PNP – Portable North Pole™

4.8 (69.7K)
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UGroupMedia inc
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for PNP – Portable North Pole™

4.85 out of 5
69.7K Ratings
6 months ago, EarthMotherEmpath
Fourth Year Use - Gets Better!
This is my fourth year using PNP for my grandchildren. All were girls until this year when we got a surprise...a little boy! Now the fun begins with him! PNP has grown over the years to a fantastic interactive visit from Santa and his elves to your child’s living room, all without having to fight the crowds. With the issues going on this year, there is no worry about taking you child to see Santa as PNP has boosted the videos so there is more variety to choose from. You best way to go is to purchase the full package if you have more than one child as you can chose several video setups throughout the Christmas season, one on Christmas Eve and some for those adults in your life. Then during the year, get a special birthday video for the kiddos. I’m a grandmother who just loves this and have trusted the makers of PNP throughout the years. It’s nice to know there is an app that comes through with its promises...especially when it comes to children! Thank you PNP for your many years of beautiful memories! Grams UPDATE: My 5th year using this wonderful app and it just keeps getting better! Keep adding new content and keep the price the same. Senior Citizens are on a very limit budget so things like this are very special when kept affordable. Thank you for another wonderful year!
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6 years ago, Trecker999
Magic in the making for children and adults
This is the most perfect app for anybody it comes straight from Santa with all the magic he puts in Even just a little details matter because it will make adults and children and everybody else’s day whether they believe in Santa Or not because this every year has two free videos for both child and adult and year around he has the one for everybody’s birthday but this little thing is so magical you know is the best team in the world because it will literally ask you a lot of things about your child or your adult like oh what a picture and know how to pronounce their name right and this is coming from someone who knows that Santa is this really real but I still have lots of fun and I still believe anyways this is also coming from an 18-year-old with disabilities I was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome which means that the whole left side of the heart isn’t even there I was born with no spleen and I have Pacemaker and you know how must do your organs are on your left side mine are all on my right I have lots of disabilities and I am very delayed in my development but I can tell you that this app or even the website is great go and check out more than five more of a magic here in Santas portable North Pole
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6 months ago, MamaSouxieQ
So upset in 2023
We have been using this app since 2016. This year it’s nothing but trouble. My renewal went through on December 12, but even before that while I still had a valid annual subscription, I wasn’t able to access any of the premium videos. After December 12 I was hopeful everything would work as expected. But nothing worked except for the two free videos, one for adults and one for children. I restored my purchases. I logged out and logged back in. I logged out and logged back in using different methods. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app. I tried conversing with the chat bot. I’ve sent three emails. I requested to cancel the subscription and then re-purchased it. I logged in a different way and tried to re-purchase it. Nothing is working. I am now $80 in and nothing has worked. No one will respond to me through the email address the chatbot pointed me to. We are days before Christmas and my children are very sad because Santa hasn’t reached out to them this year as he has done every year for the last 7 years. And, moms and dads know what I’m talking about, when your children are sad and you can’t fix it, it really stinks. To be clear, we have a really enjoyed this service in the past and I have paid for it for many, many years. The videos are expertly done. The final product is extraordinarily enjoyable. I just wish I could make some this year.
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6 years ago, Ashley0916
Magical! Buy it every year!
We have been using this app for 4 years. My kids LOVE getting phone calls and videos during the month. It’s very easy to create and they have a separate Kids Corner area within the app where all the videos go so your kids can always rewatch them. You can also have the videos emailed. My son is old enough now (12) that he asks what’s “PNP” because they do use their advertising at the end of each email/video. Older kids will for sure catch on to this. This is the best behavior management tool I use at home. Whenever my daughter is having a great day at school, I’ll have Santa call her and tell her she’s doing a good job. This also works if she’s not having a good week too. Her face lights up when she sees Santa is calling 🎅🏼 I wish they would include something with the Elf on the Shelf because my daughter knows that our Elf Sophie flies back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa... this would be cool to have Santa create new videos that mention he has spoken to the Elf and gotten their report. Just an idea for the developers!
