Police Scanner Radio & Fire

4.6 (427.4K)
59.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
GordonEdwards.net LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Police Scanner Radio & Fire

4.59 out of 5
427.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Friggetyfiona
Only Remaining Option for Transparency
I work as a local media source for our small town. The police department has invested in an encrypted program that does not allow our old scanners to hear what is happening. Despite having all of the county’s transmissions, which can honestly be confusing, I’m grateful to have at least some insight into what is happening using your app. We get our reports from the police but there is no oversight on whether what happened in the report is true or not. (Note, our police dept is not corrupt and we have had no problems), but this leaves your app as our only means for oversight. It’s also a valuable resource during storms and other area emergencies. I know staff at our hospital use it to stay informed, as well. Please do whatever you can to continue.
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3 months ago, malaki The Music Man
Needs more international feeds
This app is great, if you want to listen to police, fire, EMS, and other things that are broadcasted on two-way radios in the United States. But when it comes to international feeds like, feeds from South America, Asia, Europe, you know what I mean, this app is very lacking. For example, Brazil is one of the countries listed, as having feeds in the sap, but when I checked, it only has about three scanner feeds! Brazil is a huge country with a lot of provinces and a lot of big cities. they probably have to have thousands of police fire and EMS channels that are active, unless they have only one police force in one city! Same thing with other South American countries like Argentina. That’s a big country as well, but there’s only three scanner feeds. Think of all the cops and firefighters in that country, they have to have more than just three! They need to add more sources, more international feeds, and more support for other countries besides United States. I get that some countries may not have as many scanner feeds, for example, the US and Canada are the only countries on the planet that have weather radio, but for God sake, police radio is everywhere. How else to officers communicate!
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3 months ago, AntiSocial SchizoHead
Good but needs 2 things.
I like how i can listen to this to keep safe. I am feom joliet illinois. So i like this and am learning more about this. I have 2 suggestions however, one a mild complaint. First and formost, the kinda complaint, at times i will try to listen on a Soundcore wireless bluetooth speaker, and even tho my device connects whileusing this app, the audio dont go thru unless i disconnect, make it work on bluetooth speakers pretty please. As for my suggestion, i dint get my county on the radio listenings. I get the entire region (im in joliet, so according to the info, ill get joliet crest hill frankfort rockdale, i would like to see a way to switch in between stations within that station (my station is chicago suburbs south, so it would be cool if i could tune into Joliet, then swap over to JUST romeoville area, then tune into rockdale, or just have the option to have them all come thru in one channel as they do now. For context, in chicago suburbs there Re like 15 police departments all broadcasting in one channel)
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1 year ago, Shame on you google
Advertising is intrusive
Advertising on this app forces you unless clicked to download apps onto your phone from advertisers. Otherwise you can’t go back to the app unless you close and open again. I’m sure there is a better option. This app is collecting lots of information. It’s concerning. I loved it but it seems they go out of their way to make it bad with advertising and frustrating at the free level to force an upgrade which it’s not worth paying for. They don’t create the feeds or monitor them. The app simply listens to open channels. It’s not worth all the nonsense apps they want you to download. You would have a million on your phone using this app if you click the wrong spot. Feeds are great but it’s headed in the wrong direction.
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5 years ago, TCapple
Best scanner app in the App Store, period
I’ve tried dozens, and no other scanner app compares. There still room for improvement, and some features that I don’t understand why nobody ads. For example, let’s create a Scanner app that actually lets us scan multiple channels… I don’t see any technical reason why you couldn’t monitor two or more at once. That said, I’m giving it five stars because of how it compares to all of the other apps in the store. Not holding back because of the new features that I’d like to see. This developer has been rolling out updates frequently, the user interface is already the best there is, and I hope to see more and more updates going forward.
