Podcast App

4.8 (270K)
61.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Evolve Global, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Podcast App

4.78 out of 5
270K Ratings
6 years ago, SWVB10
My Favorite (and Most Used) App!
I use this app all the time for two reasons: I LOVE podcasts and I really enjoy the structure of this app. It has a simple layout, it looks modern and up to date, unlike Apple’s podcast app. I really, REALLY enjoy the grid layout of being able to see all of my favorite podcast at once (I hope the developers keep this). I do wish that there were settings for the user and I could customize the layout of the home listen screen, especially since I pay for the upgraded version with ads (SO WORTH IT!!). For example, I don’t really care for the top line up of new shows, I already get notifications for that and the “new” tag pops up on my podcasts when a new one is available. Also, like my second favorite app, Audible, I wish there was an option to change the background/theme to “mode” or something. Definitely not deal breakers, and I would give this app more than 5 stars if I could, but maybe in a future update. Thanks for the app!
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4 years ago, Marmosette
No auto-play?
I have used the heck out of this app and it is mostly awesome. It just has a weird quirk where podcasts don’t automatically play the next episode. It used to. I thought maybe they’d changed that in an update, but I just went back and caught up on another podcast with 4 new eps since the last time I’d listened, and those DID start right off—when one episode ended, the next one would start playing after only a second or two. Most of the time, when one episode ends, it moves to the next episode and just stops. I have to hit play for it to start loading the ep, wait a few secs for it to stop loading and say “error,” turn my wifi off and back on again, go back to the app, hit “play” again, and usually do that a few more times while I wait 5-10 min for it to download the entire episode. Then I have to go to the podcast’s page, scroll to find the last ep I’d listened to, hit play on THAT, then go to the one I just loaded and hit play on that. Then it will play. I know my connection speed is slow, but it does this when I’m connected in other locations with better speeds. I was just resigned to this weird buggy thing until I just checked up on that other podcast and it actually started playing the next ep right away without nannying and cajoling, and before it had downloaded the whole thing. Is that just happening to me?
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11 months ago, Stoltz23
Ads are dangerous, these developers are psychos
I think most people can agree that although staying off your phone while driving should be done 100% of the time, there will be the once in a while where you have to tap a slip or pause button while on the road. If you're driving and you need to hit one button in the app, you expect it to be a 2 second procedure, yet it is not, because as soon as you interact with the app after not doing so for more than 5-10 minutes, you will be harassed with 10 second ads that are purposely hard to close out of, and purposely put in places that are the most distracting (going to your listen later will prompt it, as well as going to your currently playing podcast, aka the 2 most used functions while listening). I then have to pullover to do what originally should have been, again, a 2 second procedure at most. Many people who are more impulsive will not pull over, and instead will probably battle with the ads with their hand still on the steering wheel, and these developers know this. They know they are creating an absolute road hazard with where they place these ads and what they look like and it's extremely disheartening to see no regard for safety or their users to this degree. You don't deserve to have an app this functional/useful to so many people, you are not responsible with the power.
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5 years ago, m1234dse543
Used to work great, mostly....and it devours data even when it doesn’t have access to it
So here is an update to my last two reviews...a few months ago this app used all my months cellular data in the first two days of my billing cycle even when it didn’t have access to my cell data. It was supposed to only use WiFi. Well I’ve been watching and it seemed the issue was fixed....until today.....half my cell data is gone again due to this app....and my phone tracked its use of the data even when it isn’t supposed to have access to my cell data....I have no idea how that happens but I’m done with this app....the other issues from my second review listed below still exist as well....and I have deleted and reloaded the app....no help.....2nd review is below...this app used to work great with the exception of burning up all my data in two days last month. Now the app crashes and freezes all the time. Also it doesn’t seem to want to download new podcasts for future listening and many of the ones that I have already downloaded over WiFi and show available to listen to off line won’t play anymore without being connected to WiFi. When I try to download new podcasts for future use it just sits and won’t download and old ones already downloaded fail to play off line. Help.
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3 years ago, Kaoy-s
Awful Update Changes
For years I have been using this app and after the most recent update, I couldn’t be more frustrated with it. The new interface makes it more inconvenient to access the podcasts I had subscribed to and listen to on the daily. Being someone who is not always looking for the newest podcasts, I very often dive into different episodes that are not the latest. I suppose only ever being caught up is what is expected of the now short term attention spans people have. I have to go through a series of “Whats new” options passing as if watching someone’s stories from Instagram or Snapchat. I can’t simply select the podcast which would normally direct me right to the list of episodes within the podcast I had subscribed to. WHY?! Not only does it take forever to access the page I had subscribed to, it doesn’t even play. I waited over 20 minutes for an episode to load thinking it might be my service, internet connection, or my phone in general, so I shut my phone off and tried other routes and still nothing. After using this app, I am entirely and completely over it. It’s irritating enough that people who think they’re doing better by upgrading something and giving in to the modern era of thinking is frustrating.
