’re out in the words looking at and finding new mushroom friends, and you don’t know what they are, as long as you get Internet this is great for on site identification. But it’s also great when you get home because once you’re back in Internet range you can upload pictures from your photo albums and it will also give you an idea. It has been very accurate. Saves me a lot of time searching around online. Thank you thank you thank you!!
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4 years ago, androids&apples
Wonderful and fun app for everyone!
This app is really fantastic at identifying all sorts of different fungus among-us!! The year subscription was also well worth it, I tried it out on a free trial (without getting my hopes up); and I am still impressed every time I snap a picture. Ever been walking around and see a mushroom wondering “what type of mushroom is that?” You have found that answer with this app! It also keeps a log of all the captured images which I always enjoy looking back over previous hikes. Thank you kindly to the developers and keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, Super Craig the invincible
I’m kind of a newbie to the mycology world
I never really realized how many mushrooms I have walked by and never noticed. But now that I’m getting into mycology they’re everywhere. At first I would find them take a picture of them go back and look through my manuals to find out what they were. But now that I have this app it’s so much easier it’s instantaneous. Now I don’t have to walk away from the good mushrooms that I find and I know which one to stay away from. DefinitelyThe most useful tool in my phone
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3 years ago, Lissalulu79
Never trust an app
This is helpful at times. It’s correct I’ve found maybe 50% of the time. When none of the 3 suggestions are correct and you X out it assumes you got the correct id further helping others receive wrong id’s. You have to scroll to suggest an edit. This fine for those who know what to suggest. If you have no idea it saves your incorrect Id when you back out. Common easy to identify mushies like cortinarius iodes are not recognized at all. Instead the poisonous mushroom is identified as an edible blewit. Not good. Hopefully all who use this app know to triple check sources including a written guide that will warn of the look a-likes.
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7 months ago, peterpinkpuss
Inaccurate, free version useless and even after subscribing many features require additional upgrade
I definitely would not rely on this to identify mushrooms with poisonous lookalikes. The only ones it gets accurately are mushrooms that anyone can ID with a field guide, like chanterelle, hen-of-the-woods, amanita muscaria, enoki, trumpet, giant puffball, and others without any lookalikes. The ones that resemble toxic mushrooms. I certainly would not chance on any white mushroom, as it could easily mistake an immature destroying angel for some harmless edible white species of agaricus, without cutting it in half or taking a spore print, especially if features like the veil have fallen off. Waste of money for something only useful two months of the year and won’t keep you alive when it truly counts.
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2 years ago, hdm007
Get this app
Although I’m not usually able to use the app when I’m out in the woods, I’m happy I’m able to upload pictures from my phones photo library. Sometimes it doesn’t identify correctly which is fine because there are millions of fungi out there. In those cases I wish I could leave the app and come back to where I left off. Instead, I leave app, app refreshes and I have to go back to my library. But I’ve learned so much about what I do find and their lookalikes.
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3 years ago, MaineGuide2
Works great ‘til no phone service
I liked this app except for two big things: it is completely unavailable if you are out of phone service area (rural areas). Not only can you not identify mushrooms, you can’t see your own past finds, or save pics in the app to identify later. Other photo-based apps can do this. Also, it is super expensive —$30 per year! I’d understand, maybe, if was $30 one-time. Ouch. Lastly, it appears that they control your files and photos. So, you save a bunch of mushroom photos, then decide you no longer want to pay, goodbye to your files. That’s my thinking anyways.
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3 years ago, 11D7ER
Great app accurate most of the time
This app is amazingly accurate and when it isn’t it’s usually due to poor image quality Still it has some progress to make but I’m sure as more people use it they will be able to better identify species users add. The price is a little high but worth it especially with how handy and quick to boot this app is and the fact that they have real people that can help with identification in a timely manner is unbeatable in my experience.
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8 months ago, Chess25363635
very accurate but to cancel the membership add its hard to find the button
Very accurate most of the time, you just have to figure out what kind of environment you found your mushroom then you can pick the most accurate answer. The only pyoplem i have with this is that when it pops an add about their membership you have to find the cancel button at the top right, that cancel button is very well hidden
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3 years ago, Rplym
Deceptive Sales?