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3 years ago, song2321
If I could give it 5 stars I would
I absolutely love this app, it’s super informative and interesting to listen to different events across the world. That being said, it could use some improvements. The biggest I could see helping the app would be furthering the range of options for the ‘What’s happening right now?’ button. This could help attract users to the different channels when something happens. Another thought would be to add a transcript of the radio traffic in the large empty space in the center of the UI, sometimes the output or input is fuzzy but having a transcript could help listeners understand the situation better. That being said, the app is great and I applaud whoever created it- I would highly recommend this app over others on the market.
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2 years ago, AlconburyBlues
If your review is bad, it will be deleted!
I wrote a review stating that I purchased Scanner Radio Pro back when that’s what this app was called, and there was a free version and a pro version. Now it has apparently changed to where you need a subscription. I thought it was unfair that I had to pay twice. So I suggested the idea that maybe SRPro owners should get a year sub for free to make up for the fact that they paid full price already once before. Developer response was not even close. Told me to “restore purchases”. Obviously he did not read everything. “Restore purchases” comes back with “no subscription found”. Proving that suggestion pointless. So I lowered my rating by one star because he did not actually read any detail. After which he deleted my review.
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4 years ago, Jane Doe Not
Terrible Distracting Ads Deliberately Interferes App
During these times it’s important to keep up with what’s going on in your community. For this reason I downloaded the app. The app does what it’s supposed to when you’re finally able to get at it. But lately ads layer over on top of the app - over and over and over - no matter how many times you try to close them and start the free app. On top of that clicking close often leads you OUT of the app and into the App Store. Once you actually get to the app it’s great. There are many fine features and includes aids. But this kind of advertising behavior should not be allowed.
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1 month ago, kg4omx
Great App
A great app for listening to local scanner feeds. It's really effective at gathering different audio feeds and organizing them all in a convenient, centralized location. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in monitoring local scanner activity. I believe it would be very helpful to have a "follow" feature integrated into the app. It would be great if the app could automatically activate and deactivate feeds based on your location as you travel. The nearby feature is already useful for finding feeds near your current location, but it would be even better if it could automatically activate and deactivate feeds based on your current location and a user-definable distance.
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2 years ago, Calimesajv
As soon as you download the app you have to sign up for a “free trial.” There are only a few days to check out the app. Luckily, I only needed a few minutes. I wanted an app to find out about things going on in my area—not 50 miles away. Completely useless! Update: I received a message from the developer. I guess my review wasn’t clear. They replied that if I subscribed, I wouldn’t see any ads and I’d have access to many scanners. To the developer: You can’t even access the app without “subscribing,” this is how I know that’s how I know that none of the scanners are helpful because they are at least 50 miles away—as stated in my original review. It’s probably a great app for those living in those areas and as the app is highly rated. I’m disappointed that it is not at all useful to me and that I received an even less useful response.
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5 years ago, FlyboyJMH
Alert Filtering Enhancement
The app is a great scanner listening tool. Works well and is very stable. I have used several different scanner apps and this is now my go-to app. In particular I love the alert functionality! I do have an enhancement request/suggestion. Please consider adding the ability to filter alerts, possibly to restrict alerts by country (ie US only) and also the ability to hide certain feed alerts. With no disrespect to the feed provider, I really am not personally interested in receiving alerts for Elko, NV twenty times a day. I certainly respect the providers zeal and passion but not being anywhere near there, I really don’t need to know about every minor event. Thank you!
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5 years ago, RandelllMalavida!!!
Police scanner~brief review
The San Mateo Law Enforcement frequency on this scanner is a great way to stay informed in nearly real-time communication of the events that transpire outside our walls and in the community 24/7 that are handled by the Men & Women charged with safety. crime prevention and so much more. It doesn’t take too long to learn the codes and phonetic alphabet so understanding what is happening outside, becomes like looking through a window at what life’s drama impacts so many lives being played out in our streets. It can be tragic, sad, comical and most of all it is the reality of the on duty professional voices, those Officers whom face fearlessly into the abyss everyday. It can become addicting and I love it. Randy Chavez
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5 months ago, CoFeMomma
Great app, but…..