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5 years ago, Might belittle
The premium version COULD have been so great
To show how much i wanted to like this app, i will admit it is the only app I’ve ever paid for the premium version of. Ever. Unfortunately it didn’t work out well for me in the long run. For starters, what has irked me all along is that it won’t let users add episodes to “listen later” without downloading them to the user’s device. Unskilled developers can’t just implement a “bookmark” of some sort I guess? They force user to download everything to the user’s device (with minimal use, it’s well over a GB and won’t let the user clean them up!) Since this is an issue cited by multiple users, I always thought it would be addressed by one of the utterly massive amount of endless updates...but no matter how many of these faux “updates” they do they’v never ever fixed any problems I have, not a one. I have no other way to think at this point than to assume the app is just trying to gobble up my device’s space as fast as it can in any way possible. Don’t want to download 1-2 updates every WEEK? Well then the app will lag for literal minutes waiting for an episode to play. This app only gets worse and worse. Never once being improved by the fifty+ “updates” it’s had since I’ve installed it. Do better.
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4 years ago, AdamantAbsols
Loved the app but have had issues
So I love this app, and I use it about every day. But for at least the last few days, it’s been having issues with autoplaying the next episode. In that it doesn’t auto play at all and I have to open the app to play the next episode. And a few times it suddenly cuts out and stops playing, then I have to go to the app and start it again. So I’ve tried closing the app, restarting my phone, I updated the app and then tried deleting and redownloading the app, which has only lead to more problems. The option to continue listening to an episode from the home page is gone, and I have to go to the recommended section to find that, which is annoying and frustrating. And when I try to rearrange my list of podcasts it starts switching between small thumbnails and larger thumbnails, and the switching happens in a way that makes it impossible to actually rearrange them. Overall, I’ve used the app for around 6 months and I’ve enjoyed it until a few days ago.
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5 years ago, TM2Bee
Very happy
Update: I'm changing my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. This developer worked hard to solve my data retention issue. I'm happy to report that have been using the app for SEVERAL weeks with the improvements and I am not having issues any longer. It's a good app, works well. However I was nosing around in my iPhone storage and lo and behold see that this app has stored 10gb of data on my phone aside from the actual app. So automatically I think that episodes are being downloaded but not deleted...and maybe they are but you can't reset that because there is no settings button. And then I thought I'd contact the developer so I went to the app page in the app store...nice try...both ways to even attempt to find the developer takes me right back to the data hogging app! The only way to clear this data is to delete the app. Thank you, I think I will and look for another app when I'm done.
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6 years ago, necrotoaster
Love the app but reinstalling breaks subscription
/UPDATE: the most recent update has fixed the ability to Restore my active subscription so I am now VERY PLEASED with this app overall. Many thanks to the dev team for getting this sorted out. /UPDATE: after several app updates I still can’t restore my already paid for subscription. The app is great otherwise but it’s been many weeks since I paid for it and am still stuck with ads because the Restore button doesn’t work. Not cool. /UPDATE I love this app, best podcast player I’ve seen. I subscribed to it but seemed to have found a bug where removing and reinstalling the app breaks the subscription and the ads don’t go away. Can renew subscription and can’t Restore button the ads away. Not sure what to do as I can’t find a way to contact support either. This would be five stars if those things were fixed/made clearer.
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9 months ago, Pat Dodson
Great Podcast
“Against the Rules” written and recorded by Michael Lewis on Pushkin Industries is extraordinary. I listen to it everyday when I take my walk. Michael explores vital issues and does it by asking questions to the most knowledgeable people in the issue he is exploring. When I say most knowledgeable people, I am not saying these are famous people or writers; most often they are ordinary people who have been personally effected by a problem. His segment on student loans and how they are processed in the private sector was the most vivid description of how a program meant to help economically needy people can be manipulated by the private sector to destroy people’s lives. He interviews one woman who was eligible for loan forgiveness because she teaches public school, who was never informed of this. If you are interested in fairness in America, this program is perfect for you.
