4.8 (798)
4.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Birdsoft LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerTimer

4.76 out of 5
798 Ratings
3 years ago, mesquiteo
Great Poker Timet
I have used other poker timers and this one is the best for our poker tournament needs. The one thing I wish it would do is back up to minutes (and seconds, maybe) when having to back up the timer. For example: If we’re 5 minutes into a level, it would be nice to be able to go back one minute at a time instead of having to start the level all over again; the same for advancing. This one item is not a deal breaker and I still prefer this timer - it’s the best and is easy to use. Oh, a few other “warning tones” would be nice as well but again, certainly not a deal breaker.
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3 months ago, Poker Host 324
Better than computer programs
I was shocked how easy it was to set up, I used to pay for a computer program to run my tourneys but this is way simpler and just as good if not better. It does everything you need in a timer. I’ve thought long and hard about what I would add and have not come up with anything. Just had a tourney yesterday and a lot of my friends commented about the timer and how nice it was. Can’t say enough about how much I like it. Love the voice telling when blinds are up. It’s just awesome. ❤️❤️❤️
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8 years ago, Jellineck
Fast and Intuitive
I had less than one hour to set up a tournament structure. This app downloaded in under five seconds and was super intuitive on the set up. Took maybe 5 minutes total. Autocomplete assistance was genius. Great app!
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3 years ago, Ludecrasher
Great app, few bugs to fix…
Great app. The free version was good that I ended up buying the pro version. Couple things that don’t work in free and paid version is that you can’t type words for the break description, only numbers. I’d like to add a “no more rebuys” or “$60 max add-on” but doesn’t allow you like it shows on the picture. Also, doesn’t allow you to choose the custom sounds for the timers. Also, when you add a date to a custom setting, you can’t get back to the app you have to close the app and it won’t save the date setting. Besides that, good app.
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5 years ago, Bizdsigner
Sound Issue
I would have rated it better because it is very simple to set up, but it has a couple of flaws. First of all, it is EXTREMELY difficult to figure out how to close the app on an iPhone or iPad. No instruction. I kept having to shut my phone down till I figured how to swipe up from the very bottom. But the main thing is the sound. Even with the volume cranked up all the way on both devices, you can barely hear the alarm to announce blind raises. That needs to be fixed or I’ll find another app.
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9 years ago, Jgnguy
Great app!
Just purchased the upgrade because I was so impressed with the free version. This is a great app and the upgrade is even better! Now I can have multiple blind structures preloaded for "normal" "turbo" and "extra long blinds"
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1 month ago, Oaj2005
Great app but…
Very useful. Quite intuitive to use. My only issue is the buttons on bottom need to be larger or spread further apart. I try to hit pause and most times get the restart or advance level notice
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10 months ago, Rene0072
Bomb Pot Tournament Timer Option?
If you scrub the small and big blind. And make the ante total much bigger, boom, bomb pot poker timer. I’ve been using your timer for years. Nothing compares. Keep up the great work! Cheers!
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8 years ago, Gap350z
Great Poker Timer
This is the best poker timer app out there. It has clean views and easy to setup and make changes. Just wish there was an apple watch app too. I hope there will be one soon.
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8 years ago, Paul448800
This is a decent ap. I purchased the pro version that does not add much. The reason for the low review is that this does not display the next blinds level. Knowing what the upcoming blinds levels are is very important to Hold'em players. I would upgrade this if that functionality were added. I upgraded specifically looking for that.
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9 years ago, DaConMann
Lovin it
Awesome! We've used it at our bi-annual tournament for the last few years and have never had a problem with. Slick and easy to use.
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9 years ago, CS_Heckler
Works great
We use this for our monthly tourney. It works great after everything is set up the way you want it.
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9 years ago, Mstud_69
Love the app
Does exactly what we need . You could always ask for more but this app you don't need to
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9 years ago, Chester Fritz
Great app
Easy to use and large enough to see from a distance. By far the best poker timer app I have ever used!
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9 years ago, EBCommuter
Great for home games
Poker Timer makes it easy to play a home game and arrange it so that it ends more or less as planned.
