4.5 (10.4K)
37.9 MB
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Current version
Turning Technologies, LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PointSolutions

4.46 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
4 months ago, Lausanne19
Excellent for Town Meeting remote sessions
We use it in our town for Town Meeting, there are 288 of us in Town Meeting and it’s been working great for us since 2020 when we couldn’t have met in person yet we had to keep running our town. Town Meeting is the closest form of direct democracy, the legislative branch of our local government. Point Solutions has worked perfectly for us. We log into the app via our cell phones using our credentials and the voting session provided to us by Town Clerk a few days before Town Meeting. We then watch the presentations and discussions on zoom, ideally on a different device (PC, iPads etc.) but use the app on our phones to vote when the voting is opened to us. We can see if our vote was registered as the color of our name changes to teal blue. After a few minutes, the votes display as a bar graph. Seamless. But it does involve tech support and experts to make it happen.
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2 years ago, MandyW92
I just finished a team training with Jef today and he explained this software so well! My work team plans to use this live polling technology in our student programs!
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2 years ago, nodidhshshjana
Make me sign in one more time
Professors use this app to host polls which are timed with 5 minutes and graded for credit. Continuously the app has forced me to sign in before taking the quizzes 3 or 4 times throughout the semester. This takes up 2-3 minutes of my quiz time. No other app does this, why is the bar lower for educational apps used by institutions? Shouldn’t you hold yourselves to a higher standard considering your platform is used to grade assignments for hundreds of students. Absolutely unacceptable “glitch” that has cost me credit time and time again. I blame the universities for utilizing platforms that have such flagrant holes in their software. Get it together
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4 years ago, Nat_nnnnnnnn
Worst app ever (horrible customer service)
I had to download this app for my spring term class because my professor required this as a form of attendance meaning we had to use this only in class. When the Coronavirus hit my city everything changed to remote learning so I didn’t have to use the app anymore because I was not attending class. I asked for a refund because I only used the app for a couple of weeks in class and they weren’t able to help me out. Very disappointing that they can’t help out students when they need it. Never using this again.
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3 years ago, Neon Studios2
Terrible for learning
- Can't go back to previous slides when the teacher goes to fast, unlike other apps like Top Hat. - Slides and quizzes won't load sometimes, requiring me to leave and join again. - One time a quiz didn't load and I got a 0. - Slides are so slow to load that I miss information when the teacher makes changes to the same slide and moves on. - Turning the phone horizontally makes the slide too big and then I have to scroll down to see the rest of the slide.
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5 years ago, Bri in america
Bad customer service/ glitchy connection
I have used turning point technologies for several classes. Each class there was a problem. The customer service is TERRIBLE! They give you the run around. I would not recommend. I would give zero stars if that was possible. Wish I never had to use this service. Still waiting on rebate from two months ago. Called and spoke to several different people it’s like they don’t track the communication.
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1 year ago, sssswqadgjjfxbhd3
So Disappointed I Wrote a Review
This app is required for some of my classes. I am constantly signed out of my account and during sessions, the app will freeze and I am left unable to respond to questions. This is a waste of $25. 90% of the written reviews are very low star. This will probably be replied to by the company, telling me to use mobile data. I use an iPad. It has no mobile data. Fix your software. You have enough funds.
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5 years ago, PiranhaHeat
Compability issues
My phone is ios10 bc it has issues updating. I needed this for a class so I downloaded it, and it let me know I need ios11 or later but I could download the last compatible version of the app. So when I get to class, I cannot even sign in without a message bombarding me that I need to update the app. I thought it downloaded the last compatible version? Needless to say I'm very upset after paying for this and having it not work at all for me.
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6 years ago, Dsteller11
Bad app
I had to download this for school. I don’t have a phone or a laptop and therefore was given a 0% for this portion of my grade. I am NOT a fan of, in fact, I abhor all online learning as it is not conducive to those who are unable to have access to these online learning sources. My school also does not provide a laptop or phone or tablet to use their require class material. This app therefore supports the crippling academic environment that the 21st century is trying to inject in all modern brains. This is blasphemy.
