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User Reviews for PilotOnline

4.38 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Grandpa Pete 314
E Pilot clunky to use
I find that the digital edition of the paper (called e-pilot) is very difficult to navigate through. The first few pages are fine but then it gets progressively harder to advance through the paper. The pages constantly crash and you have to wait for it to re-load. I then cannot easily swipe to the next page and using the forward arrow on top doesn’t help the further you get into the paper.
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2 years ago, Privacy Invaded 1212
Poor App
Terrible mobile app compared to others. As a subscriber I am constantly having issues. Pilot Pop up ads will cover the entire stories when logged in to my full price subscription. I was Very disappointed when I contacted tech support, I was told they are constantly receiving complaints about the same issue. I will probably cancel, it’s just not worth the trouble. In addition, I don't care for cometary news reports. I just want Walter Cronkite news reports. I will form my own opinion and could care less about the reporters personal take on the facts. I question credibility when I get news with two paragraphs of the reporters political views. Whether I agree or disagree, save the space and give us a factual report.
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2 years ago, Robert E T
Thank you🥁.
I so very much appreciate your Print devoted to our Military 🇺🇸. Our Family has a total of 6 men and women serving in Navy and Marines ~ Planes, Pentagon, Hospital, Officers, Enlisted. Considering the Biden disaster this past weekend we will be anticipating more coverage even though we dread the facts of decisions being made by the White House and Congress. ,
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3 years ago, Medication Watcher
This article made my mouth start watering with my heart start racing to taste the pit fired delicacies. I plan to load up the van with the rug rats and begin my road trip today stopping at the P-town BBQ joint, and next weekend, extend my road trip to South Norfolk, and so on until I sampled each location. This is a great review and a fabulous idea for family outings while social distancing during the pandemic. Our journey has just began. Please continue your sampling reviews.
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2 years ago, ljotsgg4674
Very poor reader experience
I very much want to support local media, but this app is far from user friendly. Difficult to navigate, does not remember me from one section to another (so I have to continually re-log on), and for some reason has always made it extremely difficult to navigate obituaries; that section always closes out when I navigate from one obit to another — thus assuming I can even get that section to open. Tired of paying fir information I can’t access, and have made decision to unsubscribe.
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4 years ago, Headgamerz
Less adds, but notifications fwd to website not app.
Ever since the website re-work it has had a ridiculous number of adds. This pushed me to the app which has a more reasonable number and provides for a better reading experience. That said, for some reason the app notifications send me to the story on the website rather that the story on the app. This is annoying and anti intuitive. I expect and world prefer to read the story in the app. That is the point of the app after all right?
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4 years ago, shandawn
“Can’t connect.”
Coronavirus is in its early stages here do I want to be able to our local news from somewhere other than the tv. I JUST signed up for the 6 month digital subscription special and was led to this app “for subscribers only.” I now understand why this app has HORRIBLE reviews. The only “section” that displays something other than “Can’t connect” is the obituary tab. My wireless service is not the issue here. And, yes - it did allow me to log in and showed it was indeed my account. This is the quickest I’ve downloaded and then deleted an app. Absolutely USELESS.
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4 years ago, PennyNeef
Pilot blew it
Other reviewers have it right regarding navigation- Very difficult to find the digital edition view of the printed paper, to which I subscribe- just randomly try things until I find the view that I want. What’s worse, the new app is out of focus and pixilated on fine print like weather, financial markets, notices, sports standings and box scores. Many images are pixilated and the comics are impossible to read. Bring back the old app until you get this one right. I would give this 0 stars if I could.
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2 years ago, Double Bag 101
Inclement weather delivery issues
My paper is never double bagged or tied up when it’s raining. Therefore, my paper is damp or so wet that I have to call for another one. Calling the office has not helped.
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2 years ago, NormanArthur
Needs a lot of work
I read on iPad daily. You start reading a headline or article and the app suddenly jumps to another part of the paper! This basic stuff and they can’t to get it fixed.
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2 years ago, OldVirginiaLawyer
Almost Worthless
The Pilot cheapens its digital presence in this app by providing limited news stories and updating infrequently. The app crashes quite often and refuses to load entire articles which - if the content were any good at all - would be a problem. Moreover, one is required to log in with user name and password each and every time the app is used. I don’t have to do this for my NY Times or Washington Post apps. I
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1 year ago, DJ102276
Coastal Virginia Information Hub
No better source of information of what’s happening in Hampton Roads, not to mention many cool pics from waterways to athletic events to local dishes to make your mouth water!