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9 months ago, Big ant 43
Recurring charge be aware
The app is good but the 6.99 for the pro version does not state a recurring charge 0f 7.58 do not get pro it is difficult to stop without creating a fraud charge on card
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9 years ago, SlickRick31
Great app
Works flawlessly. Use it all the time for poker tournaments
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8 months ago, Foolish Henry
Poker Timer
Like the App but it has a flaw. Will not sound alarm at the end of each blind. It did at first but will not now.
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4 months ago, Allrigby
Great poker counter
Love this simple tool
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2 years ago, Cameronrk
Not worth the money. I thought it would build a chip count if you set in the denominations but it doesn’t do that. Just blind structure and time.
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9 years ago, DanJax
Works great!
Timer is perfect!
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6 years ago, Jamesshaw
Does not work on iPhone X
You cannot close it once opened. It needs iPhones with a button to kill it. I’m deleting after 3 years..
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2 years ago, poker Lola
Poker timer is sideways
Can anyone help ? Poker timer face now is sideways on screen. How to make it correct ?
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2 years ago, morgdawg1
Awesome App
Perfect poker timer!
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6 years ago, Ggrizzlyy
I paid the money so I could change the sounds but I cannot figure out how.
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5 years ago, train player 32810
Want sound or refund for PokerTimer Pro!!! Best poker time app except there is NO SOUND😤🤬
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9 years ago, Blyonsx
Great app
Good app.
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5 years ago, t8rst8
Sound don’t work, only cost me $4.99
They be crooks. Does not work as advertised on iPhone XS
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13 years ago, Laura Murakami
Worked great!
Our poker clock died right before a tournament so I downloaded this free app. It worked great for our tournament structure. We don't have antes, so I can't comment on that, but it does allow you to set up different times for each blind. I couldn't get the sound loud enough to hear it over the crowd. I'm not sure that's so much a problem with the app as just a function of the iphone's internal speaker. Next time I'll use an external speaker. A configurable warning would be a nice feature, but I can't complain. It's great for a free app!
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11 years ago, Rhycar
Best timer app available
You'd think something as simple as a clock with a few stats to track would be a simple app to create. However, so many get it wrong. This one is my favorite. Keeps time even in the background, keeps screen on at all times, fully customizable levels, easy level input and loud alarms. Get this app first. I've used most of them, and keep coming back to this one.
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11 years ago, Headlock12
Above Average
I use this app each Sunday at our home game. It's a great clock and works well, I've never had any issues. Couple things that would be a helpful addition. First, the ability to change the time of all levels at once in an existing structure. Sometimes we like to change to a turbo on the fly but you can only change one level at a time. I've since created multiple structures but would still like to change quicker. It would also be nice to choose my own timer one rather than the annoying alarm. Multi-devise sync would be great too! Overall great app.
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14 years ago, jyanji
What? It's great!
It's clean, simple, and clear to see. It scales up nicely on the iPad. I wish there was a way to choose alarm sounds and alert duration as well as custom background just for kicks, but considering that our poker games have been running off a piece of paper with a chicken-looking kitchen timer (as I imagine most normal poker games are run with), this free app is great! I'm not sure why there are bad ratings. What could be dissatisfying other than wanting unnecessary poker tools during a live tournament? For what this app is built to do, it completely accomplishes it.
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15 years ago, DarwinW13
Great free poker timer
Great looking poker timer that's easy to use and free. Would love to see a Pro version that also included seat assignments. Would also be nice to be able to change the sound, maybe select from all the iPhone built-in alarm sounds. The alarm sound in this app wasn't always intense enough to rise above the volume level in the room.
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10 years ago, Lipmonger
Good App - Could Use Some Tweaks
This is a good app for showing blind structures. I use it sometimes in my home tournies, and it does a great job of giving us the time and blind structures. I like it because it is a simple layout with an uncluttered screen! Occassionally the display messes up when going from landscape to portrait mode, but after a few switches back and forth, it usually fixes itself. Also, if this had Chromecast support (so we could display the blinds on a big screen), I'd easily give it 5-stars. But it does the job OK as it is.
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13 years ago, Alberto1005
Good app. Could be better
This app does an excellent job of allowing you to create blinds and tracking the time for each round. Pros: the clock continues to run even when you exit out of the app or lock the iPhone. Cons: have to keep app open if you want to be notified when a round ends. The iPhone cannot be locked nor exited from the app if you want to receive notification of an ending round. Would love to have this feature added in a future update.
