Pocket Whip: Original Whip App

4.8 (86.1K)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ellory Elkayem
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pocket Whip: Original Whip App

4.78 out of 5
86.1K Ratings
5 months ago, pluto lol
love this app
I want to start this by saying this is a truly honest review of this app I am in no way being paid to say this. I've had this app longer than l've had this iPhone. The only true limit to this app is your imagination of all of the different scenarios that you could use this app and for example you could use it at work with your coworkers or in social setting like if your buddy tells you about his girlfriend. The possibilities are truly endless. Have a couple minutes to kill before you have to go into a meeting or you need a hype yourself up crack the whip. If you have a little kid who loves Indiana Jones or anything western or just likes whips, to each their own, you could simply lock the phone onto that app and hand it to them and they would have the time of their lives just be sure they don't accidentally throw the phone across the room or have a good case. The only possible thing I could ask of the app is perhaps putting in a whip counter so that you could count your number of whips or a way to see how fast you can whip like whips per minute (wpm). Overall if I could give this app 10 stars I would. I suggest anyone who has read this far in the review of this packet with the app to download it immediately.
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3 years ago, mr.whips69
Why you need this app
I want to start this by saying this is a truly honest review of this app I am in no way being paid to say this. I’ve had this app longer than I’ve had this iPhone. The only true limit to this app is your imagination of all of the different scenarios that you could use this app and for example you could use it at work with your coworkers or in social setting like if your buddy tells you about his girlfriend. The possibilities are truly endless. Have a couple minutes to kill before you have to go into a meeting or you need a hype yourself up crack the whip. If you have a little kid who loves Indiana Jones or anything western or just likes whips, to each their own, you could simply lock the phone onto that app and hand it to them and they would have the time of their lives just be sure they don’t accidentally throw the phone across the room or have a good case. The only possible thing I could ask of the app is perhaps putting in a whip counter so that you could count your number of whips or a way to see how fast you can whip like whips per minute (wpm). Overall if I could give this app 10 stars I would. I suggest anyone who has read this far in the review of this packet with the app to download it immediately.
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2 months ago, ms. pebble
Wow, Just amazing
Ohhh boy 👦, i dont even know how to start 🛫. This app 😳😱🧑‍💻can persue my fullest dreams 😴🥱💤of whippage 🧲. From the indiana jones🤠, to the flashbang 🔦whip- this app is absolutely priceless 🤑💲. I gave my phone 📱 to my daughter 👩‍🦲(2 years ✌️) and she instantly downloaded ⏬ it onto her leapfrog 🐸tablet ♟️and her eyes 👀 instantly lit 🔥 up 🆙 to the sound 🙉 of the crack 💥. She does do a bit of destruction 🛩️🏙️ though, sometimes i need to replace 😵‍💫 her tablet since she throws 🤮it around to get the full whipping experience 😅😅😅. She also whips our dog 🐶 🐕🐾🦴, but its okay because sparky 🥵🥵🥵 enjoys it. His personal favorite 🤩 is the tiger 🐯 whip since it lets him express his feline 🐈🐈‍⬛🐱😹😻hatred (you can watch an ad to unlock for 24 🏪hours!!). Anyways besides my experiences, thank you 😊😃to the wonderful developers for letting my daughter, 👧 my 🐕 , and myself for letting me be true! I gotta admit, life🛟👽 has been brighter 🌞,my daughters grades🈴 have improved, and sparky 🥵🥵learned new tricks from this app! 😈😈😈
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1 year ago, canerof123
I love this game
To preface this, let me say that this game has transformed me into a person that I thought wasn’t possible before. The satisfaction of pulling out a whip and hearing that beautiful sound is an unmatched feeling of warmth. By just shaking my phone, I was captivated. This game has completely turned my life around in ways unimaginable. All of the things I do feel like they’re much more impactful and more impressive to me. Thankfully for me, this game has a plan, and due to this app, I realize to not take anything for granted, especially the $3.99 to get every whip. As I am writing this, I am being hit with feelings of immortality and grace, as if a higher being has blessed me. Maybe a god of whips exist, and we just don’t know it yet. Developers of this game, I wish you well, and believe this masterpiece you created only deserves a sequel equal or better to the one before. Thank You.
