Pluto TV: Watch & Stream Live

4.8 (1.2M)
119.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pluto TV: Watch & Stream Live

4.77 out of 5
1.2M Ratings
1 year ago, Narni J
Pluto - Awesome Channel!!!
I absolutely love the Pluto channel! Like others I didn't think there would be much offered but was pleasantly surprised. For those of you that tried the channel years ago, it has really improved in quality and playback. It may have been the internet service in general. I don't know, but, I am happy to say that Pluto has so much to offer (I just saw movies from channels I am currently paying for...but not for long!) The commercials are not that bad and as with others I just mute them if I'm not interested. Simple enough. Thank you to everyone involved with the Pluto channel for the chance to enjoy an awesome lineup of live tv and the extensive library of shows and movies from old to new because you have helped so many people in a time that we need all the help we can get. I feel the need to add that not only should I mention it is 'free' but it is quality programming and selection is of a great variety. I don't watch or even like some shows or topics of said shows but we all have the choice of what to watch and when. Adults, you have the choice of what your kids watch and there are plenty of channels and shows I believe you would find acceptable. It's a great channel so I would recommend giving it a try. For me, I am a Grandma that loves to watch Anime and a variety of other things so I find a lot of entertainment on this one free channel. Hope you all will enjoy it as much as I and many others do.🤗
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9 months ago, Also pinky
i am back! 😬
Used to watch Pluto almost exclusively but one day i could no longer rewind & fast forward - i continued checking & it wasn’t a fluke so sadly: no more Pluto. What REALLY hurt is that you were running a favorite movie (That Touch of Mink) but i simply cannot RELAX & enjoy watching anything unless i feel assured that if i miss anything or want to rewatch something i’m able to rewind. Probably my own personal quirk but it’s enough to ruin perusing the app for me. Now that i see those features are back .. so am i!🙋🏻‍♀️ This FREE APP has tons of great movies & series/sitcoms! i’m thrilled to once more be watching Pluto but if the ff/rewind disappears - so will i! 🤞🏻PLEASE don’t ever do that again, it was TORTURE! Ps By the time Pluto finally brought the controls back, my favorite Doris Day film was no longer on Pluto. So you’re still getting 5 stars bc i’m so excited that i can watch again BUT this app has caused me a ton of upset & irritation! My hope is that there are many more like me so that you now know that it’s NOT COOL to pull that crap! It makes total sense feasibly - why would customers ever be happy when privileges are taken away, you should’ve at least lowered your prices! Everything is great, PLEASE don’t change anymore - i would truly prefer to stay! .. hey, you asked! THANX! 😬
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3 years ago, Fenix9119
Glitch in the App
First off let me say that I LOVE this App! Being able to see old episodes of Doctor Who and other shows is awesome.. But I do wish you’d change it up & run some different episodes from these shows.. Take Doctor Who for example: If we just take the “Classic” Seasons of Doctor Who, there was probably 200+ episodes, or more.. But this App plays maybe 20 episodes all told, then starts over and plays the same 20 episodes, then starts over and plays the same 20 episodes.. So unfortunately I’ve stopped watching it cause I’ve seen the same 20 episodes maybe 15 times each.. I just can’t watch the same ones over & over anymore.. But the main reason I’m writing this is because there’s a glitch in the app.. Every time I open the app for the 1st time of the day it says, “Having trouble with this title”, meaning the show won’t run.. Then I click to a new channel & it will say the same thing, “Having trouble with this title”.. NO show will run.. Then I have to turn my phone off completely & then restart it, then open the app again & it will finally run the way it’s supposed it.. I have to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY.. But I’m sorry, if this doesn’t get corrected I’m gonna have to stop using the App all together cause I really don’t like having to shut off my phone & restart it every day just to use ur app.. So Please, please fix this glitch & add some new episodes & I’ll use ur app forever!!
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2 years ago, JFed-9
Best TV app out there
I wasn’t expecting much, since it’s a free, ad-driven service, but wow. The ads are totally fine, just about similar to live tv through cable. The on demand collection is pretty decent as well, with on demand movies and shows very easy to find and watch. Absolutely worth giving it a shot. The part that drove me to write a review however was the signup process. You don’t even have to. It’s completely optional, and the only things you need to provide to do so are your email, password, birth year, and the optional first name. I love that. So simple. I signed up for an account in less than a minute. Being in the cybersecurity field, I always appreciate MFA protecting my personal data, but here, the app barely even has any of my data to begin with. I love the peace of mind. Edit: After reading other reviews, people are complaining about seeing the same shows and the same ads. Personally I just mute the ads, so that doesn’t bother me at all. That’s not why I’m watching the show. And I honestly never watch the live shows anyway, I just search for the one I want and hit play. So take the other reviews with a grain of salt in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Tamsharley
Needs work
Because for one, the ads are too much! In a half hour episode of on demand tv show. You get about almost 15 minutes of ads!! Even regular cable doesn't do this!! Once in awhile the ads interrupt the show in a the middle of scene or conversation! When looking for a station or movie to watch. Their player insists on be on while you look whether you want it to or not. Plus, as others have stated. It's the same four or five ads every single time. So, that gets boring. When you pause the show then go back. Yup, have to watch the ads instead of where you left off in show! Also it seems like they stream the same episodes of a show all day instead of changing it up. Then I've discovered that sometimes in the Christmas movie channel They have the wrong title of what is playing. Now, for the good! First it's free! Then, it's even better when you make an account. Because you can save your favorite channels and on demand stuff, so you don't have to keep searching for them. The PIP works well on iOS. They have a great variety of retro shows n movies as well as their channels! I enjoy that I can just channel surf(in a sense) turn on something like the Perry Mason channel or Happy Days to leave on. So, overall it's a nice app, just needs a bit of work! Thanks guys!