The ads are ridiculous. You get a scanner alert…tap to open the app and you miss 30-60 seconds of the feed because you have to wait for a game app ad to finish before you can listen. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that ads are important to keep the app up and running, but is it absolutely necessary to only have ads for games that run for a full minute to a minute and a half? Why not go with shorter ads? It’s even more frustrating because the game app ad is always the same and it’s one I already have on my phone. Maybe coming up with a better algorithm when it comes to only targeting the people who do not have the game already installed? It’s 2024. The technology is there waiting to be used.
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2 years ago, crissyrouv
Great app, just a couple points
Some county frequencies like Albany in NY distinguish by municipality while scanning, but others do not. It would be great if more did. Also, it seems clear that you would like users to upgrade to the ad-free subscription version. I understand that. I choose not to. I understand that means I’m subjected to ads, but some of these are really aggressive. There sometimes are no options for me to exit one ad without going to another one. This can go on for several minutes. That makes it more difficult to get to information that I need, especially if there’s a weather emergency. Are you aware of that? if so, perhaps you can tone these ads down.
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3 years ago, Ilamdbk
Thank You!
This app allows people to follow the happenings in their own neighborhood … as well as demonstrating the skills of the personnel , who work hard to keep the public safe! A special ‘shout out’ to Monroe, MIichigan’s amazing emergency team! Thank you to our awesome dispatch team , the police depts., fire depts., and paramedics for protecting each other, as well as the people in our communities! It is clearly because of these skilled employees, and their excellent teamwork abilities, that allows them to provide such great service to our communities! Thanks to this app for allowing us to see just how very hard these men and women work every day!
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5 years ago, Benjamin from CA
Still the best but wish I could test the themes
Out of all the scanner applications I have tried this one is still the best. A big thank you to the developer for making the recent updates. I chose to purchase the option to remove ads once it became available and now I see there is also an option to purchase the ability to change the theme. I do wish there was a way that we could try the themes before we commit to the purchase. I am visually impaired and believe the black theme may be of benefit but don’t want to waste the money if it does not end up being that way. Even if only a 24 hour test run it would be nice.
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5 years ago, wibbage
Scanner Radio overview
Fast access into breaking news national headline stories from the front lines. When you listen to alerts, you have a front row seat as police arrive and set up perimeters and search. You’ll hear them discuss how to deal with media and where to set up news interview posts and how the strategically plan to search for shooters. I was alerted to the tragic shootings in Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and at the country dance hall in Northern California. I over heard a pilot of a major airline on landing approach to Tampa International airport radio the control tower that he “just hit birds.” Excellent quality overall but depends on the monitoring source.
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3 years ago, Eddie Jacobus
Ridiculous ads
I just installed the app to check it out. Wasted 5 minutes of my life I can’t get back. Sounded like a nice addition to my CarPlay. I put on Parsippany NJ police. I heard one call after a few minutes. During that time there was a slot machine ad on the screen. No big deal. Then the entire screen became one big flashing ad with screaming audio. (Great way to cause an accident so I can listen to the police coming to cut me out of my truck) I deleted the app and came here to hopefully warn someone else before they wasted their time. Pop up ads are ok. I usually pay after a few days or trial anyway, but to insert a full screen ad with someone yelling something on an app I’m going to use while I’m driving tells me the developers aren’t too bright. I have to assume that lack of brilliance extends to all aspects of the app.
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5 years ago, Tommy NCL
UPDATE : Features Working! my goto App
Back in May I talked about the app stopping working. I never could get the alerts to work. Eventually Gordon the developer and I began emailing (he’s extremely responsive!) and eventually I deleted and re-downloaded the app over the course of a month or so along with some troubleshooting. The latest download cleared the problem on my IPhoneX. This may very well have been a corrupted file on my own device all along. Regardless. Can’t recommend this enough. Great app and great support! Earlier post from May: For years this was my go to app. Having come from first law enforcement and now own a media company for past 15 years. This would always notify me of something happening anywhere in the country if the listeners met a certain threshold. It no longer does that as before. You can manually go in and look. But it’s not automatic. Still decent for manual listening. But the loss of auto notify is a big disappointment.
