Police Scanner: Fire Radio

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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Police Scanner: Fire Radio

4.68 out of 5
124.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Dmdrn
Review explaining my score
I gave this app a score of 2stars out of a possible 5stars. I like that this is a free app that’s great. I like that I have the ability to have it with me on my phone. I like that this app also will send a written notification of possible emergency events happening for the towns/county of the States it represents/monitors. I don’t like that I have to actually have to be using the App and just App to HEAR any and all alerts that it gets yet it can send me a text like notification of an alert in a state other than my state or county for which is on the list of being monitored. I’ll hear our fire department alarms going off and this app does not pick up and let me know yet it will say that in Mississippi somewhere (just an example)🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ . I don’t even get the text like notifications that an event/emergency is or had happened even when I can actually hear the fire engines and ambulance and police passing my house . So this App seams to be selective on what it lets you see/hear I do wonder if I PAY for the UPGRADE if I WILL then actually be able to definitely see/hear the emergency events in MY TOWN. On the free app it only lists my fire department (not the police) as being monitored Not the police I would appreciate it if I could hear and see my county/town like it advertises.
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4 years ago, azn72calvin
Really helpful during all the protests
When the protests were going on, this app showed up on my main page, and it’s been excellent to help me keep up to date with what’s going on. You can hear directly from police departments, and it’s quite insightful to know how they’re thinking. Also, the app itself is very intuitive and user friendly, and I even found this walkie talkie feature that allowed me to talk to other users about what’s going on around me. Overall, it’s an app that’s super relevant and useful for the times. Stay safe out there guys
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5 months ago, Sound & Vision
*Needs a way to Send Favorites to the Watch App
This scanner app could have been great if it only had a way to send searched and favorited links to the watch app as the watch app has no search and is stuck on only a few outdated nearby links as the watch app has not been updated in three years. The watch app also has no use of the watch’s speaker. I know this isn’t the watch app just letting owners what to expect of it. Also needs a lifetime subscription for a sales boost. Want to make money?? Add a lifetime subscription and watch support. There are better police scanner apps on the App Store that have a one time lifetime subscription. The developers of those apps are making a ton more money. No one wants a subscription. Again, needs as way to send its favorites to the watch app and the watch app needs to be fixed to used internal watch speaker. These fixes should be obvious. This could have been a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ app but is held back by a few small but great improvements. My review score will be adjusted as updates are released. I’m updating my review to ⭐️⭐️⭐️ because the developer emailed me back which is appreciated. I would like to see this app do well.
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9 months ago, ShshawniT
Stay Informed with the Police Scanner App!
Hey there! I recently discovered this handy police scanner app on the App Store that I wanted to share with you. It's a useful tool for staying informed about local incidents and emergency services. First things first, the app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need. It offers access to police radio frequencies, allowing you to listen in on law enforcement activities, traffic updates, and more. The audio quality is clear, and there are no annoying ads to interrupt your listening experience. One of the great things about this app is its versatility. In addition to police channels, it also provides access to fire departments, emergency medical services, and even air traffic control. It's like having an entire emergency communication hub in your pocket. The app offers some customization options, such as setting up alerts and bookmarking favorite channels. It's a convenient way to stay informed about relevant situations in real-time. Overall, while it may not be perfect, this police scanner app is a solid choice for those interested in staying informed about local incidents. It's user-friendly, offers a range of channels, and provides a clear audio experience. Give it a try and stay in the know!
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1 year ago, Linsue47
Police Scanner
Cancelled during my Trial Period. When I first loaded the app, there were good connections for areas of interest. The next day, I could not get those same areas of interest. They were OFFLINE? I’m not paying TEN DOLLARS a month for such poor performance. My Areas of interest, Dubuque, IA and Lafayette COUNTY, Wisconsin. In addition to offline issues, this app bombards you with advertisements…one after another….FORCED viewing of adds. Not sure who dreamed up that strategy…but it did not work for me. When learning about a new app, I need time to use it and evaluate it. Even during the TRIAL PERIOD- Advertisements are a Bomb..every few seconds. HOW CAN YOU EVALUATE This app.. If I could give ZERO stars I would. I have signed up for a free Police Scanner which allows limited advertisements at the bottom of the page…briefly…
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1 year ago, do u want a reviw?