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5 years ago, 1stCeye
What a creation.....variety!!
This has to be the best free TV anywhere! There is something for EVERYONE TO WATCH! I am a train hobbyist. I was shocked when checking out my new TV Stations to discover a channel (SLOWLY) that takes me on a train ride through different countries...this month has been really interesting...NORWAY by train..they change the seasons as we travel along so I have seen snow covered mountains, lowlands, and fjords then seconds later the scene changes to summer with trees and plants...what a treat to see this country while sitting in my armchair/bed! There are movies galore! All the different types of MUSIC and newly added MTV....SPORTS, ACTION FILM, TV SERIES, GAME SHOWS FROM THE 70’s when they were’s free, people! is immediate and friendly. My suggestions were acknowledged and to my delight that’s a great TV STATION.... late at night, I relax, watching The Pet channel/ We 💛Pets....dogs, cats, birds, Turtles....all wonderful....And a channel devoted to funny cat antics...I guarantee you will laugh...some nights I scroll through just for fun...and always there is something new to catch my attention! “Try it——you’ll like it”.....😄😄😄😄😄🙋🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, kiwi_Cake
Overall is good, however is uncomfortable to use
I came to this app only for the anime and have found one that I liked a lot (and couldn't seem to find anywhere else!) and it’s the only reason I continued to use this app. The fact that this app is completely free is amazing. However, if you aren’t a very patient person then this app isn’t for you. There are a total of three ads, each 30 seconds long at least (they are unskippable) showing up together 3 times throughout a single episode. That’s 4:30 seconds worth of ads per episode. Yeah, that’s a lot. Another issue I have with this app is the programming of it. Seriously, hire some real programmers that actually know how to make apps. Not only is the app glitchy by itself, the “forwards” and “backwards” buttons don’t even work! You could press on them forever but they wouldn’t move the episode even a second forward or backward. If you by any chance had had to unfortunately miss some part of the video then fear not: all you have to do is replay the episode from the very beginning and watch all the ads again with it (I know that sounds very exciting indeed!) . So to summarize it all: don’t use this app if you’re impatient and don’t use this app if you get distracted easily. That’s all from me. Hope the devs will fix the app someday!
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4 years ago, Ayden Girl
I just downloaded this because of Instagram ads
Hey I just downloaded this app because of the ad on Instagram so I wanted to see what it was like. Overall I like the content there is a wide variety of shows and movies and they have old shows like fear factor that aren’t available anywhere else but a lot of the shows and movies are available through regular cable which is nice I guess if you don’t have cable. I think you guys should change the layout of the app it’s very weirdly laid out and then when I was looking for movies and tv shows there is no search bar so the only way to look up movies and tv shows is via genre which I found very tedious and annoying because I wanted to see if you had specific movies and or tv shows like wipe out but I can’t look it up the second problem I had was when you open the app it takes you directly to the live tv but when I want to watch movies and or a different tv show on demand the live tv noises are still in the background while I am looking while xfinity or any other app usually stops the live show while you are looking for another one. Sorry for being too critical but this is a review it is a pretty good app it just needs a lot of app adjustments just to make it better.
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3 years ago, LovingThe Lord!
The Best App!
I don’t write reviews. In fact, this is the first review I’ve written for an App. I’ve had & been watching Pluto for so long, I can’t remember not having it. It’s one of my most used app’s on my iPad. Pluto is so good I’m thinking about shutting off my cable television. Pluto has pretty much anything one could ask for & more. They are constantly adding new channels. They have so many different categories of entertainment, music, movies both new & old. You can watch some regular television stations, if you want. There are stations for old television shows. Channels for every kind of music. But, for me, it’s everything that I haven’t mentioned that I love about Pluto. There is so much here to watch & listen to that is uniquely their own, things you would not see or here anywhere. This app cannot be put into a category I’ve never had a problem with the app, no bugs or issues. Pluto is more than just another app, it is an Experience. It’s obvious I love Pluto. The best & most difficult thing to believe is it is free! Pluto is a treasure & it’s diversity is incredible.
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3 weeks ago, mdLLs2332
Get what you pay for!
I suppose with a free app you get what you pay for. But be forewarned many shows only have a couple seasons. Not a problem if you just want to rewatch for fun, but can’t watch an entire series start to finish. Also if you don’t have your screen locked, every time you turn your phone, instead of just flipping the picture, it minimizes it to a small window and goes back to the main screen. The most frustrating part is if you briefly leave to app (still open, not closed), say to answer a call or text message, when you come back and click “pick up where you left off”, it randomly picks up in the middle of an entirely different episode! Update: tried to reply to developer as requested in reply below but email is returned undeliverable. Also forgot to mention when you first open the app there is always some movie or tv show playing in the top of screen until you can find what you want to watch. Usually in a genre you’ve never watched. And there’s no way to get rid of it til you start your show. For reference I am using an iPhone 12 with current iOS.
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3 years ago, Dkmainman
Decent selection, ads are ridiculous
So, the selection of things to watch is ok. There are a good amount of TV shows and movies to pick from, and the fact that it is a free service is great. The problems arrive with the advertisements. I get that a free service needs ads to survive, but there are so many of them, and so little variety. I watched a movie that was an hour and a half, and another 20 minutes were added with unskippable ads. The worst part, however, was the lack of variety of ads. There would always be 4 ads. The first ad, without fail, was ALWAYS a Geico ad. It picked between 3 different ones, but they got annoying fast. The second ad was always an AWFUL ad for DirectTV that would be the same one, every time, every ad break. The third ad was one of 2 car commercials. The final ad would actually change a little bit, which was nice. The ad breaks, however, were programmed into the time slots of the movie though, so you better not rewind, because if you rewound past where the ads were, guess what? Time to watch them again, so you better not miss any of the film or want to go back to another part. Overall, this was a mostly negative experience, and I will not be using this app again.