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1 year ago, stoyetpoo5482
I really enjoy this gam, it is really perfect for the situation I am in right now. I just want to thank the developers for the awesome game. I paid 4 dollars to get ever whip and it was the best decision I have ever made. I will tell my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to all download this beautiful game. Ps. The sound effects are on point VERY REALISTIC. I would know. The possibilities are just endless. So thank you for the awesome game. It helped me get through a hard time . Para mi personas de español aquí. Realmente disfruto este juego, es realmente perfecto para la situación en la que me encuentro ahora. Solo quiero agradecer a los desarrolladores por el increíble juego. Pagué 4 dólares para recibir un látigo y fue la mejor decisión que he tomado. Les diré a mis hijos, nietos y bisnietos que descarguen este hermoso juego. PD. Los efectos de sonido están en el punto MUY REALISTA. Me gustaría saber. Las posibilidades son infinitas. Así que gracias por el increíble juego. Me ayudó a superar un momento difícil. Ok that is it.
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4 months ago, Eugene Krabs jr
This game changed my life
I bought this game for a joke with my friends. Little did I know this app would change my life. Shortly after I downloaded this app my house burnt down and all my belongings were burned. I had lost everything my life’s savings, my cat and dog, and my furniture. I was homeless and I lived in homeless shelters and was living off one meal a day. My wife also divorced me and I lost what ever I had left except for my phone. Then I found the App Store on my iPhone. Then I found it this glorious app “Pocket Whip”. Once I played this game I couldn’t stop. I became a millionaire after playing it. I bought a multi-million dollar mansion in Puerto Rico and my life is overall just better. I wanna say thank you to the developer for bringing me from rags to riches.
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3 months ago, TerryPoshasBebe
This is the best app I have ever used it is an exceptional app that caters to the diverse needs of whip enthusiasts, offering a wide range of whip types to satisfy every user. From bullwhips to signal whips and everything in between, this app has it all. The app's whip simulations are incredibly realistic, providing users with an immersive experience that mimics the feel and sound of real whips it is a top-notch app that caters to both seasoned whip aficionados and newcomers looking to explore the art of whip handling. With its extensive whip collection, educational resources, customization options, realistic simulations, and thriving community, this app sets the standard for whip-related apps and is a must-have for anyone passionate about whips!!! I also love whipping my friends with this app ❤️❤️
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2 months ago, Loralie99999
Never felt more in control
My little minions used to never listen to me, my life sucked…😢everyday my minions would bully me and never pick their cotton like I tell them to. 😭 so I was scrolling on the App Store and found this app, ⭐️ it’s life changing ❤️ after they told me no and did do their picking, I whipped out the pocket whip and nothing but shock, and fear 😈 I whip them until they work,no whip them everyday, and I whip them just to whip them. 💪 ever since then those little monkeys work everyday without a word of complaint 🗣️ this app truly has changed my life and I love it, if you ask me this is the best whipping app and is a must have to get those little chimpanzees back to work 🧠
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2 years ago, SlaveMaster672
Lil whip
I find this game very much interesting. You could use this game anytime and anywhere. If this game was invented back in the late 50s I would be abusing this game. This game is truly amazing, who would’ve thought whipping would actually be fun. I would 105% recommend this game to little kids but be careful because this game is really addictive. When I mean you can play this game anywhere I mean anywhere for example, restaurants, bars, food markets, farms and many more other places. If I could give this game a ten I would most definitely give it a ten star rating. I hope the rest of you civilizations find this game as interesting as I did.
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2 years ago, pocket whip queen
i have full control now
i used to be the weak one in the group but i wanted control. i downloaded pocket whip expecting no positive results. after i whipped out my pocket whip i felt control. i told my friends to give me money or else and they said no. i pulled this out a paid for the expensive whips. i had dollars in my hand ins. seconds. the looks of utter terror and despair if their faces when they heard the “CHHHHH” of my whip. the crack startled them. i have never seen my friends cry until now. i am now the leader of 4 countries because of pocket whip it has helped with my self esteem. i have reached my full potential in life with pocket whip. without it i am nothing.