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5 years ago, RealCRH
I thought I’d like to listen to podcasts in the car but this is practically useless for that! Even if I download what I want to listen to in advance in my home when I try to listen to it on the road all I get is the thing going around and around and around and around and around saying loading only it never loads! Once in a great while it will work but the vast majority of the time it does not! And good luck trying to contact them I have seen absolutely no way to get in contact with the people who do this or to get any kind of advice on how to make it work better. I should also add that sometimes I can’t even get the icons of the shows that I have or a list of the episodes—even that doesn’t download! And when something does download only three or four seconds of the program will sound and then nothing and then three or four seconds and then nothing and then three or four seconds and then nothing obviously impossible to listen to.
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6 months ago, BillowsPillow
Functional but annoying
I went with this app because I got so tired of the unneeded and complicated interface changes to the Apple podcast app. This one’s functionality is straightforward and it’s easy to use. Most podcasts I want are available but not all. So it gets dinged a star for that. THE WORST THING is the ads. I can accept still ads on occasion but every so often you’ll get 30-60 minute unskippable ads, during which you cannot even pause the podcast. This is already annoying on its own but if im listening to something around my kids and something I don’t want them to hear comes up, this can trap me where I can only spring for the volume. Furthermore it ads a layer of complexity to interfacing with it while driving which is a safety hazard. Yes I could just pay for the subscription to get rid of the ads but you can go fly a kite. I’m not paying—what is it—$30+ a month to listen to my podcasts! I’m already a patron for a couple of them and they do more than offer the platform.
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1 year ago, radio geeks
More intuitive and easy to use than Apple Podcasts
I have the paid subscription and have found it to be extremely reliable and easy to use. I simply add podcasts as Favorites and go to that tab everytime to easily access new and old episodes alike. If I want to listen without streaming data, I add it to add later to download. Otherwise, the favorites tab works VERY well. I can even customize the order the podcasts show up from there depending on which are truly my favorites at any given time. I have never been bothered with ads since getting the paid subscription. The only feature I might like to see in future is some AI in order to save snips and transcripts of podcasts. However, if it means compromising the user friendly aspect of this app, I would rather keep it as it is now. Great job!!
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3 years ago, Miss Theta
Always so wonderful! And Life chamging
I am so blessed every day as I hear messages that really make a difference in my life. The emphasis on living the Christian Life of obedience proceeding from a heart of “Love” for God, rather than fear really has resounded old and clear - and the FACT that even our love fir Him is a gift from Him makes everything work better - Obedience then is a joy! I am able to structure my life better with the knowledge I have gained and the rest it allows even when I am busiest (which is most of the time as I am caring fir my disabled 30 year old adopted son who is medically complex and now on TPN, but with major surgery recently, the two and one-half year journey with TPN will End soon, and we can focus on the less critical issues which are many. He listened to your messages with me, too. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Greedo Green Guy
It’s worth it
At first glance it seems silly to pay for an app that does the same thing free apps do. However, Apple’s native Podcast app falls short due to its poor, unintuitive design. There is no flow to the user interface. You have to wrestle through it only to have an unsatisfying experience. I went looking for a replacement and found this app so much better that I soon happily paid to remove its irritating overlay ads. You get what you pay for, it’s a pleasure to use and they earned my money. I am a frequent podcast listener trying to follow many different shows. I like to navigate while I listen, see what I recently listened to, resume partially listened episodes, view all my podcasts at a glance, get a quick handle on newly released material, etc. I’m pretty picky but this app does everything I want and I trust you will be satisfied as well.
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2 years ago, hrjordan
Needs a few minor adjustments
*update - what happened to the seamless listening? It used to just go from the episode I was listening to to the very next episode. Now it stops playing and I have to go back into the app and hit play to listen to the next one. Several times when I do this it freezes up and I have to close the app or click on the next episode and back to the one I want to listen to for it to work. Disappointing changes, unfortunately... Fix these things and then I'll re-visit this rating.* Please make it to where I can tell the app I've already listened to previous episodes! It's annoying to have to click on the episode and ff all the way through to the end just to get it off my list. I love that it automatically goes from one episode to the next (unlike Apple's podcast app). That was the main reason I started using this, but now I need for it to say that I've already listened to the episodes from before I switched.
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11 months ago, DreamFitBodybyDonna
Climate Change
People are (I am) hopeful. It’s important to be optimistic and grateful. Lands are being washed away. We are a proud people attached to our traditions. Others inspire me who work together for the better of humanity. I am grateful for my friends and family who have helped us to make this journey possible and I hope to continue doing this with them. The only way we could make this trip without having a problem is through our own personal journey with the people we love most. I’m sorry for all the pain that we have caused us and I know that we will always be grateful for the love we gave us and the happiness we have for our family. I am sure you will always offer love to all your families in this world as well as all your friends in your heart and soul and I know how much we appreciate it for all of your efforts in this world.