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2 years ago, Prince Zordar
Service is crap, app is worse
Yeah, it’s free, so I shouldn’t have expected much. Neat idea to come up with binge watch channels, so if you want to watch Star Trek or COPS all day, go for it. Unfortunately, the service is just too unreliable. It skips and stutters, stalls, replays the same 5 seconds a few times, and eventually the app just gives up and closes itself. Restarting the app often gives an error to retry because it couldn’t connect, even though the show is playing behind the error screen. I’ve tried it on an iPad Pro M1 using the iPad app and on a Chromebook using the web browser, both at home and at work. Pretty much the same experience, although oddly enough the Chromebook performed slightly better (maybe because it was using the web page and not a broken app.) It’s impossible to watch anything without the stream just quitting several times during an episode of anything. I’ve had issues with the app since iPadOS 14. I am now running 16. The ads are ridiculous. It’s like they scooped up the ads that were too over the top for late night TV, and repeat them over and over and over. I’ve seen the ad for Judge Judy 6 times in the past 25 minutes. I guess it’s better than listening to the moronic Baby Mamas or the “get cash now” ad with the talking bear.
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5 months ago, 1Tomek1
Incomplete TV show seasons.
It’s great that Pluto TV is free & brings back old shows, but it skips many episodes of & doesn’t show complete seasons. There are many shows that have characters that were badly cast, & to have to see them every scene starts to make my stomach churn. The ones doing that bad casting should either have been fired & replaced BEFORE the first episode or told to make better choices or be fired. There were so many of them with crazy unknown names, homely faces, & no acting skills. To make a long story short………The episodes that finally had good looking actors that can act are skipped through & many not shown. In the meantime, we have to suffer through ALL the episodes that have “actors” than make you sick. Why is that? If you are going to have a TV show on your app, at least show ALL the episodes of all the seasons. Many of us may get sick looking at the characters being played by Hollwood’s worst in the beginning episodes, but at least we will be able to look forward to seeing GOOD ACTORS with good looks in the following episodes of complete seasons until the end of the last one. STOP SKIPPING EPISODES & start showing complete seasons!
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9 months ago, chriss1231
I love this app but recently….
I absolutely love the Pluto app…in fact for all the streaming apps I pay for I watch Pluto the most! If there was a pay version of it I would probably pay for it! Having said that, however, lately it’s been very frustrating to watch. Specifically, frustrating to Chromecast. I thought maybe it was Chromecast itself but then I realized it’s only happening with Pluto: at least once, but usually more, per hour it stops “casting” and I have to reconnect it. It’s very frustrating especially because it seems to happen during the most critical parts of whatever I’m watching! I was hoping the update would correct the issue but it has not unfortunately. I have also been having issues playing on demand or watchlist items. I try to play them but for some it starts playing something completely different that isn’t even on my watchlist! I realize it’s a free app but I was hopeful “you get what you pay for” wouldn’t apply here because it never has before! If you could find a way to fix these issues I would happily give a 5+ star rating!
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6 years ago, Rosymenu
Horror fans we are back in!
If you are one of those horror fans that was disappointed to see the chiller channel go without a second thought to us horror fans, then give Pluto tv a try! They have loads of great channels and a 24/7 horror movie channel that shows nothing but a great selection or horror related movies and shows, plus they are constantly adding new channels. I was convinced to give this app a try and I’m glad I did! It’s very easy to navigate and the quality is good. The only draw back I’m having is sometimes, out of nowhere, there is like a quick second cut out or pause, would be a better word, and whatever I’m watching will restart with a second delay or a second forward of what I’m watching, if that makes any sense, not too big of a deal, could be WiFi connection but if Others are experiencing this could be something within the app? Not complaining much after all it’s free and I’m pretty happy with it and in my opinion it’s the best streaming tv app out there!
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1 month ago, Rapunzll
Very frustrating
My issue has now been taken care of. Took a while, but hey, I’m not paying anything for this channel so I can hardly complain! So there’s an Aussie show that I like to watch actually two of them and they’re both on Pluto, but I can only watch them when they work properly, which is rarely. I’m trying to watch an episode of the Block and the freaking thing has been loading for probably at least 15 minutes probably more like 20. What the heck? And then when I try to watch my kitchen rules, I watched the first episode of a specific season and then the second episode won’t load. It goes right to the third episode. I also don’t like the fact that it plays the other channels as soon as I login I’m not interested in watching those channels. I don’t want to have to listen to them. I sent an email to the channel about a week ago and still works crappy. They said they were looking into it but haven’t heard anything back except for the first day or two after I sent my email. Very frustrating channel.
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3 years ago, Papadaddys57
Registration of User is a Hard Thing to do!
I like the Ap! My problems happen when I try to register with Pluto! The other problem I previously had was the Ap staying connected to my WiFi and using data, even as I slept. Even with my Samsung 7 series Flat Screen, registration is still a chore unfinished, so I simply work with the available features. Don’t get me wrong on this, but overall, the Application gives you a lot of channels and movies to watch. So far, my best remedy for the problems has been to delete the app and download it again! Must be worth something to me because here I am again,...”Failed To Register With Little, or no responsive customer support?” My current O.S. Is the IPad Pro with the latest Apple has to offer! As of today July 26 th, I am enjoying the Ap a lot more than I used to. My next hurdle is an easier registration process in order to use all of the Ap’s feature’s.
