PlantSnap - identify plants

4.6 (64.8K)
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Current version
PlantSnap, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PlantSnap - identify plants

4.57 out of 5
64.8K Ratings
5 years ago, MarshGoddess
Wow!! New hobby! LOL
Ok I was skeptical but I am a real person and this app really works. LOL Like most people, I buy plants then forget what I bought. I have used it to identify 5 personal plants and one camera roll pic that I took while traveling out of state. I was able to say with confidence that the app gave me an accurate result on each. The fern was a little tricky but that’s a tough one. My fiancé also tried, failed and gave up. Haha I tried to inform him (without gloating) that he simply didn’t give it a chance. Here are my tips: 1.) Feel free to lift branches/reposition flowers to put the plant in an ideal position. That way you are sure to get flowers and leaves in the same shot. 2.) Do not expect the result preview to be the same color/size as your exact plant. (My fiancé’s mistake. Hehe) Keep in mind that plants come in several varieties. A quick google search can help you narrow results and find your exact variation for confirmation. 3.) SAVE!! Once you find your winner, don’t forget to save the result. I plan to use mine to make plant name tags so my visitors can enjoy knowing more about the beauty they are seeing. Happy Trails!
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2 weeks ago, Kaylee gry
Fire app
I like that this app has a community where everyone can contribute to giving information towards different plants because seeing plants online is different versus owning them in real life and it gives more clarity on confirming what species you own and info on it. This app has a snap and find feature for plants like Google and I like that because I can use this when I don’t have the right words to describe a plant or feature of the plant in a educational situation. This app also gives information on how to care for plants and shows you what to look for while nursing plants with symptoms of dying. I’ve been using this app to go outside and look at random plants in nature and learn more and so far I have been impressed and found out more about things I’ve never paid attention to at first mind when using this app.
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5 years ago, Nerdwolff
Mediocre app, atrocious developers
I was excited to first use this app and even looked at tutorials to try and get it to identify plants better but in the end I have to agree with almost everyone else and say that this app doesn’t work as it should even when “used properly” the developer team just copies and pastes responses to the reviews and are very passive aggressive, and claim to be here to help but in reality they just want to appear like they are ready to help, but in fact have no desire to fix their mediocre identification app OR to help people “properly use” the app, they are all about appearances and want to give the illusion that they are doing -anything- the bad reviews are right, and if you take a look at the developer responses to them, you’ll see a pattern of rude deflection without tackling any real issues it’s basically just “our app works, you’re not using it right, we can’t help you use it right if you don’t taaalk to us” well people have tried, left their reviews, and done their part, the only problem left is the actual developers not thinking they did any wrong and telling others it’s their fault. This app and the makers are NOT EVEN WORTH THE TIME. Move along to ‘picture this’ at least that one can’t identify simple herbs.
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2 months ago, Madelinejanes
May 6,2024. I’ve continued to use this app and continue to be displeased at its inability to recognize even herbs by their leaves. It’s been a waste of my money. Disappointed I just bought the app last week, but am finding it frustrating to use. When I go on the app, there are other people’s pictures to sort through until I get to my own. I want to see my pictures, and think it’s unnecessarily cumbersome to have to figure out a way to get to my own pictures. It takes one or two extra clicks, and then I see my own pictures. If I go out of that for a few seconds, I’m back to the same picture off someone else’s flowers. I bought this for my use in identifying plants. I moved into a new home with an extensive garden and need help to figure out all the plants I’ve got. The app doesn’t seem to be very good at identifying leaves growing out of the ground, or a plant with flower buds not yet open. I don’t know yet how accurate the identifications of plants are. I have a list from the former owner of the name and location of plants, and what I have identified so far, is not on her list. I hope as more things bloom, the identification will improve.
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5 years ago, NC Yogi
Wanted to love it
I really wanted to love this app. I did a lot of research comparing plant identification apps and it seemed to have the best reviews. I’m starting a clinical herbalism course and wanted a fast way to easily identify common plants. I have submitted many over the last month+ to have one of the experts identify (because nothing close to it showed up in the results from the photo). I’ve also sent at least one support request asking for help to get the app to be more accurate and try to find out how to get experts to respond to the requests to help identify and have not received a response. So as hopeful as I was (even recommending it to people 1 day after purchasing), I can say that I would no longer recommend and that I am disappointed in the support/responsiveness and ability to corrected identify a plant. I’ve also watched the tutorial videos to give tips on how to take photos, but it didn’t change my results. Hope others have better experiences than me. If support people read this, could you make a request or explain to me why experts aren’t responding to my questions? Thank you!