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2 years ago, Gfthdy
Updated* Last update needed a major fix, and they did it!
Update: while the bug in the update almost send me looking for a new podcast app, I waited and found the developer was quick to repair the glitch. Great podcast app I’ve used for years is back and as good as ever. Easy to find new apps consistent with my interests, easy to download for later, pickup right where you left off. Original (2 star). Not sure what happened with the recent updates… nothing will load, search, favorites, episodes, non of it. I’ve tried different wi-fi connections, turning off wi-fi, deleted app & reloaded it. Nothing seems to be fixing it. Sad, I’ve used this app daily for years…. So I’m very disappointed that it basically stopped working. Hope they can fix it soon.
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5 months ago, Gulf Shores Jan
Why Every Year
This is my 5th trip through the Bible with TLC. Some would ask .. why continue.. isn’t it the same “stuff” year after year? My answer is this… God always shows me something new, something I need to learn more about and/or something I totally missed! He knows ME! Secondly, the insights and putting Scripture in the perspective of “what did I learn about GOD today has given me a better & wider understanding of who God IS! And its become increasingly apparent I need this habit DAILY to start my day off and to encourage others in this crazy world we live in. As an almost 74 year old woman, I can attest you’re Never Too Old to learn more about trusting God and His wisdom… and I DO find more & more… HE’s WHERE THE JOY IS… thank you TLC and TBR for your hard work and consistent service .
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2 years ago, jgrr
Switched to this app from the Apple app...
...and I’m very happy!! I don’t mind the ads; I close them without even looking. I like that I can see what I’ve played and the blue dot indicates when a new podcast is on the list. I love how I can cue up a play list and press play and don’t have to deal with it for a few days (I usually put about 10-12 podcasts on the list at once). Thanks for a great app!!! Update July 2019: I’m still giving 5 stars but would love if there would be an option for “recently played” - sometimes I fall asleep listening and have no idea which episodes I’ve missed! Still a great app though!! Update June 2022: I dropped down to 4 stars because the new version no longer has the option to edit your Listen Later list. I really loved that feature and hope the developers bring it back!!
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5 years ago, CSiegell
Potential, but not there yet
Podcast app has potential, but is not there yet. I’m not sure why the developers would even release this app without a “settings” option and you can just imagine how many features and customizations are missing because of this. The app needs settings, volume boost, full customization for home screen, grid change / icon display options for home screen, settings for steaming / download, and login to remember your settings. Overcast just blows Podcast app out of the water and will probably continue to do so when the newer redesigns come out. Not to mention that the developers are not participating in replying directly to most of the reviews and many emails have gone completely unanswered from other users (although developers maintain is because they were busy on a project) . The nail in the coffin is that Podcast app appears to charge you for both your iPhone and iPad device when it’s included with Overcast for one price, not two.
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1 year ago, Selchiesinger
No muss no fuss!
I was so happy to find this app after a software update completely tanked the Apple podcast app a couple years ago…seemed like it assumed one to always have data and/or signal and feed off the cloud…the downloaded list would stop after each episode and have to be manually prompted to move on. This may have been fixed since but after finding this app I never bothered to look back. With this app one can easily download a goodie bag of episodes when data and signal is to be had, then the whole playlist will dutifully play and self-delete each episode as finished. I listen all day at work in places where there is no signal or Wi-Fi so this feature is essential.
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5 years ago, Dsvist12
It’s the best app I’ve used so far
Love this podcast app. Definitely the best I’ve used so far as well. Some podcasts I like to listen to, I want to listen to older archived episodes and this is the only app that I’ve used that has downloaded all episodes of any podcast. Other apps I’ve used only download the past 10-15 or so, so this is a big plus for for. I like the grid layout on the main page as well. My only gripes with the app is that isn’t a universal settings page. I’d like to change it where it doesn’t play the next episode automatically, once the podcast is done I’d like to either choose my next episode or just be done listening entirely. I also wish there was a dark mode as well, though that is purely cosmetic. It’s a well thought out app and works amazingly, just wish there was a way to change a few settings app wide.