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11 months ago, Chucklehead 64
Bring back the channel numbers!!!
Previously I would have given this app 5 stars. I wrote down the channel number (for instance, #549) and the channel TV show (for instance, Blue Bloods). I had a list of channel numbers and shows, so different channels were very easy to find when you need to switch channels and watch a different show. BUT, in a recent update, you got rid of channel numbers, and so it becomes more difficult to find the channel you’re looking for (for instance, #1005 - Jeopardy). That’s a useless step backwards, in terms of ease of use, and it doesn’t accomplish anything - a bad move, with nothing positive!!! Also, limited number of episodes, so you end up seeing the same episodes on a frequent basis!!! Other than that, I like Pluto TV. PLEASE BRING BACK CHANNEL NUMBERS (and give us more episodes for shows such as Blue Bloods)!!! P.S.: You STILL don’t have the channel numbers for shows posted, so if I wanted to watch more than one show (switch channels), it would take WAY TOO LONG to find out what shows are on (remember, to quote you, you have “250+ channels). Therefore, I will be deleting your app. You POINTLESSLY “screwed up,” absolutely pointless business stupidity!!!
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6 years ago, BintegratedTech
Ok but not great.
I signed up on the computer using google but the app does not have a login with google option so I had to setup another account using just email. Favorites in the app or in the web browser do not stay as favorites. No favorite recall menu. Video and audio glitches all the time. Commercials are not synced with shows and cuts off important or suspenseful parts. I use the web version and iOS app version and have the issue on all 3 of my devices, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Laptop using Google Chrome. I love the app but the MANY technical issues are almost not worth it. I am not sure how old this app is but live streaming has been down to a science for many years but these guys don't seem to even see that bar. Have been using it on LTE and Fiber backed WiFi at over 50Mbps down 30Mbps up both scenarios with the exact same issues. The iOS app version also appears to reset itself mid stream in an attempt to catch up but then skips parts of the show or will back track to a part that has already been shown and then skip forward again and cut more stuff out. The whole Pluto TV service needs work. A lot of work.
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3 years ago, reverendlinux
Wide Selection But Poor Performance
Pluto has quite a selection of channels covering all kinds of genres; documentaries, sitcoms, music, classic TV, as infinitive. So anyone should be able to find something entertaining to watch. Yes there are commercials but hey, it’s free so I’m not complaining. Picture quality is good; clear and generally colorful. Menus a fairly easy to navigate but could use a feature to save favorites. The reason for the three stars is the poor performance. I’ve been using the Pluto app on both my Apple TV (hard wired) and my iPhone (WiFi and cell). On both devices I get lots of freezes and dropouts on all channels. Some channels have them more frequently than others. Very rarely do I watch anything without at least one issue. I can watch 4K streaming through other apps so it’s not my connection. Summary: If don’t mind some freezes and hangs then you’ll be happy with this TV source. Otherwise, until Pluto gets those problems ironed out you’ll probably be looking elsewhere rather quick.
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3 years ago, Baldie1946
Some good some bad
Gee whiz.......STILL waiting for “customer support” to get back to me on the few simple questions I mentioned below. It’s been 2 weeks now? Think their lousy “support” practices is their weakest link? At this rate a one star rating could be generously too high. Yeah...good shows and movies.......BUT……HOW DO YOU REMOVE A CHOICE FROM “Continue Watching?” I watched a bit of a few movies. They were bad. So I stopped watching, removed it from my watch list.....and there it sits in “Continue Watching” list. I DONT WANT TO KEEP WATCHING IT! There is no button to remove it from that list. Watch 50 movies.....will be 50 movies sitting in the list. So you have to see the movie to it’s end and be sure it is off your watch list or something else I did and it finally goes away. But a “Remove from continue watching” button would be great. Finally.....customer service? “Contact Us?” Ha! They send you the cut and paste response of how they will get right on this for me and my wishes are important to them.......then they never get back to you. NETFLIX THEY ARE NOT......just wannabes. For this, they get a one star rating because I can’t give a half star rating.
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3 years ago, Andyc34
Downright horrible
Wait I can’t give negative star reviews? Whatever. This app is horrible. I never bother to give app’s reviews. But this app is so downright terrible, that I just had to. Just try watching, I dare you. Ads with interrupt you every corner. And the same ones too. I now have a Pavlovian response to fear the music of one of the commercials because it comes on so often. Paused a movie and want to come back to it? Well that’s wishful thinking, you will be met with tons of ads and the wrong place you left off. When you try to fast forward to where you where, then you have to wait ten ads later to get to it. Oh by the way, did I mention the forward and backward button doesn’t work? Yeah I don’t know why they call it that, it’s just ad button. If you press it, not only do you get ads, but it also doesn’t move you anywhere. I want a cut of the 50 dollars they have probably made from me watching one movie. 90% 10% movie Oh by the way. I’m writing this review during one of these ads, because how dare I try to go 15 seconds back. And there is more than enough time to Write a review during these ads
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4 years ago, galloitaliano27
The best, but there’s room for improvements.