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4 years ago, Buddy14309888
It’ll get you close!
I docked a star for rarely getting the plant correct as the first option but usually having it on the list of other options somewhere down the line. More on that and the reason for the second star I docked. One identification told me my plant (my fault for not knowing my own plants 😅) was a zamioculcas zamiifolia. But then I found in a google search my specific ZZ is a zenzi. So I searched zenzi in the app and found that it’s not anywhere in the app. So while this is an excellent start and well worth the $1 a month (first 3 months) some more info needs to be entered from the farmer’s almanac. 😁 Actually I’m gonna add another star because it is super helpful. Eh. To hell with it! 5 stars! Hahaha I’m a push over! This app is amazing actually. I wouldn’t know what I had in front of me without it. Fair’s fair. Thanks so much!
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3 days ago, pperky
Not working
I apparently already have a membership but I don’t know what password I used years ago. I click on the reset password button and get a message to check my email. Many hours later I get the email to reset my password. Great! I go through the steps only to find out that email has expired. I’ve played this game several times and I’m getting upset. Do better!! Here’s what I’m getting. Try resetting your password again Your request to reset your password has expired or the link has already been used I am respectfully requesting a refund. After reading more horrible reviews than good reviews I can’t believe you have a 4.6 rating. I bought the lifetime membership but would like a refund. I DO NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MAKE ANY OTHER CHARGES TO MY CREDIT CARD AS OF TODAY, JUNE 22, 2024. With a lifetime membership there should be no further charges. You have a lot of work to do to make this a respectable app. Right now, you’re failing and just cheating good people out of their money. Phyllis Perkovich
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1 month ago, CarbonFiberSwan
Wonderful app for identifying plants
I I’ve used PlantSnap for quite a long time. I believe going on 10ish years now. I have always been impressed by the accuracy of it, though it is not 100%. Some plant knowledge is useful. A question I have is, what happened to the app? I bought it for iPhone a number of years ago and have used it for a while, but I went to use it the other day and I was locked out of it. It said an update was required, but when I tried to update it I was given a message that that version is either no longer available, or not available in my region. I downloaded this one, and now it is saying I have to pay for certain features. I already paid for the PlantSnap app which I can no longer use, so what’s the deal?
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5 years ago, cat. addict
Grounds the limit
Although I am pleased with the design of this app only getting like four snaps before I have to wait eight hours to get more is absurd. I mean I shouldn’t have to pay just to get unlimited snaps. Then what’s the point of the app? Also, of course I don’t expect the app to be 100% accurate 100% of the time, but I took a snap of my cilantro and it said it was a green snowdrop or a banana tree (bananas are herbs but I’ll put that aside). What? First of all, those two have nothing in common other than they are both plants. Second of all, it’s clearly a coriandrum (cilantro)! So I really hope the developers fix that or I’m getting a new, better app to find plants. Edit: Ok, first of all, I accidentally snapped my tv when I meant to do it on a plant next to it and I was hoping the app would say that there was no plant identified or whatnot, but it said it was a Tropicana rose. Uhh, I think not. So that was pretty dumb. Anyway, things are pretty much the same with this app I still use it every now and then but I don’t exactly like it.
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5 years ago, DK441
More like Plant Crap
Update: I use this app every now and then to see if it can help identify a plant but most times it’s wrong and searching on google usually gives me a lot better results. I stick to what I said. The app is decent, DECENT, at best and doesn’t deserve anything above two stars. As for the developers of this app, they DO NOT take constructive criticism from consumers well. In turn they rather leave passive aggressive comments instead of improving their sub par app. All of us from the plant community appreciate your efforts but we’d rather not hear back until your app is in working market condition. Appreciate your feedback but again... NEXT. Another update: If you see any positive feedback for this app, more than likely it was made by the developer. The reviews that state this app works, are clearly just the developer trying to put good reviews to outweigh the bad. Don’t waste your time with it, trust all the bad reviews.... the app is terrible at identifying. I use the app ‘PICTURE THIS’, isn’t the best but does a heck of a lot better job at identifying than Plant Snap.