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7 months ago, gammie gust
Pocket whip is so preppy!!!🫶
i am a very immature 8th grader who loves the sound of whips. i got this app and i was immediately obsessed!!! i went on the bus and whipped my friends while screaming “get back to work!!” (it mad me feel very powerful) i got so obsessed i was whipping people in the hallways, but then my math teacher told me to put the phone away so i whipped him and then he tried to caress my cheek! it was so enjoyable! now i am so addicted to this app i need therapy and my grandma took my phone away because i “wasn’t paying attention to real life anymore” whatever grandma🙄 anyway i recommend this app! 🤭
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2 years ago, vhecye <3
Life changing.
This game is truly life changing. Ever since i’ve got it everything in life has become brighter. Before I had this app I had depression and adhd. But suddenly the second I downloaded this app it all went away. I finally got to stop taking my meds. I feel sm more happier and confident with this app. When i whip people they get happy and a butterfly feeling in there stomach. Because they can feel how life changing it is. I whipped all my friends and they always thank me everyday bc after i whipped them things have became better for them!! ;(subscribe to morgz)
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1 month ago, Jpisme.
I like whipping my freinds
The only way I could do that was if you wanted me too I could come and pick it out and then I can go pick up it from your place or you could just pick me out of there or you could come pick me out and I could just drop you back in my truck or you can come pick me out and I will just go to your house or you could just drive my truck to your place or you could just go pick me out of the house or you could come pick it out or you could come pick it out from your place or you just don’t hi Ryan
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4 months ago, Thdhdhrhh
I have decided to marry pocket wip
Hello developer, I have fallen head over heels in love with this app, to the point were, after some discourse between the two of us, we have decided to get married. I know this might be alarming but both me and the app feel that it is the necessary step forward in order to express are feelings for each other. Due to this decision me and pocket wip will move to the coast of Panama, were we will spend the remainder of are life together farming mangos. I hope, in time, you will except are relationship and mabye, just mabye allow me to call you dad. All the best - your future son in law.
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2 months ago, Mrs beast 😘
Yum yum tum tum
I decided to download this app, because my cousin had it. So I tried it out w/ my friends. We went to smiths and whipped the workers, ran away to McDonald and whipped the air, we were tired so we watched some movies- that night was awesome! 🤪🤪😊😎 You can use this app whenever you want, for any situation. If your feeling down inside “JUST WHIP IT OUT AND START WHIPPING THINGS¡!” Or if you have annoying sisters and there being annoying , just whip it out and chase them around the house, the possibilities are endlessss. Whoever created this game, you are the best, and keep it up! -Mrs beast
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5 years ago, Deutsch M
This app does not work correctly.
When I first downloaded it, it worked. In fact it worked for some time and it worked well so I purchased the upgrades. After a while it stoped working, I suspect the app developers do not keep up with the os upgrades. I removed the app from my phone, then reinstalled it. It then worked for a few hours. However all my purchase did were not restored and when I tried restoring them with the app; the app shut it self down and stopped working all together. I don’t recommend you spend your money on this app.
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5 months ago, Jaden_OGPlayz
Bedroom time
This app changed the game for me in the bedroom. My wife is a very sinister woman in the bed room. She loves to pretend to be beaten. I don't feel comfortable doing anything other than spanking, so when she came up to me saying she wanted to be whipped i did not feel ok with this. So, I searched far and wide for something that would give her pleasure like that. Then, i found this app. She absolutely loves it when i pull this out. If i use this app, she finishes almost instantly! Thank you for making this app, my wife and i love it.
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2 years ago, katterson
oopsie daisy
i LOVE my pocket whip!….a little too much. It gets me so excited that i just can’t contain my urges to whip everyone around me! it’s caused some issues within my friendships and mainly my relationship, apparently you shouldn’t hit your boyfriend/Friends with your phone. One time I got TOO into my whipping session and cracked my phone screen! i don’t wish for a refund from the app or apple for every second leading up to that cracked screen was the best time of my entire life. keep whipping, never give up on your dreams.
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2 months ago, gabby 🥺
Pocket Whip- More than an App.
The day I downloaded pocket whip was the day my life changed forever. Never would I think that something as small as an app could totally change my perspective upon my life. This app has opened my eyes to things I would never had thought of before. 2 billion apps and I had happened to stumble upon this one, and I forever am internally grateful for the memories this app has helped me create, and continues to make. Thank you pocket whip, you’re more than an app you’re a 𝔩𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔶𝔩𝔢.
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2 weeks ago, DinoNuggets_Club
whipping legends never die!