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6 years ago, Mcswiggen
Very fun but has annoying flaws
They need to change the video if you have more than one child because otherwise they catch on pretty quick that it’s fake. When they both get the same video with just different names it cause some question. My other complaint is that you should be able to change the features of each video without having to re-record each video. For instance, if I want to change my child’s behavior from good to naughty I should be able to do that quickly and easily without having to redo and wait for the whole video to reload. The waiting for the reload is not the issue, it’s the fact that now I have two videos for the same thing (ie..carousel, attitude, big book) yet I am unsure of which is the video for when they are being sweet, or the video for when they are being mean, or the video that has different pics etc. it’s just too complicated. My child went to listen to his “big book” and accidentally played the wrong one saying he was naughty when it should’ve been the good one. Ugh. The last issue is that the recorded reaction should be on a separate page bc they suddenly disappear without notice. Other than all that it’s a cool app.
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6 years ago, rlcalamusa
This app is so magical!
My oldest Daughter got these video’s starting at 6 years old. She couldn’t believe that Santa knew exactly who she was and that she did gymnastics and know so much about her! When she was around 8 years old, she noticed the companies name (PNP) that comes up on the screen after the video’s done. She thought it was weird and quickly figured out that I had something to do with the video. It’s more special and easier for the child to believe for a child under 8 years old. My youngest, who is now 5 has been getting her santa video’s since she was 2 years old. She enjoyed it more and more each year. This December when she got her video, it was obvious that she was completely amazed! Santa knew and who she was and actually said her name, knew where she lived and he knew her friends names! It’s pretty special! The company has made it more detailed and magical every year! The reaction recorder is great! Now you option to save more videos with the child’s reactions! The year her reaction was priceless!
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7 years ago, brie0427
Changing previous review
UPDATE: A recent update has fixed a TON of issues! Audio has been corrected and they also changed the photo format so that most recent photos are showing up first. Creating videos was quick and easy, great quality and the kids LOVED them (as usual) I also just wanted to say a quick thank you for adding my daughter’s name (Eisley) into the list of names Santa can say. He couldn’t last year so I was thrilled it was available this year even though it’s not common. Once again, VERY happy with this service. Thank you for listening to your customers. Previous review below: I’ve been using this service for years with all my kids and getting high quality videos. THIS year, I don’t know who they have managing this application but it is complete and utter garbage. I paid for the premium videos and was only met with constant crashing (which erases all your progress), photos not uploading and a mind numbingly idiotic set up which pulls up pictures listed from oldest to most recent... so I get to scroll through thousands of photos just to get to the ones I need... only for them to not upload and inevitably causing the app to crash. When I finally was able to get a video created, the sound is so low, I can’t hear it. Awesome. Thanks for the time wasted and useless video, pnp. Hopefully my 10 dollars can assist you in hiring better programmers in 2018.
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2 years ago, NattieBoomBattie
It used to be fun and easy
We started using this app several years ago. Maybe 7 or 8 years now and we used to love it. It was fun and easy to use for even the most technologically challenged person. Now there are too many options and the prices have gone way up. It was a dollar or two when we first used it… actually, our first year may have been free but now in order to get the “big book” or “nice or naughty” videos, you have to have the magic pass and it says “for one person”. That magic pass is $20 and I have two kids. To be fair, the Santa and Elves are very realistic and lovely. But the videos haven’t changed much in the last several years while the price has jumped massively. And we have to choose two different videos otherwise the kids catch that their videos are exactly the same other than their names. We couldn’t justify the price this year and it’s the first time we haven’t used it since discovering it. We switched to a different app. It isn’t as detailed but the price is better and it’s less complicated. We’ll miss this app but there are other options.
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7 years ago, Josephc24
Updated Review
I guess the elves have been hard at work and fixed the picture bug. Thanks for working to get this corrected! The app works like it is supposed to now and my kids love it again. Previous review: I have used this app for the past two years without a problem. This year however photos will not upload. The size of standard cell phone photos is apparently too large for this year’s version of the app. This is a huge oversight by the developers! If this problem is not addressed soon it will pretty much be a useless purchase this year. Disappointing from an app my kids have really loved in the past. I hope it gets fixed so I can change this review. Also, I have saw on some of the responses the developer telling users they can still use the website. That is true enough, but the reason we pay for an app is the convenience of not having to upload pictures to a pc. That extra step is too time consuming and is not an adequate answer to the problem in this app.