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1 month ago, millivanillington
Had Faith in this app
I subscribed to the free trial with every intention of paying the yearly fee which is a reasonable price. I looked at a bunch of different plant/flower identifying apps and really liked this one bc of the community features. UNFORTUNATELY this app is not functional. The main purpose of the app is to identify and it does not do that accurately. I wish I could post screen shots in this review of the the absurd identifications this app has made for me. I submitted my cactus and it told me it was corn or something else that wasn’t even close. The Google search function is way more accurate and I can’t imagine trying to actually identify a plant that I didn’t know what it was on the app!!! It’s really quite sad bc the app could be so great! I did cancel my free trial/subscription bc the app serves no purpose if it can’t idenifty plants right? I hope they figure it out so I can come back and give them my money!
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1 year ago, Monnzi
Had for years & now they want me to “start free trial”.
*Update ~ PlantSnap contacted me and I figured out how to get to my old “snaps” without the free trial. Turns out, there is a VERY faint “cancel” in the the upper right hand corner of the “free trial” screen. Thank you for getting back to me PlantSnap, I will continue using and enjoying this app. Note ~ I tried another app and didn’t like it at all. I’ve enjoyed this app for at LEAST five years. Evidently it’s been revamped and now I can’t even access my old “snaps.” It’s always been nice to go back to remind me what a certain plant was called. It has needed room for improvement, but I just don’t want to pay for something that was working just fine for me already. So frustrated! I guess I’ll be looking for a different app now.
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5 years ago, BummedinKY
I had my hopes up. . . . .
I live in the Midwest and have been wanting to begin a photographic project to catalog and identify wildflowers, trees, bushes, etc. around my rural property. I am no botanist, so need help in plant identification. My landscaping plants have come from a local nursery, so I have nothing exotic. Well, I saw this app and was very excited. It was just what I was looking for, plant ID and the ability to receive more information on each plant. Well, I have tried it on approximately 25 plants. It has identified TWO correctly. It identified my recently-purchased birch trees as POISON IVY! My sister-in-law is quite knowledgeable and has helped me. And, of course, I know what I have purchased from the local nurseries, so I am confident in saying that the app results have not been accurate. In most cases, the suggestions have not even a faint resemblance to the actual plant! And it’s not the quality of the photos!!! They are crystal clear. The app has been a total disappointment. I don’t know how others are having such success. I, for one, find it useless.
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3 years ago, jasmin3dragon
Poor accuracy
There is not very good accuracy on this app. Even in the example photos for search results, there are some pictures included which are clearly a different type of plant. For example pictures of blackberry as examples of a thimbleberry. I encountered this on several different plant example picture sets. One way they could improve results is to select a latitude and longitude for where a picture was located and use that to weight the results. For example reduce the probability that a plant pictured in Oregon is one that is native to a tropical region like Hawaii. Another way to improve is to allow users to set the rough size of the plant: tree, bush, plant, ground cover. I took a picture of a part of a tree to get closer up detail on its flowers and leaves and it was identified as a ground cover. Also the recommendations about growing the plant are not specialized and say: check the light requirements of the plant. Instead of telling you its light requirements.
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5 months ago, xanax420k
I started using this app about 6 months ago and it did ok with identifying my plants. I recently started using it again because I found it was more accurately identifying plants (tested at nurseries and such). The love the app design putting the camera ID button in an easy to find place so I can quickly ID those useless "hi, I'm a plant" labels in the big box stores. I love the photo and note journaling capabilities so I can chronicalize my plants journey through life. The water and fertilizing tracking and notifications are great since you have the option to either use their seasonal calculations based on the plant species, or set it up manually. I've used some of the genus-specific soil recipes that it offers and they have worked well for my plants.
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2 years ago, AngeLofLourdes
I’ve really enjoy using this app. I’m beginning to recognize plants by their foliage/greenery leaves and actually getting them correct! Also, I have a plant (tree palm) that was just dumped on me and the only information I was given was that it was 24 yrs old. & it was huge palm in need of attention… but I knew nothing more about it. This app has helped me care for so many of my plants. I bought 2 plants to lighten up my house after my abusive ex left and now I can’t get enough of them but I’ve also learned valuable information by this app about outdoor weeds/greenery and etc. Such as poison ivy and some of the other toxic plants that should be avoided. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
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1 year ago, barrbojo
Adding plants to collection
I found it extremely hard to figure out how to add a plant to your collection. After emails back and forth with the company, I was finally able to figure it out. You have to identify the plant, then actually click on the plant name (Not the picture of the plant) and THEN you can add the plant to your collection. There should be a “add plant” button easily accessible. No where on the app does it say “click on the plant name to add to be able to your collection.” So how is one to figure that out? I was going crazy trying to get it to work. Shouldn’t be that hard. The rest of the app is simple and easy to use. Also it misidentified a plant. I tried three or four times and it wasn’t right. So I tried another app and it identified it correctly first time. It was just a simple iceplant. Still happy with the app overall.