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2 years ago, TG1964
Essential App
This app is essential for me as I do animal rescue and go into lots of shady neighborhoods. I like to know what’s going on around me. Plus, in this day and age, every driver should know what’s going on. I’ve been able to avoid shootings and car chases because of this app. If the channels you listen to are garbled it’s not the apps fault as most of the time it’s the individual who’s providing the feed. And if you don’t like ads, pay the developer for their work. Nothing comes free in this world that’s worth anything. They aren’t just developing these apps to give you free jollies.
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6 months ago, SmileyFarmerSWMN
Scan multiple stations at once.
Question. In the next update or the next update. Could you put? Four banks. And in the banks. Could you have it. Scan channels at once. Up to six channels at once. And have four banks. Also have a bank. Pacifically for The Weather Channel. if you get this, please respond by a developers email. Repeat if you get this, please respond by a developers email. Also in the weather band. You can choose your local national weather service channel and then have it. Called alarm. So you don’t have to listen to it constantly go off when there’s a weather warning.
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4 years ago, firespinner2011
This is a very useful app and I use it a lot. One request though: please be selective in what ads you allow upon startup. The recent ads are not okay here. I opened up the app yesterday and was hearing our local sheriff arrive on a scene and then his words were drowned out by all this screaming! It was alarming and I thought I was about to get called out for an EMS run but it turns out it was an ad for some game and the cartoon character was falling down a chute and screaming. It was not okay to have that screaming overlay a cops radio traffic. Please go back to ads with no sound and certainly not screaming.
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4 years ago, Dred242
....He’s dead Jim.
After the most recent update this app has become unusable. I can accept a scanner feed being temporarily down or unavailable but when an app fails to load on first launch or becomes severely crippled by pop-up Ad’s to the point of having to completely close the app and start over, this is absolutely unacceptable. Also, this app use to work great when launched in Apple CarPlay, but now the feeds just shuffle around the screen when tapped and never loads the selected choice. Every few months I upgrade the free version of any app on my phone that I enjoy, to paid versions to support the developers. I had planned to pay for this app but now I consider this app completely broken and not worth paying for. This free version will end up in a drawer until a functional version is offered.
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2 years ago, Stitchnanny
Not Receiving
I live in a highly populated area in SE Texas and in the largest county of the state, so there should be no shortage of radio traffic for my area. Having said that I can receive all of Houston PD traffic but very little if any traffic from the Sheriff or Constable and no traffic from any EMS/EMD in the area. I’m curious as to why that is occurring as I’ve had this app for quite some time and have had any issues until about December 2021. The last time I reviewed I gave y’all a 5 but not this time. I’ll change it back if my issues can be resolved.
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9 months ago, guccigak
Ads to much
Your ads are entirely too long and very annoying and you make it very hard to figure out how to close it down after it’s done half the time it ends up opening up another ad other than that the actual application the service that you provide is very quality the ads have to go people rely on this app for real time information when you have an app cut it out and go on for a minute and a half that could be somebody’s life or freedom gone just like that I would suggest making it so that you make people watch a series of ads before they can start the service, but don’t interrupt it at any point
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1 year ago, Needle And Groove
The intrusive ads are really annoying
The developers need to figure something else out for their ad revenue because these current ads need to go. I get that they’re a necessary evil for utilizing free apps but the full screen ads that last upwards of a full minute that you’re forced to sit through and then force you to go to the App Store before it starts the timer to finally close it is the most aggressive and intrusive ad marketing I’ve ever seen. It’s just absurd. Not to mention the ads are for some cartoonish boomer game like casino or bingo. No one plays that crap. If you can muscle your way past these annoying ads, the app is okay. But the ads.. man, the ads are infuriating. I implore the developers to come up with something better than this.