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6 years ago, DRS Choice!!
Memories for a lifetime!!
I was first told about this website about 10 years ago now. I have shared it with so many friends, family members, even strangers at Christmas time. I’ve seen changes along the way. New videos, now birthday videos. One of the best decisions (I feel anyway) is they still offer a free video for everyone. Yes you can pay for more options which is a fantastic deal. When you see your child/ Children’s grandchildren’s faces light up, it brought the kid out in me too! My son is now 14, he asked me why I keep doing it for him. Simple son, I’m still making memories for us! Thank you, to the Santa, Developers and all the Staff it takes to make all the videos. I have enjoyed making memories with my son over the years. Im a single father and I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Christmas wouldn’t of been the same without you! See you in six months! Ho! Ho! Ho!🎅🏼🤶🏻
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3 years ago, Jenny Girl's i pad
Love this App and Website
I have been using the Portable North Pole website for several years now and glad they compacted it into an app. I love the different membership levels. My daughter now 8 and still has the magic of believing loves her videos and calls from Santa every year and waits for them patiently. She is amazed how he always knows her name, how old she is, where she lives, how school is going, what she wants for Christmas and has pics of our family and her special fur baby stuffed animal friends which we make videos for too. This year I did the magic pass for all the exclusive options and already we did a regular video, a video FaceTime call, am planning a Christmas Eve call and the magic special deluxe videos and calls. Greatest creations to bring the spirit of Santa and keep it alive with your children
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7 years ago, Ariaking
Good but could be better
The whole thought of the app is great, the videos are well made and my son loves them. 13 dollars for a few months of premium service is a bit much, I decided to buy it this year to try it out but I was very disappointed when they told me it would expire after a few months and I’d need to pay another 13 to get it again. Had it been a one time payment I wouldn’t be upset. The reaction videos take so long to process and save, I end up forgetting about the dang thing. And you can’t use the reaction cam while it’s saving another. I can see how this would be problematic if you have multiple children and want to make them each a video (as they’re aren’t multiple children video options) and save their reactions. It’s a good app, I’ve used the free version for 3 years but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.
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7 years ago, jesstraordinary
Best Santa App ever
It is the best app period. It lets you personalize every last detail for example when it “FaceTimes” the kids you can put names they are familiar with in it as well. I put in names of their cousins, and in the video they will see said cousins names and their big books on the shelves. You put a picture of your house on it and Santa will zoom in from a map. It has video messages that a personalized for them all year round such as for birthdays. And then even more detailed calls to encourage them to behave better, listen to mom and dad, pee in the potty etc as well as congratulating them on behaving well in school. If theirs a new family member, if a family can’t be with them and the child misses them!!! So worth the money (and only under $10!)
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7 years ago, bizzybizzybee
Missed Opportunity
The visuals are beautiful, as in prior years. Developers do an effective job of engaging the child with personalization of name, DOB and the child's typical day. However, the narrative should have been written by a child development specialist....who could have helped the video to focus more on the wonder of the North-Pole-home of Santa, talk about the unique value of each child and that Christmas is a special time for us to share time and treasures with those we love. Narrative could encourage children to be persistent when solving problems with materials. Narrative could encourage children to solve problems with other children collaboratively, sharing feelings and together coming up with ideas for resolution. An early childhood specialist would omit the non-descriptive, subjective language of 'naughty' and 'nice' and remove the connection of behavior to gifts, because this leads children to believe that bribery is an acceptable adult-child interaction strategy. I am very disappointed in the videos and will be deleting the app from my device.