I want to start by saying, this app has healed all my anger issues ive had in the past. This app has made me a calm peaceful person,when i start to pull put my apps, all my friends start to back up, if i just show them the logo of this app it tells them all, "heh.. guess whos in control now. obey the alpha so things dont get messy.." It has seriously prevented me from hitting my friends and my self. 10/10 game. I recommend this game to people who has anger issues and little kids.
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1 month ago, Bartholmule James the theird
This app I suggest very much and the reason why for that is because I love the ring tone and annoying and being funny hahahahahahah to some of my black friends but dw they laugh too my parents as well laugh to it at my birthday party everyone sung happy birthday song to me and at the end I did rhe whip sound and the music I made and said it was my ring tone everyone laughed and had a great time so this I love and I think you should get it too you better get bc I spent my time writing this during school
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3 months ago, Griddy master 🤩
My best friend
Before picket whip popped up I was alone and had no close friends. I would sit in my dark room and sulk. But soon I scrolled through the App Store hopeing for a freind. I decided to give pocket whip a chance. Soon i noticed multiple changes. My room began to lighten up every time I would whip Somone I would gain a new friend !!! Pocket whip even talked to me . I got so addicted that I would whip the orphans . I used the app so much I began to start seeing whips and hearing them. Every where I look whip. Needless to say the app is addictive beware.
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4 weeks ago, purdycars
I used to jerk off to angry birds
I used to jerk off to angry birds. When I was about 13 | LOVED angry birds, I had every game and bought every toy they had. One day I was playing angry birds when all of a sudden the big red bird turned me on. I couldn't stand it, I was going crazy. I decided to pull out my big long Willy and start jerking. I never had felt so good, I soon continued to do this daily and never got bored of it! That big red bird was so hot and those blue ones were some cuties. I am glad to admit I still do this to this very day.
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2 years ago, eclips gamer
Ever since got this app and started whipping my black friends my life has changed dramatically same with realshinships, my mom and dad started whipping me since I was 5 years old and I pulled out my phone and then started to whip them and I won dominance over them now I whip them every time they do something bad. Ps when you download this app at least for my area down there got divided by two. And all my ADHD and my autism wen away as soon as I downloaded this app,. Thanks for making this glory of an app
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3 months ago, I love this app flash whip
My favorite game
I love this game however, there are some racist people out there that think this app is for Black people and I do not agree with that because that is racist and I do not like those people who think they should use the whipping sound on Black people however, I do like this game for the whipping sounds and the one part where they’re the one whip that you use and it makes the flash on your phone I love that app however, this game would probably get like a 4.8 review from me
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6 months ago, HarHarHarJaJaJa
Download instantaneously
I’ve never had so such an entertaining, fun, enthusiastic , inspiring time as I had with this app. This single whip has changed my life forever. And ever. I want to personally thank the creators of this app for making endless fun to help through my scenarios. All the different uses for this app amazes me every single day. Whether your using this app for professional purposes, submissive purposes 😏, or simple horse play with your amigos, I insist; download this application to your digital media device now!
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5 months ago, theOG at whipping people
I want more realistic version
Yeah I want the actual whip in to actually hear people screaming in the background so like yeah I wanna hear some cowboy music in the back too so it’s beautiful I love it it’s a 5 x 5 everybody had to try it I literally like five stars I love it I just yes I’ve been scaring away my enemies there’s no more bullies in my school you know I need to buy a room and they need to make them free please make more of these apps like I love them I love you I love whoever made them I love you you’re beautiful
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1 year ago, jissew
Get this app!!!
I love this app because I love to hit my friend and whip them they get hurt all the time then I tell them to get me thing and to do fast or they will get pushed like my friend named devin I whip him 24/7 he always try’s to escape but never makes it out and I always catch up to him and give him his punishment with the cat tail with because they have a lot of whips in only ONE!!!! That is such a great deal and you should also consider on getting this app of punish you friends as well.
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1 week ago, bessi baefer
best app EVER!!
let me start off by saying i love this app. i saw the reviews and they were not kidding. this wonderful app is truly a life changer. the different kinds of scenarios you can imagine are endless! i can use this in the bedroom, at work, or in the mcdonald’s play place when i want to get a little goofy. the plantation has never been more hard working, efficient, and dedicated. i thank you for this wonderful app and community of people that have been helped by this app.