The best
This is the best police scanner available online and it is absolutely free! Google doesn’t tell you that as I’ve heard that Apple doesn’t either. You can not only hear from your local area but around the country as well as around the world! This app also lists all of the police codes for the different locations! Until I saw that I had thought that all police codes were the same! Give this app a try and I’m absolutely sure that you will agree with me!!
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2 years ago, jon89st
Kept me safe I believe in California
I was in a bad area or neighborhood in California, I put this on and it loud and low here and there and I think maybe others that would cause me harm could may have think I was a undercover or off duty officer… can be a life saver… you can use it during an altercation on a train.. turn in loud maybe the people fighting will stop and run, your walking alone down a street, or in a parking lot… turns you into a target into a feared person… people who commit crimes Fear the Police. It’s nothing new. Download get used to how to use it to your local area, listen in or save yourself or others in a situation.
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2 years ago, K9 Following Ghosts
Best Sound and Customer Service
Sound: I've tried all the other police scanner apps and I can hear the voices more clear on this app than any of the other apps. Customer Service: I recently switched phones and download this app on my new phone. I paid for the premium version but I was still getting adds. I reached out to customer and they were very patient with me and very helpful in explaining what I needed to do to resolve the issue.
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3 years ago, Bobby21.1
The app definitely pulls in the transmissions for the bands it is able to pick up. It would be much better if you could select X number to monitor at one time instead of only being able to listen to one band at a time. Many of these bands don’t have a lot of transmissions so you can go several minutes without hearing anything. Since many police departments have gone with a different digital technology, you are not able to listen to them as they are ‘private’ now. It does not appear the paid version of this app allows multiple bands to be scanned at one time but I could be wrong.
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1 year ago, ahgtfdcbvhjiiopmnbvcczasdfgh
It’s great to be able to listen to police activity through an iPhone. I remember the times when you could only hear police activity through scanners purchased either at RadioShack or the Bearcat brand handheld scanners but now there’s no need for those since it’s all on the iPhone and you get very clear static free (no more squelch as they used to call it in the old days) This Police Scanner application gives very precise reception.
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4 years ago, SLP 1988
Am I missing something?
I really like this app. It works great and keeps me informed of what’s going on around me. I have had it a month now, and I am 99% sure I have the free version. I have double checked my accounts to make sure I haven’t been scammed because all these bad reviews have me worried! There are ads when you switch channels but nothing awful. I usually stay on the same channel anyways. So unless I’m missing something, I would definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, Wow1168
I wouldn't normally do this to anyone BUT. I tried several ways to get in touch with you because you thieves have been charging me for a subscription that I am unable to cancel anywhere. Now if you were honest people you wouldn't have to be so scandalous and sneaky. My name is Michael Ashburn and I want my subscription canceled and done now. If had any decency you would give my money back. You see I'm a disabled war veteran and my money runs out way before my month runs out. Every penny has to be accounted for otherwise me and my family are going without food medicine or something else. So step up and make it so this doesn't happen to anyone else.
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9 months ago, ms.p$
White noise
I love this app because it’s really happening and sometimes I just fall asleep to the sound of it ,las crazy as it sounds but it’s true. I have trouble sleeping and when I put this on I just feel at peace knowing that we have enforcement to make us feel safe. I believe more restaurants and apps should donate to those who risk their lives to help because every life matters especially the our children. #ourkidslifematters
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2 years ago, JimBugsFats
Excellent App!
This is one of the best Apps I have used. The sound and voices are very clear. Being a dispatcher from Fairfax county, Virginia back in the mid 70’s I understand the language. Being a retired Firefighter/Paramedic after 50 years I still feel the need to move for the door for the next call. It is with great sadness to fine of the volunteer firefighters and EMT at a dying breed. I remember the slogan:” What if your house was on or your were hurt and nobody came?”