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9 months ago, KekistaniMonk
On several occasions I have been either locked out of my own account or have been unable to connect to my class session due to some mystery connectivity issue. When a large part of my class is dependent on participation through this app the reliability of this app becomes very important. Unfortunately this app is not very reliable. Very excited to no longer need to use this app.
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7 months ago, Deadpetvet
Love it so much!
I use this app to give continuing education seminars all over the world. I have become completely addicted to it. I cannot give a talk now without using it.
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3 months ago, dyfcfhdkytd
Constantly logs you out
For the amount of money you have to pay for this subscription, it works absolutely awfully. I am being logged out while using the app, getting errors for no reason and am losing points for my class. Only am using it because I have to, but it doesn’t matter since my grade is not getting better because of it
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5 years ago, K9 Muscle
Great way to enhance training
I have been using TurningPoint for a few years now and this software has really enhanced our employee training.
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5 years ago, Anonymous Lumpfish
Student problems
1. Continuously logs out of sessions during class 2. Runs slow and does not load quickly for the next question 3. Constantly closed questions and needs to be manually opened EVERY TIME! 4. Professors’ lecture freeze and have to restart ALL THE TIME - Overall, inhibits active learning time because it is slow for the professor and the students and malfunction ones frequently.
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5 years ago, Student168
Signout issue
App works as intended but signs you out every time it updates. I never remember the password for it and have to go through resetting it every time. Because of the layout of the login on both the website and the app, my phone/computer can’t save the user and password. What’s the use of an education app if you can’t even use it when you need it?
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6 years ago, Skyguy214
Good but over priced for what it does
I understand the need for it in a class setting but $30? Is that really a fair price for a mandatory thing we need for school? It’d be great if they also added a little notification system for when a question was active
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5 years ago, hawkiman25
Greatest app ever made
I really enjoy getting to use this app to answer questions during one of the most exhilarating lectures I will ever take part in.
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5 years ago, DrewLife365
$25 a year!!!! That’s the least expensive plan for a clicker app!!! This is a simple app and they charge $25 a year for their cheapest plan and most people don’t need this app for a whole year. Why don’t they make a 4 month version!! Because after this semester I’ll probably never use it. Way overpriced! I get they have to use servers for this app but servers aren’t nearly that expensive to maintain.
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5 years ago, TheCaptain-13
10/10 very good
Theis is the very goodest app. I play Minecraft on it all the time!! Best part is, no V-Bucks for skins!!!!
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6 years ago, Wehpm
Crashes easily and doesn’t allow responses
I’ll be in class in a session, my professor opens the polling, and my phone screen does not change. It just says “polling is closed.” I have to leave the session, close the app, reopen, rejoin, and enter my response within 30 seconds to get credit. Because this app is unreliable I am losing points in my class.
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4 years ago, Angel 🏳️‍🌈🤙🏼
Sometimes glitchy
It’s frustrating when the app gets glitchy during class especially after the amount of money we spent for a subscription. These glitches can also occur on the professor’s side too.
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4 years ago, 46304630
This is a scummy business, they know that they’re exploiting students who have a class where it is mandatory for them to dl this app and they choose to charge an exorbitant price for an app who’s simplicity should make it free, I hope eventually that there is a law against this and I hope the creators know that they are actively hurting the advancement of the human species
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6 years ago, ЯЕД
Complete Garbage
Constantly is kicking me out of all sessions. Barely manage to answer questions that are sequence. Help site requires different account than response system. Garbage. Thanks for helping bring down my attendance grade *sarcasm Here’s to hoping the browser based response system will work better.
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9 months ago, Wolfdoom
Fix your app
Should not have to sign in over and over this day and age. My grade should not be hurt because timed questions where I’m signed out just when I go to answer on your app. At the very least at a remember login ability.
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4 years ago, Andrew Lippincott
Consistently logged us out and a month into the school year our teacher has only gotten it to work once. After I purchase a subscription it should work but it doesn’t for several classes. Just a bad app and system
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3 years ago, jcommisso07
I get logged out a lot
Logs me out once a week (sometimes less). Really annoying because I have to use 2FA to get back in.