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4 years ago, RobertGipson831
Great Performance, etc
Great app! Does exactly what it’s supposed to as far as connecting me with local dispatch and fire information. Even better, it provides features like finding local and abroad channels for me. I just tap and can listen as in. The amount of ads is tolerable. Of course, for a couple bucks a month you can get rid of the ads and gain some impressive features. THANK YOU for the this great app! Also, thank you to the every day heroes like police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, those who serve and are veterans, doctors and hospitals, scientists, to our government, and patriots who keep our Nation safe and secure.
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2 months ago, 88kookoo
The perfect scanner app
As far as I can tell, it has every fire and police department, so you can tap into your local radio calls wherever you are or wherever you’re interested in. Great audio quality, including amplifying of the audio past regular volume which is really cool, and audio continues in the background which is awesome so you can search the addresses on the map without disconnecting the audio. Even has transcription of all communication. Very intuitive interface as well. All around awesome app.
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3 years ago, TR904
Great app but IOS15 has an issue
Hello, I’ve enjoyed your app over the years. Yesterday I upgraded to the iPhone 13 pro max with IOS 15.0. I installed the app and listened in for an hour or so this afternoon. I closed the app but it continues to play. I tried several times to stop the app from playing but ultimately had to uninstall it. Yes I do know how to close an app on this new phone and SW version. It’s not something I’m doing wrong, there is a bug with this combo. Hope you’re able to get it fixed soon so I can get back to listening in.
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3 years ago, CarolStars
Real world app
Pretty interesting because you can hear actual law enforcement officers and emergency personnel talking in real time, both about what’s going on and other things like clocking in and out. Can’t always tell what’s going on, though. Sometimes big gaps in activity. So the novelty might wear off after a while. But definitely a learning experience. You can listen in on a big newsworthy event anywhere in the country or just little things going on around you. Some international locations as well, though not much.
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3 years ago, Retired FD alum
Las Vegas always goes offline on fire alarms Don’t buy
I purchased this app for the specific purpose of Fire calls and airport emergencies in Clark County, Las Vegas Nevada. Most every time a structure or commercial fire alarm is reported the app goes offline and listeners are unable to hear dispatch or fire units communicating. This also occurs at the same time a airport emergency comes in at McCarran airport all reported by another app called Pulse Point which provides alerts to all fire calls in Las Vegas Nevada. I don’t recommend buying Polive Scanner or Broadcastify scanner apps in Las Vegas. Most police and fire scanners are operated by Broadcastify App which I recommend not to purchase this app either which is the main feed to all other police and fire scanners. Buyer beware.
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1 year ago, ears4u
Listen up
Retired U S Air Force aircraft maintenance technician have several radios amateur radio equipment license trained weather spotter private pilot license in progress while watching and monitoring weather on my computer radars this scanner allows for listening monitor the area first responders and what is happening in real time in the affected area tornadoes flooding and all other weather events then the aviation bands marine bands and even railroads have used this scanner 30 minutes after getting it and it is fantastic has everything of interest to me
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5 years ago, Tribe 72
Easy to Use App
This is a very easy to use app. Free version comes with advertisements, but the ads are very unobtrusive and do not detract from user experience. Has a great variety of choices from police, fire, air control & more. Recommend LAPD “Hot Shot” frequency for pretty dramatic special operations including coordination between police helicopter & ground units. My son is a professional firefighter & EMT. I enjoy keeping the app playing in the background while he’s on duty. Makes it more fun to have a conversation about his work experiences when I’ve heard the radio traffic between dispatch, command, & his unit.
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2 years ago, RoniShawn
5 Stars
I have used this scanner for a long time. It used to have issues but they’ve fixed it. It’s worked fine for a couple of years. I love it. No other scanner I have found can compare to this one. And that’s without the Pro version. Idk what Pro has to offer that’s different. One thing I’d like to see is a chat for the scanner. Idk if that’s possible, but it would be great if we could communicate with people who are also listening, and who might be in the area. A lot of us are True Crime reporters.