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4 years ago, Bo8acious
Daily Delivery
I get bits and pieces, most days. Occasionally difficult to get “today’s” edition on right day. I’ve had a (paper) subscription with the Pilot since the days I could also receive a home copy of the Ledger Star. I’ve recently relocated to Florida; thus have switched from a hard copy to online. I still want to see what your excellent journalists have to say too; but... as I’ve said, this has not been a happy transition. PS: your “proof-reader” machine also needs a tune up.
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3 years ago, Little Rebal Girl
Enjoy keeping up with the news.
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3 years ago, gregedwards242
Weak news
This is terrible news reporting. Days late and completely under reported. The only reason it was reported at all is because everyone is talking about it on Facebook and other social sources. Call me an unsubscriber because I have had it with these people. It’s unpatriotic and un-American what the news industry is doing to our country.
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4 years ago, fevhittnoyfv
Download horrible
After waiting for pdf to be prepared, which is annoying, the wait to download is horrible. Much faster on previous version. I prefer to read the actual paper but I’m up before it is delivered so I use the digital version.
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3 months ago, cleveland91
GUI / Deployment
Needs more responsive/frequent updates. Outdated interface
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3 years ago, Majret
Hard to read
I enjoyed e-pilot online, I could go to the pages that interest me. Now I have a hard time finding articles & stories of interest. I was receiving the obituaries by email, now that has stopped. Please respond. Jeff Warren
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4 years ago, Cme4brain
Reading costs you
You reach a data limit each month after just reading a few articles. You already sort of pay for the app by all the ads, now you have pay monthly to read them? Rip off.
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4 months ago, previous resident
Virginian Pilot
I am a previous resident of HR. I have now retired and moved from the area. The Virginian Pilot keeps me connected to a place I called home and loved for 43 years! But now…I can’t seem to get to my daily newspaper on line!!!
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4 years ago, LongIslandGirl76
Not Fake News
A great newspaper and in these times so very essential
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3 years ago, tceopzzzer
Trouble with app
Many times pages are missing or are out of order.
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5 months ago, CopMysteryReader
Locks up content
Despite being logged in, the app locks up content as if you weren’t a paying user. It’s better to access it from a browser.
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4 years ago, Harryw2434
Can not filter search results and therefore it is not very useful
Search results are only minimally helpful without the ability to filter.
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8 years ago, HankG123
I'm a paying digital edition subscriber. Can't get back issues. Sometimes must delete app and redownload from cloud to get current paper. Online customer service advice doesn't respond to help requests. Rather counterintuitive setup. Overall, creates frustration. I'll amend my previous review. It's working fine now. 3 1/2 stars. Ok my final amendment: bottom line the other reviews are mostly accurate. This iteration is, overall, inferior to the previous edition, in many ways already mentioned by other reviewers. It's better than nothing, but why take 2 steps back with only 1 step forward with an "update"? 2stars. Prior to update, it was worthy of 4 stars. Now I can't.even download the daily paper. Back to 1 star. Can't imagine who authorized this new version. Incredible. Ok. Completely new version introduced about a week ago. It's new. It's fine. No complaints.
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3 years ago, lametz
This App does not have everything I am looking for. I need to cancel.
I would like see classified ads but this app does not show them. Very disappointed. I need to cancel and don’t know how.
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4 months ago, Zeedeejee
App keeps crashing
This app worked great for years but now it crashes every time I try to use it. Useless!
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2 years ago, redleg27
app does not want to take my login data…I am a paid subscriber
app does not want to take my login data…I am a paid subscriber
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3 months ago, yodi's
billing on line
You really need to fix your billing on line. Poor service!
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4 years ago, Jack The Slack
Pay to read newspaper online and then app will not work on iPad. Old app worked and was excellent. Reported it and it still does not work. Such a ripoff!
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2 years ago, tbstm
Can’t find anything
Can’t find stats.
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5 months ago, Soby-it
No delivery
Once again I paid for but did not receive my paper delivery. Sunday May, 7,2023
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6 months ago, mnoangl
I pay for a subscription I still get inundated with ads…..
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2 years ago, Jim Farmer
Complete garbage. Don’t waste your dime nor time!
Don’t waste your dime nor time on this rag!
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4 years ago, @236=/
Doesn’t work
App does not work and the VA pilot offers no support.
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2 years ago, HarryMyman
Poor App
Poor App.
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11 years ago, RRockey
Virginian Pilot App a Must Have
If you live in or are from Hampton Roads VA and are tired of TV news getting stories wrong or leaving out important facts, the Pilot Online app is the place to go. Very well organized, fast and complete journalism! It does have ads, but they are local and they pay for your free access!