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2 years ago, A Kindly Prima Donna
Better than Apple but lots of issues
I’ve been using this for about a year after Apple podcasts did all their stupid thing. It’s been semi-functional the entire time. They recently added a few features that I wanted to review. We now can create playlists! But there’s a lot of problems. First of all, you can’t add episodes that you’ve downloaded to any playlists. You have to go to the podcast itself and add it to the playlist there. Furthermore, you can’t add an episode from the search inside each podcast header. This is annoying if you’ve got an episode from 2018 and the podcast updated each week—lots to go through. Lastly, it doesn’t seem like you can delete playlists?!?! It wouldn’t be so frustrating if there were a user guide available. But there is no user guide. You can send an email to the developers, and they do answer pretty quickly, but sometimes I just wanna look up an answer in a Q&A or something. Also, the name of the app, “ podcasts app “, is so generic you can’t Google for answers either. The app also automatically delete episodes you’ve listen to, and there’s no way to turn that off. Why?? I can’t really complain considering it’s a free app, but some of the implementations just don’t make any sense. QA testers failed big time.
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5 years ago, ggmmaazz
I want to love it
This is a great podcast app. I have disliked many podcasts apps for various reasons (the native app doesn’t load new episodes quickly, even when refreshed, others have bad design) and this one solves many problems. It has good search, an easy enough design for getting to the podcasts I want to listen to. The biggest hang up I have with it is it eats space. My phone told me to manage my space since it was getting low, and this app was 1.1GB of data. But rather than just clearing a couple episodes that have been downloaded (like other apps), there is no way to see what has been downloaded, what/when episodes will be downloaded, and how to delete them once they’re downloaded. Hence my bloat problem. I had to regretfully delete the app. If there was a preference to choose when to download and to then delete, I would keep it and continue using it, even with ads.
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6 years ago, Breezy6293
I love the selection and variety of podcasts and that it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space, but I think it should be easier a) to discover the lesser known podcasts within a category and b) download episodes for offline listening. As for B- the actual downloading isn’t the issue, but for some reason it isn’t always available once I go offline. This tends to happen more if I either c) pause a podcast while offline (as in it will be playing just fine but then won’t play due to it being offline when I attempt to resume playing) or d) download several episodes and attempt to listen to the next episode on the docket. As for d), I would like to be able to download a whole bunch of them to, go offline, and listen to them offline. In addition, I would like to be able to save an episode without downloading it. Now it’s quite possible that there’s a way to do all of the things I mentioned, but as there’s no FAQ or help center etc, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that.
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3 years ago, Joe Kingg
Great content
Great content, variety of topics ,quality people who for the most part don't have a selfish agenda, it's nice for a change to be able to chose topics other then politics that are not even real politics , seems like almost every podcast is about polotics,all contradict one another, everyone on the planet by now is well aware of the fact that it is no longer about the day to day citizens, so enough of that crap! here we got spiritual podcasts sports everything that you are interested in, music and without always ending up with how awful The system is,if you have a podcast about music or art stick to the subject and so far I found some good uplifting and entertaining shows👌
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6 years ago, John Micheal 2
I have a suggestion.
I’m not big on listening to podcasts, but I do occasionally like to listen to a few. And I know that one of my friends listens to them ALL the time! Wether you fall asleep to podcasts, or you can only sit through a few minutes at a time, this is a great app for it. Every podcast you favorite is right there on a list. I think that you should be able to MAKE podcasts through this app too. It would be more convenient than having to download another app for it. I also think there should be a setting, that translates whatever they’re saying into any language. Most podcasts are in English, so it would be useful to have some kind of instant translator. (At least in Spanish and Chinese)
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5 years ago, ladyofshallott👑
Used to love
I used to love this app. I wrote a 5 star review and loved everything about it. In the last week though, episodes won’t download whether I’m on WiFi or cellular data. The episode looks like it’s downloading fine, then it deletes itself and the little green download circle starts all over again. And it never actually finishes downloading. This happens over and over and over until I just give up. I went over my cellular data limit (8 gb!) last month for the first time because of this issue, and I’ve sent 3 emails to support including a screen recording showing the issue as it’s happening, and no one has written back or tried to fix it. I am a paying subscriber and have plenty of storage available on my phone, and excellent internet connection, so my phone isn’t the issue. It’s a shame because I’m definitely willing to pay for an app that works, and the design of this app really is better than any other I’ve found. It’s intuitive and easy to use. But the lack of response from support and not being able to download any episodes makes this app useless for me. If anyone ever writes back or fixes this issue I will gladly change my review to 5 stars again. I don’t like leaving bad reviews, but this seems to be the only way I can hopefully get the developer’s attention. 🙁
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2 years ago, I_just_want_the_news
Why can’t we rate shows?