Simply put: PlutoTV is, without a doubt, the best free Live TV app in any platform. Hands down. Although I praise the creators for their incredible achievement, I think there is plenty of room for improvement. For instance, I would suggest to expand the time frame in the guide. As it stands now it is way too limited, if we check the guide to see what’s next we’re only allow to see two or three titles, at times just one. It is unfortunate cause so many good movies and shows go unnoticed due to a lack of awareness. If you could sort it out PlutoTV would take a massive step in the right direction. Secondly, the Spanish content is too limited as well. No saying it isn't good, but I think more movies and documentaries should be added. The Hispanic community thrives for good AND exciting programming, we are more than just Novelas and Soccer. We love Hollywood movies too. And so, please gives us great content DUBBED IN SPANISH, please. Oh and before I forget, the Películas en español on the On Demand section should have way more programming too! There are movies on Latino Live TV that isn’t available On Demand!! Fix this please..! And lastly, apparently switching channels in the TV app is currently unavailable. Any updates coming soon? I can live with the third point, but I would immensely appreciate if the first and second points are addressed in future updates. Thanks you so, so much for this APP!!
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2 years ago, popeye.jim
Great TV App.
First I like to think Pluto technical support for helping me get my app running back on the iPad. I like Pluto TV a lot it shows all the good interesting shows and good movies that I like to watch I like the way it has some stations dedicated just to some of the old TV shows like the rifle man Addams family and a few others I like beyond belief fact or fiction a great show I think what this app needs to have is the twilight zone and the outer limits on a dedicated channel also one step beyond for those three I’ve been a big fan of those shows for years and I never get tired of watching either those and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way I hope they’re able to dedicated channel for those shows..that would be awesome.i feel confident your ratings would only get better adding these. I, would like to see more Documentaries on the Paranormal. Pluto is doing a Great job.
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3 years ago, Shanlie
An 80’s music video channel
I love the concept of the "what’s old is new" but innovated. Curated content but in categories. If you’re tired of searching for something to watch but know at least what you're in the mood know you want to watch a 90s movie or a horror movie or whatever genre it has its own channel within Pluto TV. Everything is pre-scheduled and curated so you just find your niche and settle in. It’s commercial driven but not invasive at the very least. [*The 80s Vevo side scroll channel SOLD ME! My new favorite "radio station" .... it’s music videos from the 80’s more or less. I literally put it on and go about my life yet inevitably end up stopping and watching for an hour. Blasts from the past so fresh it made me feel happy i found PlutoTV. Heard from a tv segment on the radio... and plugged it in via Apple TV. I’m a music fan so it suits me just solely in this one feature. Hidden gem. ]
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8 months ago, ANGIE CLEARY
I like it, but it definitely needs more news channels.
Pluto TV is already a fantastic free streaming service with a wide selection of channels, but it would be even better if they considered adding popular TV News channels like Fox News, ABC News, and News Nation to their lineup. These channels offer diverse perspectives on current events, and having them on Pluto TV would enhance the platform’s appeal to news enthusiasts. The addition of these channels would make Pluto TV an even more comprehensive and go-to source for news, catering to a broader range of viewers. It’s always a plus when a streaming service takes user feedback into account and expands its content offerings. In conclusion, Pluto TV has the potential to become an even more appealing platform by including sought-after TV News channels like Fox News, ABC News, and News Nation. This would certainly make it a top choice for those looking for a free and diverse news-watching experience.
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3 years ago, dilword
I like the concept a lot, wish there were better things to watch
I watched Holy Motors then Ghost World. After Ghost World ended, the application asked for a review. I gave Pluto tv three stars because it lacks many things I’d like to see. If Pluto tv could afford stuff from film festivals, I would much appreciate tuning into Pluto tv more. Lesser aired, not well known stuff many people would not know otherwise would be great to see. I don’t get to know a whole lot about obscure culture because of my reclusive (inadvertent as my positioning may be) way about life, but love to find art… …does that small stain on her dress in the third scene refer to… …mathematically near perfect or perfect triangulation of history, science, weather, and hair etcetera to tell the story of the debunking of… in part one of the series, part two released in advertisements not as a part of the sequence offering an example of 21st century new age story telling that has no disparaging reference at all, keying in on life in a land a true God everyone would love lives. Yep, perty much.
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1 year ago, #HeyTrice
User friendly, quick setup
I needed a quick no hassle setup after a long day at work and didn’t have any devices near for my passwords ! Shout out to Apple TV+ ! I’m pleased that apps adorning together to create a full experience! I downloaded the app and I user 5mins…no exaggeration I was able to search and find the movie that was on my mid all day at work! It came out in 2013…so other apps didn’t have it available to view without at least 20-30mis worth of setup. I’m impressed that the ads were accurate…this app is EASY AND FULL OF CLASSICS coupled with options to enhance your viewing experience. I GIVE 5 STARS because this app respects that everyone may not have ‘time’ to complete the steps for setup, yet encourages customers to ‘take a peek’ later…without pressure. Thank you…will invest more SOON…ad share with my other coworkers who need this simple to use entertainment.
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5 years ago, Grifftrain
Pluto Tv
It’s a great app. The one complaint I have would be lots of commercials interrupting the shows. But I understand the need for them. There are many, many commercial breaks. Another thing I would like to see is being able for me to broadcast to my tv. I understand it’s possible in some cases, but trying to stream to my smart tv doesn’t work. It could be my tv is to old. I know it sounds like I listed a lot of complaints, but for a free streaming service, this is a great app with many great channels. Rifftrax, mst3k, music channels, news, comedy stand up, drama shows and movies, Pluto tv has it all. For those looking to “cut the cable tv cord” this is a great option ***update**** my cable tv service now provides a Pluto tv app. So now I can watch Pluto on my big screen tv. It really is a good app with nice variety. Only complaint is the same as before. Many commercials. But it’s enough content to satisfy most any viewer
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12 months ago, Gavs24
Starting to slide down hill
When I first got this app on my TV it was pretty good. However I have had it for about 10 months may be longer and it’s getting worse. The movies and shows rarely change so I’ve pretty mcg watched everything I got it for a few times now. Also the last few weeks it keeps freezing and crashing. You have to shut it down and then reload it. It also has terrible timing on commercials, like mid action scene or sentence and it just freezes and cuts to ad and if you’re lucky it starts back at the same time of not you just missed crucial scenes? Lately it also just cut out of a scene and into another one sometimes minutes past where it was and you completely miss things. I get that it’s free, but have some respect for yourselves and sort out the quality and continuity of your shows and commercial timing or you’ll lose advertisers who get half a commercial shown and viewers who just can’t do it even if it’s free?