The app seems to do what it claims. Reading other reviews about the inaccuracies, I cannot say either way. I am a novice wild plant identifier. The pictures I took looked like the mushrooms I was linked to. I believe the initial screen that shows up when you first open the app is a very deceptive sales tactic. If you hit the “continue” button I believe it begins your 7 day free trial… a charge follows after the 7 days. it appears like a normal part of the app but it isn’t.. Is it really that hard to be straightforward in trying to offer a deluxe version?
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2 months ago, Haley Pyrope
Verified accuracy. It's amazing.
I have loved this app for a couple years now and I swear by it. Before I eat a mushroom, I would always double check another source, but this app is incredibly accurate. I did a college biology project where we DNA barcoded specimens (for accurate species ID) and I chose fungi. I intentionally chose some visually ambiguous looking mushrooms, and this app correctly identified both specimens. It gave me the same results as my literal DNA analysis of the mushrooms. Very impressed. Worth every cent.
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2 years ago, eterntyinanhour
The ads kill it for me
I love the concept. I might even may for premium, but there are so many ads and they take so long before I'm given the option to close out. The one for the coloring book app takes like 20/30 seconds before I can exit out. No I do not want that app, and the more time I have to stare at the ad before I can get to what I actually want to do, the more I really hate both this app for identifying mushrooms AND the app being advertised in the ad. Like come on....at least make your ads like 5 seconds instead of 20+ seconds. Insane.
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4 years ago, Cappernicus
Struggles to identify anything
I fed the app pictures I took of several very distinctive looking (non-ambiguous) mushrooms. All were very clear and at an optimal distance, but it really struggled to identify them. It got one of them right away, some of them only after clicking “retry” 2 or 3 times, and the rest of them not at all. I could understand confusing different mushrooms that looked similar, but the fact that it struggled to detect them at all doesn’t give me much confidence, or incentive to pay premium for an app that doesn’t work well. This may change (and I really hope it does), but as of version 1.1.0 I am disappointed. The plant version of their app works MUCH better.
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8 months ago, JRDalton16
My favorite app
Started with the unpaid version for a few months until I got to my 100th identification. I then realized how much I used the app in my foraging adventures and paid for my very first paid app. Not only has this helped me learn about mushrooms in my area, it has helped me track my adventures. I have recommended the app to numerous friends and all of those I have gone with on mushroom hikes. Will definitely keep this app! Highly recommend!!! Happy hunting!
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9 months ago, bbkiti
Love this app!
Easy to use. I love using this app to keep track of mushrooms I find on different trails I visit. Like a hiking journal! It’s very helpful identifying a good amount of mushrooms and giving basic identification info. Not always accurate though, so I would not use it to identify ones for eating without checking multiple sources. 8/10 times I find it to give me an accurate identificaiton so I will keep using it and keep adding what I find :)
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3 years ago, TicciToasty
obviously not that great but…
the identifier is pretty whack and is missing mushrooms (probably why there are so many misidentified mushrooms) with that being said @ everyone who decided to randomly eat a mushroom ?? you’re stupid. i do not care if the app said it was safe to eat. any reasonable person and mushroom enthusiast will know it is not safe to just eat a random mushroom. it even states first and foremost to NOT use that information as a reason to go put random things in your mouth from your backyard. if you want to eat mushrooms go to your local grocery store and buy them. the ones you know are safe to eat. use your brain cells.
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3 years ago, Tubladoee
Fantastic app. Need minor tweaks for perfection
The only drawback is you cannot create a collection of your fungal biome as well as not being able to add personal notes to the specific image. There also is no differentiation between poisonous/hallucinogenic. I’m not outwardly seeking out hallucinogenic, but some have extreme health benefits and minimal levels of psilocybin. I would just like to know why these fungi are (poisonous/hallucionogenic). Fix these and you have the perfect app in my opinion.