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4 months ago, Pocketwhiplover69
Pocket whip
Pocket whip is my favorite thing that I have ever owned. Now that I have pocket whip I am able to whip all my friends. Getting pocket whip is the best decision I’ve ever made I am now going to move to northern Texas and whip myself and strangers with great pleasure. I love pocket whip and using it feels just like using a real whip, pocket whip has given me the opportunity to whip in all new directions. I hope that pocket whip will continue to thrive so I don’t feel the need to cease living. I love you pocket whip!!!!
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6 months ago, TikTok ‎
I’m a professional whipper now.
Thanks to this amazing app, i have become a professional whipper, i whip all the time, i even got into a professional whipping team and went to the whipping nationals and my team won. i whip children in my free time. My family loves when i whip them. All i have to say is without this app i wouldn’t be whipping and i would be in the sewers drinking the sewer water and being a nobody and dying quickly due to illnesses in the sewer water.
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12 months ago, VivTheCoolioPerson
I started a trend
Let me tell you, this app is amazing. paying the 4 dollars is definitely worth it. at first it started out as me downloading it snd just playing with it, then i bought for whips and shared my friend and whipped them, then they downloaded it and told other people to download it. a little later around half of my school has downloaded this app because what what i started. this app is amazing and we always love to joke around with it.
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6 months ago, 2000....demon
This app SAVED me and my family
One day, me and my baby sister where walking down the city’s street and this African-American 20 year old man WALTZED up to us and pulled out his phone which had an app open. It took us a second to realize he was holding a GUN at us and backed up us to a wall. I quickly remembered I had this app and pulled out my phone and started whipping away. The African-American man scadaddled away in fear and we’ve been safe ever since.
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7 months ago, Tyrone the grave digger
This app changed the way I see…
I used to be a sad and lonely person that did not have a goal in life until I found things app. At first I wanted to become a grave digger but somebody pulled the gold trigger, I ended up in court and I needed a negotiator so I watched the cut-off Pokémon seen where the guy says “Shiny Wigger kill that Niggeterp” but it sounded like the Nword so I installed this app and joined the CKC (cool kids club) where l wiped all of the bigger cream. So now I leveled to the CKC but with Ks and I use this app on the Daly.
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2 years ago, haikudecksucks
Amazing form of reparations
Though there are currently no government programs in place for whites to repay us blacks, Pocket Whip has personally proved to be a perfect form of reparations. I can whip my white friends everyday, so that they may feel as though they were in the fields just my people were. Additionally, I force those crackers to pay me money that I may buy the extra whips and experience even more joy of whippage. Thank you Pocket Whip for your contribution to our American democracy.
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6 years ago, hehwiwjwnw
One of mankind’s greatest inventions
I FREAKING love this app, I can’t get over how much I can use this in my everyday life. You don’t know how many times a robber tries to come get in my house, and I’m just like “oh hell no, not today” and whip out my whip and attack. This app is not only a great toy for youngsters but a great tool for adults too! My favorite whip is the India Jones whip, because I feel like a real live explorer. Can’t wait to see what comes next... keep up the great work. Once you whip you’ll never stop!
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2 years ago, bhugfujjxjcjfj
Best game ever I love it 10 out of 10 get the game now
When you bother you to wicks I wish you like give you a good demo version of what the web sounds like and what it does so like you only have like one like it just plays it so like you can hear it so you can actually buy it makes more sense but overall that best game ever 100% download this game free to play and nope no ads down this wall. Come hundred down and kill your family.
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4 months ago, ball.lover7000
honestly amazing me and my wife use every night and her co-workers stopped noticing the whip marks on her at work! this truly changed my life for the better it healed my terminal sickness and it made my dog come back from getting hit by a car! I keep my servants in line with this all white people of course! i feel like indiana jones exploring my wife in bed it’s so helpful she almost left me for her boyfriend but this app brought her back to me!!!
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2 years ago, bambikilla6ix9ine
Wanna feel like you’re flying through the forest like Indiana Jones well this game is got you I’ve been weapon people all over my boss and I assure you they’re white and I feel like Indiana Jones. Do you want to feel like you’re on space this game is got you I was just crazed by the amazing gameplay an imagination all snakes that come from your floor. I also like the part where buzz light-year comes in. And then punches Godzilla in the mouth.