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2 years ago, 100HonestReviews001
Is a good app
I like this app honestly. I love how it tells you were the call is from, so you not guessing. I dislike the price you have to pay for filtered out content, when u can just buy a scanner walki for the price of the year. I pad for the full year on accident due to not canceling the trial. I wish that Apple will change that. Obviously if you like the app, you're gonna pay for it, if you don’t, your not. It shouldn’t be your (forgetfulness) that pays for the subscription/app.
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1 year ago, Christopher Dzialo
My stepfarher was a police officer and chief in Michigan, and started to use this application when he was using the radio. I find this application robust and effective. I enjoy listening —just like many listeners, to the police and emergency dispatch. It keeps me alert to what's happening around in REAL TIME, and that's powerful. I'm from Detroit and the crime rate is quite high; definitely nice to be apart and aware of local persuits. That enables vigilance and ultimately safety.
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2 years ago, anisb3l
My favorite app
I like it I really really like it but the only thing is I need someone to take away the ads because it always irritates me because every time I exit out of a stream it just you know puts an ad open and cannot close it so either show the close button or just delete the ad feature entirely thank you for creating this app
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2 years ago, rcdbellamy
Throughly Enjoying
I’ve listened to scanners ALL my life! There were always two going 24/7 growing up. I have them now, but can no longer pick up anything. I wish I could find out what scanner is used here for I don’t mind paying. Until then, I’ll continue to listen here. My favorite thus far is Indianapolis, Indiana. I feel like I know where everything is there!
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3 years ago, Purrrrme2u
Be safe and thanks!
This is a really nice way to listen to calls and how it works out. I am against defunding the police and I support all the police, sheriffs department, paramedics and so many other departments that help keep us safe. I feel bad for the police getting the short end of the stick but hopefully the powers that be, Will finally see the light and support our Frontline workers! 🙏🤗🥰
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7 months ago, AmandaRoseLikesBudds
Great app
Great app, my areas police scanners I think were encrypted for a bit and now somehow they’re back? Great quality audio and they even provide a list of codes so you understand what’s being said. Had this app for years and l love it! You can even play it in the background while you do other things on your phone which is awesome!
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3 months ago, .night.
I love this app it works so well
Nothing else to say every thing works well the add are not to bad and you can fav stations shows you how many live listeners are there and you can even play the scanner out side the app and it even tells you what the codes mean . Thank you to the developers who made this amazing app much love and appreciation <3333
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4 years ago, Zekers2021
Too expensive, great app cheaper options elsewhere
First let me start by saying I like this app, however I have been using another scanner with the exact same features, channels and layout for years at a much, much cheaper price. I would 100% purchase this app for $5 maybe even $10 for a onetime purchase, but $40 for a year?? You can purchase a lifetime subscription for an almost identical app (just search for scanners). Dev, come on. Why does this app warrant a $40 a year subscription? By no means am I trying to hate on this app, I’m just trying to be real.
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2 years ago, BigAntBrooklyn
To cancel subscription
You must delete the app and the option pops up. I tried to figure this out before deleting to re install. because when I tried to access the subscriptions on the app the page kept crashing or endless loading. Hopefully it was canceled.
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2 years ago, Shred fest
I want to be off of this app I didn’t ask for it and I’m not going to pay for it so if you don’t mind help me get rid of this and the last thing I want to know is what the Hells going on in the suburbs of New Jersey when I live in California or the big Cape or at the 7-Eleven in Nebraska when I live in California it’s no sense take me off your list I won’t pay for it if it comes through as a charge I will go to my bank and say fraud fraudulent thank you for this and thank you for helping me get rid of this app
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3 years ago, Jeden12000
It works well
When I first started using it, it would show the department making the call. It would say scanning when no one was talking. I thought that was better as it encourages me to look at the screen more and see your ads. I would like to encourage you to change it back to that.