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4 years ago, Murphyc7
Over sold with bugs
People give me house plants. Some arrive identified, some I can identify, and some are mysteries. I was hoping to solve the mysteries. I went online and read reviews of plant ID apps, and this one sounded like it was the right one with 600,000 species, and an easy interface. That wasn’t my experience. I started with some common succulents. Unfortunately the app failed miserably. So, I gave it something easy. Success! It correctly identified aloe. Not really a victory. So, I moved on to more tropical plants. The app did great, and was able to identify all of them with a little effort. A big issue is that the app appears to crash every time I decline an identification, and occasionally when I save an identification. To keep it working I had to force close the app every time and launch it again. Then, the lawn care ad that is disguised as more information on the photographed plant was very annoying. The monthly subscription is pushed fairly hard. I was browsing the features of the app, and almost gave up because of how often I was redirected to a page to sign up for premium service. I hadn’t even figured out the free app, and I was irritated by the premium upgrade. I did identify a mystery plant that has eluded identification for 17 years, a great success. Yet, the app still failed to meet my expectations.
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4 months ago, hfoydly
Very very fun app, but some minor technical issues
For a while I’ve been using this app to upload plant pics and plant identification, and I made a bunch of friends from there, I was having a lot of fun posting pictures until a day or two ago I logged into PlantSnap and it wouldn’t stop loading no matter what I did. I tried redoing my Wi-Fi multiple times and reloading the app. At this point I even tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, but it didn’t work. I’ve heard of multiple friends on PlantSnap having these sort of technical issues, and they were able to restart their whole account to get back into PlantSnap, but they lost all of their progress. I tried to delete the app and re-download, and it is still loading. I’ve lost all hope and my pictures with and beautiful community with it. 😫
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5 years ago, dkim568
Don’t waste your time
I was excited to see an app to detect plants and identify them appropriately. Now, I understand the challenges in designing the algorithms to correctly identify shapes of the foliage, leaf pattern, veins, etc, which is why it provides a list of similar plants. Cool, I can sort through the list. The problems: 1. This app has never been able to detect any plants aside from those that are obvious. I wouldn’t waste my money on upgrading based on how terribly the app functions. 2. The free version is a joke, full of ads and restrictions - don’t waste your time. 3. When attempting to use the app today, it was only full of errors and could not detect the plant. Once the list showed up, there were no photos or additional information on the plants and I had to resort to Google to try to find photos and info of the plants on the list. 4. App saves all images to my photos. I’m assuming there’s a setting to prevent this but not going to waste any more time on this app. I don’t want every single photo saved to my phone. Ask me if I want to save the photo instead of automatically saving it. 5. An app like this should have capability for self-learning so every user helps eventually add new plants to the database. I’ve given this app the benefit of the doubt for quite a few months and it hasn’t improved even a bit. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Deleting the app. Great idea, poor execution.
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5 years ago, SilverShoelaces
Better than nothing, I guess
I installed this app because I couldn't find a way to identify a plant that was given to me by Googling it. It did eventually work--the mystery plant is called diffenbachia--but it took multiple attempts to get that far, and the app incessantly reminded me all the while that I only have a limited number of free snaps before I would have to pay. The app was completely unable to identify my bamboo. I can't give it one star, because it works (eventually), but I can't justify any more than two because of all the bloat (that useless tutorial did not help me take better photos and was a complete waste of time) and the frustration in getting the pictures taken successfully. There's something very irritating about the app circling leaves, inviting me to explore them, returning zero relevant results, and then ticking down my remaining number of free pictures, all before I've pressed the picture button.
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5 years ago, oscarstopstosmelltheroses
I’ve been looking for this app all my life!