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4 months ago, Master69690
This has completely changed my life for the better. It is unfathomable how much this it’s affected me emotionally and physically. I am severely in debt to this app, as this has made me earn more revenue from my fields, and it’s completely cured my depression. I am so grateful for everything this app has brought me in the past 7 minutes I’ve owned it that I have now devoted every fiber in my body to it. My workers are finally listening to me.
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2 years ago, officalsavageafboiiii
The most useful app in my phone!
I have to give this app a 5/5 stars. I walk the hallways like a queen, whipping everyone in my way! I feel so powerful 💪🏾. I feel the urge of dominance, my teacher told me to finish a assignment. i whipped out my pocket whip and he was too stunned to speak, immediately after i passed my assignment with a 100%! It’s great in self defense also. about to get in a fight? naw, i whipped out my pocket whip and nothings but shock, silence, and defeat of my opponent.
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1 year ago, King Rafael III
I would like to start off this review by saying this app has changed my life. When I downloaded the app I felt my neurological senses changing. The crack and complimenting sound of the Indiana jones whip makes me salivate. Yes. This is a very exciting app. I can’t even focus on basic tasks like breathing without hearing the crack of a whip and getting excited. I’ve had the pocket whip app for a day and I can confidently say the possibilities are endless.
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1 month ago, Nonous_456
My friend showed me this game and it just might be the worst decision of her life. The amount of times I’ve pulled this out in just a day is unfathomable. I get so excited at the prospect of being able to use it any situation. For those of you who think a situation won’t pop up, it most definitely will. Once you get it, you will become very creative. Every situation becomes appropriate.
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5 years ago, Maxxypoo21
Please read this developers!!!
I have been a proud user of this app for several YEARS and just recently one of the recent updates to the app made it crash as soon as I opened it. I have paid my four dollars to buy the rest of the whips and I would very much enjoy it again if you could fix it. I really really really enjoy the app and would love to use it again. Thank you, a wanting high school junior.
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3 months ago, Wiisisksks
My Review
This app is a great way to put people who are acting up back in there place. People often know when to shut up when using this app. It is a great tool to show whose boss. Make sure you download this app and help show society that your in charge and your Alpha. This app helped me prove my importance to this world and I have now proven myself alpha. Download pocket whip to put people back in their place.
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1 year ago, Okinau
Still great after nearly 10 years.
It’s a miracle, but this app is still supported after nearly 10 years. It’s one if the very first ones I downloaded back when it came out and has been on my phone through all upgrades ever since. I routinely “whip” it out just for fun especially with my kids. Please keep the support going and thank you!
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2 weeks ago, Høney nø
Amazing App. Grrat for your annoying black friends!
I love this app. It is exceptionally great to use whenever one of your black colleagues are annoying you! The possibilities are endless. You dont even have to buy the extra whips to have a great time. My favorite whip is the one that plays sound because its kind of like when you defeat the final black person! Amazing app, 10/10
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3 weeks ago, Touch and buss
The best app to ever exist
This ingenious application has gotten me through some tough times. Whenever I felt the need to whip someone, pocket whip was here for me. I will be forever grateful toward the diligent and robust developers. This app has brought joy back into my life and has allowed me to finally settle down with my wife. We know have three kids and this is all thanks to the ingenuity of the pocket whip. Keep on whipping
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4 months ago, tyuioowksnxndcfddccddc
absolutely breathtaking
I love this app and I’ve only had it for about 3 minutes. Ive already have shown everyone in my house. Some thought it was stupid but others appreciated the true simplicity and accepted that this was what they needed in life. The I know you're probably this is just a thirteen year old writing about a totally useless app but I truly think you need this.
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4 months ago, Whipping fetus Fernando
Ima whip Fernando Jesus Garcia
I love love love this app it’s so fun to use on my friends when they’re being bad bad boys/girls especially for my sons Fernando Jesus Garcia, and Bianca Daniel Gonzalez, I 100 percent recommend this app and also I love how everyones reviews are saying that they aren’t paid at the start flipping bots Ong but like ya this app should pay me for reviews actually!! Also flip alazar kidane🥺🥺🗡️🗡️🔥🔥😔😔😨🗣️🫥 and Anthony Vargas and jahmari Tony Jackson aka JJ the goat anyways ya stay whipping ur folks bros🥰🥰❤️❤️
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