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4 years ago, khaliqbaqi
Good app to use
I honestly love this app I honestly give it 5 stars n honestly when y’all do the next update y’all let us see the actual location of the call with map system or copy paste it to where we could search it up or something like that honestly I give it 5 stars
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3 years ago, mrod298
Charged without trial period
I downloaded the app and was surprised to see you needed a subscription. It offered a free 3 day trial before billing. Less than an hour later I checked my bank account and noticed it had immediately billed me for the year subscription without any trial period. The app doesn’t even work well in my location. It would work for a min then go silent. The app was shutting down repeatedly. I now have to wait for an email response to get refunded and then who knows when it actually makes it back in my bank account.
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4 months ago, jbd07
Decent police scanner, but disappointed in the Lock Screen feature.
I tried the trial version and was pretty pleased with the app, but after purchasing full version is when I was disappointed. The lock-screen feature is one I would like to have while I’m am working. After enabling it it worked for a few times, but now is not working :( So know I have an app I have to get my phone unlocked to listen to the police scanner. Please fix….
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3 years ago, FiddleGFX
Randomly charged me for the 1 year subscription
I got the app and deleted it same day because it was just not all that great, very clunky and didn’t have my local department anyway. It never asked me if I wanted to subscribe or anything when I got the app, nor did it ask if I wanted a trial. I was then charged for the year subscription 2 days after I deleted the app. I didn’t notice it until now, almost 5 months later, and unfortunately can’t get a refund anymore. Don’t download this unless you want to be scammed.
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3 years ago, Virgwid1
Was good
Used to like this app. I moved to a new state just before Covid. I was using the scanner to get to know my city. Used to be able to hear both police and fire. Now it keeps saying the police are offline. I have reported this more than once and asked when it was going to be fixed. I get no response from these people. Just a thing saying they got my question and will get back to me. Been nearly a month since the first inquiry. No responses. Not impressed. I was going to pay to get rid of the ads but not now. Not impressed.
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5 months ago, Rod at the App Store
Three day trial does not exist. It’s charged me $39 right away.
I tried to cancel right away and it says it will not cancel my subscription until 2025. Currently I am stuck with a $39 charge. Support finally answered me back and they told me that I needed to cancel my subscription. I already did that and that’s how I got stuck with the 2025 ending. I reached back out to support and still have heard nothing. I don’t normally review apps, but in this case, I didn’t want anyone else to get stuck with a subscription during the first hours of a “trial“
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4 years ago, Dm8907
Excellent for keeping up with local PD and FD. To know what is happening locally in the moment is valuable information for citizens, and this app brings you that information. I’ve never had any issues with the app, and I’ve had it for about a year now. It also has weather bands so you be in the know on severe weather, too! Love it.
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2 years ago, Evan423
This is a grate app, I use it from when I am outside of my station, we’re ima. Probationary firemen, that is not allowed to use a radio. To hear radio traffic, but the down side is, when we get toned for a call, I don’t hear anything on the app. But I hear surrounding departments, EMS and LEO. I would love if you could fix it.
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3 years ago, KimmieKaeSoCray
You play with fire and it burns
I definitely just got played. Not that I wasn’t trying to somewhat double dip on a 3 day trial. Instead of being told I had already used it and rejected; I was just charged 42$ for a subscription. Started listening in Boulder at my job watching emergency personnel fly by my job during the grocery store shooting. Im appalled. I love this app but I honestly didn’t have the 42$ to keep it long term. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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3 years ago, Sugarlipps1984
Good entertainment 💋
I’m in Tacoma Washington and I love being able to listen to my men in blue do there job , Also planning on moving to a different state so it’s nice to be able to hear what’s going on in the states that I’m interested in moving to …just sick of Washington. Anyways try this app out you’ll like it , always Iris Taylor ❤️
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5 years ago, mruggiero414
Great scanner app
This is a great scanner app, it’s easy to search for your local channels and then add them to your favorites list for easy access to them again. It doesn’t lag and the ads aren’t disruptive to the streaming.. Definitely a well built app, and so far it hasn’t crashed, so keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, 2thebeach
I accidentally signed up for a year and it’s $40!!! Yes it’s my fault I didn’t read the message correctly but a year shouldn’t be the default. A month should have been but I guess this lets you take people for the maximum amount. It doesn’t even have the channel for the immediate area where I live. Update August: Since I paid for a year I have been using it and now it stopped working. It can’t find anything anywhere. Please get it working again so my money wasn’t completely wasted. Thank you
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2 years ago, HausdeGus
Timely download
A fire broke out near my complex. This app has been helpful to keep me informed about where the fire is moving. Also reminds me of my childhood when my father, who was a firefighter, would have the scanner running all day. Thank you for this service!!