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1 year ago, Robert-1234567890
Horrendously buggy. Have been kicked out of my session multiple times and half of the time my responses aren’t recorded properly. If you have to use this, use the website instead.
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9 months ago, Johnny Largestick
Stop making us use this trash
Easy to summarize with one word… TRASH. App fails constantly. Support people have not been of assistance at all this year. Last year they at least could fix this. Not anymore. Throw it away.
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1 year ago, Twilli22222
Not Consistent
I have numerous issues with the app and it not working when it should. This really disrupts the learning process; especially during IMCQs. Overall, I have more frustration with the app, than satisfaction.
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3 years ago, babyfaqce
Dear developers of this app , everything in the app is so small but not part where you answer questions please fix this i cant even read what it says most if the time like come on man 😒.
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5 years ago, Michael AV
Needs update
Yes this app serves it’s function, but it needs to modernize. Most importantly a new UI would be nice. I’d like to see other features like a geofence enabled sign in near a host computer. It’s 2019, an app that lets me submit “A B C or D” is a waste of space.
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6 years ago, 18kylier
I have to use this for 2 classes at my university and this is how profs take attendance and they are graded questions. Almost everyday my app just stops working and bugs out so I never get a good grade in my clicker questions. If you have the option, GET THE PHYSICAL CLICKER!
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6 years ago, Mansurdeen
Terrible app
After paying a subscription fee you’d expect the app to work well but no, it keeps closing out during quizzes making me lose points in class. Someone should please fix this!
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6 years ago, Anthonyg17
All of a sudden, it keeps freezing on one questions and I have to close the app and rejoin the session for it to work. So annoying especially that you need to have pay to have a plan.
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5 years ago, thisappishorrrible
A Joke
The app refuses to sync with my profile which is absolutely unacceptable. I am unable to use this app because every time I hit the sign in button an error immediately pops up. I’m disgusted. I can’t even login to the app.
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6 years ago, sebask8s
So many connection drops and hangs
only get connection drops when poll is closed it doesn’t close for me so i have to exit and reopen session every time for next question. Completely useless
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4 years ago, ivan4947
An absolute waste of money
I have to use this app for several of my college courses and it crashes randomly and half of the time it won’t allow you to log in
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5 years ago, jgoodwi7
A great way to to help LEARNING!
This company does an outstanding job and this app is amazing!
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6 years ago, Xzylo451
Good most of the time.
It really needs a stability update.
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2 years ago, Drawlorean
Location? Really?
It’s none of turning points business where I am. App now requires location to be on. Deleting this app for sure.
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4 years ago, CiscoWisneski
$30 is disgusting
These people have no shame whatsoever. They charge $30 because they know most people will not have a choice but to buy it. There’s plenty of alternatives to this terrible company.
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3 years ago, nsil_9528
Horrible app
App constantly logs you out and it’s difficult trying to log back in. Cant use it in class when needed .
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6 years ago, hanhn02
Freezes and logs you out
Constantly crashes and have to constantly resign into the session, making me nearly miss many clicker questions in classes
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5 years ago, cev12
We shouldn’t need to sign in every time we use the app. It’s very difficult when class wants a quick answer.
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3 years ago, StUdEnT 13452
Doesn’t even work
I’ve missed hundreds of points for attendance because of this faulty app.
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9 months ago, Dog123456789acbzkes
Glitchy and annoying
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5 years ago, one big man 77
Gotta be kidding me
This app is nonsense and works half the time if your school uses it I wish you best of luck I don’t write reviews but cmon like cmon it just doesn’t work
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2 years ago, Little puffer
Makes you pay $25 for something that should be free
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1 year ago, Logonimor
Literal Garbage
Just don’t do it. If you are required to use this actual piece of pond scum of an app, then you have my deepest sympathies.
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2 years ago, Godisreal7!%*
Top hat is better
Way to many crashes
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