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5 years ago, Herbie5-0
Police Scanner
I like this app and there are many jurisdictions available. It is quite addictive to listen to everything that is happening in my County. It is also evident that we have a very serious drug problem in this country in general based on the high number of overdose emergencies I have heard so far. One issue is that my local Police, Fire and EMS scanner goes offline and there seems to be no way to report it. The Fire and EMER is usually online but I personally prefer the police calls. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the app itself.
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4 years ago, Ford216
Very inconsistent
Whenever Police cars whiz by my home, I immediately log on to this scanner app to try to learn what’s happening. Then..... crickets. No talking, no chatter. Just silence and an occasional check in from a remote location. Maybe I don’t know exactly how this app is supposed to work? But it’s not for keeping up with current events in the town. (Feel free to educate me on the purpose of the app and I’ll be happy to remove this rating!) UPDATE: 9/2. the app provider gave me the broadcast location to solicit feedback. I’ll send them a note directly and see if I can make progress. Upgraded to 4 stars for the kind customer service
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7 months ago, so you dont care
Can’t turn off ads again
I understand adds but I want to end them at some time Someone is hiding the actual pixel to hit the “ x “ And the app stops the radio until it stops having the adds up Also I read the review from the vet He says he only gives 4 star ratings Yet graphic shows 5 star rating I hope that this is real vet review Because this could be stolen valor if some is making money from this review I still like the app it’s a good way to stay out of the police and firefighters doing their jobs and let me know what’s happening in my area
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2 months ago, Ebbs Christ music
Unbiased Review
I love this app as it helps me get to learn what is going on around me. I like how the app is and that is stays on 24/7. However, I wish that soon in updates, we can customize the app how we want and possibly be able to add our own call event. For the fire department instead of just only having a fire button and instead let us colonize it and do what we want with the options. I think a huge system update to revamp the whole app and change it around would look nice with it organized and stuff. Maybe more settings!
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3 years ago, Tweakyboy1
Obnoxious Ads
Ads come on blaringly loud and block the ability to maneuver on the site for a lengthy time and sometimes even freezes in front with the sound in the back ground. Otherwise, if you are able to get to it, the scanner function is really nice. You can pay a bunch of money to get rid of the ads, which is probably why they make the ads so obnoxious. It didn’t used to be that way. You watched a couple of useful ads and then used the scanner. But now the ads are so obnoxious that you just shut the volume off, ignore the screen, and just wait for the scanner to start.
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2 years ago, Robert
This app is getting bad
Kept having a problem of the application stop playing audio with a pop up of “Failure to retrieve” now I have to stay on the app screen to be able to use it that is with the setting of “audio mixing” set to on. I have tried uninstalling to fix the problem but definitely not going to pay for something that all features don’t work. Hopefully it gets resolved but in the meantime I’m no longer using this application.
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2 years ago, DubbaDeezy84
Ads, ads, ads
Advertisers and app makers are going about the ad situation all wrong. It is absolutely ridiculous to be listening to a police feed or an EMS feed and then be interrupted by a movie about a bingo game that goes on for what seems like an eternity causing you to miss the feed. I have made a point to not ever purchase or play a single game that interrupts my apps with a small movie and I can only hope others join me in this. If I wanted to watch TV, I would go to a streaming app or turn on Xfinity. The app is fine if I didn’t have to watch movies trying to get me to play bingo, or wood block version of Tetris.
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3 years ago, Davidpizzaeater
Actually is so good
Story time: My and my friend were going somewhere at 10:30pm last night. We see 7 cop cars in the span of 3 minutes. All lights and sirens on, all speeding to one direction. My friend pulled up this app and we figured out they’re all looking for this felon. They were chasing him and lost track when he/she car drove on the wrong side of the road. It felt surreal, we were so hyped. When we got to our destination which was in the area we listened in the car for about 10 minutes lol
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5 years ago, Cman99
Get over the ads!