Show more
3 years ago, PopinElise
Clear, easy and informative!
This Scanner App is by far the best one I’ve ever used. It is educational and somewhat entertaining. It helps to know and hear the professional manner in which First Responders behave. I’ve been very impressed by the quality of sound and the strong signal I get in my county.
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2 years ago, stevenp38464
I downloaded this app and purchased the commercial free version. I haven’t used the app for several months. Opened it today and it has commercials and now requiring me to purchase a subscription. None of the previous channels are online anymore which is not the apps fault, but it isn’t worth what they are trying to do and if you don’t use it for a while then they slide in the subscription thing. I’m out they can keep my lil $9.99 that I had already paid.
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8 months ago, UMKC-Deb
Unable to connect and Update alerts?
I’m always getting unable to connect so I’m not spending any money for an app that doesn’t work. I’m getting notifications for today about alerts in my area but when I go to the app it won’t show recent alerts. It doesn’t refresh and I keep having to delete the app for it to refresh my location in the metro area. The scanners are great when they are updated for my location.
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4 years ago, FoxxySparks
I would like a refund
I tried this app out for the 3 day trial and canceled when I was suppose to. There was no actual cancel button but it said to stop using the app and remove the content from your phone in order to not be charged. So why did I just get a notification today saying that I was charged for a year subscription when I had already deleted your app after deciding I didn’t want it? I would like my money refunded to me ASAP because I followed your terms for the free trial. This was wrong.
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2 years ago, Robert
Use to like the app but has been crashing
I have used this app for many years but the last few months it’s been crashing constantly I’ve tried everything from checking for updates and even reinstalling a bit disappointing glad I don’t pay for it monthly 🤷‍♂️ hopefully it gets fixed and I’ll change my review for the better
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4 years ago, Tntate2
Takes me back to my childhood
Growing up, my Dad was on the local rescue squad so he had the scanner on all night. It was fun to listen to the chatter until I fell asleep. This app is even better. Not only do I get the local information, I can listen in at different places around the country. Great app.
Show more
1 year ago, jrm6623
It just works!
I love this app, it works! Are used the old radio 5.0 for the longest time, but they got so bad with their advertisements you could never even get to the streaming police radio. Glad I found this one!
Show more
10 months ago, Nick111111111k
I did have some initial problems, but the app seems to have settled in now. Watch out for the ads. There was one that said I needed to upgrade my memory. I wouldn’t fall for that but some might. Otherwise it’s been working fine and I’m getting access to the feeds I need.
Show more
1 year ago, egghuntpbs
Watch App
I purchased this app ages ago because it had a watch app—it worked GREAT until I got a new watch, and now it is nowhere to be found. All my other apps made it without a problem, but this one is gone. I sent an email to the developer, but haven’t received a reply—which stinks, because I really loved the app.
Show more
1 year ago, Anthony199220
Another good listening app
I don’t know if it’s all true about how they sound but I just like to listen to it like a waterfall. Even a running river in a forest would compare. Like you all need your own IMO. Dont lose just win 😄
Show more
2 years ago, 901jen
Love it! Listen to local or national police radios
I would had gave it a 5 star BUT the widget is stuck in Marcopia county!! I have tried EVERYTHING- to get it to show my only saved one! What good is a widget if it doesn’t show me the only one I listen to!?please fix! Can’t change city on widget no matter what!!
Show more
2 years ago, KeithSmellBetter1491503
Police Scammer
It’s another one of those “free” apps that doesn’t allow functionality without a high price… I was in a school shooting earlier this year and I used a different police scanner app that is no longer available. This allowed me and my classmates to feel relief before others on campus after the suspect was in custody. I think the person in charge of this app’s development should take a long, hard look in the mirror…
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