I use this app all day everyday. My biggest gripe is that you can’t rate and review podcasts. It honestly makes no sense. Much better than apple’s podcast app but I still go there to rate all my podcasts and find new ones based on my ratings. Ok so now I’m super frustrated. This app has become so slow. Dunce January, even though I am a paying subscriber, I get soooo many ads. It takes forever for the ad to stop, c out of it and get to the podcasts again to either rewind or change the episode I’m listening to. So frustrating. I decided that I’m going to give apple podcasts another try. Really sad after 5 years that the ads I’m paying to avoid are pushing me out. Canceled my subscription just now. Also still frustrated years later that you can’t rate shows.
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5 years ago, Burhanwani
Updated review
I was impressed with the memory fix and had to give this app another try. I must say I like the app better now and one of the nice features is searching for an episode across multiple podcasts.. One thing still missing - Be able to make a playlist of all the episodes I want to listen later without downloading the episodes to my phone. Put this feature in and I will be a loyal paying customer Earlier review - -------------------- For all the best features of this app, I couldn't understand how using the app for three days could consume 1 Gb in app memory. I don't have podcasts downloaded, and there is no way to clear the cached data. I was impressed with the suggestions feature which shows recommendations based on your listening history.
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3 years ago, Dondon133
The Megyn Kelly Show
The Megyn Kelly show is amazing!! Her guests are always relevant and tend to bring interesting and unique perspectives to important topics!! I just listened to her discussion with Andrew Sullivan, with whom I wasn’t familiar, and was absolutely blown away. Megyn & Andrew’s conversation was so informative, funny and enlightening!! I will be making a bee-line to my local bookstore to get Andrew’s new book and want to find some of his writings I’ve missed!! What a fresh perspective on some of the most concerning and serious issues of our day. By the end of the interview, I felt encouraged that we can get through the madness currently consuming America and return to being proud of our Country. Fabulous show, as usual, Megyn!!!
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5 years ago, llamapeep
Please add a ‘podcast history’ function
I started using the app a couple months ago and am loving it so far. I only have one issue with the app. I tend to search for episodes based on topic and so have a large, and incredibly varied list of episodes downloaded at any one time. Because episodes automatically delete after being listened to, it is very difficult to later hunt down specific episodes I’ve listened to that I want to revisit or recommend to friends. My suggestion: Please include a ‘podcast history’ function on the app that lists episodes that the user has listened to. Just like browser history, users could also delete/ clear this history whenever they need.
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3 years ago, FernandoWM
Great app, questionable memory
This is a great app and I specially love how easy it is to know when there are new episodes out. The only problem I have is that for each episode I start listening, the app takes up more memory. Even when I am done listening to the episode the memory usage doesn’t go back down and it seems to just keep accumulating (I only listen to podcasts while on Wifi and never download episodes to listen offline, so not sure why the memory taken needs to keep going up). Anyway, to me this would easily be the best podcast app if it didn’t take up all that memory, and I would love to go back to using this app and change this review to 5 stars if that got fixed.
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6 years ago, Koenig1
Please add an ad-free option!
Just downloaded this app and it’s phenomenal, so much so that I wanted to invest my money and pay for an ad-free version but was disappointed to find there is no option for that. Please add it! Will you ever? 5 stars when you do. Glad to see the developers actually listen! 5 stars for adding ad-free version! You are keeping the 5 star review because you did indeed add an ad-free version. However, for $10 a year, there needs to be a little something else added to your app. Comparing The Podcast App to Overcast, TPA doesn’t give you a theme option, something Overcast gives you for free. Hopefully theming comes in a sooner rather than later update. A pure black theme for us OLED iPhone X users would be A+.
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3 years ago, Cory810
The BEST thing I ever studied in my life!
It is hard for me to put into words how blest i have been through this study. I’m not finished yet….but each day I learn more and more about how God loves me and I mean really loves me. In human terms I believe it hard to fathom….bc this kind of love is not something we can create only God can and does. And he just wants us to have a personal relationship with him and in the Old Testament he goes through a great deal to get his people to see his love. But sadly many do not. But this study helps me to understand what I need to do to please him and I never knew it until 214 days ago. I can’t wait to have the whole picture! 🙏🏻
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6 years ago, Skwarepeg
Love it! But could love it more...