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8 years ago, VeryLongSubscriber
This version is horrible. The previous version had easier navigation and function. You could see the whole page, not just a thumbnail version. You could navigate easier to all sections of the paper. You had links that enabled you to go directly to the rest of the story in the back pages of the section. However, the "new and improved" version does not give you these capabilities. You cannot turn off the thumbnail views (the slider doesn't work), you have to go to "Menu," then "Browse", only to find out that you only get to choose either the page or "section." If you choose section, your only choices are sports or classified. What a giant step backwards!
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7 years ago, JackM in VB
Worst app I have ever used
No exaggeration, this is the worst app that we have ever used. I am disappointed in Apple in that they allow this poor app to stay up. I am unable to read the paper as the app kicks me out repeatedly. Yesterday my wife was kicked out of the app 3 times and still did not finish the paper on her iPad. I did not get to finish the sports section on my iPad after two tries. It also pushes all these ads that further slows it down. Obviously to us is that the Va Pilot is incompetent in using this technology to deliver the paper. I wish I could give this a zero rating but give it a one to be able to post this review. Again I find fault with apple in allowing this to continue to happen.
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8 years ago, Ekntr5
Would give no stars if possible
Agree with other reviews. This is a horrible step backwards but apparently the V.P. Is not listening. I suddenly stopped being able to download my paper and discovered the new app accidentally. It is not self explanatory. I had to call for directions. To download the paper for offline use is now 8 steps instead of 2....will need to build in more time before trips. No quick links to other sections of the paper, you must page past it all until you get the section you want. No access to yesterday's paper. Who designed this?! Makes me consider another paper and dropping this one!
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5 years ago, nlytenu
“Improved” app is anything but
Aside from the fact that it crashes upon opening 99% of the time, the redesign alone has ruined what was a great app. One example of this is the “Our Communities” section. In the previous version, the reader could select the city they wanted to view. Now, instead of having an entire page of news dedicated to each city, the reader is presented with one page containing news from across the seven cities. No offense to the folks out in Suffolk, but if I’m in Chesapeake, I’m not interested in your SOL scores.
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7 years ago, Starr2Max
Worst app I have used
This is positively the worst app I have ever used - Even worse than the Cox app. I can't see the menu because of the ads. Once I inadvertently touch one of the ads, there is no way to get out of it back to the paper. The only way I was able to get out was to do a soft reset on my phone. The previous app allowed you to forward an article to someone else. You can do that if you use the web. I have a subscription to the paper delivered to my house. I should not have to put up with this poor service.
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9 years ago, Bekuuhhh
This app is a good idea gone wrong. There's something wrong with the software that forces you to log in EVERY TIME you click on a story; it will not keep you logged in after you've read a story. This app forces you to have an account and log in (as I said) even though the exact same information is available for free and without a username/account on the Pilot Online website. I recommend the site since it's faster and a lot less irritating. Save your time and sanity just use that instead.
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11 years ago, SimpleScorpio
About time...
Finally a pilot app now I can take the web page I pinned to my news folder out and delete it! Quick suggestion... Maybe add a way for pilot subscribers to log in and get access to more things the way we can on the web based pc version.
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7 years ago, katdvb
Good way to stay up-to-date with the latest news
I really like the notifications when something newsworthy happens. The site is okay to read even on my little iPhone screen.
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10 years ago, TofuSurvivor
Do Not Trust The Pilot!
I used this app for one key feature: The speed reading function. The latest update description only mentioned that the articles will load faster. Surprise! The update also removed the best function of the app!!! Any company that removes a key function of their app in their latest update and doesn't include a warning in the update description is terrible. When a journalism agency acts so deceptively, only a fool would ever trust them again. Avoid this app and avoid this company.
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11 years ago, Wilcofoxtrot
Well designed
Easy to read, quick to navigate, and in just a few minutes I can side-swipe browse through the latest local news.
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8 years ago, BobandArd
Would like to rate with zero stars. This version is not new and improved it is two steps backwards. It is not user friendly and it doesn't allow you to email articles to friends and family. We have been subscribers to the newspaper for 36 years and were forced to the digital version because of poor delivery service. Now the digital version is worthless! When renewal time arrives the Virginian Pilot will have one less subscriber!
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7 years ago, AvidReader 281
Great app update!
This is a big improvement. Seems to be faster, cleaner and more user friendly. I'm happy you now provide custom push notifications. Keep that content coming!
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5 years ago, mnemonicker
Web Version is Far Better
I use an iPad for most of my web-browsing. I just subscribed to the Virginian Pilot and downloaded the iPad app. The app does not allow for screen rotation. This is among the silliest of problems an app could have. It’s an easy fix, and one I hope the developers are working on. In the meantime, I’ll just have to view the news through Safari. p.s. - I’ll happily reconsider my rating of the app when and if this deficiency is corrected!
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