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7 months ago, No help will you get
Does not work , do not buy
I have had PNP for years and it has worked very well for me until now. I purchased PNP through PayPal and the purchase went through and changed my PayPal account. I cannot get anything to work correctly. It is impossible to actually talk to a live human to get help. You can only chat with a bot that does nothing but give you options not even close to your issue. I don’t know what happened to the app I have used flawlessly for years but it has become a irritating app to use. The payment part of the website works great but you get no satisfaction anywhere else. Save your money and avoid endless headaches trying to get some satisfaction with this app! What ever changes have been made to this app , have ruined this experience.
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4 years ago, GuffDiver
Great app & helpful elves for service
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better and better! The videos are great. The personalization and interactive videos really create the magic & wonder of Santa and the Christmas Season. I love that with the Magic Pass I can create even more personal videos to share with cousins, grandkids, etc. I had a volume issue due to accidentally putting it on AirPlay and I couldn’t figure out. I sent a help chat to the elves and even in the busiest time of year they answered quickly and solved my issue. They knew what to try to help me fix it and they were right! I wouldn’t have know to look there without their assistance. Great app!
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7 years ago, baledi
Great if you want to send a video to multiple children
The videos are really cute and amazed the kids how Santa can have so much info about them. I rate it only 3* though because I think it’s a pity that the videos are a bit redundant and can’t be built on each other. I would have loved to send several videos to my son and keep the magic alive through the holiday season. I didn’t want to tell him early December that he made it to the “nice list” because there were some things I wanted him to “work on “. However none of the videos allowed me to follow up on the progress. I wish I could send a second/third video saying that he made progress to encourage him. It’s a great deal if you want to send Santa videos for several kids but you can really use only one or 2 videos per child because behind the different story line Santa’s talk is really the same.
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2 years ago, Sir torrey
I have a question it doesn’t say if Santa made this app I wanna know if Santa made it
It’s a really good app I have a question did Santa made this app if Santa did or the elves thanks Santa if Santa made the app Santa I have a new update you can try my elf on the shelf elfie maybe you should mention people with elf on the shelf in the videos or calls so people knows your really Santa and maybe you should try like updates like elf on the shelf think you should make a app Called Live call from elf on the shelf Santa you should try this and then you get videos form your elf and video calls and calls you put in your phone number and then you get a call from your elf on the shelf thanks Santa or if Santa made the app
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6 years ago, PPorfeli
A Family Tradition
I have used this app for many years to create Santa videos for my grandchildren. The PNP program has gotten easier to use each year and I think that the money I spent for the Premium videos and the Gold package was a bargain!! My grandchildren anticipate the arrival of the video and the joy in their eyes is unforgettable. Their parents often video them watching their message from Santa for the first time to capture that wonder. The addition of new storylines make the videos a little different each year. I love this app and the improvements they make each year. My journey from a free video many years ago to the ones I made this year has been filled with smiles from the grandchildren!! Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Jdub456789543
Great but no longer a free app
I haven’t use this app for a couple of years and I noticed that the free videos are super generic now, just sad that now it cost money to create a little more detailed video. I use to be able to upload the image of the toy that was asked from Santa, it would let you click through and pick a phrase from Santa, like I see you haven’t been listening to your parents or I see you’re having a hard time getting homework finished or something more positive but many to pick from (things like that), then it would let them be on he good or naughty list at the end then it would be sent to your email. It’s still a cute app but can’t justify paying since most apps require more and more money every year or the app stops working.
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5 years ago, Tfarewel
I’ve paid for maybe 3 apps in the past. This app is free but has an in app purchase option to get all the premium videos and calls. Worth every penny. A direct line to Santa. Santa has helped us out even after the holiday season. Sometimes kids need a little help remembering to listen, pick up their toys or to go to bed when they are told. Santa can help encourage them to do that. Even when it’s not Christmas, kids tend to listen to Ol’ Saint Nick. I love this app, and when it’s time to renew my premium content purchase for the upcoming holiday season, I won’t hesitate. If you need a great app that puts you in touch with Santa himself, try our this one and you’ll be good to go.