As a certified plant freak, I love to spend my time wandering the lands observing different buds, blooms and leaves. The problem was I didn’t know what most of them were and found it hard to keep a clean record of all the ones I loved and would like to plant or research one day. Now I have found my ultimate tool!!! I am so excited about this app. I purchased the premium service so I could look at the snaps taken around the world and I can’t stop looking and learning! So worth it. Thank you for creating this wonderful database for all us plant freaks out there. This will continue to be an invaluable tool for me as a sustainable design and landscape architecture grad student.
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2 years ago, slowest of al appsss
Not accurate
I raved about this app when I first got it, and got many other people to start using it. With that being said, the inaccuracy of this app is appalling. I travel a lot for work, and love learning about local flora for my own knowledge. It was able to find the basics usually, but so can google. Out of the last 15 times I’ve used this app, the suggestions it gave me for the plants I took a picture of were not even remotely close to what the actual plant was, even on obvious plants which I knew the identity of. Very disappointing for something you pay for weekly/monthly. I was by testing other apps in the hopes that they actually can do what is advertised. Note, I almost never leave negative reviews on anything, but this one frustrated me as you pay for quality, and receive nothing of the sort.
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5 years ago, Sly-1028
Usually never write reviews but this app is worth one.
I had the same idea for this app to snap and I’d flora &fauna back with iPhone 3 and so glad that others had it too to make it possible. Been using this app for a few days and it’s great, some times some IDs get mess up even if you follow the instructions but it’s definitely not broken like some people have been committing and like any computers recognition software there’s never always 100% but if you take another pic of a different sister flower or leaf you’ll get it at least 9/10 times what your looking for. An ideas to make it more interactive is to have & earn badges that you can collect when you find and snap different species and maybe even colors. kind of like a Pokédex style.
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6 months ago, jxwuff
Simple and Easy to Use
This is a cute little app for anyone who is obsessed with plants and always wants to share it with friends but hey if your friends don’t want to hear about it, here’s your app. You can add people and check out their plants and go wild. UI is simple and the green shades are a nice color scheme. It can identify plants though that may need some tweaking, but if the AI can’t immediately get it then you always have the community to ask. Settings were also simple to find - sometimes it’s hard to find and change your email and password in a lot of apps but this one is simple.
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6 months ago, Hilary96
Almost 5 stars!
I thought the app was really good except I couldn’t tell if people were posting on the app to identify their plants like I was or if they were just posting their beautiful plants/flowers. Which is fine to post and all because they are wonderful to look at I was just a little confused about that part. The other part is when I snapped the plant I wanted to identify I only got 2 selections, neither of which were mine. At least I don’t believe so. So maybe it was my plant or maybe people need more of a selection to choose from. Other than that, loved it. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Also if it was in my budget I’d get a subscription.
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2 years ago, TyDanie
I bought the app for the entire year because I fell in love with the way it used to be. After this update I do not enjoy using it at all before I was able to scan a plant and it pulled it up now I have to take multiple pictures of the plant because it’s not registering, I used to love how once I scan the picture it brought up a paragraph about the plant the species of the plant now the different sections are making this interface a little confusing and. I used to love using the app on my walks because it made it enjoyable how simple and fast it was now with this new complex update I honestly feel like it was very unnecessary because you guys had a beautiful clean well organized app why fix what wasn’t broken.? I wish there was a way I could revert it back to what I actually paid for.
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5 years ago, rowan-h
free but very limited
I was kinda let down while using this app even though it’s pretty simple the mechanics are slightly difficult. there’s a bit of *lagging* when it comes to scrolling or just trying to use the app in general. the features are pretty *limited* to where you can only take *10 pictures every 5 hours* and *ads* pop up from time to time. you can also choose to pay a monthly fee of $2 or a 1 time fee to unlock everything which is about $25. it’s also a struggle that it takes a *few tries for it to actually identify and plant correctly* which leads to you using up the majority of your tries. I hope to see some sort of improvement to when it comes to helping consumers and a nice feature I think should be added on are instructions on how to care for said plant and what region its mainly found in.
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2 months ago, rileyyy6
Innovative and helpful!
As a plant lover myself, this app has truly revolutionized my plant identification journey. The Global PlantSnap Map feature is a game-changer, allowing me to explore and learn about plants directly around my area. The community section adds a delightful social aspect, where I can see the fascinating plants others have discovered. Most impressively, the app's plant identification accuracy is spot on. Whether I'm hiking in the wilderness or strolling through a botanical garden, this app is my trusty companion, enriching my outdoor experiences like never before. Definitely a must have for plant lovers like me!!