They are ads, get over it. You click the scanner you want, and it loads. You get out of the app and you can listen all day long. Heaven forbid you have to see one or two ads. Would you rather the app just got taken off the App Store? This is the Be app ever. So simple and the most accurate. Wish you could select specific channels (like which specific police dpt or fire dpt within the county) that way you don’t hear only parts of the transmissions, but I’m sure that is due to who is broadcasting. Thanks for the great app!!
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5 years ago, JeepGyrl68
A must-have for travelers!
As an over the road truck driver, I find this app to be indispensable in routing myself around traffic jams due to accidents or other incidents such as the shootings in Las Vegas that I was less than 15 miles away from when they happened... A few things that would be helpful if it is possible to implement would be: 1- In the broadcastify alerts, if the abbreviation for the state could be included. That way, depending on my route, I could determine whether it will impact me or not. 2- If there were a way to actually add my routing using major freeways, so that those came up as a ‘special alert’ then I could again, determine if a route change was in order. Also, I did not see a way to contact the developer from within the app, unless I missed it..? Overall, this app is my go-to to keep track of all of the areas where my loved ones live, as well as wherever I travel and I don’t know what I would do without it!
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3 years ago, logbob4
Feature suggestion
Hello, I have a suggestion for a feature. Allow a user to submit an event, with optional text (for example, [FR/1 Alarm Fire] Structure Fire at
, or Fire at this address). The app will then hold this as a “Potential Event” in that particular Scanner, where users can confirm or deny that this is an event happening by clicking a button. If the event gets x amount of votes proportional to the amount of listeners, then push it as an actual event. I think this could help people get alerts much faster.
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5 months ago, Kenton County Scott
Paid version
This app has been great when it’s working. Our local station seems to either be “offline “ or “buffering” often. I’m not sure who is in charge of broadcasting but it sure seems as a better job could be done. They do have an email listed in the information section for the channel and ask to email them when the scanner is offline. I’ve emailed and you never know if it’s going to be offline or buffering for a hour or a week. To me the $3.99 version beats the free version so you don’t get the adds. This is a decent app but could use some improvements.
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2 years ago, Macy Ruckman
I love how if I’m in very heavy traffic I can put it on and the county I’m in. To then find out how serious of a car accident is ahead to mentally prepare for the long wait. I also love how there’s a sleep timer cuz I like listening before bed because night time is when a lot of things go down. It also helps to show you what different calls our police officers take and all that they do. Even if the call isn’t serious they still make it to the place there called
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3 years ago, cfol1382
I found this app a few years ago. Glad I did because is great. Always comes in well, you can see what the top departments are being listened to at the very moment. It will list the situation going on in a certain place. I have noticed some places being taken down, but it has nothing to do with the app. It’s the people adding the certain companies that dictates who’s on and who’s not. All in all, great app if your a fire buff, police buff, ambulance chaser, or just wondering why sirens are going off near me? Great app, check it out.
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4 years ago, wolfwhspers
Lovd this app
I have used this add since it came out. I always listened to the Chicago district 10 scanner and apparently somethings up with it. I dont know if it the app or the scanner itself, in any case I still have many scanners to listen to. I absolutely love the alert option, I just wish you could maybe turn off some alerts like fire alerts. I get so many of those I thinking of not using that feature. So maybe being able to turn on or off alerts. Just a thought. Other then that I love it.
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5 years ago, egirlpitch
I too purchased this app...
*Edited* went back & found my receipt. It was the same app but the name was scanner911 so the name has changed. That's why it won't find out past purchases I love this application and paid for the full upgrade years ago specify for the option to get notifications when "so" many people were listening at once. It wants me to pay again. I'm confused that you say there was never an option to upgrade. Are you the original developer or did you aquire it?
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