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3 years ago, joiboi98
Same mushroom different identifications
I just downloaded this app, I hunt mushrooms quite often and I’m very careful about the types I consume or touch. I sent in 2 different photos of the same mushroom and it gave me both different results. The pore colors on the photos didn’t even match what they suggested the mushroom’s color to be. They also do not tell the viewer what the spore colors are on the mushrooms, which is very important to identification. Better to get mushroom hunting books and take classes to educate yourself better. It is a fun app for learning about mushrooms but I think there are some inaccuracies. ✨don’t consume mushrooms if you are unsure✨
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4 years ago, Hannahcatzxv
I downloaded this app to find out about a specific mushroom I had found outside one day. I took multiple different pictures of the same mushroom and each time it would tell me it was a different mushroom. Very inaccurate. After doing some research myself I was able to identify it. But afterwards i got a call from my bank saying Apple was trying to charge me $25 for the “subscription” of this app even though I used it once and deleted it because it didn’t work. I’ve tried to cancel my subscription that I wasn’t even made aware that I would have to pay? If I was aware of this I never would have downloaded it because the app doesn’t work. This app is a scam. Don’t download it.
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3 years ago, Beagle-Dog
Top notch support. 👍
Four unknown mushrooms popped up in our yard after several large trees were removed. Our new Brittany puppy got into them and was battling GI tract issues. I used the app to determine how toxic/poisonous they were. The app had mis-identified one variety so I contacted support and provided photos of the four varieties growing in the yard. Not only did they respond quickly (within a day), they provided suggestions related to “puppy management” and mushroom disposal.
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3 years ago, madstringer
Nice app
Great app for what it offers - one suggestion/feature request - can you make an offline mode that still lets the user take pictures, even if the app can’t connect to the internet and find a match immediately? This is how your plant app works, and that’s a nice piece of functionality. I tried the same with the mushroom app and it just sits at the splash screen waiting for connectivity.
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3 years ago, fleasSuck
Good for more common species
I’m fairly new to this but very involved with learning and foraging. I think this app is also good for pointing you in the right direction with a different new species. I wish it gave more than 2 options for photos and consistent description and details for all species. I’ve found some that have other user pics that are not the proper ID. That said, it’s one of the better ones I’ve tried and just one tool in mushroom ID. I never rely on an app for confirmation.
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3 years ago, theDTrain84
Good App!!
I personally use this app. I’ve found that it’s the best thing I’ve found to document the mushrooms I find all in one place on my phone. The matching feature is definitely not 100% accurate, but it does allow you to go back and enter your own conclusions on what you find. As a one stop digital catalogue for the mushroom hunting part of my life….it’s great, plus the ability to reclassify anything I find is nice for sure. It’s a good tool and help, but not an end all be all.
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4 years ago, Beansoaker
I would never eat. . .
. . . a mushroom based on an app's visual analysis! That's just crazy, and the app tells you explicitly not to do it. Use this app if you just want an instant estimate of what a mushroom *might* be, without having to stop and consult a book. If you want a sure identification, you need to know a lot more about mushrooms. I'm on the fence about buying, just because it is $20/year. But I think it is a good app for learning, if you acknowledge its limitations.
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3 years ago, paramarine16
Exactly what I needed and very simple to use.
My wife came in from watering plants with a full-grown mushroom with her. I searched for an app to identify this as we have pets and need to know if it’s poisonous. Engaged this app, took a couple of pictures and had the name/whether it was poisonous/its smell/etc…. An encyclopedia’s worth of info on it. It (the app) also files a picture and name for my own “Shroom” index. Super easy and quality app!
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2 years ago, rbdubbs
Identifications Not Trustworthy
This app is a great idea, but the accuracy in identifying mushroom species can’t be trusted, which ruins most of its value. What would make it infinitely better is if you could submit your images into a feed where mushroom experts could scroll through and submit their best guess. Then you could see (for instance) that the AI said it’s Species Z, 10 people said it’s Species X, and 2 people said it’s Species Y. This could be a fun game for Mushroom enthusiasts to show off their expertise, while giving valuable insights to beginners like me, while improving the AI identification with this human intervention.
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3 years ago, Seattle-CM
Helped save me
So I live in Washington state, and there’s naturally a lot of plants here. I saw this cute little mushroom in my back yard, so I thought hey maybe there’s an app for this (turns out I have one of their other plant apps also), so I scan this cute little mushroom and BAM thing is poisonous to even touch, I dropped it, ran into my house, and very VERY thoroughly washed my hands. So thanks very much for making this app! It really did help save me!