I use this app easily and daily. I’ve discovered podcasts I wouldn’t have otherwise. The native Apple app did not sell me on podcasts —This app made me someone who listens alllll the time! A couple of things that could make this better: **I don’t seem to have good luck with trying to sort episodes in either chronological or reverse order... both would be great ** I’d also love it if it more accurately tracked which episodes I’ve listened to. There are appx 1 million This American Life episodes ;) and I’d love it if it clearly (and always) indicated which ones I’ve listened to and/or how much. **Playlists would be cool so I could set up what I want to hear in order... for a given period of time without having to try to find while at stoplights. It would just play! Or if they went in chronological order (they don’t!), skipping the ones I’ve already listened to. Listen Later is good for episodes I know I want to hear but not right then. But if I want to do specific ones in specific order, I’m not able to or haven’t figured out how. None of these are dealbreakers at all, but they would be great user-friendly enhancements. :)
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5 years ago, workcaster
Use it all the time
I have been using this app for a couple of months now and I much prefer it over the other podcast apps I have tried, specifically Apple Podcasts. I love the way the listen later section is set up and how easy it is to set up hours and hours of listening as I normally listen while I work or drive so I can’t be on my phone looking for episodes or stoping and starting podcasts. The only reason I haven’t given it a full five stars is I have found that certain podcasts have had playback issues or have had multiple versions of the same episode uploaded making it hard to know which ones work and which don’t, but I am not sure where this error comes from. Other than that I love this app!
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11 months ago, Ashes5112
Podcast pauses during gps
Not sure what has happened but I’m in my car all day using gps. The app used to just allow gps to give directions then it would start playing the podcast I’m listening to where it left off. Now every time fos gives a direction, the podcast stops and I have to manually go in and hit play for it to start again. Very frustrating. But I have lived this app for years. Not sure what has happened but it’s made me start looking for an alternative that will allow my apps to continue playing without having to manually start the podcast playing again.
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4 years ago, shepertons
I have loved this app for so long but this issue has been constant throughout and I’ve finally met my wits end with it. I’m not sure if it’s my data connection or what, but I can’t get an episode to load over half the time. An “Error” message just pops up after several minutes of waiting for the episode to load. I have to close the app and restart it. Most of the time that doesn’t work. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it to no avail. I’ve deleted it, updated my phone, reinstalled it and still get the same message. Nothing seems to help and it’s not getting any better. I listen to podcasts while I’m driving and my favorite feature of this app was that it auto played the next episode. But with this issue, I’m having to mess with my phone while I’m driving and, at this point, it’s more of a hazard than anything. So, In order to save my own life, I’m deleting it for good.
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5 years ago, SelenaCasanova
Love this app!
I use this app on almost a daily basis. It’s so easy to use, and the updates on the interface are great. I love listening to NPR Ted Radio hour, spiritual podcasts and even just some to motivate or get you learning. It’s a great app to use on my morning drive, and makes things a little less lonely while informing me on so many ideas and topics. I enjoy having things handy in on the front screen and being able to visually see the different podcasts “profile photos” in makes it easy to click on the one I want before I drive. Not to mention the downloading! One of my favorite parts as someone who tries not to use to much data. I am so glad, they’ve kept this as a free option because it’s so helpful and easy. The only thing I would like to see is a way to organize the podcasts better and save tour favorites maybe! Otherwise, the app is brilliant and so much better than Apple Podcasts! There’s more variety and a much better overall user experience, even with the ads! Love the app, wouldn’t trade it! Thank you guys! ♥️
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4 years ago, tamucrld
Better than the Apple app, but still a few things to work out.
It’d be great if I could do a whole new review, instead of editing my old one from a few years ago. So there’s a critique for you, Apple! Onto the app... They’ve fixed a lot of bugs over the past few years & have made the app a lot better. There are a few remaining bugs, though. 1. It’d be nice if the app wouldn’t crash a few seconds after I first open it, then work fine on the second opening. 2. It’d also nice if the order that I placed my podcasts in the grid wouldn’t reset itself each time I open the app. I have them in the order I want to listen to them, but the app keeps rearranging them every single time I open it. 3. PLEASE add a mass move option on the episode queue. Allow me to tap “edit” on the top right & then select multiple podcasts to drag at once to where I want them to be in the queue. This is the only major drawback of this app that I think the developers are overlooking. I add a good 5-10 (or more) daily podcasts, & then have to drag each one individually to the top of the queue. Every single day.