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3 years ago, grinchaliscious
Complete Disappointment
I have literally been using this service for 10 years !!! 10 years since my first daughter was 5 and is obviously now 15 but I also have a 9 year old who still waits for her video every year. The service has become a complete pain to navigate and you end up paying way more than you intended just to get the stupid video made! It’s a waste of time and money and would have never started the tradition to begin with had I known it would be run like this now ! It use to be free or 4.99 for one video , you would set it up and done . Not anymore , now you have to pay for a magic pass to unlock new videos that are just filled with wasted space of frolicking elves and if you don’t want a phone call during the video(I.e , I and probably most people do not ), you now have to pay for premium so they have you again !! It’s ridiculous
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3 years ago, brainscan
Dissatisfied after six years
I’ve used PNP to get Santa’s messages for my kids for six years. But this year, they have really dropped the ball. - The app logged out of my account, exposing grown up features to the kids. My son launched the app to see if Santa sent new messages, but was greeted with the login page. Unfortunately, the login page shows previews of videos to other kids that Santa hasn’t sent him yet. This completely ruined the magic, because he now knows that the videos aren’t just for him. - New videos don’t show up right away, and are frequently just a blank screen when they do. When a parent chooses to add the video to the kids’ corner, it doesn’t show up on their device for quite a while. When it does finally show up, it is usually a blank screen and the app needs to be killed to show the videos. - Classic videos no longer have Santa’s verdict (whether child has made the nice list). Also, by reducing the number of videos that contain his verdict, you can no longer choose different videos for different kids. This was an awesome app experience for my kids, but no longer. Next year, I’ll be telling my kids that the elves are too busy making toys to send their videos.
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2 years ago, kjn2278
Cute but needs more options
I have been using PNP since it was just phone calls only through a website only. It’s gotten to where it is the same assortment of videos and calls. I do not like that the interactive video calls can’t be sent and they they have to watch from my phone. I can pretty much only schedule the same phone calls or send one of the 3 videos that apply for my use. Probably the last year I use the app bc it is frustrating to go through all of the creation processes only to have it play on the device I’m using. My kids are in split homes so I can’t send them anything except the same few things. Thought there would be more variety by now - and I don’t think it is worth the cost anymore.
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6 years ago, ...,,..
This is simply amazing! I was hoping for a great app but instead got the top of the line incredible. My initial search was for my brother and within minutes, less than an hour I felt as mesmerized as an eager 5 year old on Christmas morning that actually watched Santa magically coming down the chimney. I purchased the 10 year option and that includes the ability to have more videos which include some for the adults. This is the BEST Christmas present that I could have ever gotten because not only will I see the amazement in my brothers eyes but I am able to record it for many years to come. Thank you for this phenomenal app. MERRY CHRISTMAS
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4 years ago, TakeASecondLook
Night before X Mas
Yes very cute idea if my WiFi makes it too the North Pole!I think that review is very vulgar and rude and I think it’s made to be something else out to be for me and I am sorry that I did what I did me the application and somebody has it out for me and then it became a lot like you were having it out for me and they just became his whole hack myself job and then really hack me to death job and it’s really been annoying and I like my ID and my application I did and it actually became a whole lake world trade thing with styling stylist everywhere at stores creating stuff and I came up with an idea like this like five years ago but it’s OK I still have some thing out there and it’s mine that I created and submitted and it’s mine
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7 years ago, hawrunr
Kids Corner Disappointing
I’ve used the PNP app for the last 3 years and I’m really enjoying the new videos this year! However, the videos that I’ve created this year are not showing up in the Kids Corner, so I can’t hand my kids the phone anymore to let them watch their video from Santa...I have to pull it up for them. Also, the Kids Corner doesn’t have some of the games my kids enjoyed last year, like the Tree Shaker game. Not why I use the app, but it was a fun little feature. Just seems like the Kids Corner got neglected this year. Also, adding an option of creating the video for multiple kids, like siblings, would be great. I’ve done a couple of videos for each of my kids, but would be great if the same video could just mention multiple kids.
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2 years ago, lilly172849
free trial? WHAT free trial?