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3 years ago, kenzly.valentine
OKAAAAAAAAAY SO🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
I love this app because I get to watch movies that are not anywhere else and it’s FREE but this app everytime I try to skip it rewinds back to where I started or continued from in the movie and then I have to watch the movie from there again if I try to skip it goes right back to that spot and then gives me another four stupid commercials…Reading the comments obviously your bugs are not fixed you should really definitely get better programmers for this because I can’t fast forward or rewind a movie in peace without having to watch the last 30min I just watched over AGAIN I rated this five stars because it is a very great app and I do appreciate what it is for but these little bugs really do need to be fixed if a year ago someone is saying the same thing I am saying right now then obviously you guys need to figure it out
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2 years ago, Joedejong.mister horror?
Love Pluto TV,
I heard about Pluto TV when I was browsing the App Store on my iPad, I first downloaded the app, no bugs, no glitches whatsoever, and I love the channels that Pluto TV has, such as Pluto TV horror, and shout factory TV, and the Johnny Carson show, and, the best thing about Pluto TV no need to pay for a subscription, it’s free, and I also love the movies here on Pluto TV, and I also love Turner classic movies and I would love to see more channels here on Pluto TV I would love to see Pluto TV criterion, I would love to see that channel on Pluto TV keep adding more channels in movies and more shows, and keep updating, and one more thing, I have no problem casting it to my Roku premiere in my living room, and my Roku express in my basement, I also have a little TV on my Roku, and I would love to see more news stations, such as LocalNow, and wood TV eight, so, keep adding new channels and more movies love you Bluto TV,!!! smiling face emoji
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1 year ago, MadScientastic
Cool, but not great…….
So I made a review before and got no response… it doesn’t really matter but it feels like no one reads these. Anyway I wanted to talk about a couple of things, so for starters, you tv shows are super outdated. I don’t want to get another streaming service, pay for it, just to watch a show I love because you guys aren’t updating it. Another thing, so I have a Tv and it has Pluto tv on it but it isn’t demand, so I air play it to my tv, but so in a episode or a movie, every ten minutes, a couple of seconds repeats and repeats and repeats until I have to turn the airplay on and off again. Another thing, when it isn’t demand at the end of something, it says “we’ll be right back” for a really long time, once it was for 30 minutes! Well if you actually looked at this please take these concerns to heart cause this would be fantastic if you guys would fix these problems. Update: thanks for reading my response! I just wanted to clarify “Preston and Brianna” isn’t the only show that is outdated. Just wanted to tell you!
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3 years ago, VirginiaHouse
Awesome content
I have had Pluto tv for some while now and I have always loved it for content and some of my fave wedding shows like David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding and Amazing wedding cakes and also the home and diy lineup on design network and front door are amazing (some of the hgtv ones are my fave). But for a long time now my fave older showers featuring my favorite designer of all time Sarah Richardson has not been able to be found anywhere but in a miracle -Y’all have her and I am so thankful and love it and all her shows I just seen them yesterday and am watching right now just wanted to shoot this review in during commercials, I hope y’all get all her shows Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah 101, Sarah’s House and Sarah’s Cottage and even Sarah off the grid and Sarah sees Potential, I mean there is no design challenge to hard for her and Tommy! So Thank Thank Thank You Pluto Tv and abl network!!! Y’all are great
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3 years ago, Momrn1105
Unhappy PBR Fan
I was thrilled when they announced that Pluto TV was taking over broadcasting the PBR events for free. That happiness did not last long. Instead of the live broadcasts of the Unleash the Beast events we are only getting the rebroadcasts of the CBSSN version of the live events. They are not live, they are not the actual event but the CBSSN short version of the event. Boring, no excitement and you have to figure out when the event will be broadcast since Pluto must have to wait until after CBSSN airs the event before. Pluto gets to air it. So an event that was live on a Friday is not available ( as close as I can figure) sometime the end of the following week. So you know who won, what the scores are and who didn’t ride long before the event airs. I miss the fireworks, the rider introduction, the National Anthem, the arena announcers, the anticipation of the ride, the arena entertainment and the fan of the night award. PBR is not just line up the bulls, open the shoots and watch the ride. It’s getting to know the riders, the bulls, the atmosphere- none of which are on the CBSSN version.
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5 years ago, pitagreen
The good, the bad and the ugly
The good: -lots of old cartoons you won’t find on cabletv -lots of other old shows cabletv won’t bother showing anymore -there is old Logo. this is the Logo I want! (Minus showing CYBILL which reminds me of the new Logo lineup which isn’t great.) -foreign shows (well kid shows) -no edited scenes The bad: -Wish there was a favorite feature on firetv. Hell the one on the app on the iPhone is basically useless. Hurry it up already and fix this feature. I’m sick of scrolling through all these channels just to get through my favorites. It’s a pain moving back and forth 24 hours to get through my favorites (and this is an issue they haven’t fixed in a year) -I need a foreign movie channel. The ugly: -Nickelodeon. I can understand Disney not being here but why Nick? Why all the multiple channels for them? Are they really that desperate because nobody watches them anymore? Where is CN? Just give me CN when it was amazing (which was last decade ago...) -the ads. Just show fewer ads please. You’re becoming like cable t.v. -lots of godawful low budget 3D animation movies -Needs more variety of shows and movies. Which is another issue cable t.v. faces as well. I just hope there will be quick upgrades if not then I’ll probably be too immune to the negative aspects of Pluto to even care about upgrades or I’ll just become too tired and just move on to a similar app. Happy reading!