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5 years ago, rowlen92
Better than the IOS app
I downloaded this app because the new IOS update caused my regular podcast app to constantly crash and Apple still hasn’t fixed it. I listen to podcasts all day at work, so not having a functioning podcast app wasn’t really an option. With the exception of the ads that pop up at random times, I actually think like this app better. It’s easier to find recommendations and I’ve actually found a few new shows because of this app. I also really like the ability to order the shows show they play automatically one after another. It’s a lot easier to do on this app than on Apple podcasts.
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4 months ago, CuseLouis
Great on the phone, not in the car
I happen to love the UX. It's beautiful, and I love how I can review new episodes before deciding to download. It keeps things simple, although it would be nice to have at least a few settings to be able modify the user experience. The app “just works” on the phone. I haven't had any issues with it at all. CarPlay integration is a whole other story. I've simply never gotten it to work properly. Like never never. As in not once. I've done all their recommended troubleshooting steps, closeout, delete, restart, reinstall, etc and nothing fixes it. I paid $35 for the premium app, which is ridiculously high when compared to great free apps like PocketCasts, Castro, Downcast, etc. For that kind of money it should work flawlessly in the car. Every time.
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3 years ago, anger rat
Overall great, but major bugs recently
I’ve been using this app for several years now and it’s always been great. Everything I listen to is available here and I’ve never had a single issue, until this most recent update. All of a sudden the home screen is totally blank except for the place where I’d hit play on whatever I was listening to most recently. There’s nothing to click on or look at at all. Works fine if I had stuff in my Listen Later category, but I can’t select anything else to listen to. I hope this issue is resolved soon as I have been reduced to using the default Apple podcast app the past few days, which is a punishment I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
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4 years ago, DaewenJaya
Total control - intuitive use
This is the best podcast app. You can select favorite podcast channels which appear on your homepage and notify you of new episodes. With one click add individual episodes to “listen later,” a list you can easily rearrange to a preferred order. I never have to worry about a bunch of episodes downloading automatically and clogging up my phone or having to be deleted by hand-The default settings give me total control. If you like auto downloads use a different app- there is currently (apr 2020) no auto download. One is in the works. IT support is quick and helpful- five stars for customer service.
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5 years ago, Ozanich1515
Give it a try! You won’t regret it!
This app works amazing. For 2019, I want to try new things, and one of those things I decided to try is podcasts. This app gives you an easy way to access the podcasts you desire, and discover new ones. There’s a podcast for everyone here. From news, to celebrities, to stories, to even Minecraft, you’ll find one you’ll enjoy! I’ve had no problems with the app, and it doesn’t hurt to try it out! If you’re looking for some podcasts, I suggest CelebriTAY, WHO Weekly, CNN10, and May I Pet Your Dog? I hope this has helped you try the app out, I think it will be beneficial, even if podcasts aren’t for everyone.
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6 years ago, fahegwagads
Almost as bad as Apple podcast app
This app is nearly as bad as Apple’s. Not only is it loaded with ads that you can only dispel with a $10/MONTH subscription, but the app is also loaded with errors and bugs. I keep having this problem where the app will fail to either download or play certain episodes of podcasts, but I can’t discern any kind of pattern and typical solutions (trying again later, closing and re-opening the app, etc) don’t help. Like the Apple podcast app, there’s no easy way to change the order in which episodes play (I don’t always want newest to oldest!). Also a lot of podcast descriptions and authors are incorrect. Finally, the selection of podcasts is weirdly limited. This app has the most popular podcasts but is missing lots of smaller podcasts. All in all, a disappointing experience.
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10 months ago, Camp1509
Really love but have questions
Since the end of Stitcher I’ve been freaking out as podcasts are my primary source of entertainment and news. This has been a great solution, and allows me to categorize via playlists. I have a couple of questions though: Is there a way to have the podcasts play continually? Kind of tricky to customize. Currently it stops after each podcast ends. Secondly, Is there a way to download latest episodes and delete any previous episodes? News podcasts are a good example of something I only want latest episodes. Beyond that, would definitely choose over Apple or Audible.
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1 year ago, faelaea
Private RSS Feed Doesn’t Work
Can’t add any of my Patreon feeds due to an internal service error. Contacted the app and they were not helpful. The first 3 emails were the same rep telling me to try things I’d already tried and stated I’d tried in my initial email to get past this. The 4th email was a link to error reporting after which they ghosted me. I sent 4 follow ups (not during the holidays but during the weeks surrounding them) and they ignored all of them. My last one was “waiting on my refund” after which they responded and directed me to contact apple. They did not fix my problem and that made the app pretty useless for me. Shame, it’s a really pretty app and I think I would’ve gotten a lot out of it had the main reason I subscribed not been a dumpster fire.
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