I downloaded this app to make a video (as a joke) for my dad. first it was super glitchy and wouldn’t let me accept terms and privacy policy so I decided, maybe if I sign in/sign up it won’t glitch? so I did that but I didn’t see the button to create a free video. I logged out and deleted my account since I didn’t do anything on it. the button for creating a free video popped up and it wasn’t glitchy. however when I finished filling out my dad’s info and clicked create video, it wanted me to sign up so I did that (again). then, a pop-up appeared and said “your free trial is over”. I never made a video though, so I never used a free trial! I went to the website to get help from the chat bot but that was useless, so finally I gave up. this app is NOT easy to use, ALL the videos are premium, and the chat bot is COMPLETELY unhelpful.
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6 years ago, Allison LPB
Amazingly real and personal
I have used PNP for the last several years and it just keeps getting better and better. I like how each year they add new video options and when I personalized it for my kids this year I realized it went back to old videos and pulled up a picture of our house from a previous video -which was awesome! The only thing I don’t like this year is I feel like there are less options for the kinds of phone calls needed. there used to be lots of choices for behaviors and now there are few. Some kids need more than one phone call :-)
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6 years ago, Dr. EBITDA
So much fun but
This app has been so much fun over the past two years. However some adjustments would be nice. The whole app it should be password-protected. The messages from Santa button should not be on the kids section. How do I explain early in the season that her Christmas eve message is already there? Kids are smart. It’s not a phone call from Santa if they can tell it’s pre-recorded Because it’s not Christmas Eve yet. I’d like to let kids play in the kids section but I don’t want her to see videos in advance. Also, finding this app and being able to open it and watch old videos in July ruined the novelty. If the whole app was password-protected that would save that predicament
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3 years ago, Fyreklown
This is wonderful!!!
I love the passion that you guys put into all of the videos and how it captures the magic. I was a little perturbed though this season (2021) with the update because when I try to input my information, it tends to slow down more and more as I input more information…. Then it glitches to where it prevents me from finishing it. My daughters have loved all the videos but being unable to make them this year is heartbreaking being a premium subscriber. Can you look into this please before the holiday season is up so that I can maintain the magic here in my home. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.
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7 months ago, The WiseDude
It’s really gone downhill
I’ve used this app for years. My kids really loved it. But this year… The pricing isn’t clear, I’ve bought two of the membership levels and still can’t get the videos i want. I’m glad that they are mixing up the videos but there’s really nothing to make for my kids. Last year, there were multiple videos on the naughty nice list. Now… there’s like two “video conference calls”… these only work once. Also, you can’t share the videos like you used to be able to. This is my last year with this App. It’s gotten worse this year. I bought a membership and the app won’t even let me log in. I’ve reset my password and it won’t “reset it”. It just keeps going to the log in screen where it won’t let me change the password. Do not waste your time.
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7 years ago, Orbselsior
Good but not great
Everything was money !!!!! I mean come on people! I get it that you want to make some cash of this game but I couldn’t do anything! 😡 My little sister saw her friends with the game and wanted it. But when her video wasn’t “as good as here friends” she claimed Santa didn’t love her. I didn’t want to have to pay for all the stuff. And the coming soon.... REALLY! Come on!!! Don’t put It on the game till it is out or your asking for a tantrum when they can’t press on it!! Why do you need the email anyway! So we can get jacked up by your stupid emails asking you to buy more stuff in the game! YOUR KILLING ME HERE!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 other wise it was a great game..... if your willing to pay !
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6 years ago, mjsmilemore
I have used this app every year, and each year it brings joy. However, this year, it brought disappointment to our Christmas Eve. Purchased one of the phone calls for $3.99 and everything went through fine, however, then the app forced closed and wouldn’t open for nothing. I uninstalled, reinstalled, plus force restarted my phone and it still would not open. The app repeatedly would try to open, show a quick white flash, and then close. Long story short me and my family were set in for the long trip of disappointment as we couldn’t receive our phone call that we had ALREADY paid for. I was hoping with this error my payment didn’t process successfully, however, moments before this review the total of $3.99 popped up on my bank statement. I want my money back! iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11.2.1
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2 years ago, Nankando28
Email technical issues
I have used this site for many years for both of my grandchildren. I'm having issues sending it via email. There's no way of calling or talking to a person. I tried the text messaging help center. It was horrible communication. As you can see, I have been doing this for years and know how to send an email.I was able to send one video but the other one is saying download no option to share via email. But of course there's know when you can call to get help.