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2 years ago, Onesxyone
Waste of Money!!!
First I accidentally hit the $39 option to buy this instead of the 7 day trial option. Ok, figured it’d probably be worth it in the end so I accepted my mistake. A few days later I had the chance to chill in nature so opened the app for the first time. Recognized my first mushroom so I was excited. Tried identifying several more species of plant & mushroom to NO AVAIL!!! Error messages kept appearing saying can’t identify, then eventually it says I must further unlock the app to take more than 5 snaps per day. How in the heck are you charging ppl $40 then addition $10 for ad free version???!!!!! The lifetime $39 should include ad free allowing unlimited photo snaps!!! I sure wish I could get a dang refund!!!!! This app is a rip off and needs to be reported….. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GET A BETTER PERFORMING PLANT APP FOR LESS MONEY!!!!! I am extremely upset with this entire ordeal, ugh!!!!!
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4 years ago, scjrobin
Totally off
I tried to get this app to identify 5 different plants, even though I knew what they were. This app got them all WRONG!!! UPDATE: I was sent an email with developer response to my review, saying that "tens of millions of people use PlantSnap every day with great success" & "to frame the photo properly" & "Do you want to update your review?" So this is my update. I have used 2 other plant identifier apps, taking snapshots all in the same way. This app was the only one that identifies incorrectly. The other 2 apps (Plant Identify & Picture This) were exactly correct on the identification of the plant (on 5 different plants). Because I already knew what the plants were. And that was just a test on the accuracy of the apps. I took the same exact snapshot for each app. Maybe this app should be updated in order to work better?
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4 years ago, Will Jared Matthews
I spend a lot of time hiking and learning new plants. I enjoy learning about wild edibles and wildflowers among other things. I also enjoy learning about the need to prioritize the preservation of wildlife habitat. The app sounds like a good idea. However this app has completely failed. For example I have just recently taken clear photos of blooming common chickweed and the abundant golden ragwort. The app does not correctly identify either. Moreover it provides a list of potential alternatives that are also incorrect. The app does nothing to promote the Id of wild invasives such as garlic mustard that are ruining the ecosystem. The app sends lots of emails soliciting upgrades to the fee version. This is not surprising considering that the free version does not work at all. Do not bother with this app and do yourself a favor and read Peterson’s wild edible plants books and Rachel Carson’s A Silent Spring.
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3 years ago, TwistedDingo
Just some trouble but still helpful!!
I downloaded this app because I brought home a handful of plants that didn’t have proper identification cards or “how to care for” slips like there usually do when you buy them at the garden center, and yes i will admit that this app helped me identify one of the mystery plants and gave me relatively good info and care tips but I just noticed when trying to identify the other plants they always pop up as something completely different (Ex: One plant is just grows basic oval shaped leaves and has no budding that would indicate flower or fruit growth- but when going through the app its labeled as a type of flower a succulent and even a Venus Flytrap) I know it’s difficult to be able to identify one simple plants when there is literally billions of plant species but some of the options just didn’t tie up with the actual plant- maybe something is bugging out with the camera? Maybe the app just needs a little run through and tune up! Other than that I think this app can be very helpful when you need to identify some plants!
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2 years ago, kaykay61496
Hold on to this app!
I’ve had pictures it couldn’t identify, but I’ve had plenty it has identified. I believe the only reason it may not pull up what you are looking for is the image of the plant isn’t being identified correctly on our part while taking the picture. Was very amazed after searching on google for a tree near my home, couldn’t find it, and pulled this app out and gave it another chance, it identified it immediately! Not a very common tree, and it had an amazing image and a ton of background info on it.
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2 years ago, MegEMcD
Not helpful for caring for plants
Am I missing something...? It took me a while to identify my first plant. It would be nice if each suggested plant had several pictures, one of a leaf, then one in full bloom or in a pot, instead of just a close-up of one leaf. I actually ended up googling to find my plant. I want to use this to care for my plants but under planting and watering instructions it says the same thing for each plant. Things like, “Consider if they will receive enough sunlight and moisture, is there space for them to grow to their full size, what type of soil do you have and how exposed it will be to the elements?” It doesn’t actually tell you what kind of soil the particular plant you have should have. I don’t get how this is helpful.