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4 years ago, Jgfefjh
Extremely irresponsible
This app is terrible and the authors quite literally don’t know anything about mushrooms. If you want to learn about mycology there are no shortcuts. This app is likely going to contribute to a liver transplant before they realize how terrible the idea is. On top of that they’re charging a membership fee?! So shameful, I hope the developers get what they deserve Edit: the developers have left me an extremely ignorant response that doesn’t address anything stated in my review it completely deflects and implies that I didn’t even use the app; further more it claims I was reviewing the app by the same developers ‘PictureThis plant identifier’ So disgraceful! The developer response given reads as such- “We are sorry you had a bad experience with our app(implying my review is talking about PictureThis plant identifier). Mushrooms and plants are apart of a different kingdom, Picture this’ plant identifier is designed for plants not fungi, good news is we have a new mushrooms identifier, please download our new mushrooms identifier app”
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2 years ago, Fireproofsocks
I rely on this app as a cross-reference and/or to provide a quick list of candidates when I’m investigating a mushroom. It’s GOOD, but I’m frustrated with how the app functions: it often asks “Is this the right result?” - this is dubious (because how the &$#%^ should I know?!?) but critically, there is NO OPTION to say “I don’t know” (!!!). Similarly, there’s no way to go back to mushrooms you’ve scanned to change the classification (!!!). It’s like the designers have no idea of how this app actually gets used on planet Earth. The way PlantNet deals with this same classification problem (for plants) is much more sensible: it shows you weighted percentages and you can see right away if you’re chasing your tail in low-confidence matches. Fix these forehead-slapping problems and you got yourself a 5 star app.
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7 months ago, EvergreenWings
Missing map?
I’ve loved this app for a year or two (I’m on the premium because worth it when offline, which, when hiking, is a lot of the time)- but the map showing where a mushroom tends to grow seems to be missing? I now see a slider scale and “United States”, but that’s not really useful. Devs, can we have the map display back, or am I missing something?
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2 years ago, swedendrift
it’s pretty good
It’s pretty good with the identification of most mushrooms and the UI is simple and clean. Unfortunately, there are a lot of basic features missing such as sorting and no community features where you actually interact with experts like the say. I also use inaturalist, which seems better on the actual mushroom identification and has a community of amateurs and professionals that give feedback on what you discover. I’m hoping for more features so that it makes sense to keep my subscription.
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1 year ago, 994420
Works well
Picture mushroom usually gets the right result first. Sometimes it gives a couple results and they all have numerous pictures to cross reference with the one you took. so you can be confident with the results. The only criticism I have, is that the description of symptoms if ingested doesn’t seem to be as thorough, or not as accessible as earlier versions. If this was fixed in new version I’ll update to 5 stars
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5 months ago, Chalibut84
100% Correct So Far
As a member of the San Francisco Mycological Society for 30 years, I was surprised at the accuracy usefulness of this app! I’ve been using Picture Mushroom app for two years, and so far it’s been 100% correct! While I always double check the ID with Mushrooms Demystified, by David Aurora (the definitive mushroom identification book), I am happy to have this app in my tool kit and use it often!
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3 years ago, Slayer1833
Cool idea, but not fully realized.
This app can help you identify mushrooms, and tell you info about them; that’s pretty cool. However, they want you to pay $30 per year to identify 1/3 of what you find in the wild and somewhat dubiously at that. In other words, it is not super helpful in many situations. If there was a regional database, a comparison tool, a short questionnaire about the characteristics that would aid in identifying or narrowing possible species this might be a 5 star app. Right now though, I find myself harvesting many samples for no reason as the app fails me time and again.
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4 years ago, JNodine
Super fun!
This app is a lot of fun for me. I’m not a mushroom expert but have been interested in wild mushrooms for a few years now. Trying to identify mushrooms I found in the woods and in my yard, I found I had to educate myself a great deal before I could hope to ID a mushroom correctly...and this subject requires intense study. This app saves me hours of trying to figure out what I found. Totally worth the annual feel for unlimited IDs. Thanks to the developers!
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8 months ago, doorbore
Falls short
As a novice mushroom forager, wishing to consume the abundance of mushrooms, found in the northeast woods, where I live. I am finding this app is falling a little short in their assessments. The first thing I would hope to see when there’s analysis done of the mushroom is whether or not is toxic and can be consumed? I shouldn’t have to go looking for that information. It should jump out and hit me between the eyes. Since I don’t see that information why am I spending $30 a year? so I can learn to identify the different Latin names that I can’t pronounce? I want to know whether I can eat them or not.
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