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2 years ago, GreedyPNP
So many issues this year
We’ve been using this app since 2018. It’s been a lot of fun but this year has been full of issues and glitches. When we open the app it’s a blank white screen, I cannot edit my original recipients info without the app closing on me. I’ve emailed support, the only feedback I received was to follow a link which does not work either. So frustrating (2021). Follow up - uploaded app & went to see what they offer the kids. Almost everything on the page can only be accessed if you have a “magic pass” even a less than 1 min phone call is $6 which is nuts!!! I am certain hundreds and thousands of people sign up to this yearly = shouldn’t be so expensive. Especially when the activities and options are minimal
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6 years ago, chrchurizmay
My boys are my joy.
My oldest son who loves Santa Claus when I found this app this made him so happy that I had to do it every year. See my oldest is intellectually delayed due to a car accident we were all in in 2001 he was 2 1/2 months old when it happened. But to see the joy when I showed my youngest son this video and Santa saying his name I teared up.. I can’t give my boys everything they want due to our life situations financially. But this helps so much. Thank you to the developers who came up with this idea. Now I just wish you guys had a free trial with it so I could do a few of these cool add ones.
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4 years ago, ChasingLife
Too Expensive
I’ve been using PNP since my 13 yr old was young. Back then, the videos were free. It was such a wonderful tradition each year. It’s a shame that money has to be a factor. The videos were sent via email and not on an app. We received a yearly reminder to create our new video. It’s such a shame that to continue the tradition we now have to pay money for just the extra special joy these videos bring to CHILDREN, who after all, this was created for. I wish they would go back to being free or at least a little cheaper.
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7 years ago, hpeper13
Rip off!!
This is a total rip off. I used this app last year and LOVED it. I ended up paying the 9.99 to unlock all videos and calls. Imagine my surprise when I find out that if I want to use this app this year I would have to pay another 9.99! At least last year there was the option of a few free calls and videos. This year the ONLY things that are free are three videos (one for adults only, one for groups only, and one for birthdays - NOTHING Christmas for kids!) and there are zero free calls! I have to pay $3.99 for one phone call or $4.99 for one video? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Last year I couldn’t recommend this app enough, but this year I can’t delete it fast enough. If you’re going to charge for 99% of the app’s content anyways, then don’t make it a free app!!
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7 years ago, mimi0boo
Update: Annoying glitch corrected
The app is now continually forcing the App Store to open to download an update. Problem is... I’ve already downloaded the update!! Annoying glitch that is preventing me from doing anything else with the app b/c of a pop-up window/message. Update: The glitch is fixed and we are now back to happy, Santa-updating bliss. 😃 My kids LOVE getting these phone calls and video messages from Santa. We use them purely as a “building excitement” activity, not to make them feel bad or scared about their behavior. Such fun!! 🎅🏼 Totally worth the money IMHO.
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6 years ago, JTs Reviews
This app is the best!
This app is awesome. I’ve been using Portable North Pole for years! The videos are pretty consistent from year to year. My kids always love the Santa magic that happens and look forward to their videos. You can pay for premium perks and have more options for the parents who really want to go all out there, but the free version is fabulous too. There’s also a birthday greeting if you’re interested. Now I see that for 2018 they’ve added some gifts to purchase as well. Love this app and the seasonal parenting leverage it always brings!!!
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6 months ago, S5b
Was great, now only up sells. Nothing works.
I have used this app for at least 5 years and it was always great. This year it has decided that the subscription I have had for years (the top yearly amount until now) isn’t enough to do anything. Instead it tries to upsell to the Magic Pass (which I already had). Purchasing this Magic Pass, does nothing. Just takes you back to the home stream with no new access. I have upgraded, Cancelled, Re-subscribed several times in the last few days. Now the App is “added for Maintenance” on December 24th! Save your money. This was an awesome app but not anymore. Totally useless. I will be cancelling my subscription and disputing any charges that show up on my credit card.
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7 years ago, Jmw42309
I love the website, but the app?