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2 years ago, Radio Zork
Some good, mostly bad
First the good: - It’s free. - Features some shows and movies that may be out of circulation on other streaming platforms. Okay, now the bad: - The navigation controls are worse than useless: they actively don’t work, and when you get bold enough to try and use them, they jump you to a two minute block of advertisements. Then, if you’re stubborn enough to try again, you will be taken to— the exact same advertisements. VERY frustrating. - This app allegedly has chromecast compatibility, but I dare you to try it, especially with a movie that you already started. IF it connects to the chromecast, it will reset to the beginning and you will lose your place. “What’s the big deal?” you may ask. Well, as previously mentioned, the navigation controls don’t work and will only plug you into an endless cycle of repetitive ads. Even more frustrating. Overall: I can accept advertisements on a free app, especially when it has a movie I really want to watch. That’s the business model, I’m not complaining about that. But I expect the actual app itself to WORK. You can go ahead and try this app, but I’d recommend only using it to have something on in the background that you’re not really paying attention to. If you’re trying to watch something, you’ll be bombarded by ads, and if you’re trying to find a specific spot in a show or movie, well… don’t do that. The app will punish you for that.
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2 years ago, ceeceelea
My Pluto Tv
I tell EVERYONE about Pluto TV. I absolutely love being able to watch the news or a movie while I’m waiting in line at the market, post office or anywhere that I just don’t like being. Plus I can listen to the news while I’m driving, which comes in handy in bad weather. Twice a month I have to make a 2 hour drive to Joplin and many times the weather is scary bad. But listening to the news has helped me get through it. I know I’m rambling, but I was so happy to send the link to my friend in California. She is homeless and has no possible way to watch tv. I’ve day she texted me about a tv show she used to love, so I happily sent her the link to Pluto TV. I didn’t hear from her for several days and finally when I reached her she said she was watching Pluto tv!! Thank you so so very much for this wonderful app!!!
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5 years ago, Frogs107
SOTG (Suggestions On The Go)
I had had channels for my pets like The Pet Collective and the Western Channels but they’re gone now and we have a new guide to go by and can’t set up tv for our animals? That’s BS. You, as a developer, should have KEPT the channels that both people and animals found cute and antiqued because it would have kept a lot of people at bay. Also, I have some suggestions, you should try and broker a deal with some kid friendly channels so that children from the ages of ten and under can watch too. Along with that goes for brokering for Animal Planet (cute but sad and keeps kids from abandoning their pets), Disney Jr/Nick Jr (children’s channels), History plus Military History(kind of the same channels but Military History is the throwback of History Channel for MILITARY), and some more movies that are not rated R like Big Hero 6, Hachikō, Max (Marine. Hero. Friend.), and some other family related ones. You guys really need this or Pluto TV would not be free.
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5 months ago, Yeetums McSqueetums
Pretty sweet deal, but just a little buggy
Free streaming is free streaming, and while this has adds, pretty much every other services has adds at their affordable level. So Pluto definitely is worth it. The adds are a little buggy sometimes which can be frustrating. Also how it resumes videos is weird. It will pitch you forward quite a bit from where you actually were, sometimes 30 minutes ahead, and you have to drag it back, and when you do that it makes you watch all the add breaks you pulled it back past. The add breaks themselves are kind of random. I had one add break on a sub 2 hrs. Movie, and then 10 add breaks on a 2 hr movie. A little more consistency would be nice. It would also be nice if I could turn off or pause the channel tv that starts playing when you open the app. Not that big of a deal but it’s kind of annoying.
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2 years ago, arnoldsville
Ads ads ads ads ads ads — and non-stop streaming problems
Make no mistake: PlutoTV exists solely to show you ads. Programming is secondary, and although there are some decent shows, they’ve obviously assembled the least expensive collection of programs and movies to pad out their ad breaks. A 2.5-hour movie contains a full 30 minutes of ads. And if you switch channels, beware - they’ve padded each break with extra time, so you go back over and over again to the same ad before you’re allowed to resume the actual program. Episodes of shows are very limited, and they have been airing the same episodes of all their shows since the site was launched. Most programming can be found elsewhere. Their ad-sales goals are too ambitious to be able to actually deliver the programming: I have not encountered a website with non-stop buffering in a decade, but here is PlutoTV, struggling to air their programming effectively, regardless of how sophisticated your devices or Wi-Fi are.
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4 years ago, Baby21Girlx
Cops TV Show is playing same episodes every day!!!!!
I just absolutely love this app! I use it everyday! & I am so happy you guys have now added cops.... but this past week, you guys are playing the exact same episodes every day & night around the exact same times.... I absolutely love this show... but can you please add more episodes & seasons because the exact same shows are playing every day & night!!! Please!!!!! Minus that, I do love this app. It’s my favorite app & I use it everyday. Please added more seasons & episodes because there’s no point of watching it every day when the same episodes are coming on. It’s been like this this past week, I don’t know if it’s been like this from the start, I just started watching it as soon as I got an email from you guys saying you just added the show!