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12 years ago, Alpin1967
Great tool
What a GREAT FREE App!!! Some complaints should not be considered... If those idiots had taken the time to browse it, They would have found out to enter desired ante or else...just like me figure it out! I'm no techno genius in anyway! Finally an App I can custom to my needs (time for each Level, Blinds, etc...) Can't wait 'till my next Tournament. GET IT!! And ENJOY IT!!!
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11 years ago, T -shirt dog
Good app
We use this app every week for our friendly games and it works very well. Granted, it had a few problems a while back, but everything got fixed and I have no complaints at all. The updates added some fun things like a scheduled break and countdown colors. One of the very best free apps I have.
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10 years ago, Steve Jamik
As others have said, the app display is simple and uncluttered. The settings are intuitive. The ability to keep the display 'awake' is a no-brainer. Perfect for my use. Will probably upgrade to paid version to be able to save multiple configurations and to customize the sounds.
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11 years ago, Betelguese
Pro Testimonial
When I deal single-table games, this is my go-to app. It has NEVER failed me in over 1000 hours of tournament use. I love its ease of use. I place my phone right on the felt for the players to see and it easily allows for unforeseen changes in tournament action.
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14 years ago, jonksett
Great free app
One of the best free apps out. We use the phone as the dealer button. I agree with the previous review "need louder buzzer indicating end of round and need seating assignments (a randomized seating)" Also, would be nice to have something to figure out the pot split % to include buy-in and re-buys. Would buy the pro version!
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14 years ago, Glassner
Not so great for a loud busy game
I guess it you're displaying it, and 8+people are keeping their eyes on it, it's okay. However, I took it to a game and kept missing the end of the round because the sound is too quiet. This would have been fine if there was a way to simply set it to vibrate, but no go. Also no option for a pre-warning. Everyone kept yelling at me for missing the round, and I had to use the iOS Clock Timer instead.
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10 years ago, AnotherSoCalJoe
Great Free App!
This is one of the better free apps I've tried. We use it for our home games, and it does what we need it to. I considered upgrading to the paid version, however, until they add random seat assignments, pot splits, and other key capabilities better programs include, I plan on sticking with the free version.
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11 years ago, Lego Damashii
Back to magnificent!
This is a fantastic poker timer. At our home tournaments, we go over the blind structures in advance, then set up the iPad where everyone can see it. Simple, easy to read, awesome. This app is not all flashy with neon lights. Just elegant and shows what we need to see. Highly recommended!!
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11 years ago, Jimfu1130
Great Great App!
I love this app! As the guy who always has to keep the game moving along, I love setting my iPhone in front of me for everyone to see. Now when it's time to up the blinds, there's no debate & no discussion. Whatever issues there were with this app are LONG GONE. Get it, you won't regret it!
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11 years ago, alc143
#1 app
My friends and I use this app once a week on either my iPhone or iPad mini and it works first time every time and I never have an issue. Interface is simple to use and setup. You will impress all your friends with this timer.
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11 years ago, Salt8707
Good enough
I've used app three times now and it does what it is supposed to. I wouldn't expect more from a free app. Has the ability to modify all your levels to customize your game. It also doesn't drain the battery as fast as others I've used. Fits my needs, won't look for another.
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10 years ago, LawBeforeGrace
Fantastic app, responsive developer
I originally had issues with this app, but thankfully they went away after upgrading to IOS 8.1. The developer was very responsive and helpful. This poker timer works perfectly for our monthly home tourney.
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11 years ago, Riverluck23
Fantastic poker timer
I have tried a lot of poker timers and this is by far my favorite. I host at least 1 tournament a week and works perfect. It's easy to setup, easy to customize blinds, easy to change any part of the structure.
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12 years ago, Antibomber
Good, but needs update
I like it. It works and it's free! But the keyboard issue needs to be fixed. When you try to enter antes and big blinds the DTMF keyboard won't allow you to access those fields. Luckily you can access the small blind field and the app automatically doubles that for the big blind. Please update with a keyboard fix.
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13 years ago, Rafael Romani
Very good app.
The app is very good. Clean, easy to use and do what it says. The only problem is to set the Ante. The virtual keyboard with the numbers stays over the ante text box and I can't figure out how to set it. Just fix this problem and this will be the best free app for the purpose.
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