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4 years ago, Out of Ballpark
Overrated and inaccurate
Way too inaccurate for it to be considered as anything serious to work with. First, the “free” version allows you only 10 tries a day. Not bad, I thought. But when I had to try 3 times to identify a simple house palm plant, and 2 tries to identify a fishtail palm (it can’t get any easier to identify a tree than a fishtail palm due to its unique leaves), I realized that on just 2 plants I wasted 5 of my 10 wishes! Plus 1 rose and 1 Narcissus, 7 out of 10 tries gone in 10 minutes! Meanwhile, the ads did not miss a beat. Talk about bombardment. So, if you’re going for a hike, curb your enthusiasm or cough up $15 a year! They simply put a beta version out to make some money with the ads and lure in the users with a loose purse. Not worth the frustration of trial and error,...error,...error!
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5 years ago, AnnG918
Not identifying correctly
The app is fairly intuitive and easy to use. I find the limit on the number of pictures you can take on the free app super obnoxious since it’s full of ads and that is generally where apps differ between free and premium. But the biggest issues is that it is not identifying trees correctly. For many of them, the options listed would have very little similarities (other than having green leaves). And then a pop up would appear suggesting you look at the tutorials, which I did - they were, essentially, useless. Anyone using the app to the point where that pop up would have appeared would have already grasped the fundamentals shown in the tutorial videos. Punchline: really glad I didn’t pay for the premium app.
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4 years ago, Slumbertime101
Doesn't seem accurate so far
I'm going to continue to use this and reserve final judgment until later. However, at least half of the suggested identifications do not appear correct to me. And, this includes both the primary recommendations and all of the alternates. Unfortunately, since I am relying on the app to identify the plants for me, I can't be 100% sure that what I am assessing as incorrect are not just normal variations in the plant appearance. I certainly understand the limitations of image-recognition technology and do not fault the app developers for my experience so far. Perhaps I am just snapping rather obscure plants. In any event, I will return later to update this review and my rating if my ongoing experience warrants that.
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2 years ago, Music_Kritick
Beware of fraudulent practice
I got the app to try it out. I was willing to subscribe but wanted to see if it would work for my purposes first, so I initially used just the free features. When I ran out of my daily allotment of snaps, it offered 5 additional snaps for a price or 3 additional snaps in exchange for watching ads. I chose the ads. After watching, it still said I was out of snaps and made me the same offer. I watched their ads four times and never received additional snaps. This app is enticing people to watch ads and receiving ad revenue without providing the promised benefit. That amounts to fraud in my book. For that alone they deserve no stars, but I did give two stars since it seemed to work okay during my limited trial.
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4 years ago, Joeseabass
So crappy
Worst app ever. I took perfect pictures several times from multiple angles I have never once gotten a proper result. I clicked submit to be identified...... they want to charge me to use the app. 🤔 you are suspect. I proceeded to do a simple google search with a simple description. Boom 💥 popped up with the correct results on the 1st try. I do not recommend this app don’t waste your $. This is my updated review after developers response. The app is still garbage 🗑. I am reading between the lines with your response now because you don’t object the the fact that if you paid for the app it would work better. Therefore you are a scam app. I tried so many times to work with this app. I even tried it on layup plants that a 3 year old could identify and they still got it wrong. Very suspect practices going on over at plant snap.
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5 years ago, hackperl
Does not work
I’m a photographer so I know how to take a decently framed and properly lit photograph. I have built ground truth databases for face recognition and other biometrics. The same principles are applicable to plant identification. Good ground truth and eliminate the false positives. I have made many attempts to ID plants and it has failed miserably. And now I see that they are pushing a social networking experience for their app. I think they should spend their money developing the capture side of the app and get that right. I love the concept and was excited to use it but it’s not ready for prime time. Sorry.
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4 years ago, eelnotrub
Don’t waste money on Pro version
At times PlantSnap accurately identifies plants, especially “easy” ones. In my experience, though, it gets it right only half the time. I know this because it has misidentified plants I already knew and other times it was clear from leaf or flower structure or color that the app was in error. This is also true of other plant apps. My biggest complaint is this: I paid for Pro and got nothing for it. I bought it on my iPhone phone but it wouldn’t upgrade on my iPad. I sent in several pictures to their experts for identification and not once got a response. I wrote to them 3 times and received nothing but an automated response. They promise good service and I got no service. Bad news! If you want the app, take the free version but keep in mind that accuracy is spotty.