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3 years ago, agentmnbv
Need more CN properties! And live tv problems
I give this a three just because a lot of what I saw was very good, but I can’t seen to find a whole lot of Cartoon Network shows one of my favorite kind! (Both new and old if you would) Also while I love the cable layout for those who are used to that, why must you wait until the next episode. I know there is an “On demand” option but I think the live and demand should be optional! But this service is pretty good though. Review #2 I think you should have a separate section specifically for animation/cartoons they can be categorized for either adults, kids, in-between or all ages! Also just expand your shows, I know there are a whole lot already but so many toons, sitcoms, sketches, and movies come out basically every day. I’d really appreciate if you’d fix everything I put on both reviews if you would! Thanks 👌
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5 years ago, The.Nick.Name
How To Restart Episodes From The Beginning ..?!!??
I have been constantly having this same problem from the beginning which i downloaded this App over a year ago. I can’t restart episodes in the Free Tv and Movies Section. Even if the episode ends and runs all the way it will not restart. All it has is 15 second rewind and 15 second forwarding which is also not working properly since your newest update. It’s not possible to restart a full episode or pull back with the status bar. Most episodes I am unable to watch over again. There seems to be either an update issue or a function issue because this particular issue has never had a proper function. PLEASE HELP ! Your App is awesome but this particular issue and function problem is very problematic. I am using an Apple iPad with the latest ios software. I also could find where to email you my issue so unfortunately I had to write you in the review section. Thank you
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2 years ago, dak9191
App needs work
(See title). There are a lot of functionality issues with this app. It looks like a clean app, but once you start casting shows (which is all I’ve tried to do, and should be functional after casting has been around for nearly a decade) come this issues. Numerous times, I’ve tried casting a show. Once your phone screen locks, there seemed to be no way to pause the show that was playing, as the app would no longer let me connect to the tv (or insisted I was already connected), and the only way I could figure out to get the show to stop playing (apart from waiting until the end of the episode, where it would automatically disconnect) was to turn off my TV and wait until the episode had finished. I then, in my frustration, downloaded the app for my smart TV, which might be better! But, I’ll never know because there is no search function, and I don’t want to spend 25 minutes maybe finding the one TV show I’d like to watch.
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5 years ago, Chilliefloyd34
Love this app
Dear Pluto tv owners Thank you for the updates that you did for some of the channels that I asks for But Is there way that you can scream Martin Lawrence tv show and the Wayne’s brother to come on BET because On regular TV it comes on channel Bet and can you guys get lifetimeCan you guys work on it life time could be its own channel for Pluto tv can you guys update the news channel can you guys update Sports channelbasketball and baseball and football a lot of the shows is old on Pluto tv but I like but if you do so more updateing on the channels it will bring more people to your AppAnd I love the church channel on here thank And I think you guys should have more movies on you guys movie listingYou guys should make it like Netflix just imagine if you guys do thisYou guys would be a large frenzies for thank for what you are going to do and Jesus nAme we amen my is Anthony
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1 year ago, 123hannae
UI/UX on App Needs Serious Work
I really enjoy using Pluto Tv, I use it on a regular basis. But the app has not user friendly. There is no way to return to last watched show as there would be on any remote or cable-like streaming service (and Pluto is supposed to be mimicking cable so why can’t I swipe right for last watched show?). I can’t reorganize my favorite channels so it can be in numerical order or any order I want it to be in. And the app crashes all the time, either the show will suddenly stop playing and I have to close the app and restart it it’ll take forever to load and then I have to switch to another channel and back for the show to start playing again. The hour long shows manage to end like 44 minutes with 16 minutes of staring at a blank screen and that is…not great. There are some significant challenges with this otherwise great app and I hope y’all start working on them.
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1 month ago, Irritable.
It’s great for what it is.
It’s a way to have tv for free. And that’s great. I appreciate it. But two major things annoy me. Every time I open the app I have to deal with it trying to get me to create an account. I probably would have created an account by now if I hadn’t been spammed with it every single time I open the app. Now I’m not doing it based on spite alone. The other issue is the commercials. I understand the commercials are necessary for the platform to succeed. But when I change between channels and the commercials exact commercial I left starts over on the new channel, I have a problem. I went through close to 10 channels trying to find ANYTHING to watch while I was eating and every single time the same commercial just started over. Even with regular tv you can find something that’s not in a commercial. Let alone have the same commercial start over on repeat.
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6 months ago, KRKapple
Stay in your lane
UPDATE: Stay OUT of political issues! I get so sick and tired of seeing companies push Black History month, Pride Month, etc but they remain silent on other issues. STAY IN YOUR LANE Pluto and quit appeasing only select groups. Not a smart thing. | I have used Pluto for awhile now and love 💕 it. I watch it frequently for TV and on demand movies. The recent update had been a big step up 👍🏻 but still not able to sync user account and favorite channels between iPhone app and my Roku Ultra 4660. I even emailed support about it and just got a link to page about which Rokus are compatible sent to me. 😒 I know it's compatible & have it connected, but this has been an ongoing issue that needs addressed. It would be great if favorite channels synced between where you access Pluto & if we could put the favorite channels in the order we want. Hope to see this fixed soon Thanks 😊
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9 months ago, Frustrated drama fan
Worse app ever…make sure your volume is off before opening
When the app loads it immediately starts blaring some random program. Worse, there’s no option to pause or stop it from playing. Genius…. I just love when streaming services take my choice away. Exploring the selection of programs I found the quantity disappointing and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t already offered on other free services. The navigation isn’t intuitive and when I did eventually find a pause option (on the program I didn’t choose) it eventually started playing again while I was searching for something else. Clearly, Paramount felt the need to compete in the free streaming arena, but didn’t want to make a real investment, so some exec asked his high schooler to throw something together. This definitely has the feel of someone’s school project, with no real user testing. After an annoying 20 minutes I finally deleted the app. This is a zero star in my book.
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