I absolutely love PNP! I’ve been putting these videos together for my Sisters kiddos for about 8 years now and I love every second of it. The reason I only gave this a 3 Star is because the app keeps closing on me while in the middle of creating a video and I lose where I’m at and have to start all over 🤬 if it auto saved I wouldn’t be so frustrated! Otherwise I love this whole concept and helps to keep the magic alive! I wanted to add... have the app start on the kids corner in case your like my sister who hands her phones to her kids not thinking about it. Let the parents get in by using a passcode (something similar to you tube kids?)
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7 years ago, Hung up 😢 on the hang up
Please fix!! 2017
Love this app!! This is the first time we’ve used this app and it gave us adults a chuckle with the section for the adults only 😂 and for the kids it has blown their minds and ours with the phone calls it’s such a treat to get a personal call from Santa HOWEVER our daughter was more upset about Santa hanging up so fast her complaint was she didn’t get to say bye she understood Santa is a busy man and can’t talk long has to be super quick but her feelings were hurt that she didn’t get to say bye if we could fix it so maybe they can say bye and he responds back to the bye THEN hangs up that would be fantastic!! Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Nadroj06
Adaptable videos
This app has brought so much Christmas magic into our home. I love watching the faces of my children while they watch their videos. My only complaint is that I paid for the season videos for the last 2 years and the videos haven’t changed from last year to this year. My daughter is a little older this year and I can’t send the video to her because she’ll remember it from last year. I feel for the cost, there should be a new video available each year. But there are many videos to choose from. She just loves the Big Book video.
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7 years ago, Mcinques
Come on people
Come on people... to the people complaining it’s costs MONEY- yes, it costs money. These videos are super creative, fun, are superb quality and make any child excited. These are the best videos ever. My son looks forward to them every year. This will be his third. I recommend this to all of my friends that have young kids. Any child that complains one was better than the other needs to learn a little something about life be grateful for getting one from SANTA. Shame on the parents for even allowing that bratty behavior. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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4 years ago, Tesann83
The best
This is the best Christmas app out there. We have used it for 3 years now. My son’s face lights up every time he sees Santa! Now I am able to share with my 3 year old nephew as well. The amount of time and effort put into making these videos are astonishing. These videos can make any Grinch believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas again. You will not regret downloading or making in app purchases. Every time you see your little ones face light up, you will believe this is the best download you ever made or best money ever spent.
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3 years ago, iToNeG
Offers allot but UI of application needs some work
I like all that it offers but you loose track of videos that U created and already showed kids. Some are supposed to be live calls so if u play something U already showed and the child remembers, it will seem fake. Why not put check marks on created items that had a recorded reaction to or have option to place in folder. Child reactions are just listed with created items as well, not even labeled with their title. Lacking in customization organization. I spend more time trying to remember what I have already showed kids. The stories from Mrs Santa are just voice with no pictures/video and the ones from Santa are very limited with pictures in book. Kids like to see pages with animations or pictures. If they spend some time on better user UI it would be even better. Reached out to customer support but have gotten no response. Looking forward for future upgrades.
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6 years ago, terri2977
Loving the free parts
This app is the cutest! I have 2 boys with special needs and my youngest son is having M a lot of behavioral issues and I need a way to help him with his behavior. I’m hoping this app is going to help 🤞🏼 so far I’m using the free parts of PNP and I’m impressed, only question I have so far is, On the premium package it’s unlimited calls and videos for kid’s (plural) so can we get more than 1 proof of being on the nice list? I have 4 kids that needs this. I hope so, if so then I will be purchasing the premium package. Thank you PNP for this amazing app.
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4 years ago, Cat22777
I’m disappointed with this years update of the app. I’ve been using this app for the past three years to send Santa videos to my nephews who live out of state. This year they added a phone call component and now you can no longer send videos because of the phone call. It would be helpful to make the phone call an option so that the video can still be downloaded and sent. Not everyone is a parent using this app. Otherwise my nephews LOVE getting their videos from Santa. The videos are very well done also. I would highly recommend this app to any one with children or anyone who believes!
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