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4 years ago, Journey End
Downloaded this app and paid for premium. Asked it to identify three simple plants on my front porch in northern New England. It identified all three as South American shrubs. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Don’t waste your money. Update: PlantSnap contacted me tonight to tell me the issue was my fault, and I should contact their customer support to get trained on how to frame the picture. Ironically in the meantime I downloaded Picture This (another plant ID app) and took pictures of the multiple plants in my yard. Picture This got the plants correct 6 for 6 including the three I had previously tried with PlantSnap. Apparently I can frame pictures just fine. Based on the condescending customer service response I’d give this a zero star if I could. BTW - I asked for a refund of my premium payment but so far they’re ignoring that request.
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4 years ago, Citygrl00
Don’t waste your money
Had three plants to identify, all the same plant. Couldn’t wait to use this app to identify the plants my kiddos planted and that we all forgot what they were. This app ended up being such a let down. It kept matching my plant image with plants that didn’t look anything like it. As a photographer, I know how to take photos and understood exactly what the app needed to identify the plant. I paid to upgrade so I could submit the photo to the professionals to identify it and still haven’t heard back - it’s been over a month. What a waste of money. I asked a neighbor with a little more plant knowledge than I had, which isn’t much and he knew instantly what it was. I confirmed his guess with google in less than 2 minutes. Cancelled my monthly subscription and can’t help but feel taken a bit.
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2 months ago, AndiP326
My password didn’t work and tech support never responded
I was so excited to purchase the recent sale. Unfortunately, I had downloaded this app a long time ago and tried it for free. when I recently paid for the subscription, I went to sign in my password didn’t work. I clicked forgot password and the only option I could do was the strong password, which was fine but it wouldn’t let me copy it and my Iphone didn’t save the password so when I went to sign in, it didn’t work. Tried it again, same result. Sent an email to tech support 5 days ago and haven’t heard back. Sorry, but it’s spring and I am needing to identify my plants and weeds so needed to move on. I submitted for a refund to Apple. Back to Picture This.
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6 months ago, Jasmine McIntosh
Not bad for what it is
I liked that you can see everyone’s post. More so than that you can like, dislike, send commentary on the pictures, report them, etc if need be to admin. The app is very through in that respect. The app wasn’t able to identify my plants specifically but in general it did identify them. It does a better job with flowers than with plants. I didn’t do the free trial because I’m rarely around too many plants but it’s a nice resource to have if you are a lover of plants and flower.
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2 months ago, bootsymom
Easy to use but not 100% accurate
I downloaded ‘PlantSnap’ with high hopes that I would be able to have a reliable identification source for the plants in my gardens. I moved into this house about three years ago and I have added quite a bit of flowers and plants to the established ones in my back and front yard gardens. I started using the app to identify the plants that I already knew the names of just to test it out and found that it was only about 50% reliable for several common plants and flowers. because of that, I am very reluctant to try it out on the plants that I’m not sure of.
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2 years ago, cansser
Amazing app! But there’s just 2 problems. I wish you had the option to turn on or off friend requests. The second issue is that there’s this one user that you might want to look into. Her name is Beate, from Germany and her profile is a picture of her in front of a candle or a candle next to her. She’s just really critical and seems like she’s mad that she doesn’t get enough likes on posts. Other than that, I’d love the way you took the time to read this like how most people wouldn’t. But if you could tell Beate to just accept my friend request that would be very great. And she just ignores the request I’ve tried it like 5 times already and am still trying but she just well refuses to accept the request requested. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Jenniiiferous
Not as Helpful as I had hoped
I just downloaded this to replace a more expensive plant identifying app. I like that this app doesn’t force you to pay, before it’s at all useful, but I haven’t had luck with identifying any of my handful of plant babies thus far. I do like the Botanist feature to send off for identification, but have not received those results as of yet, so could improve my overall option on the current version. I love the concept so much, if only they’re providing accurate, helpful results. Also, my collection should be one of the quick tabs. Not hidden. I’d rather have that, versus the community tab.
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4 years ago, Mlek2
Bombarded with pop ups.. has huge potential
I was really excited for this because of all of the opportunities this type of application could provide for both education and hobby. Right after downloading it I tried taking three basic photos and all of them were in accurate which I’m sure can happen with the thousands of different species out there. What bothered me was the endless pop ups and ads trying to get me to upgrade before I even spent 30 seconds in the app after having it for five minutes I’m deleting it and will try other ones hopefully they can improve on this
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